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rt I
4 Pittsburgh j]
PITT8BL KG. July 2:.-On the Plttk- i
bargli Stock Exchcnre the close wat ,
ot'ly firm. Ua'ted Slate* Steel com- !
on loat V* on a 10 slin tale at
1M44. U'l Riverside Eastern Oil lost 1
44 to % new low ot 114 at which iO '
were sold Immediately after '
He session It vat ansonnced that dlv
Hpends on the < nomont of both Rlvir ' '
Hilda Eastern and River: ide "Woaterc '1
Holla had bean suaoended. Oklahoma 1
Hit alto fell V to i.V , with JO that' ? 1
|prE1 at that fir are.
| Summary.
[ Ealea? HlRh Low i
* " r> U..U
12V A w u ?n?tu .... v. j 10
riifp.<;Ol 3% 1
is h w r.er pfj .... loo io.i
80 Mfrs L < It .... <?' 43'*'
SO Oklahoma Gu .. 23% 23% i
4000 P J Copper 31 31 I
300 Pgh Oil 4 Oa* . 7% 7'.
60 Rlv E??iern Oil. 1% 'Hij
10 U 8 Stfcl V " * 103'.*
CO West Airbrakes ..24 34
60 WOil Klectric 42 42
50 Willy* Overland . 13% 13%
- $1000 Lib I. >. i 21 ' " ** ' '
400 Do 21 4%
New to* record
I New York [
NEW YORK. July 27 Stocks mov
od nrerenlr during thi neater p..'
iof yestardiy's eonin >>:it se ion. t.a
dors again exerting occasional prt >
ore on tltc limited public demand.
Bat prices hardened later, the market,
dosing with a preponderance ci tains.
Sentiment *j- again evenly divided
between favorable war news and un
official Washington advirea which
doalth with the none ot prospective
tax legislation. Increasing scarcity o.'
time fund, also rerved to restrain long
Almost the only definite domestic
Jews was the t-nsot.ncjtr.eni that the
foxt Liberty loan campaign will start
I me lauer pari or eepienincr nna i.'.st
three wee!:i. Incidentally the taxexempt
Liberty 3',i bond* displayed
greater firmness. approaching pa:
their subscription prire.
Oil and Gas I
? - mm
The West Virginia field* are com
pletlng light arils . On Thomas run.
Clay district. Monongalia county, the
8outh Penn Oil company bus drilled
No. 9 on the A. L McPettcrs farm Into
the Big Injun sand 4(>out 10 barrels
day mill be Its speed In Battel!**
district, the seme company is due In
the sand at Ko. 8 on the J. and A. Kox
term. In the same district, the Monongahela
Valley Trar Ion company Is
atlll fishing, at 3.4CS .rot. at No. 3 on
the W. J. l.eins tcrs ( [ni. In Clay
district, the Ph!lri!c?ph'.a company |r
dne In the Bis I.'.Jt' i rand at a test on
the L. A. Mcoro fnrr.r.
In Llbcity district. Marshall county
Iim *t:uiariK3 v/*i rnnpunj nan runt
pitted test en the Alexander Wa!
lace farm. It Is a (air sasser in tl:o
Big injttn sand. In the same district,
the CartfKie iiatural Can company
fcaa a 25-i>a:.<.l prctinccr on the Mary
K. Miller farm. The same company
%r- Ztu .i.U V.
^ ^ '
I ^Blach Tread &
I /?ed Sides
I I 112 Fairmont
aa atarted to drill a tost on the J. P.
towart rarm and the rig comploted
ir a ten on the John Wintera larra.
n the fame dlatrict. the Little Four;
)il company la due In the Big Injun
and at lte teat on the BnwnPaland 1
.i.-tu In Church district. Wetiel coun- j
jr. the Manufacturers Light t Heat i
ompany's No 3 on the J. D. Teagar f
ien farm la a gasser. j
In Clay dlatrict. Wood county, the
Irown-Waterson Oil company has
ompieted testa on the O. J. Wise ar.d '
Viliiam Buxrerd farms Both are dry j
lolea . In the Burning Springs dia l
rlet. Wirt county, G. N. Grow has j
iompleted No. il on the Rathbone oil'
ract. It U not good for more than
wo barrels a day in the second Cow j
tun sand. On a part ot the same tract
itoberu Brothers have completed and
hot In the first Cow Run sand No. 113..
It will make the tame kind ot a pump- j
- - hi. hi 1 i: a* 4- *1. ? r*
er BH j>0. 91. J. ."V diaper* IB I
260 teet at No. IS on the Rose White .
cotton farm and fishing.
On Elk fork. Curtis district. Roans '
count;-, the Etcher Oil company and
the Natural Ge* company of West Vir-i
gin.a have drilled a test on the H G |
Harmon farm into the salt sand, getting
a o-barrel pumper in that formation
In the same district, the United 1
fuel Gas company has started to drill'
a test on the O D. Westfall farm The '
Fisher Oil company and the Natural
Gas company of West Vlrg iiia have j
'he rig completed lor No. 4 on the
John Hrahaw farm.
In Lafayette district, Pleasants
county, O. S. Smith ft t o have a 2-|
barrel pumper in the Cow Run sand at
a second test on the Laura V Sirain-'
ton farm. Smith ft Co. are due in the
and at a test on the Cort Jones farm.
Irghram ft Co hatre a plugged hole
at 1,160 feet on the Cha-lcs Morgan
f^rm. In Cnicn district, the Lance Oil
company has started to drill a test
on the C K. Williamson farm. In the
same dis trict. L. C. Whi'e has th"*ri??
completed for a second test on the
Itiggs Brothers' farm.
Grain and Produce
CHICAGO. July 25.?Fear of abnor
ma! low temperatures brought about
a sharp advance in corn values yesterday.
notwithstanding transient setharks
due to peace talk. The market
closed unsettled. 2% to IHtc net high;
er with August $1 .iitt^ to 11.56% and
September $1.56% to $166%. Oata
' rained %c to l%c. and provisions 12c
to !5c.
Articles. Open Close.
t nrn?
August $1.51*4 11.55*4
September 1*2'* 1 56'?
August *9 .70*4
September 63% .69%
July 4590
September 45.75 45.90
Glorious T pi.
Singer-The hills are tipped wit's
' :d.
Weary Waiter?I wish I was r
dooming hill?Cabell's Saturday
Of recent years a curious fad ha
ken root in Japan. This is the alter
..lion by the surgeon's knife, of tie
hsipe of the eye, to that In future tlv
J- pane -e will not be distinguished a
no of the 1 almond-eyed" races. Tli
opt ration is said to be simple and pains
Sold For
WE like to sell Dij
find that when on
"J tries one Diamond, he
?.n >? u.'. ?ij
;.;W Satisfied customers 1
jl We're glad to tell yoi
Tires we've sold are p
% of miles without a "Gome's
more, they co?f less than
you agree that Diamond
f> good proposition?
Diamond Tubes are
tkemielvaa. Made fro
s rubber that is remark
! Ave. Fain
Watts Again Looms
As Judge Candidate
Within the fast forty-eight hour.
Attorney Ross A. Walls has sprung up
very strong!) as a compromise candidate
for the Democratic nomination
for Judge of the Intermediate court.
Watts looms up especially prominent
among many members of the Ma
rion County Bar Association and it i*
understood thai lawyers regardless of |
political complexion have asked Watu *
to stand. Attorney Watts said:
"Many people nave uiged upon me to
be a candidate for the oflce ot Judge .
01 the intermediate court. I have tie .
elded to put It up squarely to my
friends In the party. I have never,
- ..A t ? . .11,. . ? - '* 1
?*tu * ? uvk a * uuiusi^.
Wom-u war worker* have proved
auccessful in every occupation except
as siren car conductors Id Berlin. It
being claimed that they are extremely
insulting to passenger*.
For the purpose of nominating candidates
for the Democrat and Republican
psrties for the office of United!
States Senator, member of the House |
of Representatives cl the United
States, and county and district offices
as provided in Chapter "6. of the Acts
of the Legislature of 1915. notice Is j
hereby given that a General Primrry'
Election will be held at all the voting j
precincts In Marlon county between
the hours of 6:30 a. m. and 6:30 p m.;
on the 6th day of August. 191S.
For the purpose of holding the said
i General Primary Election the follow- j
1 ing commissioners and cierks have
been appointed:
Fairmont District.
Precinct 1. Court Houte?Receiving
Board. R L. Cunningham. M. L. Sturm
and W. H Kunst. Commissioners; C.
i Powell and Thos. W. Powell, Clerks;
Counting Bo. rd. M J Deveny. Michael,
Powell and Claude Fleming. Commls'
sioners; D. E. Thomas and M. E. Mor
san, Clerks.
Precinct 2, Miller school?Receiving
Board. M. J. Price. C. H. Riggle and
Arthur Arnett. Cocimissionera; Lamar
Satterfield and Wm. M. Fleming,
! Clerks; Counting Board. Smith Morris.
I J. Michael and W. E. Amctt.
Commissioners; L. G. Holbert and
(Gylvester Clayton. Clerks.
| Precinct 3. Barnsiown ? Receiving
' hoard. Pearl Pltxer. Harry Bainbridge
'and Alfred Richmond. Commissioners,
| C. L. Abel and Charles E. Sidwell.
j Clerks; Counting Board. F. J Wil;
fong, O. H. P Bowers and Frank Clayj
ton. Commissioners; Thos. Hunsaker
end Ezekiel Amos. Clerks,
j Precinct 4. Barrackville?Receiving
Board. R. S Wilton, ( has I. Ice and
Chas Morris, Commissioners; John
W. Smith and Clarence Toothman,
' I'I..pL'.' CnMiillii. DA.nl T L" Cnn,
vivi no ( v ij uuaiu. r . ' wna
way. David B Straight and Walter
Watson. Commissioners; Lavrrer.it
Coaaway and Guy Toothman. Clerkr.
Precinct 5. Old Mayor's office? Receiving
Board, H. S. Yost, Frank
Ritlgely and J O. McNeely, Coramis
sioners; Will Crock and Raymond
Haller. (larks; Counting Board. Jas.
Downs. Sam R. Nurum and C. W. Hawkins,
Commissioners; Carl Biggs and
Herbert Morris. Clerks.
! Precinct 6. Normal school?Receiving
board. H. D Causey. John W. Poling
and M. W. Ogden, Commission r?;
Sam Butcher and A. S. Fleming.
Clerks; Count ng Board. W. H. Conaway.
Pete J. McQraw and Chas. W.
Robinson. Coir- 'ssioners; M. E. Ash
traft and F i Fi.iier. Clerks.
| Preclnri 7. li milton Warehouse?
imond Tires! We
e of our customers
wants Diamonds ft
"for keeps."
like that keep us in i
i that the Diamond ?
tiling up thousand$
back." And what's
niusi iires. uun i
s roust be a pretty
in a class by A
>m 'irc'y
ably ?ong-!i7cJ. ft
nont, W. Va. I
Receiving Bowl w. D. Straight. A H.
Toothmaa u4 t. O. Boydston, Commissioners;
Ed Slack and L M. Davis.
Clarki; Counting Board. A. D.
Simon, John MeAteer and Heary Hast.
Commissioners; Frank Crawford and
Jamas Eartholow. Clerks.
Precinct I. Virginia Avenue school?
Receiving Board. Jack Laller. Seymour
Mclntlre and Tkos. G. Aultman. Commissioners;
Fred Wilson and Fred
Smith. Clerics; Counting Board. Ed
Holbert, Clyde Morris and W. L Helatoeltnin.
Commissioners; Sam Boenm
sn?l J W. Furdy. Clerks.
Precinct 9. White school?Receiving
Board. Wilbur Graffiu*. Ernie Sherwood
and E L. Hiwklas. Commissioneri;
l>. A Ritchie and J. W. Fleming.,
Clerks; (ousting Board. W. M.'
Bryan:. Chas Mllier and Walter Eliason.
Commissioners; Ernest McCoy
and J. Guy Hawkins. Clerks.
Precinci 10, Butcher school ? Re.
teivinc Board. P M. Hoge. Geo W. I
Ice and Thos. F. Tucker. Commission-!
ers; C'ius. G. Hood end .Merle Amos, 1
Clerks; Counting Board. 1 rank B.;
I'rpor, John H. Rock. Jr and M R.
Franu, Comm.sslonera; John J Mulvthill
and F.. R Bell. Clerks.
Precinct 11. Erwin school?Receiving
Biard. Jas. L Er<vin. E N. Eddy
and H. C Fetty, Commlit.oners; Wa.
M Kennedy and R H. Doll'aon, Clerks;
Counting Board. Ceo. Weiss. Arch
Fleming and George B Morgan Commissioners;
Hugh Glffiu and Ceo. E
Brand. Clerks.
Grant District
Precinct 1, Monongah ? Receiving
Board. Chas. shaver. J. H. Leonard {
and L. M. Kuhn, Commissioners; C. |
H .Tcoiiiman and C. A. Satierfield.
Cierks; Counting Board. S B Hall.
Jas. Jones and J. W. Orr. Commit ioners;
G. C. Cochran and Fred Baker, i
Board. J. C. Hughes. M. F. Provanee
and Wm. LanLam. Commissioners; !
Price Stai.ii and John A. Russell,!
Clerks; Counting Board. John L>e- j
boit. V." C. Boor and Henry Oaskins, I
Commissioners; Cbas. W Linn and
Glenn Russell. Clerks.
I Precinct 3. Mloeraville ? Receiving.
Board. S. E. Shaver. Jos. Hawkins and
I James Giliis. Commissioners; Chas !
I Hunsaker and W. S Sypult. Clerks; |
. Counting Board. Geo. C.,Callaher. Will
Merrifield and Arthur Jarrdt. Commis.?ioners;
( has Hawkius and IV. ve
I Jarrett. Clerks.
| Precinct 4. Everson ? Receiving
*? ? U' t?. I
Duaru, ?? . ndn mgvuu M4u>o?, uu ?.
Smith and W J Moore. Commissloui
era; Chas. Patten and W. A. Mc
i Laughlin. Clerks; Counting Biard.
Charles Davis, John Trader and John
Kline. Comtniaoionera; W. J. Clark
and Darrell Ciine, Clerks.
Precinct 5, Hutchinson?R. C. HarI
desty. J. L. Shackelford and U. G
j Stutler. Commissioners; French
I Spriagbton and John Hefiin, Clerks, i
Lincoln District,
i Precinct 1. Worthlngton?Receiving
' Board. Chas. S. Davis, Arlie Barb an 1
Klibha Brumnge. ConimiFMon?rs; W.
W. Leonard and S. K. Jacobs, Clerks;
Counting Board. S. J. Sturm. Claude
I Davis and A. J. McDaniel, Conimis-loners;
Archie Moigan and J. U.j
I'arrish, Clerks.
Precinct 2, Miller school?Receiving
Board. J. X. Hess. B. B. Miller and
K. B. Pigott. Commissioners; Sidney
Hess and Harry L .Sturm, Clerks;
Counting Board, J. P. Sandy, C. M
Sturm and Ceo. R. Boggesa, Comroi |
nioners; Jas. B. Fowler and Jesse L 1
Sharps, Clerka.
Precinct 3, Thoburn ? Becelvinc
Beard. J. Lee Jones, Uaac Glover and
W. H. Grandstaff. CommUaioners; \V
I. Shaver and P. H. Buckley, Clerks; 1
Counting Board. J. A. Raldy. J. P. McCain
and J A. Swiger. Commission
ers; R. C. Mason and Lester Weeks.
Precinct 4. Farmlngton?Receiving
Board. J. M. Downs. J. Brooks Davis
and Frank Sanders. Commissioners:
Linn Bock and W. H. Vearh. CMn;
Counting Board. Thomas Balnbridge,
A. B. Clellind and Fred Fleming. Com
missioners; W. E Maple and Howard
Coleman, Clerks.
Precinct 5. Downs?Receiving Board
Cleoti Brand. Chas. H. Parrisb and
II. Leroy Sturm. Commissioners;
Dock Brand and Silas Toothman.
Clerks; Counting Board. David GaulL
Price G. Brand and William Reese.
Commissioners: Harry Morgan and
Wra. C. Atha. Clerks.
Precinct 6. Middleton Hill?Joseph
Ferrell, Warren Haun and Pat Hale..
Commissioners: John Talbott and J.J
W. Stuttler. Clerks.
Precinct 7, Carolina ? C. W Haymond.
Guy Ice and W. E Pigott Commissioners;
Geo. E. Jeffries and Fred
Higginbotham. Clerks.
Mannington District.
Precinct 1. Hayes and Baker buildj
ing?Receiving Board. C. C. ("oilman.
E P. Conaway and W. B. Charlton.
Commissioners; M. C. Clayton and
'Chester Prlchard. Clerks; Counting
Board. Samuel Ash. L. H. Hess and i
Leslie Koen, Commissioners; Chas. L.!
Snodgress and Welter Jenkins.
Precinct 2. School house?Receiving
Board. C. C. Basnett. C. C. Hamilton
and W R. Martin. Commissioners;
T. S. Hardestv and Ned Davis.
Clerks; Counting Board. J Fred Beaty.
i W. M. Hess and W. S Furbe?, Oorojmissioners;
X. M. Leigh and E. B.
I Koen. Clerks
Precinct 3. Pleasantsvllle?Rcceiving
Board. P. H. Gaughan. David Floyd
land Andy C. Martin. Commissioners;
H. E. Richardson and H. L. Crim,
iCierks; Counting Board. T. B. Hoibert.
W. C. Rice and Peptha Hall. Commissioners;
W. P. Richardson and
Wesley Robinson. Clerks.
Precinct 4, Logansport?Receiving
Board. A. M. Clark. B F. Cartright
and L. D. Beaty. Commissioners; L.
D. Hibbs and Goff Sturms, Clerks:
t'ountine Board. Thomas Mantey. Fe
ter Hlbbs and S C. Gocch. Commtsdoners:
W D. Michael and Grant
Huoy. Clerks
Treelnet 5. Rymer ? Rccelvlna
Board. A. W. Kendall, Fiery Evans and
Harry Williams. Commissioners;
Howard L .Kendall and Arthur Hamil*
too. Clerks; Counting Board. Jas. L.
Hamilton. Goo Saodgrass and 6. C.
Wilson. Commissioners; Lee Ammone
and D. Arnett. Clerks.
Precinct t. GloTer Gap?Receiving
Board. J. E. Yost. John L. Mots and
i.amerh Kreeland. Commissioners;
John P. McMunn and W. R. Sellers.
Clerks; Counting Board. Gordon 6.
Homer. J. D. Kurbee and 3. L. McGee.
Commissioners; Roy Glover and
W. C. Watson, Clerks.
Precinct 7, Flat Run?T E. Cross.
F. L. Thomas and Theopolls Moore,
Commissioners; W. R. Matbeny and
Lewis Gump, Clerks.
Precinct I. Stewatt baildiat? R*
I cetrtng Board, H. J. Height. D. A. Bymar
and I. W. Davis. Commissioners;
W I. Mitchell aid Walter Prtchard.
Clerks; Coasting Board. C. C. Wells.
A. K. Modi ar.d Sam Taggart. Commissioners;
KUls H. Glover and 8. L.
Cottrlll. Clerks
Precinct f. Cunningham's store?S.
M. Tetrlck. Kphra.m Parka and Theodore
Martin. Commissioners; D. R
Para* and Reel Cunningham. Clerkt.
Prec:nct 10. Metr?Receiving Board.
A. M Row and. Brttce Brumage and H.
C. Ferrell. Commissioners; W. C.
Omdu.-T and Homer Campbell. Clerks;
Coustiug Board. Arthur Ornduff. Stc-.on
Moore and J R Baker. Commitbtor.ers;
A. L. Thomas and Klmus
Hibbs, Clerks.
Paw Paw D-strict.
Precinct 1. Rivesville ? Receiving
Board. Columbus Kelley. A. O. Heck
and Waiter Fleming. Committionert;
C. C. Arnett and F. F. PricketC
Clerks: Cour.t'nr Board, D. N. Mutgrave.
J D Arnett and Scott Stewart.
Commissioners; Smiih Hood and
Hood Clayton. Clerks.
Precmct 5. Hoodsville?Lewria Ten
ram. 4. nem iootnman ana u. v.
June*. Commissioners; W. D Barb
and S 1 Moore. Clerk*.
Precinct 3. Gray* Flat?Receiving
Board. John J McGrav, W. F. Michaels
and C. F Bashore. Commissioners;
Fred Toothman and Chas. Toothman.
Clerics; Counting Board. J. A
McCoy. W. D. Ice and C. A. Phillippl.
"ommssiorers: Alpha Toothman and
John Havlicheck. Clerks.
Frecinct 4. Fairview ? Receiving
Board. Jacob Greaser. Joint Sutton
and Henry eddy. Commissioners; Rhs
cell Wilton and H. S Basnett. Clerks; '
Counting Board. B M. Chalfnnt. Josh
us Fsrrish and D O. Hants. Communion
era; W. W. Bowman and H. H.
Htorey. Clerks.
Precinct 5. Baxter ? Receiving
Board. Lee Sviiner. henry 1 jorn and ,
7.. E Michael. Comm'sslor.era; J A
Snider and W R. Clayton. Clerks;
Counting Beard. S C. Straight. I). D.
Cunningham and Webb Anus. Ccm
mlsaloners; Chas. Cunningham and
Worthey Post. Clerks.
Union District.
Precinct 1. School house ?Receiving
Board. Joseph Wilfong. A. P Harr and
C has. Crr. Commissioners; I D Sat-'
terfield and R. A. Johnson. Clerks; !
Counting Board. H. W. Scott. J. E.'
Oflner and J. M Stiles. Commissioners;
Clarence Fisher and J B. Miller.1
Clerks. j
Precinct 3. Mayor'* office?Receiving
Beard. Maple Cotiham. John L.
Leech and Geo. H. Shomaher. Com
missioners; T. B. Henderson and
Frank Amos. Clerks; Counting Board.j
S L. Jacobs. R. Q. Mu. grove and John
S. Scott, Commissioners; E. D Hoi-,1
den and R. D. Toothman. Clerks.
Precinct 3. Nuz'.m's Malls?Reeeiv
ing Board. Hiram Linn. AnthoDy A
Vincent and John Sandara, Commitsioners;
A. J. Henderson and Aaron 1
Sanders, Clerks; Counting Board.)
Samuel H. Linn, Gordon Curry and i
Frank Eiiruon, Commissioners; J. II. j
Ross and Frank Morgan. Clerks.
Precinct 4. Swearingen a school ?j
Receiving Board. Wm. Michael, J. L.
\V. Vincent and W. E Morgan. Com-1
mlssioners; uri .Mituaei ana joc
Harlow, Clerks; Counting Board. Geo.
D. Oiffin, Jos S. Nuzum and W. E |
Hall, Commissioners; Geo. Kerr and
David Satterfield, Clerka. I
Precinct 5. Benton'* Ferry?Receiving
Board, Thoi. Hunsaker. Stephen
Bain bridge and Amoa 0. Stanley, Commissioners;
Will Hunsaker and Chester
Cot bin. Clerk*; Counting Board.
Chas. Durrett, Wade Currey and C.j
C. Wilson, Commissioner*; Ray Hun-'
kaker and Frank Barnes, Clerks.
Precinct ?, East Park school ? Re
reiving Board. Levi B Harr, Arch Mclutlre
and David Roger*. Commissioners;
L. C. Musgravc and Z. F. Davis,
Clark*; Counting Board. Wayne
Meredith. Alva Hall and G. L Carpenter.
Commissioners; Denzll Harr and
E. B. Carskadon, Clerka.
Winfietd District.
Precinct 1. Montana ? Receiving
Board. J. C Keeeer, J. M. Holmes and i
Chas. Johnson, Commissioners; Golden '
Moult and Denzll Haney. Clerks; j
Counting Board. Allen Sturm. Mar
Stewart and Harry Hoult. Commissioners;
F. W. Hall and Tboa. Lloyd.
Precinct 5. Mt. Harmony?Receiving
board. H. B Meredith. S. R. Sargent
and Eldora Moran, Commissioners;
Howard Janes and J. O. Swisher.
Clerks; Counting Board. C. H. Bowers.
J Tom Clcllvid and M. M. Hawkins.
Commissioners; Russell Meredith
and II. F. Barry. Clerks.
Precinct S. Bunners ? Receiving
Board. J. C- Gallaher, Clarence Vincent
and J. B. Carpenter. Commission?r?
vvM Brown and Coleman Pride.
Clerks; Counting Board. Jacob Rogers.
L. W. Summers and David M Carpenter.
Commissioners; Fred Vangilder
and F. L. Travis. Clerks.
Precinct 4. Murray?J. E. Jollilfe.
("has. Clelland and Will Eisner. Coig-.
missioners; E J. Huniaker and Dun-,
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Wearer' Ma-.l application furnUhlnt
reterence loqav, F H. Davis Tailoring
Company. Cincinnati. Ohio. 7 24 4t-4143 ,
WANTED?Meohanici and helpers for
night work at car barn. Steady
work. ?ocd hourr. good wager Apply
car barn. Virginia Ave and Twelfth
' street. Moncngahela Valle* Tra'tlon
I Co. MC-tf-em
GOVERNMENT NEEDS 20.00<> women |
t clerks at Washington. Examinelions
everywhere in August f.xpe ,
i ritnce unnecessary. Women desiring
i government positions write for free
j particulars to J. C. Leonard (former'
| civil service examiner* Kenris
Bldg . a bington. D C. 7-13-8i-4122 J.
WANTED?oirl for general noose-1
i work. Good waxes. Apply 231 1
i Watson ave. Phone 409-11". 7-23-3t.
FOR CALE OR RENT-Planing mill
and lumber yard. The best equipped '
mill tnd best location in Marsbill '
county, only 75 yards from B. t O.
freight station and abuse all floods. .
Inqutie of Herman Hess, Truth street.
Moundaville. W. Va. MNUdll
KOR RFNT?Two ligbt housekeeping j 1
rooms. 523 Walnut At*. 7-12-tf-4125 I j
FOR RY.\T~Furnlshad room. " St? ; I
Pierp?nt Ave 7-lt-Ct 4149 |
FOR REST ? Furnished rooms ~ Ap-'
ply 521 Wrlnut Ave 7 ?4-St-41A4 1 *
FOR RENT ? light housekeeping
rooms. 12 Rhea Terrace.
7-3ft-3t 41S< i
WANTED TO RENT ? rive or si*
room house Family of three. Address
Bo* 4124 Wait Virginian.
71Ut 4154 !
- i
Trt TUC BKBIIB1 ? MB A# "i??W I
v >n>, ntrv'tiuii;i? vr HHI
luni candidate (or til* Republican
nomination for United Bute* Senator,
subject to the will o( the voters tt the
primary election to be held on Auguat
the sixth.
tour vote and influonee w11? be
greatly appreciated.
Clarksburg. W. Va.
FOR U. S. senate.
Editor West Virginian:
You are authorised to announce that
Davis Elkina, ot Mors an town, Monongal's
county, a candidate (Or nomination,
by the Republican party, tor the
United Statea Senate (or West Virginia.
subject to all the rules of the .
Republican party, and the laws ot the
state governing the primary election
to be held August. >"911
J. H. ,'lcLERM JTT, Chairman.
Mergantown, West Virginia.
P. 0. drawer Ul. Telephone 100.
FOR unitkd states senate.
You are authorized to announce
I am a candidate (or nomination by .
the Republican prrty. for the United *
States Senate (or West Virginia, subject
to all the rules of the Republican
party, and the laws of the state
u'overnlnr the primary to be keld la
August. 1011
Huntington. W. Va.
M LI. ^1
can uniDD, <_ier??.
Givan under my band this 22d day
of July. 1918.
Clerk of County Court
July 25. Aug. 1.
I F. A. Bartalow 1
5 Tranefer and Hauling of All
? Kind*. Coal a Spatially. SL
Phone 1595-J. 1M|
ceoeoGceoEceoQOffieoeoBoaBeonBoeoeoBOBQeenBnBoeoi I
! yt?c?tyofitMH>Pcytwyty<x?
I 1
of saving money if a hai
but why make a problem
You want money for
You can't have it un
and SAVE!
Start your account
ment and get interest.
Fairmont Tr
> ?
^ ? - ? J %
L ' v '?
LOST?Between Gu office u4 Holtl
drug stem a pocketbook cost* I stag ?
Registration card. D. E. Brows. Wader
pleas* return to Box 4UT Went Vlrctalan
office. 7-l?t-<llf
LOST?By lady ten danarFriTbetwaea
Grafton street and Bridga HIU lata
Saturday afternoon. July JO Be ward.
Box 41I? West Virginian. TSBBt 41t?
CftsT?Hr. ketbook. Saturday areata*.
about 7 o'clock, between Morgaa'a
Hill and Morran Ridge: coatatnad
Registration card. ?4<VM caak aad
small check; also receipts, note*, ate.
Reward if returned to 11 W. Arbogaat,
417 Cordon St.. Fairmont 7!Ut41ll
FOTt SALE?F.re passenger Mitchell
touring car in ro.ia condition. A
Bargain. Call at McCray's Oarage.
FOR SALE?At bargain Kentucky
thoroughbred sorrel horse Baa John
Nixon. aWtron Rt. 7. 74MM14S
TOH SALE? Six room residence on
field street. Ssn F. B Dickerron. '
103 Ixicnut r.venu. 7 20-tf4l5S
FOH SAI.E ? Ipsfcseuger car, 1V1S
model. ehean for os?h. Fee oeatr
at Greater Fairmont Bakery.
FOR SALE?Four lota at Edgemoat.
For information rsll 911 R
FOR SALE ? Sn room frame toast,
serea rc?ra brick, eight room brick
boose. All large lots. CIom in. Dailrtble
community. Address Poetiftice
Box 5M?. e-Mf-aCU
FOR SALE- t.arge reel good modern
house and garage, real close In.
?2-J. 716-6t-4147
[ Professional Card>| jfl
Ciamea ct all alada correctly
fined. batu.acum guaranteed.
Hall Block crer Martin's One
S or n.
UT. V. L. L. X US3T
Practice limlttd to offteo ui
Ne? Location 110 MoHi It
Houri I o. u> to I m. daily,
nod 1 to 4 p. m. Sunday l>7 ayyolitment
phone?Kew Pi rectory ITS;
Residence Phone lit! 1.
Repairing end rebuilding n?
tomobtle radiator* n special*. efl
Old Radiators Sought, Referitt
and (eld. ' }
Practical Tlnnar and Moot
Metal Worker. MO Monroe it
1 I'llK?W?
i__i j a
U. Schmidt and ' 9
R. Lefevre.
Window Glass and WlndahlaHa, 1
Phona 477 W. fttt Gaston Ava
1 1 " 11 I ? ? tm
Phones 1105,1100,1107. jH
la loifwtM blind ad* la
rba Waft Virginia* daatfad , ^
column*, plataa ha caraM ta
ota tba gracia* tUmi flua a*
tha adT. Writ# tba iNtaa
plainly. Lactam arouabt la Ma
Wait Virginian offlaa do a*t *a
?ulra atampa. Aivaya iadaia
roar anaarar* la aaaM am
lapaa Advarttaara ar ntb*rg la
tuiring about a alaaattad aA
Auat daalgaata tba ad. aumbor
a tha and ot lb# ad- aa wabaaa
' !o 1^* "**"* "
F. E. Nichols 8 M
Insurance 1 ifl
Hisonc Teoate. IM M I
PtoK 90H I
B rriyi
Id one for young people,
I future useless
you deny yourself?
I at our Savings DepartI
lust Company |H
r *- ?

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