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Dixie The Barrier
Prtaceia Joan of Plattsbura
Nelson Vlvlette
A 11,000.000 moving picture cor
poratlon, to be known as the
HI Golden Production Com pan y,
with atudlos in San Mateo countv
and the head office n San Fran< < o
f' wea formed In Sun Francisco I??t
week. following the arrival of r. M
Anderson. who year* ago was known
as the darlnr Broncho Billy, who
will be the directing renins of the
sew film corporation Anderson says
be Intends to act In the film nroductioas.
which will be limited to eight
complete photndramus earh vear.
Three San Franciscans will he In
tereated with the moving picture
etar In the venture Thev are Jfer
hert Rothchlld. V M Ro?enstirn and
Judge I. M. Golden
Anderson said he intended to angle
for well-known moving picture
actresses and actors whose contracts
re about to expire These stars. Anderson
admitted, were now engaged
bt productions in and about Los Angeles.
"Our corporation will spare no e>
penso to give the best to the public,"
r*ld Anderson. "I have selecte-i tjati
Mateo county for our studios. There
the climate is ideal for the taking of
pictures. In a comparison of the
climitic conditions we have learnel
that there was hut eight days differ
ence last year heiween Ixis Angelsand
San Francisco." Broncho Bi.!;
some six or eight years ago was one
Of the most popular men on the s< reon
tn western style productions, and no
doubt he will make many new friend*
as well as to renew- old acquaintances.
He has a wonderful person;-.'
ity,and as sn exponent of fair plav.
he wins Instantly the favor of Inaudiences.
Camedy and Drama.
A good combination will be seen at
the Nelson today, when a Mack Sen
nett comedy is followed by a Vivian
Merlin in a pl< turzation of Locke's (a
Imou* novel "Vtviette.'
Mite Martin portrays the ro|p of a
young. Impulsive Kngllsh girl whose
charms attract men to tier as the
flame attracts the moths. When Dick
Ware, a primitive Kngllshman, strong
and masterful, declares his love tor
her, se coquette i with him and then
devotes her attention to Dick's brother
Austin, and later to Lord Banslead.
She dangles the three upon her fingers,
sporting with them, loving each
In greater or less measure, but in her
heart of hearts, the big primitive
man's image lingers with increasing
So it happens that when Dick bel
comes jealous of her and she banterr
i iugly suggests that he fight a makebelieve
duel with Austin, he carries
out the program with murder in his
earl. Fortunately for all concerned,
however, a catastrophe is providentially
averted and Vivictte realizes that
she has done a foolish thing. After
many scenes of intense and not a few
serious complications. Dick's strong
primitive nature wins her love and
^>Oth find happiness in their mutual
The comedy is an amusing story
about Jack Darling, Movie idol who
la watching himself in one of bis pictures.
A but I - and his fiance come
ln and seat themselves by the screer.
favorite. He happens to her prefer
ence and she returns her engagement
ring to the butler and swears she will
marry only a hero like Jack. This I
opening Introduces a lot of fast and 1
furious fun.
? ?
Rex Beach Story.
One of the best sellers in its day.
"The Barrier." a Red Beach story. Is !
at the Dixie today. It is a story with |
woaderful heart interest, surging with
every amotion that can be the mainsprin
in human action. The fifth re
lease of the Allied War Review is aire,
sbo i today.
Princess Program Unchanged.
The program announced for the
Princeas yesterday stands for today.
The attraction is Mabel Normand in
"Joan of Plattsburg." a war comedy
drama, playing on the popularity of
Joan of Arc. and also featuring ramp
life in American cantonments.
ru..? an,1 WW it ex !
Ir riVUUB Ul iA.m r irunu^ ?nu " ??*? i
bare received word that these popular
show people are rehearsing in NewYork
with "The Fashion Revue," a
big muslarl comedy organization.
Here hoping the new season brings
them additional laurels.
?The works of Count Leo Tolstoy
have attracted wide attention throughout
the world because of the conditions 1
that existed In Russia, but none of
tbem have been more widely read
than "The Resurrection," which not
only exposed tM wanton cruelty and
brutality experienced by Siberian pris- j
oners, but made a terrific onslaught upon
the double standard of morals.
This book has been turned into pictures
with Pauline Frederick in the
leading role of "Katusha "
?When Roscoe Arbuckle. comedian,
reaches Los Angeles In the near fu-1
ture, the draft board will be looking
for him. He tried to enlist but was rejeeteJ
because of overweight. It is
Will It Prove True To Its
Evangelist H. B. Westcoft at the
Gosne! Tent, corner of Jefferson ?ml
Jtrk;,op s'reet*. prove this evening
that tho Bible i* able tu withstand
the aaiauit* of hither critic*.
Mr. W'Mtcott believe* in the in- (
(oration of the Scripture*, and hi*
lisrouraes are arouilng much inter ?l
in 4he *tudy of 'he Bihle tierv
Ire* are conducted every sight at S i
o'Uoclc. 1-AdT. \
My >
Vivian Martin, Pretty Star
At Nelson.
V __
hardly like that he will he ar< eptr-l
fir aerrifo for he ha* not lost in
"unre of f1o,h for weeks and ?" ss
GOES 10 PROVE 101$
This One Way to Defeat the
Expected (icrman
peace Drive.
I.ON DO.V, July 21 (Correspondence
of Associated Press)?Members of
the mission sent to England and
I-ranee bv the Social Democratic
I "ague of America declare that the
, day to ib feat the expected German
I | eare drive is to convince the Soclal|
st and labor leaders of the Entente
1 nations that America stands solidly
behind President Wilson and hacks
up his peace terms to the limit.
Thejr purpose in coming 10 Europe
to ronfer with Socialist and labor
leaders of England and France is to
convince them that American Social
i.lts and working men are in unit in
, support of President Wilson's piaie
1 terms.
The mission is composed of John
Spargo. A M Simons. lamis Kopclin
and Alexander Howat, the l.itt -r of
the Kansas Mine Workers.
"The next step." they said In a
statement given to the Associated ,
I Press before leaving for France, "is
to convince the world of labor that 1
the whole people of the 1'nlted States
!e devoting all its fighting strength
to nothing more c- l?ss i
rure the peace laid down by President
Wilson I
"Once this fad Is accepted by the
Soriiilisls of the Allied nations, flit re
vill he an end of pacifism there and
a spread of peuc" sentiment In Austria
and Germany. Already It Is
claimed that the Socialists of Austria
and Germany have agreed to accept
substantially these terms. If his Is
true, thp n?cd of an Interbelligevnt
Socialist conference disappears . ince
the Socialists of all na'lolis will have
acreed upon the peace terms asked
by the United States.
"Whether the expected German
peace offensive finds sufficient respouse
among the labor and Socialist
bodies of the Entente nations to in
ire morale to the extent that Germany
may obtain peace while per
mllltiry autocracy remains a danger
to democratic nations depends large
ly upon the possibility of convincing
s-uch bodies that America stands sot
idly behind President Wilson's peace
"The overwhelming mass of Br'sIsh
laborers anl Socialists wish to
win the war. They are misrepre
seated by a small group controlling
th?!r political organization. Even
this group protests its desire for victory,
but some believe victory impos-,
Today And
A Film Version of That
The E
A ston by a man wh
mances have made him. tl
America has produced.
In "The Barrier" you
vital things of life?love,
struggle, sacrifice, clash?i
primitive life told by a gri
fold before his own eyes ai
part in it.
Official U. S. Govern
Prices: 10c, 15c
' ' 4 - - ?
: local scx:i
Camping N:ar City.
Mr anil Mrs Cell Jenkins. Mr and '
Mm. <' E Meredith. Mr. and Mrs
Howard I'oplo tnd children, Ml** Nell
Wilson and J L. Cougle compose a
party of Ea?t Side resident* who are
spending a week at the t'<?orlc iamp
netr Smithtown.
At the Log.
The annual picnic of the members
of the First Presbyterian Sunday1
school will be held on Friday, the K.rh,
at The Log on the Val'ey river. Th
party will eo to Benton's F'rry oil
the l?o*> train ami returning wilt
leave there on the V o'clock train. A
l irpe at'?ndan<i is am > .patr.i
Married in City.
Mi.- Julia Graham and W R Trail
dall, the la'tor of Slstersville, were
uhited fn marri;.e< last evening at the
home of Hugh Slotler on Chicago
-treet. the Rev. H. G. Stoetzcr. of the
First Presbyterian church, officiating.
The ceremony watt .tit tesred by a few I
.ntimate fri?nrl =
A Large Turnout.
There w?. a large turnout of mem-j
hers of the J. O. Watson da-- of the <
sihle and others charge that if obtained
it will lif used by Imperialists,
to pave the way to future wars.
"Yet all. pacifist or pro-war. Join
in prat-' of President Wilson's program.
Thorough discussion with
representatives of every shade of labor
and Socialist opinion shows that
flu re is almost unanimous and t nthuslastlc
agreement upon this point.
President Wilson is today the great
hope ol ti:- democratic w c m
"But those who are already pledged
io pacifism, peace by negattation. in
terbeliigerent Socialist meetings or
other means of securing a peace without
lighting argue In excuse that,'
though America mav he solidly b:.<ktns:
war efforts, it is not -olid in support
of Wilson's peace terms.
"Suspicion of an American plutocracy
and possible alliances witu ini- ,
perialistic elements elsewhere is now
tlM main i/tck in tr.i io <u Socialist I
pr. itict-. who ate s*ill soiiicientl s
trong to lie dangerous allies to a
skillful German drive. Fact hav< ..t
least over 01:10 a German propaganda ]
sutliciently to convince even H is
class that America maans t> light
with al! lu-r a'rci.*th."
Quite a lot of interest was manifest '
in a civil suit tried before Justice Mus
grove yesterday afternoon over a live
tocli sain in which Webb Amos, of'
Wood run, I'aw I'aw district, brought |
an action .igain-t < t' Phillips, of (
I'nion dl trict, t< tecover $100.
I'hillips. who is a dairyman, sold
two thoroughbred registered Jersey
rows te Antos In the bill of purlieu- j i
lars Amos alleged that certain nils-11
representations were made as to the,
time of the breeding of the cows; that : |
the rows were not registered and that
he sought to recover for furnishing the |
cowV feed. I
Purine the trial many technical
points developed a to the exact entatiing
of "breeding " Counsel for both
parties submitted their versions ntnl
legal interpretations to the court ami
After hearing the evidence the Jury
found in favor of the plaintiff for the |
stint of $4. this being the registration
fee in the Jersey tegisteved assoria
tiott. Tile vendor is expected to fur
nislt registration papct with the .ale
of cattle.
The members of the Jury were P. ('.
Stealey, M. J. l.antz. T. Wellington j
Arnett, 1 X. Lough. William Hawkins
and Benjamin S. Wilson.
Attorney Frank It. Amos represented
the plaintiff and Attorney K. B Carskadon
the defendant.
I Tommow
Wonderful Romance of
n Life
ose virile, red blooded robe
most popular author
will see the big, strong,
faith, pain, joy, courage,
i vivid, truthful drama of
?at wrl'er who saw it unnd
himself played i man's
I NO. 5 i
ment War Pictures
Today and
and War Tar. |
Fairmont high school today at tb<
ititlng at Valley Kails which event has
been antlrioated bv the class for sev
rral uays. The noon train tarried the
party to the Kails where all sorts of
watrr sports are being lnclulg?d In
Well filled baskets for the out of door
uppe- aeeotuoanled the party.
Home From Horeymoc".
Mr? Italton 1). Simon, formerly Mii*
Helen Stevenson, whose marriage with
Sergeant Simon was an event last
week, ha* arrived home from Baltimore
where they spent a week s ho tie;
moon. Sergeant Simon has returned
to Fort Howard to complete his trait,
lug. Mir. Simon will reside for th
present with her parents. l)r. ,r;d lir:
L. N. Yost,' n Benonl avenue.
To Atlant c City.
Mi i: I*. Moore Iff- ve-ierday fur
Atlant.' t'i'V where "In spend
several weeks recuperating from a re
rent illness. She will go to the home
of her parents, Mr. and Mr- Jame
itenne' < at Green -burg t r a visit before
returning home Master James
Rennet; Moore and Mi; Mary Moore
have been guests of th' .r grandparents
for several weeks.
W K. Watson. Jr. and Paul Billing.r'.ev.
who are patients at Cook h >3pltal
suffering from injuries sustained
in an aic miobile aceident recently,
are recovering nocly from their injuries.
Mrs. J. I, Torrev and daughter,
Miss Georgia Torrey have relumed
from Chicago whe?e they had been
lhe girt :s of the former's son, Fred
Torrey and wife, for several weeks.
Mrs. Marjoric Booh< r Lewis and
children, David and Mary Marjorie
Lewis, liave returned from Jane Lew
where they had spent the la t week
with relatives
Mrs ii (j Stoetier and Mr. J Walter
Harm went to All Lake I'ark,
Mil., today to a'teud the lnternati mal
school of missions in session there.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Gaskins. of this
city, accompanied by their son,
Howard Gaskins and w ife, of Brownsville.
Pa., left M inday for Camp Lee,
Virginia, to visit the former's son,
Harold Gaskins, in camp there Mrs.
Harold Gaskins, who had spent the
Inst several mouths at Petersburg, will
accompany the party home
Mrs J It. Dunham anil daughter.
Miss OPve, who had been the guests
of relatives at Smithfield, Ta., have
return d home
Mrs. C. K. White and children who
had been tho guests of iho former'
parents, Mi. and Mrs S C. Jones, have
returned home.
Miss liana Stevens has returned
from a week's visit with friends in
Judge anil Mrs. \V S Haymond and
son, Paul, motored to Tunnelton Sunday
ami spent tho day with relatives.
Pat A. Deveny has rciurnnd from a
visit at Mt. Clemens. Mich.
Mrs. Arthur Musgr.ive, of McCurilysville,
was hero last evening and
left this morning for Harrisville called
by tho illness of her sister, Miss Pauline
Miss Juanltn Thomas has returned
from Youngstown, O. where she had
been the guest of her sister, Mrs. F. P
Wilson, for two weeks.
Miss Kva Fletcher has returned
Troni llymer where she had spent sev
' K ' T r fit'' '
(\ I %
? - aV'\\( lf;V
ii ^WA\ t? is
tNlWG, AUGUST 13,1919.
I *
i 1
i f
j Jgi
People will look fav
?ale of Furniture.
It's an opportunity
scarce. The government
help is getting scarcer ev
production to engage in
Wholesale prices are
jroportion. Anticipate fi
cnce Hot ween Present Pri
Saving 10
er?J days w ith Miss Pearl Arnett. 1 i
Mrs. Walter Pull ward and daughter,
! Sarah, went le Pittsburgh and Charlerol.
Pa, today to spend the nr-xt two
I weeks with relatives.
John William locmB, little son of
! Mr. an I Mrs. Clarence Rio.mi. has
i lit on the guest of relatives in GrafI
on f >r i veral ?1 nys.
Mr; II. V. Hesse and daughter,
! Mi: s Jane, went to Mountain Lake
1 I'ark. Mil., today to upend several
, weeks.
Miss Pearl Morris has returned
from a week's visit with friends In
1 I'cirkershtirc. She left today for a
i week's visit with relatives in the
country near Khlora.
Mrs Allie Mi Council and daughter,
Miss Marguerite, of Met*, aro
fpending the day in the cttv.
Mrs. W. A. Sturm an ddaughter.
Miss Mary, have returned from a
two weeks' visit with the former',
son. Thomas Sturm, at Salem.
Children Cry
i ^^wr^vR^E' nia
jJK&ij^Hr VHPjB
^D^^HyrWw^H r JHQ^B
^ ^g J |
n i. Jj
^ ''' ' '
Salle of Furniture ' j
lining Thursday U
orably upon tie investment mrrits of the August I
lor sound investment. Furniture of the right sort is
frowns upon the manufacture of furniture. Factory
ery day. Man) factories have been cut way down in I
war work.
advancing He kety-clip. Retail prices will he up in 1 fl
jture require ncnts. Buy Now and Save the Differ
ccs and Prices of the Future.
per cent, to 40 per Cent u I
Vivian Martin 1
Featured in a Screening of
Comedy Feaftift
A Mack Sennett Laugh Play
Try a. Want Ad in The West Virginian I
:rusaders" I
/^^\\V wt&jfl
.\ k f/MpPb VV VB ;M
KP^^a^&w *> ifl&tt^ *\ iiKHlmiWW\ 1
IE. Children 15c III
r Adults 25c H
Bi And War Tax ^
Special Music

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