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tMxle The Zeppelin * I.a?t Raid
Nelaon The Lone Avenger
Prtnceet Romance of the I'nderworld
? ?
HARMING mountain lion* with a
f nkelele wai the aipmiaaia r<
cently undergone by Jewel Tar ,
>eo, the beautifnl mar, while out on
y location In one of ber recent produt
Bff Uone.
. With her director, Robert Thornby.
Vj and camera man, Frank Good, Mirt
Carmen had set out for location froi,
I ? Huntington Lake, which I* in tin
? I heart of the Sierra Mountains. When
about fifty mllea north of Fresno, t'al.
Itjte machine developed engine trouble,
and while Thornby and Good wore
Maing it, Mlaa Carmen unslang her
Ukelele and fiat down by the roadside
tp play and sing.
Gradually In the headlight of the nu
chine there appeared three mountain
llpna, who atood fascinated by the mu
ale. Mlaa Carmen, unafraid, kept on
playing, until the trouble in the engine
waa adjusted Aa noon an the
stopped, the Hons slunk away into the
? ?
Hart is Single Star.
We alwava expect something stren
ttous out of W. S Hart, and the pirtur.
at the Nelson today. "The l?nn
Avenger." is In keeping with the repu
tption of this star We always like
Hart best when he's a hail actor, and
that in Just what he is In this thrilling
story. Lone handed the carries on
rf winning fight against overwhelming
odds and brings to a pleasant ending
a story that has you gasping frequently
at the narrow escapes and thrilling
? ?
Underworld Story at Princeaa.
Catberioa Calvert who played'the
leading part in "A Romance of the
Underworld" when that drama was
ntgking Its stage success, is also the
star In the screen production which t.s
at the Princess tonight. Play and pi<
I tare deal with scenes and events of
New York's grca underworld. The
toiT, told In At thrilling reel*. hn?
as Its principal character a young ann
Innocent g;rl, Doris Klllott. whose life
in suddenly transplanted from the
flatly seclusion of a convent to the
wicked, yet picturesque surroundings
of the underworld. Unknowingly, she
falls In with a gang of "dope" fiendand
political heelers, dominated by an
unscrupulous boss, Mike O'l.eary. It
la a terrible shock to her when she
discovers tha her brother, Richard,
J Is a member of the gang.
OXeary lures a girl friend of Doris
to a Chinatown opium den and arrom
plishes her ruin. He than tries to force
his attentions upon Doris. Her broth
er appears with a revolver and almost
simultaneously Richard is felled with
a heavy Iron poker and O'l.eary falls
with a bullet through his body.
Believing her brother has killed
O'Leary, Doris determines to shiahl
him. She takes the revolver and sits
by the dead body of O'l.eary. The po
lice take her into custody. In a sen
national murder trial she is defende I
bya young lawyer crusader. Thomas
McDonald, who learned to love and
prise her at the very time he was un
earthing the crimes of the gang o(
Which her brother was a member .'
the moment whAt conviction seei
certain an unexpected witness puis i
an appearance and the trial comea
startling and tragiral conclusion
I Spectacular Photoplay Repea}*.
A mighty achievement was that 01
the producer when he gave to the motion
picture business "The Zeppelin's
Laat Raid" which is at the Dixie for
the laat time today. The atory deal):
with the stirring events which lead up
to the triumph of earnest loyal men
and women who dely the ambitions <>(
Imperialistic rulers they once re
vara, and face death and disgrace for
the cause of democratic liberty. The
end of military rule is brought about
by a secret order?"The Cross of Liberty"?recruited
from the high and
It*, and pledged to bring a new birth
of freedom to an enslaved people The
opportunities for big sensational
scenes in which hundreds of people
:.ppear before the camera; for great
Zeppelin raids in which huge vultureof
tbe shy hurl death and destructlnv
cu sleeping and defenseless cities
and for battle scenes the like of whict
1 eve never before been staged, arfaithfully
The commander of the dread nt<.
ater of the skies, the \<-7. 7. ts final 1
won over to tbe cause of liberty l>
tbe love of a beautiful girl, and it .
during 'he last raid of this great dirlg
DDiHfiree !
Ti4ay aid Tmorriw
Romance of the Underworld
I Catherine M
I Siseiw
II Life in Chinatown
j. || Little Italy
r II Blackwell's Island
I || The East Side Dance
1 The Criminal Courts
| The Bridge of Sighs
k - -
M ft?
bit, Wbca word la racalrad by wireless
that tba boar ot tba rtitoc of tha paopla
baa Bounded, and tba dread alrablp
la daatroyad among tba clouds by tba
hand of Ita own master, that tba war
lords of the starring and suffering people
find themselves trampled under
the feet of the triumphant Army of
Patterned to a certain eitent after
some of the big features that hare
sone before it. the wonderful progress
made in tha Instrumentalities of war
has made it possible to Introduce in
this picture features that will rrt^ke It
hard for the producer of the future to 1
|_ -CLO>g uf?- " T
? When Mary Plckford's latest
'ilm, "ow Could You, Jean*" was be
" ?tic.wn at thf k'lnftma thpstrc l.;t- I
'? Mary made personal appearance
.11 behalf of the Sanrlo* Commission
for the invalided soldiers of France.
The immense audience became so en
tliusiastic and displayed so much eae
ernes* to show their appreciation to
the star that she was almost mobbed
by her admirer* as she emerged from
'he theatre. It took a squad of police
a* well a* several mounted off 1? ers to
keep the crowd in order.
? The Rotary club, of Cincinnati,
ha* gone temporary into the moving
picture exhibition business. The gov
rnmen- picture produced as a mean-of
education on the t/.ngers which are
run by the \oung man who is not rare
ful to keep clt^ir of vice, "Kit to Fight."
i.as shown under the auspice* of the
ito'arians before two large audiences,
it the otal Sinton on the evening of
filly 11. a medical lecture by a doctor
who Is a member of the organization
vouipanying the picture
Mr and Mrs. Sloan and sons. Janie
and Corman. leave tomorrow for a sev
j eral weeks' vi.-it at Coming. N. Y
Niagara I'ails and iluffalo. Mr. and
Mrs. Samuel It. Holbert. who had
been the guests of the former's moth
er. Mrs. Helen Holbert. at Kdgemont
for several days, have returned to
their home in Pittsburgh. Mr. and
Mrs. Holbert are leaving soon for
Idaho to spend several months.
Miss Doris Hall has gone to Shlnns
ton where she is the guest of Miss
MarcHine Randall Miss Hall will accompany
Miss Randall and her pat
"tit* to their summer home on Binga
nion for a several weeks' visit.
Mrs. w. S. Thomas nas return?
rom Pittsburgh where she had spe
i week. She was joined In Pittsburr
l>y Mr and Mrs H. W. Culver, the la
ter her daughter, of Philadelphia, an
they spent the week there together
Dr and Mrs. K. W Howard and
daughter. Miss Dorothy, will go to
Musontown, Pa, tomorrow to spend
a few days with the former's lathei
I M Howard. Miss Mary Howard and
Mias l.ouise Conn will go to Pt M.i
rion. Pa., to visit the tatter's parent-.
Mr. and Mrs. !,oman Conn.
Miss Nell Powell has returned from
a two weeks' visit with relatives at
11< olhsvllle.
Mrs. Ada Mottes Paugh, of darks
g. is visiting her daughter. Mi
irk Holiday, of Main street.
P. I,. Nutter on Tuesday return- 1
om W'orthington. wherp he had lie' i
ailed beeausi of tin illness of he
i uher, M's Martha Nutter.
Miss Huth Si.nderhn k has roturtie .
' i Pittsburgh after having visited lie
usin. Miss Helen Sanderheck.
r.th street, this eltv Mrs. Jo*
nderbeck. of Pittsburgh, aunt
ks Helen Sanderbeck. is visiting
home on Sixth 'Heel Phe wi
main severs' are'
- ?
Webster County
Man in Hospital
Oscar Roberts. i.gid 1<. was admit-1
I to Fairmont hospital yesterday
>.if,'ring front severe injuries lie sus. Mied
while at work iu a stave mil'!
at Skyles, Webster. The young man
was bit in the leg by a flying stave
;t;td the bone severely injured. He I?
doing well at the hospital.
litii Nolan a track walker for the
Baltimore and Ohio railroad at lloult
, was injured in the ches:. while at work I
! at Moult yesterday and was admitted,
10 Fairmont hospital yesterday for1
Burglaries and robberies In Berlin
u rage more than .104 a day. most of
hem committed by deserters from the
We have two large trucks and '
tic i mall truck ami a. ; ready t.> 1
'o all kinds of hauling and trans
fei business Moving bOHMteokl
so.>ds a specialty. Call us on phom
324 Jefferson St.
Dorit stay indoors because
your skin is unsightly
anil bpal it nuirlrlv i
"""* n--/
The discomfort of hearing unfavorable
comments upon one's complexion,
and of realiiing that one's skin is unsightly,
can be prevented by Kesinot
Ointment, which not only heals a sick
skin, but protects a healthy one. Aided
by Resinol Soap, it heals ecrema. helps
to remove other eruptions, excessive
dryness or oiliness of the skin, and
enables one to have a complexion that
excites compliment instead of unfavorable
At (11 dwleri.
I I LI ' ^ I I I I !
For Mr. rnd Mr*. Duncan. I
Mr and Mi*. ( lyde Jacobs of Park
street. entertained a number of friends
last evening In honor of Mr. and Mr.
L. C. Duncan and Mrs. Johnson. Mr
Duncan, who is a member of the firm
of Duncan and Jacobs. was married
Thursday. July IS. to Miss Krsa Dowden
of Albany, Ind. and the guest.,
greatly appreciated the oportunity to
congratulate the happy couple and betome
acquainted with the bride Mrs
Johnson is visiting her son. J <
Johnson, who is connected with t!i
I'niversity. Her bum* is in Cinrn.
nati.?Morgantown Post-Chronicle.
A Progressive Tea.
A progressive t> a wa; an rvent fa.-'
evening at lot home of Mis. O J
Fleming on J? (Terson s'reet with Mr?.
Fleming. Mr Levi B llarr and Mi.1
M. Altman as hostei re' to tne iqeni!?cr*
of the Woman's Fore.gn Mis
ionary society of the First M. K
c.lurch, whir n organization was m
turn hostesses to the Isabella Thoburn
MtortMAiy society at Mi iiinsi 1
of the iami- church. The feature of
the evening wan the relation of the
?f torv of the >.'p;i.inal Woman's For
ign Missionary eodety of the churi'i
roni the time of its organisation t >
the present (lay. the story of whi. ?.
was told by various members of th> i
lo.al organizations. The narra'ornchided
M'dames F J Stni'i). Lloyd
Sample. Samuel Geeier J. I) Heeker !
K Kngle, the Misse.- Fanny Phillip-.
Mae Hawkins. Katherine Troxell an'l
Maltssa Prowl The Misses Crowl
Ituth Phillip.-. Mabel and Ethel Toothman
sang several seleetions.
Next year the national missionary
society wili h iid its Golden Jubilee in
Tremont church. Hoston. where the -n :
riety was organized with a member- ,
-.dp of 100 and the Progressive tea
vas a preparation for this event. It i
.as also announced last evening that
'ie local organization has a member
i p of ldo, a goal for which it has
..von for the last year. The conte t
,i i.vover will continue through the
inference year Mrs J J Taylor, of
1'inladclphia. ;nd Mrs. K J Thonip
on. of Clarksburg, were visitors prt
ni ia.-t evening
* * *
A Surprise Party.
Miss Edith llolbcrt is the honor
ucst this afternoon at a birthday par-,
v at tlie home of l>er lather. S. Itay |
lolhert. in Gaston avenue. The day
elebrates the twelfth birthday anni rsary
of the hoonr guest and twelve
f her girl friends are assisting in tin
lebralion of the event. They in
ude the Misses l.ueile Hall. Florence
icobs. Ode and Martha Itiggs, and
-.uest. Miss Kuril Heed. Virginia and
ranees Watson and guest, .Miss Liev
.tig. of Munongali.
Served dinner.
A pretty anil altogether unique!
.raiuir ui iii? i|i Hill flit* ill i|i iii-iiii ?n |
the Country Club yesterday whon'
eastern bankers on a \isil of ir.apor-j
lion to the city were enlertain"i1. *a? 1
tit? service rend -red by several
young matrons and young women
members ol the Red Cross to supply
th" lack of hired help. The services
of these women were offered to tlx
management for a specified sum, ate
his amount was greatly augmentei
by lite "lips" which the waitress*
> Tehed lor the splendid sciure ret
dcred. The money will all go to lb
l!e<l Cross comfort kit fund. Ti
oung women, who were all attire,
it the Red Cross apron and rap, wet
desdames George DeDolt, Frank R.
.yon. Glenn F. Harns, E. C. Frame,
l.ee Hutchinson. W. II. Conaway, A.
C. Folk. Miss Mary Louise Nichols i
and Gallic Frey.
Other events at the club this week ,
included the dinner last evening to
members of the Marion County Modi- j
aI Assoeiatmn. and the dinner this
evening of the Fairmont Coal Club.
For the Misses Taylor.
Honoring the Misses Sarah and
Mary Taylor of Pittsburgh, the guests
of friends in the rity. Miss Lucille
liartlett entertained at dinner last
evening at her home on Carleton
street. Covers were laid for the
Misses Taylor. Virginia Eastman.
Margaret Lehman. Laura Lye Hutchinson
and Elizabeth Mayers.
To Give Dam e.
A dance Thursday evening at the '
Masonic Tentplo. arranged by a committee
of local young men. promises
id no quite an enjojanio anair.
Chaperonos will bo present. and Kd
Barrett's danoe orchostra will fur- '
nigh the music.
Everybody Wh(
Will Be Glad to 1
mm ci
Stt Friday H?
This always eagerly
tract much more than i
because of the high cost c
economizing in every dir
Read the opening a
Sburtleff i
"Shoes Thi
I CrHnlrd AinimMrf.
William B. Ice, a well known citizen
of the county, was the honor
; guest Monday evening at hii home at
Harackvtlle at a birthday surprise
party, which event was arranged by
members of his family in celebration
of the event. Teh guests included
members of his family and relatives
and wns a delightful crept. A handsome
leather chair was presented the
honor guest in memory of the occasion.
* * * * .Tir,
To Held Lavtn Pete.
The Court of Joan of Arc of the
Daughters of Babella will hold their
l.iwn fete tonight on the Campus of
the old Normal school to which the
public is cordially invited. Karly this
morning it yts decided to (>ostpnne
the eevnt but when the sun <amc out
and inspection of the grounds showed
tnat me water had entirely drained
off. plans went on and the event will
be held tonight as originally planned
A ;alad supper will be served at 1
o'clock for 35 cents with Ice cream
and rake extra and refreshments will
be served dating the evening.
0 a i
Lieut. Brannon is
Home on Furlough
I.ieutcnant Ward Brannon. who has
been sratloiiod at ('imp Joseph K.
Johnson. Kla . for the pas' few months,
s spending a ten day furlough with
bis father in this city.
Brannon volunteered in July. 1917.
attended Remount Service Officers'
Training school at Camp Johnson and
assigned to a field remount squadron
it tiiH* camp Mrs. Brannon has been
with him at Jacksonville
Swain?Sir. 1 came to ask you to
jive me yonr daughter's hand
I'a?All right, young man. If you're
looking for it. you ran generally find
it in trtv pocket.?Ideas.
Before the war there were 177,100
mine workers in the anthracite industry.
The number has been drawn down
to about 145.000 now.
Only One West Virginia
Hoy in the Report for
iHy AnnellN Ptrssi
WASHINGTON, July 31.-The maihu*
mips casualty list today shows,
killed in action. 4; died of wounds, 2
.oiindcd in action severely, 12. To
tl 18. The list included, wounde
everely, Walter A. Itoherts, Harvey
nir<, Ohio Previously reported mis
me in action now reported severe'
sounded. Private Edward lT. Stephen
>ixonville. Pa.
The army casualty list today shows
..illed in action, 36: died of wounds
10, died of disease, 6; died of aero'
Exclaimed one of our customeis,
while vainly tryin* to find
,i tra e of tli ' t ir in his coat.
Don't all i % your <l>tli'.s to bp
pateSrd i:p ?n?n then is u i
tear ir burn It them. Let iur
irtint darner make them whole
We alter ladies' and men'a
garments and make them fit.
Stetson Tailoring Co.
Cleaning and pressing carefully
and promptly done.
(Watson H?tei Bldg.)
226 Madison St., Fairmont.
> Wears Shoes
Know That Our
Ding Apt 2nd
awaited event?will atisual
attention this year
>f living and the need for
idvertisement tomorrow.
[ Welton's
it Satisfy**
VENING, JULY 81,1918.
'I i i
47-Piece Dinner Set, ? f ^
m (V^ 1 nu\
Tbta Aanri-an P^rieUin I?;n- *l\l\Til I UIV
r.er Set 1* but on* of tV in.inv V \|Mlk\l IV tl
nractfva values p? fce faun-l In ^ BWv
c.r btirewar* atore.
Nightgowns as Dainty as a
Baby's Dress
I|S That means that they are trimmed
but little and show an absence
jfyk ( lace beyond a tiny edge or motif
\<m The materials as a rule are line
1 fl1 /1 > nainsook and just now the showing
)l!J " ' n'&btgowns between .<1.00 and
I 5*5.00 is charmingly complete.
" j y j' I Many show a touch of handwork,
especially Philippine made gowns.
The needlework rivals the French,
and the shapes, proportions, etc.
are right.
v:> 1
j Cool, Clean, Fresh So Many * on
Looking Summer For Wai
RugS We are obliged to
? get fresh and new
In rag rugs alone, the one most every ff
most beautiful and dur- day. This year's m
able of all Summer rugs skirts are so UJ
there are several differ- practical and so fn
ent weaves. Some are attractive?what iu
plain, others with strip- v."th new sty- /Pf
ed ends and some are in le and til
the old-fashioned candy other trimming T'l
striped patterns, like effects it is small U||l
grandmother used to wonder that they
make. Prices are var- are well liked. Ui|
ious, according to the Choose gabardine rl
weave. linen or corded UgL
There are also various weaves, as you
kinds of porch and bun- h'.c. :!,e pn: i
galow Hugs of fibre or lv.nge, $2 *o CI 3
grass and the prices of COOL BLOUSES
these are moderate. To wear with the separate
? ments at $1.00, $2.00 upwi
lane accident. 1; died of accident V Binehnnt. Mantua. O.; John E
ml other causes. 5; wounded severely, Wriicht, Mount Pleasant. Pa; Cor
wounded degree undetermined. 15; poral Donald K. Johnston. McConnell*
i.sslng in action, 24. Total. 194. town. Pa ; Foster Keammerer, DealI
he .ist MM <nn. Ta.; George W Hughes, Jobs. O
Killed In action Private M. Joseph Wounded degree undetermined?
>rgan, Glcndale. O; William A Walter O. Drobowski, Dixon, Pa.
latt, Towanda, Pa.; Elan B. Palm. Missing In action?George Chesolophrata,
Pa. s)(jri McDonald. Pa.; Charles F. HawWounded
severely?Lieut Bernard ' kins. Ford, W. Va.
Willian S. Hart
The Lone Avenger
featuring Pauline Frederick.
Captalized for $1,000,000?Par Value $1.00. Stock
Outstanding $400,000. Production
$16,000 per Month. .
Dividend* being paid monthly 2 per rent and 2 per cent parsed to
the Surplus and Reserve, which is now over 1150.000.
19 PQnnilftINC ttfni* "? Cuabln* field, in Bart lessIt)
ritVVUVina ULUI vine, sand 2200 to 2400 feet
deep. One well drlling now?will be finished in 30 or 40 days.
of 8 per cent or 10 per cent in Dvidend* befor? January 1st is what
mrn Atnort to ho nhle to nav nnr otork holilt ru rnnditinni ira m.
sponsible for thin liberal offer to vou at present. Our government
needs more oil and gas. We have it In the ground.
KNEED READY MONEY 10drn!more"luun"we
" aafciawa mvnhi ire going to pay you 2 per
rent per month Dividends on your stork from the very start, so we
ran get the money to drill these wells and run our refinery to full
Ah New Stock shares the same as old Stork?all share and share
$25?25 Shares $50?50 Shares
$100?100 Shares $200-200 Shares, etc.
American National Bank and Tho Wilkin.Hale state Bank
Oklah?ma City, Okla.
We Expect 100 Per Cent Advance of Stock Soon.
| B?ll Phone?Court 1972.
i? ? , ' M
Our Boys Are MaHatf *
Good Their Pledge? ?
Are You Keeping Y stirs I
Summer 9
Footwear i
for Girls
and Boys I
The sensible kinds of j
footwear in which children
can enjoy a vacation
to its fullest extent
are the low cut shoes
and barefoot sandals,/'
and the smart pumps
and oxfords. r.
Children's White
Shoes. Low Shoes
and Slippers Are
Reduced 20 Per
Cent During the
nan Are Asking I
sh Skirts
p skirt?splendid assort* M fl
Big Gl?i 1
pmc?*).xo MilrlMgMi
? ?
castor IA I
For Infants and Chfldxta J
In Um ForOv?r30YMrt
Always bean
the SV
Signature of ' ^SivJi rwMMKn
I ?
Special Features fj
! 11 A.M.to 11 P.M. I I
i I
? Last Timet .,*1,
today fm
Dixie Orchestra f. J
Thos. H. Ince's
Stupendous Dramatk j
The!?ppelin's I
Last Raid 11
Revealing to the worldj
for the first time the!
secret of the Zeppdh^l
by which Germany w?N
ed ruthless warfare 09* I
on the allies at the be-1
ginning of the war*
I Review" ' I I
| Official United SUtee I
| Government War PIT j
I lures.
?Coming Soon ? ml

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