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Keleoo .. Rii Majeetv, Booker Been
DM* The Ooldan Got I
Prlneeee My Wife
ONE of the blggeet leant >011 to
the coming eeeeon le expected to
be "Why America Will Win." >(
tremendona photoplay bued on the
life of General John J. Perilling. Thli
production, It la eeld, la the flret time
the biography of a man ha* been told
uw the ecroeu daring the life of the
Bat the produw of thle picture,
foreeew the day. which b" Juit ar
I rived, when General Peribing would
I hari the American Army through the
German ilnea on their way to fine.
I victory, and. according to announce- j
menu, "Why America Will Win" will i
ha ahown to the nubile during the fall .
tide of America * triumph
Th* play w*? directed by Richard
Stanton He and his assistants. It la
declared, spent month* In investigat
lag the true fact* of hlatory, ransack
lag the file* of the War Department
aad other aourres for information
adbut the life of the great American
leader. What they found ahows that
General Pershing has had a life full
of the moat thrilling adventure.
So great a period of the world
military history did General Pershing's
activities cover that an exact duplicate
of every known weapon had to
bo made, from the Malay krias and
the Mom bolo, to the monster tanks
and atlll more monstrous 75 mile gt.
of the German:;
The keynote of "Why America W,
Win" la said to be victory. Ever
event, every campaign that Gener?,
Pershing has planned and fought has
resulted In victory, and while the
most of the picture's scenes are t>a?
ed on fae|/i that |.:f/ already happor.
d the climax Is reported to he tie
eral Pershing's triumph entry ir.:
Berlin?an event that needs onl< t to
become a fact
Plying Start at Hippodrome
"rtey're off! With a dash, a s?ft
and a aplash they're off! This morn
Inf. almost before it was light ei igl
to tell black from white, an army of
skilled pliers of the brush, carefully
crawled up their creaky ladders, and
with many a splash and splatter t>?
gan to change tho outward appear
anee of the old Hippodrome in a won
dreut way. The snow white walls that
looked like giant chalk <-tiffs from
Palatine Knob were speedily lost their
robes of purl!) under a coating i f
canary yellow. The black border that
seemed blacker ?han the ace of rpades
on Its white background gave way ti.
a shade of green thai would halt an
Irish regiment if they were In siglh
of Berlin. Just who conceived such
a wonderful color combination i? no'known,
but the choire is known it.
have had the sanction of some of th<
most esthetic tastes. While the orlg
mat arheme was not adhered to. a
more dignified shade of yellow he ns
substituted for that originally plan
| bid. tb* artist who suggested the
1 trial combination on ih-> will n->*' tN
Charlie Rohh's nnat market will tiki
ly hi given the credit for the suceo.
of the new rtrcoration. In Justice :
the management it ought to he s?
probably that the color adopted doc
ot at all admit that there Is an
treak of like shade connected wit
the management in any other way
Nelson Has Bright Comeoy
As a man thinketh in his heart, so
i he Is. 80 Bnker Bean, an insieni
ftesnt little stenographer in a storl
broker's office, becomes a auccsful
financier because of something he he
lleve*. ft all happens in the amusiu photoplay
version of "Ills MMtft
Bunker Besn" at the Nelson Theatre
today with clever young Jack Pickford
1 The Saturday Evening Post some
time ago pulished the atory In seria.
form whan It was followed with in
terest by millions of readers who will
remember the impetuous Bunker, the
surprising young "Flapper" and the
old grandmother with her breath-taking
Ideas about the rising generation
In general, and woman's suffrage in
Bunker Bean Is convinced, from his
evening work for a certain theosoph|et
that he has lived before In some
other form or incarnation and he
seeks out a fortune teller who assures
bim he was formerly Napoleon. Hav
lng delved a bit too deeply into Napoleon's
affairs?pan'cularly those of
the heart?Bunker decides that he
an** not rare to cl: the relationship.
He returnee to the fortune teller who
i telle In the aid of a certain notorious
"professor" who this time assures
him that he la a direct reincarnation
of ameses the Great?a famous kin*
of Egypt whose mummy lies in state
In an old tomb.
Bunker I* much impressed and an
opportunity Inherited fortune from a
forgotton relation allows him to buy
the mummy from the professor, who
assures htm It will cost several thou
eend dollars to unearth the precious
relic. From the acquisition of the
mummy to Its finish at the hands of
Bunker's Inquisitive puppy. Bunker
lives and has his being in a world j
apart. He fanclea himself at heart
a king?and acts in a way that la as
strange and startling to himself as to
his friends.
He not only becomes acquainted
with bis awesome boss' family, espe
daUy the youngest member, the
Flapper whom he later marries, but
also meets the greatest pitcher, a base
V.11 mlawaa km hnt Inn? WOrshiD- I
om afar. Also he makes a trr J
endous "killing" In Wall Street and
eventually marries "The Flapper." All
thli, owever, before the lnqulslte |
puppy Investitdtes the mummy's filllag.
Afterwards -well, suffice It to
say that afterwards Bunker comes to
the realisation that "as a man think
eth"?and thinks accordingly.
Froham Success at Princess
One of the leading successes of the
late Charles FTohatn is filmed at the
Princess tonight when "My Wife" featuring
Ann Murdoch of the Kmpire
All Star studio appears in a drama
of merit, assisted by a good supporting
cast. There is an attempt to give
a sort of war atmosphere to the story,
hut the chief worth of the film Is In
the aetree herself.
Big Situations In Dixie Film
The "Ooldea Goal" at the Dixit this
" 1 1 ' t ~ 1
snsmlPsnW ill M M...KTN ""
MWfcooa ud ereaiaf has Back to
rawhnijiaul It m i food photoplay
There io Horry Moray on attraction
blmaotf. noraoea Desbon, Jean Palfe.
Arthur Dooaldoon and Denton Vane,
any one ot whom ia prominent eoough
In the picture world to warrant one
laying down the price of admission
The atory itself is a forceful plot, in
which the producer has made the most
of such Situations as a fight on the
water, a strike scene, and In the mar.
slon of the millionaire when Doran
i Marry Morey) faces and unmasks his
false star (Florence Deshon ) The
fourth Allied War erlew alone 1s of
sufficient Interest to appeal to those
of us who art following the war
| -CLOtUW 1
?The release date for i ie Ore
Love," the flmt of the D. W. Griffi >
Productions to be released through
Artcraft Picture. ha? been ?et for :
August 12.
? Michael Gore, owner of a chain o
motion picture theaters on the Pa .fi<
coast; Matthew Bridge, manager <
the Superba theater, Los Angele*. at..
F. Jackson, proprietor of a Hunting"
park theater, have pledged them"to
employ relatives of soldier* a
sailors In preference to others in t
management of their several house
The movement wa* inagurated an
lanched by Colonel B B. Hay of th
Soldiers and Sailors Welfsre Assoation.
I'aper Fairmont Man Started
Continues to Be the
Best Frinted.
You've just missed a ihance in ,
make 100 frain 5. whirh as a million. (l
more or less, young Amerteans now
now b> actual experience is real moil
v 1'iano News, the air serviie
newspaper of the Ameriian Exp^i
tion in France which Harrison H '1
linker, former city editor of Th I
West Virginian established with tin
aid of a tvpewrlter and whiih has |
Ince become by long odds the hriglr
est servirp paper printed anywhere in
the world, oflera it as a prize for a
good name for tl lads in the air scr ^
vice Rut let the I'laue News tell tin h
story as It v.as pre-euted in its is
sue of July C which has just come r
to hand: s
\\ ho will name the hoys of the
Air Service?
"Yanks" seems to he accepted
as the popnlar nrme for the Amor ^
ican forc?s And Just so is .
"iHiualiboy,' the nickname for the
infantryman. and "Rednecks" for
the artillery.
Nov. how ah ml a name for the r
airmen? n
Believing that there is need for |j
such a name In the air forces, the
'I.ANK NEWS Is launching a con y
test through which it Is hoped n
>ne will he obtained. ei
Hit him'?the one who calls u>- o
Angels To our minds it Is ton 1:
uggestlve of peace, and at the ,T
"ronr time. Ana. Dpsmes. e-.eii it
if wo are u graceful lot in our P
movements and roam around in J
the a'r. supported by a nirp >"'r fl
of whito wines, wp arp too much
reminded by this name of the *
More suggestions brings out
such names rs Skylarks, Skypilots,
Muzzarris or Air t'avslier? ?
tine hundred francs, cold paper ''
will be paid tlip person inventing '
the best name to answer th" pur ''
pore The best ten names will "j
be selected by officer judges and
published in the Plane News to be ,
voted on by the men of the Air 'J
Ser*.< e, and In that way the name
reepiviug the most votes will be ^
> officially acclaimed our nlrkname -j
Vou see it will be a case of wish g
I ing the name on ourselves. j,
This seems to let in everybody, but a
i unfortunately for readers of this news
' paper the contest closed August t.
Tucker, by the way, who retired
from the managing editorship of a
Plane News and was for a time in g
llalv, is now back in the aviation camp \
| in Prance. or was when this copy
! of the paper was mailed for he censored
it himself and signs as a first
i lieutenant whirh probably means that n
he has gone through all the finer V
points of the training and is now t
ready for the real business of an a
! American army aviator. o
Prom the beginning the distinguish- a
, ing characteristic of Plane News was f
it?* kpon wit ft ?fill n<iKthat O
I quality an the followinit excerpts from "
Tails ?pins, Its humor column will
! show.
Other non essentials to the air ser
; vice: Wm. Jennings Bryan. Boston ^
garters. B. V. I> s. prohibition propa- n
ganda, Texas. Merry Widow handker- J*
chief, poets, picks and shovels, cooks,
peppermint drops, war gardens, add- {,
Ing machines, life insurance, army ,j
clocks. I,,
Sorta Like the S. O. S. Life. li
Dispatches state the German press ,
advises that If the German people will
only stand by the Kaiser they will be
safe. 'Tis so. The Kaiser will never t,
get any place dangerous. The idea is f
to stick right onto his coat tails. j n
Things That Mean Nothing in Our a
Young Lives. n
King Solomon, who was the wisest't
gink of bis time, had seven hundred , h
wives. n
Texa. ..as gone dry. | j,
They are observing sockless days : ti
In Arkansaw. g
Officer (to recruit who passed with- r
out showing proper military cour- o
teay): "Don't you know enough to sa- n
lute an officer when you pass one?" I t,
Recruit: "Beg pardon, suh. I thought h
you all was a flying leftenant." s
The paper continues to be excep. g
tlonally good as a newspaper. . The l.
present staff consists of managing ed- b
itor, Capt. George F. Kearney, who tl
succeeded Lieutenant Tucker in that f<
post: editor. Sgt. Geo. D. Wilcox, Jr.; ti
associate editor, Bgt. Geo. W. Lynn; o
art editor, Cpl. Geo. D. Alexander!
assistant art editor. Pvt. Tlmoleon' n
Johnston: circulation manager. Pg\ h
Geo. W. Wessells. :.
II am *11 m mill i ?p ii||ppiii
War Commandmen
PARIS, July 26?The economic
Patriot!, with headquarter* in Pari*. *
leaflet, urging the French to endure w
poted upon them in the uitere?t of their c
(1). Do not forget that w<
expenditures never lose light of thi
(2). Economize on the pri
the country: Coal, bread, meat, n
cloths, leather, oil. Accept rahor
c lothing, amusement.'.
(3). Save the products of
deprive your lather, your son, yc
their blood to defend you.
(4). Save the products tha
countries. Do not drain reserves <
to victory.
(5). Waste nothing. All
the national defense?prolong' th
(6). Buy only according
provisions; your selfishness raises
?maller means of things indispens?
(7). Do not travel unnece
are, before all. destined for the tr
ing of the population, the needs of
(8). Do not remain idle,
ability, work for your country,
duemg. Idleness is desertion.
(1). Accept without murr
nposed upon you. Reflect upon
r'ghting for you. upon the marty
earths have been devastated by i
(10). Remember that vie
hold out a quarter of an hour the
I hat b ranee may live, she nr
'"local soci
AM Society to Meet.
The Ladle*' Aid Society of C.
. itheran church will m< t Thurscl. ..
kucuat 1 .r>, inst id of Thursday, A"
usl the regular meeting rl
hat time the l.adle.s' Aid Societ <\ I
1 <Tt with Mrs. R. W. Seller o !
om avenue
Thiirodii Meeting.
The women of the First Prosln o
in rhurrh will meet at the church o
'htirsday from 1 o to .ri to sev for ti
?pd <"ross. On Thursday aftcrroon
t a nipptineof Mm Presbyterian
,eimn will bp hel l at th church.
* *
To Mrrt Friday.
Tho Woman's Homo pud Foreign
llralonary Society of thr First I r*
yterian church will meat on Fridry
t the church parlors at !:'!0 o'clock.
'Iip hoetesaes will he Mr- i*. I!
wearencpn and Mis Karl It Smith
To Meet with *Ik Itiri).
Mrs. Clyde Berry will bo ho-r to 1
ho Young Married Won r - riut 01
I'edncsd.iy afternoon at L* o'elocl; at
er home at 1115 Virginia avenix
? ?
Kiitrrtainpil llarhchir (iirl?.
The members of the Bachelor tlirlr'
111 to. a popular Falrviee orcanlratlon 1
nntpo? 'i oj >i>i'i,^ v.uuii'ii, ,
nhtfully entertained at : -\ o'clock .
Inner on Thdrs'ar by Mr- W, I>
ost at her homo at Fairvlrw. An
ttractiro color scheme in tho flub
alors. pink and green, wan carried
ut In the anointments. Covers urr?
ild for Mrs K \V. MeCberney. Mrs.
. C. Yost, Mrs. Mu/.ella llartow . Mr
!. M Rynd. of Menninaton, Miss '
Imma Butler, 01 TtiKa, Okla.. Mb a
lillle llanef. Miss I>aisy WUhan-v >
tther guests were Miss Irene 1'oit reld.
of Oakilalf. Pa., and Misc. Vivian
lowers. 11
Birthday Pert''.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Grab? onto taind
a number of frien Is Mondaj ? f na
at their home in honor of the
hird birthday anniversary of their
aughter. Refreshments were sei v ??l
urlng the even In?. The cuesta inluded
Wlnfleld Howard. Pthel Nixon.
Yillam Parker, BernMta Burkhart.
unior I'srker. Km ma l.ong. Robert
Yatson. Mrs. Walter Griffith, Ken,eth
Arnett. Zola Griffith, Carrie
'ranees Wright. Mrs. Arthur Arnett
in 11 a Billingsley. Mrs. Albert Wat
on. Kmmellne Watson. Marjori tilpr.
Grafp Watson. Clayton Miller
nd Virginia Watson.
Mith Mrs. Alfman.
Mrs. J. M. Altman is ho.-tess this
fternoon at her home on Knterson
treet to the Mothers' Club of the
V. C. T. U.
Kntrrtalning Friend*.
In honor of the fourth birthday anIversary
of her daughter, Misa Sarah
Yatson. Mrs. A. K. Watson Is rnter
1? -? t..ii ., >h<.
utninK a numwr m nine
fternon at the Country club. Her
ther daughters. the Misses Frances
nd Virginia, are also entertaining a
fw guests there this afternoon, the
ntirc party numbering about tw. ??t
ve little folks.
To Hitvc Ontlatr*
A elsss of hoya of the First M. F.
tinday school taught by W. C. Cunineham
wil spend Friday afternoon ,
nd evening at Minnehaha Springs on
he Valley river. The class Is coinosed
of about twenty boys, and a
umber of mothers will share in the ,
ay's festivites. Boating and bathing
ril be the diversions of the day. foliwed
by a picnic supper.
Miss Helen Smith Stevenson, daugh
er of Dr. and Mrs. L. N. Yost, and
lalton D. Simon, sergeant of the sec
nd company coast artillery atntloned
t Fort Howard. Md.. were united in
larriage this afternoon at half after
aro o'clock at the residence of the j
ride in Benonl avenue. The cere j
tony which was witnessed by mem
ers of the families was performed by
he bride's grandfather, the Rev. It. M
mlth. of Belington. and the bride's
ousin. little Miss Frances Scrimgeour.
f Belington. rendered the wedding
tarch. The bride was attirivl in a
silored coat suit of navy blue and
er rorsage was of bride roses and
weet peas. Sergeant Simon wore the i
hahi uniform. Mr. and Mrs. Simon
ft this afternoon at 3:30 for Pittsurgh
and tomorrow will go on to Ualimore.
Mrs. Simon will remain there
ir a brief period and will later re-1
jrn here to spend the greater part
f tBe lime Wltn ner pareni*
The announcement of the marriage ;
f Mies Stevenson and Mr. Simon will
? learned with Interest by their ,
icnd:. Dpth ot them an members ;
I Is of the French
and social section of die League of
I Rue Ste. Anne, has distributed a
ithout complaint the restrictions ira
ountry. 1 ne following is copy:
c arc at war In your smallest
e interest* of the native land,
sducts necessary for the life of
silk. sugar, wine, butter, bean*,
is. Ration yourself as to food.
French soil. lest some day yo
iur husband, who are sheddini
t France mu*t buy from fore zn
if gold, which are indispensable
i *
waste is a crime which imperii J
e war. t J
to your needs. Do not hoard
prices and deprives those e>:
ible to existence,
ssarily. Reflect that our trair.ansportation
of troop- the feedour
national production.
According to your age and )0?
Do not cor.Mime without pronging
the privations which are
the suffering? of those who are
rdom of the population who"
the cnt:n>.
tory belongs to those wV ,
lust he victorious.
?.'il \n ? n fatnil: . pr -nunon'
member. o( the younger s?t.
\mong relatives here for the ?cji
ir weie tfct brute \ er indparcnt...
It - .mil Mr II M Sm.'h. Mr
?\'rn j . ,mw ur ami daughter. .M.s
I'rances, of itenngt >n
To Camp for Period.
. r.-l V fif 1 li 11 y .1 at -la
Miss Francos, nn.l Mr.'. Frank
i r.iwforil -tnii ilauglit 'ri. Melon an I
Hetty, will c" to a point east of the
- ?v ion; uniiv to ci.mp for .1 peri > it of
several weeks.
- -
~t ??s. ; " t ? s-.
3ITS OF STATE NEWS . x ..a ..x
The t'iiiver>i;> training drta<hn><n'
I M n gatrown will prihubly gue intra
i- ii to v'O ilrafti. in-te.nl <>>
hi originally planned. Dean C. It
Jun< , of the toilette of engineeringat-I
?li i nuati of the university war
-r?,<e I'omniittce. ha< receive! a
leleerain Irom the \\ ,ir department,
asking if the univer ty ran I the 30n
draff to he trp.-vt in redio-electricltj.
,n addition to .*> other se,ee
lives who have already heen ordere I
here L'ean June-, according to the
New Dominion, repPed that the men
could he handled, provided tho men
were distributed among the different
instructors so that the whole force
could be util.zed.
The following rather unusual tale
was printed In last wee't'a issue of the
Tyler Star-News which Is published
at Middlebourne: "On Saturday liar
rirrn Dawson received a telegram
1... . :-J ??- -
iitn ii i 1111 iiiKiit t <11 ririi mi* illmriTlti
lien that his son had died aril to meet
the body at Mid Vcbouritc. Young 1
Dawson had been drafted to Camp
l.oo. hut had bcon sent to a hospital
for treatment.
Accordingly Cadertaker Hay Stath
ers, of Tyler county, came down to ro
reive tho body and grave diggers were
started at work at Falrview cemetery.
When the street car arrived to the
surprise of all young Dawson stopped
from it alive and accompanied by a
comrade to see that he got through
safely. Hurried word was dispatched
to tho cemetery that grave was not
needed and Pawton was taken to his
homo and turned over to the father
He is said to be in a pitiable rondi
tion from disease and was discharged
from the army."
The "Clairton." a taw hoat. said to'
have hern built for the Carnegie Steel
company. Pittsburgh, for service on
the Mononeahela river, has been
about completed hv the Charles Ward
Engineering company and it is oxpecte
I that the boat will he re.idv for delivery
to tho owner* within the course
if the next few weeks, says the Charles
ton Mail which continues as follows:
Workmen, for the past two days,
have been eng-.ged In making prelim
Innry tests in the Kanawha river at
the Ward plant opposite the city levee
Officials of the plant declined to
give out any information concerning
the boat, hut said that a trial run is
to be made on the Kanawha river
sortly. Steant has been up in the boilers
for the nast two Hava and todav
a propeller tost is being made. These,
however, are only preliminary tests, |
officials say.
The hoat has heen under construe- i
Hon for something more than four
months. '
Head On Collision
On Trolley System
Failure of a block signsi system on :
the lines of the Monnngahela Valley
Traction company to work resulted In
a head-on collision yesterday morning
at the N'orthvlew junction near darkshurg.
Injuring eight persons. None of
the injured are In a serious condition,
most of them being able to get about
today. The Injured are:
Miss Anna Bland.
Gerroaine Hughes.
Pearl Rutherford.
James Morrison.
G. M Cox.
Miss Grace Maxwell.
\V. B. Currey, conductor.
The accident occurred when a
N'orthview car and an express car
came together, osly the passengers
nn the N'orthvlew being among the Injured.
- -
IJ1 " W ?.
UNG, AUGUST 6,191*.
- .
Porch and Afternoon
Dresses Reduced.
PKn\r Cill/c
uiativ uui\c
This is rot a phophecy
seen in many of the adva
is probably the best select
Satins, 82.50 yd.; Crepe >1
Crepe de Chine, SI.65 and
Messaline. $1.75; Taffeta, $
Silk Poplin, S2.00.
Many Wash
Luggage forth*
August will find Mimmrr at I's
our lugg.tge section will I r loud-r
Handsome. sturdy le; tiier tr v
go up to $40.00. with eept ially g
It yon ere nit particular about r a
lent imitation that will give gnu | m
Cases start at $1.50 for matting a ri
Probably the best lot of trunks 11
2 quart size
1 quart size
1 pint size
Heavy Quality Rubbers.
Jar Wrenches, each
r personals Hi
Mr*. W. T Menear an?l grand-on.
Holland Kngle. have gone to Kvans
ville. I're ton county, to spend a lew
It. M Abbott, of Kingwood. wa* In
the city over Sunday the guest of hi*
ulsters, the Mis >? Mary and l.eora .
Abbott in Mapic avenue. I
Mr. and Mrs. ('. \V. Parker and ,
daughter, Chrl.-tir.e. bu\e gone to'
Wheeling to visit relative*.
Mrs. f. W. Ktir.don. of Naomi street.'
has goue to Fairehanee. Pa., to visit
Mr. and Mrs C. \V Ours, of Bridge
port. O., are guest3 nt the home of the
latter'* *i*ter. Mrs. John Rose. in f
Madison street. Mr Ours will go on
to Key*er on a business visit and Mrs
tlurs will revain here during his *b j
Mrs John R Bennett and daughter.
Miss Amelia, are expected home thi.".
week from Atlantic City where they
had spent the last two weeks.
Mrs. John Hart and children. Katb 1
erine, Ruth and John Thomas, went
to Buckhannon today to visit the former's
sister, Mrs. Frank Trebrr. i1
Miss Ethel Starrman has gone to
Atlantic City where she Is spending a '
few weeks She was m r lmpanied by .
Mrs. F. It Shewort and daughter. Miss
Beryl Stewart, of Mnnnlncton.
Pr ami Mrs (1 It Itruwnfield have
gone to Atlantic City for a few week*
Mrs. KarS Hennen. who had been
the guest of her sister. Mrs. II. H.
Carr. has returned to her home In
W V !?.. 4 ni. Pa?l. n n b.. k.. #i Iiooii t h o
Mien .iiiiui \ iuim wii'i ?* * ii in'
guest of her sister. Mr* W. S Hay-1
mond. ha* gone to Grafton. Tunnelton
an 1 Cumberland f visit friend*.
Mr*. J. W. Google and daughtrr. Ml**
Katherinr. have returned from a several
week*" vi*lt with relative* in ]
Mr*. Edwin Brook* who had spent
the last two week* with her parent*.
Dr. and Mr*. C. O. Henry, left today
for her home in Hagerstown. Md
Misr. Clara Hough, of Morgantown. .
spent the week end here the guest of
Mr*. H. G. Stoetrer, in first street and ,
Gaston avenue.
How to Acquire Youth,
Learn the Secret T
His Majesty I
?Comedy Ai
; Favored f 01
, it is an assured fact, evident
nee fashions. Black silks an
ed stock in town.
eteors $3 yd. Our Fancy I1
>?;(?! >d- Summer ai
>l.<o to 0:
i Light, <
Skirts Are
in Price ^
They are some of
l, the season's best i _
styles, in white
pabardlne. basket- gf
weave and corded i
There are several ;
I pood styles and
plenty of sizes. !
Wash Skirts are a ,
summer necessity,
better purchase
r?nn /it* nAUr
"IIV \M llll/i V II" M .
Al! the prices
have been substan*
J tially reduced.
fnvrrrd rlimax and llm rail on
than over. Hut wo are ready.
eliliK ha?? -tart at $8.50 and
I i honainr at mojrrr.fo price*
I loathor. you ran got an excel
rr trier at $3.00 and up. Suit {
co as hi ft It a* you wi?h to pay
SI .00 -n
Hoc 2
75c ?
1 do/on for 25c
mi mi m'
L'se Disinfectants as Pro\entive
Against Ty- v
ohoid Fever. J1
' ?
Boil every drop of water Is the ad ti
llM of Dr. I.. It Y'M. county betlth j,
?ff!cer. fir. Yoet dd today that p?o ti
p!e should um this precaution with ei
typhoid fever ragi-ox. All water i n
'hould h- bo.I'd whether It come.;
from the .-print;: or even city water If ,
such I* obtainable de.-ptte what tht|
analysis alto**.
Dlafectan'.3 rhould be used liberally j,
ibout the toilet; while the present wa n
!er famine is over as a preventive for R
lyphold fcv? r.
"Last, but no least" added Or.'c
Yost." the best precaution Is to Iiav? '
a typhoid fever Inoculation."
Bible Institute In i"
Tent Opens Tonight
Prep?r.ition ft r the meetings of the '
Summer Bible Institute which will be
gin tonight at eight o'clock in a big
lent on Jackxor. and Jefferson streets
have been completed S*at'' have'
been placed and a carpet of shavings
covers the dirt floor. The tent will
be lighted with electricity. The meet
ing will be under the direction of
Evangelist H. B Weatcott of Fontlac.
Mich. The subject of the service ton'ght
will be "The Doom of G?rmanv."
Mceungn will dc n<*m every errnins
excepting Katutday to which the public
i< invited. A ^-ong service aill precede
each service. i
An infant son horn to Dr. and Mrs.
W. I. Mitchell at their home rt Mannington.
August 2. died shortly after
SON Today
Beauty and Fortune,
onight by Seeing
Bunker Bean
wt rnrr?
Electric Pins, $5.00. I '
Autumn I
es of which are to be I
1 pott in s: scarce. Here
'laiH Silk? Mik* Ideal I
id Autumn Skirta-p
Cool. Fashionable,
icrr irr three distinct diM
of Refrigerators.
pinning at the bottom, thejru*:
I. L0? GIUDE-th?
mlt" kind. Coat ktli ? th
l-u IcimumpttnaNHMB I
ffcrnj ilmost nothing.
I MEDIUM GRADE?pretty to
lock t'. -many of thai rally
?rr!l buth ?hut *11 of thai
Ic 'king in t*o nUl aaatmk of
5. BOHN SYPHON?the Ouoa
or *11 Kcfngcratan, tag
ranowtedged all wrf the oii,
No other rifngrratoe M bcaaaad
to uk the BOHN Sypha I
System of rapidly i a ii dating
pue. cold, irr iir.^No Mhar
rrnitmg* inrulatiaa rrer nil.
Ur cnuumptm naall?effuiq
cj l?%- abaakitdy aaattry.
! I
u? i?..rtr?ion iImwi but fittk W fe I
it m?ritieftlitBOHN?faiMdw '
i "w-piw. iramlwi pwnipin hwd ! :
Ininf- <br? mt riwv Imv ? j
<p? c4i cIcm ?4
i* _*- -?? ?? ? ~ - ai Jjj|
ilTFV Mrtv .'MlUfiril WH IMIPPTO
Ins Nelle Bart.
"For many yeara I tufferad from j
nmach trouble. All the doctors 13
led 1/lpH me but little. All u|Ti
would liave to go to a hospital iMl
e i pirated on for gell
mild not live much loagar. I
u m I preferred to meet death aim
ome. One day I picked up aa advepf j
sement of Mayr'a Wonderful Rem-. 1
ly and since taking a coarae hf ltd
lore than a year ago have not had a|9
ngle pain in my atomaeh, have good I
ppetite and can eat anything.*1*
i a simple, harmlera preparatte* that 1
moves the catarrhal mucus from the n
itcstinal tract and allaya the lnflam-i
latlon which cautes practically M*'!
tomach, liver and In tee Una! aflmeata.9
eluding appendicltla. OmM^H
invlnce or money refusded. '
Crane's drug store, H. A H. Dn^l
? , Prescription Pharaaay It Mm H
Ingto.i and druggists rrerywWre.
11 AM.tollpTltflj^B
Afternoon?5e and 10s
Night 10c and lis I
Dixie Orchestra ToaifM ;
The Golden 11
Goal II
A Smashing Ftve-Rart B|j?9
Ribbon Feature wKH Rwq^fl
in Every Feet.
ftlliw'Bar Mm 11
Official United EMM 1
War Rieteree I
(On# Day 0"ly) Q
Featuring ALIOS WW J

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