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A Quality Ntwapapar far tm Mama M w -w *wr_ / ^ j> a^ " w " ^' T partly datrty.
^ r?t Virpnim't Bat Nanpaga, 'r ^ I
ESTABLISHED 1868. member associated press. FAIRMONT, WEST VIRGINIA, THURSDAY. EVENING, JULY 25, 1918. topavs news today PRICE THREB <SwS 1
" THijM 1
Ml HUB t
Meetings at Willard Hall
Are Expected to Last
Several Days.
W. M. Rogers Makes Plea
for Big Labor Day
The Male convention for the minrof
the Fairmont field whieh have no
contract with the United Mine Wnrkern
of America la being held at Wil
I lard Hall thla week, and opened at
10:30 thla morning. The ntorninc
aeeeion waa devoted to the adoption
of the call, the filing of credentials
and addressees hjr "Mother" Jones
and W. M. Rogera. president of the
State Federation of Labor.
Frank Keeney. preeldent of District
No. 17, which includes the
Fairmont-Clarksburg field, the Kanawha
and tributaries field, excepting
New River and Loup Creek, the I'omeror
Held of West Virginia and the
Qaysn River and Norfolk A Western
to Bluefleld and the Flic Sandy of
Kentucky, called the meeting to order.
P. F. Galt?ns. international
board member for Distrirt No. 17.
acted as secretary in the absenre of
Mr. Mooney. who ia expected to be
Here oi the morrow.
Committees were appointed as follows:
Resolutions: Sam Ballentyne. Dave
VmwUw rhooioo niiu.nio ftr r
iVVWIVIt VH?? l?l> Mlliro|?l*>| '? (
Oould aad Isaac Straight.
Unlet en4 Order: Ire Mark*. Joe |
Angelo, Albert Holrhauser. Steve1
Veee end W. M. Wiltame (colored). '
The cell for the rooventton adopted
et the morning session read:
"To ell local uniona throughout the
Fairmont field of district No. 17 1".
M. W. of A. who hare no contract.;
"This Is to officially notify you that
the 8cale Convention of District No
17, U. M. W. or A., will be held -in :
the dty of Felrmont July 25. If)IK. at
10:00 A. M . In Willard Hall. Repre-|
oentetlves to the convention shall be 1
elected directly from the local unions 1
they ere to represent, and shall have :
one vote for each 50 members or ;
leas, or e major fraction thereof, hut
no delegate shall he allowed more '
then five votes.
"In case your charter ha* not b?cn I
received, have two witnesses slen the
credentials who are members of your
local nnlon.
"No delegate will he entitled to
represent or cast more than five
votes, but thl* does not prohibit two
or more local unions from combining
to elect a delegate provided such
delegate doee not represent more
than five votes."
"Mother" Jones' address was filled
wtth Interesting discussion of social
and economic qnestions. as well as
talk on coal mining and union organisation.
W. M. Rogers made a plea for a
Wg Labor Day celebration in spite of |
the fact that coal operators were op(Continued
on page eight.)
_l jaaeaegg
I Importar
Let every citizen pies
I regulations:
Don't throw paper on the street*
where the same may blow into the s
It baa become noticeable that <
as formerly. Merchant* should see 1
In front of thetr respective pronert
would take a minute or less of one
a loose paper in front of vour store <aace
of the City.
Don't throw sosss and such lik?
I This cloaa the sewers and is a direct
should be sufficient to keep this fron
Don't park your cars over niaht i
baApltizens are violators of this law
I V call your especial attention t
"Cut all weeds and filth on your proi
of yoar property, on the street or old
Wa have been reasonably dillge
I and now when labor of the City is
v -* * *
Pto r?t your ?cyi
?ini to fly and H
int?re?t of Faire
5 Toura, "
en i m
Willi, us OFF
Only About a Thousand
Hoppers in The Region
Til* *ur BKnnlv in Knirn nnt
v*?* ""fl"/ " " -
region took another slump today anil
the number of ears available was hut
1,067. This is not enough to keep
the region upon its toes, oven with
the present depleted labor condition
Cual Notes.
Clarence D. Robinson. Harv.>
"taggers and T. S. Neptune wer
Fairmont coal men in Clarksbuig
The Beaver Coal Company, which
now operates a wagon mine at W'ea
\cr. in Barbour county, experts to
make a tipple mine out of the prop
ertv shortly The side track is now
,n and work is proceeding on the tipPlf,
The Lynch Coal Company, of Horner,
between Weston and Buekhannon,
of which P. J. Lynch, of Bin.
Jay. W. Va., is a leading spirit, has
1.30H acres of Redstone coal who1
will he opened in the near futur.
The tipple is now being erected. Tlx
Redstone vein there is five feet thiri
though it is seven and eight feet ii>
; depth at some points, and six feet a*
Century, in Barbour county,
i C. W. Ferguson, the deputy inspei
i tor for the Buekliannon sub-district,
was scc-u i t lluekhannon Tuesday
light, a- ' stated that he was reeeiv'
ing the heartiest eo-operation everywhere.
He began his new duties
July 15.
i J. Walter Barnes is attending th"
. gas meeting at Huntington. He left
Fairmont la. t nicht accompanied h\
Sapper Coleman. one (?f the oratorical
returned soldiers.
Something unusual developed at
the special session of circuit court
this morning when thre bills Oi complaint
were filed by the West Vireinia
Gas Company against Corhin C.
Shroyer and A. Wayne Shroyer. Elmus
F. Richardson and Newton
Jones to compel them to let the company
place meters on their gas lines.
The company, which is represented
by Attorney H. H. Rose, bases Its
stand on the direction of the Public
Service Commission in l!>lfi. which
requires the company to make an accurate
return of all gas production,
and especially the so-called "free"
gas. which is given to persons on
whose premises gas Is found.
The majority of the leases provide
"free" gas to the owners of premises
where gas wells are developed, covering
the gas for fuel and lighting purposes
for a dwelling house.
The company has made an effort to
place the meters on private lines to
ascertain the amount of gas that Is
being used and there are a number
of owners who have forbid them to
do so.
This series of suits will bring forth
an opinion from the Marion circuit
bench. Only one similar cbrc has
thus far developed, and that was in
Lewis county. This case, however,
was settled before Judge Haymond
it Notice
ise observe the following:
and alleys or oihcr exposed places
ltixena are not so careful In this
:o It that all paper and such refuse
lea la at all tines picked up. It
of your employes' time to pick up
ind woifld add much to the appeart
refuse on the streets and alleys,
violation of law. Your civic pride
9 oceuring.
an any of the street rue .,ur
r this very important regulation:
DertT and vacant Inta ntvrl lev ?"?
. . 111 mini
at in this observance in the past
o scarce it will fall to the duty of
tha and clean up. Do thi* NOW
lay fever begins to hurt.
lot .
>NY BOW EN, Mayor
---- - ry
Fly You Kill Rec
toi N
nil AND!
* ? t* - * TL I 1 n
.\re isoing invir ia'vvi ih-m
to Help Win the
Will Dissolve Their Local
Organization And All
Join It.
Special Difcpatch to West Virginian >
UIVKHANNON, \V. V.. July 25.?
K. D. Baker. president of the Buckhannon-Tygart'a
Valley Coal Operators'
association, who has been prominent
in connection with the working out of
he many vexing problems which have
ontronted coal operators in northern
.vest Virginia, has mines eight mile
from here which are known as the
French Creek Fuel company.
"I was greatly inspired by the talks
of Messrs. Morrow, Neale, Calloway
and others at the mass meeting of coal
operators held at the Fairmont thiuiitry
club July 12." he said last night,
I "and I am satisfied that when the seri
onsness of tlie situation is recognized
by miners and coal operators generally
the output of coal will be still fur
iher increased where such a thing is
j "I find that members of the Buck1
haniKUiTygart's Valley Coal Operalorn'
association with whom I (lis-:
cussed the mailer prior to the Fairmont
meeting and since that time are.
very enthusiastic regarding the North-j
tern West Virginia Coal Operators' as
scriatlon, the organization of which la >
now being perfected.' 'he continued,
I "and we are so certain that the broad-'
er and bigeer organization is going to
fill the wants that there is already under
way a movement looking to the
dissolution of our local association.
| The operators in this section intend
lo give their undivided support to the
new organiaztion."
"The Coal operators of this portion
of West Virginia have set their heart
on getting out more coal and winning
;he war. The miners are equally enthusiastic
in this regard. There seems
lo he perfect harmony from the miner
right up the scale to I)r. Garfield. Ineluding
bosses, superintendents, managers,
inspectors and operators."
"Upshur county coal development
; began about eighteen months ago." j
continued Mr. Baker when questioned,
j "The Pittsburgh, Bedstone and Frce!
port veins arc being operated in this
counly. There is tittle new develop:
ment under way at this time owing to
the inability to get sidings but there
will be a great deal of development i
when conditions once again favor
j such a course."
"The great drawback at this time is
the scarcity of labor. The coal mines {
| are not the only sufferers. The lumI
ber mills are only operating about half
j of their plants at this time and there
' is no industrial line in this section
which has a surplus of labor or any-1
thing like it."
Mr. Baker's mine is on the Coal and 1
Coke railroad and the Kreeport vein
is being operated. The nearest mine
to Buckhannon Is the Bed Bock Fuel
company, five miles out on the Balttmore
and Ohio, of which George Dellolt.
of Fairmont, is the moving spirit.
There Is quite a bit of coal in Up
shur county which has not yet been I
disposed of. There are big acreages j
in the vicinity of Buckhannon owned j
by the Posts, Maxwells, Hefners and j
Leonards, while there Is quite a block |
I around Alexander In the southern end
of the county and various lumber com|
panies have big holdings. Coal land
is bringing $150 to $200 an acre for
the Bedstone vein.
The Buckhannon-Tygarts* Valley
Coal Operators' association has fortytwo
members and was organized January
1 last. E. D. Baker Is president
and James E. Shlnn, formerly of Fairmoot.
is secretary. The membership
covered. Upshur, Barbour, I>ewis and
. Bandolph counties.
! nriiTmisn n j
n am I ivu?Atrnauic men
to work on ice wagon.
Apply City Ice Co., Merchant
Laborers Wanted
in Shipping Department,
Apply, Owens Bottle
Machine Company.
luces the Danger 0/ 2
j, in ' 1 liiiiiii
New Record I
lor Building r
I By Aivk-UIM PlfN)
WASHINGTON. July 25 ?A new
world's record in destroyer construction
has been established at
the Mare Island (California) navyyard
in the commissioning of the
Ward 71 days after her keel was J
la'd. the Navy department an- j
ncunred today. \
The Ward was launched seventeen
and a half days after the first j
plate was la'd. Formerly it re- |
quired -4 months to construct a de- 11
struyer In this countty.
19 N119IEIIS'
Entering a nlea of cuilty hi murder
in the second degree Kobert Norris,
colored, was ?ertenced today to serve
nine years in the State penitentiary
it Moundsvllle by Judge llaymond at (
.i special session of circuit court.
Norris was charged with having
hot and fatally killed another negro *
>y the name of Ered l/cwis at the '
Baltimore and Ohio roundhouse in
this city. Both men were presumed '
to have been drunk. "
At the time sentence was passe 1 e
Norris was represented hy Attorneys <>
Charles Powell and I,. C. Musgrave.
Prosecuting Attorney W. R Haggcrty <1
represented the state. u
One of the peculiar incidents of the a
ase was that two negroes who were c
eye witnesses, and were detained by ' a
the authorities as witnesses were in c
csreerated since the latter part of!
May. ?
The ease was postponed at the
June term of circuit court because of; .[
the absence of Important witnesses ((
for the defense The colored gentry (
were beginning to get good und sore ^
because of their failure to give bond
in the sum of $1000 they hail to be j
Jiled. In view of the existing circum ,
? - ? I
stance i tie mate uecioea 10 iase ui
-crond degree confe? Ion. Thu 6Cn I '
tence range* from & to 1* years and jfl
Judge llavmond broke tbe maximum | r
In half and gave Norri* nine years. Cl
ninl |
WASHINGTON", July 2.V-Tho army j 'h
casualty list today nlinwa, killed in ?
action, 32; died of wounds, 6; died of r,
disease, 31 died of accident and Other R
causes, 3; wounded severely, 123; p
wounded slightly, 1; wounded degree
undetermined, lii; missing in action, t<
2; prisoners, 2. Total, 1SS. I
The list includes: Killed In action. 1
Corpo ralCharlcy MrMullen, Spencer, I e
W. Va.; John II. Mullen, Ixirraine, O.; ' C
Albert I'opp, Norwood. Ohio. j a
Wounded severely. Warren Eckhart. ?
Lansdale. Pa.; Jules Wargo, Mones-' 11
sen. Pa.; Clifford R. Meyers. Mason.'1'
W. Va ; Albert Williams, SEciotovllle. I ri
Ohio. j
The Marine corps casualty list to , J
day show*, killed in action, 20; died of
wound*. 3; wounded severely, 38;
missing. 3. Total. 84.
The first list dated July 22 includes:
Killed in action. Corporal Franel* E.
Williams. Alliance, O.; Private Ray- ?l
mond J. Cahill. Manayunk. Pa. Wound
? - I.
ed severely. Private James W. Kaiser, "
Kast Liverpool. O. J
The second list, dated July 23. In- ?1
eludes, killed in action. Private Krnest ir
H. Baier. Mason county. W. Va.; J'
wounded severely. Sergeant Irwin {
Danford, Quaker City. O. "
Bloodhounds Figure j
In Boys' Arrests ;
Bloodhounds recently purchased by f
Sheriff A. M. Clover did effective work n
yesterday when they led to the arrest ?
indirectly of three boys. Albert Hager. C
Earl Lilley and l-oranee Patterson, of
the East Side, who are charged with 1
stealing Junk from the shop of I*Funt. J
Deputy Sheriff W. E. Harris had
charge of the dogs which got the trail
to an Italian's shanty. There the officers
found that an Italian hoy had
followed the alleged culprits and was E
chased back. He led the officers to *
the point wher they had hid their h
booty. Later the boys tried to sell c
the same Junk to Punt and were f
nipped. They are being held before 3
Justice Oonaway who will certify the v
case to Judge Vincent's Intermediate t
court. 8
_____ a
I D? \Y7 1..J ||?
LXjy w cuncu k
Bright hot to work in printing 1
office. Good r>urroundlng*. Op.
portunity for a hoy who will atlck *
to the Job. Apply Mr. Maple.
West Virginian Office. .. J
1 t
"yphoid Fever in You
i Willi
ankee Craft Popped to the
Surface in Suspected
Water. j
ii ms u
?ut Merchant's Shell Did j
?4. Not Explode Fortunately.
(Ei> AwirliM Tiom)
WASHINGTON, July 25.?An Ameri
un' .submarine has been fired upon by
n allied armed ship off the New Erg
ind coast. The submarine was only !
lightly damaged and a naval tug is '
wing it to port.
Reports to the Navy department to- j
ay said the submarine, which was
ruining submerged, suddenly appear
d near the allied ship and the latter
pencil fire.
The scene of the attack was not far
infant from the water in which a Gerlan
submarine recently appcurcd
nil w hen the American submersible
ante to the surface the captain of the i
Hied ship assumed that it was an '
nemy vessel preparing toatttack him
Only one shot hit the submarine f
hich quickly made known its identi
f when the alli?d ship began to fire. |
he shell struck on the deck near the
inning tower denting several plates |
: was announced that the vessel could
e repaired in a short time
The Navy department later issued j
Iris formal statement:
"The Navy department Is Informed
hat a United States submarine was
ired on by mistake by an armed merhirnt
vessel on July 22 off the Amerlan
eoast. One shell penetrated the
uter hull of the submarine, hut did
ot explode. No one aboard was inired
nnd the submarine proceeded to
cr base under her own power."
i'airmont Sub Region ;
Business Men Here
At the rooms of the Fairmont
hamber of Commerce In the Watson
uiiding this afternoon the Fairlont
sub region eomnjittce on war
esources and conversation is in sesion
R T. Cunningham, chairman, Is
Monongalia county Is well represen?d
there being J L. Keener, Col. E.
1. GGrant and M. R. Warwick, of
(organtown In attendance. Taylor
ounty is not represented, but the
iGrafton business men are wide
wake and have sent in their share(
f the money to maintain a sub (lis-1
rlct office. The other counties are!
oing well. Preston county was not
'presented today.
fere's a Chance for
a Turk to Do a Bit
Red Cross headquarters is in need
t an interpreter, or perhaps it would
e more accurate to say, in need of
iterpreters. The Home Service dcartment
which in the course of its
uties acts as a go between for people
? foreign countries and people here
i America must know Just what the
>ttcrs contain so that it will not get
ito trouble with the censors of this
r foreign governments. Just at presnt
It has on Its hands one letter for
.ustria and another for Turkey and
: needs some one who can read them
nd who will volunteer to aerve in a
imilar capacity from time to time.
,ny who can do this will confcre a
avor upon the officers of the Fairlont
chapter If they will get In touch
rlth Red Cross headquarters in the
Tty hall.
Plenty of Youngsters;
Want in Marines!
The United States Marine Corps
nust certainly be a favorite biench of
ervice with the aeveenteen year old
ioys In Marlon county and vicinity,
ir at least this is the impression
ormed hv Sergeant George W.
fains, the marine recruiting ofiicer
.ho has Just opened a recruiting staion
in the Kuzum building on Jefferon
street Despite the fact that the
ige for enlistment in the marine
orps is from In to 36 .any number
if young boys hare applied at the reruiting
station for enlistment. Ser;eant
Mains has congratulated them
or their patriotism.
This morning Sergeant Mains eircised
with the scrub brush getting
lis urw rrrrumn^. ohit nraiiru ?*uu
eady for busineai. Before noon tolay
the scrubbing had been done and
he rooma were ready for Inspeetion.
t Family?Swat Al
Fnrfv Minute !si>rviri> as far
as Willett's Potter).
Regular so trice on the Norwood
loop of the Monoi! .ihela Valley
Traction company as far as the
Speedway corner near the Willetts
pottery will begin tomorrow morning.
Ballasting has not been completed
all the way out the Speedway, but j
w-ork on this is going ahead with all
possible speed, and it was said at the
office of General Manager K P
Moore this morning that it was the (
expectation to have the ears operat- I
ing all the way to Norwood hefor.
very long.
For the present one shuttle ear
will be operates! on the new line fiom
the corner of Merchant street and
Morgantown avenue, giving a forty
minute service and connecting with
the regular Fast Park cars at the
transier point. Merchant street and
Morgantown avenue.
From this point the new lin? runs
by way of Merchant. Market and j
Hayniond streets and Morgantown ,
and Fast I'ark nvenues.
The ear making the connection
will he marked "Fast Park and Fair
Grounds" instead of "Fast Park."
The operation of the new lino will
he of great benefit to the many restdents
of the Morgantown avenue section
and for the employes of the Willets-Clay
Company plant.
in urnu niiinrnnnn
15 Vtlil UANbtnUUiH
City Will Have Frequent
Testa Made of Local
Water Supply.
Investigations which Dr. II. I..
Criss. Fairmont health officer ha.?
been making have confirmed the suspicion
that some of the typhoid existing
in this city came from infected
springs and en effort will now he
made to prevent the public from using
the water ot springs that produce
water deemed to be dangerous to the
public health.
To that end Water Commissioner
Smith today is trying to make arrangements
to have bacteriological tests
made locally either at the splendidly
equipped laboratory which the Consolidation
Coal company maintains here
or at Cook hospital where the equipment
la especially adapted to that
kind of work. When arrangement*
have boon completed tests of th? city
water will be made every day or so
and the results printed in the newspapers
for the guidance of the public.
Water from the springs roundabout
will also be tested and dangerous
springs will be closed.
The city water is believed to be entirely
sale now. but it will be advisablc
for the public to boil all of It used
for drinking and in cooking until further
notice. Samples of the city supply
have been sent to the state chemists
and a report on It is expected
either today or tomorrow.
Registered mpji of neither the 1917
or 1919 classes will be released tor
enlistment In the navy, marine corps
or the emenrenry fleet herafter. An
order from Charleston this morning
was received by the local draft board
asking that no more releases be firen.
The telegram which is and which
will be of much interest to many local
young men who have been waiting to
enlist in the navy or marine corps
reads as follows:
"All local draft boards shall
| refuse to release to the navy, marine
corps and emergency fleet
all registrants! of the 1*17 or isia
classes who hive ben or will be
classified In Class 1 until sufficient
number of physically qualified
Class 1 registrants are la
sight to fill promptly all calls up
to August 31 with generous allowance
for men rejected at
ramp. This applies whether registrants
have been finally classified
or not."
The order is likely a safety measure
to assure that there will be enoug:
Class 1 men to fill the big calls which
are coming for next month. Dout is
expressed in the telegram as to whether
tome boards will have enough
Class I men physically qualified to
fill the August calls.
I You Can This Eve
mi MR
Germans Making Desperate
Efforts to Keep Pock* m
et Open.
mm inns hi 1
[Teutonic Counter Attack in
Region of Dorman Was
FRANCE (via Ottawa) July 15?
French troops are now within AlH j
miles of the town of Fera ? Tlfta i
nois. in which is the meetiaf point *f
eight roads.
It is the renter of tha OenMR ;
com muni cat Ion in this region. At d
town Is being heavily shelled dsAft- j
and bombs are being dropped by
tente allied air squadrons.
ON THE MARNE. (1:30 P. M.) JMH"|
:rj (By Associated Press) ?fnMpa
American troops thle morning *# -
vanced their lines north of the
Ma me more steadily. Tho Oermidfc
continue their retreating movoalNfl
to the north.
The French and AmerteaM *tlfc2
made gains on other parte of tbpfl
miles of battle front. The Qe
viciously resisted la a aeJilM jl
LONDON. July 15?The Pall Mifl
Gazette says that rumor* or miH
that British troops have mad*
advance in the direction of
about midway between Rheima ajK
Solssons. It la also reported IflH
French forces have advanced an dmal
other part of the Alsne-Marn*
and that the armies of the leMRH
crown prince have been placed iP-mEa
position out of which It seeag In m
impossible to extrleat* them.
WITH american ARMY ON iWwk
aisne marne front. WedneadilH
Juiv 24. nleht.?(Bv Associated PraflH
? With their linen of
reduced by operations am tMr
and their rear north of tkt
bcinjf constantly pushed the flwiHH
have been forced to five np niOfO
ritory. The French and iMMl
troops rested tonl(ht mm dhfti^H
In advance of the point WhMi^f^H
started this morning.
progress by the American laroaajH
their attaclca between the OrtfaajH
the Marne is reported by OaaMvH
shing in bis common kpse hrdH
day. received today at the WIlfM
Northwest of JantfMNM AaaMl
troops penetrated the aooay
to a depth of from one to two aMBjfl
LONDON. July 25 ?Nine dtftjjfl
of reserves from the amy Of OHH
Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria MU
division from the eaatera and
line have been rnahed to thoM^H
the German Crowa Prtaea IM
Soissons and Rhelms, hat, aajl jj
tera correspondent wlththo BjHU
troop* in ranee, nrQmli^H
well hesitate to path aen
the already crowded alM M|fl
the difficult they hare eC t|H
tho'e already there.
ance on the son there sectoce dffijH
salient has been redneetf to
shell it Is added and the aaaMdjH
less Is concentrating efforts
init open the northern outlet ffHH
The allied dries toward OddM
Chateau not only threateaa tt^^H
communication with
ois, but Is a serious thieatuHfl
German troops around ffptdoUH
line of retreat would paoe MM
Rotarians to
The Fairmont Rotary dak uMl
Its regular weekly meetlag WiH
I U fc M V ? , I
Will be the regular beabMaf^H
and mattera ot lmpnrtaaaa* tMB
Antomobllaa wtU aaeaaibte |H
of the court bouaa ad C:St
convey the membara to tfcaj^H
luncheon will be served at dfcdM
promptly. Heretofore tike MM
baa been terred at aovw l?|
tbia evening It will ba Nfwfl
It la probable that aooM oat afl
guests will ba aataitalaai atBwB
eon tbia evening. Ft lad diMftfll
be the principal Itaai la flto b>

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