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HmS| Uje West, ttirgittinn Hsia
I Virginia* Rett Newspaper ,. Vj
ESTADLISHED18? ~ mimiir associated press. FAIRMONT, WEST VIRGINIA, 114u HSDA\ EVENING, JULY 18. 1918. topart wtwi topay PRICE THREE CENT8 I
JllJff FillS II il
i till AFTER
um mnoMij
Fint Fatality to Occur on
the South Side Bridge
SMraH Wae Crushed By Im-1
[pact After Drop of 25
Trfftltf bU balance after having'
MtU a fallow workman from being
?f?ek by a ataal beam that waa belaf
awaog a ear Mb, William Aljoe,
a atraetaral iron worker on the I'aeev
OB?liaction eompany's South Side
brtdfe contract, was da*bed to death
tkia morolng at 10:*) o'clock.
AHoa propped twenty five feet from
a ataal baam to a pit below and
baa lb ad his laat shortly after being j
Haul la an ambulance to be hurried
ta tka Fat?ont State hospital. The |
float port Ion of tha skull was crushed
la ? d On. D. P. Pitch and H S. Kelstar.
who attended the dying man, said
that the man bad few momenta to litre
Jk. Life, of Wast Milford, W. Va.
who happened to be in Fairmont todkp
oa a visit to relatlres, was stand
t nc OB [OB wooaen IOOI nruiRP nrnr ,
by Bad tu an ay* witness to the acci '
deaL Ha said Aljoe was standing on ;
a MB steel beam of the old iron!
bridge whan a ateel beam In from of
kiM was balng removed. Aljoe was
aMMMf (0 the left and another em
(Ms M the right. The latter was in
danger of being struck. Aljoe came
far aad grabbed his eo-worker about
tlb ateetdai aad warned him of his
gaaOoea geoltlon. goon Aljoe lost hie
balance aad fell spread out. As he
pads id aereral cross wire cables he
lude a grab for them, but eould not
regal them. Hta body rebounded from
the oae-inch V wires after It was turn
ed about ead he appeared to land on
kla back, later dropping into the pit
gome other people who witnessed
the aeetdeot here different versions,
eae party saying Aljoe fell head first
MM the pit after tailing backwards.
ffcagk A. Lloyd, coroner, made an
Investigation and decided that death
I tag dae to accidental circumstances.
Mb Mgnaat will be held because the
caaaaar investigated the matter. Inter
vfewtog a number of eye witnesses.
A)M to a married man and has a
daagMer, age < years. They are on
a visit to relatives near Sutton, W.
a* right now. The family residence
I U at 1)1 Oliver avenue. Aljoe was
Mnaady tor am an of t)ie line gang for
fha pMsoagabela Valley Traction
Oatogaay, aad was well and favorably
torn to the community.
Aljoe to the first man to be killed |
m tie Casey contract on tbe South
Me bridge. There have been a num
bat of mlshaap, but this was really
tbe first eeriras accident that has or
SB!red since the work has been startA
Miagrave A Sob. undertakers, will
tabu shirts of the bod*.
NIKE; I nun
Wife of Well Known Superintendent
of McClandish
Mine the Victim.
Mn. E. K. Harrison was hilled, her
buaband and three children were ae
rtoesly injured in nn automobile acci
dent which occurred about 1:10 o'clock
Inat night when an automobile Jell
from the high trestle which span.a
Lambert rnn near Meadowbrooh. The i
dead and injured are:
MM. E. E. HARRISON', Meedow {
TIM MftirM.
a K. HARRISON, may be Internally
Injured. Condition serious
MM8 mtWL HARRISON. a daughter.;
kl) arushod. will recoegr.
A two-year-old child, badly braised.1
B hat will rafcoTcr.
A four-nonth-old child, seriously la '
Jarad and will probably die.
The accident occurred aa Mr. Har i
riaoa. auperlnt-ndint of the McCUn
? diah mine of tho Hutrhiason Coal Com
[ pany. ?ho waa drlrltyt the car, at
Matpted to pass another car on the
B trestle. Brldently the car not loo
close to tho bridge and fell a distance
nf forty feet below.
A Following tho arcldent, the victims
wars rashed to tV St. Marys Hospital
V at C!arkrtm:f. Mr*. Harrison died
H ahv:t Il?30 o'clock
K Are Yo
. i. , i V- i) Md.!
?KU fN
Chief lee and Four Assistant*
Are at Work
President Jenkins Hack
from Meeting of the Production
Tbo inspection of coal by Charles
F. Ice, chief oilue inspector of the
Fairmont district and the four deputy
inspectors who began their work this
week is certain to prove of great advantage
in regulating the work of
mines and speeding up the production
of clean coal. The inspectors are rneu
who know coal mining thoroughly and
snow what the mines should do and
the class of coal that should he turned
The inspections made so far show a
disposition to get out rleau coal but
a'ready several suggestions have been
trade which are certain to result in improvements.
In some of the mines
where the thin veins are operated
there are, say 4* in-, lies of coal and -inches
of bone h.-ing mined and it requires
some atten'.jn and care to in
-are that the output is always clean
fuel, which is worth shipment ana
bother in these times when effort
counts quite us much as value itself.
Coal Notes.
C. H. Jenkins returned this morning
from Washington, where he had
attended a meeting of the Production
mmmiitoA I1 11' L'vnni w.ia aliui ill
Washington. State Fuel Administrator
J. Walter Ilarnea, who accompanied
them, wont on to Philadelphia anil
George T. Watson also a member o.
the party, went to Pittsburgh.
There are 1,135 coal enrs. 50 coke
earn and 45 necx. ears in the Fairmont
legion today making a total ot 1.230
U. M. W. Activities.
A meeting was held at Westchester
yesterday evening hy Vnited Mine
Workers who are in this seel Ion. the
racetln gbelng railed principally to assist
the Westchester local in their new
organiaxtion. James Dianas and W.
F. Ray attended the meeting.
F. Fowler was in Morgan town last
night where another meeting of miners
was held similar to the meeting
held at Morgantown on Tuesday evening.
Pesident Keeney. of the Seventeenth
district of United Mine Workers, who
has an office in thl.i ciljr, but who has
been In Charleston for the past several
days, is expected to return to Fair:
mont the latter part of the week.
Fairmont Region in Coal Age.
[ The current issue of "The Coal
Age," a New York roal trade journal,
j han a half page picture of "Miners
picking up and loading coal after shot
has heen fired at face of chamber,
[ Consolidation Coal company. Fair!
mont. West Virginia," using a photo
gnipn Willi ll |*.!s rrcriiii.t |jiiii-*-w iii
"The Mutual Magazine." th? publicotion
financed by that company for its
employes The July 13 issue of that
paoer ha* an advenisement of the
Fairmont Mining Machine company
on :he first page, boosting the Fairmont
Runabout Pump" which is urged
as making dry working places for
mine workers and thereby increasing
i the output as well as making for contented
men. The leading article is entitled
"Motor-Driven Shaft-Hoist Installation"
and Is by R. P. llines, o(
Fairmont, who describes the large
electrically operated shaft-hoist installation
in the bituminous fields in this
Move to Round Up Striker*.
Constituted as an agency for the
state in helping to win the war. there
is a strong possibility that the State
Council of Defense may formulate
r plans for Increasing the efficiency
[ among the coal miners of the state
' in ona way ar.d another, more especial
i Ijr by requiring stricter observanct
of the state'* compn'sory work law and
by the classification of certain occupations.
This movement ha* already
received attention from coal operatore
h? the Fa trout rerion but there
la likely to be concerted movement
having the force of law. A. C. Beesnn,
of Worthington. chairman of the oper
atlng committee of the Northern West
Virginia Coal Operator*' Association
(as the four association* in this part
of the state are apt to hereinafter be
known) submitted a rather conipre
benslve plan for securing greater efficiency
in the mines and there has been
action at varlnne points taken independently
to force work in the mines
by enforcing the vagrancy law It
only took a few arrests in Mononga'i
to show to the few miners inclined to
(Continued on page three.)
u Missing Yout Pai
j TO
I ' if - J ??
l(f?fa> ^ JMBU
M -tpo^X^- <T&A
it Mi.
| Local Draft Board Receives
Reclassification From
District Board
The local draft board this m trniug
t received several recodifications from I
1 the district draft hoard, adding several j
iiiore registrants to Fairmont's Class ,
t 1 list .
Kvoreit Clay Willey, order number'
1591 wa> reclassified from Class IVI
J to (Mas* I-D, which reclassification
I was sustained by the district board.
I.oveil Chilton Orev. order nutnher
! 155 was originally placed in C'asr.
i IV A but has been reclassified rnd
! placed In Class 10.
I Virgil B. Fitr.hugh was placed 1n :
I Class 1 1 by the local draft board and ;
! appealed to the district board, the de
j cision of the local board being sus-1
I tained.
i I.urian Parker I.ee claimed Clan*
i 4 A but was placed ill Class 1-1 hv lite |
local board, which classification was 1
sustained by the district draft hoard,
lie also made an apri-nltaral claim,
which was also denied by the district i
1 board.
Charles W. Moore, a railroad em-'
plove, was placed in Clr-s l-ll from 1
Class 4-A. The Baltimore and Ohio;
railroad made an industrial appeal for
Moore, whieh was also denied bv the |
district draft board Moore has pass-;
ed the necessary physical examination '
ami will leave with the contingent of
Fairmont draftees Monday
. ? ?
Persuing Peports
! Enemy Driven Off
; WASHINGTON. July IS-General
Pershing's comranniqne of yesterday
reports that In the American sector on
' the Marne the enemy has been entirely
driven from the south bank. The
dispatch follows:
Section A?In the Marne sector our
troops have entirely retrained posses1
slon of tbo south bank of the river
! northwest of Chateau-Thierry The
> enemy yesterday repeated his attempts
. of the preceding day to penetrate our
line* near Vaux. His attack wat
completely broken up by our ipfautry
! and artillery lire before reaching our
, lines.
Yesterday in the region of Thlau
court a hostile aeroplane wat shot
down hv one of our ablators.
One West Virginian
in the Army List
(By Associated Press)
army casualty list today shows, killed
n action. 14; died of wounds. 10; died
oi disease, it; died of accident and other
causes. 2; wounded severely, 10;
wounded slightly. 1; missing. 4; total,
The list Included Killed in action?
o'kj Vaughn. Newford, W. Va.;
wounded seyerely? David H. Dunkle,
Spring Run. Pa.; Edwin E. Miller, Portage.
oer These Highly Into
isive (
t 4vu*KX4,
juaax&jui. ?k \juju
^ (* lg p?jc<t*-'
i s. mm
Tributes Paid to Work of
Local Serial Service
Says Those Who Do Not Report
Cises A^e Criminals.
The w folks are doijis more
than their .shrre in war work in Marion
county ami toe ler.dir.g men off
ue community arc not slow to grant
thin. The women ot Fairmont are taking
site hactitra pr *t in war activities
that much of the morning program at
the regional conference of the Home
Service dcpartmeD* of the Red Croat
war. takrn tip with talkt hv women who
represent various clubs and organisations.
Mrs. Joseph Rosier, chairman
tf the Civilian Reli-f deportment 01'
the Fairmont chatter, v.ho presided
at the sei.oi ins of tne rrtnfe'eoce. paid
a deserved tribute to the good women
ot Fairmont In Introducing Mrs.
t.eorge Peltoli, president of the State
federation of Women's Cluhs, and
Mrs. J. Waller Barnes, president of
the Woman's Club of Fairmont. Mrs.
IK Bolt made a plea for the proper
"spirit" in doing the work which (alia
to the Home Service department of
the Red Crose and made a very strong
talk. Mr*. J. Walter Barnes also made
a splendid addrnas In which aha emphasised
the field which was opaned
up by this new section of the Red
Mrs W. T. llartmar spoke lor (our
minutes on the Public Health Nursing
Service of which she ii president, beIns
designated icr that doty when It
was found that Miss Volk, the chief
nurse, was too modest to talk herself.
Mrs. Rosier paid a high tribste to
Misses Nola and MarmCret McKinney
for their effective work along the line
of Mcial welfare and regretted that
both were too busy faming and charHying
to ha present and represent
their work by an address. Joseph Rosier.
chairman of the Associated Charities,
wan therefore called npoa aad
aasered the hearty ce-ope ration ef the
Associated ChartMes in the work of
this department dt the Red Cross.
Dr. L. N Yoet. county health offl
cer, spoke for the doctors but his talk
was more against them for he censured
them most severely for aot reporting
cases of tuberculosis, suggested
perhaps by an address on that subject
by Dr. Charles Wingerter. chairman
of the CifHtan Relief Department of
the Wheeling chapter of ths Red
Cross. Dr. Yost said bluntly that
Contiaaed on Page Bight.)
resting Days ? The (
M 25
C. L Richardson Charged
With False Pretense
By His Uncle.
Word was received this morning by
Sheriff A. M. Glover frjin William
Copciaud. i hief of police, of Cincinnati,
O. that he had detained in jail,
here ('. I. Richard will, of Mannington.
w:m la wanted by the Marion
county auihoritiea. Sheriff Glover will
tend a mr.n to Cincinnati for Richardson
Richardron is charged by bis'
uncle, who livej in Mauuington. wltli
false prt-tenr.a, which involves a buaires
strsn.-.Ttion amounting to $3,500.
It appears that Richardson sold his
store in Manninglon to his uncle and
attcr ho had paid the accused, he fouun
that t(\e wholesale's had liens against
tne effects of the store and he was
obliged to meet these obligations also.
Fa'se pretense charges hare been
brought ap3in?' Richardson at the Instance
of WnlUt R. Hsggerty. prosecutor
attorney, before Justice Conaway.
The complaining witness Is E.
A. Richardson, of Wanntngton. th? uncie
of th* accused. The prisoner Is
35 years old
? ?
Wage Contract to
Be Signed Tonight
This ev, nir.g the contract between
the Moaongahela Valley raction Company
and the members of the Fairmont
and Cla'ksbtirg locals of Elec
trlcal Railroad and Street Car Em
pioyet of America will be signed.
President uuy "suwn, 01 tne rmrmnni
local, and the president of the Clarksburg
locals will sign the contract (or
the street car employes.
The contract Is (or one year and In
clndee the recent Increase In wages.
C. A. Hill la In receipt of a card announcing
the safe arrival in France
of his nephew Herschel M. Hill, who
left Camp Meade. Md.. some time ago
(or over seas service. Mr. Hill was
employed as bookkeeper in the National
Bank of Fairmont previous to his
enlistment in the army.
CAA in 1 00 fimt nf Inch ftp 1
Inch water pipe In pood shape.
Will par cash.
A. E. Jackson.
Phone M J. S24 M?nrot St
Laborers Wanted
in Shipping Department,
Apply, Owens Bottle
Midline Company.
~)nly Way to be Sun
? Oil !
It Was Checked Before It
Managed to Acqire
j "
(Py A?vU*?,| Pr*?>
WASHINGTON. July 18.?With of
ficlal statement* front both the French
timl German Wsr offices indicating a
stowing down of the luteal German
drive on the Marne and a narrowing
of the offensive operations fron a
front of more than fiO miles to a sin-1
(tie sector official opinion appear* to '
day to be that the criaia has passed
and the enemy war machine baa been 1
blocked before It could itather momentum.
In the absence of late reports from
Generals Pershing and Hits.* bitch War
department officials were reluctant to
discuss the situation or to venture an
opinion as to the future. Two cour;e<
of action are possible Many officer*!
believe the Germans, using fre It
(troop* from their apparently none too
I plentiful supply ntay again make a
mighty effort to push forward, or the
K. nch and American forces may end
the comparative lull hv a counter attack.
PARIS. July is. ? In the pocket
which the Germans had created otith
of the Marne their losses, accord dig
to conservative estimates, reached the.
figure ,;f CO 000 In the first two days'
fighting. The Matin declares today I
Treating of the situation in this spctor
of the front, the Kcho d* Paris I
savs: "Because of the counter attack |
delivered by the army of General tiegoutte
and our American allle- the
Germans were unable appreciably to i
I widen or deepen this pocket "
According to the same newspaper 40
I German divisions have been fully en-.
gaved in the battle while 20 support ,
I divisions were obliged to take more |
or less part in the fighting
Pentler Clemenceau returned Inst |
j evening from a visit to the froni e*prestdng
himself very well satisfied'
with the situation.
vmiup nnnoriim
luunb nuuoLftu i
I "
Father Has Received MesI
saffe from Gen. Pershing.
i ??
fTv AiMrlitftl Prcr*.
NKW YORK. July 1*. ? Colonel
i Theodore Roosevelt just before leavI
in* the city for Saratoga. N. Y.. to at[
tend the Republlran state convent Ian
today received a eablecram from Ren.
I Pershing In wlilc h the American commander
expressed the hope that Lieut.
Quentin Roosevelt, the Colonel's son. ;
reported killed in an air battle in
France, may have landed safely.
OYSTER BAY. N. Y.. July 18.? j
"Qnentln's mother and I are glad that
he got to the front and had the chance
to render some service to his country
and to show the stuff there was in
him before his fate befe'l him."
This statement was Issued by Colonel
Theodore Roosevelt, after press
dispatches had furnished confirmation
of near! reports that his son. Lieuten-:
1 rnt Quentin Roosevelt, hrd been killed
in an aerial hattle in France.
i **
i German Owned Plant.
- 1 M ? 1
I at unarieston seized
(By AamplitM I'resit
over by the government of the Ger
man ownrt Becker Steel Company of
America with a plant it Charleston.;
W. Va., and office* In New York wa?
announced today by A. Mitchell Palmer
alien property cuitodlan.
With the company cornea to Atnerl
can manufacturer* a secret process for
the production Of "high *peed" *teei
heretofore held exclusively by the German*.
[ Painters Wanted ;
I .
Good box over II yean of age
to learn trade m printing office.
Permanent for the right man.
and an excellent opportunity to
learn a trade in which employment
la steady. Ideal working
conditlona Apply to Mr. Mapel,
The Weet Virginian Office.
! is to Place a Reguk
- - - -- - - -
in I
Counter Attack Ex- m
tends From Marne 9
to the Aisne 9
(icrman Drive Made Practically
No Progress
(By Associated Prml
I RANGE. July IS, 11 a. m?The Al
I itil force* today are engaged la aa ./
important counter attack betvcaa the
M im end the Marne north of ChatMM- i
Ihierrv. The attack la progrneatag
PARIS. July IS?The French thli
moiling delivered an attack aleng the
ltnr from the river Aiane a* far aeath a
i* the region of Dellean, a front ef 1
now 25 tulles, md made piugHtg at
rt.iin points of between a mile a?d a <
half nnd two mllca, the war nttlsd
nouncca today.
The situation on tha Maraa Mi 1
Chaniongne front* la unchanged.
????? *
paris. July is.?Tha aetthen 'I
point of the front of tha Allied attack ;sj
is the town of Fontenoy, nearly a atte i
north of the rivet Aiene.
In the tlahting on the weet of the !
Gtiman offensive the French laat
night Mopped the Germana la tha SO X
of violent auaek* which thh aaMB? *'i
launched notthwent of NtntenlH*- oree
between the Marne end Ihdaa. '
On the front beyond Rhelma, enet .A
of the Vetle river an attack by Oar- j
man guard units waa completely aa |
LONDON, Jul* 18.?Neva recetnd*!
In London indicate* that the ittMk b!
started by the French thla MmI
on the front between Chita? ThlSffy^j
and Soissona Is on a coasttsnMa^n
scole. The attack was believed lltl'i
making Rood proRress.
The French, the report static hMTM
recaptured Mount Volaln, sonth of tht'3
Ma me at the point where the Owipiw
had advanced furthest toward ]fiK9
nay and Chene La Heine to the WflMtg
an dtook as well beighta west ad tfcMffl
villages over looking the Marae,
The Germans are reported to hO?3
made light progress north at 8L A#"* 3
nan in the district to the aomlhvattjfl
of Dorntan below the Marae hot IM89
prosress here has been alow.
The penetration of the Fl'S?h tfcMe}!
since July IS Is six miles according to 3
the latest report.
In the firhtinR north of the IblM j
t ie Italians have retaken the iMhI
(Contlnned on page eight) NOTICE
Fairmont Lodge No. 1811 SHE?
I?lil i intlnr st M"nn T*~** I
ih;in H ui< niipk HI KnmawB
Jpffornon St. Friday aiaotog Mfey.ij
19. at 8:00 P. M
H. R. J0NR8, So*.
Flat Top Office Dealt; T)r?aanfl|n
Safe; Chain, and other oflteo SMH
Oil Practically new. Alao OMlH
Cylinder. Ave passenger. 1S1T lfl|H|
Paige Car In first claaa OoaSjwi
Alao aome rarant lota and two mHI
and lots. Will aell aU at hOSHM
prices aa I am going to hetOiM
France at an early data. Do Mtfl|
nnleaa yoa mean to boy. PhiWO 1|
Finrt "1aM
blacksmiths, and
smiths' helpers, air bfl 1
mer man, and layer OOH
Good wages, Steady | J
Fairmont Miniaf I
Machine Co.

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