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'* ' z;
I r?he West Bin
Ifttw Fairmont Piiatlna and Publl
| TWwwl Virfulan BaiMtng, Ad?m-.
W. J. WiEOEU 'ienerel M
Editor. I At)
CHARLEB V. RELIC. Clreulattc
HM Amoctatrd Pre-? it m |nal\?ljr
t ? WBwMhWIiini ( kit ucwr liMfatcbt* c.
WW llii credit*.! in lliie newspaper
Mfl pubttab*d herein. All rl?iiU of rep
RRjMobew herein ere alao reaerved.
TELEPHONE* :i%. uo?, a*]. All >
thPMfh private exchange
,PWr?<?W Advert tiing Representative. i
Ml fifth Avenue. New Yurk. i a. Wat
BY MAID?(Payable in advar.-? oni:
Ma months. SJ N>; t)ir?? months. II.:?.
BY CARRJEB?(In Fairmont! Oi
soothe. ll.Mi ont month, Mr.:, una n
I BY CjSrIS*?<OotftiU of Fairmont
?M ?Mk. lie. By carrier Throe Cent
All atibacrlptlons payable in advance
Wtog^tajWn* for char#- In addreaa
/ Satared at the roetofflce at Falrmon
1 / aegandMjae?ynatt-r
*) Eubecrlbers on our carrier routee full
_ ' Ttrtlnlan any evening rhould call "?
Mala the fact and civ* nam- and r-sMWUI
deliver a paper to vuur door nt
eharn to the mihacrlfcer for this eervlc
1 By uniting Be stand, by divid
Than join m hands, brave At
iy and friends than the other b
to ne other tide are to theirs, yet the
Ml of om of the best known Amern
horn to the country at large an appre
fin the American people are making
Mim no death m action that precede*
The Ml of a distinguished father, am
dawod m social and intellectual gracei
Jintion widlia die gift of the America!
nana of a normal life he might not hai
the United States entered the war he
aMM in one of the most dangerous bra
and ha died fighting. n his case the si
voiMtary offering upon the altar of th
mom of die word.
Bendless sympathy will go out to th
father who was himself denied the righ
country. Yet we bel eve that the d?<
will he among the first to realize that
peat of die burden of sorrow over the 1
OUT youth which the whole country wi
and that they bear it with Spartar
I o
jVyfRS. ELIZA SHEPARD is the r
?' * * London ranch at Glen Ellen. Ca
America has more and better beefsleai
Among other things. Mrs. Shcpard is t
horn woman expert of the Pacific cc
doesn't know about the justly celebratei
4 is hardly worth rowding into one's crai
It was a long time ago that Mrs. Sh<
j Mdaritindiiig that only the best hogs a
boardme. and she set herself in the (a I
ad hogs, ud how to gel the roost meal
The solution to die problem, the fo
breeding. Just common scrub stock v
' for her. Amd having only one head 01
$ ditk't try to improve every breed <
JtMt niched out Shorthorn cattle and I
aad having chosen them, Mrs. Shepar<
. hveetocJr an Jack London's ranch the b
Practically everyone now knows whai
n few other wiie livestock experts lean
the nation's meat and milk supply will
1 hif ranches are cut up. unless only the
P tods are raised. These ere pure bred.
-- By wisely building up such a herd o
ard won championships and grand ch
several times. A mere nbbon. be it red
la the lever of beef steak or the eater c
there have been many such ribbons pir
fo and hogs there are now in this country n
'perk chops?and more milk and cheese
'I If there had been no such wise perso
hi the livestock industry most city peopl
would have seven meatless days each i
( dm WW. but after, too.
A NEW central committee for Sw
A. ' trim has been formed m Swed
Copanba?sa paper, which says: "For
r' abject of the committee will be to folios
jft. toaaewee aad developments in foreign <
%1 Ruff Stuff
agiaaa im given Pershing the
f pwl VM af the Order of the Bath
Tit ap to the hour of going to press
i. SB bombastic fire eater bad thrown a I
I (It ahout It
But Blaek Jack probably will aot
i feaag around the lodge room much
? '|M altar the war is over and time
f.jf&m la haag heavy on his hands.
lie probably will not care a whole lot
r. IM Mai of the lodge brothers.
The most enthusiastic war gardener
to Bait view had roasting cars out ? '
, Hi owa garden for dinner last night.
(Mtaarity we hesitate to believe
B Ma war garden stories, bat the Bray
^ |g wag awalliag around ibis morning,
. ^,-v^V -v
? They will proba
i which will be fran
atna Ccmmar. ' Like .onw other E
a na Quincy St;. , > | mittee will aoubtlet
>nM'r. ; Commerce in the I
MAPU.. 1 r*,es ?? duly on go
v?rtWlne V*n?Crr U It B. That U V
n * "??? in New York Cm>
ed mim. Don't forget tha
titled to the ua? for ,L \I/.V. ,-J a*,
recited to it or not ways ana nie
end ?;:?? the locai crats were framing
tiki.11 :?*lnri fit arianlal a. a
i immediately after
[apartments ra.ch.0 j ,he N?bo??I U?'=
ioui lobby. If |j
Robert * WAUU. ,ht'r
Mt> Ave., Chicago ' aren syndics. It
? ' attitude will be, "A
ir.) One year $3.00. j ~~~~'
one month. Cue. CALL I
lc i var, $7 00; alx ___
eek. l$c. Per eoyv "T HAT ca|| for
.) Ona month. Tic; 1 for nursing i<
approximates the k
five oM aa well aa |t js ,he rca] tiling
- whose desire to do
t. Wcai vireinia, aa Home activities w'ni
sufficient opportunit
M>ER CAUL por ? ^ mvo|
tnf to get The West to go off and Stick
'ESTERS t.'NION.' mnr,l ,?J
nee ami a ir.i ,renger re1"ires m0?' ancl
once. There la n< of it presupposes I
'' developed to the ft
=r. , - rr= nurses is great and
IT 1*. 1918. in the whole war e<
5 ~ answered by many
best type of girls a <
can produce. Gi>
^ of patriotism wouli
three years of their
Nk And it will by n
Mak tions. Just as the
Ma army and the navy
so will the young
on life. Those whi
sure that of all the
to women there is r
tunity for preparing
ing we fJA. which eventually. I
iter icons ail. of eVery normal Ar
A painstaking
DEATH. A* IkA kAAtkiA.
) dearer lo his fim- Jo'jy establishes tl
oys who have gone The Gorman trove
death of this young urprlsed If all of i
:ans serves to drive 'o fifture In the p
ciation of the ,acri "? n? wa> to insui
in the cause of life (Pt to mako exan
lit did. for them. Some o
d unusually veil en- ir-'l 'f 'he war goo
i, there was no da.;- !" this country she
a people that in the |M> brought to trii
re aspired to. Whoi punished in such a
i trained himself to "'*ni acainat brea
nches of the service ??
ipreme sacrifice wr.\ L'P to this mori
le Republic in every -''ranee have not
Wmans. That ie
e mother, and io l". ",n general star
t of fighting for I derate armies,
id aviator's pa'cn: !'.v both Great Brl
their grief is but a "ie matter of ori
oss of the flower ?f the mtlltarii
II soon be carryh g not in the some cli
i fortitude and dig- *bcn things calm
to analyze the mi
?? that fact is going
\K CHOPS. ' * military matte
nar.ager of the Jai!; , "
I d i.i ' 't >a true, or
I. Because of ha inrt AAA
i. ?J L l l0,t men
ks and pork chop . .
L i ci present ofrmslve.
he champion She;;- ,rM wa a,
J. and what si|?atjon ,hfi ^
i Duroc-Jerscy hog ltBeIf in(0
num. ?,
nrl raltlo ira ivrtrf.i ,
..? ? moy co go on tney
It of studying cattle than they can pos
t out of them at the sufh a condition o
man general staff.
und. lay in careful
zasn't good enough Down In Pittsbu
1 her shoulder*, she r:or!t slackers who
of cattle and hogs. The amount of mo
Duroc-Jersey swirc. |ng whatever upor
J tried to make the times demand that
est profit-earners. and not a eonsumt
t Mrs. Shepard and every man who Is
acd years ago. that would rather b? i
rapidly dwindle as work,
most profitable am- ?
f cattle Mrs. Shep- Th, other nicht
ampionship ribbon ho re feet before i
or blue, means little Times have chang
>{ ham. hut becau-e *"ns are not. the
ined on prize cattle an<?th som(> ?'101
lore beef steaks an.: History will sun
and butter. warfare with a
ns as Mrs. Shepard brought America I
e. more than likely. Wheeling Tclegra,
Keek, not only dui- , The Germans wl
, game the Yankee
? ! Cenitis.
I !n the number o
edish export indus- died, Hindenburg
en. accoiding to a Kercnsky and
die time being the Evyry r?ualty ;
v the trade political , Mountain State la
;ountrics. esceciallv I thickest of the flel
makes u* think he may have had a '
nubbin or two of undeveloped corn j
* * * !
Sheriff Glover has acquired a brace
of blood hounds.
Better keep them away from the
court house.
They might lose some of their keen
nest associating with the rum hounds
that are usually hanging around there.
Astonisher seems to think the Republican
primary fight for the senatorial
nomination is complicated.
Well, maybe it Is. hut It has one advantage
over the fight the Demmies
are having?
* ' *
The guyr who are licked w-lll not he
alone in their grief.
But If C. W. Is licked?
But maybe he would not take it to >
hard after all as some of his alleged J
I friends would.
t to Swedish export industry sad com- <
bly hove their eye on the nest Urif bill '
ted by our Congress in the near future,
uropdui organizations, this central comI
cooperate with a Swedish Chamber of
,'nited tSates to see that the Democratic ,
ods m which Sweden specializes remains '
hat the Italian Chamber of Commerce
did w:th regard to lemons,
t lemon lobby which was pulled off in
ans Committee rooms when the Demo_a
- ? t
the present tariff law. U was put over
Woodrow had spread the tidings that
lature had been purged of the "insidhe
Democrats have the framing of the
ill be cocked to catch the whispers ci '
the Republicans frame the tariff then
vmerica First."
25.000 jrcung women to enter t..r. .
i a call to service for the nat.on which
ind the yourg men aie asked to give. 1 J
; and it ought to appeal to those gills ;
something is net fulfilled by the normal I
ch. however important, do not provide 1
y for action and sacuhce.
Ive sacrifice of the most downright kind
to a course of training for nursing. It j
physical courage and to make a success j ]
i mental equipment above the average :
jllest capacity. But the need for more i
it v.ould be the most astonishing thing ;
fort if the government's appeal were not (
more than the needed number of the
country famous for its wonderful women ,
Is who in many cases hut for the utgc \'
d not hive thought of devoting two or 1
lives to professional training.
io means be sacrifice without compen .a- .
young men will come back from the j
r with new ideas of personal efficiency,' |
women have a new and I setter outlook i
a are in position to know have long been 1
: professions and callings that are open
lone which affords them a better spport
for the business of being a wife, to be
thank goodness, is the normal ambition ,
nerican girl, than does nursing.
O ,
Investigation which Ins been made i
c of the American hospital at,
lie fact that it was a deliberate affair. ,
| 1
irnment probably will be very much t (
there instanres of barbadian are made i
1 ~ ' ] ~l
eace negotiations. but there seems to
re the return of international law exiplos
of the men who arc responsible
no certainly Is personally responsible,
s to a military decision public opinion
mid insist that whoever is responsible!
il before an International court and '
i way as to serve as a warning for nil
ches of the rules of civilized warfare.
linn the American troops fighting in
yielded an inch of territory to tin
America's onswer to the stupid Gfropinion
that the United States would
As a matter of fact the record made
itain and this country shows that 1:1
zanizir.g victory compelling fighting
die autocracies of central Europe ate
ass with the great democracies. And
down enough to enable the German
litary history of the past four yean
to change opinion in Europe regardZ
o I
o J
anyway near true, that the Germans
In the ftrct two or three days of the
It has hcen one of he ghastliest I'ailud
it brings out clearly the dcspera'.i
nnn high command lias maneuvered
of its so called victories since March
) on no matter how much It costs in
ipplies or confess failure. Yet when
squander their resources much fauer
isibly renew them. The outcome of
ught to bo apparent even to the Cor- t
rgh they have started to round up tho '
have the means to live without work. '
ney a man ran command has no hear- '
i this matter. The exirenrics of the j
every able bodied man he a producer ] i
?r, and before we get out of this war < i
re* so contemptible in spirit that he |
under arrest than toiling v.MII be at!
we enjoyed the cvenine toasting our
a hot tire whilo eating watermelon, i
ed, the climate has chaueed. the sea- >
whole blamed world Is topsy-turvey, I
re.?Guyan Valley Thunderer. * ! |
i up the results of German submarine
line something like this: l'-boats
nto the war and defeat to Germany.?
>h. I
ill soon find that they cannot play anv I \
* don't know.?I'niontown Evening J,
f deaths he has been reported to have i
appears to have been outclassed only
Villa.?Charleston Mall.
list contains the name of at least one
d. which ehows that they are in the
htlng. I'arkersburg Sentinel.
Not entertnin'.ng the same high!
(hopes of making It a good thins If he I
doe* win that they do.
j What People Say
i and Some Side Remarks
F K Tetrlrk. who has Juwt returned
fn m a trip to Cleveland. Ohio, made i
the Journey front Cleeviand to Pitts*
burs In daylight and observed many i
Interesting things:
"I saw many women working in
the harvest fields. There is evidently
a .rest shortage 01 farm
labor Tito corn 1* not so good I
over in ?be<e as in West Virginia. 1
At many pieces it was not more i
than six inches high They need- 1
ed rnin In that section just as ,
J. M Jacobs wa? discussing the re- '
motrr, thposmt to
[tonal conference af tt< Hom Mm slue
Department of the American Red Cnaa
utd obienred:
"There are term vara aC broadening
out?travel and coming fa
contact with people who know."
Corporal Pat Walsh wai addressing
the coal miner* at Gypey and told of
No Man's Land."
"It ralna twenty-Are hours a day
over there a* in West Virginia
The Ohio Valley Trades and Labor
tssembly has tramed a resolution ask-.
ng ibe legislature tor a law which will
;-a*. loan sharks out ot business in this
Rev. Leland Jerome Powell ha* re- i
signed a* paalor of the Baptist church
it Grafton, the resignation taking eftect
the last Sunday in August. He
has been called to an important
harge in Richmond. Va.
Austrian* and Italian* had a battle j
it Ma Ids* lite and Dan Olaii. kaiser of
:he Austrian bunch, is in the hospital i
in a serious condition suffering with
five knite wounds. There was a bit-;
icr altercation between Italians and
Hungarians regarding the war "over
[here-' and the first thing that the
crowd knew tltere were half a dozen
men at it "over here" A11 the for-1
signers in that vicinity have clired'
ip like clams and it is impossible to
identify any but Kaluer Dan.
Charles E. Hodges, ron of Col. and
Mrs. Thoma3 E. Hodge*, of Morgzu-,
[own, has received a commission a* a j,
lieutenant "over in France." He was
commissioned a sergeant when leav- j
inr this country for France.
Lieu'. Leslie Thrasher, of Piedmont,:
who was well known as a magazine
artist before entering the army, was
gassed over In France recently but
last reports are that be Is receiving
splendid medical attention and will
soon recover.
Lvnn P Rider, of Cnarlesfon. writes
to his irother. from V.innes in France,:
that he is at the best camp in France, j
that Vannes is a city of .10,000 people.
that "nearly every house is made)
if stone" excepting at the camp where
the houses are wooden, that the na- j
lives live in one end of the house And |
tiave the stable In the other, and that
the French people are very different
'rom West Virginians In many ways
Hcan Coulter, of the College of Agri uliure
at West Virginia I'niversity,
who has just entered government scrrice
told a Morgantown Post man of
in amazing experience he had in con-.ertlon
with the work of the board lie
a going to assist.
lie was at the offices of the board, '
vhen the question of securing shin- i
Mes for roofing all the buildings at the
'arious cantonments, it having been '
letermined that this precaution must I
>e taken to further protect the men i
luring the winter. He was Interested !
u securing shingles for the roofing of'
wo barns here at Morgantown, and j
tad in mind the names and locations <
or several of the largest manufacture's
of shingles In the country. When
te app aled to. he gave these to the
toard. and in a short time, messages
rere going over the wires to the mat:ifacturers.
asking as to the amount I
ind character of their stocks, and I
heir probable output for the coming 1
ilx months.
When he arrived in Morgantown. he '
was Informed by the local dealer
hrough whom he was buying shingles 1
rom a certain plant for use on his
'wn farm, that their order had been I
ancelled. "the government having '
ommnndrered all stock on hand and I
he entire output for the next six 1
nonths." I
"We can use tar paper or some oth r
sort of temporary roofing." said
>an Coulter, "and are willing to get
tlong without the singles. If the gov- '
rnment needs them. The incident,
K>wever, illustrates the speed, roagniude
and scope of the work of the war '
nilustries hoard."
? " " 1
1 - - I
Summer in Ithaca.
Mr. and Mrs. li. A. Grant left Tueslav
evening for Ithaca, N. Y., where
hey will reside for the remainder of |
ihe summer. Mr. Grunt was an em I
[>loye of th" Marlon Window Glaso:
i-ODipany here the past season.
Not Serious.
Friends of George L. Melnturff will1
he glad to learn that he has left the
losplul and is again at Camp Lee,
ne not having beeu seriously ill, as was
?t first reported.
Visits Camp Lae.
Jennings Martin leti a few days ago
for Camp Lee, Virginia, to spend some
lime with his brother, Denver Martin,
who is stationed at that camp.
Sunday School.
The Jericho Union Sunday school
in progressing nicely under the super |
vision of Fred K. Melnturff. Special
music is a feature of the school, the
Flat nil male quartette rendering a
line program last Sunday. Tho Jericho
Union male quartette will hare
rbarge of the music next Sunday, July
Final examination.
Frank W. Shaw, of this City, la in
w*' ? fenm Ilia gAH.
iv^vipi vi ranvi uvu* ??- ?
rharles, who la la ttao V- 8. aviation
service, and atationad la Detroit alace
1?it winter. Charles la now at Hemptt?
ad. Long Inland. N. Y.. and la about
to take the final examination for overseas
Guild Meeta.
The Park Westminster Guild of the
Presbyterian church held a bualneaa
ind social meeting in their club rooms
Tuesday evening. Mrs. T. W. Vance i
eras toatesa to the guild, earring a
"Hoover" lunch. The following delegates
were appointed to attend the Bible
study meeting at Mt. Lake. Md.,
August llth to JOth: Mrs. L. H. Boor.
IV. L Jenks. Joseph Leigh, the Misses
KING. JULY 18. U18. .
Juiy a* an [- ?
Whatever the F
Our Ju
Answer Everj
*m/ bojbs
Each soldier is bearing 60
pounds of equipment f?r
you?for the cause of freedom.
The country must
put itself down to an efficiency
basis. Every ounce
of energy must he put to
the best use. Help us hold
down expenses, that we
may Hold Down Prices..
Please carry at many cash and
change purchaeea as you can. And
when practical kindly eliminate
C. 0. D. purchases also.
We thank you for your cooperation.
Gauze Vests
Only 2 to a Customer.
15c or 2 for 25c
De Bcvoise Brassierres
A collection of ndd lots and
slies. If you can select one it
Is a bargain 75c
True Values
Alma Sybert and Madeline
From West.
Miss Alia Debendarfer, of Denver,
Colorado, arrived here yesterday for
a visit with her brother, Dr. U. H.
Debendarfer, in Locust street. J. H.
Derry. of Wheeling. Is also a guest at
Lhe Debendarfer home.
Lsavs for Summer.
Ms. Ellis H. Clover and daughter.
Mary Louise, left yesterday to spend
;he remainder of the summer at Bradford,
Knox and Cambridge Springs,
Accepts Poaition.
Charles A Beam, of Harmony. Pa,
Iras arrived here, having accepted a
position with the South I'enn OH company.
He will reside here.
Undergoea Operation.
A. L. Boeder, of Foisom. was a visl
lor here yesterday. Mr. Reedcr is a
iormer Mannlngtonian. and had just
aken his ten-year-old daughter to
Fairmont where an operation was per'ormrd
at Cook hospital for the removal
of the tonsils. The child is doing
To Camp Jackson.
George Grafton, of East Liverpool,
dhlo, a former crack catcher on the
Mannlngton baseball team, is here for
x few days' visit with friends. Mr.
Oafton will leave the ICth inst. from
East Liverpool for the U. S. army service
at Camp Jackson, South Carolina.
With Hardware Company.
Byron Beall. of this rity. has acceptltd
a position ?rlth the Hesa Hardware
To Camp Lee.
Charles E. Bettis and Thomas
Downs, locat boys, leaves next Wednesday
fo? the U. S. army service at
Camp Lee, Virginia
Child III.
Dora, the little daughter of Mr. and
Mra. James w. Coad. is quite HI at the
liomt of its parents in Bluff street.
Bed Cross Officers.
At a meeting of the oficlal board of
the Mannington Chapter, American
Red Cross, held at headquarters last
night, the following officers were selected
to serve for the ensuing year:
Chairman. Miss Lucy Prichard; secretary.
Mrs. L. N. Beatty; treasurer, P.
H. Pitser.
Ualel Aaaiuela
?v?ii nmvpi?.
Bartlett ? H. E. Cochrane. Clarksburg;
D. A. Simmons. A. P. Beardsley,
Mrs. L Haberfleld. F. M. Cunningham.
J. H. Derry, Wheeling; N H. Rear
Wella ? D. W. Orodgroth, Moundsrllle;
Rex P. Milllken, Moundsrille;
H. R. I'llom, Hundred; E. E. Sturm.
Clarksburg; A. E. Zledllng, New
York; M. J. Porter. Lltttleon.
Mrs W. B. Hawkins and sons. Dale
and Billy, hare returned from a week's
rlalt with the former's mother, Mrs.
Mattle White, In Grafton.
Mrs. Lnella Blacksbere has returned
from a rlalt with frienda In Wheeling.
Ma. 8arah Meta. of Bartholomew. Is
rtsttlng at the home of her son, Clarence
Meti, In Pericho.
Mrs. Plepers and daughter. Mlsa Sarah.
of Wheeling, are guests of the
former's son. Al. W. Plepers. and family
in Sunshine.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Presland and
family and Mra. Will 8nyder. of this
dig, motored to Morgan town Sunday
Requirements of Worn.
ily Clearance
r Requirement Most I
At Affordable P
Every Woman Take
^ Supi
& f&, Un?
/c l The ea!
/$}jr sss;
If W \?'' I a suri
I \ a^ -' Wc arc
I ) jgr^Y items inc
L tfiraM*- i we have i
that will
!?v*rV^ One of I
$T S\\ ^ i ^ At Thcse
|| time to i
t[ J ! wholesela
ty j jroinjf up
* I A table of gr
; \'J sleeves. that wll
; j women?at
w"*ew> -H? A table of*
V . V ceptional value
omy at this Sa
Envelope Chemise and Com
binations?of stylos and quali- J
ties that ordinarily sell for $1 25 !
1 can be had at this sale at t
I 95c p
"Billie Burkes" and Pajaraaa
?But remember the supply is ?
very limited at I
7" I 7~. .. ~ r~~
to visit me rormpr* Drotner, Kinan it
Freelaud, wlio Is in training school Mr
there. hoi
Mrs. John Reese, of Broomfield, hei
spent Sunday with her mother, Mn. 1
Lee Hawkins. wa
The Misses Reba Marr and Marian ter
Helliwell were visitors in Fairmont on i ]
Tuesday. j me
Mrs. Elizabeth Campbell, of Bartho- ini
lomew, spent Fundav with her daugh,
ter. Mrs. C. Metz, of Jericho, who la ill.j vli
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gragg and son, i
Arthur. Jr., have returned from a vis-, a
V" " . ????a
WASHINGTON, July 18.?"Business Te
as usual" la to prevail at all the of lnl
ficea of the West Virginia member*
ni the delegation In Congress during
the month's agreed recess, or three- y
day adjournment plan under a "gentlemen's
agreement." Their offices
will be open and doing business as ,
usual. .
Rcnroaantative M M Neolv bos
I gone t^ps hoaie at Fairmont to attend
to building up hi* political fences. ha
, Mr. Llttleoage, of the Sixth district. Is b_
presumed to he on his way across the yv
! Atlantic with the Hoase naral affairs p
committee, en route to visit the fleet
In European waters. Mr. Cooper will
spend the month hard at work at his !-_
mines, while Mr .Bowers, of the Sec-;^
oti J. will he in and out of Washington. [|,
campaigning in the eountles of his dls ; II
trlct when he is not In his office here. 111
Mr. Reed, of the Third, and Mr. Wood- il
yard, of the Fourth, hare plenty of j I
official work to do which will keep H
H'? m in the Capital during the recess. I
i The same is true of Senator Suthrr-il
land who < heavy office work, as well |l
as Important commutes work, per-; I
nuts him no opportunity to get away I
for a brief "breathing spell."
Some of Senator Sutherland's callers
today were Geo A. Hawkins, Jr..
who is en routs to Plattsbu<-g for a
slaty days' raurse in military training
having been sent by the State University
faculty; his application for a
commission as an army engineer was
flted while he was here, endorsed by;
the military commandant of ths University
and Senator Sutherland; Dr. i
R B. Dawson, of Berkeley Springs.!
who was recommended for a commission
in the dental reserve corps of the \1
navy; J. B. Stephenson, wholesale I
grocer, of Huntington; J. H. Sabb, oil I
jenningston; A. B. York, of William-11
I wVio loalra nnrmlaal/tfi fmm thh I I A
| pwii, iruw ocvnn |fci ucivauii si\/u> f
railway and fuel administrations to,l|
lay a roal miaa siding near William- I
son; Sara Klein, of Wheeling. and Earl, Km
I Send Your 0
jj ; When yon want to send monoy I
Z ; renlent way to do it is to send a dn
: J be mall yon Insnrs yoursslf against
; i?st navment on it can bo stopped a
: sued. You lose nothing
We offer yon the best of facllltl
: : account. You monsy is absolutely i
I as in vour own pocket
Wo Invito yon to ones a checki
|! The Peoples Nt
J Hetiabb
snfolk May EoJ
e1 Sale J
Eloquently? 1 'fM,
rices J
;s Pride in Her
ply of Dainty
se with which you cm
ur needs from our ebb*
>lays will be more than
prise to you.
' featuring below some
luded in this sale, and
attached to thorn prices
make Every Purchase
Economy. Just Glance
Instances. Now is the
aurchase bountifully?
e prices are constantly
* *
>wn> ?n>?h Ion k and abort
II till tha requirements of maay
>wns?That represeat moat as*
and speak loudly of OMt*
le I'rice of
Modesty Drawers.
1 not her regular fl.K rahie.
itany women win eagerly aeak
he opponinlty to aocaro a ny
Silk 1'ndorwear? Slightly
oiled and only a few ta tha lot
lut a real bargain howernr at
'/ Off.
108-110 Main St g
with relatives la Wasbiattoa. Fa.
. Graff's father accompanied tbeai
me from Washington for a Tiatt
riAnUmU * Well. A# #1-.
uv-ujaiuiii r. v* cum, ui uivvvr ucy,
i* business visitor In the city yon day.
[). F. Hollobaugb left yesterday >*o44
trning for bnslneu visit in Waah>
[ton. D. C.
Mrs. C. L. Cot frill and daughter IN
tiling relative! in Wee ton.
Mr*. It D. Clarke la out again altar
short illness. ?
N NEWS 1 j
y cHANLtt mooki turrit)
'bar. of Parkersburg, who are seek*
I admission to soma branch of the
my service, and Herbert Vallnh, of
II Creek. W. Va.
IV. W. Smith, of Huntington, proealnt
layer of there and probable to
blican naminee for Judge of the
bell county common plena court, la
visitor In the Capital.
AppUcatloni for pension toeraaaaa
ve been filed at the Pension tresa j
Congressman Wood yard tor One.
. Board, of Point Pleasant, and C.
Leavltt. of BoUevUle.
mmmml i
Resting TIk Eyes 1
! of UtUe or ao )?nniwl
value when eye-strain Is pree>
ent. An eye that Isn't perfect
(and few are) will cause tree Wo
even if no near work at all I*
done. This is an Important Ml '
rhich every reader of this paper .?
should note The proper rw
lief for tired eyes comes from
wearing accurately fitting (teases.
Call on as.
A. B. Scott i
Optometrist and Opt*elan wttfc
sett's the Jeweler.
mm + m j
t i
wn uiecic
dlttant yolata the Mat Nfr fl
rt Whan you mt a itW M
Iom. hecauae rt the aback la
t the beak aid a duplicate ? M
ea tor handttna your thickbi |
?ta and attll Jntt aa available j
ag account with aa.
ttional 8 |
7"? -?

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