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Wdffcts and Mwurw Offi
- ctel Quotes the Law on ?
the Subject.
K' ___ ,
' li rafoiilac to the atate !: >?? *ov rataf
the awa?ura)cat and weight of
Iwndltlw Btrte Inspector of
Wta^ta cad measure* Stewart y?t?r
taf afternoon called attention to the
atataaa oovchnc the aatnr. Every
arrhaat la order to avoid proiecu
, Oca atgald follow the law.
Nam z.i 01 rnapier n>. mm 01
f UU. rndl m follows: "It (hall bo
walawfhl to heap for the purpose of
P Mfc Oder or expose tor rale. or sell
aad OOaMMdlty to parka*? form unJom
tko Mt qaaatlty of the contents
to plainly and ronsplslously marked
m tko oatoide of the parak* in term*
.Of wnighta, measure*. or numerial
1 notion state* the following "Whenorer
aay commodity la add on a haata
of weight It ahall be unlawful to
aapioy any welqht in aurh sale than
tko act wegiit of the cotaodity; and all
OMtraeta concerning goods sold on a
'kaflio of weight stall be understood
had construed accordingly When{
aoar the weight of a romrr-'dlty la
ataatlosed In this act. It shall be un'
< iantaud and construed to mean the
f Mt weight of the commodity "
The law governing the various
iaeaeunnenU la set forth in section
M ef the act: "The standard barrel
t* frmita, vegetable and produce ahall
fee ef the following dimensions when
naonrsil without distention of Its
'parte; diameter of bead inside of
OtavM. aeveateen aad one eight InI
ckaa; dMaace between heads, inside
1 MaeareaMOta, twenty-six inches; the
IllMt tillage or clrcumfemce not
iliH than sixty four inches, and the
tkiekaoae of staves not more than
2 ha lulha of aa Inch, provided, that
S Ug bggril of a different form having
Jtko tube distance between heads a
J a capacity of seven thousand and
; Mylb cable tnees ahall he a standfgrft
Ar, l:..*
br ?~?
m wii
| AkMflt a Millian Pounds of
ft Will Go Over
CH1CAOO. July 23.?The largest
? Ohm order for bacon and canned
* .api ia the history of the world?
II.IH pounds of bacon and 134,;
MTNI pounds of canned meat ?h.-.t
Jtfk hoop placid by tha Quarlermv?tor's
Bapartaiint. u. I. A , for th>
Ipplwn amy oyorseaa.
Lenin P. Pwtft, In commenting o:
; this today, said the order will tak.
I the boson from approximately 1,900
i hogs, and If other work we
! dropped to produce It would b<
oppirniaat to the total bacon productlea
of the Sua largest Chlcaro packon
for aoarly five weeks. However,
r ' Ul months will elapea before deliver*
'Z\ la to ha completed.
| Mr. Swift aald:
"At tha current prices on the day.
h last week, when tha purchase was
H made, tha packera would pay the liv.
m steak producer* about $80.000.0fl?>
R for thanoeoeaary hogs .and over $50.I
V1T ^ ab?Ut 9t)0,00? Cltl,< r'""
Tha cattle will coat u* twice ?S
BSSCh, and the hoge two and one-hM;
' J? tlmaa aa much as in the prewar pei
{ led.
"The whole order will be made up
KhifOvo the trst of the year, despite
M tha foot thnt, even before this purIt
shone- one-fourth of lh? m?rlter?' fa
They sre d t? of great activity
aer apparel for men. women and <
tor now things for nuturan which a
Of afcoppero are profiting l>y th<> |
IN still hare time to. You may
bat srlait the atore today.
H.7S little stria ailk poplin
eoala In altea 2 to fi in nile
(nan, old roae. and toa ||l
purple, choice
US to to 00 women's striped
roBa weight coat of ail wool
Mm aarge and ahepherd check*
??? $i.?i
5 It Bad |2.50 women'* while
f harOla* pique and white cord
ikMa la aiaet 21 to 30*4 ar
choice #1*23
Up to 9900 women'* etriped
roll* flowered voile and white
It JO women* white fancy
B gabardine and poplin ahius In
| ar** I2.M
!M-00 aad 14.50 One qualty
white gabardine and pure linen
tW aklrto la aiw* 26 mm mm
la M, choice fftivO
* Jfo, ON m?CONOt
' i \ t . J rr ?
taMfe I
j "In Miff to r. t out the canned j
"on: - 1 ^" l . ? ' .1 sirii It nt-f|
*nr> to i>ii o'.oy r. -h: tl4 dlf Ailb \ j
of MlMTO. Not-.-itKitardilsR the ]
fart that tlie |MdUtl 8'e betLF J
r.. ,he i tort.-- i rtr i>. r- <Ily. no? r ;
'xtnftte complaint ho? bier rccatred
' n uKaU delivered io the sriaie*
"The fhre packer* are low Vt'Wir ,
at#o;it ISh.OCO ho?-' weekly to k?en
;.b of martial and domeat:'needs."
A6AI FAiiG ;
ill bnwmoA
One Hundred Thousand
Acres Being Plowed on
One Ranch.
( HIHUAHCA.rWX MBWjo. Jul* j
2?. -^JeweTal Frar.cjGco Murai.a. cOr- I
mcn'dor of the ar^ hc-aittenj' mil it r j
/ >no,baa stnrtarf as."aertfiiftnral colony |
on the greet comes nbrth of this civ *
which were froju General ]
I.mis Terra Mta l?y G.-?? <el Villa io !* ! i j
< General Terran* (lie nio-e j
althv land owner ir. Mexico, owning j
Gftoen ranches, about two-thirdii ot j
be elate of Chitaajraa. estimated at
.000 (too arro6. Befcre the revolution ,
: d by Villa, thia property was eati- ;
mated to be worth $100,000.
When Vttia was at .the zenith of hi'
power General Terraaps fled to th
l otted States and Villa decreed tl" |
"inre and confiscation of hi* prop-!
e'tjr. at the same time holding General j<
'ft- -raza*' son. Luis. Jr.. prisoner and ;
'cnisnding a ransom of $2i?0.000
While In the jaH in Chihuahua City
ihtt aon waa subjected to torture to
, compel hiin to reveal the place In ;
vh ch Vilia believed the Terrasa.
.1 rally had concealed ?Cf)0, 000 Lo'ii
I 'i'errezas, Jr, escaped to the Unite'. 1
Status and soon afterwards died in j
i.os Angles. }1
; General Marguia has establish**!
: ' im-elf at Molir.tr station on the Hex
| :r.;n Central Railway and has brought .
rum the south a tratn-ioaa or rorraer
revolutionists and other undesirables
fiom Zacatecas and Torren and has
put thom to work on the land. They
are plowing a tract of 100.000 acre
and a big crop Is expected if they do
rot Join Villa the next time hit band ,
passes near the colony.
In order to prevent the rush of work- |
en the British Board of Trade tram ;
ways committee suggests that Indus
trial concerns should "stagger" their it
iirs of opening and closing. By tak- i
, Ing on and discharging work people ''
at intervals of 10 minutes or so the f
cars could be worked more economt 1
rally and there would be a continuous 1
stream of passengers. Instead of thn ?
present rush at certain honri.
$500 WORTH 1
A man in a nearby town recently killed ?.
103 rats with a new kind of rat poison. '
According to the estimate of a Govern* "j
mcnt expert, a jingle rat, on the average, \
destroys $5 worth ol foodstuffs annually. ?
At this rate, these 103 rats had been j
costing over gSOO every year.
With this new rat poison, known as
Rat Mum, anyone can get ridoi every <|
rat on his olace auicklv and with the s
greatest ease. Rat Mum is entirely dil- j
lerent from otber rat poisons in that it <
destroys without odor. s
Another point?neither dogs nor cats J
will eat it. It is not spread on food, and <
you don't run this risk *>t having hu- j
manseat it bv mistake. Hat Mum comes J
inacake. Vou simply crumble it and
put it where the rats will get it?and
you're soon rid of the pests. Remember
the name. Rat Mum. and ask for a 25 j
cent package at your druggist's or gro
ccr's today. ;
Mountain City drug store and J. II. !
| McCloskey & Co. j
?there in a constant outgo of sum. V
rhtlilrcn now reduced to make room
ir> arriving almost dslly Hundreds 2
price reductions, are you* If not.
still find your size. Do not delay J
II'p to >2 54 Serpentine crcpe 5
kimono and plain color blue and g 5
;>ink gingham house dresses |
- ie* H to 41 AO Cft 9 [i
> hole S <
I \
$3 00 silk waists In white and
flesh color only sites 3'OA A A A ^
to 40, choice fLa? j| ^
I'p to $J 50 women's whlt? ' ?
?anvas and poplin pumpa and ^
rap slippers In most if| AC
all sizes, choice .. f li#d >
15 98 women's light color ever
plaid pattern heavy fall ?
r.pisni oeuen enect sport coats C J
> xes 18 to 42 #4 M J <
choice #1.90 j
$4 to $& men's genuine pans I
Z?": it.it I}
Men's 13.AO leghorn huts sev 9 V
from, all sites, tholre *4 r|
all sizes, choice # I iff
Doy's up to $2.50 wash suits, I ^
In sizes 2V4 to 8 only #f j
choice #1.90
30tij I
wycoMf** <yr I
? i
t .
I In accordance w
| Policy as recommend
| Committee of the Wa
I Council of Defense, al
i Trade Association of 1
| after Sunday, July 2
| the following rules:
| 1.?Repair Shops, Service Stat
| week days until 6 p. m. CI
? Holidays.
sj 2.?Sale of Gasoline, supplies <
i. and Accessories will be sold be
| p. m. each week day.
| No Sales on Su
| 3.?Storage: Garages keeping s
I hours of 9 a. m. and 8 p. on Si
| 4.?Demonstrations will not be
j: We earnestly urge all car
| carrying out the above rules.
Tl. . _ *__
of Fa
riCE! I
rith War Time Service 1
led by the War Service 1
ir Economy Board of the j j
1 members of The Motor
"airmont, W.Va., on and
1st, 1918, will observe j
ions and Parts Departments, open
tosed on Evenings, Sundays and 'H
and Accessories: Gasoline, Supplies I
tween the hours of 7 a. m. and 9 fl
ndays or Holidays I
storage will be closed between the 9
jndays and Holidays.
rp rkv I?
inuviv v/u cuuuajro v/i a ivjiiuajf o? :
owners to co-operate with us in H
irlp flQcnriatinn 1
irmont I

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