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^ffcW=^==l '
It IwdllBfw Tonight. I
Mnsiral Comedy,
v Witt Itnrr Brown's Tropical Maldr. 1
Photoplay*. I
;JbMi~-......Thc Hell Hound of Aiaskc
HMm. Wolves of the Rail I
PPfeHM Fay Day I
A ITUPEMDOI S 11.000.000 aul.
I ?k ?Ha' phantasy. "Queen o I
f the San." starring Annette Kci
InMU. the modern Venus, has Just I
In ampleted and will be shown I
ittrlac the coming seavon I
This spectacle Is not only one o! I
the costliest photoplays ever made. I
Nt It Is also the most beautiful. Blag
Itarw of the floor of the ocean. tne:
nMfc fairies and unmix* of th
loop, aB paai through it* scene* in
whirling, breath-taking throne.
To show the time and care cxp? i
ad cm prodnefne "Queen of the tie?
It la only ece**ary to mention tt
work 00 the pioduction began Jin
14, 111?, afld only recently wax co
More (ban 1.500 pernor* appeal i.
Uo atory- Fir* hundred beautify
siriapoao ae mermaids. The dlrectoi
Mod flffir miles of Alms. Scene* wci
taken In Bar Hai bor. Ma., Bonoada, I
Jamaica, Florida, Mexico and California.
One expensive part of
"Qvoen of the Sea" was the building
aad dynamiting cf the Tower of I
Kairos and Sword*. containing sp<
dial Intricate maehinrry tor opmatim;
Weird lastrcmenU of torture. Oth'. I
ac?n?.1 roet a ting'.: lansoni to repro- I
Annette Xaltermann, *tar of the I
production, not only gives many I
thrilling exhibitions of her swimming I
aad diving abilities, but also rev? 11
la baautiful poses the figure which I
has earned her tlie soubriquet of "th< I
modern Venus."
' ' ? ? I
I Mimical CobmIji Reason About Ovei
A South Sea Isle style of musica
cooedy revealing the Tropical Maid
01 Marjr Brown's company in beaut
2?t.ooatumss, dancing the graeefi.i
ilint of South Sea Islanders, ami
Staging the most catchy songs grow
lag oat of tho native music of these
1 people. closes the company's ingageaaat
this week. Mary Ilrown her
Mtf, Whose winning ways have mad<
Bar lifelong frtonds among Hipp pa-;
troae, will have some of the leading
unborn, sad of course the dance ape-,
etoltion will represent as faithfully as '
this accomplished dsncer can do, th<
- orlglasl dances of the strange Inhnb
tnntn of the tropics. Cotey and W.
kor, With their comedy chatter am
varied musical program can be conn
od oa to do a good part in the bi>
Special costumes and appropri.i'
nosnery have been secured for th
wash end production, and the elosin
K' hMft Of the 1S17-18 season of th'
! doubt be up to the high |
Ich has broueht "tli<
ileal comedy" the most i
*r la Its career. Benin-;
, a corpa of men will go
ho alterations Mr. Fleh-1
lad, and the house will'
it three weeks
Mnedy at PrinreM.
Ijr of Mr. and Mrs. Sidhard
for some o" us to
; Is there, clean, smart,
, and when one becomes j
ed with these motropoll-,
their screen acting Is a |
one of the less notable.
ncreen humor. The
Princess today Is a fire,
well calculated to give
i opportunity to show
8udden changes in sltT
surprises and of course
ending make the photono
for this popular theahe
week with.
Mil at the Dinle repeats
tory being "The Hell
oka." The picture drew \
yesterday, as all Hart
lad the latiefacti' ,! was
le. "Wolves of the Rail"
0 Helen Gibson, we
ito been surprised, but
Hart starred in a story
1 a little out of the ordlequal
to the occasion,
as a railroad detective
aats that are not less.
aa he Is accustomed to
_ A al - Ik I en#
Buuuaar e*
MOf? of Life,
[ symptoms, I
in attack of :
which lusted
nter and left
i a weakened
lion. 1 felt at I
that I would
bo well again.
1 of Lydia E
ana's Ve(?
hat it did for
n passing
gh the Change
e. so I told my
r I would try
soon began to
ia strength
the annoying
>toms life]
MMWt and jroor Vegetable Corr.nound
}lll matt ma a well, strong woman an'
[N? ol way own housework. I cr.nnot
IfMMal Lydia E- Pinkham's Vege KmmkI
too lrighly to Konicn
ISBhl. flneorh tho Oianrre of Lifo "
iJOftoTrn 11 1 mi. 1*166 Orchade
npLUAnu. la
RrVkM who snffet from nervoerr.?;*.
>|>%al (lashes," backache, headnefcc*
Sum "A* bines" should try this femo;<j
not end hrrb rrr-dy, I<>dia L. l';nV
I,port's Vegetable Comfcuul
wformlng In his Wild W?*t dramar.
| tLOUE i?W f '
?Clara Kimball Young ha* been
lected Honorary Captain of tbe 24th
Fiattalion. Company B. of the Armed
>uard. National Army at Presidio. In
recognition of her material aid for
ihe Red CroM, Liberty Loan activities.
and various war charltie*. Captain
Younr. Meet Colonel Plckford! ,
?In the production of "L'ncle
Tout'* Cabin," in which Marguerite I
Clark in soon to be seen In the two
roles of Little Eva and Topsy. the
?d_v.j a enmMfi v t ra Vf*lfM 1
Iirwil/l nu 4 mo ... .
thousands of miles to obtain wmp of
he locations. For Instance, the slave
market seen* was staged in front of,
the old St. Louis Hotel In New Orleans,
and the original auction block
used there in slavery days will be
seen In the picture. Numerous other
scenes were taken in that Immediate
vicinity, but when it came to filming
!-:ilza crossing the ice It was necesary
to go - way up Into Maine.
w mm
?(? MED
Must Cooperate With the
United States Food Administration.
Thus far three throsliermen of Mr.
ion county have reported to W. I:
.McCoanas. county? fartn agent. in ;
l ordance with the direction of the I .
led States Food administration, Wa i
ngton. D. C. Threshermen are com
peiled by the government to make an
accurate report of all grain that they
These who have reported are: J. R
Hartley. Shinr ton. It I> 2; J. M
Rcss, Fairont. R. I). 3. and J B Car
penter. Fairmont, H I) 5. All other
ihreshermen in the county are urged
a report to Mr MeComas. Ti e gov nment
makes it compulsory tor all
iresherrnen to cooperate
Mrs. Harry Hood is
Buried at Mt. Hood
The funeral party with the body n.'
Irs. Harry Hood whose death occurr. !
Wednesday In Clarksburg, arrived i;
the city today at 3 o'clock from Clark
burn and this afternoon at 4:12 o'cioi .
will leave over the Monongahda rail
road for Lowesville where the bod
Mil be Interred at Mt. Hood cemt
ry, following services In the M'
>od chruch conducted by the Rev. \Y
Canter, of Clarksburg A numb
relatives from this city accompp.n
I the body to Lowesville including
..Irs. Kllen Straight, mother of the d?
ceased; Mr. and Mrs Harry Wine
berg and Miss Eleanor Straight.
Rough Going for the
Lenine lioernmeni;
(Ry As-iodatcd Press)
AMSTERDAM. July 26. ? Tremler
l.enlne In a speech at Moscow before
the government conference of factory
committees said tlie position of the
Soviet republic had been extremely
acute In view of International complications,
counter revolutionary con
splracy and the food crisis, according
to a Moscow dispatch received via
The Matthow-Ro*ers family reunl in
will be held at Oak Grove Baptist
church the last Saturday In August,
191R. All are Invited to come. Those
havlntt sons In service are asked to
write the name, company and camp
on a poper and aire to secretary to be
used In the service flat;. All who know
of a death, birth or wedding in th"
last year are asked to send same to
the secretary. Mae Matthew. 1016
Gladden St., Fairmont, W. Va
See Denham First Co.
for Storage of Household Goods
32S Jefferson St. Phone 243
jj^^JUoll P. M. |
[Dixie Orchestra
William S. Hart
The Hell Heaad
ef Alaska jj
A Mighty Drama of the B
Eplaode No. 12 of Vitagraph'e
Remarkable Serial of Adventure p
"The Woman in the Web" |i
"Tho Zepp?iin* Laat Raid"
t r. . . .. ' Ar - ' V* -Y jj
Ten Tkoi: in ' while men have been
railed for limited service, to report at i
Syracuse Recruiting Camp, Syracuse
New York, date of entrainment July
29-August 2, end West Virginia Is 1
called on to send 60 of thla number;
".tfi2 white and colored men. grammar
school graduates. for genera! military \
ervlce. hare been called for August.
15. and of this number West Virginia |
ia to send 214 white men to the State i
I'nlversity at Morgantown. No colored
recruit* will go from West Virginia I
under this latter call. j <
"I am firmly of the belief that our
party will nominate Hon. Vlrpil
Highland, of Clarksburg. for United
States Senator." said Hon. Thomas
Townsend. former State Tax Commissioner.
who is at the Raleih. having
come from his home at Charleston to
attend to Important legal business
here "He Is the most available man
for the party to nominate this year;
and his leading position in the contest |
I is largely due to the fact that the
tru'li of that Is being generally recognized
by the Republican voters. With
ill respect to the personalities of the
other three candidates, they do not
( o.eet party requirements no less than
'< the exigencies of the national emer!
genry. as Mr Highland does. His can!
didacy very completely measures up,
i to the demands of the hour.
"Mr. Highland Is easily the leading
ndidate In Kanawha county, and If
vnected to carry It. We are for him
-ecanse we want to do what Is be?! |
>r our parly and our country at thi'
i-itlcal time We as Republicans, feel !
hat we ranno; aJTorrt to disregard rno
eriousness of the situation. The N'a
:'on demands service, efficiency, sue
cess and Mr, Highland has them In
conapicions measure. The pe;>p!e arc
demanding more bu-iness men In Con- '
gross. The war has shown them that j
a successful war government must be I
successful business government; It ;
i'.aa shown them that the best govern
:nent after the war to hare is a |
business government. Government Is |
business in these times. The big I
bu inesa men and not the big poll<
ana ate to be called in to service
, m now on Mr. Highland is of the !
, o'hest type of successful business!
oen that West Virginia can proudly i
boast of. It looks to me like the
Itepublirn.ns of the State will offer his
rvice to the Nation. From a party
.ingle, and from every other stand-1
.. ! <# fp.im which his candidacy Is
vewed. It seems to meet the iltua-jl
m this year as no other.
"In Knnawha and surrounding coup 1
lies, Mr. Highland's candhiacy Is
.isily the leading one and Justifies J
the general prnc.'ktlon in that seeon
that he will be voted the nomination
by a handsome majority. i
Hon. S. A Scott, of Fayette county,
general manager of the New River
roal Company, one of the largest in!
ihe State, said nt the Hotel Washing-.
ion today that he favored the nomi- j
nation of Hon. Virgil L. Highland, of i
| Clarksburg. Mr. Scott Is an active)
Republican worker, has been a
, member of the State Committee of his
| party, and har l,een prominent in
I political affairs In campaign years.
"Mr. Highland's candidacy appeals;
J very favorably to the Republican i
I voters In my section of the State.",
he told friends. "We regard him as <
(he eype of successful business man
to represent the State in the upper'
halls of Congress. The policy of hi
eampatgn har been very credible. I' 1
has hern conducted on a high plane
' thoroughly in keeping with the broad|
mlndedness. sound Judgment, and high 1 i
I character he possesses. His nom.
J Matinee at 8:48, 20c all scats
Nignta at 7:30 and 9,20c and 30e
All This Week
Mary Brown's
Classy Musical
Entire Change of Bill
Last ahow ot the present season.
Don't miss It. You'U b*
lonesome when we're gone.
Theatre closed for repairs for i
3 weeks after Saturday night, j
Wolves ol
Weeklv News Fe?ifi??v
here and elsewhere.
Theda Bara in "A FO(
y CHAftLMMOOKt MtfrM.j ||
oat.an will certainly have a moil
islutary effect upon the moral* of our
>arty, but It will Inspire the sincere
ipproral or the best and most patrl>tlc
thought that we hare in onr State,
luch a man as Mr. Highland U In the
Senate, will afford the people of West
Virginia a feeling of safety and pride
He Is. Indeed. In ercry way worthy.
"In the section of the State with
ehlch I am familiar hia candidacy ts
daily making fine progress; a fore
ra?t of Its success In that section
.? ,1 CHI."
Moose to Remove
to Former Home
Fairmont Lodge. 9. Loyal Order of
Mooie. made arrangements at last
itlght'a meeting to remove from their
rooma In t'unnlgham Hall to their
former horns. 418 JciTeraon street. At
last nlght'a meeting three candidates
were Initiated.
The secretary. Ray D. Harden. Is
destrtous of having the members
"square up" for the "Birth of a Nation"
benefit. He Is anxious to make
a settlement snd wants the members
to return their tickets and cash.
In Monday's draft out of Fairmont
nine "Howd y Paps" were numberea
in the incrcciant. which runs the
total local Moose in the scivtcc up to
109. The member ship is 1200 and that
ir.cjiis more than a twelfth of the Ixv
iai Moose arc in the service of L'nclc
Sa. The extra nine stars will be added
to the seivice flag In the near future.
which la COO miles from
Buenos Ayres, is one of the oldest cities
In the Argentine, and certainly one
of the most Interesting. The city,
which is built on a flat plain, lies directly
at the foot of the Andes and
enjoys a superb view of Its beautiful
snow-covered heights.
If you have not attended
our sale you are mis- !
sing a rare opportunity. ;l
A Great Saving
ef Shoe Money
It will be the buyei*
who will make money at
this sale not the one
!who stays away.
Note These New Prices
' ???? ?
. Misses and Chldren'a White ;
i Canvas Button Shoes (4 Ar ;
I sixes to 3 ^1 s2w ;
J ?J
i Women'* White Canvns Lar
t Hoot*, ruber eole. *lze:?d Jf
j 2H to 7 #l.*l ,
i Men'a White Canvas Oxford*
with rubber or leather Cf. I
sole fliil .j
Misses and Children's White
Canvas Mary Jane sillppers
8?4 to 11 $1.00
ll'/i to 2 $1.25
'j Woman'* White CasM f|A
vas laee boot* fisVV
Misses and Children's White
Canvas Lare Shoes
Sizes 8?/4 to 11 ... $1.25
11 Vt to 2 $1.50
Wotnee's White Canvas Pumps,
$1.25 to $2-50
Child* sizes 10*4 55c
Youths and Girl s 11 to 2 ..
Boy's and Men's 2>,i to 10 .. 75c
SOU Today
In a Thrilling Artcraft
Picture Also Featuring
Vols Vale.
r the Rail
. f?'-?!o-?d'i>. events
? rTfjt ?W ;
HQt JULY 28,191& *_
r i
Youi* Pocketb
When You S
During Th
"Economy" and "Thril
to have them engraved on
would take you by the har
is located on the busiest cc
200 C^(>1 Simi
1 i
One group of ?os'a'.i sei pontine
repe kimonas and i Irn color blue
ind pink gingham hou:c dresses,
*2.50 values ra
choice fl.tfV
One group of children's dresses
male of gingham, white linen
lawn sed middy cloth, assorted
styles, la slice a to 12 years. It.
values to $2. choice fwC
These Are Bu
Black Silk aid Vel'
Hats appropriate for w
range $2.50 to $10.00.
Any man who has proi
or coof cloth has realized (
- \M i. J
can save yoursau a great, a
these light cool suits they'r
Won't genuine palm beech suits
In either light or dark colors, sizes
34 to 44. Sell'ng everywhere at
from $10 to 412. Oar flDlk?flS AC
clearance price now ...
Men's High-Grade Panama
Hats, $3.95
Very fine quality genuine Panama
hats In 4 different blocks, sizes
?% to 7%. real $S value.
These Days Ar
Belter have enough shoes to chi
mendoualy. Comfortable, carefully n
be had at smalt prices on the seep J
Up to $1.50 women's black patent
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Z $2.sa
Up to $3.60 women'e and misses
white canvaa shoes, clippers, oxfords
end pumps, sites torn 3<? hat
broken n every stylo, but an
n the lot, choice QQ
( -I
ook Win Wc
ihop at The Iie
Last Days ?
%i~lA 1 VJLj
tM are great words these d
the lining of your pocketb
id and lead you straight t
>rner in town.
mary Porch ar
At a
k Woman'* n'.nin blue
sfc with nocketn and belt :n
, ? --duccd to
5 $4 00 Women's Plaid
t with piaue collar and snl
. button trimmed, sites 30
$ and 17 50 new rind
ir larre plaids, with plan
belts, fan; v pocket*. eal I
site* 1? to 44. reduced ti
I'D to S9.00 women's
rocrrerixed poplins etc .
Tg I handlins asnrttcl. atvlc;.WJ
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j Women's $12 30 and
/ foulards and satin dress*
i taunc and brown, sites IS
/h?n reduced to
Just a few more left
xinxham. percale, voile
sites, values to $4.K?, chn
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ircsses, assorted styles, sixes II ti
12 years, values to $1 50. #t AJ
thoice #I.A?
$5.75 children's silk poplin coal
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o fi year. M Q|
sy Skirt Days
For women who are going ava
or staying at home want plenty <;
fresh white skirts for the w.vr
weather, with such fine assortmen
to choose fom and at pices fror
a third to a half less than thei
real value, every wenian shoul
own two or three of these fin
l'p to $2.50 white rahardne plqu
and rep skirts made with 2 peel
eta and belt, sizes 24 to j AJ
30, reduced to
$3 fancy weave aid plain rvhlt
gabrdine nnd repp skirts. 2 fane
button trimmed pockets, wide liel
ihtrrod bark, a'tea M to 30. a At
wairt measure, redmed to . |a9l
$4 fine gabardine and pure line
skirts, large fancy pockets, peai
button trimmed, shirred back ut
An- Ka1? .Uni Or. ?o 4 A A fki
uoi mm wen, bi*vj ?v n- r n|
educed to .j?m9f
$4 50 and $5.00 flaest qoalit
white gabardine <klrt*. trimme
with Urge pearl button*, shirre
back under wide belt, eizea up t
38 walet mcaiure, M f|
reduced to fW^fl
vet Nats Are The
ear now and later ,have ji
d Palm Bei
rided himself with a light
luring the last few days
ea! of unnecessary sufferii
e q'lite inexpensive.
| Men'a cool cloth lulta of Ugh
' and modlum dark grey rclxlur*
J in alios >4 to 44 Selling ever*
! whero at ?ro:n $11 to $15 Ocr fin
j al clearance price $1.51
Men's Leghorn Hats. $1.51
In natural color and pure whit
leghorn, aercral :liape? to chooa
from, aliet G$? to 7% values t
$3 00
e Hard On Feet
ir.M often. It will help matters tr<
ltd* footwear for all the farcllr la t
floor shoe department.
Up to fS.M women's whit* canrs
and whit# poplin slipper* an
iMimps. hlfh or low heels, sites 2)
to 1, choice, #| Aj
Up to 13 hi worn >n's hitch shoe
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2* to 34. onlr, ft Aj
cboica. pair ^I#wl
tar a Kg Smile
iarrison Store
if Our July 1
ays. It wouldn't be a bad idea jk
iook. Then your pocketbook w
0 the Harrison Store -which
id Street Frocks
1 Sacrifice
or Dink gingham dresses neatly u4i
sizes IK to 4<
gingham street dresses neatly Bidt
rta 2 gorkots and belt pearl M |F
to 9\ rcduood to vZaVV
^am fro-ks. for women tn small rhe<ka
ii '.kin*. prcMv leather or self material
button timraed. 54.951 J
striped or for ered roller, plain wait.
tw? or .1 kind. slightly rolled from
sizes and color*. $2.69 J
J", row silk taffeta crepe de chine, atlk
? ir black. navy and cinen blue, gray
of women's house and *treef dresaea of
etc. soiled and broken QQ
1 j One group of girl's dress**, made
f fliue ginghams, crepa. whita lln
i i ps and middy cloth In sizes to
J . :4 soars, assorted style* |4
I <2.6# yrluea. choiea 9lef?
T'n to |R ohiilroo'a aorga and
- .hopberd cbeck roata, (tie* I to K
8 jSSSa Hall
n .1 A a.
Battling ouitt
Arc the Real Vacation Clothes.
T >Ve have them for father, Bother.
<t iit?r and brother and ell are ren
j duced In price.
n | 75c children'!" one-piece
r liathlnr aulte, now vvl
' M 50 *nen*s and boy's ene-plec*
.iersey Bathing
( suits, now .991
ti 60 men's one-piece Jersey bathe
in? it IS
y now ,f Ii99
S Women's 65 00 on? piece wool
Jersey bathing sulti, J
5 97.50 women's wool Jersey #K
Satblaf suits, naw .#9
d Bathing Caps 29c, Me, and Tie
) Bathing Shoes and Slippers Me
and C9e.
Vogue of tbo Miuto I
jst been unpacked. Price*
*ch Suits! I I
;-weight suit of Palm Beach I
what summer can be. You I
ng by investing in one of I I
} Boy's war.1i suits of Dovenahtre I
oth galeta. repp. etc.. in dies 2H M
I j to t yurt, up to f! 5J #1 C| I
| I values, now I
) Men's Panama Hats $2.50 I
e Genuine : anama mts In serenl I
* . mile on'! staple shape, la dsea I
. I to 7*t values to ft.M
In The Bargain I I
-? a I
Harrison s specni iooee rouua
F coffee, 4
? j.cr lb IW B
"Crown" ??rarj roasted crffce. la
one poond paper cirtona, eltbt-r
rround or crala. per 25* I 1
I Quaker core flake*. f
j per package I
.Pointer rice, per 13 os. f
- package I WW
L Boyd'* Porcelain lined line trait
Jar cape, per M.
sortuent that wiil meet all re*wto
} Extra heavy white rebber Jar
ring* per dot fc. or 3 do*, ff.
- tor SWm
Pure white cane granulated eager
pound 99
S quart trpple coated enaaelai
preserving MA*
kettlea HI
Tall alia aHnor brand evaporated
can milk. #?*
? t eaca tor Z9t fl

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