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I | Pittsburgh 111
W PITTSBURGH, July W.-On Fourth
mm, trad lac *? limited, with the
quotation* firm. Amaiieaa Window
gum Machine common, with 7S sharea11
I aold at 53B4 roaa point. Independ- I
H ant Brewing common gained >4 to ; I
and Pittsburgh Brewing preferred, I
I aeent up V* point to 9>4
Hi I". B. Steel aold 2."> sharea at To?.
lain Of 1* Pltttaburgh Oil and Gas. 1
H abld to the iitent of 22S shares, lost I
10 %. None of the other active I
revlalerel rhanre" In
W f.OtflTshare, wed* sold, and $1.050 of I
? Liberty 4%?. which sold off 20 cent.
t? #8.46.
Sale* 11. eh Low.
10 A W Glass pfd loo 100
7SA WO Marti.. 5344 \
ISO Ind Brewing ... l\ 1%
1.000 Mt Shasta ... 27 .2<
126 Penna R R ... 44'* 44
16 Pgh Brew pfd.. S'i 9ty'
200 Pgh Coal pfd 81'., 81
3,0000 P-J Copper .. 31 .31
226 Pgh O fc G ... 7% 7H
41 Pgh Steel pfd.. 92'* 92% I
#25 Riverside East. 1H l'.a
26 U S Steel .... 107 107
" ?*>,
#1,050 Lib Ln 3d 4'4* 93.60 #146
I 1 New York
NEW YORK. July 26?Except fcr
tba Prat and final hours, when dealInga
were moderately active, yrster
day. stock market sounded the
H depths of mid summer dullness.
The heavy buying towards the end
was coincident with unofficial reports
B of fresh Allied gains along important
sections of the western ba'tle front.
Earlier war news exercised little cf
feet on the market and latest peace
rumors excited only languid Interest
la well Informed banking circles.
I | Grain and Produce
fl CHICAGO, July 26? Cheering war
news had much to do with sharp
bressk which took place yesterday in
the price of corn. The market closed
Bervoas. 3%e to 3%e net lower, wtih
H Anrust 1614*41152. and Seotr.aiber
I1 1.61* C 1.51V Oat* lost %c'to 114c
, and provisions Sc to J5c.
Articles? Opeen Close
Ana 154 151*4
8opt 154*4 152v.
An* 89* 59
Kept 68* 6!',
July 4685
Sept 4576 456.>
l f OH and Gas |
In the Eastern field1 more attentlor
ia being given to cleaning out oM
Wells and drilling deeper than to looklag
for new territory, and while in
' the main the results are not more tl-an
\ alight increase In the producing
J power of the wellr, occasionally an
/ agreeable surprise Is met with and
sometime* Important developments
are fonnd In the lower strata.
The Cabin Creek development In
Kanawha county. West Virginia, has
famished a striking example or the
malts of deeper drilling. In October
1911, the Mammoth Oil and Gas Company
completed its Initial test well on
tbe W H Hu-Jnei; farm, located on the
waters of Kelleyg Creek and found
paying gas well in the Greer sand.
The well has been a gasser ever since
aatn drilled Id deeper yesterday, when
It atarted flowing oil at the rate of
M barret* an hoar. After fiowlng tour
| to five hoars at this rate, the well
[ was shot In until tankage can be provided,
which Is being rushed as raplily
aa possible. This Is an Important
wall la this field, as there are n numbar
oi gaa wells owned by the United
Pael Gaa Company and the Columbia
Gas and Electric Company which huve
not been drilled deep enough to tap
tkio pay.
t* tVK*lh district, flilmcr countv
I the Sooth Penn Oil Company has completed
Its Initial test well on the H
A Gainer farm orvl has a five barrel
per day producer in the Big Injun
In Grant district. Pleasants county,
the Tatt Farm Oil Company has com
' pleted Its No 4 well on the M E Tait
(arm and It Is dry In the Salt sand.
In Jefferson district. Pleasants county,
the Baker Oil Company has completed
Its No 4 well on the J C Malene
farm through the Salt sand and
The Thousands Here Who Have j
Made The Savings Account
Succeeded fought Beyond |
the Profit ?f the Memcnt
How many businesses or |ij '
|i professions can become ?s- if |
tj tabllshed and yield abumlaut f
I profits in a year? A saving 1 i
I account also la * thing of i f
I normal growth. The Interest ,f
I returns dollar for dollar in- * I
I vested will compare favora- f |
I ble with the returns on the
meut in many bualneea- J |
qnmiv m> ' - .. i v .
? <.? ? / /wu irmrnming ' fl
I aa opportunity If you do not [J
I uri wait of your dollnra for Ul '
K yourself and build a smalt ' I
R Independent fortune Start I ;
I. B with ua. Bring a few dot- , J <
I FAmMOiClill!
| \
I fik
it la a duster
In the Bond* Creek development. In
MrKlu district. Pleasants county, the
Mil ullough Oil Company has completed
Ita second test on the D M MrCullonyh
farm to the Big Injun sand
and it la showing for a five-barrel per
day producer from that formation.
Thla location la 590 feet sooth of the
same company's Initial teat well on I
this farm.
On P..sight fork. In uDval district,
Lincoln county .the South Per.n Oil
Company la drilling a second test on
ita Horae Creek Harless tract, 750
feet southeast of Its Initial test on
this tract.
In the Mannington Held the Carnegie
Natural Gas Company's Initial test
well on the J L Phillips farm Is still
holding op at 50 barrels per day.
The sage observation that "It's nice
to get up In tb<> morning, but It's nicer
to lie in bed." is no 1 >nger a shameful
confession of lailnesa. T ie B"*f h
minister of munitions investigating the
health and eificiency o. lu woi-tr*
found that too early rising in harmful.
j A hvulr Ttlrium cnmpourd that ?fa?
rxsa:4a asair,#t c'ront- lore and t;.r*at
tr- . bl*a. A tonic-r?#tnranv? prepired
witn?>-jt harmful or bab't-formlnc 4: Ufa.
Try th*m today.
50 cents a box, including war tax
F*?r Ml# by all Ururciat*
lxLuwa La Juratory, rtuluddphia
?a is L > *' .
|l On
| Near H
8 Invest in real estate
8 men that will soon be ne
8 increase in value ought
jn pretty home within the i
I TbeW
I IS Prel
g all ready for occupancy8
~>ost beautiful places an
8 On the Speedway,
g ers, we have erected 15 li
8 iently arranged, are plur
8 electricity, have stone st
O Qiramr irm* nHvnnfii?A nnr
|| I | noj mn rtv live am
it: in this city, and are goiri
1 Get In 0
: :
I Great Vali
| Only 10% C
j **
5: Take advantage of tl
| Greatei
j Real Estate Department.
Supreme Court
Grants Appeals
Tie supreme court of appeals at
Charleston has allowed appeals la the
chancery causes of Lawrence 8.
Schwenck of Mannlngton, vs. Ambrose ,
D Ilcss and others and The Bank of j
Mannlngton va. Ambrose D. Heaa and
other* These are consolidated causes
In chancery Invites the half Interest
of our tracts of land altuated In Lln
coin district, this county.
In the Marlon county circuit court!
Judge Haymond held that the sum
1 paid by Mrs. Hers did actually go to I
| the payment of a part of a debt held
by a creditor of the said firm, and
! that Mrs. Hess was entitled to rtcov |
I er back as against said Interest thus
conveyed to her by her husband the
amount of money actually paid by her,
' ' 1 "
Money at Small Cost;
Our eaav pavment plan enables the
jenpardizlns his regular business or
Also keep In mind that ? per re
Inz from one to Ave dollars, acrordli
all the expense.
When you need monev remembe
fan help you out. No charge
103 MAIN
p-" Real
1- 4*. .
ia fl^oaf In
IV \#A VM^ All
i in the section of Fairmont th
eded in Fairmont's industrial 1
to appeal to the man of ordir.i
reach of men of even the most
page Earn<
tty Houses
4 room bungalow, 4 room, 2 s'
d one of the greatest investm :
, right in the section of Fairm
louses of various styles on lots
nmed for hot and cold water, i
eps leading from street, are fi
1 desirably Convenient to Cai
ig to sell thein at prices and o
in The Grow
lies Low 1
?ash, Balance 1
ictically the San
his opportunity today. Come
)n, and start paying for your
' Fairmon
* 1
tat nkjact t? tta anAH at tta gaa
ratals that tava taw received by
her taclutaC ?Hh the lint one recat
red about tta last af March, III*.
and dowu to and laehidlat the (u
rental paid for the year of 1117.
Parie Dog Quickly
Becomes a Devil Dog
ST. PAUL. Minn.. July 24?"Say.
pard, I'm a "prairie dog' from North
Dakota and I want to go over there
and become a "devil do*,' " aud. reliovlna
himself of this sentiment,
William D. Knickerbocker, of Doeden,
N D.. took his place in line in
the t'nlted States marine recruiting
Station here.
Knickerbocker passed an almost
perfect physical test, and Is now on
Hid on Easy Payments
i borrower to cancel a loan without
personal needs.
nt discount, and a smalt foe. .anrits
to the amunet harrowed, covers
t the
i for information
dustrial A
at is going to be the ideal p
ife. The investment is not on
ary means. Our liberal met
modest incomes.
sr's Oppoi
To Choos
tory housese, and 5 room, 2 stmt
propositions ever placed 1
ont that it rapidly becoming f
50 x 140 feet. The houses ar
lave stationary laundry tubs
?nced in with ornamental iro
r line. We built them to me<
n terms that will be helpful to
id Floor. Bl
Prices Es
% per Month W
ne as Paying R?
to our office and we will go
home NOW
t fnvestm
, , v
* ? v fc| , ?
re, JULY 18, PML
kit way to Paris Idaad. S. C., to the
to aria* training station there.
Mrs. A. W. Etnas, ot 8prtn( street,
will go to Now MartinsTllls today.
After a several weeka' visit there aho
will return to thi* city with her daughters,
Mlstes Phyllis ard Pauline.
v I v| For quick results 1> >r
!* nth the Forehead iSfa
A and Templet with ? _^V
Pursuant to an order entered in the
matter of James Specialty Company, a
corporation, bankrupt, the 20th day of
i July, 1418, the undersigned trustee1
i will, on the 31st day of July, 1418, at
I 1:20 o'clock p m at the store room'
now occupied by said bankrupt, located
on Manroe street in the city of
Feirm ittt, Marion county, West VirI
ginia. offer for sale to the highest bidder
the following personal property,
1 to-wit:
All the stock of merchandise coneisting
of automobile tires, tubes, ac-'
cessories, supplies and fixtures, rash
; register, adding machine, gasoline
i tank and ell other personal propert;
{ now loc:;',"d in said V?fe room.
Terms of sale: Cash.
7-22 24-2C 29-30 Trustee.
1 =1
J y/w
iray I
activities |
lace for the hundreds of ?
ly absolutely safe but the
hod of financing puts a X
se From jj;
ory houses in one of the ]
yefore Fairmonters.
>opular among homeseek- M
e nicely finished, conven- \\\\
i in cellar, are wired for g!'
n fencing, and are in '
it the demand for homes 521
i every working man.
isy Terms j|j
rith Interest ?
rnt |
-?? il. u < ni
uver uif pruprrurs n-im ^ ; |
ent Co. I
lirmont Hotel Building. J
1 J l! ' ,
WANTED?G-^od laborer*; steady et
ploymect Helmick Foundry M
chine Co. 7-lltf-4lj
| WANTED?Men for work on ply
line Apply to the Monongahel
Valley Traction Co.. Fairmont, c
I Farmtntfon. Steady work. Goo
wanes. 718 tfllS
SALESMAN?We have exe'usive te
rltory open In your field, sellin
I Davit' "Made to Measure" clothes-^
the best known popular priced talloi
I inn line In Ame-tca. from "Maker t
I Wearer." Mail application furnishln
I referottce today. F. H. Davis Tailorin
| Company. Cincinnati. Ohio. 7-S4-(t-41A
| WANTED?Mechanics and helpers fo
night work at car barn. Stead:
work. good hour*, good wages. Appl:
oar barn, Virginia Ave. and Tweift!
street. Monor.galiela Valley Trn-tioi
Co. 7-lStMlJ!
GOVERNMENT NEEDS 20,000 wotnei
clerk* at Washington. Examlna
Hons everywhere In August. Expo
rltnce unnecessary. Women deslrinj
government positions write for fre<
particulars to J. C. Leonard (formei
civil service examiner) 996 Kenvii
Bid*. a?hinet n. D C. 7-1331-413:
WANTED?4J:rl Tor general bouse
work. Good wages. Apply 221
Watson ave. Fbone 609-W. 7-22-3t
bale orrent ~ ~
FOR CALK OR RENT?Planing mil
and lumber yard. Tlie best equipped
mill end best location in Marshal
county, only 7a yards from B & O
freight station and above all floods
Inquire of Herman Hess, Tenth street
Moundsvllle, W. V*. 7-l-25t 4992
FOR RENT?Two light housekeeping
rooms. 523 Walnut Ave. 7-12 tf-4125
FOR RENT- Furnished room. 524
Pleroont Ave. 7 16 Ct 4149
FOR KENT ? Furnished rooms. Ap
ply 521 Walnut Ave. 7 24-31-4161
FOR RENT ? Light housekeeping
room*. 12 Rhea Terrace.
7 20 3t 4156
Wanted?By young lady, room with
or without board. With board pre
ferred. Apply box 4173 West Virgin
lan. 7-26 2t. 4173.
Wanted?Tao or three unturnisheo
rooms ior ugm nousrKerpina.
Apply, Box 4172, Wwt Virginian
7-26-2t 4172
WANTED TO KENT ? Five or six
room house. family of three. Address
Box 4154 We:t Virginian.
7-119 31-4154
I am candidate (or ths Republican
Domination (or 1'nlted States Senator,
subject to the will of the voter? at the
primary election to be held on August
the sixth.
Hour vote and Influence wll* be
jroatly appreciated.
riarVnhunc. W. Va.
Editor West Virginian:
You are authorised to announce that
Davis Elklns, of Morguntowa, Monougal'x
county, a candidate (or nomination,
by the Republican party, (or the
United States Senate for West Vlralntn
anhlM-t In all the rules of the
Republican party, and the laws of the
state gorerelng tho primary election
to be hold August, '918.
J. H. KcDKRMJTT, Chairman.
Morgantown. West Virginia.
P. 0. drawer 881. Telephone 100.
You are authorized to announce
I am a candidate for nomination by
the Republican party, for tho United
States Senate for West Virginia, subject
to alt the rules of the Republican
party, and the laws of the state
goverrlns the primary to be held in
August, 1918.
<? Huntington. W. Va.
I F. A. Bartalow 1
5 Transfer and Hauling of All 0
fjt Kinds Coal a Specialty. S
Phone 1595-J. O
!> _
of saving money is a hi
but why make a probler
You want money fo
You can't have it u
and SAVE!
Start your account
ment and get interest
Fairmont Tr
? 0
lAWWItW?f .1
n LOST ?Between Gas office u4 JMta 1
,. drug etore a pork it book caalalafeg
X Registration card, D. E. Brow*. TM
f r please return to Box 4117 Waat Tip
a ciniaa office 7 lMt-414T
ir LOST?By lady tan dollar btU fcetwaa*
d Grafton afreet and Bridge HID Ma
3 Saturday afternoon, July M. Rmd
" i Box 414> West Virginian. lIHt 4MI
g LOST I'm ketbook. Saturday mmUIS *
-1 about 7 o'clock, bet?ten Morsaa'a
s Hill and Morgan Ridge; eoatalaad
d Registration card. I40.0C caah aad .
c small check; alao receipt* aotaa. ate,
x ' Reward if returned to H. W AAofast,
j 117 Gordon St. Fairmont 7 U-lt-ilSl
r FOR SALE-FlrTpaatrasw Mitchell
V touring car. la good condition. A
i Bargain. Call at McCray"a Oann,
9 TlAtNldd
FOR SALE? Sli-room reeldate <B
Field atreet. See f. B. DK-keceom
SOS !x>eu?t avenue 7-M-tMllS
FOR SALE- At bargain Kentucky
thoroughbred aorrel home See John
5 Nllon aWf on Rt. T. 7 lMUltt
For Sale? fchitr of muler, young,
r j sound, and good workera.
i Denham'a furniture store.
7-tMt M
FOR SALE?Good horae cheap. ~S3S
be seen at 129 Speuce si i eat, phone
i n.) M. 7 M-st. 41M.
i FOR SALE?Country general a ten
doing a cash bmonesa of I2M0.
Slock will Invoice about S7S0P. Terau
to auiia purchaatr. Must change occupations
on account of health. H. L.
trim Manning ton. R. F. D. 18 R
i FOR "SALE ? 5-p*!,*enger car, llli
model. cheap for cash. See earner
at Greater Fairmont Bakery.
712.2U1M M
i ri/\ 11 43 A I t," Int. at'' -Cvn=r
nm ?rfui tuia M?nw??i
lj For information rail tll-R.
KOI: SALE ? Six-room frame Mum
seven room brick, olght room brick
hoosr. All large lota. Cloac la. Dm
I (lnblo community. Add rata PoaC- m
offlco ?o? 250 4-KMSQ
KOlt SALR--i.arge roal Rood modun
lion no and garage, real eloac b.
I 957-J. 7-1MUM7 ,.,jH
| j Profcstiona! Cards) fl
Glaaaaa ol all alaSa aarradU
fitied. SatUiactloo guaranteed.
Hall Block orar HarUa'a fins
S or%
~ mmmmmmj fl
Dr. D. L. L YOST
Practira limited to offlaa oaf.
Ne* Location S10 Mala Si 1
Houra t a. m. to I p. m. daSfo
nnd 1 to 4 p. m. Bandar bp aggiM
ment phono?Now Director? STSf
Realdenco Phono 1295 J.
.. mi. .I. .in...
I Ropairing and rebaltdtag mm I
tomobllo radtatora a aportaHp. I
1 ?? ?-* m .ma m I 11a 1
and told. ' I
Practical Tinner and Mad
Metal Worker. S2S Menree ft
U. Schmidt and
R. Lefevrc.
Window Qlaaa and WlndiHdlfc
| Phono 477 W. *02 Qaato? Am
/ #. * a\ \
f / \ \
? ? ? ~ m XZX "St
F. t. Nichols 8 m
Insurance 8
nflovOK! ICOP, Ml m
rd one for young people
1 of it?
r future useless
you deny yourself?
at our Savings Depart- ]
' . .J

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