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n urnucii
11 wUMtn
ma Have Been
I UntrainiterUL
f England are makk
which the British
eck the enemy, and
i it mi average pay
Ilrector of a big narork
here is unable
Ic eerventa because
r?erly employed as
le to work la shell
I Wto tki factory nn were called
Jatle eolora, women quietly stepped
IMP tlatr places. The raet majority
Vt ttM woman had neither skill nor
Mfetal la monitions work, but the
B Miry cafiaeera by installing what
| fa kaown as single-process machines
Ma II pooalMe for the women to do
the MMpUeated work that previously
t My (killed axa had been able to acJ
la a week or ten doys a woman
t . learns how to operate a single proms
machine. 8he does her fork eflietady
tad faithfully. Recently in one
factory the women made 31.000 4.5
I tech ehells la eighteen weeks and
B aot a flaw could be found in any
; ahell.
I Many cf tha women workers before
B'- . tha war were operatives in plants
K. far textile manufactures, the chief
| Industry hi this region. In peace time
(Mr wages everased about the equlI
Meat of five dollars a week. Now
tha avarice la well over t?n dollars
I , tad, la exceptional cases, firteen and
Ik soma factories women work
thrae shifts of eight hours each, ro
fating etch wash. Their employers
Sly that they are not effected by the
atnia of night work. A large number
of tho women are doing the hardMi
kfai of manual work.
L Haen work la the system used in
WASHINGTON, D. C., July 25.Vlto
a U? Which permits 100 ranlldatae
from the non-com clans In the
Mvy to toillfy (or the Naval Acad'
tmt it Annapolis eich year, it Is offiiWbr
announced that approximately
M ten successfully passed the en
MM axamlaations and entered the
Academy laat week. There w?s one
Watt Vtrgtnian among them?Carllale
|' M. Thompson, ot Parkersburg.
Upllraltoii (or a pension increase
1 ?aa Med today by Congressman
I 1 ; WWdya.M lor Frederick Arn, of Ben':
an, Floaaaata county.
Former Senator W. 15. ChHton Is In
tba^cUy, accompanied by bla nephew,
Br. flory How- of Huntington, for-l
'* Mr mam bar of the State Senate and
Itemonatlt aaplrant (or the guberna'
1#16 '* * vi,llor
Ooagreoaman Edward Cooper; his
f. tpathor-tn-Uw, Dr. D. H. Thomas, ana
* |jP boikhespii, Mr. Half, came to
r-WbaWigtua from Bramwell to confer
Wttfc Obmmlaaloner of Internal Revo"
MM XX C. Roper on an Important pri"fTWRo
teikuaa matter. Mr. Cooper la
f gfoadtag the brief congressional rcgSMM
at kia boat attending to bla large
pWRbMaa Interests. He Is giving perP%mal
attention to trying to tpecd up
^rw tba production of coal in mines.
>;/' Saaator Howard Sutherland Is con$
Rd*t that tha Republican will carry
' '-Wt MB Hom? of Representatives ana
Hut they havs more than a good
to gain the Senate,
the House the Republicans will
pH| aaaU la numerous states," said
igloe Sutherland. "We expect in
Ai Vhrgtala to make a gain of two,
SdM we ate sure to elect the Republish
candidate for United States sens.
Suaetar Sutherland, of coarse. Is not
hSMht My part in the primary fight
for the Republican nomination, in
VSitah there are four candidates. "The
. hfidHat for the nomination will leave
' P? factional differences." he declared.
"The Republican party of West VirI'iUhfo,
Meed, la In closer harmony
?phh It has been In many years. The
?3iMMatea for the Senate are waging
vSmtadly battle without the least evi? *
of bitterness, and whoever is
'.Rfoeer will have the undivided and
^|Sll sap post of the other candidates
their supporters. Inasmuch as
WHfct Tirgtala la normally Republican
A* about SMN it is safe to say that
Ispuhllcana will win a big victory
' ClaMry to Cull at Tham Since
' ftneggtoto Commenced to Soil
%etr*M Proscription M."
f; AM to M racoon on north why
-i'Wf fM should ratter another day
Ml fatoM. toflamed. swollen Joints
&W Manctes of cay kind arising from
l|??SpMttoa. when yon can get a largo
^ 00 at Tfaatrona Prer*rlptloa M
MMSa sst II.M the bottle.
riM S ltolaont, mind yon, la slog
ttS tons, bnt a blood purifytag
|pMv OSS kaallng tataraai roaedy j
is tokoa aat all aoronaso aad ps'nt1
Hi tosnaa tka anscles foollag tins
Bp* MOT So so aora aad orlpyled
IN aaa aot get aronnd, tort take I
fltor trasks' toaauasat at "Naatrone 1
fshasratoOaa It" aad yao win aajey
??M? paatfoas from rki?aUsm
time "ftoatrone Prescription W tor I
Ings tftoMMtlam, tor goat, tor the
mi Vaa ft wwra yon foal an atHHiftSMlSsoo
astf yea win fea nighty
hfttoft gtoaaad with tha roaalt.
L Mraaum city Drag Ca. aa| ifg&M
Ml ararywkcra,
men wjrter*. Mm win* work ay to
certain point and atop, either becauae
they are indifferent and eaaily
aatlefiad with the amount of tbelr
earning* or becauae their matea
would proteat. On the other hand,
women do not aoem to care what
their nutea think or nay. Each ia
out tor herself."
u. . m.rhine where a
nw iwiiiivw ? -? girl
was working at great rate or
speed. ' That young woman.- he went
on. "doubtless wants a new ribbon
for her hair, and abe la going to make
tit abop pay for It."
The nlnlmum wage paid to women
In shell factories where the piece!
work system la la effect la about
I $7 50 a week, but unless a girl prom
herself capable of making at least <8
i a week abe is not regarded aa a good
worker. It Is not uncommon for a
particularly Intelligent and energetic
woman to draw each week from $17
to $20.
H. E. Duniap. patent lawyer, of
Wheeling. W. Va., reports that the
Patent Office records show the recent
Issue or patents to West Virginia inventors
as follows: Henry C. Benton
and J. n Vest. Huntington, automo;
bile puller; Rodney R. Groos, Park1
ersburg. measuring device; Frederic
i Helmick. assignor to Helmick Foundry
j Machine Co., Fairont, roller-bearing
I mine car wheel; Peter Malacos.
I Wheeling, pneumatic tire; W. A.
j Neal. Lewisburg. resilient tire for an
J toraobile-wheels; Gyorgy Pongracz
\ Ohley, padlock; N. B. Pottlcr, Charleston.
toy pistol; Richard Ryan, Clevelend,
and T. Smith. Wheeling, composition
for bricks, blocks, posts and the
i like; !t. L. Slonaker. Wheeling, anti>
glare attachment for headlights.
I L. 0. Satterfield, who is employed
; at Lumberport. spent today at his
home In State street.
Miss Zella Graves, of Pike. W Va.,
Is visiting Mr. and Mrs. 8. H. Satterfield
and family In 8tate street.
George C. Louden, of State street
who has been Terr 111 for several
weeks. Is resting somewhat easier the
past couple of days.
|?y CHARLKg HOOK* wStnT] jl
*' .f . . tJ
next November.
, "The Democrats cannot hope lo
! make anv issue on the war, because
the Republican party tnrougn.iui ino
country is as much for the trar as the
' Democrats. The roters everywhere
understand this, bnt they are impress'
ed with the importance of having an
j administration when the war is over
| that will handle the reconstruction
efficiently, and it Is for that reason, I
believe, the Republicans will win."
Congressman George M. Bowers
First?Because he is
Second?Because he
Interests i
Third?Because of h:
I . willing to
Fourth?Because he
30,000 W(
the Novei
Fifth?Because of hi
ranks. H
old scores
Sixth?Because he ii
high posit
such riiiti*
as zz
Meaiay at We eCIIee. Mr. Bowera told
Meads that hi* n?mn was making
/whmni "taj*ht'>LlM
Mead* Ken to bo withstanding tb?
attack and tbe party public *eom to
understand it in an entirely disapproving
lraine of mind. 1 (eel confident
of my renominatlon, which will
be an endorsement of tbe party of my
record aa a member of the House.
From all tho information I have secured.
and from what I have seen in
my travels in the district, the party la
Ir bettter shape in the Second district
than It lias been In many years. Republicans
everywhere teM me that they
are with the party sritbout a kick this I
year and are ready to vote right now I
if they had the chance. The perty Is |
In fine shape. indeed "
Of the three known dead resulting
from the sinking of the U. S. Cruiser
San Diego off Fire Island last week,
one is a West Virginian, Frazier O.
Thomas, machinist's mate, whose father,
Lochard A. Thomas, resides at
Charles Town, W. Va. There are 47
missing. 12 unaccounted for, thought
to have been absent on shore leave.
A commission as postmaster at
Wellsburg. IV. Va.. has been issued at
the Postoflce department, bearing date
of the 12th inst. The postoffice at
Pleasant Valley, Marshall county, has
been ordered discontinued.
The list of casualties from the array
in France, covering the period of the
recent German offensive and counterj
offensive launched by the allies, has
. not started to come in to the War department
yet. This list, in which there
j is countrywide interest, i3 not expected
to be put on the cable before Thursday.
it then. Cp till this first big enj
gagement in whirii our troops have
taken part, it has taken from seven to
eight days lor the casualties to be reported
from General Pershing to the
War department. The report that Is
now being so eagerly aud anxiously
awaited, will be the longest that has
ever been sent in since American
troops reached the fighting fronts. But
even so. it is not expected to be out of
proportion to the number of Amerii
can soldiers engaged, the long duration
of the fighting, and the wonderful
success which has attended the
Allied armies In the last ten days.
The last West Virginian to lose his
life in action at the front was Corporal
; Gilbert W. Lemon, whose mother.
Mrs. Margaret Lemon, resides at
!. .
! New Houst
Four and five r
p?ted on Speedway
plant and close to F
Greater Fairmoi
Fairmont li
x Reasons Wl
ajor Davis
Should Bo Nominate
nited States
the Candidate who can WIN in th
is a Successful West Virginia Busi
in his Native State.
is intense Patriotism?a Soldier of
sacrifice his Life, if need be, ;n his
can draw to himself the Soldier I
sst Virginia Voters in the service,
nbcr Election.
is Fealty to Party and his efforts 1
e has never engaged in factional fig
to salve over, no old wounds to h<
i eminently fitted in evety way to
ion. His training through life has I
w as he will assume in the United S
it# a Candidate at the
wary Who Can Win In
Navambar Elactlon
WAV, VM coaly. Itmnfortad
ta tbo Hot issued ndtr bti of
Mf Ui
la tbo preceding day's list of thooe
aeverely wounded was tbo naae of
Roy Holbort Glover, i mechanic. vbooo
next of kin to given la tbo record* aa
Bart B. Glover, of Reader. W. V*. He
vrae tbo last Wett Virginian to apI
pear in the liat of aeverelr sounded.
Former Governor W. A. MacCorkle,
I of Cbarleetoa. la here to confer with
; A. Mitchell Palmer. Alien Property
I Custodian, on business connected with
i the government taking over the Becker
J company's steel plant at Charleston,
i Gov. MarCorkle was appointed one of
: the si* directors of the company. Former
Senator W. K. Chilton 1* here in
connection with the same transaction.
He was appointed chief counsel for the
E. E. 'White, prominent and well
known coal operator of Raleigh county,
is a visitor In Washington. He is
here on business connected with the
I Fuel administration.
I The Pension commission has notl,
fied Congressman Stuart K. Kecd that
I favorable action had been taken en the
| application presented by him for and
| in behalf of Mrs Melissa Bonnell, of
Wilsonburg. A pension has been
granted licr at the rate of $25 a month.
, starting from October 9, 1917.
Mr. and Mrs. John Marshall snd litj
tie son. Paul, of Parkcrsburg. W. Va..
! are at the Raleigh. They hare been
at Atlantic City and are on their way
| home.
Mrs. T. Perry Pippitt has as her
; guest at her residence here, her sisI
ter. Mrs. Charles M. Martin, of Parkcrsburg.
who. with a party of friends,
motored to Washington, stopping en
route at Loch Lynn, Md , for an extend;
ed stay.
Daniel Dinger, Wheeling merchant
of prominence, was captaining a motor
party touring the east, which
stopped off here for several days. Mr
Dinger visiting at the home of his
brother, David Dinger.
A new telegraph ar.d telephone line
. if being constructed to conoct Colon,
j Panama, with the small town of Porto
Hello. situated about 20 miles east of
the city'at one of the best harbors
on the Caribbean Coast of Central
America. Before the completion of
the Panama Railroad, in 1855. Porto
Bello was the Atlantic port for the
overland traffic across the Isthmus
of Panama.
;s For Rent
oom houses just cornnear
Owens Bottle
air grounds. All conit
Investment Co.
[otel Building.
d For
? November Election.
ness Man, with all his
Two Wars, ready and
i Country's service.
/ote. There are now
and they will Vote in
or Harmony in party
;hts. He will have no
assume the duties of
Men to fit him for just
tatee Senate.
i the
^iinrtfirtir'- J--iH Mm
^MINC 25
mimms anss
flrit motor truck to start across the
eontiaent ladsn with military t applies
en route from Australia to
France, left the Go'.den Gat? July 17
for New York via the Lincoln Highway.
The ocean to ocean haul is being
made by a^Maxwell truck In cooperation
a 1th army aulhoritiea of
the United States government, and is
laid out on a schedule that w ill convey
the load from coast to cccrt at
the rate of more than luO miles a
day?the time ordinarily made by
passenger automobile tourisu.
With Kay Mc.Namara. Maxwell
road engineer, at the wheel. th? truck
took a ton of suppiiea froin an Aul
trallan liner at the San Francisco
wharves, was ferried arrow the bay
to Oakland .and started on Its first
day's run to Sacramento, California
?1J7 miles.
As the distance from San Francisco
to New York hy speedometer r >cord
is 34IS.9 miles, every possible
effort will be made to put the truck
over the highway route In th? slim-test
possible running time, and to establish
a transcontinental -eco.d fa
i truck transport.
By this trip, a Detroit made truck
will for the first time serve an
overland link in an international haul
by sea and land of more than 12.000
miles?more than half way ;ound the
' world.
I W For quick results
L nib the Forehead r'i
?? nod Temples with
I Braewlj
"Fill Me U]
J Ever
heard that ordc
You will if you just
At some of the lar
red pumps.
On each is a price
say, 20K, 23H, 27V> t
Watch the different
The "temperaments
only. And pay the
They will tell you, th
with carbon, the cai
produced is?niL
Well?they ought ti
The Chalmers owne
He stops at the first
He knows he is 1
But he also knows
sume it perfectly.
And if he knows all
more heat units per
So his efficiency is g
Yes?you have it?1
manifold as you fin<
Cars, are responsibh
You obtain a four-fo
in the next advertise
Meantime, drop in
and the "Ram's Hor
Then you will undei
of the Chalmers?a
body in the trade co
X' _ V 1
5T.**- All Ma
Phone 485
They ere day* of greet activity
met apparel for taea. women and cl
for new thine* for autumn which ai
of ?hoprftr3 aiv profiting by the p
you atill have time to. You may i
but vlut the store today.
$5 75 little gir'? aitk poplin
i coat* in sUes I to ?i in nil*
green. old rose, and Ma na
purple, choice WidO
Co to 59 00 woman's strips
voile weight cost o( all w. o|
blue serge and shepherd ch. < Its
in size* : to 6 am
IS and $21?0 woir.?n" while
gabardine niquc a-id while cord
ikirts In sizes 24 to 3rf>* tar
cbol.e J. I .25
np llt.fiO women's 'tr:; ! I
Tolie flowered voilr jitnl wliiio
mercerized poplin drc ,< t* ?
cboue if Lit V
IS SO women's white fancy
gaberdine and poplm skirts in
sizes 23 to 30 aa
choice V'fc.tftl
S4 00 and |4.30 fine quulty
white gabardine and pure lir.cn
drees rkirt. in hizes am
to 30, choice Vflt.WO
H"aj tow roi
p With Your
!ar is a Cha
sr given at a gasoline filling
wait till a Chalmers drives \
ger stations you'll see a re
, and in some cities the pi
a Aonfo nnr ftrnllnn
makes of cars as they arrive
il" ones will insist on the
high price.
iat,with the low-test gasolin
buretor will not function, a
3 know. They are driving
r is the exception to the rul<
pump?the cheapest, heavie
buying a liquid that is p
his Chalmers motor will
i the facts he will appreciate
gallon in the heavy than in
greater at the same time tha
the famous "Hot Spot" and
1 them in combination only
i for that condition.
Id efficiency in a Chalmers:
i 1?i t _ !.?! ...
ana itn us snow you jusi w
n" really are?what they acc
stand the reason for the tre
popularity and a demand s
ncedes, "This is Chalmers;
KM Cabrl.lct, I-Pmhw I1M Ub
IMF tin Car, t-rMHa^r Mil Ub
? F. O. . Datrvtt Nt|n( t? Ckaac. WMral
T. L. Cordray Mgr.
IS STOffi .
?there Is a constant outro of ?ua> f
Hldren now reduced to make room tj
re anivina almost da.ly Hundreds
rice reductions. art yon? If not
still Cnd j-oar site. Do not delay
t'p to $5 if Serpentine crept* "Vj
kimono and plain cc 'or b'ue *M \
pink giisbam bouna drafsea. 1
slips ::s to 14 Pt C|
choice flidV
$.1 Oh silk walsi* in Vhite and ^
fit *h color only alios M
to 4t>. choice fbiv
i'p to $3.10 women's white
canvas end poplin pumps and
I otrap slippers In most <*j AC
all siiP3. choice .. pl?9v
$3 PS women's light color *
er-plaid pattern heavy fall
weight belted effect aport coats
I sir"K IS to 42
I 1 lilt4 U ? - - ? ? I
"?v? I
$4 to $1 Uea's (l Uiunv pa.,.. I
S-": 52.59
V J.t.lo lechorn lials settr..
at. all sues. choice t<j r|
all aires, choice $1,39
Boy1* tip to |2.S0 wash suits,
in si-.s to 6 oi ly 01 ra
choice .$1,99
'yCo/?A/Ff* V>#
ni iin , I,,? '
Cheapest i
Imers" I
station ? v . 1
iw of three or foul
ice will range from
for refilling of tank*
lagU-VCSl gcU>AJUL13}
e. their cylinders fill
ind that the power
those cars.
st, low-test gasoline.
ractically kerosene,
burn it?and conI
) also that there are
i the lighter fueL I
t his fuel bill is less. I
the "Ram's Horn'*
in Chalmers Motor
' '
-we'll tell you how
hat the "Hot-Spof*
jomplish?and how.
4 '
mendous popularity
:n crrpflt that everv-1
'w fe- ? *
year.* J \
Id ^
atetMirtrt* MM
iomIbc Laateelet SMM j
'*"*** 1
Inc. 1
Meredith S$ j
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