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\, .: % . ^TH**?^ - 'a " "! 1 " "*f *' ^?? f?PW 4RP^VW-M*?.'*
r" t9^z l . . \.,A I
i. I^l5l5.34| ?he twgt flirw matt .rr .. i j
' ' " , fw F^inio'. Dot JtogJM -*J rmir OT-wr. |
ESTABLISHED 1MB. ?? .. amociatm am.* fairmont, west virginia, thursday evening, august 8, 19mT~ tcda^m??to?.v ' " j.i;u l: 7lrat^:ggjm
n ruMf
r Effort will be Mad<
to Get Engines
} From B.&O.
This Afternoon the Mem
bers Are Making an
j Inspection.
j la an effort to bring (he wat<
famine to an end at the earliest p >
sible moment, a committee of repr
sentative citizens appointed at tf
meeting of the Chamber of Common
jreaterday afternoon, this morning tm
, with the Board of Affairs and di
cuased plans for ltnmediato relief I
4 the water situation. The comtnitt?
1 of seven Fairmoatcrs wiio were a
( pointed to act in co-operation with It
m city authorities in ending the wat<
I famine is composed of Clarence 1
Robinson, Fred Heimick, W. H. Spei
I den, Roger L. Kingsland, R. T. Cu
I Bingham, H. J Hartley and Thomas
At 9:30 a. m. the committee asser
bled at the City ball and with a fit
9 attendance of the Board of Affair
Mayor Anthony Bowen presided an
called upon Arlie Hawkins to mfike
' report as to the condition of the se
1 ond-hand holier which the city wt
planning to purchase. Mr. Hawk:::
I had just returned from Youngsiowi
^ O., where he had made a careful e:
.amination of the boiler. The boilt
J has a 500 horsepower which woa'.d pr
' ride a one hundred per cent, holler ci
1 pacity at the pump station.
The special committee thorough!
(Continued on page ton,-.)
i 260 Cleveland Ave.
' All kindi of hauling and delivering
done promptly anil eareiwtly.
Call Plisne Ne. 640.
Conault the Union
for expert dental Our
prices are reasonable. . over
Mnrrory 5 and 10c I'oie All
^ eror 'rarteed.
| Notice to
Everything possible
efficient supply of wate
help that 'an be used is
>aire to the city pumps,
tlut nothing will be left
>' hasten a plentiful supply
1 it, is the duty of ev,ry <
i above all else, do not in i
cums lances use your lv.
soon to furnish water fo
water must be used for
i jjui ;n?b*ro u^Il i fif nu
: authorized so to do.
The officers are inst
j anj audi u-ers of the w;
tlic waier sunply.
Be careful, prudenl
| water. A
' i
i t
. II fi
Ma 3[
ju treej-S'^^^^*
yticnMONTI s;}*)
piimp Sinn
s boilers again
j in u^e light
They Were Responsible Foi
>r Failure of Water Supl~.1
ply Last Night.
t Again last night the one putui
s- which was in operation all (lay yeater
in day was shut down because of boilei
e trouble. This morning the boiler trou
p. blc had been controlled and at It
ie o'clock the one pump at the stallor
r res mod operation.
' The trouble at the puuip station ye*
d-1 terday evening took place about '
" , o'clock und in a few hours later thi
' , waU - prersure began t > decrease an.
I abou. 10 o'clock the rro mark on tin
n- water image was rta bed. All nigh
]| long the boiler was oui of cc in miasm:
a. and neither of the two city pumps wen
id working, not a drop of water bcini
a pointed into the reservoir,
c-! At noon today the latest report indl
is 1 rated that the one pump vlilch wai
i? ! workinr. was going well. If the puni|
u. continues to work well and there 1:
* '110 more boiler tronbls ihtrc wdl b<
T I ui.tu. Ii.r n*'iat .not", h. nf ItiA rll*
some time thin afternoon. This, how
* over. ia not to hi depended upon a
J additional trouble may come up a
|y ; any tiir.e and it would he ?#wssary t(
I again discontinue pumping.
Tte Epping-Carpenr.r pump wbicl
? I h? ! been out of c-nami. for thi
, past several days becausa of a brok
i en piston h<~ad. ranuot possibly be I:
working condition in less than twenty
four hours. Workmen at the Fair
mont Mining MacMn ry company l.av
had the parts at Its machine shop mak
I lug the necpscary repair* and If Is ur
(Continued on pnge fonr.l
The Prince of Peace
Will He Return?
This will be the subject nt the
| Incsire tent, corner JefTereon and
I Jackson streets, tonight. 8 o'eloek.
ill ?
the Public
is b *ig done to furnish a
r to the city. All the expert
5 being used in making reThe
public can lie assured
undone that may be done to
of water; in the meantime
? . .
citizen to lie patient. And,
any eeimt or under any cir>se
We will be able very
r domestic purposes, but no
lawns or gardens or other
se until you are specifically j
ructed to report and arrest
iter during the shortage of
t and economical of tho
A New Offensi
nif | |'e pL Cot terrt^^
^/H^SCi-n.'iL^'/furxti-TNruiltv .
. i
Temperature Here Went Up
to 108 Degrees? Hot
All weather records were broken
)> terday afternoon at 4 o'clock when
the mercury arose to 10K. This was
by the government records, which are
. kept here by F. 1'. Hall. Weather records
have been noted In West Vir'
ftinla by the I'nited States govern- Kit
ment since 1391 and yesterday's mark (?
cxcells anything for hot weather rec-1 to
" ords. The closest to It was 107 In ha
1395. Some thermometers even were th'
11 as high in their records as 110 jester-',,n
day. I
This Is the fourth sweltering day in ti
' which the mercury has been over the ra(
100 mark. Tin? hot wave really began
1 on Saturday and continued over Sun-U
' day. Ibe
Last night at S o'clock a series of .JS
thunder storms broke over thi City j n
, and the refreshing breezes niado sleep- m,
', ing pleasant last night. During the , (y,
I night .05 of an inch of rain fetl. This 11,5
"' morning It was as hot as ever. The ' on
4 rain had a tendency to help some of it
1 j the "war gardens," which r.re hard wl
4 hit b? the drought. co
; Few West Virginians
In Casualty Listan
<Tty Associated Fr-sn)
WASHINGTON, Aug 8.?The arm) ,0'f
j casualty list today show; killed In nc 'ha
. lion. 131: died of wounds, 16; died ; s0
.. from aeroplane acciden.s, 1; died of ,je
, acldents other causes, 5; wounded se j to
'' vrrely, 52; wounded degree undeter a
'mined, 22; total. 237.
List included the following: Killed !frr
in ac'h.n, Lieut. Hoy E. Parrlsh, ion
* Clarksburg W. Va. I gj
he marine corps casualty list today; nu
' shows; k.llod In .lef.^n, 2; died of thi
1 wounds, 1; wounded severely, 20; Ilg
wounded degree undeternined, 74; wr
wounded slightly, 1. missing. 10; ta- ('
tal, 10R. The Hat Included: r
Wounded In action. Private Arch
| Jenkins, Normantawa, W. Va.; Dorse) |'
Kelley. Ravere. W. Va : Hearl i.enion.1
; Now Martinsville, W. Va., Ralph Pol.: .
- Chester, W. Vs. jj<
Wounded severoly?Private David tot
B. Pollock, Vacna-ta, W. Va rei
_ ri
- an
Thursdry morning hetwecn real. >
dence on Pencaylvonin avenue and i he
Hrcnnei! car stop, or on stre it car j
rt-ai nut# inuraiont ut S o'clock, a
Ten ivdlar Ilill. Kinder w'll t* wi
I reive ran aril if rciurned lo Minn A
T hinsiK, ra'c The Veal Virginian pa
; office Je
Do You Want a
Permanent Tenant?
I have lire* in one btuse for
i three and onc-Jsalt year*, but it
lias liven sold, and I am forced to
novo before Sept?ober 1. I! r.o
want to rant yoig house to stay
routed, to 0 KiiuWho wi!l treat
yuu and your | yerty right, address
ire. glvii M f'tii parrieuiaro
about what you Jure. All cominuulratioos
stri"lv confidential.
! \ 11 lottara iMfMd Lock Ho*
?7 Fitmoat W. Va.
ve Has Been Started?
Y l i
rop ON" THIS Lr E?
g^Vilraisne Roucy??*?annA7.
Vt/rvA ^^owhchCTVL.
r.<X.Fenl-_cn TiP^bcj Tv^j1
in jam is
fflc mikes in
hum region
irectors of New Coal Association
to Meet in
Th?r* arc 721 coal cars In the rein
today This la the worst day in
long time, and the trouble rooms
be that the Baltimore and Ohio
a either on Its own voliton or at
8 request or the Fuel admlnistram
overdone the coal movement ?ast
th the result that the cars are all
fd up on the other side ol the
Mines on the Monongah division
the Baltimore and Ohio ran load
twecn 1.200 and 1,300 ran; a day
thout straining their resources even
the labor situation now stands
has been dono when the car citpi'ly
tde it pnsslb!?. Fo; Instance on
e last three days of last month,
172 cars were loaded Monday. 1.093
Tuesday and 1.234 on Wednesday,
is the cr-lrion of lora! roal men
>io are f. nt'lia* with trar :"<)rtf.tien
millions th.V. if this had beev dlled
up by sending about 250 car*
>st there would have been nc
X'kade in the east which is noevening
this region from getting
adequate number of empties.
The belief is pretty generally heli
re tTiat the effort c.ther should be
supply this rcpion with 1.20C or
100 ears a day and take a thoisani
tlient east and the rest west, or po
ck to the poliry which pertained
me time apo of Irsulnr shlpptnR or.
rs front day to day dlvertlne roal
the west when there are sipns of
ronRe?tlon In the east
Rome roal has been cine west
>m this recfon this week 2*; rnrs
Monday. 1SK rt.rs on Tuesday and
ran yesterd-M- "he <i;-nin'?h<mr
mber IHnp due to the fart that
e ear suprdy was prepresslvely
hted. In the meantime the nicely
irked out nropram to rush roal to
hay for New Knpland shlpis
been all shot to pleres and
v will have to be worked
Director* to Meet.
The hoard of directors of the new
irthern West Virrinla Coal Operars*
Association will hold their first
Pilar mcetinR at the Waldo In
arksburp Tuesday of nejet week,
d It Is the understandlnp r.ow that
e places on the hoard which relined
open at the time the nssoelan
was orpaulzed In this city will
The Warning to Operators.
Yesterday mention mas made of n
irntne which was Issued bv Fuel
Imtnhtrator Garfield regarding the
ylng of bonuses to miners. That
ter Is sr. follows:
All Concerned: ?Information Is
reaching me that coal operators
*re bidding against each other
tor labor by payment of bonuses,
rills Inevitably causes unrest and
shifts, but does not Increase the
total production of coal. Maximum
production Is essential to
the successful conduct of the war
?nd for the welfare of the boys
In the trenrhes. The democracy
we are seeking to establish at
homo and abroad demands that
maximum production be based on
an arrangement fair to all eon.
rerned?to all mine workers, all
operators and all the publie.
The payment of bonuses In any
rorm Is contrary to the spirit of
the wage agreements muds by
(Continued on page four.)
Better Place a Rec
)N THE j
1 > v.v.'
^K,u oqne yfA y/xLerivilk
Watson Still in the Lead,
Hut It is Diminishilng.
(By Asaorlntrd Press)
| WHKKLINQ, Auk 8?Willi ah
available returns tabulated the result
In both Senatorial nomination con
! tests were still in doubt this morning j
t The figure* received give Clarence
W Watson a lead of 1283 over Wm. |
K. Chilton for the Democratic nomlna-1
while Ylrttll Highland has a lead
ui available figures of 1147 over Darlf
Klkins in the Republican race.
Claimi were made at Democratic
tate headquarters that Col. C. V.'
, Watson would be nominated on tht
Democratic ticket for United States
MMtor by a majority o{ ljNi. More
conservative iieads this morning at 10
'clock placed Wtason's majvr'ty at
i* low ill ?vm or tlcn u|>;'*-*n
od that Fayette county would probab
!y decide th? contest.
' At the Elkins headquarters Ir. Mor
sailtowr. today the c'.aim was made
i that Davis Elkins is tv-e Uepublirer
nominee by between :.2u0 and 1,500. i
The belief of the Elkins men is that
the Highland figures through error or
Intention have he'n infla' -I
Wire conditions throughout the
state continue to be bad today. In addition
to the glut of bt? Iness the tele
phone system in this e.iq of the state |
w?rc damaged by last night's stoim
and the Associated Pimm report 4li
not begin tc cotne into The West Vir-j
miliar, ei.hce ur.'.il after 1 o'clock thlr!
llemnnrl Fnr Re.'
lief Was the Outstanding
Intense interest in the water a'tnItlon
was manifectad at 111" meeting
in the Chamber of Commerce rooms
yesterday afternoon, resulting in the
appointment of the committee which
met with the Hoard of Affairs this
morning. The committee was ap '
polute I hy J. M. Jacobs, president of
the Chamher of Commerce; Trevcy |
Nutter, secretary of the Fairmont
Ilusiness Men's Association and Henry
I S. Lively, president of the lOtVf
I (!ub.
The committee will not only cnnsldi
er the repairs to the present water
plant, to be made temporarily, but Is
empowered to consider the construction
of a new and adequate water
plant. If necessary, reporting back to !
a general meeting of business men.,
such as was held yesterday.
At the meeting yesterday afternoon <
the advisability and cost of a new elec- i
trie water pump was discussed. The,
opinion seemed to prevail that the j
pump could not be secured for at least
four months with a priority order, and
that twenty-five to thirty thousand
dollars should not be spent on the
spur of the moment when such a purchase
would give no immediate relief
to the present situation.
During the afternoon addres.es
were made by I'aul W. Lange, J. M.
Black, W. J. Wlegel. Thouias I.
Brett. Kdward K. Holbert. S. B. Miter.
O. S. McKinney and other*. All
emphaslred that Immediate rel'c! mnr.t
be glrea.
]ular Oraet For The
nil If Hi Hit
Attack Began at Five Oclock This I
Moaning on a Wide Front South- fl
east Ot Amiens Where Cains fl
Have Been Made Recently v*
Aim Probably is Kitlicr to Weaken the (icrman Line Of
Actually Wipe Out the Herman Position
At and Around Montdidier.
(11 A. M.) (By Associated Press)?A combined SCBScH
by the French and British has ltegun at dawn today ilodjjft
the front between Albert and Montdidier. Saticfactarjp
progress was made despite strong enemy resistance - i
?In their offensive on the front east of Ameina todayfr
the British have taken nuhr.er >wods, Dodo woods SM| I
probably have possession of the towns of Marcelare and 1
(By Associated Press)?The line attacked this morning I
extends roughly from the neighborhood of Mor!ancourt$ 4
about three and one-half miles southwest of Albert to
the Avre valley, south of Moreuil.
Details of the fighting are coming to the reareMjH
"Going fine" constitutes the best available information!!
The British launched their attack in a mist after onljr;
three minute? of artillery preparation.
11:30 A. M.?The British attacked over a 12 mile front 3
on both sides of the Somme. They gained all their objec- I
*ives within four hours, and have captured a conslderr.bla I
number of prisoners and guns.
M.)?The assault hegan exactly at dawn along a front ofl
between 40 and "i0 kilometers and a success was scored |
immediately. The British advanced toward Cerisy-Gal I
ll? AM f il A (lAllf U ni/l.\ . . 4r ill % C/n m. _X, _ M fl _ *11
i\, vii 1.1'- ? vinin 'ji me oo runic, e01 Bailiy-EdHHH
rt'lU' am! Mare- lw.be. The French advanced at tbeifJ^H I
time in the direction of the Alemuin and Aubercourt.
A round Morrisol ard Moroni: the German resisfi^^| I
is terricic. Along the French front the artillery pr^pM
rations lasted fo* 10 minutes, after which the troopa left I
their trenches with wonderful dash. I
Before 8 o'clock considerable progress had been refl
corded, and all the first objectives had been obtained. I
PARIS An* 8. ? Franco British "Amo-teaa troops i.aro bean helfl
troops nt f:ve o'clock this ntornin" he- n* parts of the French line at ?tui|H|
tan ai: offensive in the region suit; ( pr.rne, west of MontdidWr"
est of A aliens, the War jffice an ' _____
ll0U"*'v LONDON". Ave. ? ?BrlUah troop* fl
Tlio ai.at < N deveiopinc ' tide' fa Inunched a.. offensive east and 101W
vol ah! j venditions. Tin. Oa'-ntent ran ?f Am|eng this morning. sajf^H
reads: statement from Field Marshal Haig tiH
"AI five oVkic' th atom .? r da)
French troops in company with Brit-} Early reports indicate tliat tha njfl
ish forces attacked in the rorlon south-. tack Is prorrcskiag satisfactorily. -jj
cast of Amiens. The attack is develop 7he attack is under tha comia^H
niK trader favorable coadltl 1 m Fi?-id ar.ha! Ilaig and la wj^l
"A:: attack southeast of Ani!<-ns front, the statement add*. ;
probably 1* aimed a: weakening if not j The troops engaged, tbn
to wipe out the Uerman position in Fourth army and tha Fraack l^H
and around Montdidier where the bat- amy. advenrrd at dawn raporta^H
He line swings to the norih. : eaten that the attack la
"The British troop4 hold a sector satisfactorily.
south of the Somno- which joins up
with the French lines south of Vlllers- FtW AMERICANS IN IT. R
Breltontui. I.ate ia*t week the tier- ' WASHINGTON, Aop. I.?Bp IMM
mans withdrew to the east o! the ' known here early today M AMrffl
Ay:#, it. th regio'i west and north-, divisions were involTed In tha
we t of Montdidc-r. Since then tl>e: British thrust routb rod mtkMH
Fre'irn hsvt h.en taii.li-.r arnuud i.n I Amiens
the rune front American troops 'ormertf JlJ^H
"A lire fr j-it tUr Sointne to the Avre I Caraplguy sector whore flrt' MB
and sou .'i uluna the river fares can attacks resulted la tkf OOPflBB
fairly op?n eonti* -j am: the legion of. the town of fampigoy art nMH
I'lcaniy fc front : part of the region to hare bneo withdraws MDfJH
devaats'ed hy the Geruens in their|ago. The troops who captured
retreat from the bcttine in March. ?Continued on pof* tour.) >
West Virginian.

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