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' n? ' \ - - j v/ - |
sir 5,466 W|t Hfet jftttunran |,~ 1 1
a Qwitty w?w?pM>r He tM Mow * fcii hrginia's Beat Newspaper
1 They Have Brought
Down 5 Germans
on Marne
L Buckeye State Flier Fought
Off Three Fokkers Get*
W ting It.
FRANCE. July 17? (By Associated
Press.)?Five German airplanes and
on# balloon were destroyed by Ameriom
aviators in the fighting orer Dor i
man* on the rlrer Marne.
Venoe Miller, of Wooster. Ohio,
braagkt down a balloon and foaght off I
three Fohker machines. I
Chartaa Porter, of New Rochelle. N.
T., knocked down n German whose
machine fell n thousand feet.
Francis Slmonds, of New York City,
brongbt down two German machines
In the Mine fight.
Arthur Jones, of Haywards. near
SiM FTandsco, brought down one airplane
end Rob O'Neill, of Nogales,
Artsona, destroyed a two senior.
British Honors for U. S. $o|diers.
LONDON, July 17.?Gen John J.
Parahlng has been awarded the grand
dOM of the the Order of the Bath
ami General Tasker H Bliss. Amer-1
tonn representative at the supreme ,
war council has been given the grand
CIOM of the Order of St. Michael and
8L George. This was officially announced
Wf A fltnkT/1 TAV TmI. 1f
Iff noiiiiiu a yuijr ai.? iiiotuur
muaique (or Tuesday reports the collaboration
of American troops with
the French east of Rhoims in successfilly
repulsing enemy attacks at our
WASHINGTON. July 17.? General
Fenhing's communique for Monday
teaching the War department today,
reported that SOO prisoners were takea
by the Americans In their counter
attack which drove the Germans bark
t* the Marne east of Chateau Thierry.
Husky Loafer Told Mayor j
He Had Been Pronoun- !
ced Unfit.
Thomas A. Mitchell. James Myers
and Charles Williams, all colored, were
before Mayor Bowen at the morning
seeiloa of police court charged with
Mating the vagrancy law. Mitchell
MtnitiM UI>[ ne nan not women iur
& a month and was fined $10. Myers
claimed that he had been working and
hia caae will oe Investigated.
Charlea Williams, a husky colored
man. told the mayor that he had been
V examined by Dr. J. H. Boulware and
I was found physically unfit for work.
Dr. Boalware was then called to the
court room and testified that be did
not taow the defendant and did not
H remember of ever seeing bim before
Williams still contended tha* he had
gotten a prescription from Dr. Boul
,ware last Thursday. He was fined $10
iwith instructions to go to work tomor
n 'row morning.
I Word reached here today that the Nor
w egian sailing ship Norosa, 1,881 tons,
loaded with coal bad been sunk at sea
by a German submarine and that the
crew waa landed safely at Canso.
Nova Scotia, yesterday.
^ | The Big Battle Neu
With Flaming IManc loung
Aviator Fell Inside of
German Lines.
Was Returning From Patrol
Flight When Attacked
by Germans.
PARIS, July 17. ? Lieut. Quenton
Roosevelt, youngest son of the former
[ resident of the United States, lias
been killed an an air fight, the semiofficial
avas news agency announces.
Ills machine fell into the enemy lines.
, LONDON, July 17? Lieut Quentin
I Roosevelt, Colonel Roosevelt's youngest
eon, who has been attached to
ihe American line forces on the Maroe
j front, was killed at Chateau Thierry
| on July 14. says a dispatch from Paris
to the Kxchange Telegraph company.
Lient. Koorevelt, the dispatch says,
was returning from a patrol flight
when he was attacked hv a Herman
squadron It was seen that Roosevelt
suddenly lost eontrnl of his machine
having probably received a mortal
! PARIS, July 17. ? Lieut. Quentin
I Roosevelt, of the Amerlaen air serI
vice, youngest son of the former pres|
Ident, to mlsslas. His machine was seen
to fall within the Herman linos. It
was in flames when it fell.
Philip Roosevelt, Quentin's cousin,
witnesred the air hattle In the vicinity
of Chateau Thierry In which Quentin
was enraged end saw the machinp
fall, but did not know until later that
the aeroplane was that of his cousin |
I.e Journal says today.
News at Oyster Bay.
OY8TKR BAY, July 17?Colonel
Roosevelt learned that his son. Quentin,
was mlsslnr through press dlsfnlohes
this morning. He said he had
nothing to say at litis time, hut would
make a statement later. The colonel
had planned to visit New York today,
but cancelled his visit when the new
came that his son was missing.
I Colonel Roosevelt is scheduled to
! sptak at the Republican convention a'
j Saratoga tomoircw and in view of
I events a decision regarding his plan,
i for this occasion wilt probably be announced
some time later.
Late reports from London and
Paris that Quenlin Roosevelt had been
killed could not he communicated to
Colonel Roosevelt, who with member.,
o." his family at home remained in seclusion.
Quentin Is only 20 years of age. his
| next mrinnay tailing on .Mixemuer iv.
Company Will Take Now
Line Over First of the
The new Enxt Side car line to he
known ax the Norwood loop hax been
completed and will be turned oxer
to the operaing department of the
Monongahela Valley Traction Company
the flrxt of next month. There
yet remainx Juxt a little work toward
surfacing the t'ack which U now
being done.
Sam Pollna and Andy Nickolich.
'rontracors for the Job hare both completed
their work.
wont on tne now line was orpin
early last October. Since that time
workmen hare been on the job grading.
putting in concrete and laving
track, making It poa ihle to liavu the
line completed this month.
The tine which is four miles In
length will be an Important factor In
the development of the Kast Side and
Citixens of that section will be glad
to hear that it Is now a matter of
only a few days before cars are operating
over the Norwood loop.
A method for rebuilding worn out
automobile tires and making them
puncture proof with a fabric woven
from thread aod a vegetable nber has
been Invented by a Callfornian.
;s is Breaking tor the
rs you.
lit II ?
. ">TT MTi i i' I
This picture which was taken on
for aviators shows Quentin Hooseve 1
is young Roosevelt.
12,910? ~
i ?Mif
Names of AH the Men in the
Service Have Been
Voters in Marion county total 12.91"
according to the books turned in by
the registrars, the lust of which came
iti today. This is an increase of 1,410
over iast year when ll.r>00 were registered.
This, however, includes the enthe
soldier vote as all the names of
j the men ia the service are placed on
, the books.
i - . I
It is estimated ny tne draft auwnn |
ties that from 1.000 to 1.200 men are
in the array, while some of the politl '
r>ans think 1.000 will cover It. Of the
' soldier vote hardy 20 p> cent of the
! men will vote ii is believed Many \
| did not co to the bother to make ap i
.plication to vote at the primaries
white otli. rs arc in France and it i
j v ould be a difiicult tads to reach'
1 tl'ira.
With the deduction of l.OOrt to cover |
soldier vote tuat prohabiy will not!
come in the county registration will
he reduced ti 11.010. About ninety
per cent of the registered voters cast
their ballot.
The number of names placed on the ;
lists by the county court for the pri
msry election are distributed as follows
over the various districts. City
?Court house. 21; Miller school, 12;
I Barnestown. 3; llarrackville, 1; old (
mayor's office. 1; Normal school. 7;
1 Hamilton warehouse, 24; Virginia
j avenue, 3; White school, 3; Butcher
J school, 2; Irwin school. 3; Union dls-i
j trict?School house. 3; mayor's office,
3; Kuzum's Mills. 1; East l'ark
school. 1; Lincoln district?Downs. 1;
1 Crant district?Minersvllle, S; Paw
j Paw?Gray'a Fiats. 1; Wlnfield dlsI
trict?Montana. 1.
The books show all varieties of man
1 iwrrint ntwl Int* of mrplpqunotta fa His.
i flayed in tlie preparation o (those recI
ords. Some registrars have been writI
ton records over records instead of
J placing the names on other pages.
| With the avalanche of bad books
i there are some splendid ones too.
I Among the registrars who have exI
ctllent books are Charles orr, I'nion;
I t\ 8. Riggs. city; L. M. Davis, city,
and R. H. Dollisou, city.
Kairmont district takes the lead for
the number of voters with 4.113.
Mannington district la second with
2.3.10. Lincoln district is third with
1.841, and I'nion fourth with 1,731.
I'uw Paw district, is fifth with 1,219.
(Continued on page eight.)
!Afternoon Papers - (
Fllilll " ll
this side at ono of the training camps
t in unlfortn. The figure on the left
M* FOR MillJuly
Contingent Will Take
9:15 Train for Crino
Sixty-four men will leave this city
Monday morning at 9.15 a. in. for
i amp Meade, Md., us Fairmont's quota
in the July draft. The men leaving
Monday will be Class 1 men with order
numbers under the 153U murk,
leaving twenty five white and fortyf<
ur colored physically qualified Class
1 nun of the urst registration yet to
be railed. I
The sixty-four men who ieave Mon-|
day todr.y received notices calling j
them to service. They will report!
at the office of tiie local draft board j
at X o'cioc* Monday morning and will
entrain ft the local Baltimore and ,
Ohio railroad station at 9:l.o a. id.
The original Ju'v rail for Fairmont
was. eighty-two men. This call was
later canceled and about one week
afo the board received notice that
Fairmont would send sixty-fcur men
instead of the original quota. Because
of instructions from C harleston,
tne local, board was unable to announce
the call.
The contingent to leave Monday will
he the largest contingent that has
le'.t Fairmont yet and there is euro
to be a large crowd at the station to
hid them farewell.
Here's Nice Scrape
For German Govt.
(By Associated Press)
ATHENS. Greece, July 17.?It la announced
from a Spanish source that a
Spanish steamship on which Minister
Lopes tie Vega was returning to
Spain has been torpedoed by a German
The ship flew the minister's flag.
The diplomat an dbis family have been
rescued. The German government has
been notified of the minister's departure
a week in advance. i
Taffic Olflcer Itayllng, of the city i
police force, will leave this evening
for bis home in Kentucky where he
will spend a tew days before leaving;
to enter military service. He will leave
this city Monday with the contingent
of city draftees.
Consult the Union Dentists
for espert dcntsl services. Our
prices are reasonable. Offices ov- j
er McCrory S and 10c a! ore All
work guaranteed.
Order The West Virg
m kil.
uniar uriuiinr ta
it sunu IB
This is to be Keynote of Effort
Session at the Fairmont
This Morning Took
Broad Scope.
Kdui-fttional feature* connected with
the regional conference of the Home '
Service dennrtmeut of the American '
Red Cross being held today and tomorrow
In the banquet hall of Hotel Fairmont
barn given the work snrh scope >
that it is important to all who are engaged
in "Keeping the Home Fires
Huming " The meeting In Fairmont Is i
under the direction of the Potomac
The meeting was railed to order by
Mrs. Joseph Rosier, who in turn introduced
Mrs F. K. Nichols as the acting
chairman. The invocation was by ;
Rev. C. I?. Mitchell, D. D., pastor of the |
Christian church. Miss Edna Jacobs
sang. The address of welcome was
given by Mrs. Joseph Hosier. The program
waa carted out as previously arranged
with the exception that Dr. H.
H. Hibbs, Jr., director of the school
of social service and public health.
Richmond, Va . was unable to attend.
The Home Service department of
the Red Cross has been developed at
liut a few points and consequently
there is a world of work to be done in \
the way of familiarising the public i
wilh what the Red Cross means to do.'
T. J. Edmonds outlined the work in;
his speech to the regional conference
this morning and said that the Home
Service department did not Intend
to work so much "for" the families of I
the soldiers as "with" them which Is ]
putting a volume In a few words. Mr. |
Edmonds explained that sometimes a
client don't know just what he wants (
but a lawyer can tell him and put this
department of the Red Cross In the
same light towards the dependents of
ihnoa men in tnilitanr service.
Cn? of the most important address
' a of the morning session was made
by Sergeant Austin Berk, of Edmonton.
Canada, a returned Canadian sol- >
dier in northern West Virginia for the j
Fuel administration, who will make an j
addrejs to the Ked Cross auxiliary and ;
coal miners at Farmington Thursday |
evening. Mr. Berk hnd no advance'
Information of what subject would be [
assigned him but spoke at random (
regarding his own experiences In the |
hospitrls in France and England and
made a very Interesting and conrinr-1
ing talk. Sergeant Berk has improved
wonderfully since last heard in north- j
ern West Virginia and is likely to gain
wide fame as a soldier-orator. Sor
geant Berk w..* expected to die for)
four days of the time ha was in a hos-1
pital in France and told of how the
Red Cross acts as a friend to the
wounded man ir. military service and
has his only Intermediary with his
loved folks at home. He told of hla
great joy when a placard at the head
of hla bed waa marked "3 St. Patrick"
which meant that he was to be return a
?/> Canada on the hosnital shin of
bat name. If Sergeant Beck bad rehearsed
an addreaa for regional conference
work In connection with the
educational campaign now on be could
not bare talked more effectively.
Joseph Rosier, president of the Fairmont
State Normal school. J. A. Jackton
of Clarkaburg, W. W. Trent of
Elktna. L. W. Burna of Grafton and
(Continued on page eight.)
Remnant and Clearance
Thursday July 18
See Page 3 for Details.
- }|
Laborers Wanted
in Shipping Department,
Apply, Owens Bottle
Machine Company. j
mian Delivered to K
German Army
m ? -
Burn Airdome
Twenty-two Planes Stored
in Belgium Destroyed
Soldiers Under Arrest.
<Bjr Aaaoclated Breast
I.ON'DO.V, July 17.?Tin- destruction ,
by fire of a new German airdome
which 22 aeroplane* near Nlvellei I.,
attributed to the work of German Her
olntionlsta in the army, say* an K*
change Telegraph dispatch from Am
slerdam today. N'euTilley la 17 miles
south of Brussels.
Ten Belgians and two German non j
commissioned officers have been ar
The day before the fire, adds the
dispatch, a secret meeting occurred in |
the canteen at Neuvllley where the j
scheme for the destruction of the air
dome was discussed
B is!
10 m oi oi
in mcciHC mil
ui uiuumu uum
___ i
Don't Need Uniform to Be
SoMier in This War
Says Walsh.
Corporal "Pat" Walsh, of the Canadian
army, oue of the returned soldiers
now In Northern West Vinclnla
under the auspices of the Fuul admin- j
istratiou to address coal miners with'
a view of urging them to Increased
production, spoke at Gypsy hall at
Gypsy last night to an audience of
about 200 men, women and children,
and made a strong plea to miners for
eight hours work every day and aiz
days every week . At the conclusion
of his remarks he asked If he could
depend upon every miner present to do
this amount of work and got assurance
from every mine-worker present
to be on the Job.
"You don't need a uniform to be a
soldier In this war." said Corporai
Walsh. "What does a suit of khaki
mean* It does not necessarily designate
the man doing the most efficient
service In winning the war. Some of
the miners can have my uniform if
you want It?" he cried, a statement
mAont to rnnvAT thft that tllA Cfl&l
miners were doing just as efficient
work as those in the trenches. There
are no heroes worth speaking of at
this time among the living." he exclaimed.
"The heroes are those who
lie dead In France."
Corporal Walsh emphasised the nenessitv
for coal and argued that the
work of the miners was fully as important
as that of the boys in the
trenches. "A shovelful of coal may
mean a grave for a square head in Germany,'
he declared and there was a
big round of applause.
"I wasn't sent here by the coal operators,"
exclaimed Corporal Walsh. "I
was sent here hp that grand manPresident
Wilson?(most enthusiastic
applause of the evening).
"I know that Gypsy has been doing
splendidly. Superintendent Kuzum
tells me that you have been doing
excellent work. I know that you
put over the Liberty bonds and the
Red Cross. Rut there Is something
else that you must put over and that
is this matter of getting out coal."
tfrVanffntiAdl nn narA Alffht.)
' 1
Painters Wanted
Good boy over 16 year* of a*?
to learn trade In printing office.
Permanent for tha right man,
and an excellent opportunity to
learn a trade in which employment
la steady. Ideal working
conditions Apply to Mr. Mapel,
The Weet Virginian Office.
ou Regularly so You V
mm 1
? * - |
They Regain Marne 9
Heights in Gall* I
ant Counter 'J
Attack 1
Teutons Made Last
Night Not Followed .. M
;.. ..
\ Position W
The Allies Is fl|
I n 11 - A auu
(By A? hoc la ted Prw )
LONDON. July IT.?** MjCH
Hons for ttis alllM at tka prMMfj
stage or the Oermaa offaolva jHj
France la distinctively aatMMMpfl
dispatches received today daddEI
The French loaeea are dM| V|
liavo been small. They have loat I
no guna, the report deotarw.
(By Aaaoclated Preaa)
FRANCE. Tueaday, Jojy XC. ?
stoppage of the general Qenaaa mRH
appeara to have been the taatan wwJ
day'a fighting. The enemy la MgMmB
ing momentarily at leaat to fcMBlvRFi
tlone, supported by atrong artf^fijn
South of the Mania the OeHMlH
were turned out of St AfMB aMa
Chateau-Monthodon by a una tar Hi
tack which enabled the
Americana to regain heighti IM
looking a portion of the comae $g fl|
LONDON. July 17.?Frenoh"aaM|4M
attacks have brought the QMMRfl
bridges over the river Marae aaivMgH
fire of the French artillery of au H
I dlum calibre.
I LONDON, July It. ?
1 Elnem's army which ha* ragaasi !? fl
the German left wing hi tha Chan* 5
I panne yesterday delivered ftva
tacks between Fulppe aad HaH<0Mk^
I All atttacks were repnlaed vttk heavy i
Germans Threw In Reserve*.
PARIS, July 17.?The GefMMM 1m* I
, night threw new forces Into Uwll^BS
: on the front south of the Mans Ui >
i attacked the allied line* north ot St.
' Agnan. the War office aasowaosi IjW
! day.
The enemy succeeded to psasMSMUfl
Ing Into Bonrdonnerie. The hilflS
Continued on Page Eight)
Flat Top Office Desk; TyyewiMMH
, Safe; Chair*, and other office SgtaERbW
Oil Prnctically new. Also oae m
Cylinder. Ave passenger, HIT MaMnfl
Paige Car In flrat class oeadMMS
Also some vacant lota aad two IMMI
and lota. Wilt aell all at haiMKl
prices as I am going to loan M
France at an early data. Do as* d^H
unless yon mean to bay. PhSB*|
First class machinMmfl
blacksmiths, and NaribM
smiths' helpers, air hangjfl
mer man, and layer Owl
Good wages, Steady M
Fairmont Mining
Machine Co.
y v \ <

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