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WtMi %* We*t Utminian " RH^Ij
1 West Virginia's Best Newspaper ?_j
Marne Fight Bigggst
for U. S.
Since Civil
American's Behaved Splendidly
in All the Open
(Br Associated PfMn
| PXANCE, Thursday, July 18, C P. M ?
With night Ml ot the fourth day ol
rthe battle eaat and west of Rheiuis a
feeling of confidence pervades the al
Had line. After 80 hours of a tumuli
aim# line* of his own selection thf
enemy offensive seemingly has failed
He In still behind the objective set foi
the flrst day's attack.
While the American force engaged
la the present battle is small In com
I parlaon with tbe total allied train ii
may ha said that it Is greater than au>
participating la a battle since the Civil
wpr and tin conduct of the men is
aUetting the commendation of the
tkay have performed the part as
signed to them with steadiness, cour
1% a laage portion of the Americans
the lev days have been their first real
I flfchting. Reports from along the line
hWdate a great deal of clean open
I wartnre. Some spontaneous localised
operations being undertaken without
a preliminary barrage and It Is in ac
tiea of this character that the Ameri
dag aatta have won praise of the
the American transport both of mu
atttoas and of tbe hospital service is
working amoothjy and efficiently be
hind the lines. The correspondent en
wmalered ambulances and trucks fill
ed with what are known as sitting
mkiak Wad alwaail. ? -" ? A
in WIMVM unti wicau/ i"cu lltllU
4 to at the advanced dressing sta
L tkma. These were on the way to the
rear and frequently In .their passage
they forced to the roadside groups ol
German prisoners being escorted to
the pans.
WASHINGTON. July If -General
t? Pershing* co'mmunique for yesterday
confirmed press reports of the com
ptete aaccess of yesterday's attack lie
tween the Alsne and the Marne by
combined American and French forces
The dispatch follows:
Section A: American troops ro-opor
attaf with the French In an attack on
the enemy position between the Aisne
aad the Marne penetrated his line to a
depth of several miles, capturing many
prisoners and guns.
Plat Top Office Desk; Typewriter:
Sate: Chairs, and other office fixtures.
Oil Practically new Also one six
Cylinder, five passenger. 1917 Model
Mge Car in first class condition.
Also some vacant lots and two houses
and lots. Will sell all at bargain
pices as I am going to leave for
France at an early date. Do not call
glgSJirou^ mean to buy. Phone 1283.
M K. of P.
The funeral of Brother Guy A.
Leonard will be held Saturday 2:30
P. M. at M. P. church list ward).
Fairmont Marion Lodge No. 27 in
r" ?i
First class machinists,
% blacksmiths, and blacksmiths'
helpers, air hammer
man, and layer out.
Good wages, Steady employment.
Fairmont Minin
. Machine Co.
CA^Tlc:-ty* D
V Ai iassi^i
The heavy white lln phi thin ma
(tains made by the Germans in that tlri
last reports.
:j Daily Prayer
:j For U.S. Army
Home Service Man Gave
, Talk at Last Night's
Meeting of Club.
T. J. Kilmunds. who rame to Fair|
mont to attend the Home Service eon
Iierence 01 mc neu ( loss. gave a Tory
interesting talk at lar.t evening's meet,
inp of the Ko(aiy clnb which was held
at the Country Club, and during the
evening a committee wa rppolntrd to
visit the coal companies and get them
to take over the books left over from
the smilage campaign for the benefit
oi their men who have gone and will
gr. Into the service.
Another matter whirh came up. bat
upon which no action was taken, was
a resolution adopted by the recent con
cntlon of International Rotary rlubs
urging the local ciubs throughout the
country to secure the adoption in their
respective towns of a War Angelas
to be observed at 11 o'clock local time
each day at which time ail are asked
to observe one minute in prayer for
the success of our arms and the
i triumph of our cause. The idea is
I to have the exact minute announced
; by blowing whistles and riuging the
. bells.
I .
] One Appeal From
Draft Classification
Of the one hundred and thirty-nine
men who have been given their classifications
by the local draft board there
| was but one por. on who appealed from
| tbe derision of the local board, this
being Ronnie I,ip3eomh. Lipscomb
was placed in ("lass 2 by the local
draft board \pparently he was not
' satisfied with his already deferred
classification! and plar -d an appeal
' with the district draft board
This is the iast day on which regisI
trants may make an appeal to the
district draft board, the five days from
| the date the classification was mailed
cxpiridg today.
Mrs. J. J. Drennen and daughter.
Miss Katherlne. leave tonight for Hal
timore where they go to consult Dr.
1 Krledmont, a stomach specialist, in re|
gard to the tatter's condition. Miss
i Brennen has been ill for several
months with stomach trouble and was
for a time a patient at Cook hospital.
She recovered partially hut it was derided
to consult a specialist at this
' ~~ ~ f
Consult tht Union Dentists
for expert dental services Our
| prices are reasouable. Offices over
McCrory fi and 10c a'ore All
work guaranteed.
_ J-_-_-_-l_rjXlJ-LI-J-Ln_-Lrj-^_nj unj-n_r_Wanted
Good boy over 10 years of ago
lo learn trade in printing omce.
Permanent for the right man.
and an excellent opportunity to
learn a trade In which employment
Is steady. Weal working
conditions Apply to Mr Mapel,
The West Virginian Office.
t the Ority Way to b
mW 'hfiiif 'iti iiftt'flh
- riuWccvV"
( xv > ^
We?S <X?*V
v*/ ,"'r%?w
T?UiL fiUfttV* JAUUp
Lv #% JWSr^ntttcpNii
j) is tlir front ar it wn on Ju'y 14 lief
ve Th<' white lino to tho right which
111 i
i co sujuom
Fuel Administrator Barnes
Back From Conference
in the Fast.
Notice has ocn receive i from the
Fuel Administration that ail dealers
must file statements with the county
fuel administrator showing that they
| are dealers and giving certain other
I required data.
KMto Fuel Administrator J. Walter
j Dan.es has returned from Philadel'
pl.ia. P.'., where he has ben with
County Fuel Administrators Hensjtav;
and Nelson, of H.ukeley and Jefferson
ccurties. respectfully, looking after an
allotment of anthracite coal for Berkeley
and Jefferron counties. The three
men met in conference with the committee
on anthracite coal, returning
with good prospects of getting their
Canada's Youngest Sergeant.
Sergeant Manchcll. aged sixteen
who lias the distinction of being the
youngest sergeant in the Canadian
army, arrived In Fairmont till; morning
to spend several days in this section
under th" auspices of the Cnited
Slates Fuel Administration.
Although only sixteen years of age
ht ha i seen much actual service and
for five months was a prisoner in an
Austrian ptison camp lie v.\i<. horn
{in New York Citv snd enlisted with
the Canadian forces.
Operators" Association Charter.
A charter w.?s i.sued yesterday by
t.ie secretary >1 state to the Northern
West Virginia Coal Operator ' Association.
of Fairmont, to n certain and
on pile data on the con ' ration, pro
jdurnon. trr asportation, marketing
I anil utilization of c.i.ii and it products,
'(..pital stork none; member hip shall
I extend to operators only in Monongalia
Marlon, HarrNon, Pre ton. Tay
lor. Harbour. Randolph, Upshur, Lewis,
Cllnier, Braxton. Webster and Nicholas
counties, incorporators, C. H. Jenkins.
C. H. Tarleton, S. D. Brady, of
Fairmont; D. Howard, of Clarksburg,
and E. Drennen. of Eikins.
Work of the Organizer*.
The organizers for the United Mine
Workers who are now In northern
West Virginia are doing a great deal
of ednrational work, showing the minora
bow to run their unions, encourag
tni* the mine workers to greater endeavor
and Insisting upon the nccessl
ty of loyal cooperation with the government
in eveiy move. James Diana
and H. E- Peters, organizers, were at
Gypsy Thursday night for a meeting
P. T. Gates was at Lumberport. W.
P. Kay and Sim Balientyne attended
a meeting at Wilsouburg, and B. A
Scott and Joe Ang"lo addressed I
meeting in Clarksburg. These organ
izers make their headquaru ra at Fair
mont and journeyed to all these points
on the street car. They are men ol
intelligence and ability, who recog
mr.u the serious situation In which the
country finds Itself and by eiarapU
(Continued on page four.)
Laborers Wanted
i in Shipping Department,
Apply, Owens Bottle
Machifte Company.
i Certain That You
* ' fw-rfc.
nnw R va
' *
- *
Swu^ ,'CV ^LffC
- " ryV ,->
?KCt5 ^\/ERTVj5y
*n?xu / w_/
i.re the Ccmrn ?!riv?? b'fati The two b'tl
rims clo:e ?o Siia.-oiv. sh >tts the scope ai
13 Million Feet 1
Well Comes In .
On Gump Farm 1
Is Best (ias Producer Struck j
in Marion County in
Past Five Years. !(j
A thirteen million ruble feet gaa
! well, owned by the South Fenn Oil
I company, located on the (Jump farm, j
near Logansport, about five miles from !
Mnnnington, mine in on Wednesday.1 a
j The new gas well is the best that I
' has come in in Marlon county for at |J
least five years . The second largest
in recent years was that of the Hope
Natural (Jus company which Is located
in the same locality which cauie in one J *1
month ago end registered 12,000,000.
M. V, T. Laying Seven,
Miles of Gas Line
Seven miles of six inch gas line is
1 being laid from near Downs to I.o- j
I can. port by the Monongahela Valley j1 f
| Traciion company. The work was be- in
. gun on Wednesday In an effort to com-1115
plcte the Job in three weeks, which i wl
| will mean a big inrreaes In the num- j he
bcr of ra^n working. Approximately , W
forty m-n are working today; at least i
forty more will be g.ven employment |
immediately. j
The new line will go to the Straight
and (Jump farm.i near l/iganrport 1
i where the traction company is now
drilling and where other important de'
velopments are anticipated.
. . nl
i BIS Of WE i
But CI^Tit Divisions of Am- ^
erican Troops are En- hi
Raged. a
(By Associated Pr-si) _
WASHINGTON. July 1?.-Elght dl I
visions of Am rlcan troops are belle*
ed to be represented in the Allied
flatting on the Alsne-Marae front, according
to information given today to
members of (he House military committee
in thelt weekly conference with SJ
General March, chief of ataff. ,
It was stated that the drive now 9j
, going on will not replace nor hinder N
the preparation for the grea't Allied V
[ offensive planned for later la the ?'
Details of the tabling era lacking
; because official dlepatchee from Gen
A..I Usssklne Kbwa Is a am aaaaH An
oiai icimmn >*v?? ??.
lijed. General March and Assistant .
, Secretary Crowe*, who participated in "
t the conference, eapreeeed their (rati
flcstion over $e part the American ?
troop* are playmg.
Herbert Hamilton arrived in the city
today after a trip to Prance. Hamilton
1* an armed guard la the navy 81
and baa bean seeing eome actual eer bi
vice. In the last Ave months ho has s?
been In the Cnltcd States but four w
days. He will spend about twalve ai
days In Fairmont with local Mends t?
and relatives. ol
Will get Your Copy o
'V; * ? .
-* *
^^wwats^ ^ \j
C&IS**** \ \
Vr? X V
ses hcjiw (hit line show the
id drpth of iho Allied drive at
59 lifll
kiiuuiunrnu cod
mnnmnuiun run
ip mi
omplete List of the Men
Who WHI Be Sent
Eikes All of Number 2
Board's Class One Under
One hundred nnd fifty-nine men will
it rain nt Mannicgton nest Wed netiv
morning. July 24. at 11 o'clock for
imp Meade, Admiral, Aid , representK
Marion county (excepting Fairontt
in the big July draft. The men
ho depart will appear at the draft
lard headquarter* in Mannlmrton on
..* a - -??i
r?iii'-oua> iiiuriiuiK ?u .? u num.
The run tin .Tent will bo the largest
at has ovet yet left Marion county
id a manner crowd la sure to gather
Munnin~to:i on Wednesday to see
e boys off.
In order to fill the quota of one honed
and fifty-nine men it was neresrv
for the draft hoard to snmnion
I men with order numbers under
11.1. cither to appear for entrainment
1 a' an alternate. Before the call
as issued no men with order numirs
over 2205 had been taken.
Originally there were hut 1064 men
Tistered with the county draft
>ard. which means that the present
ill will leave few men in Class 1
nm the first registration.
It is estimated by George W.
)wers. chairman of the Marion coundraft
board Number 2, that after
'ednesday he will have about one
indred men of the first registration
islifled for military serrlce and In
ass 1 ready to go. Of this numbet
(Continued on Page Six)
* ?
.icense Money is
Sent to Capita]
According to ligures compiled today
icriff A. M. Olover will forward the
ate treasurer at Charleston the sua
! $4,458.64. which eras collected If
art on conuty tor state tobacco, pool
id billiard and miscellaneous license!
ulnf the put quarter. Thie em
race* April, Majr and June and ii
x ut the norma. showing for Marion
Federal authorities have preferred
targes agaimt William Jordan, charg
I with bring eleven and a half plnti
1 whiskey into the state. On Sat
rdajr mornhig. United States Com
Isatoner Klrby will bear Jordan.
John 8. Glover, deputy sheriff, lasl
renfetg went to Cincinnati. O., tc
lag back to Fairmont, C. L. Richard
in, of Maqntngton, who la charged
Ith defrauding his uncle, E. A. Rich
rdson, of Maanlnggm. out of ISA04
trough a deal tnrolrtng the pnrchaae
! a store.
t Th? WesJ Virgin
from mm
Cavalry it*., ^>wCll iJ
j Retreating Enem;
Heavily in Gn
Fightin-T Continues Today V
Fine From the Aisne t(i
Also Losing N
; American and French force?
their spearhead midway bet'
j Thierry.
The Americans tool: seve
. night.
Early this morning the A
j progress.
During the night Germai
ing from the region in ihe noi
attack ha* not appeared up ui
American troops continm
west of Soissons where on 1
their first organized counter
This soor fell down howe
heavy artillery got into acti<
This was one of the fier
with the Franco-American c
south west of Soissons for soi
It resulted in the Germai
th" lain of heavy gun fire of
One of the towns taken 1
wasVierzv fi miles south of S
Towns to the north and s
in the carrying out of the pi
line on the Soissons-Chateau
(By Aswvlate.l Pre**)
PARIS. July 19.?On the front be
tw?en Hbelm* end the Marne the
French hare recaptured Mount YoUln i
and made progress In the Roy wood i
, on the Courton woodr. capturing four
I canno and 400 prisoner*.
I.ONDON*. July 19 ?On Hie left win*
which include* the Roiasons sector the
' Allied troops nave cut or hare under
fire the highroad from Soissons to I
Chateau Thierry, says a Router dispatch
from the French front dated
11 o'clock Thursday.
The railway from Soissons to VIII
ers Ootertz also has been cut.
' At several points Infiltration move!
mints have bee Married out by cav.
jlrj. They advanced through gaps iu
(the retreating enemy lines and established
themselves in villages further
PARIS, July 19.?(Havas Agency.)?
Reviews of fighting In the Allied coun
tci offensive printed by the Paris
papers today laid stress upon interference
with the enemy's railroad communication
occasioned by the speedy
1 Allied advance. Their progress south1
east of Sotssons, sayn the Echo de
Parle, prevented the enemy from
' bringing into action his reserves over
the railway In the vicinity of Laon.
Near Chateau Thierry, around
Rlteims and along the Alsne he had
eipected to secure great resulte from
the use of these reserves.
PARIS, July 19.Between the Alsne
and the Marne iu spite of new arrivals
' of German reinforcements the allies
1 are making sensible progress and are
' canturing a large number of prison
I en, according to tho official statement
, lM?ed bjr the War office today.
Along the whole front between the
i Altne and the Mama the battle con.
tfnues with violence.
Sooth of the Maine by a vigorous attack
the Freoch have ejected the en
I etny from the ontakirts of Oeuilly de
- "Ardre. south of Marfaux and southt
west of Pourcy.
: ???
PARIS. Jnly It.?(Havas Agency.)
?L 'Homme Libre without Intending
to divulge the number of prisoners and
guna captured saya It la fully equlva
t leat to the number announced by the
Germans as having been captured on
July 16 (the German official statement
I on Tuesday announced that 1S.000 prfa>
oners had been taken Monday.)
I The newspapers Intentionally give
i little Information In regard to the batDe
going on or tho results obtained.
ian is to Place a Regi
ill Nil
IS 10 flK j
f ni'J
' nr ?t!ii
i l vvij .gainst
y Who Has Lost
ns and Men vj
r'ith Violence All Along the
i the Marne?Germans
ear Rheims.
Press' One, p m.?
are continuing to advance
iveen Soissons and ChatcM
ral town in the course of the MM
Illi'l u ails ciisu niaue luriner
l reinforcement? were Cometh
but the expected counter
nil an early hour this after*
? to hold the pleateau south- ,
hursday the germane made
ver as soon as the AnarifeijH
cest struggles in connecMIH
ffensi"e. The battle rafafl
ne time. . artt.'*
is falling back finally under
the Americans.
>y the Americans last nifht J
outh of this were also taken
ain to straighten the entire |
Thierry front. .
They hold thpmeelTee centrally tc tS*' J
official statement. All the critiee are
enthusiastic over the enceaaa nhtaln "t|
pd yesterday. By taking the WtWNM
It Is held. General Foch haa rirwng^led J
the Germane at the moment of hMttu
inc th.'it th?Tjaeia__dp"?- ? *
pome peare assault to nee their lEfl
nerve* at the point and time eetOOMn
by the generalissimo.
The Echo do Paris aipraaooa thaB
conviction that tho Franoo-AAMftmrfM
successes will be conflrmod ftUty niB
dny. It says the Oeroaa Oeaoral SljjH
nil do its ntmoat to atralghlMid^H
its affairs but the allies fcnve lhl|3
per hand. The question for OaadiyH
Ludendorff now is not whether to aHfl
Kppcrnav, declares the Math, bit tnl
consider means for the salvation
the division he has thrown nerooo tbtl
PARIS. July It?More thaaPMNl
suns have been captured In thS^^H
lied attacks on the Aisne Harm ttlHH
according to ne Herald todaff,. ,
LONDON. July ll.-OnraOB
last night In the VIUero-BraM^H
and Marllncourt sectors on dtkssfl
of the Somme were driven off IBM
British, says the otfleMI Mdifl
ftom Field Marshal Half Ishy. ^B
British captu.ed a few potooidBH
successful raids in the' retton of IpBH
i|uo> and Willervlal and Learn
fell In flames at the OotaoVa
hire near Dalheim on Mondop erM
the Rotterdam 8ch+BovM|^^H
nounces otday.
1 * J ? '?B
Water Departmenfl^H
Men Go on Sta
Eleven l?l?nr?r? Wbn lid
working for the city water depgjH
making repairs to tha city nfl
bave gona on a atrlka. Tha afl
been getting $3.tt for aa algH
day and naked to gat 94JS, whMN
Seven of tha laborare who tnl
the Job are still working.
MRS. e. . MOOR* ILL. 1
Me. E. B. Moore la qolta MjOjl
borne in Locvat avenue . Or. Ugl
special let from Pittsburgh. WMgfl
here yesterday la eonoaitatlaa
cal pbyalciana over her coalMIU
ilar Order

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