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e^'5,466 ^3it tlimmmn ?
A Quality N?-pM?r Ht Urn Horn. J Virginia's Beit NwttJKipV '* " *3
ESTABLISHED 1868. member associated press. _ raikmuni, ^ ? . ^ ~rg
'rM vu
ill ill N
Business Men of City and
Clarksburg Will Meet
; r
Visit is Preliminary to
Floating of Bond
Much important r in attached to the
osit of a dozen or more capitalists
who will be in Kairnmni, Clarksburg
and Parkersburg next Tuesday and
Wednesday for the purpose of inspect ng
the property of the Monongabela
Valley Trad Ion company preparatory
to floating a loan of five and a half
millions of dollars.
The huge loan will mean much to
Pulrmont and all of the Mono.igahelu
Valley because ol the stupendous pro
jerts that the Mouongahela VallcTraction
company has undertake.
There Include: The completion i
the big power plant at nivesvlllc; thI.ynn
gas producer gas plant; the pi.
dltion to the Hutchinson power plain
the development of several gas welh
and the building of eight miles of six
inch pipe lines In the Logansville dis
The party of bankers will arrive in
Fairmont ~ver the Baltimore and Ohio
railroad at I0:0g on Tuesday morning,
anil the party will include financier.*
fron New York. Baltimore and Wash
Ington, D. C., and it will number be
, twee^ twelve and lilteen. The vi?i
9'' tore will represent the National City
Corporation and other big flaanclal In
atliatloas ot New Tort city. Sprtgg
D. Camden, chairman of the Finance
committee of the Monongahela Valley
Traction company Intereata. and James
O. Wataon. president of the company
will be In charge.
The plana for the trip conalat of the
following Itinerary:
Tueeday. July 30?Arrive In Fair
.moot at 10:M; Inspection of offlcea in
the Wataon building: vlait to the
Owens botle plant and Monongah glas -
works; leave conrt house at 12:3o
o'clock for Country club, where lunch
eon will be served at 1 p. m.; leave
Country club at 3:30 p. m; arrive ai
Clarksburg at 4:30. where a meeting
will be held at which the members of
the Clarkaburg Chamber of Commerce,
the Clarkaburg Business Men's asso
ciatlon and the Clarksburg Board ot
Trade will be Invited to attend: leave
Clarkaburg at <:30 p. m. for ParkersI
Wednesday. July :tl?The day will
J; be spent in inspecting the M. V. T.
company's interests In Parkersburg
and Marietta, O.
At the luncheon to be held at the
Country dub. this city, effort is being
made o secure adequate accommodation
tor the members of the Fairmont
Rotary club, the Fairmont Business
Men's association and the Fairmont
Chamber of Commerce. The idea of
those in chaw Ik io have the F.'.ir
niont public to meet the delegation of
With the five and a half million dollar
loan which the Monongahela Valley
Traction company la contemplating
floating It proposes to spend three
millions of dollars to pay off notes
and two and a half millions of dollars
for new developments, the h'ggest one
of wl >h of course la the big power
plant at Riresvllle.
The linen of the Monongahela Valley
Traction company total 102V.mUea
by actua'. measurement, but till
doe* not include the Hmrmnon branch
or the Norwood loop which began oper
ation today With t'm: lines the ar
greget*. wll' probably be more than
HO m'ies of trjilt
Fined ?or Soeedin?
/ With Automobile
Adn.;:.in f|- lie had operated an
Cut iiuobile In ixces* of the rate of
pscd permitted u-njer tits staie law.
Harry ilsmtr-tKn. n. of this city, was
Baiei ? ? i -
mvu w~ * I! > <, W*rr Import 1 upon
him In Ju Conaway tliin afternoon.
T'.-.e .vv u <H , rcprctnilftl
liy AI!ii T"r ;i?m A Jl.re'iittl an'l
?its ?tat* b:' I'-v-renting Aft .ntey
AVal cr 3. jl-ri.-'*./
The ehrrge *-a? bro'iglr folio aing
a ollfvion in tihlt-.i llrlntmlinan'a nu
; a car dm*:. Pan
of thin city, uad figuted on the Conn
try Cln'n road laat wcrh.
Lata fnlirdajr forma were taken
from the .cctinil span of the new
Bouu S149 bridsc. Forsu ior the
third apand are now up giving the
I paaer by a good Idea of the general
appaaraaca of the new bridge.
I Flies do i
III \ y I
New and heavy blows were sti
made, and by the British on the east*
The map shows also the vali
west of Soissons. which has given th<
The small Inset map shows tin
Marne salient.
liilppi! i
Probable Slump in Pro^uc1
tion Today For Variety
of Reasons.
Trouble of various kinds Is likely
to cause a sizeable slump In produ<
tion In the Fairmont district todi.y
Along the Short line the mines dl'
not get cars until late. This is ft
ting to be rather a common ocnn
rence at the. mines on that piece r
road. The direct trouble is that tin
cars do not arrive at Hartzel in tlnn
to make theni-avallable for early dls
tri button. Why they are late n'
Hartxel has not yet been explained.
Mines depending on the Jayent<
power plant for current were havln<
trouble this morning, and It Is e?
timated that at least 3,000 tons wi
be lost in Barbour county by ressr
of the fact that the miners, aloe
with hundreds of other folks, hav>
I been drawn to Phillnpi, the county
1 seat. by an unsavory criminal case.
, On top of these conditions thn car
supply is again light in the Fairmont
region. There are 1,014 coal and 00
coke cars today, and as a result a
number of mines were reported down.
Better conditions with regard to
the car supply are promised for next '
week in a telegram which Dan R. 1
!.awson. district representative of the
' Fuel administration, received this
morning . which notified him that
2,400 cars of Fairmont district coal
must go to Curtis hay next week, half
of it to go on the first two days. This
requisition was made after the Baltimore
i Ohio road had been consulted
and the officers had promises! to
make a special effort to get cars into
the region.
If for any reason it Is not possible
to consign enough coal direct to Cur-i
lis bay to fill this requisition, Mr. j
Lawson will reconsign at Kevser to'
make good. Ships will he waiting for ;
this coal, and it will have to go for- j
ward. In spite of the fact that coal
ha* been rushed to Curtis bay all this \
week in a steady stream, the cars :
have been dumped as fast as they ar,
lire. The terminal plant Is working !
I 24 hours a day.
t'oul Votes.
Practically no coal is going from |
tills end of West Virginia to the
' lakes. It is believed here that there
is ? Id - defieiencv in the rniil that
has so far been delivered to lake ter-i
One of the duties of Floyd Patton, j
secretary of the Central West Vlr-'
ginfa Coal Operators' association. Is
to cheer up the lad? who turn up here
looking for coal for consumers scat-,
tered over the couutry, hut especially
back Fast. Karl Miller, of the AtJ
laa Cement Company .and C. !'. Donley,
of the Valley Camp Coal Company,
were callers at his office today. I
They got a pleasant smile, hut there;
j was not much doing in the coal line, j
J. R Phelps of this city has been
; appointed to represent Fairomtn labor
on the beard to carry out the distil
hution of labor as outlined by the govemment.
Mr. Phelps has been active,
ly engaged In labor problem* as seeI
retary of the Carpenter .' local numbci I
[m I
tot Rattle ot Ring a
Ml ?
iMflivgWu > ^^iSiii^ fyyii^ ***+\
rack by the French and Americans in I
-'rn side of the salient, near Marfaux. i
ic of the high ground seised by the Frei
Mil onipieic command of the city and
j relation of the new offensive in the i
loom m i
District Secretary Mooney
Reached Here This Morning
and Gave Talk.
m i i
The United Mine Workers' convention
which is being held in this city
convened again at 9 o'clock this morning
in the Willard hall with a fine rep
rescntatlon of the various locals in
this region. At 11:30 o'clock the dele
ites adjourned for lunch to assemDic
tain this afternoon at 2 o'clock.
The principal address of the morn
ig was made hv Fred Mooney, sec re
lry of the Seventeenth district of Us1.ltd
Mine Workers who made his first
ppearcnee this morning.
The real work of the convention to
'ay Is going on in the meetings of the
artous committees which are in con
inuous session.
Yesterday's Speakers.
"Mother" Jones was the principal
peaker at the scale convention yes
rday. speaking both in the morning J
pd in the afternoon. She started i
peaking at the very start of the con
. cntion when it was thought the pro- |
reeding" would be delayed by the fact V
hat the official stenographer from Inllanapolis
had not arrived. She was
in the midst of her speech when this j
lady came In. "Mother" Jones stopped I
at once, observing:
"I'll uult. You have heard enonyn
of me."
But the convention ruled otherwise
and she spoke at length in the morning
and again in the afternoon, keep
inic at it during a hard storm late In 1
the afternoon . "Mother" Jones said :
the northern West Virginia miners J
might not hear her again for some
time as she was leaving for Illinois
to attend a big Mooney meeting there
with other engagements in the future
Other speakers at the opening day's
session were:
P. F. (iaithons. International board
member for District No. 17. pointed
out that the miners in the Fairmont
field had benefited in part years from j
the efforts made in union fields, citing :
the Washington advances as an Instance.
He appealed to the delegates |
to stand for a closed shop contract and
to elect representatives of the differ-'
ent branches of the legislature who!
would give labor a square deal. He
alr.o pleaded that the men demand un-.
ion got ds. I
S.mi Ballentyne. international board
member from Iowa, who acted as
chairman of the resolution committee,
ade an address in which he praised
i he splendid work of President Keeney
and the organizers and congratulated
he miners on what had alreay been
accomplished. He advised sober con-'
sidcrati.in of every matter which was
to come up and urged each man to see i
to it that he represented the interests
n uit* union ii rr^rrrnmu.
David Fowler, an organizer who is! i
a member of the legislature In Penn-| J
aylranln, made a plea for an industrial {
army anil the rehahiiulation and re-ed
utailon of it* member* just a* ia
planned for the military Mr. Fowler
i* a student of compensation laws and
armies that pro;:er laws In various
states v mid increase safety In tba Industrie
. Vij
kme Convention Notes.
Jack is a dull boy with all work and?
no play, so the ions sessions of thai
first day of the scale convention at I
tContinued on page eight) I
BiU Betote Getting,
v.*. ' if''. >'*Jfcr. 3 . .
?' . - * ! .'
4 / ?. v'
/'v fm<t
he sector between Soissons and tlx
rhere an advance was scored,
ich and Americans, at the beglnnin
its apprra?hes.
llstance between Montdidier and thi
Miners Pledge
Loyal Support
to President
The following telegram was tent
to President Wilson oa the unanimous
vote of the convention:
July 25, 1918.
Hon. Wood row Wilson,
1'resident of the United States.
Washington, D. C.
Delegates of the convention o(
he United Mine Workers of Ameri
ca cf the Fairmont field of Wist
Virginia now assembled, pledge our
loyalty and support to our government
in this world crisis and exiiress
confidence in you, our Presilent,
in the stand you have taken
'o make the wortd safe for democ
acy and we appreciate the recog\itlon
you have given to labor and
rust you will have strength to
>ear up under the great burdens
of war.
Mext Weeks Meeting of the
Club Will Be Municipal
Next week's meeting of the Hour}'
lub will be Municipal meeting and
he mayor, city commissioners and
leads of the various city government
ictivltles will be invited to be guests
if the club and tell the. Rotarlans
srhat they ran do to make Fairmont
i better city.
It will be exclusive')' a Rotary affaii
with none but niembuc* of the clut
)resent in addition to the municipal
ruests and they will be asked to speak
1ght oat In meeting and talk brast
The following week, perhaps, al
ome meeting at which lime munlci
> 1 anairx win w himu?mii in :m
icht of the statements made by the
:ity officials.
Last even inn's meet inn of the clut
van very .well attended. It was said
hat evcrv ember who was in Fair
nont last evening was present and
in effort will he made to keep that
;tandard up' throughout the summer
_? - - ?
Mrs- Phoebe Dixon
Dies at Jakes Run
Mrs. rhorbo Dl* in. afted "it year
lied suddenly last evening at flvi
'clock at the home of her son-in-law
Richard Jones on Jakes Run. Mrs
itixon war. a widow and resided will
ie;' daughter, bavin? come here sevci
d years ago from Niagara Falls.
- The funeral will take pigce Bunds:
kfternoon at two o'clock from Eddy.
;bapel and 1-lermcnt will bo mad<
hero by Undertaker A. W. Musgravr
in Their Deadly IV
5l^^W* *0L
-''dwr^?^v x,.J*^\.
^^ijuy^ ? ?.
Llj^J!JL33SpfcSlI1^4wgJ^ . . T
? Ourcq where excellent progress was
g of their offenslre immediately south
p Somme to the old battlefield In the
Increase Against Transit
Company's Property
Nets $126, 677.
Railroad* own property In Marlon |
county to the aggregate of fl0.1M,5&0
and the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
Company has more than three-fifths
of this asessmont chalked up again-"
it. The Baltimore and Ohio Company's
assessments In Marlon e?nty i
I placed at $<,<07,453. These flgur ran
be gleaned from the report of a.
sessments made by the board of put)
| lie works at Charleston, which are a
i hand today at the office of A. Q. Mui
tin, county clerk.
With $10.i6C.650 as the 1918 tot.,
and $10,039,873 as the agrregate a
cessment for 1917 there I* any ir.
1 rease in ascssment of $126,677 ovr
last year.
Next to the B. 41 0.. the Monongalt
la Valley Traclic.ii Company is secoiv
with $3,814,839 assessed against it
This inclndes all of Its lines In Mar1o:i
i county, some of which were entere.l
separtely in the reports submitted las
year by the board of public work.
There is an increase of 120,345 ore
last year.
Durinit the year the B. ft O's as
sossment has dropped $127,3(1. The
Monongahela Railway Company ha.
had Its assessment increased $258.8*7
over last year. The Western Mary
land's assessment total 1278.8*5 In
J this county this year. An increasI
of $394( having been made on the
' Helen's Run Branch and $23,880 was
added because of the building of thi
Uingppion branch since the last a.s
I sessment. Assessments made this
, tear and last year are as follows:
j Monongahe'. Valley Trac
tion Company $2,814,830
I i Baltimore ft Ohio Wheeling
Division (Main Line 3,717,130
i Fairmont, Morgantown ft
I Pittsburg iDvision 729,637
i Monongahela River Branch. 915.40..
t Annabelle Bicnch 111.5**'
Kitarm Branch 95,540
Fairmont Belt Line 21 *>50
, Catawba Branch 30.480
I . Paw Paw Branch 149.1*5
.' Fairmont yards, Monongahe!
la River Division K25.C76
3. ft O total 6.1107,452
. Western Maryland?
Uinganion Branch 23.1,80
Helen's Run Branch 255 li-7
| Western Maiyland loial .. 275.935
1 Monong : la Railway Com . 4(5.265
Brand total $10,l(6,5a0
1 Monongahela Valley Traction
Company 52.C14.99 4
' Baltimore ft Onlp. Wheeling
' Division (Main Line .... 3,814,327
Fairmont, Morgautown ft
Pittsburg Division 743 275
Monogahels River Braucb.. 9 *>#.50"
Annabelle Branch 112,2(4
Kilarm Branch ?r.,70fl
i Fairmont Beit Line 21,554
Catawba Branch 30,124
? Paw Paw Branch 14*,195
Fairmont Yards, Monongshela
IDvision 817,(12
I 3. ft O. totsl (.734.844
. Western Maryland Helen's
Run Branch 251,1(1
r Monongahela Railway Com
i psny 439,3(4
Grand total *10.039,873
ork-~3&iei SmjI Al
Allied Artillery She
and Road Leadin
Where Teutom
This Morning the Buren of E
Gunners and Artillery ai
Making Its
iB\ AxocUieit Prrrsl
LONDON, July 26.?On all tides
of tha Gerrrr.n tallsnt the allies
are reported today to be continuing
to make progress except on
the heights behind Soittont. The
Germans resistance to the French
pressure has been vary determlea |
in this latter sector. The advan
oes reported elsewhere are for
the most part slight.
On the other side of the salient
just to the west of Rhaims the
allies lost the town of Mery and
Hill 204 to a German counter attack
that retained Brlgny and the
j greater part of the line thereabouts
looking toward Fisnes.
The allies in thla sector held
Marfaux, Bounty, it. luphralee
and Ceurton weed.. Between the
Oreqwe and Chateau Thierry the
Francs'American line new shews
an advance he.'end the line ef a
week ago of from six te eight
AI8NE-MARNE FRONT. July 26, S a.
ra?(By Associated Press.) ? The
Franco-American push north of Chateau
Thierry has resolved Itself into
a battle of the woods which abound in
his region.
The Germans are fighting a rear
;uard action with their artillery and j
machine Runs, retiring gradually before
the allied forces. The German A
'untry is not in evidence.
W. (nrllnnlinno aarlv fruloV WdrP '
IUC lUUIVBliuiin V?../ n ? - ;
hat the enemy was making prepare
ion for a further withdrawal. He had
iieen struggling to hold the northern
half of the forest of Fere and of Ris,
hot the allies are making progress in
ho work of ousting him from the re ,
nalnder of these woods.
The allies moved their heaviest ar :
tilery early today and were throwing ;
hells into the German lines as far as |
Satonay (five and a half miles northeast
of Oulchy la Chateau), and beyond
Fere-en-cardenols (two mile*
southeast of Satonay).
The districts to the south were also
lieing peppered by allied shells.
The Germans have been using much i
blue cross" or sneexe gas but inef 1
The G.'rman machine gunners and
artillery are desperately contending j
for 'very inch of ground before giving :
it up.
Tl is morning the battle was still in
! progress.
FRANCE. Morning. July 26?(By AsI
soclated Tress.)?The entire German 1
position ' iihin the Marne salient is
' such tba< t may tall at any instant,
as the r dt of rome sharp forward
move b* iho allies affecting a vital1
part. is for this reason that the
Geran inlanders have ordered their
men l< .iold on at all costs while a
defensive position is prepared upon
| which the German army ran (nil beck.
Day after day the allies, now the
French, now the Americans and now
j the British are encroaching upon the
' triangular salient at come places mak
' in* deep dent* In the enemy's posl-!
i Hons and at utiles progressing more
Kvery lln? of coiununicatlon within
WANTED?Reliable men
to work on ice wagon.
Apply City Ice Co., Mer|
chant Street.
1 j - _ - _ -i
Laborers Wanted
in Shipping Department,
Apply, Owens Bottle
Machine Company.
'/o/ T.u.n atiiMik
11 HI I
in 1
Hfill FERE
lling Every Path jl
g out of Salient fl
- Met Defeat
QTimonDU cicut i
uiuuuumi i iqiii
icfcnsc Fell Upon Machlnt
nd Their Infantry Was
Way Out
(he Cemm; position It an Jer bombard- I
men', night and dav, either from the
allies' artillery or aeroplanee. ft to j
nnlv with t'? great est difficulty, and fl
with heavy sarrifirea, that the enemy
ia able to bold on within thla area.
Ml th" wlnle his men are auffnrinff
terrible privations owing to the
Ic< rfainty of obtaining soppllea.
In toiiK im-iice of the alliaa com
mending virtually every road and :j
everv path the fatigued German unite "
nsniinl Ivo enlUwi.il * ??? elamwi- 1
" n iiri*,? citu WHCII ?|M*
are merely tired.
I.ONDOW July 26 ?Amcrlcai treepe*
met and r on (jeered the emiy fB '4*0
tremendous cimbat in the nftNiH^I
Bpleds end Trncny, saya Renter* 41
respondent with the American. tt?
In Pranre. German lafietlT ntfl
had been pushed back tram the foam
waa harried forward to CMek J
Franco-American throat toward Vw|E
en Tardenoia from the sonthwnat.^
The Germans fought well aai elNflfl
ed the advance for some U hmrrrmHR
three tlmea wrested the TtMhye.td
Epldes from their determined AfoW
can opponents In the aoantfcM^^H
village grew constantly smaller andK-A
the ceaseless bombardment tw WW
sides and flnally disappeared, not arena
a large pile ot bricks befog left fo l
When the village disappeared tfcnu|
Germans were In poaseaeten. Thwm
American tired of the oeaaMaee 4HH
nnd flow of the flghtiag than M tffl
ken the slopeM on either flank aoijS
rorrd the German* to make their
massed attack into the ratne eC phi
General Ludendorft apparaottfjjflH
14 division* of shock troop* attt BMjj
hand, say* Marcel Huten hi the hfljg
do Part*. They ere deethMd, ft* ?9
least part of them, for aa openlAahn
calculated to change the pteaaal dw]
etlon to the advantage of the taflHI
Crown Prince, bnt says Hates, R (MB
hardly likely it.at General Peek Ml
General Prlair will let the
be taken from them now.
Between July 15 and yeeterdey 49
German dlrislona were liwIllim'M
the Mame pocket aaya M. He tea
completely exhausted divisions art
me replaced by half rested eeea. .Ifljj
34. 3 p m ? I By Associated PtsmH*
Franco-American troops on the hlH
northeast of Chateau Thierry ?tdjW
their lines further forward today. )
The allies along the float to Mn
-ast likewise made progressatjMflH
The Americans at one peint attsMMH
an objective a kilometer dittaat.44
Clinging desperately la tha
;>nd the wood* iM
heir machine nn*. their artlttm^H
'heir air force* and quantities
in r.n effort to hampur the advsar**!
The Central lire station litllflH
terday afternoon r centred a ?Hj
come to the Dexter residence at Mi
Cat Won street, wher electrical Wfftfl
had hamed a Are. No damage rsaH
??? ?? ?
Boy VVanted^^H
Bright boy to work la priatM^
office Good eorronadiaffa. 'ffM
porrmiiy for a hoy who will tHB
Wmt Virginian Office.
Contutt the Union OmtMl. jj
for expert dental uniNfc JH
price* are reasonable. Cllll an
vr McCrory S and ttc aKMijJ^H
, srorl: guaranteed.
e Sure ; ^ j
1 1

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