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Musical Comedy.
Hipp. Mary Brown's Tropical Maids
Oleic The Hell Houad of Alaska
Net son Wolres of the Rail
Princess The Honeymoon
Nu O DOTTiy t aoodly number of
Fairmont's picture fans will see
I W 8 Hart ?t either the Nelson
fl) or the Dixie 'omplr. and th<-> will
never know what chances the big felK
low takes just "or th*lr aroii'ement.
H / Bnt he sometime* the worst of
It. H? esctped serious Injur)' on location
just last week, when hi* horse foil
on the ariorn leg and bruised him
considerably. Hart ha<l used "Frlti,"
hla famous pinto. In many slmlltr
feat* and had him trained to the work,
but the new hor a i? one that no one j
has erer been able to make behave
properly under such circumstance*.
TTie bruise* didn't worry Bill though,
half a* much a* the lose of the big red
bandanna handkerchief which he had
carried it for year* a* a ma*cot. On
the last stage* of hi* recent Liberty
Loan tour the m?b* got to him. and
when he wa* wiping the perspiration
from his brow some one asked him to
tear It In strip* and auction it off He
did. and he ralaed thousands of dot
Ian' worth of bonds by selling the
piece* of the ramous handkerchief
Dainty Soubrette Made Hit.
After seeing Mary Brown e Tropica!
Malda last night we wondered why
pretty little Annabelle Collins wasn't
head liner In the ads. Jnst as dainty
and coy aa a little maiden could In
aha aang the Japanese song In a wathat
left little to ha desired. And j
aa nappy and gingery, the came bark
la the finale and aang "Back to ih<
Good Old U. 8. A." The eong is an in
apMng one tbaae wartime days and
the Tropical Malda did tba number full
I Justice. "polng Op." Mary Brown s
Ooban number, *u the ocea n ion ror a
dmwtng accompaniment by the choru*
fled la slry coatamea tbat evidently
vera nude tor wtfrm weather. The
one le a good one. Of course rohan
'i doesn't cere tor our opinion, hnt it
doeen't coat him anything. The dancr
number of Brown and Brown lam
I night wan more atrenuona than anv
tblng they have preaented yet. ar.il
meat have taxed the dancers on a
night so warm. The act la decidedly
clever, and la a very good exposition
of the modern dance. Coxey of the
musical team, introduced the clarionet
to her audience last night tn a special
iy that was good all the way through
"he act Is livened by comedy dialogue
<t is clean and above the average in
wit. They "pulled" aome new ones
iiat were a little deep, but well laugh
them tonight. The pleasing person
!:ty of this team has made It a strong
vnrltn during the week. Cozey of
e musical team Introduced the clari
in an net that waa very much the
MM as on previous nights. Tomor
row we are promised a South Sea Isle
musical comedy story entitled "On the
llcach at Wauklkl." Special scenery
and songs are alto naed In this bill
We would like to know who to credit
the costumes of the company to. They
era nnusnal tor companies of this size,
ind especially at the last of the season
after atx months or more of strenuous
wear Incident to travel and constant
una we acarcely expect to see them
aa though they had Just come out of
the band box.
Dixie Alee Has Hart Picture.
It la not often that we have the same
screen star in two houses on the same
lay, bat It happen* today when W. 8.
Hart, who la at the Nelson in "Wolves
of the Rail" la also seen at the Dixie
In "The Hellliouod of Alaska." The
story abounds In incidents of the most
Intense interest, laid In a county that
I to little moe than a fiction with most
of as, but which to those who live
there to e stern reality calculated
to make stern men. Such a story Is
naturally well placed In the hands of
Hart The British official war pictares
are also seen today, special attention
being given to views from the
went front where American boys are
fighting aide and side with the poilus
of Trance. Dixie music has never been
mentioned as a feature for the reason
that Manager Linn has always held
tha tmusic was one of the chief entertaining
features of any picture house
or theatre, and the croyrds that go to
see pictures they really don't rare for.
just to hear the Dixie orchestra bears
out tbe Judgment of the manager, and
at tbe same time pays a pretty compliment
to hard working organiaxtlon In
the orchestra pit.
Thrillers in Hart Story.
Usually cast in stories that abound
In daogerons feats, W. S. Hart is perfectly
at home in "Wolves of the
Rail" when he gallops alongside a wild j
engine and stops It Just in time to save ,
a train loaded with soldiers. The story
starts with the adventures of Buck
And rede, head of a gang of outlaws
who quarrels with one of his henchmen,
Pablo Trllles, and In the fight
that ensues shoots Trilles in the hand
as the latter is about to stab him.
"Buck" receives word that his mother
to dying, and when he arrives at her
bedside discovers that Trilles, in revenge
has told her that ber son is a
bandit. The stricken woman exacts
a promise from her son to henceforth
loan an nones', nip ttna mane regulation.
before she passes sway CassldT,
a famous detective, has been retained
to ran down -lie bandit*, and he traila
"Buck" snd is shot when he trie* to
arrest him. "Buck" keeps the detectire
a prisoner in his cabin, and, taking
hi* credentials, impersonates him
with the railroad people. He pursue*
Tritle* and the bandits so persistently
that they are unable to commit any
more depredaMons "Hu-.k" meets
Faith Lawsri. who nh-rited her father's
position of towermnn. at his death,
and the two fall in love.
"ablo Trlllea discorers Cassldy In
"Ruck's cabin, and. exacting a promise
to send his enemy to prison, releases
htm. rassldv goes st once to the dirision
superintendent's ofice at Smoky
Oap and tells his story. At that moment
"Buck" is guarding SSO.ooo of
payroll money for the V. B. cavalry,
stationed at Ft. Wlngate, awaiting Its
delivery to the commanding officer,
vho it comicg .or it with an armed cslL_
2 *
. ?. -. ... m
Changed Residence. t1
Capt. and Mrs. John Gordon Smyth i
ind the tatter's cousin. Miss Phyllis .
l.ott. who had been residing at Los i
Angeles, CaJ.. since Captain Smyth
* as located there by the government
a few months ago. have moved to Sau
Francisco, the captain having been
transferred there. Mrs. Smyth ami
Miss Lott are residing at the Hotel
Chat tuck at Berkeley, Cat., across the
hay from San Francisco.
Entertained V. M. W Club.
Mrs. Charles Michael entertained:
be Young Married Women's club yes
icrday afternoon at her home in Mor.
ntown avenue. The guests spent
he afternoon working for the Red
Cross and a lunch was served. Mrs.
Clyde lierry will be hostess to the club
at the next meeting, two weeks hence
Gave Concert.
The Hayden orchestra under the direction
of Jacob Hayden. entertained
a number of friends at a concert last
evening at the home of Mr. Hayden
at Jaekson and Madison streets. A
splendid pragram was rendered by this
hand of musicians who numbered
among their guests on this occasion.
Congrersman M. M. Neely and City
Commissioner Ira L. Smith. After the
progrma was ended a lunch was
l served. I
e I
Dance a Suceea*.
The dance at the Masonic Assembly
hall last evening arr<hi(fd by a committee
of young men was a successful
event and was attended by a large
number of young people including
cort Faith warns him of Caasldy's!
arrival and when the latter appears
- "Buck" is prepared and refuses to admit
anyone until the army officer has ,
relieved him of the money. I'ablo de |
termlnc-s to get the $30,000, and to pre
vent the troops from reaching the station.
turns a wild engine loose to cause
a wreck. "Buck" stops it Just in time
to avert a collision. The bandits are
put to rout and the president of the
railroad company gives "Buck" a check
for $5,000. and he departs with Faith,
after eluding Cassldy. who Is still on
his trail to secure the reward offered
for "Buck's" apprehension before he
I reformed.
Selxntck Feature at Princess.
I Constance Talmadge. last seen here
in "I'p the Road with Sallie." is fea
tured in "The Honey Moon" at the
Princess today.
?George M. Cohan will personally '
appear in "George M. Cohan-* Yankee
Doodle Revue" to be produced in New
York about New Year-*.
?"The American Ace," a Lincoln J
Carter melodrama offering produced
at the Casino in New York, is to be :
! cut down for vaudeville under the di
: rection of Charle* Sellon. who I* act-1
ing for Harry Weber, who purchased
the right* for 19.000 and will ask $3.- j,
000 a wepk for the art in vaudeville
?Avellng Jc Lloyd, one of the clevere*t
talking male team* in vaudeville, j
are going to separate. It I* a downright
shame for these boys have a
Southern dialect which makes their j ,
act one of the most enjoyable bits in |
vaudeville to people from south of the
Mason 4 Dixon line
?Musical Walker pulled an awful <
"bone" last night when he got off the , I
old table, ten miles one cent, ten rents ' <
one drink, ten drinks one drunk, one 1 j
drunk ten days. What he would have <
said had he fully Investigated the mar J i
ket would have been ' ten mills one 11
cent, ten cents one dime, ten dimes i \
one drink, ten drinks well, it can t [ i
be did." 1?
Wolves ol
Weeklv News Featun
here and elsewhere.
4 . t
Tls fix
t WB&l rafigtagt
Mr. and Mr.*. W. . Campbell and
laughter. Mi** chariot'a. vent re
Vheeilng yesterday th spenil the next
wo weeks at the fondor's home
Mr* John Brown, of Hallcck. ha* re
urned to her home after a visit here
rlth her stater and brother. Mr* Alec
A'ataon and M. U. Brown and her
ousin, Mrs. E. Trickett.
George Beckett and I. D Martin
imminent coal operator* of Fleming
on. wpre buainet* visitors in the city
Morgan G Holt, who I* employed
rith the Western t'nlon Telegraph
ompany at Wilmington, Del . apent
a*t Pnndav here with hi* parents. Mr
ind Mrs. F. K Holt, in Walnnt ave
Mr and Mrs C. O Jackson. Mr and
lira. J. Perry Thompson and son,
fenry. have returned (mm a motoring
rip to Brownsville. Pa They were
he gut ?ts of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel
role while thare.
Mias Ola Bartlett. of Webster, was
ii.ro vostori4nv <. n swtiit a Iiama fa..m
,.|C y ?~n*ci ???? ? v >i iumr UUttC I 1t Jill
Horgantown where she atten^d the
lummer achool at the W. V. I*. Miss
3artlett is a teacher in the State Inlustrtal
school for girl*.
Miss Beryl Stewart, of Mannington.
ias returned home from Clarksburg
(here she had been for two weeks the
fuest of Mrs. E. G. Smith.
Mrs. W. H. Post, of Masontown. her
lister, Miss F. Willard Clayton, ano
heir parents. Mr. and Mrs. T. M Clay
rtiests from Morgantowm and Manning
on. The committee in charge was
omp< "(I of Louis Ross and Bernard
To Meet Tonight.
An important meeting of the eiecu
i\e committee of the Fairmont Chap
r of the Ameri'-an Red Cross will h?
lield tonight at headquarters at 7:3?
clock. Members are urged to attend
Marriage Announced.
Announcement has been made o
ihe marriage of Miss May Lowe Bar
ker of this city and Kingston, N. Y.
to Kphraim Ball Musgrave, of Ar
nettsvllle, which event was solemnii
ed on July 20 In Morgantown. fir
Rev. C. B. Meredith officiating at hi
residence Mr and Mrs. Musgrav<
will take up their residence at At
nettsville where the former Is a pros
perous farmer. Mrs. Musgrave is we!
known here where she had residci
the greater part of her life.
Here on Visit.
Mrs Edward C. Ferriday, of W11
mington, Del. Is here to spend th<
next several weeks with her mothei
Mrs. U. N. Arnett. on Fairmont aven
ne. Mr and Mrs. Ferriday accompa
nicd their young son. Edward Fcr.i
day. Jr., here several weeks ago an
tm uii iif rvriiiucKy nn s moioriii
trip, their son remaining here witl
hla grandmother. They returned at*
oral days ago.
Arrived Toda/.
Mr and lira. Lester Snow and sot
arrived here this morning Tu?
raloosa. Ala. Mrs. Snow and son wil
remain here for the summer the guest
of the former's aunt. Mrs. H. K. Smitl
and Mr. Snow will go on to Bostoi
nhere he will enter the 1'. S. aviatioi
sc rvlee.
Goes tc California.
Miss Rose Sweeney, formerly o
this city and Morgantown. who fo
'lie last several years has been deal
of Nieolls hall, j.indenwood college
St. Charles, Mo has resigned her pe
sitlon there and will go to Presidio
Cal.t to reside wtih the family of he
brother. Lieut. Col. Walter Sweenej
who is now with the general staff ii
France. Miss Sweeney has beei
prominent in war work in the school
as well as in the city and county.
At Miller School.
The Sixth grade war savings stami
society of the Thos. C. Miller schoo
will meet at 7:30 o'clock tonight a
the school building. All member; an
urged to attend.
Party for Army Man.
Mr and Mrs. J. Shackelford gave t
farewell party for Mrs. Sharkeiford'i
brother. Jess Pnugherty, who ha
ipr-on 12 years in army service am
liofore sailing for Francp returned ti
vlait his friends and relatives. Thosi
present were: Mr and Mrs. Clvili
Shackeiford and daughter. Goldie; Mr
ind Mrs. French Shackelford and threi
children. Charles. Lillian. Robert; Mr
and Mrs. Brumace and children
I'hylis. Robert. Geneva; Mr. and Mrs
VV. G. Pyles and children, Gertrude
Raymond and l.adv; Mr. and Mrs. Jef
Shackelford at horue were hostess
Mr. Dancherty was presented a com
tort kit by the Red Cross and friends
system of state life Insurance wai
trganiz -d in Queensland, Australia, bi
:he insurance act. 1#1G. it has heet
effective since February 1, 1917. It I'
tdminls'eredeby the State Insuranrt
Jfflce, which also bas taken over th<
idministration of the accident Insur
ince of the state established under the
sorkm m V compensation act, 1918, and
i fire and miscellaneous accident in
turance business.
SON Today
In a Thrilling Artcraft
Picture Also Featuring
Vola Vale.
F the Rail
Jfflming leading events
aaobile. Mn. Oajrtow haw haeo IU for i
some time, and the trip ? kelaf bK? !
I for the benefit of her health.?Mor>
1! gantown Po?t Chronicle.
Mi?* Beltv Mownes. who had been
i? cue?: of Ml?* Ma -y Moulds Htirst
for rcral weeks, has returned to!
her home In Plttabargh.
Misses Kstelle and Elmira Chancel <
' lor. of Parkersbarg. who had been
the guests of their grandparents, Mr
and Mrs. W. E Arnett, on Prnnsvlva
nia avenue, returned today to their
f ????? "
The I'nitcd State* offered bounties ,
order general order* No. 191. srr.ea of'
!*? > Innp *>S !???. in ther;*it War
ft offered $302 to new recruits and$40: j
to veterans. Various State* added
bounties of different amounts to thi
went bounty.
i Accident* happen sv?n in newsps
per plant*, and the latent rotable one
in this state is explained in the fol
| lowing article 'from the Charleston
Mai!: "After fire bad destroyed the
building and mechanical equipment of
The Charleston Gazette two month
ago. the proprietor of The Cliarlestor
Mail offered the use of hi* baiidlnc
and plant to The Gazette in its dlstress.
Since that time The Gazette
has been edited, composed and print
ed in The Mail's plant. The Gazette
! using its own workman
| On Sunday night, during the press
; run of The Gazette, an accident wreck-,
ed the entire top deck of The Mail's
' tine Hoe perfecting press. In spite
| of the best efforts of skilled mechnn.
ics it proved impossible for The Mali
1 to issue Its yesterday's edition until a
1 very late hour. Many subscribers,
therefore, were disappointed in n"t|
receiving their usual copy of Tie
Mall last evening. It is to these that1
the explanation is addressed.
; The full capacity of The Mall's
press, the largest in the state, will
p not be available for several days, or
until certain parts can be made in
New York and brought to Charleston '
by special messenger. A newspaper
f of at least R pages, however, will be
published each day, iu two editions,
as usual." # i ^ ? <(?
??? *? -. a *
] 0. C Roehescheld seventy-elihi ;
> oar-old peddler of spectacles carried
' with him a book, filled with cabalistic
'' characters, entitled, "The Oracles ol
| Napoleon," which he consults before
. any considerable undertaking, and
' which is supposed to bring the po*-j
1 sessor luck, says the Parkersburg
News which ilucidated as follows: It!
fell down woefully on this assignment 1
Monday, meeting a Napoleonic Waterloo
in the neighborhood of Cornwalp
lis. In his perambulations, under the
' guidance of the "Oracles," the aged
vendor of "spec" had passpd four gas-'
!' oline plants and he had been seen |
consulting the "Oracles,"' which the(
' Ititchie countians took to be a secret)
' code book. Word was sent to Deputy .
1 Marshal C. P. Cook and that official I
promptly went out and arrested the)
supposed German spy. The report I
was that he was getting a line on the
gasoline plant*, with a view to no
i telling what.
i- The whole mare's nest exploded
1 (that is If mare's nests ever do be
* have that way), when the venerable
1 itinerant was brought before Com
it | mlssioner Dorr Casto yesterday afterit
noon. The prisoner soon aatahllahad
his inocence, proving to be a harmless
seller of glasses, whose home is
in New Martinsville. Ho is of Ger-j
f man birth, hut had his naturalization ,
rj *>apprs with him. and he also showed
1 that he had 'open a soldier in the Civ
' II War. He was discharged, with the
>* advice that he camouflage the "lira'
cles," in his future travels,
. i t
rru. ...Lit. ??I? #?
j in*- iiaiv* llua111 ifi |i*iimr wurn*,. lor
the first time in the history of 'he
i state, ha* set aside SI,000.000 for the
'i general school fund, anotincement be-,
' ing made today that $350,000 had
I been added to tha usual transfer of i
1 S750.lv' to that fund. The additional j
J1 trarsl. - of funds was read" on the rec-1
,' oramom>tion of M. P. Muwkay, state,
,' superintend.it of schools, a member |
of the bo.rd
The action of the hoard means Viat ;
instead of S414.SS1.09. the balance in j
the general school fund at the end of
I the last fiscal year, there will be
s SKC4.S31 09 for distribution throughout
s | the state on a basis of enumeration.
' The per capita of atate aid to all dlsII
tricts, therefore, will be about $1.59
-1 this year, as computed with $1.09 last
J year.
This does not Include the supple
? mentarv fund of about $125,000 which
' will be apportioned later among about
. 00 of the poorer districts of the state.
Alt districts in the state will receive
. their proportion of the additions'
f; $250,000. but It will prove of greatest
. | benefit to the poorer districts where
great difficulty always has been met
In providing evan minimum term* of
i schools with minimum salaries to the
i The state law governing the transr
fer of funds from the slate fund to
i the general school hind provide* that
!! : :? ,
Veer Eyes Are Your Own j]
You can of course do as you H
| wish about having them exam- |]
ilned for possible defects. But H.
if they need our service and If
don't set them you are the los H
er. And you will continue to be tj
the loser until you place before I
your eyes a pair of lenses that I
will correct tfie defects. There I
are two things you can dokeep
on straining your eyes or
have us give you relief once and
for all The choice should not
be bard to make
A. B. Scott
Optometrist and Opt'clan with
Seott's the Jeweler.
GVBNPKi, JUI.T a. ma
Consider the Marine*
America's FitfM Fljrhfers.
| As Nece<
Ji m
;>PH\ ~
?- *jwiB
Whit double finger tip!
can be washed in a jiffy. ]
stitching on he back?all \
The Sept
For what woman can
wear, skirts for dresses ar
satisfactory collection at f
(he school fund must be maintained
at not less than $750,000 and may be
made $1,000,000. This Is the first time
the maximum amount ever was provided.
The $250,000 was taken from
the state fund, le which there was a
balance of $1.227,33$.73 at the end of
the iiscal year.
Ronceverte has an Angolus and a
new set of municipal troubles in consequence.
as the following from the
West Virginia News indicate.
We do not believe that the minis
tors of the city, in introducing the
Angelus. or noon-day prayer, here,
meant that the hour should be sounded
by what Is strictly known as the
fft?-alann siren. Wa understood It
was to be announced each day by two
short blasts of a whistle, but the firealarm
siren effect has been sounded
during the past week. On Monday
nearly everyone believed It to be a
fire alarm, and the hose enrts were
gotten out. Even now, after a week's
repetition, people who have the "An-1
gelus" on their mind are inclined to;
doubt the meaning of the whistle, and
? - ? - #-? '
On TIlQIUQBy oniy ? i**tv Iiiuiuo-n auci
the prayer signal was blown, there
'iVha W**' A*kDr?**1*1'? A
A II tail j'tUkMtrlVltMrflrail/AX
r >1 <TjW4 111b la 1>4 ?M Bale awtm c\V>
>V _r*a>Ki.n, .Biat ant n: a Rntwa. V/
fl a%M Tata aa attar. Bar afraar
[1 /
V~ M r?nkaaaaMBM.Sttet.*taarta<lu lc
Matinee at 2:45. 20c all seats
Nights at 7:20 a"d ?, 20e and 30c
All This Week
Mary Brown's
Classy Masieal
Entire Change of Bill
Last ibow of tho present season.
Don't miss it Ton'U be II
lonesome when wo're gone.
Theatre closed for repairs tor I
I weeks after Saturday night j
' * **"*"*
;sary As a Log 1
A Cool Evening
These Summe
First they are fashioned 1
for stvles. for what could he s
sport skirt and one of these hig
en of pure silk, silk fiber and
combinations which are corret
noon wear in the mountains ar
Sweaters at almost any pt
'ser Silk Glov
5. The sensib le glove for sum
Made with on e and two clasp
vanted colors at
5c, $1.00 and $1.25
irate Skirt a N
do without a t least two or t\
id skirt for th at cape of youri
$2.00 to $10.00
ouinnici r uri
Our Di
A display which reflec
portraying the best efforts
ere in this attractive, usei
line of furniture that is si
Whether a single pric
desired we are here to sen
waft a genuine fire alarm aounded be
cause of the explosion of an oil store
in the store, of J. J. Townley It Co.,
which, however. did little damage.
The wisdom of blowing the peculiar
flrealarm whistle for any purpose
whatsover except to sound a (Ire alarm
is to be seriously doubted at any time.
Two short blasts of any. or better
still, all of the regular noonday factory
whistles would answer eyery purpose
of announcing the "Angelus,"
and there could be no mistaking the
meaning. We hope the signal will be
i 11A.M. to 11 P.M. |
Dixie Orchestra
Tonight. ! j
' I
! Big Special Attraction j
I William 1 Hart
The Hell
Hound Of !
Alaska 1
A big stirring drama i
of the Northland. ;
?A 150? I
Another episode of
The Official British
Government War Pi?iiurjj'
Brian's Bulwarks % I
Also Latest Current I
f .vjj
r Sweateifti 1
'or comfort, and second J
nore hcwitchinr tku i I
h color sweaters? Woo- | 4
Shetland wools. Color
:t for sport and after I
id on the shore.
ice you wish to pay. 1
imer travelers, for thfly/|v 4
s, with self contrasting Q
II ' " 1 I
fecessity fl
iree. Skirts for sports
L You will And a rery 1 J
niture In ?
splays " J
< of the leading design- K 9
r..l ..J ??4 i_-U
iii anu in up i innwi i
ire to appeal to evorj.
e or several prices eeo-jjfl
re you. -^*11
If you have not attended
our sale you are im
sing a rare opportuanjn
be thebqj^^^l
Hitin urill waLA
ww iiv n **? iiianv UIVUvT'fpH
this sale not the. opjfl
who stays away. ;x
Note These New P^eiH
Misses and Chldrea'e Wfl
Canvas Button 8kMMj
sizes to S f |J|
Women's White Otaraa ufl
Boots, ruber sole, einet<M
2% to 7
Men's Wbite Can** Oxthfl
with rubber or leather Ofl.M
sole #1*1
Misses and Children's ONfl
Canvas Marr Jane MwH
8?/4 to 11 9UM
W/i to 2
Women's WhHa
as lace boots
Misses and Child rjnV.I^HB
Canvas Lace 8boss 'Jh
Sizes 8'4 to 11... ttfl
W/t to2 ........ Il|
Women's White Canvas Mtijfl
Child* six** 10*
Youths and Olri'a U t* t .. I?
Boy * tad M?n'? I* t* H
r~ <MHnw - - SM
?. v~4-< _ --^H

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