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Aircraft Came Oat
in Droves This
Gotmimm Are Known to
Hew Thrown More
M., Jul/ 34 (Br Associated Press!?
The French, British and Americana
are still hammering the flank of the
Crown Prince's army. The Germans
i are known to hare brought up fresh
support forces at some points, but
the Allies report the situation as favorable.
More favorable weather conditions
brought out droves of aircraft this
morning. The day Is an excellent one
fnr nhiorvetinn nnH thia tu ovnectml
to change the character of the fighting
somewhat, especially with regard
to the artillery.
The change for the bett?c In
Weather conditions too* place during
the night, when the clouds disappeared
and the wind died down. Scarcely
a dnat cloud eootd be seen thia morning
on any part of the widespread
battlefield, with the eiception of the
parte rising from the thousands of
crater* made by the guns on both
PARIS, uly 24?The Germans last
. night delivered a counter attack upon
the AMed lineg in the vicinity of
Yrlgny. five mile* southwest of
NMtins. The War offfflce announced
today that the attack had been reputed.
There was great activity by the artillery
during the night along the
front between the Aisne and the
Marne, and northeast towards
Rhoims. The text of the statement
"The night wae marked by great
artillery activity between the lfarne
?the Aisne aad in the Courton and
woods In the Rhelraa sector.
"At 9 o'clock last night the Germans
launched a counter attack west
of Rbelms. In the region of Vrlgny.
Preach troops broke al lassaulta ami
held their positions intact."
WASHINGTON, July 24? Contln
uad pursuit of the retreating enemy
south of the river Orcque is reported
la Gonersl Pershing's communique
for yesterday, received today at the
Mfar department. The rapture of po-.
sltions north of the Mnrne also is reported.
p. ua? July 2t?(By Asoriated Prcss-Alouc
line north of Chateau-Thierry
the Franco American forces have
driven the Get mans out of nearly all
' Of the chateles forest.
The allied advance was made In
Considerable Jumps in that area. The
Germans continuing their rear guard
fighting and depending much upon
tholr machine guns.
Farther to the west the Americans
gained the ascendener over the Oer'
man sand drove through and beyond
the town of Aricdes
To the norlliwnrd the most Intense
resistance was offered along the extorted
German rirht flank but the reports
ere tbot the allies have made
gdfau and that the Germans have been
unable to halt the movement toward
thtir lines of nuppliee. American cavalry
was ased at one j^Hnt in the op
eratton north of the Chateau Thierry
AMSTERDAM. July 34 ?American*
I loot heavily in the fighting at Kpledes
[ oa July 12. according to the Wolff buI
rean correspondent at the front. He
says that after a desperate struggle
during which the village changed
| hands frequently the Germans were
victors. Eight American officers and i
[ 130 men were taken prisoners by the
I Germans, he adds, and 12 American
H machine guns were also taken.
I ' LONDON, July 24 -Raids were car
ried out by the British troops last
night in the region south of llucquoy
and northwest of Albert, say* oday's
War office report. A few prisoner.!
I were taken.
H A German raid on the British lines
V northwest of Bethune on the Flanders
I front was repulsed. i
,-v "-w. Ar .
HBfil * ^ -
Ml 1 MEM
Some Other Equally Cheerful
Items Came Out of
?amm I
(By Asaorlat**! Prvtol
AMSTKRDAM July :4 l p to July h
111 mope than "111 S??i al II -v ?hi!r ;i
isis of the L<>ft had been shot by tho J
Rdlsheriki (or participation in th" B
assassination of Ambassador von j
Merbach and in the counter reyolu 1 .
tion, the German charge at Moscow j
has been informed by foreign Mia.
: ter Tchltcherim. says a dispatch from 81
Berth). I 11
AMSTKWIAM. July 24 Vlexus Ro-i ~
rnanof, the former h< ir apparent t" F
the Hue*ian throne died from capos L
ure a fear days aft i his fatliM. tie |
former Bmperor. was executed. say*||
a dispatch from Moscow to the Berlin j
Lokttl Antieht'r
AMSTERDAM July 24-Central
mobilisation of the Hiu-inn army h.
J Kan Jwty 7tn. according to Kmc >?
advices received here.
I/)>mOM. July 24.?Dr KaKrl Hclf
ferich. former German imoerial v.r<
chancellor ha* been appointed Germany's
diplomatic representative at;
Moscow according to a Reutcr dr C
patch from Amsterdam.
An Amsterdam dispatch to the wire
less pre* says that Dr. Helfferieh will
| lake with him two battalions of Ger1
man troops to guard ihp Gorman cm
! bassy at Moscow.
WASHINGTON. July 24 President
Wilson has completed his pronounce I
ment as io Ire plan of the I'nitcd
! States for participation in the exp>
I slit ion to give military aid to llus*.a. ( >
[ and it will be made public as soon i.s
Japan's reply to the Araencan prooos-1
I als has boon received.
. number ami II
Serjeant Mains Will Comb J,
Little Towns for H ?emits.
A number of young men hate cl- 11
ready applied at the Marine recruit.
ing ataltlon on be third floor of the "
Nunm building which has jus* been "
ope ed by Sergeant ti W. Mains. As 11
yet no men have been accepted
Sergeant Mains has sc? no date for
closing the local office but will be here
as long as necessity demands i'. An "
effort will be made to get nanv re- 1
emits from the smaller town* in Ma- ri
r -tn county and adjoining fmtlM 'J
When asked this morning as to what
hours he would observe he said that j j-'
he would open at 8 o'clock in the morn- j
Ing ai.d would rerr.i i open as long as ' J",
necessary. Sho I'd enll utnenl* he so ,
I rnrrerous Ihst he would have to keep , jj
I open until midnight there will be no )(
objec'ions. Generally the office will :l
I ?>e cpen from ahi.t 8 o'clock in the K<
nomine until eigv. or nine o clerk at r<
nlr." tl
?? fj
Charged with carrying a Run. Joe )
Kern, was sentenced to pay a fine of 1 r'
$100 and underRo six months impris !
onment in 'he county Jail by Justice 11'
Rarack, of MannitiRton. Chief of I'o '
lice Jones, of Mannlngton. and Deputy
Sheriff Beattv made the arests.
Sam Preneh, charged Iwth carrying
whisker on the atrets of Mannlngtnn. KJ
was enteneed to pay a fine of $100 11
and was Jailed for sixty days yestcr
day afternoon by Justice Rarack, of
Manning!.in. Chief of Police Jones and
Deputy Sheriff Realty made the arrest.
Jake Schunta in default of bond In
the sum of $600 was held on a felony 01
charge by Justice Barack yesterday
afternoon. The ofTlcfrs accuse him of
gross immorality. He is committed
to await the action of the grand Jury. JJ
After investigating the matter Jus- tl
flee Conaway found that thee negroes ot
mixed up in a liquor transaction were Ih
all tarred with the same stick. Ed dt
Vf n/ien end llonrv f lirons woro ee.
mwiv ! < HI / v/w* uo w rir ?i - i
rested by the city police earlier in the sc
week, and they claimed they secured F;
the John Barleycorn from Silas John- la
son. In
Yesterday afternoon Johnson was sc
tried, and It developed that the three I w
had a partnership same on In pur-' th
chasing the liquor. During the trial ui
a notebook was produced that two of
the darkies had paid $1.67 each and J tli
the third $1 66. which aggregated IS, |
the price of a pint of whiskey. In sc
view of the facts, Johnson was dls-i In
charged from custody by the Justice I In
Attorney L. C. Musgrave represented | at
Did You Su
Mfers Peiee Terms Through
!!f Retain All the T
Ciet Back He
it?d fr#M) M
AMSTi \M. July 24 Germany i
as ii ;:G 8tiKR?Ktions for a peacinference
to the Spanish itotrernlent,
says the Socialist Vorwurts of
The xuaKestioDs are:
First. Germany wants no annexaon
or indemnity In the west.
Second, the peace tre-.ly with Ri'fa
and Rumania may not be <|uesoned.
Thiid, the principle of self determi- !
'entral Building for the
(Jrat'es is One of
1 i
Inch War Work Done in
This City During Last
Thr third anmal r. poit of City
uperintendent of Schools Otis G. !
V'ilsoa has boon submitted to the |
loard of Education of Fairmont In-)
epondent school district. Tho rt port
i a comprehensive one. and outlines
t detail the school activities of the '
ear. the expenditures necanaiy for
lie maintenance of the schools, war |
ork as accomplished by the pupils
urolled in the various schools, and
ho has lisled a number of big needs
ecessary for the future growth of
lie schools of the district.
In outlining the great needs of the
:hools. Superintendent Wilson la>s
tress on the tact that in order to
take progress commensurate with
le steady growth of the town, addional
buildings and equipment are
ecessary and must r>e provided for
tie schools of the district.
Anions the bis needs is a central
rhool building where pupils of the j
eventh and eighth gr.d-s may re-1
eive imlustrinl education before they
each the high school. A place where j
lie boy or girl may disco vet him- j
elf or find his bent for a pellicular
ne of work in order that he may be
tven instruction along this line an,j
Ins develop the best that is in him.
I'ith Fairmont rapidly becoming a
vo industrial center, the demand
ir especially trained and skilled
nd women will be great, and the!
hools cannot do their bit in the di-1
pction of training these youths in
lis line without adequate and ample 1
Better facilities should be proiidcd j '
>r the l>unbar (coloredI school, as!
wing to the rapid ptowth of the en- j'
illinent of this school the present
rcommodations r.re entirely inade-1
uate to the demands of the colored
Another matter upon which parrular
stress is laid is that of the
ced of maintaining an evening
'hool and of making proper preparaons
for such a school. The school
lalntaincd during the past two years
r the High school has proved that
lere is a large demand for such in- '
ruction from the adult wage earn a.
The school draws Its pupils from 1
rarby towns, as well as from local
The schools need a salaried nurse
> work In conjunction with the
hool medical insDector. Her duties <
i be those of following up cases of
cknesa. mental deficiency, etc.
The schools need also a better and
ore adequate system of bookkeepg
and business accountinR In order
at the handling of the more than
le hundred thousand dollars of pul>:
taxes expendid annually may be I
ine expeditiously.
The report shows that during the I
hool year of 1917-18 the rchools of I
ilrmont Independent srhool district 1
id special stress upon the matter of I
stilling Into the minds of the I
hool children lessons of thrift '
hlch which would not only meet I
e demands of the present world alt- i
dlon. but would be of economic ben- <
t to the children during their enre
War conditions suggested to the
hool officials the need for incuhat- J
g lessons of thrift nnd economy
to the school course and steps wete
once taken to widen the curri:n- t
(Continued on page eight) <
igf All the Flies in 1
Spain WMfh Would Enable
erritory She 0 >
r Colonic.
nation or people.. ha- i t h?-c dir.
ussed. but may bo grilled at the i
peace conference wuere th? fate of
Belgium ats.' ir t" bo vTtled
Fifth, the freedom of 'ho K-as. the I
lismantliu:: of Gibraltar and the St*r z i i
anal, and the riitht for Germany to
use roalintt stations I
Sixth, the colonial question in to
be nettled on the bar-is of the status ,
ltio ante. i;
The Vorwarts considers this a rea- j,
lonable peace proposal.
Rather Scare in Marion
County?First in Pour
For iIre first limp in four years a
large rattle snake appeared along >
Fluey run in Winfield district during
the latter part of last week. It was
killed by a man named Hayhurst It
was found to have eleven rattles and
a button and was good sized.
The snal.o was seen by a girl while
walking along the mad near Uurr
Travis' blacksmith shop and she told
the men when she arrived at that j
point. The searching party thought
it was a black snake that the girl had
seen but discovered she was not mis
taken. One of the men in beating down
Ihe grass got his hands immediate'.}*
above the reptile, but managed to escape
harm. The snake was killed in
short order. Residents of that community
say that was the first rattler
killed for four years when Will Hayhurst
beat one to death.
Rattlers in Marion county are unusually
scarce and It is believed by
many people that they migrate from
the "big survey" at the headwaters
of Decker's creek, ITeston county.
anaiinr ta nin A n
IK III Nil Ul i
Information ha* been received by
Tom I. Brett, manager of the Fairmont
sub region of the war resources
and conversion committee, that the
Pittsburgh tone has an order for one
and a half millions ?,as masks for the
United-States government. Inquiry is
made as to whether any firms in the
Fairmont suit region are in a position
to place a bid for the contract.
Word has been received from Graf
ion that Taj lor county has raised its
apportionment toward the upkeep of
the offic? of the Fanmont sub region
in this city. Thus far Fairmont business
firms have responded liberally.!
No reports have been received from
Monongalia and Preston counties, but!
ihis information will be received when !
I lie correspondents meet at the rooms
?f the Fairmont Chrmber of Commerce
tomorrow afternoon at 2
/clock. i
Special Appeal to
British and Canadians
R. W. O'Nell, of the United Wool- |
on Mill* company, who Is the local
representative of the British and Canadian
Recruiting Mission Is In receipt
of the following copy of a telegram
which has been sent out by the
officer commanding the Eastern division
of the mission:
"An Important order affecting all
British and Canadian citliena in the
Pnlted States has been tlegraphed by
fioneral Crowder. Provost Marshal
General at Washington, at al Uoeal
t>oards. The boards are Informed of
the provisions of the convention between
Great Britain and the United
States .under which all Britons and
Canadians In the United 8tatee,
whether declarants or otherwise, are
riven an opportunity to enlist In the
British or Canadian army before being
drafted In the United States
irmy. The local boards are Instruct>d
to suspend the Induction of Brltsh
or Canadian subjects Into the
lotice. It ia expected that a very
arge number will respond to special
ippeal now being mad* to Join their
iwn army aa volunteer!.
"Rritisr and Canadian Recruiting
One of England's largest veterinary
lospitals is now run entirely by wornm.
'our Home Last Nigi
. <'
Mothtr G?ts Reassuring
CabieKfram From Well
Know Fairmont Soldier
For the third time since he has beer.
fighting the Hun, Wayne Shuttle*
north, the popular Fairmont lad who
has lir n the time of the fight for
over a year, ha* te en wounded Hi*
wounds are not serious, however, and
he Is recovering
t'n'll this morning It ha* been scv
rial weeks since anything ha* been
hear froiu hyn his morning his moth- ;
or. Mrs Myrtle Shuttlesworth, of 301
High street, received the following
lablegram from her son:
Mrs. Myrtle Shuttlewortb,
3<)1 High St.
Slightly wounded R ecovering.
Love. WAYNE.
After Shuttlesworth had been on
:he other side only a short time he
was struck and knocked unconscious
with a piece of shrapnel A second
time be was the victim of German gas.
for which he took several weeks' treatment
he nature of his injuries this
time are not known.
urn unit una
mill nun fiumn
Will Perfect Organization
of New Coal Operator
This week a rail will go out to
every real operator in tlie twelve ami
a half counties of the Fairmont dintrice
(or a meeting to be held at the
rairtnont Country cluh beginning at
2 o'clock on the afternoon of August
2, at which time the organization of
the Northern West Virginian Coal
Operator*' association will be perfected.
The call for the meeting in signed
hv the incorporators of the new
At the meeting a charter and bylaws
will he adopted and before the
meeting the operators will each be
mailed a printed ropy of these as they
have been drawn up by the committee
working on the plans for organiaztion.
It Is expected that the attendance at
this meeting will be quite large as the
Interest that has been dinplsyed in the
new organization by the men in coal
production has been quite gratifying
to the leading spirits.
Records Broken.
The fine old railroading spirit ha?
come hark to the Monongnh division
in great shape, and new record* hung
up at the ofifce of Superintendent H.
W. W'ilron at Gratlon do not last eery
long. Sunday new records were made
when 1.362 loads. 1.248 of which were
coal, were handled east from Grafton.
On that day 4.<KMi cars were handled
east and west through the Grafton
yards, which Is the best record ever
made there.
Better Car Record.
The ihitrp In the coal car supply
which characterised the first two days
this week came to an end today when
1..W. open tops were reported in the
region. At some of the mines the
cars were placed a little late, but the
pessimism which was beginning to become
epidemic again was effectually
At the office of Dan R. Lawaon, district
representative of the Fuel administration.
It was hoped tbla morning
that on the day enough coal could
be consigned to Curtis bay to make up
the quota from this district and E. D.
llnlden who was at Keyser reconslgning
cars to that point came home this
Coal Notee.
Attaches of the Fuel administration's
district office in the Jacobs
building were busy today getting ready
to move into the oflfcee formerly occupied
by the Monongahela Engineering
company . he Fuel adminiatration
occuplee almost the entire floor.
Chief Inapector Ice waa back at hia
deak today after a trip among the
minea up the Tygarta Valley river.
Between 86 and 94 cara of coal were
reconatgned at Keyser yesterday to
Curtia bay. ?
William Jordan, colon d. was tried
yeaterday afternoon before Juatlce
(tonaway and he waa fined 9104 and
Jailed for aiity daya. Jordan, the
county offlcara any, had U 1-2 pints
of whiskey on bia person Severn! of
which were broken. He was captured
after a man tackled Jordan about the
feet and threw him ot earth. The accused
was arrested by Constable Michael.
\t?~WeU, do itAgi
ma i
Ten rorp^oes Fired at Hus
Trinsworl Service An<
m m or
Was Heine Built at Belfast f
Broke Out and Wa.
British A
(By Aftau* iaW-tl I'ltcO i
LONDON, July 21?The White Star
liner Justicia, says a Belfast dispatch
today, wax sunk off the north Irish
coast on Saturday morning last.
The Justicia carried a crew of beI
tween 600 and 7n0.
Eleven member* of the crew are !
The iipws of the sinking of the ve*
set was announced by the llelfast
Evening Telegraph. The liner wa* tor-1
pedoed the newspaper states.
| One of the crew of the Justicia is!
quoted by the newspaper as axser'ing
I that ten torpedoes were discharged at
! the Justicia. Pour of the approaching
i missiles, he added, were exploded by
' gunfire from the ship.
AN IRISH PORT. Monlay. July 22 - j
. The (iant White Star liner Justicia j
has been torpedoed and sunk It is '
believed no less of life occurred The
Justicia was formerly the Dutch steam-1
er Statemdam which was taken over,
hv the Uritlsh government on the
stocks at llelfast when she was near-.
ing completion She was a vessel of1
I 32.224 tons gross.
The Justicia in size and tonnage
'Mill Ml MEN
I in nuns
Eighteen young men front ihe Ma1
Hon county draft board No. 2, whose
' physical status is doubtful, were sum'
moned before the Medical Advisory
J board In thin city this morning. Ex!
aminatlons were held at the Cook
j Hospital.
A number of the men ordered to
: report failed to appear. Several of
) the new men were rejected. Those
I ordered to report wer:
j Ordr No.
1931?George Chapman
51?Casper Albert Ruf
48?George Dusenberry
53?Roy M. Jenkins
<?Albert Miller Brooks
55?Harvard Jesse Wadsworth
51?William Jones Carpenter
! 134?Spray Richard Straight
34?George Henry Mike
46?Harry Francis Floyd
27?Charles Court right
183?George Earnest Yples
67?Richard Lee Spencer
204?Samuel E. French
262?Paul ames Bryson
86?Jack P. Andrews
| 235?Frederick Richard Sandei.
; Must Not Leave Auto
On Street All Nieht
. _ u I
So many peraoni inaiat on leaving
their automobiles on the streets" over
night that city officers have been supplied
with printed pads "vhirh are rsed
to inform tbe violator that they luve
violated the law.
Kigbt oflcera who fln1 cats parked
cn the street for the night pin a little
piece of papor on the ateerijg wheel
of the car informing the owner cf tbe
law. For the first offense the violator
it not pnnahed but for the c*coid offense
the violator will be summtned to
police court and fined.
Hon. Charles J. Shuck, the well
known Wheeling attorney, who will be '
the Republican candidate for congress I
in this district was in this city for a
short time this afternoon while on his
way to Shlnnston where be will make
an address this evening He was
warmly greeted by his many friends.
Mrs. H. F. Qlffin. of tbe West end.
tnts morning receiveq mnriai nounration
that her brother, W. H. Jenkins,
who bu been a resident of Fairmont
(or a number of years, has arrived
safely on the other side.
Machinists and Shop Metal Workers
Fairmont Lodite No. 11S1 will
bold a meeting In the Moose Home
on Jefferson Street. Thursday
evening. July SSth. at P. M.
H. R. JONES. Secretary.
Tin Tonight
MM 1
D Off MM
re Steamer in the AmBfean
1 Four of TheiBy
or Dutch Line When War
* Taken Over By the
nearlv approach*-*! the dimenaloao of
the Br* at steamship Vateriand Mt la
the service of the American government
and being used for a carrier of
American troops to Europe. Mm vie
designed as a modern paaaenpir Ml IT
for the trade between New York mi
Rotterdam hut she never enterei Itat
service Where there were Intended
to be magnificently carved end deco*
rated cabins, saloona and atairwape
rough woodwork waa Installed Instead* ' H
After being completed at Belteet
the cunard Steamship compaay tuned
i lie .lustiria over to the British edmi
rally and It waa used aa a traaepdrt
of troopa and suppliea.
The Jnatlcla waa 740 feet tag, M
feet beam and 43 feet deep.
NEW YORK. July 24 ? The JmtMe,
reported aunk apparently eoaewherd
off the coast of Ireland, was iilHihg
to an American port after dslliwilff
a large contingent of American troops
it was learned here. The TMHl M
r troop carrying rapacity of between
T.ooo and K.noo men. Her crow mmK ,
bered about MM).
Delayed Shot Went Off Jid^
As He Was Going to
An a result of a shot which feMiJ
to go off at the appointed UflM Nkl u
Barukus. a Rod 27. a foreigner eaffc^a
ed at the Liberty Fuel company** ahM;.^
at Scott Run. near Morgantown, fOj
probably suffer the loss of the sight fM
both his eyes.
Barugus bad prepared the M ehljB
went Into the heading of the BUM InJf
await its going off, and when the^^H
minutes necessary asa usual thlnff
the explosive to go off. had alapeet eni jJ
no report had been heard the MM|
went back to the spot whet* the pMfl
J L.J aai am ha
II' I M.HI IH-MII |)HLW| mil ?
ed the spot the exploited look plWM
and the black coal dut wee Masfll
with such force Into his tra IMv
is feared the sight of both eyes kS
M ewas brought from MorgaatenfH
by ambulance and taken to PhtrasHn
hospital where everything postibtajgHI
being done to nave the sye sight The 9
man has a wife and four r lilldm
Two other patients have boss trss*>
id within the last few weeks gg IHH
hospital as a result of similar aadfaH
dents each patient however Mdy |nj9
ing the sight of one eye.
*' ra ImtM
Prisoners in Jail
Small in
Fewer prisoners are at th# MaiMM
rounty Jail today than there Ml
been for many moons. There arajjH
ty Incarcerated right now. attain
V. Buckley, of the famooa "Hehlfl
Buckley." says the vaeatioa seaasifl
on and he expecU an lain tin
popular hostelry after the Wg|^H
weather. The normal number sCfttH
oners Is between 11 aad II.
Mr patrons and th? paMlO pMfl
ally art notlftad that ay j?HB
hop Is a union shop. I eordMfejB
Inrita yoar patronaca. aai MMH
you tht strrlct will plaaaa M J
1?1 Main Krdt
Laborers Wants! V
in Shipping DepohMH
Apply, ' Owens BdM
Machine Company, ^11

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