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May Have Some
? Say About I?r
nine Soon.
. Some of the People Over
There Want a Verita'-le j
y C. C. LYON.
-Of. ? A. K: iff Correspondent Al l
tKlWi to Ue'i Perilling'* Amy.!
Wka la Xow in Thu Country on I
Furlough I
WkM the prennt big German of-1
faaafra an the wastern front faIN flav
r.tka fka four that bar* i.
SMMO Mtrca 21. then look out for an >
Wkar kit ffeniite. but of an entirely j
Afferent kind
Crorytbins indicate that a peace
;affaailva I* neat on Germany's pro
'ins for ending the war.
; Flour tlmea n'w. within the la?t
tkiat noatba, Oermtnv lis* failed in
kar affftrt* to put over a knorkojt
. puneb on tka aliie?. She atarted h?r
fifth Mro at a time wh?n our aid"
la atroager In men. munition*, money,
boats, airplanes and fighting sp..
tun it wa? on Mareh 21.
We're la better shape in every way !
to halt and flatten out this latent of-' i
fMditd than any of the preceding;
p ' I
But the German military party will
b* tba Tory last crowd in that < ountry
.to aaa the handwriting on the wall. I
,Ftlf inaffectiT# offensive* haven't I
aen onough to pound into their thick I
bead* tba fact (bat th? tide 0f battle'
long ago turned in favor of the alliei,
audthat Germany is only dashing her |
;'ealf to pieces on ucha f-o long as rite I
ijttus up successive offenairc.
' Tfcey atW cling tc the slender hop"
' hbdt aMMtbing may happen that will
jWt tbeui gat into Parl?; and they are i
fbfcOdtob enough to figure that the war |
' WMll be oyer and a peace sign" I on
' German terms. If once I'ari* were in '
. .'Gorman heads.
- It la ar sanest ludenicnt that even
i Tar is With Its untold riches and rrt)
Iltddauroa, conid be ta'u-eii by Germany. ! i
jfrdt tba war would still go on!
1. Paris lan't ail of 'ranee. In fact,
libera would at id " more than thee
font the of France '.eft In aided bands, i
and 1 foal I know French sentiment: <
J.sroll aaougb to say that the French '
! nation wtll never quit so long as there I
* :M the toast chance to defeat the ltun |
; hordes who uave already d. ne so
. ;*tucb damage to thoir country
J* NOW. German statesmen are show
J tnt tremselvea keener observer* of;
itlto present trend of military events,
than German generals.
" Tbtae atataamen evidently haven't 1
.T janeb bope of Germane getting very i
;ftr With tble fifth offensive. Trey see
i jjm it duly another effort of the milk
tarv to try to make ruxl on est ram- i
yut promises made to the German j
l|' Tke groundwork ha? already be. n l
?4nkt for a peoce offensive an.l I loon i
for theae peace offer* to he made very i
jaooi after the present offensive is 1
i Kore a one straw. out of many.'
'wklck Ihowa which way the wind Is
i '.BJOwlng:
? J The German chancellor announces t
1 that Germany never tad any serious '
1 Intention of notdlua Belgium pern:".- j
. Sfuntly. but hold* it now a* ? pawn
S ;}0 bo tied for trading purposes around
jthe peace table!
j tinea when has the world un<Wfc-jOteed
that Germany didn't propose
to hold Belgium permanently:
1 Ivory oct aad more that Germanv
5 'has made in Belgium Indicated that '
J ftho Unas proponed to make it a part ,
' iot the German empire ,
Gtmany would evacuate Belgium >
ItOdny If, by 10 doing, she could save ;,
.heraelf from that awful heating the
. rallies an about to give her.
i ; Dont ho aurprlsed if tiennan states.
. Jken next come forward with liberal of.
-,fero la regard to Alsace-Lorraine. I've
jhat more than one hint that they
JMlght he Willing to divide that prov
.t ;t?ee W49 with Krance.
> Gimany la in no shape to go
through another year of gniollma war.
r SHor manpower is low, her food supf
jppHoo aro so short her civilian popula
Mm la on the verge of nervation, and
it hho national morels is at its lowest
? .ebb, hOcaaso Qe.uan generals haven't
f httdo good on their boastful p:om!?es
Of a German victors
i i Oormaa posts offers will become
; Shoeo definite within the vary near fuMire,
because she would rather have
St peace that would enable her to save J
| SMMthtnc out of the wreck?her hold
f JOB Kmh. for lns'anee?than a peace
. IttMhttd OBtlrely by tho allie*. which
.VMM looro hor is the positioa of a
f MMM Br third rata power.
! 14# BBt think Germany can end thii
Mr by mere peace offert, no ms'ter
n,P" fhBW liberal they nay be.
I think I knew the temper of the
JOMOO. Belgium. tor one. wanta to ace
' WBIly en the flat of her back, and
t P0lQliai troops want to have a chance
- M wreak revenge by destroying a few
;h>adred Ooman oltioa and town*
' And France, I'm Inclined to believe
Is' Wan wants to punlab the Germans fur
Rt ]MI the dirty work they've douo uu
! French noil?tue deatructlun of
' Freitch towns, the outraging and killdog-Of
French women an I children,
" ide aheUlac of Faria
Bg'* The British will want :o drop ?ome
< tinbl ba Berl.n. in retaliation fur the
|H JhamMng of London.
( Aad we Americana w.-<nl to ?*c a
3 JCerman;- so badly iirked that . He * xr.
' never raise Iter militaristic b?.>ii ttr.t.x
- r Gc-many may nut have ?u< h rn t
.Mbe in mahlng pear* with tit* altie?,
' pen when ehe acta r?ad? far prate.
! N'fJItei Of Algeria bury with the
JMed the medicines used by them ta
' n*cit imi itornc*. .1. ?.
^Kr - ^ x&k pr
r+BK g
rlfftiEi v ' igXkd
Colonel Mui'oor.>u*:i Churchill ithe
ncv. array censor. Censorship hn-<
keen placed under the n.llitavy In'illlnonce
section of lite gemra staff, with
Col. Churchill, head of the section. as
chief -elisor. Couorai Frank \V Mo
Inlyre, v.ho has been *r;inr a - 'enper.
will resume his dirujjt <t< chief
of the bureau of Insular rlfsirs.
Clarksburg Attorney's Brief
Attracts Attention in
WASHINGTON, I). (\. July IT.?"No I
brief that has been til i before this I
cotutnlliee has challenged our attention
ami thought, study anil reflection, i
more than that which lias reached us i
from Sir. Sparry. It Is most important |
and helpful, and I should not be at all i
nil I pricvfll III JUKI MM KOIIII I pi inCipil-M
rnilicdicd in the new revenue bill ;
when ii war reported "
It waii one of the twentydwo mem
bcr of the House committee on Ways
and Menn* who made this statement j
today. lie was referring to a brief;
composed liy Captain Meivin O. ?perry i
of Clarksburg. well known throughout j
Hie state as the pos-essor of a high
ardor of ability as a lawyer and a pub-1
heist, and filed with the committee '
by Representative Stuart K. Reed. Th?
paper filled nineteen pates of type- '
In it. Cap* Speriv points out the,
r o?t nppres'ive ir.euualitlm of the
present tax law. which few who havet
ajpearetl in pi won or by brief have
failed to do: but he goes further than
most of tli" critics of the law. by of
ferine a concrete schem" of taxation
which he claims will correct these ini
etnlities if it is adopted in the n?w
prop.-?ej tS,90o.0ttn.0<tn revenue bill
which the Ways and Means committee
lia.s jn*t started to work on, after concluding
a verier of public hearings. In
b word. ("apt. S perry's brief is essentially
It is impossible to do this brilliant
paper .lust're In the very limit":! space
that any newspaper can give even to
rbe brk test review attempted, and this
article about ie does not claim credit
Awnn f/t mnl'inn tkot suit It i if fl ft t*f.
1 ? .! I' III %. \ illa^ I ' ? ? II ?'l ? ?
fort. i
The Sperry brief in a series of striking
illustrations shows that the present
la v.- operates to very largely favor
(he invested dollar, protect* the man
who has it ami tavos from the man
who earns it. Thom...; Work well, Williarn
Haverimu it. Astorhilt. Gouldenfeller.
Kultnhergcr and Campfire Bill,
an old mining profpeeior, are the
names of the fictitious characters
used by the author of the bief to show
"Wiio Will Win
This Battle ?"
Ye.-tr k'dneys are the tilii r< of the body
If ?hty become inartlvn and fail toeionInate
the west* matter, they era apt to
throw tlio vhcM me.<-hanlsm of the bony
out of order, thus toxic poison* can accumulate
in the system ml be as deadly
as snake venom.
Besides causing the minor ailments of
rheumatism, sciatiia. lumbago and backache*.
neglect of the kidney* |* apt to
develop Into morn serious diseases, sncb
as diabetes or stone in the b'adder.
Kid the bodv of tstlc pot-ana?dean
the bladder nnd kiduejs r.,.d cure the
t'.vinyes of rheumatism with Anuric,
and yon win the battle of life.
Awi-vi.s mea A me 4 4lse?eABa.i L .. ft. TV:
iiuuiiw n a.1 Iit'i uia> u? cmi u) ur. I*WTCT,
and hu benefited thousands of auffrr'tn
well sr. appeased and eliminated the
ravages <>( tin- worn tcrlous kidney diseases.
Now procurable a*, any Rood drug
store, or send I*. Pierce. Buffalo, N. V.,
to cent* for trial paekago.
rim wood, \Vr?t V a.?" Before I to-.k
Anurlr I was disturbed from turee tr? ten
times a night lor over three yarn and
mv anna and leg* ached so I eon Id not
work nor sleep After I took a few doeea
of the Anuri Tabl'tn i could tleiu ell
nicht. I took e dollar's worth ana my
head, arms and leg* C Hi'I a ho anymore.*?w
II. Votso.
Rt tTISCTO*. IV. Va.?"I will sir that
the Ann1v 'i'alikU are the In >i ( ever
tried; they relieve any form of kidn y
troublequirker than anv Wirdlelue I have
ever asea. I took about ?? - thiid ui the |
battle and wa? sr-atly beneiitcd. My
d, lighter ami son in lav ilm uero
U" itR with pain tn back so that they I
eon id hardly t.ren at nifclit. to 1 rave
mem the rest nod thev think *hev im
tine, as they were cnurely lettered lit
what they u?ed Amine me t 1*> a very
(Atrtent remwtr a* one hov helped sheent
ir ipie. All lir. i'vrre s liemede* that 1 i
have used I hav found vry ??t.'fickrj.v-JlBa.
Cb. Ut ton, iVH tth A\o. I
? *
i lJ
j ; . ctv <
I I "
r? v v/ /' * / <f/Y
81 Itf
UtiM**rf 1 U/AMT
Ic^HM CARtMC?*Sli (how
the tax low, n* it is now works.
Thomas Workwell. a voting nun of
energy, ideas and brains, saw or had
seen, an npportuni y for the detrelnp
nient of a business enterprise. An in
j vestment of $3.1)00,000 is needed for
the purpose. lie possesses, or posI
soused, only $10,000 and must borrow
$2,0!h),(mmi. The feasibility of the enterprise
satisfies even the hard headed
hanker,-and lie is or was enabled to
borrow the money. On this investment,
the year's effort shows a net
earning of $300,000 over nil expenses
and fixed charges. The wnr excess
profits tax gatherer takes $17$,$60
from Thoincs. Tills is computed under
the most favorable showing of a
nine per cent, prewar earning; and
out of the sum remaining, the straight
six per rent, specific levy or torpor
ate income mu?t be taken, together
with the specific corporation capital
lax. and all other federal taxes.
William llnvermucli, another young
man with the same qualifications, hut
who h.ippily Inherited wealth, saw the
mine opportunity and engaged In the
nuir.e enterprise, in which lie invested
$3,000,000 of his inherited fortune.
The business enjoys a like success
and the year's earnirrs show a net
profit of $300,000. Tho wpr excess
profits tax gatherer takes from the
fortunate William only $3,400 nnd
leaves for his enjoyment the roegniflrent
income of $MI,$00 subject only to
the same rate of further taxation as
that of hi* !es* fortunate brother.
Asiorbilt inherited valuable city
real estate which hi* ancestor* acquired
for a trifle, and which ha* now
become vclnahle through the energy
and enterprise of others . From this
real estate the fortunate Inheritor collects
annually rents'* aggress'In*
?300,000 over and above all expenses
| and taxes.
Gou'.tleafeller owns taxable bond* of
. railroad and industrial corporations
| from .vliteh he clip* coupon* end col
Iccts |ntere*t annually to the amount
of $300,COO over and above all taxex
i and exnenscs.
; Knhnberfer, out of the ahttndance
of hts ready cash, discounts notes of
WorltweU and other* engaged in riml
lar enterprise*, freni which he colIJ?V
(A N#w? Item F
"A business f
I adopted a wa
thinks, if take
help win the wi
eeethat it wills
calls, either in<
be made by an
the establishm
ary for the car
business. It is
proposition wi
one in the cil
relieve the eonj
nrcewary IrFrji
NrW|t Mftmtt.
I ?14
? ?? u
. I
" M m,'?
' /)i-y,^M I
"? ^^|^^Bb9H
lefts annually inioiest amounting to
tJut'.rtOO over and above all taxe*. ex ^
|ierit-e* and kmses. |
')tie would auopi'f that these three
would he tailed upon tt> cnntrlbuta :
111 i.til' out of their robber; ivn incomes
to the necessities of the government, '
but the war excess profit* trx path- j|
. erer ..peaking for the government tn
effect says unto Astorhtlt, Unuldenfeller
end Knhnberger, "Co, ye favored j
i of the Lord. I ask nothing of yon. t]
liavlitg inherited or acquired immense
I fortune . you n cJ all of your inc.ime Z
[ !o maintain the state of the favored
! class to 'vhi'h you belong. I will colI
iert what the government needs not
j from the man who has it. but from
> the man who earns it.
The smeller income Iert to (he man
striving to obtain a competence is i
not the sole or even principal hardship
Inflicted upon him. The hardj
headed money owner before whom
i ono must lay his plans in order to
| secure the capital necessary to fi.
nance them, knowing that the govern- :
| went b; Its war excess tax law will
t absorb the greater part of the earnings.
will be deterred from lending as|
tdatance, and the poor man of brains,
! enterprise, ideas and energy is wholly
dclvrred from engaging In bus!i
ness. This unjust Uiscirminatlon ren|
tiers it utterly Impo-sfhle for anyone,
j showing even the most sanruine ex'
pectatlons, to obtain financial assist!
arcc. aad locks and bars the door ot ,
opportunity in the face of every eiti- |
xen. not already the possessor of
The principles underlying the graduated
income tax levied upon the in-j
' ?* :.AI..tJ?.t. .M.IIflAA W../I I
luiur* ?n limit iuiitin, nuiiiuuru niiu
i extended to their full scope, will result
i In a scientific, equitable system of'
I taxation, capable of expansion to the j
, extent of the nation's utmost needs,
t or nt least to the extent of the capacI
ity of the bu.'iness of the country to
' contribute in taxation,
i V.
| Then Capt Sperry proreeds to elaborate
in detail how this tax can be
! "amplified and extended":
The corporation is e mere ina'rttipentaltty
by which Individuals ensax1
cd In business acquire and hold propmmm
wm i ' ?
ng the Calls
rom The Washington Start
irm in this city has
r measure, which, it I
n op by other business
will, to a small extent,
ar. This firm announ
tot allow any telephone
Doming or outgoing, to
iy one connected with
ent except calie necessrying
on of the firm's
pointed ont that if this
ere adopted by every
ty it would materially
gestion and delay in the
hone service."
iCK. Local Manafor.
Monro* Stre-t, Fairmont. W. Va.
KING, JULY lfc lfllg.
Mies. It is tat ihslsw standing
Mtween two substances, the ewaer
tad the preperty owned, tor perpoas
if taxation. It i ho old be wholly dtsreterded,
and looking through ths shad
>w, we should see only the substance.
rhe rast majority, peihaps >5 per rent.'
if all the wealth of ths country. Which
s Invested in Income-yielding, produt
.ire enterprises. Is owned by the Inlirldual
through the Instrumentality'
>f the corporation. But a small part
if the corporate Income Is disbursed ,
n dividends . The greater part prop
*lr goes into additional facilities for
wductlng businffess or into new corporate
enterprise*. To tax poperly'l
he corporate income it should forested
as tad.vKfotl Income. The
imcuiit of the corporate income di*-!
rarsnd in dividends offers no rtlfflcul-1
y and I* at present taxed a? inuivid
la' Income, ex-. p' that th. normal inl:rldttal
income tar: it no 1 vied up >n
I 'lhe entire net earnings of all tor ;
lorationc. should he apportioned to ihe
tockholders as individual income, j
This d >e? not nie-.n thai the net esrn- ',\
ngs should lie disbursed. The i|ue--j
Ion as to th" amount of the ? tual die
itirsemen' ahou'il bo left to the jtiafetent
of the stockhoidc,-s and officers
if ibe pn-tieular corp l.itlou. At the <
lose of the year there should be
redited to each stockholder for tb*j
lurpcsc of taxation the portion of the 1
indlitrihutcd net earnings of the coronation
f<>t the vear, whiih he v. mid
lave receive! had the same bt n die
nt??'d In dividends en the last dry of
he tax ;ear. A s'.itement shut id he
lorpared hv the corporation sh twiug
he nnni' r.nd addre?i of each storki-oider
and the amount of timlv-'ribut
d enr.'.ings to he credited to him; the
older of 1h? shires of stock on the
ast day of the year should be treated
* the atoekhcldcr for the purpore of
seeriainir.i: the amount of undi: t.-ibued
canrtT* properly taxable in' me
to a stockholder. A statement
f rurit earnings should alto he furish*d
bv each corporation to the i
tockholder to enable hi mlo make out!
is 11 come return . The payment of j
tar on the undistributed earnings
tight properly be i.trured hy a lien
nr a definite period upon the shares I
f stock credited with the earnings, j
The principle laid down by Capf. j
por.y i* r!ouhtlc3ri plain enough now
a the thought fit I render, lie works )
( out minutely and logically for the j
ommlttee. "In addition to the sfmlicity
of a tax system founded upon I
lie foregoing principle*," he states in 1
oncloding hit brief, "it should ap
enl to e-. cry fall-minded man because
f its fairness and equity."
The prodtietion of copper in the
"nited S'ates lias increased more
linn 2i>-fold since 1880.
t*|OVUK 1
For every reason ii
of owning your your own
Rent m?ney goes, i
foundation stones to inde
veniinces, and a heap of,
Get settled under j
for a few years to get full
sacrifice you and your fa
Speedway F
Speedway housese
coveted with paper and 1
win+er and cool in summ
to studding without the sF
warm in winter as house
damn walls.
Invest Nc
These properties a
developed and will deveh
vestmen on which you ta
is the best and safest inv
Don't Won
Tur T
inc i
So easy that any n
these homes. On the ter
Balance one y
The cash payment
the balance is paid like r<
Greater Fa
Real Estate Department
..** - ?L-- ?
You Can S
Ta\c the elevator, ri
florrs, and ask the Saks]
Children* ncftt clngham
dr#M??. Slrr? !
to 12 l3C
Yp to 5; in girls" gingham,
voile. -?pp and linen dreeees
t;,: $i.M
l'p to f!.M women's house,
street or porch drosses of ping
ham*. Inwo and Hum
Size* 13 o 44. *4 Afl
I'holce f I .11U
t'p to *>00 women's flowered
and striped vcHic. pongee, and
linen dresses, Sties 14 pa PA
43. Clioito ygi09
l'p to *20 women'* salt* of
fine serges. poplin*. sliephtsrd
checks. etc.. last sea *r aa
ton'a models. Choice yJiVv
Mr f(
Wheeling Checker
Sharps Defeated
Tom Powell and "Doc" J*mi*on
have hjth llrkod the Knleer. The feat
was pcrform?d rt the fire department
yesterday when a mm from Wheeling
bv the n*n>? ot Kaiser dropped
around to the fire deportment and told
that he could play checkers. "Doc"
Janintnii liaDDc. eil to he around and
proceeded to Ity Mr. Kaicer a game.
Before the visitor got enough lie had
boen licked in tour games. In the
wit moil*
n favor of pay ing rent there
i home.
never to return, while paym
pendente, happiness, addith
joy to your fa milv.
our own roof?even though
title to it. Th ? reward in th<
mily may have to make.
Properties, The (
are the best product of skill
then siding applied?making
ter. Most frame honsese arc
leathing and b lild'ttsr paper,
*e with double walls. This
iw, The Values'
re located in that section of
>p very rapidl y in the near fi
ike no long c lance". Real
cstment to be had.
ry About Th
mn working by the day's wo
mm t ?i a. a
ms onerea it 1i easier u?n p
>er cent per Monti
on any of the above propert
lirmont Inves
lai'i i r^ kiW mn "< i aaaadfci
u _
ive at Much
r Our Julv
vce sale :j
de up to second and third
people to ftho* you the feftfp
to HOD atria" ?Mti, of m
wool aoricea. ?hcph?rd efercka *|
etc.. In light and dark rolora
Sires Z to 10 year*. ?4 UA
rhoiro flJI :
l P to f.i tn women's and rhll>
drrn's rhlto shoes and allppora,
Slightly soiled. t'holc<Oj^ tti
Up to $: 50 bojra- nib svita
of iro?d durable colored WMt
materials In tires 3 1- :h ea
to ?, Choice .. I
I'p to 14 00 womaa'a and mlaaa*
Ul.u k leather shoe* and attp>
Her*, aim ?'t to 34 *4
only. Choice. n pair .flivV
t'p to $4.00 women "a blark
ler.thor clipper* and pump*.
Slxrn J 1-5 oa I. A| t?
Choice, .1 pair .fiilV
3RTHE Pf?'Va#%
*my Corns % \0
evening Tom I'.iwoll won fro? tha
Wheeling chriker expert.
Mr*, Prank Bartlett, of Clarkabwv,
ha* 1 ."ii in Monongah Ttaltlaf frlaadi
and relatives, having hem called hara |
on account of the daath of bar graad- '
mother. Mr*. Henry Palmar, of Mar
Mononaab. Mr*. Bartlatt la wall kaawn
' l-ere. being Mlaa Pearl Fal?ar bafora .
her marriage.
re half a dozen in faror
ents on a home are the
>nal comfort* and eon- U
v?u have to economiao
? end is worth evenr httk H
Ipportunity J
ed architects. Sheathe!
them warm houses In
i built with siding applied
and of course are not as
construction also avoids
Will Grow J
Fairmont which is being
iture, insuring you an inestate
in a thriving dty
e Finance*- ;
rk can easily own one flf
taying rent.
h with Interact : 9
iea is leas than 1400 and - 1
tment Co. 1
Fairmont Hotel BuUdinff J
* -v . %? M

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