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s~5,534i ?ne Wtfgt Uiratnmn I^P^l j
, au.m, ?''? I r ym firginm't Bel Nmjxpv " '
- ?JaW
| ESTABLISHED 1868. ?-" ???'?? p.m.. FAIRMONT. WEST VIRGINIA, MONDAY EVENTN^AWUST11*6 ^ today-. ?yw. to..* l'KICE THREE CENTS 1
sk m\
to ii i n in
I lUNIkill'
! i,
But All Can't Have
it Until some Time
There will be water tonight for the
lower residents of the city, tomorrow
morning for people residing at medium
I altitude and not before Wednesday
evening for the residents of the high
er points providing there is no men
unexpected trouble at the pump * a
The above was given out for publi
cation by Water Comn sioner Smith
thin afternoon in fr.? < of reports to the
effect that Fairmont would he without
a drop of water for weeks and prulta
bly months. ,
The report that the water famine
i will continue fur eight or nine months 1
was stoutly denied by t'ommisatonei
'U- . ? -l.? Il? ||, ,|
Dill I MI UII^ IIM'I rni'f. a?u
both pumps will ho in operation within
the next few clays and the water
famine would end. 1< is his opinion
that (or the next ujt t or nine month
there will be minor hies which
, may affect the wat i temporar
lly. but that there no no such a
per'oci experienn rt the future a
Fairmont has hue1 . -'.g the last two
K'V.utJav evening one pump ?:i
k working finely and the r 'nrolr wai
V filled to the i x h ii w a rt
V until midnight that ath nal Iron
bio was experienced .vl ii made it
necessary to shut off this me pun.p
lor aliout two hours It vas Inter st irted
again and worked until about four!
o'clock Sunday morning when it was
shut down, trouble with the condenser,
boiler feed pump and vacuum pump
belli* the cause. Since that time
there has not been a drop of water
pumped into the reservoir.
The supply of water already in the
pressure at forty-five pounds. At noon
a gradual decrease in the pressure l?
gan and at an early hour yesterday
evening the pressure became zero. All
last night and all day today the water
pressure has continued to lie zero.
Reports from the pump station late
this afternoon Indicate that there is j
* ?s"?K..KIUt?. soil Inir Knf h f lia l.'nti.
u yiui/ai-Mitij ui "??'i <i?*3 ? !'!'
ing-Carpenter pump and the other
pump in operation.
At the session of the Board of Affairs
this morning the water situation
was discussed thoroughly, the entire
morning session being taken tip with;
the discussion. No resolutions or
other action was taken except font-!
mlssloner Smith was given absolute j
authority,to go ahead with his plan-;
and take any steps necessary to ini
prove conditions. The Board of Af 1
faids authorized Arlie Hawkins to go !
to Youngstown. O., to inspect a second
hand boiler which is for sale there. He
will make the trip to Youngstown, O
immediately and will make reeommeti
dations to the Board of Affairs. The
trouble at the pump station for the
past week has been entirely with the
pumps, the boilers both holding up;
well. The additional boiler will he
Use as a reserve. It will take about
one month to Install It in case it is j
The water pressure over the cltv j
yesterday was sufficient to give the i
lower residents of the city a supply of
water, and some of the residents of
medium altitude with water. The people
residing on the higher points such
as on Tank Ilill hare not had water
for at least four days.
After the water aturted to derrease
In pressure yesterday It did not take
long for the re-a-rvoir to be emptied
for people tn every section of the city
where there was any water at all proceeded
to fill evert water utensil available
O.'tv Kngineer E II Miller Is now
hi New York Cltv fur the purpose of i
having a conference with George \V. i
I' llvt. the water expert, whose ser\:
* will he engaged to as-i;t In the
local situation. An effort will he made
to have hint come to Fairmont Just as 1
soon as he ran possibly do so In the
meantime Commissioner Smith Is In
communication with the Pravn-Poyle
Pump rompanr of Pittsburgh, the niak- ,
crs of the new electrir pump which the
cifv lifia tn sit riPrlornl An < <*,* * I V .
? ? '? " I
1ntt made to have the company prom- |
Ise to dellrrr the pump in less than
eirht months. l
Yankee Valor I
Proved in Fismes I
Street Fighting I
PilU, Ai|. t Th* American
rovcred themnelve* with plory in .
' nd to hand firhtinc: in th*- I
to of ' s yesterday when
hey raptured that German hast*.
The liKhtlnr is raid to have been
lie bitterest of the whole war.
The Prussian Guards asklne no
..uter te'jr hi: i oi 11< .j or- i In i N
bed to death as they stood by their
ruarhine puns.
Kev. C. K. Goodwin Hack in
Pulpit After Perio''
In Camp.
The transformation from a "rookie" .
to a real soldier was vividly and reali
tirally de rribed jresterday morning by '
the Kev, E. Goodwill, pastor of the i
First Methodist Kpi. e >pal rhltrrh, wh > (
had just returned from t amp l.ee at v
I rtersburp. Va . where he had spent
veral weeks in war V M. C. A
llcv. Mr Goodwin also drew pie
ores of the lipht i and shadows whith
confront the soldier ill the training
ramps and gave some interesting fart.
< morning the great work that is h
nig done bv the V. M. A and how
greatly the boys appreciate the worlt 1
of tills organiaztion.
Itev. Mr. Ooodwin told of the arrival ;
at the training tamps of groups of
young no n who are immediately duhb
d "rookies" by their comrades who
I ave been there for some timp and ^
remain "rookies" until they art.
11ansfoimed into soldiers by means of
toldier.i uniform and by training.
tin the arrival at the ramp the rook
:es are placed in the depot brigade ,
and are placed tinder strirt quarantine
for several weeks. When they finally ,
emerge from the quarantine the trans ,
formation process is begun when a sol |
dler who has heretofore been attired i
in civilian garh appears with a khaki j
hlrt. shortly his garh is further en i
ban red by the donning of a pair of (
army shoes, then possibly a pair of j i
trousers makes its appearance to beji
followed later by arinv leggings. Hy
the time this period is reached the 11
rookie traightens up and assums the J'
bearing of a soldier nnd by so doing '
signifies his happiness that he is in ' 1
the government service The trans- '!
' irmation period from a rookie to a | ;
ddier is Intensely interesting accord- ;!
iik to Rev. Goodwin and shows what t'
is in the American youth when some (
thing comes to develop the character i |
and to bring out the best that ts in ,
The story of life at Tamp I.ee as |
told by Rev. Goodwin was intensely I
interesting and was listened to by a 1
large congregation of people.
American Tank Steamer
Was Sunk Just Off
Virginia Coast.
(By Associated I'rrss)
WASHINGTON. Aug. .'.? Sinking
oi the American tank steamed O. It.
Jennings yesterday one hundred
miles off the Virginia coast, announced
today, reveals the presence of at
least two German submarines on this
side of the Atlantic. The second raid- 1
er has been operating off the roast of '
Novo Scotia and nearby waters for
se\ ral days.
Radio calls for assistance from
the Jennings yesterday apparently
brought the first information that a
suhmercible was in the waters where
the first raid was carried out in May ,
and June. Patrols rushed to the assistance
of the tanker, but when they
arrived the ship bad been sunk to the
bottbm. They picked up one boat
load of sur\i\ors ami search is now
bring MM lor the second boat containing
tlio captain and 1" men.
First reports to Hip Navy department
today placed the number of survivors
landed at 3d. but later It appears!
that 35 men might have been
picked lip
Only meure detail* of the sinking
have jet been received. Presumably
the Jennings was cnt down by shell
(Ire. but this will not be known d finitely
until naval officers have had
rrpportunltv to question the survivors.
All hands on board got away in the
vmall boats, and as the weather was
(air It is expected the missing men
will be found either by patrols or
passing steamers. i
The West Virgii
fc i
m net
swamps on the Banks is
Holding Up Advance
of the Allies.
fheir Withdrawal So Far
Has Been in Good
i By Aem* In! .! Presal
PARIS, Auk. 5.- There was a lull
11 the battle along the Soissonstlielma
front last night and the
K-athing spell extended into the
norning. The Germans are being :
avored by the weather ronditons.
rhlch have transformed the Vesle
iver hanks into swamps, and they
ire making a stiffer stand her than
vas anticipated.
PARIS. Aug. 5. French detachments
which crossed the Vesle are
meeting with resistance from the
ernians, says the official statement
enm It . . U'op i.ff lAU (fwl'.lV It it! dp.
>" 11 HIV ?? <11 om,, ?,/Ul, J . ,, ID ...
dared (hat there is nothing >if im ortance
to report trom the bnltle
LONDON, Auk. 5.?Telegraphing
rom French headquarters on Sunday,
teuter's corespondent says:
"The German withdrawal on the
\vre extended to Songalne-Sou.s
dontdldlcd and Mestuil St. Gorges,
hich is two miles west of Montlidler
The enemy Is abandoning the
vhole western bank of the river south 1
>f Aubvillers and along the line of
leights captured n the French at- j
ark of July 23. Our line has been
idvanced ">oo yards east of Ortvnsuies
ncluding Hill 115 overlooking
Jrlvesmes and tlie same ditsance west
rf Lal'ahpelle and St. Aignan to the
>outh. Tiie Germans are now engatt d
in three retirements, one involuntary
red two voluntary. .Ml are with
the vtetv of saving them. As usual
they . -e retreating slowly and !
too'l order, wlthdrawinK in alternai
ject liankcd by centre of resis
ince which always are able to pour
pros lire on troops advancing ovc
On the Tardenois battle field oui
troops are closing up to the Vesle
fiast of Fismes they have crossed tin
river a few miles west of Rheims.
A letter received here today by
riicnds of Miss l.ara Briggs annoumvd
[he death of her mother, which occurred
at her home at Bite Rapid. Mich.,
oil last Wednesday. Miss Brig** who
Is a member of the Fairmont State
Normal srhool faculty left here at th?
close of the school term for her hotr?
an account of the illness of her moth
cr, having cancelled her engagerae<'
as nn Instructor in the Normal suti
inor school.
Consult the Union Dentists
for expert dental services. Our ,
prices are reasonable. Offices ov '
er McCrory 5 and 10c s'ore All
work guaranteed.
Major Davis Elkin
The friends of Majoi
county face the primarie
confidence. A careful i
throughout the state by t
been managing the camp
* ?i?fl t'rtO f AO t Kof llO
iciest uiuivat^o IIIOV IIV n
nee for United States Sei
Telegrams addressed
Mardon in New Jersey hs
advice that he is no long
from other sources wan
Major Elkins is on the ?
front in France, and his
hope to be able to greet h
cablegram announcing th
West Virginia Republicai
Let's all fight tomon
gone to fight for us.
van Prints All the
Seven Hnntircd Names Wei
oa ivnl Today?Nuir
Are Amc
iBy Associated rressi
WASHINGTON. Aug 5?Casualties
raong th? American troops in the
evere fighting In which they hare
been uigag'd since July 15th when the
Gorman offensive was launched and
halted at the Mame are now being re
ported in the daily lists from Gen
I'ershlng though no estimate of the total
has yet been received.
Today s army lists contained 407
names, the largest number reported
in a single day. of the men named
203 were killed in action. 37 died of
wounds and 14* were w uitided Forty
eight seriously and 100 degree unde
termined The missing in action num
lie red only 3. In addition to the armv
list the Marine list today contains teu
names, nine killed In action and one
died of wounds.
Men from 40 stateR were named In
the list with no predominating number
from any one state The states not
represented were Arizona and Dela
An additional list of nearly 300
names bringing total for the day to
about 700. was checked at the War
department today in preparation for
publication in the morning papers of
tomorrow No information concerning
the list further than the fart that it
was to be issued was to be had at the
The army casualty lists today shows,
m 18 TO 15
PI Ml TD lillll OUT
imn iu nm uui
War Department Man Power
Bill Was Introduced
(Br AimrlaM 1'ressl
WASHINGTON. Auk 5-The firm
step tn the allied war program of the
War department was to be taken to
lav with the introduction of a bill ir
both homes of Congress extending the
draft age limit to 18 and 45 years.
Only the present recess of Congresi
II operate to delay legislation. Ref
once of the bill to the Military com
dtee of the two houses is expected
Mowing Its introduction. Hearing)
< ill be held on the bill by the House
Military Affairs committee, it ha:
been stated by Chairman Rent.
While opposition to the program wil
be met administration leaders said to
day that It was expected the bill wou!<
be passed by both houses essential!)
as Introduced.
' *nr -T------ -,
The Monongahela Valley EnRin
erinR Company has moved it* ofce
to room* 507-508 Professional
tuildinR and ran Rive prompt atentlon
to all enRineerinR work en
ruated to It.
Tomorrow. Tuesday, AuRust fi.
heinR the date of holdinR the primary
election, and beinR a holiday,
all the Hank* in the City of
Fairmont will be closed.
i s
on way to France
Davis Elkins in Marion
s tomorrow with serene
survey of the situation
he organization which has
aign in Major Davis's in?11
f-Ho Rptnihliran nomi
Ill W VIIV !
to Major Elkins at Camp
ive been returned with the
er there, and information
ant the assumption that
?as en route to the battlefriends
in West Virginia
im upon his arrival with a
tat he is the choice of the
is for United States Senarow
for the man who has
Fairmont News Anc
?- -
re Received at the War Deiber
of West Virginians
m* Them. $
| Killed In action. 203, died of wnujid*,
it"; died of disease. S, died of acrl
dent and other cause*. >; died of aeroplane
accident, 1; wounded severely, j
?8; wounded degree undetermined,1
100; missing. 3 Total. 407.
Today'* Hat included:
Killed in action- Sergeant Earl Con
ner. Quaker City, <>.; Carl B Davis.
Petersburg. Va.; Corporal Heal M
Datby, Northbend. I'a ; X. Davis, M'
ICharmel, Pa ; WUlea Sanford. Morrivllle,
Pa ; Jos. W. Boyce, Keyser, W
Va : Francis Dietrich, Weatherlv, Fa ;
Salvatore Fenicchla Wellsboro, Fa ;
David Gallager, Girurdville, I'a.; John
iluston, Wildwood, Pa.; Karl Jones.
Clarksburg. W. Va.; Charles PriiidNWest
Springfield. Fa ; Ralph H. Satin
ders. Morgantown, W Va ; Milton .V
Springere, Overbrook. Pa.; Grover II
Thorn. Friendly. W. Va ; Jacob B
Trlplett. lluttonsvllle. \V. Va.
Died of wouuds ? Private Jas Mr
Coy, Ashley, Fa ; Walter J. Payne,
Geneva. W. Va.
Wounded severely?Sergeant Enoch
Ferguson. Ashtabula, Ohio.
Wounded degree undetermined Sergeant
George Cassell. Pa. Portsmouth.
O.; Ross A Ruflord. Denniar.
W. Va.; Alfred F Wedge. Walton W.
i Va.; Joseph W Hanfon, Roncevertc.
W. Va.; Private Mndsay F Jayton.
Helton. W. Va : Krvln Shanihlin
j Charleston. W Va.
AM the 21ers Will ~~
Go in September
<Bv Associated Pressl
WASHINGTON, Aug. 6?Provost
Marshal General Crowder in a state
ment submitted by Senator Chamber
J C/*R?ni>iKne R n a tlie
IU 111 RIIRHUMl'U OC|?ICMIUtl u ? -? un
date for anatlonal registration of men
within the proposed new age*.
Weekly registration of youths at
tainlng the age of 21 during the neat
few weeks was proposed by Gen
Crowder as the only means of obtain
ing the 200,000 men to be railed to
ihe colors in September.
This could be done by presidential
proclamation and would add about 80,000
to the number of men available.
'i A
I have en
for nominate
frained from
I make n
my qualificat
the state and
- paign, if noir
I have v
made my app
the Republics
I desire
that I am opi
ion, now atte
the people si
If chosen
the United S
the highest a
1 it Does Not Colot ii
- - - 3 ? ~
The Long Range
Gun is Again
Firing on Paris
<Hy Associated Pr???>
PARIS. Auk o - Th?? long ran**" (
J bombardment of the Pan* re?ion
was rr?timo<l this miming
rail? 10'
Woman Will Be Employed ^
to Help the l'astor, |
Dr. Stoetzer.
The employment o' a deaconess In
assist the Hex l?i II <1. Stoetzer in
his duties as pastor of the First 1 res
hyterian ehtirrh was authorized at a
rongreaglional me'ting of the etturrh
held yesterday mnrniliK Immediately |
tolloxx iaft the Sunday morning church i
The rongiegatinn also empowered i
the Hoard of Trustets to emplny such
a rerson to fill the place. I
The Hoard has had this matter in
consideration for some time and the |
members have been in correspondence
with a woman form ?he state of |
Illinois and a graduate of a deaconess
sehool of the Presbyterian denomination.
She wilt act in the rapaeitv of .
a helper to Dr Stoelrer, whose duties 1
hav> become too strenous with the
rapid growth of the Presbyterian
The congregation al?o elected S. M
Krhols as a representative of the Finance
committee on the Hoard nf
Trustees to act in the place of Dr. J.
\V. MeDonaM. who Is in Franc" en- (
gaged in war V. \l. C. A. work.
Th.. i hrltlinn chore lies of West Vir
L-inia are already sending in (o the
Fairmont church list* of delegates who
will attend the stale convention
which will be entertained here on Sep
temher S to 5. The program has an
array of fine talent from this itate
and other states. Dr. Abbott, a St.
Louis editor, Preslent T. E. Cramblett
of Bethany, Dr Shaffer of Huntington
and others will grace the occasion.
The local church I* busy with plans.
Last Sunday morning Dr. Mitchell,
pastor of the local church, gave his
people a stints? appeal on the art of
the Republicans
West Virginia
ideavored to make a clean, hor
on for United States Senator
all criticism.
ly appeal to you on my service
ions for the office and my abili
; conduct an aggressive and si
isited nearly every county in
eal direct to the voters. I rest
ins on August 6 and will abide
to add to my platform alrea
posed to government control c
mpted by the party in power,
tould always be heard.
i to represent the people of We
tates Senate, I will give all thi
nd greatest good of the natior
ncerely yours,
t in Any Way.
?L - -
'oils Will Open at 6:30 A?
>1. and Close at
6:30 P. M.
This is Expected to M&kt
Possible a Quick
Indii itionn rre that the vote at thO
niinar\ eta ion will be lighter thag
nil tomorrow. The vote in the city
i- II in . Iv, hut tie workrra will gel 1
llie greater portion of this vote lll|
a ill he on the job from the time thg
p:i. vhii h will he 6:30 t. IS.
Tliey will ratvaln open until l:M
The thief Interest naturally reMt
in ili.' fleet for I'nited State* mattg I
there l>?*mir four contestants on thl '
Ropubllran ticket and two In the Datt> i
< party, I
The Democrat* of Marion eoaatg I
have been urged to roll up a Mf ?otg
r W.r- .-i and niiicb effort Will hi I
pen (led in that direction tomorrows j
Fa-mera are buoy now and It fa at j
peited that the lightest vote will hi
polled in the rural diatricta aa tha
farmers are adverse to taking the
time to go to their poling placea.
Tomorrow marks the beginning of J
the double ballot box aystem In Wom J
Virginia. Today there waa erMnanl
of many election olficera resigning J
ml declining <>t serve in that capa* j I
ity. Both partiea apparently expert I
ciu-ed this. There la no 4<niM thai ,
there will be a number of phMB~Sp- I
filled when the poles art optMd Mb
An explanation of the new ataathfi^^H
law may be gleaned from thn Wl4r3
Iterelvlng ollard il to Opatf^^^^H
Tolls and organize aa heretofora> j
Four hours after the Foils opea thl J
Counting Hoard Is to appear at tha
voting place organize by taking thf 1
usual oaths and filling yaeaneVMb 0
(Continued on Page Eight)
L ||
iest campaign
and have re- I
i to the party,
ty to organize I
iccessful camthe
state and
my ease with
by the result. I
dy announced 1
if public opinThe
voice of
fst Virginia in
it is in me for
i and state.

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