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^^ESTA^SnED 1868. "'""? '?.?.?T.D >.?? FA1RM0NT.WEST VIRGINI^WEDN^DAY^EVENING, AUGUST 14^918. " ~Toovrriitw? too<? PRICE THREECE^^
1 TANKER ffi
001 JHSI Off:
I Steam Trawler Rijjht Outside
of Boston is Shot At
by German.
Seventy Thousand Barrels
of Oil From Tampico
Also Lost. L
(By Associated I'nsst
NEW YORK, Aug. It German 1:i
marines are appmutliiGg tin. v<
gates of New lork harlmr anil tin;,
sunk the oil tanker Frederick it. Kct j><<
iogg, off the Ambrose Channel l;t i Ij
night. Thirty-five members of tin- f
crew brought hero rep n ted thai sen a L
others are missing. These suhvivor.,
were picked up by an American steam
NEW YORK, Aug. 14. ? The Fred
erick It. Kellogg, the latest victim I'
Qerman submarine warfare oh the
American coast, was u new tank h,p
If 27,127 tons, owned by the i'an
American i'etroleum and Transport
company of Los Angeles. She was |
12a feet long with a beam of .">7 feet (j,
end was built at Oakland. Cal., last J
?. ?. i... i 111
I year, me lanitei wu? luwiuanuvu *?? i
Capt. White and was bound from Tain '
pico, Mexico, lor IJoston. The ship pi
was valued at mure than $1.500.outi, Rr
Her cargo consisted of approximate!} j .
70,000 barrels of oil.
nan submarine sighted off the tip ot sti
2ape Cod curly last night fired a tt
orpedu at the steam twarler Walrus
which missed by a narrow margin,1
?apt. Clayton Morrlsey, of the fisbei
nan reported on arrival here today.i In
Because of the fog, Capt. Morrise}
aid, he was able to escape and warned p)
other craft of the danger.
The Walrus was on her way to the
fising ground and was about seven ! T
miles northeast ot Highland Lights. I g|
Capt. Morrisev said when the conning ' 0
tower of the submarine was seen some
distance away the U-boat uickly submerged
and a few minutes later he "
saw the wake of the torpedo, ("apt. j
Morrlsey turned and started full speed
for porl. The weather was very thick | _
and the captain reported that he heard
several steamers in the vicinity blow- J J
ing their fog horns.
iuuineueicue veiei aiis
Will Meet at Beckley
The state encampment of the Con , |
federacy of West Virginia will be held
at Heckles eu Thursday. September S. f.
Notice has been sent to all surviving ,
Confederate veterans by the commit- i
tee on arrangements. The notice reads f)
as follows: n|
"The annual state encampment of1 v
the surviving veterans of the Con- r|
federacy, of West Virginia, is to be
held In Beckley on Thursday. Sep
te'nher 6th. 1918. It is hoped that ' a
all attending veterans will reach Berkley
on the afternoon of September 4th. '
for war-time schedules now bring all '.
trains into the dty in the aftrrnn. n
and they cannot get to Beckley on the .!
6th until late in the afternoon, at
which time the encampment will be j.practically
over. The undersigned p
committee on arrangeemnts Is making y
elaborate preparations for the encamp w
ment, planning novel and interesting
antertalnment for the heroes of the
Lost Cause, and we hope to have ?
large number present.
C. L. Barkner. chairman; James 1.'
Lemon. J. O. Freeman, committee on j!
" : w
- ai
Consult the Union Dentiata '?
v. 11
\ for expert dental services. Our ! bi
prices are reasonable Offices ov <l]
r a !>'
i or *'i? ' ivrj ana ivc .rr aii
! work I t!
_ ?- - :
- - in
j al
Transfer and liaulfn* done 11
promptly and carefully. Call phen" "
Th.'ftias Caruso
2?1 M?r?J,th Street
j (Rear of Court House) K
i tu
"" " Iel
| Not
Young Men 21
Since tune 5 to
Register Aug. 24
(By Aasocaited 1'res.si
W ASHINGTON, An* 14 Ragi
,ii ion on Saturday, August 24, of
i'l youth!) ?ho have reached the
ol 21 since the second registra
: ion last June !i was ordered today
hv I'rovost Marshal (leneral Crow
iter under a proclamation by the
Presld? nt.
The purpose is to add quickly to
the almost exhausted Class 1 to
army draft calls In Septi :u
About younR men will
r? -' r Most of them will quali
ty for Clan* 1 ami therefore will
in the ann> probably within .1
north after their name* are re
? ortted.
Jo Ixmger Much in Common
Between Car Report
and leading.
According t.- the railroad statistic
iere were 1.290 empties in the Pair
ont region yesterday, but as a mat
r of rold fact but 9Sb of thein were
need within tf.e teach of tipple mini
id the total loading in the region in
udine the team track loading In the
gion was but 1.031 cars.
Today there is a slump in the car
ipply, tint S47 cars for coal, and again
te placement was late, so late in fart
lat some of the operations did not
ave any cars at all during the mort.K
I.ate distribution of tlie available
..ptlrs is beginning to be one of the
ig problems of this roal region. On
uesday cars intended for the Vlrinia
and Pittsburgh real company opration
at Ktngmont did not leave
rafton until 10 o'clock in the mornig.
Cars intended for Mcnongah
lines left at the same time. And so
goes, until the ear supply records
ave come to be almost without any
leaning What counts of course is
lie cars that reach the mines early
rough to m it worth while for the
s'ners ot go in
Fine Time at Clarksburg.
I.a.'t evening's dinner given at the
'"aldo hotel. Clarksburg, by Clarks
g operators for those who attended
erday's meeting of the director
f the Northern West Virginia Coal
iperators' association was one of the
tost pleasant affairs the roal men ot
ie uiMiiri nave iiso n> rwcfni mom lis
ft*?r the dim-tors' meeting canto to
a end the Clarksburg operators took
to^e of the visitors whs cared to go
n an automobile tour which lnclud-><t
Isits to sonic of the mines near the
At the dinner in the evening, which
tide Dan Howard took the trouble to
?o was the kind of a feast roal men
ke. with due regard for all the little
rejudices of Herbert Hoover, of
aurse. speeches were made by Dan
.. Dawson, district representative of
te Kuel administration. R. B Dner
easurer of the Operators' association,
loyd J. Patton. the secretary. Lloyd
alley, of the Pennsylvania and West
irginia Coal company. I'ncle Dan Hoard
and Harry W. Sheets.
Fine Frospects.
The directors of the Northern West
irginia Coal Operatots' association
*posed of considerable business of a
mtine character at their meeting in
larksburg yesterday. Operators are
iming into the ognnizatiun quits* rapllv
and not a day passes but there
o from t ta rs fn h Havoh urvwli/'ofl/vw*
* "" ? IV ? > "?.? ? upi'lli UIK'IIS
irn membership. Secretary ration
links that before very Ion* there will
N a 100 per rent membership and the
Ireotors feel very much encouraged
r the prospect. It I* felt that thera
e going to be very many things for
le association ot ilo for the benefit
' the members between this and the
me when the mining Industry yets
ick to a normal basis a year or two
her the war ends, and the stronger
le local associations are the better
will be for all operators
Coal Notes.
Harry J Owens, of the local office
! the Fuel administration was in
cyser today and before he gets back
> will visit Cumberland. Shipments
ist are still restricted to hOO loads
latter How Fxcitm
in AiiniiRi nun
Ill I1UUUUI Ulllll I
Call is For 26 Men and Thev
Will Leave on
August 26.
Five Colored Men Will Entrain
for Greensboro
Twenty tlk men will entrain it th?
' ;il Baltimore and Ohio railroad sta
: urn Monday, August 116, as Fairmont';
I da in the August draft. Announce
nent of the call has been received b;
the loial dralt board from the eliie
of the selective service department a
The call is for twenty six men to en
ii.iiii during a five-day period begin
n ; August 2fi, hut information ha:
i-i received here that the Kalrmuu
< iitii.geut will entrain on August 20
i liey will be sent to Camp Ureenh-ai
in announcing the call authoritieat
the office of the loial board stateil
that it would entirely exhaust tin
Class 1 list of the 1918 registration anil
-hat thire was a possibility that som<
' six or eight of the new registrants
i might be called upon.
The comparatively small call will
be received with interest by a large
1 number of the new registrants with or
\ der numbers under 100, most of whom
' were expecting to be called in the bi(
, August draft.
Five colored men will entrain at tin
local Baltimore and Ohio railroad sta
t!on at 9:4 Op. in. tonichi for Greens
boro, X. C., where they will enter ar
agriclutiual and technical training
I school. The men who will leave arc:
j Order No.
j 60S Archie Forest Hilton.
IMC John Yates.
1306 Roma Jackson Morton.
1546 William Brown Mead.
15S8 Geo. Hiawatha Mead.
A special train will take the sever
Fairmont men to Morgantown tomor
row evening who are going there t<
I take a special course of training fit
i ting them for special military service
i The special train will arrive at the lo
j cal station at 6:30 p. m
Nursing Service Also Ree
onimends Thai Consumers
Boil Water.
A committee from the Public Healtl
Nursing Service held a meeting vlll
the Board of Affairs yesterday a
| v hlrh time steps were taken towar
the prevention of a further spread o
i typhoid fi ver in this city. The COB
t 111 it tee will urge that all persons It
the city and vicinity he bMOlIlt*
! with the anti Uphold serum as a pre
, autionary measure end that all wate
i be boiled and tbe flies killed as addl
| lional precautionary measures,
j The matter of the employment o
an additional nurse to assist Mis
. Voalt the Red Cross nurse in caring fo
' the many cases of illnesses in the clt;
| was put before the board for its con
| ilderailon.
It is urged that wherever possibl
persons will l.e Inoculated by thei
| family physicians and where It It Im
possible that the work will be done b;
the city health physician Dr. n. i
t'rlss. The office hours of the cit;
physicians are "11 a. in. 2-4 and 7:30
11:30 p. m. The service also wishes ti
state that the inoculation is in no wis<
like that given for smallpox preventloi
and that no had effects follow the in
Iocuiauon save a suptni intr.posltloi
in some ra*ea.
Home From Vacation.
J. F.* Throckmorton, connecter
with the office of United State* Mar
shal C. E Smith, returned today f.-on
a three weeks' vacation to barkers
! hunt and Wetzfl county, la the lat
ter county he visi'ed his folka.
g the War News Th
V ? rout
> = ^?2
: V A
%d _ o
ttVtff Of Ml US \ \
Reading from left to right the
w lien t lie enemy was almost npoti I'
I ire drives; (31 the old llindenbu
i>.called line of the Meuse to which
I on them by General Foch.
! I
, Will Urge City to Fit Up
City Wharf For the
The committee ot seven appointet
at the Chamber of Commerce meeting
Inst upok In nssirt in eniiinw the m-n
tor famine met at the city bullillni
, yesterday afternoon at four o'( ln< 1
and recommended to the Board of At
faint that a lathing beach be construe
' ted on the Kast Side of the Monone,a
hela river.
o prorlde the proper kit.d of a beat!
which would greatly Improve the lota
wharf It would be necessary tc rleai
out the mud now along the beaci an<
suppllment sand The eastern bank o
'he river slop's gradua. an<* wou'^ a'
. >.-d an ex cellent place f:r hatr.ir.g
I The taatter has net come before th
I .'.oard of AtTairs ye.
: After Work Slackers
With Board Bills
Work and nine New Yorkers wh
came here recertly, felt out long ag
and after they received tratrportatio
1 and several meals they decided to dt
' ^ camp. They arrived at the Sandei
1 ! son * Porter contract?the Rivesvill
. power plant, and this morning tike th
, Arabs silently folded their tents an
stole away down the railroad trac
toward Morgantown. Warrants hav
,1 been Issued against the men befor
Justice Conaway on a charge of bea
r mg a ooarn diii. l.aie ima arternoo
|. Constable Michael communicated t
Sheriff Dugan. ot Morgantown, who I
f on the lookout forf the warfarers. Th
men are: Joe Willis, Clarence Smitl
A .Abrolmple. John Stone, Mike Hvrn<
Joe Franz. William Rurke, Tom Sai
and Mike Henner.
Buy Automobile
For Police Dept
The purchase of a five passenge
Ford automobile was authorized a
n the meeting of the Hoard of Affair
, held at the city building yesterdaj
j. The car will be used by the pollc
n department and the city commisslor
era In going to remote sections of tb
city when necessary. Mayor Bowei
| stated this morning that he wantei
all of tho police to learn to operat
1 the Ford so <hat it could be used an
' time as a nitrol wagon. Recently i
i ! gieat amount of money has heei
-' used by the city officers In hlrlni
: taxlcabs to an?wer calls to remot
sections of the city.
e West Virginian N
BRU6ES f *
^&r *$$&
m cwiMM wuBtuoe
ft . I
r \
r - (S
PcJoNNf #6ui??
/ cJU^v-V^
I-?y y" L-^C^^V
>*rOM ?-<l ,
V*' aoiuoNb
E*i| ^ ^?l\t -RHCIMft
Dv ?wXc^^^^^3tSy^yU
3 Zowu^WiAv rtwcHjTWBiM
* M?im
fcnr lines on the map show 111 the fartli
aris 1914; (!) the limit of the German ;
re lin elo which the German armies arc
the Germans would hare to retire if a pi
i Candidate for Congress to
Speak at Nomination
Convention Tonight.
i: Definite word was received today
that Charles J. Schuck, of Wheeling.!
1 I
. | nominee on the Republican ticket for
- congress from this district, will be
\ i
; ! present tonight to address the nouiinatine
rnnventlnn r?f flu. Ifcimhicun
party, which will be held in the Circuit:
' court room at the court house at >
( 1 o'clock.
Attorney Frank A. Amos, chairman
n i of the executive committee of the Ke
publican party, was assured by Mr.
- Schuck that he would appear. The
meeting will be called to order by Mr.
Amos and Hon. Is. M. Shuwalter will:
be named aa temporary chairman of
, the convention.
The thief purpose of the convention '
, is to name a candidate for the office,
of Judge of the Intermediate court. At
torney E. II. Carskadon. of this city,
; will probably be the eltpublican noni
3 iiiec. The name of Attorney Marshall!
| W. Ogdcn is mentioned also. The vote
0 will be based on one for every fifty!
11 ^ votes cast for Judge Ira Rohir.snn in
15 the last gubernatorial election. The
' vote is distributed over the county a?
r follows: Fairmont district (1JMI),
e Union district (7211. 14: Lincoln die-'
0 trict (887), ll: Paw Paw (S84) I
d IVinfleld (294). (!; firant (243). r.
^ There will be a total of 90 votes in the
c convention.
1 "
o Today United States Marshall C E [
s Smith, of Fairmont, received an or
e der from the United States attorney;
i, general's office directInr him to de-i
I, liver ranKOWlirn. Move niariin-i
ll check. Mike Darevltch and .loo Ror '
devltch. now being hold at Wheeling. j
to the Fnlted State* marshal'* office'
In Washington. IV C The MB are nr
rused of helnr alien enemies. The
authorities will take them to Fort
Oglethorpe. (Ii.
r After Hla Questionnaire.
, Kdward Hare, who Is detained here
? for bringing In whiskey, has written
r the draft authorities at Fair Haven,
f, Vt.. asking them to send his qnestlonnalre.
He was accused of being
? a starker, but he rlalmed that he
n never received Ills questionnaire.
I ?
e The City Levy?The estimated
y levy for the City of Fairmont for
a 1918-1919 was pljccd at 79 cents at
i the m<cting of the Board of Affairs
g yesterday, an tnriease of 10 cents
. over the levy for last year, and the '
maximum levy permitted by law.
ever Neglects to Print
RIP. ?r
7=^71 F
S k
P^^^xeo^rvr CI
/ "V" . 'L.-l
I. VrjJf A
/(? ' *>
CMAMkCnof r-'"
V - , I "''mrV'j : 51
WM*1 C/ ^ y-1
pOlNAMT^NA >' :
A?,J| ^ ?3>V>T'v
a^vbt ^ 7^
f A H
'-11 r
MteEOAI?V^.v At t
'?C*I $*??" V
?'jiei E o Y, -/
A^Vmom^uCON f
iptc* > | ^
d/fevLr * < 1
N* mjMs \
^^^^^CV,6WViifcTMlNlCt. J
?t oizick a
<=cJL Z
? ?
ipst extent of the German advance j i
idvanre this year after the Kaiser'* i
now beln* swept hark, and (4) the I
irely defensive warfare were forced n
I So
I r*l
Will Be Many Changes in ""
Teaching Staff When p
Term Begins.
The schools of Fairmont Indrpcmlr
ent school district will open for the
* Ml
school year 1*?18-19 on Monday, Sop ! ar
lomber IK. This matter was derided I foi
upon at a meet inn of the Board of ('a
Kduration of the district held yester- ^
.lay aiternoon in the offices of City ')ia
Superintendent of Schools Otis (j an
Wilson. In the interim the school
buildings will be thoroughly renovated <jn
and pin into first class condition for
the opening of school, ,,,
The list of school teachers as been , wi
practically made up and today notice? th
aif i?* IU? iii.mrw id lilt' (ea'iivii* Mm im
inc the school, ciinlc, etc., in which
they would teach and also the salary ra
attached to the position. Is
In order to care lor the increased pu
enrolment of the Dunbar school, non VF
resident pupils will not lie permitted ' 1
to nttenil the school. This it is be |
lievod will provide adeuate facilities)
for this school. i*'
Several new faces will be seen in M'
the teacliinc forre of the school this
>car owlnr to the fact that a number 10
have been railed Into fovernment service
while others have resigned to ac- ' 1
eept positions In the business world.
IHy AunriilM Pi!*?> 1 of
COUTMBl'8. O. Auk 14-For the
third time in six years. Frank B. Wll- f''
lis, Republican. of Deleware, and hi
James M. Coi, Democrat. of Dayton, te
will oppose each other for the gover- at
norship at the November election in ki
Ohio thla year.
This was decided at th<' atatewide -p
primary election held yefferday. Wll- fr
lis. an avowed dry. defeated Edwin
Jones, of Jnckson. and John 11. Ar- jnold.
of" Columbus, by from 2V000 to
50.000. according to estimates based
on complete but unofficial returns
from approximately half the precincts
of the state tl
Cox and nil Pemocrntlc state otfi- <*
cers werr renominated wihout oppo- k
slCon. oi
Cox and Willis will meet again n
this fall each with a victory to his ] tl
rredt Willis dlfMtad Cox for Kovcr Ji
nor n 1914. In 1918 Cox defeated II
Willis, then governor. ?<
all of the Home Net
477LE 1
oe new m
ii rem. ruin
i poi noil |
rtillcry Concentrations at
Various Points Are
Coming Into Play.
hi aukjhe to ]
onsiderable Raiding on
Both Sides Took Place
Last Night 4.
. r fcj.
Sermons Tell the\ I
Finns They Mustl I
Fight The Allies I
<Hy Associated Preae)
WASHINGTON, Aug. 14.? ! > I
>011 from Stockholm reaching tkt I
'tat* department today froai I
lourres considered reliable, aaya I
he German government baa ad- I
Irrssed an ultimatum to tba fba-1
sh government requiring tbat tba I
'innlsh army prepare to Bank I
igainst the entente forcea oa tba I 1
Murmansk coast within two waaka. I j
(Ry Associated Press)
IANTK. ten thirty a. m.. Aug. tdfS
r Associated Press)?Thera waa
anee in the situation on the nawKii
mine battle front thla morning,
pt for the fart that a considerably?^!
seo?.?/l ottllloe.. firm (itiliAalM Ikbl 1
!< .? '? ni inn imv iwwmwiw *wmr"i
t> enemy ha* finally decided to bring I
more of h's guns.
Various small artillery concent rat kMtcj
\ e sprung up durinc the laat fa* a
urs and art now active to Mf i|H I
me point* within the Brttlali Una. j
ih a* Vauvillera, FrsmervUto, Proy- j
t. .flrettoneau Demanconrt anil tMH
rward area* eouth of the VlllaiMH
railroad. The Germans MrtH
10 subjected the valley north 'dH
.urt to heavy gaa shelltog d^H
ve simlllarly treated HtnpaMMfl
d the Cressaalre vroodl region.
In the region of Bray
mme a* well as immediately aonthW
the river the Rritlsh have
rely straightening and poshing forH
rd their lines Northwaet of BlS
>' raided the enemy Uagj^^H I
und them unoccupied.
Kxcept for a little increase In tkJ|
idinc activity by both sidaa which I
customary frllowtng a battle tor tfflfl
rposc of ascertaining possible chas**in
the ramatoi^^H
e Brit ish front Is In a normal rta|iH
PARIS. Aug 14 ?Only thl imnmjlj
i- during the night onn^^^H
ctors between the Avre and thfll
ire. says the War office StatemaHD|
Along the Vesle. where French ajWB
ncrlcan troops ore ststieMd thpj
rmsns made vain raids. I
in* rrencn took primmww
Champa eng.
Lobt. C. Merrifie
Electrician, Dies I
Robert C Merrifield. md M yeJH
>11 of the late Thorn toe Marrlfl^^B
i'?l yesterday afternoon nt tha hQ^^J
his brother in-law, John W. Wj^H
Hamilton street, after M
rm tuberrulosis. He la aarvlred fij^|
s wife and several brother* ne|^|
irs. He formerly ee|lm|Hn
a electrical worker . aad was Mil
nown in the city.
will be
hursday afternooa at t:M o'et^^J
'om the residence and the body ??
in Woodlawn eehMMJ^^^H
nderiaker Muf grave and Son, 'S
? "
Held on Federal Charge. I
t'nite.1 states Commlutaaeffl^^H
>is morn in* heard Wllliaa
on a charge of H
it was alleged be aaie
one and had twaM^^^^H
infs in rp^Frvc. Ha wee
action of the next M?n|^H
x>puty Marshal Jeha C
^r*ed the warrant

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