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Ev ' r. PACE*
Nainal Coal AHo. Head
\ Aworiitoi Leading Op\
erations in Work.
I . aeuntfOMC. ju* is -pr?wd?t'
Jin M. WMirlslt. of tfco Connoll-1
OMm Cool mntMir. who raeenil)
y wit ckptn to bood tht National Coal
MMOlaflOB, baa announced the aelecMba
Of tboae wbo am to aid blm In the
/ tMk bo baa mdertaken. Thia aaaocia
Han m formed to apeed up the pro
\ AMn of coal and to atudy eondi
V, Mom and apply remadte* which wilt
aortal In the production and diatribuUaa
of tbla vary important essential
^ Tba porernment need* coal an much ai>
o?Rar aoaantiala?in (net. It la looked
open aa tba aaaentlal of aaaaotlala. ax
It la tba bapli for all ptanufacturin*
aptf taanapiiitatlon. ar wall ai for heat
lac and lighting.
Tba aalaatlon of the committee
WtMh wtM take up tbia rital qneatlon
llMnpoaad of tba leading coal opera
IM fna every aaction. They arc
an verted in tba Indnatry. and if
rtwir recommendations are followed
wallant raaulta toward the relief of
tta oonl altnatton nay follow.
Tba naao elation baa a ready aent to
Washington many Important rernm
meadatloni relating to tba coal rondi
tfana. Among tba matter* taken up is
natlao wide prohibition during the war,
wbkb It Indaraad. Tbaaa recommendstlona
are now In the hand* of Pre*ldaat
Wllaon, and it la likely the as?o
elation any aand aome part of It*
working committee to Waihington in
pagaon lor a discussion of the sub
Jaet. The committee is composed as
Chairman?A- R Hamilton, president
of A. R. Hamilton A Co., Pittsburgh.
Tba magibera are:
A. A. Augustus, preii?l?n? Cam
brMga Collierfee eompanv, Cereland.
C. E. Bockitt. president. ClinelifteM
Coal corporation. Dante. Va
Alexander Bonnyman. prcjid-uit.
Campbell CMI Mining company. Kr 'XrtHa,
D. C. BotHng. romraisslopc-. WashtMtOB
Coa Producer*' association, So
attic. Wash.
J. L. Boyd, manager. Praetor Caul
company, Kaoivllle, Tenn
Thomas Brewster, pre.-ldent. Fifth
aid Ninth Districts Coal Bureau. St
Loata. Mo.
J. C. Brydon, president, Somerset
OPgat* Coal Operator*' association.
Bomarset. Pa.
W. J. Canter, president. Carrier Coal
company. 71 Vest Monroe street. ChiCMo.
B. M. Clark, president Association
Of Bituminous Coal Operators of Cen
tral Pennsylvania, Clearfield. Ps.
Ira Clements, president Ctcments
Coal company, Pittsburgh. Km.
- J. J. Covle. owner and operator Bell
Onion Coal and Mining company. Phil
adelphia. Pa.
T ,B. Davis, president Island Creek
Coal company. 1 Broadway. New Yerk
city?West Virginia and Kentucky.
Thomas Fisher, general manager
Bern lad White Coal Mining company.
Arcade Building. Philadelphia?Penn
ylvania add West Virginia.
' George H. Francis. secretary Inland
Coa) eompany. Oreensburg. Pa -Penn jrtjsala.
Michael Galtakher. general manager
M.'A. Hanna A Co.. Cleevlan-.l. Ohio
B. M. Grey, vice president of Iowa
Coal Operators' association, De;
Moines. Iowa.
W. M. Henderson. president of Hen
dcnen Ceal company. Commonwealth
Btfldfng. Pittsburgh.
W. H. Huff. general sales manager
Ct Victor-American Fuel company.
C. H. Jenkins, vice president of
hteMason Coal company. Fairmont.
Wast Virginia.
P. W. Lukins. president 8outhwe*t
era Interstate Coal Bureau. Rialtn
Building, Kansas City. Mo. Kansas
and Missouri.
Qninn Morton, general manager Im
perial Colliery company. Burnwell.
Kanawha county. W. Vs. West Vlr
- William D. Ord. president Empire
Oial and Coke company, Landgraff. MeIfeweil
eognty. West Virginia.
Philip Penpa, care of Ltnton-Sumnfft
Goal company. 2105 North Tenth
atoaot Tame Haute. Ind.
A. M. Ogle, president Vandalia Coal
ngppnhy. Terra Haute. Ind.. Indiana.
P. J. Quealey. president Gunn-Quealey
.Ooal company. Utah and South
iMmktne Ramsey, first riee-presiiapt.
Pratt Consolidated Coal company.
Birmingham. Ala.
Bel art M. Randall, president. ConanHdsted
Coal company. Saginaw.
0serge W. Read. vice president. Pea
haffy Coal company, MeCormick Build
tog Chicago III.
J. P. Bases, rice president Superior
Cmf oompany. M. Oillapie. Ill
S. B. Robbies, president of T. sod
0- Coal eompany. Cleveland. Ohio,
' A. Scott, gaaoral manager Now
Sim emptor. MacDonaid. Fayette
canity. Weet Virginia; Woat Virginia.
H. N. Taylor, rice preaMent Central
Coal and Coko company, Kama* city.
So.; Arkanaai, Oklahoma and Teiaa
^ Downs Ball Team
To Play at Baxter
Tfco Dowaa team will go to Baxter
L '' ea Sunday afternoon of this week
where tkoy will claah with the Baiter
" teem.
Dowaa haa bean eo?1ag to the front
alaca the team haa been under new
wmaiat a*d may he depended
Bpea to live any of the baaebull
Itaama ia this a action an lnterestlm
[game. Dowaa will go to Ear* Sun
IdV wttk O largo crowd of Lincoln
' [dMM kOPOhaU fell to chear than
rte wfetora
Si , >
. ,* V* T.
Wkd^.'? JL;, ^. w *
P?. .-Ty ' "W
I J EF^aj
p * 1
p.,- * - ,
> *.2m
\ >*
V "*
>< ^
\ + m
*?*+ **>
k V $???, vI
X *
Ty Cobb is to retire from baseball '
j at the end of the preaent season. !f
i The freest of the great proposes
to get into some war activity by J
which he may do what he considers
: his duty to his country. Whether this .
w ill mean ?ctnal enlistment or some-1'
| tht;ig else. Cobb does not say.
Friends of Cobb, however, say that ; |
I Cobb has often spoken of entering ,
nmie department wherp his knowledge |
of automobiles may be put to hsp t
ebb ts an enthusiastic motorist an'l 1
cn auiomobile expert.
Cobb's retirement from baseball wl'l I
mark the rinse of the most sensatnn- ,
.il and remarkable chapters in the his-.:
torv of the game. ! i
There has never been a ballplayer |
ho combined the versatilities of . <
- i
Baseball at a uiance. 1
Heaulta Yesterday.
Pitt/burgh, 5; Brooklyn, 4; e'even
St. Louis, 4; Boston. 3.
Cincinnati, 2; Now York. 1.
New York. 4; Cincinnati. 1.
Chicago, 2; Philadelphia. 1; twenty-',
, one innings.
Standing of the Clubs.
\V. L. Pet.1
( liicago 51! 3*i .691
New York 4ft 31 .618
t itisburgh 41 37 .526S
Philadelphia 37 41 .474 ]
Cincinnati 35 42 .455 j
Boston 33 46 .432.
St. Louis 34 4S .415 I
'Brooklyn 30 47 .390
Gamrs Scheduled Today.
Philadelphia at Pit shurgh.
New York at St. Louir
Brooklyn at Chicago
Boston at Cincinnati.
Results Yestcrc;-;.
Washington. 5; Cleveland. 1
Boston, 7; St. Louis. 0.
Boston, 4: St. Louis, 0.
Chicago-Philadelphia, rain
Detroit-New York. rain.
Standing of the Clubs.
W. L. Pet.
I Boston 51 33 .607;
Cleveland 47 40 .640,
I New York 43 3d .531 :
| Washington 43 40 .518
Chicago .38 42 .475 ,
! St. Louis 33 44 .463
Detroit 36 46 .437
i Philadelphia 33 46 .418
Garnet Scheduled Today,
i Detroit at New York.
Cleveland at Washington.
Chicago at Philadelphia.
! St. Louis at Boston. i
Mr. and Mra. William Carotheri
went through our town Sunday last
rn route to Fairmont to tee their
i niece, Luc? Summers, who Isn't expected
to live.
Mr. and Mra. A. R Musgrove and
family were calling on Mr. and Mrs.
J. C. Moran Sunday in the afteri
Mr. and Mrs. Hank Satterfleld were
"1 AOWYA~6oT Aitfl
I CUOfct* T DO T6-0AS
S Ttf PlttBT Tttins VI
L isiimnR
QL 1 . ?. . - . ^ >
WW:-.'" ? '
ISS^EF ? ' *. i
V 4
/ *'y' '
I '
*71 ** ?'jr^-*
Sj*5 .
hp .-, ?,
^t'd / i
py i :
, .-/ * if
. 1 jJJai
\>bb. His mechanical playing has, j
n-en outdone by others? Speaker lai;.
trrater ouifie'der, l.ajoie was a great- |
t natural hitter, but Cobb has the t
iTsonallty, the "color." the "fire."
rhich has not only made him the
treatert ballplayer of all time, but i
ilso the greatest gate attraction the I i
tame has ever seen.
Twelve years out of thirteen Cobb j
as led his league in hatting and is \ I
twav out 'n tha lead again this voir. 1
'or : tx or eight years he has led in j
-al.ng. in the number of dou- j'
?!< .1 triples made, in hits inr.de
ind is riat rnrod.
In a do-rn years he has set more ; ,
M'w iee la for future stars to shoot
:f t'r.i ary half dr,:en other player? ' j
ii lti?. ipv of hasebsll
Ft. hell will not l.e ba-eball with- j
>ut Cobb.
r-jlltqs on Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Neel;
Sunday evening.
M . and Mr.". Frank Jones and two
child < n trtn vi i OR their grand
Btot!:-.- .and uncle. I.e. t her and Prances
Buminc". Smildav last.
Mr. rn:5 Mr'. eH.iril Carpenter were
r's-it'n.*; Mr. and M ". K. T. Moran Saturday
iu;,iit ond Eiuday.
Mr. or. J Mrs. M'rk Jenkins and three
nhildren were cu'.ing on Mr. and Mrs.
J. C Moran Sundry evening.
Ruby Rhutt'ev/ v.*tli was calling on
Myrtle Moran Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs Prank Keener, of
Montana, were -een on this ridge Sunday
last. Th"y were visiting Dave
Carpenter and family.
Mrs. J. C. Moran wa stalling on
Jir* H. T. Carpenter Tuesday.
Mrs. Emily Hei:.kell was calling on
Mrs J. B. Ca.penter one day this
w r-k.
Mr. Mall, of Ohio, a hook agent,
vrj all r.'3ht with J. O. Moran on
'. rs Ridge Monday night.
I'.;- Moran is expected home the
of ibl' week. He has spent sev
w:e;s In Kittenning. Pa. He ha'
i be 1 in Canada.
Mr.-. Francis Summers I* In Pair '
it rt this writ ng. She is calling1
;r her son. James.
Box Supper Tonight
On Baxter Ball Field
A combination baseball game and
box supper will be a feature event at
Baxter this evening. Beginning at f>
o'clock a baseball game will be played
between the fast Baxter anil Watson
baseball teams. The baseball game
will be followed by a regular old time
box supper, the proceeds of which will
go to the Baxter baseball team.
Baxter has developed a good team
this year and fans of that section are
oiuch Interested In the team's outcome
apd will turn out in large numbers
this evening to participate in the ben-1
etit box supper. i
Company C. Twenty-ninth Iteglmen
Engineers, at Camp Pevens, Mass.. Is
almost 100 per cent unionised. Fifty
per cent of the company are members
of the International Typographical
Union, who enlisted from different
parts of the country.
Nearly 1,000,000 finale clerks are
?pnc|3u3 u| paXofduia
x U1
- i . . ?
x Boxr
The Lymu Produc~r plant hat protressed
ateadi y s.n< ? U-t month,
rwo arid tanks li v n <"> Instill' i
ind on? ! icor tank,
ire ti go in Men are still v irk as
>n tl.c gas pining to run to the M >nonta
gla-i t.rtories No other iaalottery
has cc.o*. The b.'< k work la
laily Bonn ling up. the door* have
)ern "toured and the stack has been
Inished Plenty of tn-ii are at work.
Ii is till eip cted .hat the plant will
?e tint hed by fall.
P. C ttardiri' cwi', ruction super
.i-' "..r"t o' the Ferro Concrete Com)v.
v.'h > ha 1 eh rge of the building
)f the new wirehouse and fa< tory at
1 r. ctfth it." i. her. (tine to Dayton
llhlo. to take up r.c?* work lie io
design the form rork there on the
Jew tunnels of the Miami Conservun
y hoard. Dayton Is planning to stop
ill future flood-' so that no more like
lie 191:; fin.I shell crd.ing?- liic and
properly Six hlc ihtni have already
teen built ai;d plan- are well on the
rry to a new ay-'cm bv means of tur.
'.(Is by which floods may be prevent
>o. No one lias tnknn his place In
Kalrmont as his part of the work here
r.as about fini. hed. The two buildings
here are well on the way to eomple
lion and Oenber 1 probably will see
:hcm complete.
The second and third floor have all
'olumns in. The ba?ertent is ready for
ihe concrete floor. The third floor
arranged for a box factory, is ready
lor the ro)f:-ie he entire building i>f
concrete and is nbout 390 feet long
and 101 feet wide, approximately
The brick work is started and the
iteei window frames are about ready
o go in. W ndows go almost entirely
tround the v.urebouie and factory, let
ing in quantises of light. Two switch
racks will run along the side of the
warehouse buildings inside with open
ing* allowing f >: train loading of fin
shed glass. There are two elevator
shafts - -o[ns closing doors Into
the u, There are two stair
? e .icrele. Labor is scarce al
l'- I.- it ion now, contrary to past
. ?.tion?.
A teinporaiy roof is being put on
iver the glass tank now being rapidly
:i;ti.thed In the fartory. This roof is
?. rood and will he torn down later
i is to protect the tank from rain
il'cl frames for this building are be
up installed and it takes four men to
dandle one of them, built like a wide
ladder. he two buildings, the ware
house and factory, connect with one
".nother directly with no opening be
tr.een. It will not be long before tlx
lehrs will be put in. Digging has al
readv heen done for them and the eon
crele valleys tor jus have been dufc
r< ady for pouring. The machine sho|
ne\t the large tank is about done. I
Is made of brick and concrete. Then
Is a big open place to remain so foi
another tank which may he even big
ger than the one now nearly done
This second tank will not be installed
until the new tank, different fron
: ny other at the Monongah plant, hai
been thoroughly tried out. Some o
its methods of working are new ant
much Interest centers In the work i
will turn out. It is expected tha
glass will be made in this by Septem
bcr 1.
The spring Just back of the factorj
which workmen about the buildini
said would be piped inside for drink
ing water, has not been piped as yet
"I'iped by hand, ia all." said one ul
them today.
; Evening Chat
To do their bit for freedom's cause
The railroad men are hieing
Our girls, resolved to share the fight.
Keeping traffic's wheels allying.
And tho' short skirts, for many moons,
Have held their own chic measure
Well find our girls remember how.
To manage trains with pleasure.
The loaded cars will now get througl
On time most meritorious;
And all the schedules will be held
I? mannaii almtvlv islitpl ailc
ii uinnuci rnii|ii; iwii.t.
Since every girl upon t he works
Will srp there arc no hitches.
For years of doing up the hair
Have put them wise to switches!
J. A. L.
Fairmont avenue is very pretty Just
now. The street Is unusually shad)
and wide, especially at the upper end
near Eighth street and the home* 01
either side are particularly well cared
tor and very beautiful in different and
varied appointments. Some of then
hare more ground than others whirl
show more attention and nearly all o
thero have smooth green tawns, ro?<
bushes and shrubbery, graceful tree!
of the trailing kind, attractive veran
das and different kinds of porch furni
ture. So many different kinds of porrl
QcflU WM&M 1? TT
A tutu <5 y\
^-,NA som woac " -~
S WARD! -J |
Y &
1 4 ' " ?g iT7
NG : : 0
furniture attracts the eye as one walks
:he length of F;.irmont ivenuc. N)?
that the street is so rcmaraahly quiet
with little trali'ic o( any kind, there is
1 nothing to take ih? attention away
iron) th >e fascinating rhairs and
swings and fa rinating they are m
I fit't M >st of the por> li ? are in a !
j of wicker hut a few are tash ned of
other materials?some looking like the
1 nut-of-door log furniture. They are
nearly all covered with cretonne rush
' ioned seals anil have pr^'.tv cushions
placed at comfortable aiu c< for thI
I I l. i.. .. a v .. . t.. .t.
. ur?ti nrti i. or ir. U'l ,sui umy are no
swrings very tempting but t r <!. r
I otter rest and qu'et Nearly a.I _<n
them have wide arms aj;I it. < .>m
I lettable lookirifc bark* w.ih cover*.
looking in a number of cases like fau
, cy nl.'ii.. bir: .
Tie many flower boxes al.^ng this
, street are full of luxurious bl Jin. I
- .aw a grpat deal of lavender he'
trop" ind mail'- others. Vines extend
clear *o the ground and trail in vari
! ous directions. Kven under heavv
drrk-Tt en foliage the mi ny f >,ver.;
1 In boxes rotv v ;!1. their twiut n,- eoi
ors bk-udiag r.ell with ail ua ur<
about. So many trees in this part of
, the cltv are of the trailing kind, long
blanches of lev s floating out like
ribbons. Growing rather close mgctli
er and at n > set place, but jest where
1 thev are exceptionally p.cturesuuo
they add tbe riglil touch to the lawns,
; Walking for sevc-al blocks from e.gnih
1 street towaril town, no s.in warms on?
uncomfortably. All the way the trees
' otTcr grateful shade. The shadows
along the walk are charming. Tie
' soft, cool air is fragrant and refresh
I ing Altogether. Fairmont avenue was
' e p ially delightful yesterday after
There is a pretty view at 12th street
1 where the new warehouse is going
flip. The second floor opens directly
f.'om the bank. One walks across a
Fairmont Auto Sup
;j Fairmont Vulcai
mU0A ,'\IU?
_ I ^ tyUOMNUOA jlr^x
; v B
* .-. , .s,^- .. t
j.. inlMin .^... * -+
board and in the dull light ?ee* a \ast
ha'1 titled * i'h > dumui. As there
. N ab.iu. ninety } these round col
u. .is itinl us they are set in rowa
through what tn.aln easily be culled a
hall ale a three hundreds and nine-1
ty |e t 'nig. the etlcc: is remarkable
to ?ay the least l.mking though the '
< p n li.i. i ng to the bank opposite.
a uvurv "inn i niilMUf and IU lilt*
; itaded lig't the purple green ol the
f diage ?s almost nnQatuir.i in color. A 1
bridge t.treirhr* across the river at
:li. pi.-co. heavily braced with steel
and this bi.ick color a cablet the hoti
no :i .1 the steel traced 1
lines against a sky of no color at ail
?i.? < a tut of si enery nn: at all unti.ttal.
Two railroad trac < meet at
this p. r;itu r pla > . one going to
t'lark>l-trg. the other to tirafton.
(). of them lies low r.eur the grassy
e' The >id i i i l is Just tipped ,
with yellow now and ti e black locust
:re bend way over 1L< river there
There are countless numbers of |
da. ies and way aenvs tin- riv?r are
:: number of pretty homes with boats
' t Ii ,it im of t|: ! .11 ready for pas (
congers to err Right here a num- ,
'e-r of hoy ; were enjoying a fine swim ,
n that bottle green river which didn't ,
I' ok as (hough a mouthful would be
cry apprtlzmg A row on the side ot
the hill remained oblivious to all that
was going on Palatine Knob was
plainly visihle from this location,
standing up high above all the land
cape about and wearing a tall ex
i tarnation point with a flag about the
ize of a postage stamp on top. wav
nig feehlv In the breeze. The hill lines
on both sides of the river crossed and
recrossed. making pen and ink sketch
t es of great beauty.
Tt remains one of the funny things In
life thM people sometimes have farelike
animals, fish and birds. 1 saw
t little man today with a face like a
chipmunk and a little later I passed a
and G
/ Cars are being used mo
As a result they are beii
as a business proposition.
Equipment is purchase*
jtlfj judgment. Values are stu
JW kept carefully.
That ia why sales of I
creasing with such rapidit
They have demonstrate
mileage qualities but far g
They make your car mr
They give a bigger return
K There is a United States
\ especially to fit your p
' \ driving conditions.
./ That is one great adv
choosing United States Ti
ll You have a variety of <
tL types from which to cho<
y\ ?but the quality and val
\ ways up to United States i
U \\ Any United states sales
\1 ice depot dealer will chei
Lpil you in your tire selection
W United States
jfjf are Good Til
ply Co., 112 Fairmor
tiizing Co., 110 Ellriiu
7Z~ E, UWI'\??AT OW \
-? ra- v^ru m Yt Dow"
T MV&ljWr
V J* - i 0 +
md ? ?2 ' ' T ^ /M'l'if ' ^ -sAtf *' fiS 4ui
chilli who looked Just Ilka a ml
rabbit. I vc beard many peoptn My
they knew some one who looked Jwt '
like a monkey und 1 own prove that a
number w ar the countenaaea of 9r
donkey. It isn't uuusaal to moat a
woman w ith a fare like a robin aad 1
know an old. old lady who remind* *
v? i \ nmrh of a dove. Surely you kaomW*
some one who resemble* a parrot aad
I know a man who looks exactly Ilk* a
hear. Then there Is the fish fee* aad
the oyster face and the face that resembles
the lobster. There la tha
citilnvl face, small with eyee Ilka
Ix-ads. and the cat face very common
raonfc women There 1* the then ot
'lie r<-third, nitll and alert with thin I
nostril* and a mere llna far a month.
Mut the (am that I liked beat at alt
was a faro 1 saw the other day aat off
v. th a hut of yellow. It belonged to
vera- small woman who bobbed har
lo-ad in all manner of directioaa aa
- trlkod. with eye* like shoe but- -i
tons that could see She talked in a
iiik-i pitched voire of varying tone and
-he wasn't still the fraction of a aec3t!d
S'ie was so exactly like a amalt
yellow rararv bird I once aaw in a
ace in a window down town thai yea
i-onld hardly have told the two apart?
I^Good flavor-^
rich nourishmenteasy
^There's Reason^
Uood lire* I
ood Business J
re and more for burin?
ig treated more and mora
J with extreme care and
died. Mileage records are
fnited States Tires are insd
not only unusual long*
reater reliability.
ire useful. . .
^ I
? ffUl 1
BHtt ,. ?6- '1H
1 St., Phone 430 1
-v ji, 'j '.Vr v * ' - .. >
_,. ,.V-J*wJ?-A ' > J : - . -J
1 /. i

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