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K, VA/JV #
J rui m mil
Newest Coal Town Willi
1 . ri A _ rr |
Sena strong icam
Manager Knight, of the Idam...
baseball m. ban just completed ai
raqfcments with the Downs baseball
team for a (ame to be played at Ida
nay next Sunday afternoon.
s U la understood that Downs will
end an unusually strong team to Ida
may composed of payers from Man
nlngton and Wheel.ng. which means
that Idamav fans will see a real game
Bererldge. the hard hitting Idaraay
twirier, will he on th" mound for the
heme team
|2E? ? ?
ktmberport and
Baxter to Clash
The Lumberport baseball team will
Coma all the way to Baxter on Sunday
to eluh with the fast Baxter baseball
Ijimhernort lias been playing
good beseball this year and is considered
on* of the best teams in Harri
MB county
With Baxter playing the kind ot
baseball she has been playing for th?last
lew games they all look the same
to Baxter.
Augast 4 Baxter wtll go to Watson
tar a baseball game. The follow in;Sender
a game Is scheduled with th<
Manntagton baseball team at Man
Farm Bureau Members Gobi
Morgantown on
I* ,* Sunday.
Ha.' - a I
Fifty farmers or more will make an
educational trip to the state expcril
mental farms at Morgantown on Sun
v day. The Marlon county party willl
lease the court house in this city at
* t o'qlock in the morning. Everybody
It to take lunch along. W. E. Mct'om
as, county agent, today stated that he
had received word that a number of
I department heads of West Virginia
Vnivaralty will meet the local farm
era at the extension office at Morgantown
between 11 and 12 o'clock. Mr.
McComaa exm-cis fully a dozen machines
to make the trip.
No aet route has been made as
aome are going on the eart aide of the
Moaongahela and others are making
the trip on the west side. Thoae who
aaaaot get started from Fairmont at
o'clock are expected to go directly
to Morgan town. The main thing is to
roach the extension office at Morgan
The trip is being made under the
aaapices of the Marlon County Farm
Bmeu. The party will return to Fair
oat on Sunday night.
Last evening a dance was held at
Maaonlc hall and as the many couples
ewayed back and forth across the
brightly lighted windows, they were
watched by a number of the hill residaats
on the street a'ocve. Last night
was anusully hot and few could sleep.
Lying eteee to the open window In an
anxious search for some of those
friendly breezes. I thought of a densely
populated city I know about where
people without any to-do about it. carry
their cots out in the backyard and
slept (be sleep of the cool, in smaller
cities people are more or less infinanced
by what their neighbors do.
If they approve everything goes
smoothly; if not. one dare? not venture
on unfamiliar undertaking. Mr?.
Blown doesn't take her cot nut ofdoora
to aleep and therefore I must
not. I alept hotly and properly in ray
npaUire bedroom with friend breerel
gone on a vacation. But I saw a lot
o< pretty thin** and enjoyed myaelf
tmmnnnrir nevertheless.
The dancers did not seem to mind
tko heat as they Wept time with the
sic which played every tune imag
liable, now loud, now soft and now
t . resembling the ever popular Jars mu
lit. They passed and repassed the
lf? window*, sound of their volets
and their songs floating out to me
_ They clapped enthusiastically for more
id ion and they daneed ou until
BMilght and even later. I watched
big aoon above the hall sliding
L . through a mother-of-pearl cloud. I
Witched these same clouds as they
Meed alowly into various positions
an though going through an old fash
iMOd minuet and I wondered how they
aonM change into so many shades of
gmy and pearl with no color of dav
C night to aid them Wnen they be
raws weary of slow dancing, they took
ahppaa of all kinds. I as v n.njy ces
ties, many long stairways leading Into
r the Invisible and many quaint ladle
rattting on heavily cushioned clouds?
j ' clouds which looked a* though one
weald elnh forever out or sight if ore
need them for eeats or feather beds
' The thought of feather beds remind
tf me again of the hot night and I
looked back at the dancers, so satis
fled with life
^Mhofght hew true it was that wt
, lived In cycles Just like the animal
world . First came the age of childhood
when we thought of nothing but
play. Then the age when we believe
in all things, have utmost faith In our
-elves and are wrapped against any !
possible disappointment in life by an
iron cljflk of conceit. Tncn the age
' when we dance merrily ant', soon elter.'
' lie days when we dance no more ana [
i little later the days when we I'ke
instead to hear the music of the world
.(? It goes crashing by; when the music
of the dance-hall sounds faint ana
far-away like the sounds of a toy
piano. V
Isn't It a peculiar thing that so
.. neon><- htirrv awav on a vaca
I "
lion about this time every ><r.r and
occupy ere or two hot rov ? with '
, fo't.-r cinvenience* than to.-/ hare a' 1
hoini ? and pay a fcreat d"f1 more than '
such rooms are worth, just for a
change City people go to the coun
j try: country people go to the city
I Kverybetlv does something different |
: and ever>h'>dy count It a change and
'a vacation I heard of a woman onri
who took a very unique vacation aboif
I thla tine of the year. She felt >h<could
not spend a great deal for rail'
road fare and hated still more to spend
money for hotel accommodations that
could not possibly compare with the
uidenrss and coolness of her own
comfortable home; and because she
i was dclermined to have some sort of
1 a change, she managed in this way
1 She sent her three children to her
mother's just a short car road out of (
the city. The children were delighted
for grandmother wasn't very stem! I
Then she told her husband she would I
i meet hlra in town each evening for
! dinner and that he need not come
: home for lunch for there wouldn't he
1 any. The plan worked finely. Just
I' Nervousness and Nerve
Troubles on the Decline
I "Nothing wrong hut your nerv<
i.s a saying that is fast dying out in
''tis country While nerve trouble is
no organic disease, one of our leading
1 :mi specialists remarked: "A man
woman might better break a leg
i in hare a shattered nerrons ays etn."
Overwork and worry drains the
reive cells of their reserve strength
:nd food, and then follows the sleep'
irss night, indigestion, poor appetite,
i impure blood and general nervous
The thing to do In such rases no
longer troubles doctors and thalr patients
who know from their own experience
the value of Phosphated
Iron. They know that a few weeks'
regular use of this nerve food and red
j hlood builder will strengthen and
brace up the whole nervous system,
because Phosphated Iron gives the
itired, hungry, wornout nerve cells
phosphates and Iron, in a form easily
and quickly absorbed; as one happy
user said: "You can almost feel It
taking bold of the nerves and blood,
after a short time you feel like a
new person; life sems a pleasure and
worth living once again.
In every section where Phosphated
| Iron has been used there has been
a big decrease of nerve trouble* and
It will prove a welcome relief to any
sufferer. You can bank on it for
result*?lt'a pure.
To Insure physician* and their pa
ticnts getting the genuine Phosphated
Iron we have put up In capaule* only,
.to not take pills or tablets. Insist
on capsule*.
Mountain City Drug Co. and leading
druggist* everywhere.
i| Jas. W. Coogle j
| Got Shot Sunday |
| At Blacksville |
(one pound)
! Men's Wear
318 Main Street.
let me tell yon what this nanally busy
mother did with her time.
In the morning che lay comfortably
and uncalled until something llhe cold
< antalope and rich creamed coffee and
toast said "Maybe you'd bettor get
up" Iter husband got his own breakfast.
leaving the house with a low
"Boodhye, mother, have a good time!"
About eleven o'clock she carried all
the new magaiines out under a trewhere
comfortably seated, she spent
until nearly two o'clock, reading, gazing
about or dreaming lengthwise on
the grass. When she felt Just like tf.
she prepared herself a glass of something
cold and made a number of
small sandwiches hunting about in
the refrigerator and on the pantry
shelf for anything tempting. She tried
to hr as utterly irresponsible as a child
and only when it became necessary
did she bother ordering groceries. At
r..ght, jfter a long delightful day. she
and went to meet her husband
and they enjoyed a dinner together
which while it probably was not quite
io Rood as one ahe could have prepared
herself, neither appeared to no
.re a.iy defects, and both claimed to
Uave had the time of their lives. This
>ort of a program went on for two
weeks and when it ended the busy
mother says she wouldn't have traded
ner vacation for any otheri l)d yon
ever try one like it yourself?
Doesn't it make you mad to run
across some one as cool as a rucumj
lav* pleasant in the honv
f mtlav?There is no l>ette
ket than we offer. Come
ii we will gladly give you i
> Fairmont Elect
J Next D?or Princess T
| r\: of Amert
I At no time^ould a mar
I getting the genuine PAI
A substitute is too cost!
i |
It's economy to buy the bettt
: ?at 35? or more
i i
Children's H
Chicago V
Kid* moh "\'T mfc
<o/"> camct* -1 \
3:( MMWD'AU'l
i Iv
lis?' 1
Ott MU -6V*ST ;
i trrrw&o wu< ?
V MoeiN' rj MfCS
** im " &>
:-: BOX]
, b?r when by rights they should be Jui
1 a shot as you! I wonder, by the wa
just how cool a cucumber Is an.vwaj
No doubt the expression originated I
the heart of an iced cucumber for ot
right orf the vines on a day like this
decidedly not ?-ool. Christian Scie
list? >j we are just as we feel ar
If we feel hot we'll be hot and if s
(eel <ooi we'll be that way Instea
Perht'j. that is why some folks i
about their work and never compla
i'.hen the fellow next Is wiping h
lirow mil- tablv They say science ra
,!-? trovt anvil ins A younc chicks
broke lier leg recently and when si
hart God is love." said to her. si
walked off whole agatn.
1 th.nk really the mind does have
lot to do with one's feelings Son
people thrive well under a good dot
>f Christian Science. The person wt
frets and fumes and can't sft still b
cause of the heat la usually fearfull
hot. while the calm person who r
mains quiet and doesn't allow ar
emotion to ge* away with him. Is usua
lv quite comfortable. It become
however, a quite physical matter <
being master of one's body and <
keeping the blood so undisturbed thi
heat Is kept at Us lowest possible d
zree . I saw a fat man once walk ti
and down the station platform wii
a handkerchief in his collar and fa
aing himself madly with his hat. H
| said: "On. isn't this terrible! It's tl
' hottest day we ever had! I nevt
could stand the heat!" He plunged t
1 1 ' .'?
ike a Sea
reeze in Yoiir
m Home
ake the Warm
* O" - - -i. 11
e, siore or on ice ai a sniau
ir electric fan on the marin
and let's talk it over?
i demonstration.
ric Service Co,
lieatre, Jefferson Street.
'ou know that imitation is
he sincerest flattery.
rudely and widely imitated v
-more so. perhaps, than
? i . . t \
:ven our numan aesire ior
>raiseworthy approval in- :?
i better aiiord i c insist upcr 1
RIS GARTER than today
y at any price.
r grades of PARIS C.iRTEFL
in & co.
'takcis i
ICKORY Gi'tcrs
New Yorlt
4RIS \ m*.
o metal, J
^ills*HV?t**'r?A. I
*%*) /VoouttE V-%- !
jJV ^S?wrSfjJT .
it and down like a mad bell and mo*
y. of the time he was in the sun. whet
r? he could just as well have ataye
In >iuietly on a seat in a waitlnc rooi
le with all the breete there was comlni
is .n from the river directly upon him
n- He needed a litttle of that "God i
id I love" medicine.
d he melts fast these days but It 1
c > i satisfaction to some to know tha
In he ice stations are close at hand
is Many ihildren in the city have th<
in ;ob of carrying it this summer Thi
tn hovs who have charge of these station:
ip >av they are making good money de
ie livwing to those too far to come fo:
it- <?d children not tn charge of fa
i Don't I
"p H'e could make mor
more friends by sellin? t
^ they are much better va
Ci^r^ t ? ^ ^
Tb? ?X fcuj. ,./? \:,*p
Panama Hare
I Hats y4 off?<
I Men's Wash
Big lot affording cl
other designs.
I A Sal<
Black and Tan Oxfords
Don't consider the k
the hest shoe events vou
and materials are of the
If you fail to find you
MO* t D<m UUF\ ( SIX&YJ
CAfcfcfTS KKl r? i S \flUyy
OtXO 1 DON'T r-7 v
. .-7 Too J J
' ; v..
t lion* are charging ar.ywbere from a|
n penny up?mostly up?for bringing tt
1 home themselves Some of the little,
n etrl* In the city claim that some of
g the little boys In < h?rge give them anl.
usually good weight'
s This kind of weather must be hard
on peta because they don't play with
uuite the same enthusiasm We hare
s a little dog that we Iots very much
t and in answer to some one who aaked
I. why we wanted to bother with "a little,
f i Id. dirty dog'" we replied, in company
s with all other dog losers. "We like
s this dog because she likes us and la
s just about the bet' friend we hare
r She has no other thought but for us
and waits behind the basement door, |
c money by selling lower pric
he better grades, because they
lue. That's why we sell
Kuppenheimer a
y < Fashion
And why we urge men t
them carefully and compare I
$25 to $4
You ought to see the sin a
playing in
Just right for Summer Big
tions $10 to $30.
Straw Hats
And you surely will want 1
hat to finish the season and to
the Spring next year. These
are some of the bat stock,
markable fine selection.
and Split Straw
Others V2 Price
Ties 2 For 25c
hoice of stripes, figures and
. \js l r
5 vi men 5 v
White ai
$2.40 and $3.40
iwnesa of prices, take our word
have had the good fortune to
kind always found in high-fn
ir site in the broken lota choose
Grade Oxfor
THAT* 1M rO HT BM Atf>
i wi iw wn f
I %
>ORTS 11
h<>r way Her rood morula* 'WfeMfee - \l
??art? the day Jeet right Mm mm- /I
her whole bod? eo glad la eke la see
us She stead* oe her smalt Mat feet?
and be?s for a career She MfeS St.. I
everrwhere we go. ao matter Sfeit
he I* doing No matter etet we MS- -
jeet (be It pertectly wlliiag IS feffe ll |
part and no matter what we Set fefe/il I
loree us just the same She eater <1
caps or httes nor hat yet ehows a* JM
nstv sttwsk snr "
dog with a lr>n?i *ltt.dar. hill
tad fw? and with aran thai walulM
ovary aova ? * make. hit wa Ilka Ik 1 I I
a whola lot hatter than a uamhaa- I I I
paopln wa know " 0" I
od stkili, but we make I I
wear better and longer;
Park Clothes | I
o see them and examine I <fl
irt new models we're d!*? I m
feave 1
selec* I
bcfords . 1
nd Palm Beach Oxfords
I for it that this is one of
share in. Workmanship
a a
we snoes.
from our whole stock of
ds At -1
.? > I
^ Hi I
, . jLvfliAn; ' j*, "''mhI
_ jfc?, _. ';. ,'^i.^jiiM
I?tj3a4| D

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