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??i?f%Ttrni nn i i ik/w'/'im
' DEiNwin nn.iL uuiunn
' < *" *?
^ V '
..?t^...5_ : .-.e.?
With the exceution of a few player* m
%ho have Joined the ll?>mb I'r.:of or
T^AniA nf thn ahinvirti^ thorp v. ill
be little complaint nri-ina from the '
Washington order con)i>ol!in:t men in i'<
government work to really work an 1 1
not camouflage ballplayin* with a thin
Veneer or manual labor. . '
I There has been little adrei a c
I hoik
I Will Get River Water For
V Use in South Side
iiiani. ;v
Hampered greatly by the Inn '
Water kupply of the city th M... n
Product* company is raahi,g arr.i'
ments to lay a water line to the >1
nongahela river so that In the fui i
water may be secured when the o th.
ion arlaea. Ten men were on the hi'
yesterday laying a six ineh water line
to the river. This is a portion of the
old line, but parts have to he adde I da
The Marion Products company former
ly see rued its water front the river, (in
hat last August began receiving city nit
Water. The plant is equipped with its t'u
wn purifying system and the river
water for ice purposes will be perfect- trt
ly aecured its water from the river,'tin
tars at the icc plant.
The Marion company was lilt hard <T
by the recent shut down of the city "ii
pumps and no Ice has been made since
Friday because of the lack of water.
Several days before that the plant was 1,1
It aneciea lor sirctcnes. Depending on "
the city water has become such a los ! lot
lng proposition that the new water ,no
lino will be mado ready (or use in s,)1
cases of emergency. When the piant rp<
nceiTes an adequate water supply frr
It will be able to produce forty tons '
of Ice every twenty-four hours. 10
It the old line to the river u found dei
In food condition the water from the pir
river should be secured within a day lov
or two. The shutting down of the (tie
plant has caused much inconvenience nal
FBIttmately for the city the East Side lov
plant bad river water and made ice len
- ? per
, sol
Monongalia Musings g
| ren
Potato beetles. June burs and the ttl(>
growl and gumptionless grunt \ wjt
that this Is the rich man's war are rap-: soj
idly moving to the limits of decayed ! and
nuisances. ot t
It has been truthfully said that
the way of the transgressor is hard
nd it may now be added that the way j{
of tbe possessor isn't altogether rosy. pnn
Bs Is going to be taxed and he must ' ,.'
cheerfully submit.
Interest in the primary election
eras noticed only in spots, iiad it not
been for tbe activities of tho two celebrated
jaunty, Jingling, jovial J", of
Morgantown perhaps only a few pomp
one, partisan plum hunters would have :
sacrificed sufficient time to have gon-'
to tha polls. Winning the war is of
far more importance than the aml>i-1
floaa of alabaster statesmen.
"home people are continually tal.
B_* ?mm (kb iAV rtll# Af lif/a u 1.11a ,*? 1.,,., .. .
I - - ^ ? m?* ?? w? ntv nunc IM||< IS ll I '
endeavoring to make this world a par
Ate*, for instance, nil that was forfrarljr
needed to relieve extreme thirst
wan n neat, anus, little, p ip, r h int !
express package Now a trip to Point
Marlon la accessary Our prohibition 1
friends have taken the ape out of
gnpe Juice and removed the slab
Croat eider, and the destructive work
ptea nterrilr on.
***A modern philosopher avers (hat
(he American people am first in war.
frst In peace and will he the first to
prch to Berlin. The putrid, Potsdam i
prevaricators deserve a dras'i,
net hove discovered that their V J
|p|tah are ?tmootent and that t:. j
MBr?r-^\ Ka i
^ \\\ \
"; WhHh^ t ifi*^ ' -^f
-++' .a'*; 7*1?^?^?
t&MKSva* ' ~__
.-J*V"??j?> i irf* . ^ ,. 1 i i mil
..sj2?*.r. .*1'' Stifcrf** ---^:. J
cnt nn tlin Crow.ler work or fight |cnu
ilcr from baseball sourrer, the main vlcf
j . :i from tiio n vitally intern !l"
i i, dug that the shipyard! :tn<i an ( ^
on factories rprf usint fair pr >nv
of goo 1 moil y anil ti ,'ch pn !
!h to grab pin.'' a from the league ; ,
'ore their soson is up ,i|
There has also hern a groat ileal < ' "
oihenias rf honorable nrtioiis will
liurlril at li e;n a* long i;.h ineolat
and brtr . > are abhoied by irurs
id lender ht ...
The 1,1'. 1, a . eieij nm Myc once p
0.1ulr "d Ihe v.iluab ' informal' n c]
Ml ' ie I .in v.o. r of Ihe we '. p
If ill, was not a relative of ('
i! Xi.. e >mi a strong su'
. 'ii that I tint i.tatemint i < open In
i ! a . !' 'It' rhiiilixn, nepli fij,
* .eel .oil!.; a are figiaiti.T "rw
.el h .' ilin Mull for the \tt
1. ..ion of that bombu.tic Mill o." Mci
l.i. | Ciai
" 'I . at i' y.mt writer and tosteal w
in'.. '. o. pit Adtll on. wrote soinr ^
; g to the effect that beauty cannot
Pi' tl e abi to of good nature |
.. to say, lie did not add thai
'.I .ind powder ran mpp'y the ab p
;:rr of Ix'uiil>. W presume that i;
at important discovery wan nut i
idi' until alter Addioa's lime.
Automobile; and anto-ev.nera
at are two very common sights thus ' I
lle.iTT Ward B v her said that "t
si's men ire bettor tana too d;vUV
n, and they ought to act as [hough ?
[ > thought they were. '
' 'Dignity and depravity shouldn t s
ivel under the same bat but some- 'j"*1
lies they do. I
(iood rvening. Are you sour be-,
use they have taken some sugar to'
r Mildiers in Prance?
An astronomer thinks if he had
he could talk with .Mars. p,
lis leads a wicked wit to assert that ^
he had $10.000.0OU lie could make
e to Venus. At the rate thine* are (
w going it will not be long until;
nothing like tliat amount will be ^
lulred to make love to the average
ckle face American milk maid. q,
' After a day of feverisli struggle y
make the disrords of human en ' y
tvor harmonize with the soul's as- j
at ions for tranquility and peace, a
or of hills and vales and wooded prt
in advises u to go into .1 bit . 1
ural woods bordering a calm, shalr-tinted
lake and in the twilight site
listen to the innumerable whis ings
of the leaves. In such sweet Tli
Itude nil cares and worries fall into I'nk
getfulness and their places are chap
nil with gentle thoughts and fond ','air
tembranres. The harsh sounds of '0avi
busy day no longer assail the ear car
h their disturbing sequence. Cool, ,iasjf
t winds steal through your hair ''
I caress your check like the fingers
lear companions gone hef ire.
S C. Ml'SGRAVE. ance
nto the head of the new golf club throt
lin inuAPtml Innri nliiffo tr* o#*4??tif '*
weight and balance. | sale*
[ op vlrw #
\. CAP?
i Wlgl Y1H<HMIAH. TA
hen be broke into the National
pie bo was the cockiest thine that
tte organization had seen tor
a. As a result he was punned
ridden until Ills play suffered and
lumped miserably,
jt it's difforent r.ow with Benny
ft. In the uniform of a doughboy 1
y Is manager of a ball club and
his cockiness at home. Benny Is
piloting a team of the Twelth
ipauy. Third Training Battilton,
Hundred and Fifty Eighth Depot
rade at Cam? Sherman and bes
be has a winning club.
: v v", _ ' ^
, > * * t - 1
. - <t ' * . ?
? , ' v
V| *
jr* V*?te
' 1 ? ???i '
t io romni?nt from men in the per i
who make no bones ah.nit calling <
shipyard stars slackers. 1 I
Is quite likely there wil be a betfeeling
all around if the govern j
it if i is on a ll'tle mire v.otk and
l< s basrbs'l out of the n. i
uiittvht mil t lio I .lis
IU ??; "infill I'HI l(ir jmr-* H lli>
' '-<>p tht>m safely cm tli.s side n
Baseball at a Glance.
Results Yesterday.
istnn. J; Pittsburgh, 0.
tliia^c, 5; Scve York. .1.
hllcd~Vi.il. 3; St. I.>uK 1
incinnati. r>; Br>->!<lyn. I.
Standing of the C ub:.
W. I.. IV
raeo fit 33 fiti i1
York 5K 40 ..VK'
bnrgli 44 51 .4 i> I
tklya 4:; r.j ,tr..: t
mnatl 4! I
ion 43 .55 .435 I
Louis 43 u9 4:'
Results Yesl
Iiitadelnhla, 5; Chic in,.>.
k.'n ?th"r games; tho?'* !.|li :l
v."Mi?rday were playol ;'m, y.) '
Standing of the C'r'-J.
W. I. Pt 1
t ?n fit 40 .fioi' '
re'and 58 44 ,r?6;? '
eland 68 44 .5fii 1
diington 56 45 ,55o
r York 48 49 .495 !
ago 47 62 .475
Louis 45 6.1 .459 t
olf 44 5fi .4ti 1
adelohia 40 59 I I
Games Scheduled Today.
ittsburgh at Philadelphia.
Inrinnati at New York.
I.ouis at Boston. t
Sirago at Brooklyn.
'ashington at Cleveland. )
illadelphla at St Loala i
1st on at Detroit.
rn I v/i n ui vm? nn"? .1
M"? v
worth League's
Basket Picnic h
10 Marion County Eoworth I.cafiue f(
>n will nold an outing at Italian ^
n'l on Thursday evening along th" I
viow line. The picnickers will j
o here on the 5 o'clock Kalrvicw _
and it will bo In the nature of a j
et picnic. The attendance should *
urge and a big representation of
Kpworth 1-eagues of the cltv and "
ty are expected to be in attend- ^
m ai
iny of the dress manufacturers
ighout the United States are now M
Ing out women instead of men ft
(Ml- II
MWXJ - ( USIfert iOM
*11 J / oour botws
\1 I / sow - ?'
/ 1 WTteSTo
\ vwy po n
Eight Members of Last
V m **? ! rt I
icars team ?iii isc
Back in School,
Eight members of last year's Fairmont
high gridiron team will be back
In school this year. They are: Carl
Andre, guard; Clay Mills, halfback;
Korrest Knight, halfback; Seldon
Dean, halfback; Clark Brown, quarterback;
Tom Cain, tackle; "Pete" HamIron,
tic-tip, and Pierre Hill. end.
"Pete" Hamilton was chosen capain
of the team at the end of last
irar's schedule Hamilton Is recog
ilzed a one of the best high school
lackles in This portion of the state and
is sure to make a valuable leader.
He has not f .rgotten hi* duties and
lias already begun to get a line on
Ihe material he will have for a team.
The pro p ts for this year's team f
were lowered somewhat bv the death ,
if "Jumbo" AumHer who would ha\e ,
been a sure regular. As It : the pro:
pects for a good team are very en
t > j
Hamilton Not Dtad.
Several we-ks ago the name of Ha
vid Hamilton, of Pit! burgh. Pa. appeared
in the casualty list. Local
friends who -,i* the name did no! hesitate
to think that it was the Dave
Hamilton who managed a local bar
her shop for several years, whose
home was al o in Pitt burgli. Ham
Ilton lias been in Fr; tire since tlir
first f S. troop; v. >nt across and lias r
been hi tl. live of l.attfe. Yesttr- ?
lay a rani v. receivetl 'n Monongali ti
from ll.ii.'ilt'n s' ling it lie was
omewliere in Fram c and In goon r
lealth. |
Voting Today.
The voids polls ope.i. I in Monnn- <
tali short'' after 7 ' c'.< this j,
iioriii ik The voting f >r Man ir.pali
>rrp r is b' ng done in the store room t
irev ion si v occupied hy the J. If. Lake I
lore instead of ll e old voting pol\ |
fir the Mm t'galt jail Voting on 1
he west side of the rivr In T i ilium
' i? :ng done at the Thibttrn school, j
Before 7:20 o'clock this miming the j.
omnii T'onerti and n !i r voting offi en
were sworn in by Justice Thomas '
I. Price.
Many Letters Received. w
A sh.plor'l of let era must certain- si
y have ai/ .cd in New York over the p:
vrek end for letters were received at
tere yesterday from tnost every local S
i >y who Is In France As many as K
even letters were received from some J.
ir the liOJTJ. K.i'T letters :?n?l two ()')< a
al cards wer? received from Utile 'e
loydnh. Martin Killocn sent fotir let M
ers across on the ship. Crnri?e tlrovc n
ibrmt lour letters and two postal I N
anls. Letters were also received'1'
run Harry Hopalier and P. II Mr- 13
rtonnell. The letters were all alaly 0
eceived hv anxious patent*. who had w
tot heard from the.r sons for many "
Personals. "
Mrs. Minor and Mrs. DeBolt. of Fairnont,
were in Mono ;ah for a short
chile yesterday.
E. E. Orr was an out of town caller ei
esterday evening. 01
Ed r.idloy and wife were mest* of, n:
V. O. Mercer and wife the 4th. Ji
\a| ? pjo.w pastaooj 9traj||A\ "A\ T
vs atro of the death of his hrother.
Iorgan Wilfontr, which occurred at
dorgantown. He was buried at Mt.' ?
'nion cemetery. I n:
Frank Mercer, who has been 111 for j *
year, has been much worse the past m
rack. ! t?
II. L Stevens, of Wcstover. was a v'
lsltor at the home of Ceo. \V. Snider ol
ast Sunday. I ol
Vicr Snider, of Ashtabula. Ohio, was ol
ere Saturday and Sunday the Rtiesi
f his father. J. A. Snider. His little , 151
aughter, Bonneta. who has been here '
or some weeks, accompanied him
om<v lre
J. H. Thompson and daughter, Ruth, f()
rent to Weston Sunday to see Mrs. ^
'hotupson, who Is now getting along *re
ery well.
ltev. Chapman filled his appointment,
ere last Sunday morning. , 0(]
Mrs. J. C. Shafer spent Saturday and vj
undav with relatives at Morgautown ,
ml Opekiska. sa
Joshua Dugan and family of near t<
lorgantown. were here last Sunday
te guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. E Mar- mi
R we ABOUT \ cftp( VoORt TM'
ve GOT W | ptu.A OF
TtslO, AMD /JfHis SORT, M'
e MX OVER JI Hi oooo v?TM you |t
*e 2 / case a
r \Z? Y~
i? 91 I
r- .
* *
rew years have gi\cn the troti = t cle
inio ih?? fine arrav of * lug-tci ,'()|
kich are gracing the Grand Circuit : j;
racks this year. , . n,~
The two-year-old events on the bis trot
ins so far have shown some evi the
enreof extreme sj, ed by the younger yea
rotters end some of the two-year-old I'
!a. ir? have produc i roras yours ; |?,fr.
ters who should be among record ra<
reakers in the next year or . n. I tern
Worthington |-f onj"
Rebckahs Piiuie | ""
The nteinhe,- of the various Re
kah Lodges of the upper p.rt < i
( lunty held a picnic at tiu.y ?
rove on Salt Lick Itun on Thurs-]^^
ay, August I t. A large crowd va? j~resent
and a very enjoyable tini"!
as had. Hoth diner and supier wore 1
?rved on the grounds. Among th"reseut
we note th.c following: Mr.|
ad Mrs. J. () Htiey, Leo I a Reynold',.
:idie Ice, Mrs. C. (). Ityiner, M.ss
lla Hawkins. Miss Helen It' tner, Mrs
Calvin Youst. Mrs. ltil>- l.ooraan
nd daughters Grace, Estella. Bc<sand
Wilnia, Mi s Sadio Newell, and
rs. P. M. I/Jugh and children of Manington,
Mrs. Lizzie K< ohler, Mrs.
lary Pancll, Dv-de Fisher, and Ar....
DLI,na f L'. I
i ir r ;i?r ui raiiiiiiii: uii, .n uer
I \V. Snider and Mrs. I.ova A. Rhav-'
r of Monongah. Mrs. Cecil V. Cald-j
ell, I* C. Fitzbugh and Porter L.;
oland of Fairmont. Mrs. John C. Jr.ibs
and Mrj. Finley Oalies of W< rt'itgton
and Mra. Anna Debendafer ?'
enver, Colo. i
-?? Vw
Church Services
Rev I.. E. Bee of Monongah preach- >
I in the Methodist Prole-aunt church
n Sunday morning, filling his rcgu
r appointment here. Kev. B E. Hanes
t Mannigton preached In the Christin
church at 11:00 a m and at 8:001
. tn , the topic of the evening serlon
being "The Great i|iysician,"
din 5:6.
. f >'
Community Sunday
Sunday. August 18 will be celebrat1
as "Community Sunday" by the
lembershlp of the Christian church 1
hen It will be the aim to have as
any of the non-resident members a<
issiblc present at the morning ser-,
res after which they will repair to I
le of the groves near town for an
iting. All are reqested to bring lunch
damcr With tliein A large ropre
ntation from the Mannington church <
expected to he present.
Visitor* Here From Ohio
Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Sturm and childn
of near Cincinnati. Ohio are here
r a visit with Mrs. Sturm's parents,
r nnit Mr. t e Hafttl and Other
lutives and friends in this vicinity, j
Mr and Mrs H. R Martin return-)
I on Thursday from an extended j
sit in southern points including
Junta, Ua. Jacksonville and Pencola.
Florida, Chicamaugua Park,
C. O. Messenger was a caller in Falrint
on Sunday.
Miss Grace Schutte of Clarksburg
V* tri CWWE something \ w
\ v Jmr 9 * + Y
-Jk ^
- -- -
? ' ' > ' . .
visiiine Mi<=* Georgia MoDaniel Sui
Vhwatejr i>4 Kr'dav. j
A Jolli.Ta of ClarksliiirK vn a inn
r.ps visitor hero nn Saturda >*. >
i ? os Georgia Mc Daniol and Kutli vis
woro vliltora in Clart<*bura on d*i
Big Saving
Need C
Buying here the clothes
ularly good business?becau?
at prices that are partieularl
The Suits you buy
here at these prices are
the best suits we know
f n i- 4 U/v ?\MI OAll
ui til tut: (Jitics.
The savings average
25 Per Cent., and a A
great deal more were /j
the values based on today's
market price, instead
of the costs of six
months ago.
Come in today and
look over these big assortments.
Palm Beach, Kool
Kloth, Air-0-Weave
$8-50, $10-00,
$12.50, $16-50.
Now $7.75, $9-75,
Lot of good $1.00.
$1.50 and $2.00 Shirts
reduced to
95c, $1.15, $1.35.
' v. Scws - * ??
,uO (
y V \tfTttOOUCflON
/ .'it' ( vW<*5 ',RftT
iT- V I CA>? PW.
.- alms*
re of ttif most sensational por 1 I
tiers of ihe year it the Peter th<- lie
at toil. Krutlioff. which re ectly . Ish
1 in straight hejts at Toledo in | hot
I 1 4 and SOS 14. the latti r mile mil
of the fasteat second heats ever (
le 1 by a two year-old in a nee. and 1 ma
fattest two-year-old mark of the Wt
r. | 1
erl.-cope, a stable mate of llnjsi- hat
has l>e'-n a mile In 2 10 1 4 in a s-n
r> this year and was not fully ei hir
led in making: this time. I unt
- " * * f
^ I
' in> ?* K'. *ah is another promi*
i? > > ear-old of the year. Sha fined
at lJrumloff s mlkey In hia faat
its at Toledo and haa worked a
le in 2 ?? 14
Ine of the aitrprieee of the aeaaon
y bo the Anvil Ihidle Archdals colt,
ki Wiki
riiln youngster ha* no mark and
< rot started in a race, bat It *?
i*ip among the Grand Circuit railda
th.t h. has been several mile*
ler 110 in trial*
ii? W rvvi* of Fairmont was callon
friends here on 3u|day.
Ir and Mrs Claude I,, ttavls wart I
ring Mends in Fairmont on Frl
s If You IJ
lothes I]
you need now is partic- ?
e they are good clothes 9
y attractive. | I
J ?
?7?\ " jr-*
tv&o 'J.
*e i?i \
i *> iv?' ?af)
OFF, 60 ? J '; ^
OOMO *rwy
A 4 *A
<jl -1 j.1 . |.

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