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I EmM1 She Vim Utmtnmn fS^ti
? " ' West Virginia's Best Newspaper '"1
ESTABLISHED 1868. mcmmk associated press. FAIRMONT, WEST VIRGINIA, SATURDAY EVENING, AUGUST 17,1918. todays n^ws today PRICE THREE CENIf S
Soviet Government Expect* '1
ed to Set Up Business
U. S. Chief of
There is Not Much
I By A?.<vt?te<1 Press)
'PARIS. Auk 17 (Harts Ageooyl?' ^
lip port. ?m in circulation hi *-??* .M
hat the Gorman* hars seised It*
Russian naval port of Kronatadt. sr.
ronlinr to a Stockholm dispatch to
I.a Matin w
Kronstadt Is 70 miles wast of Pot*
rograd at the eastern extremity of tho 1
Gulf of Finland it was tho prlaetaat
fortress of Russia. Reports racaliod 1
through Germany early la tho weob*'
were to the effect that Preslor T talao
and War Minister Trotsky hod flat '
to Kronstadt from Moscow. It ?||\1
added tiict other departments of tho '
Soviet government also wo?M ao
AMSTERDAM. Aug. If?Out Of 1
Iooo officers arrested at Mooeov and I
I'eirograd because of countar roTOlu*
tlonary tendency, 2.16 hare beoa OOm*
marllv shot, according to MooedW advires
to the Kreut Zeltung of Batlla.
? ??
TOKlO. Tuesday. Aug. If?Tho '
government today isauod a atatomoat
announcing that under tho atroOMOpi
with Chita. In view of tho hMifl
threatening the border of MomInHM
j Japan was dispatching troops fmBB
Manchuria thence. B
WASHINGTON, Aug. 17?Geaartl 0
March at his conference today with g
the Senate military commltteo, tolfi^
the Senators that he American armfc>
now under arms numbered dpB?|
more than three mllUOB
fl.t.'O.OOO in France or on the OPOj&l
and approximately 1,550.OH fax oat* H
tonments at home.
Senators also were Informed that [|
the Russian situation la vary bod, t
because of the general complexity gg V
affairs there. They wara given to M
understand that thero was not Inuch ft
chance of establishing a real otfaoaHo g
on the eastern front bocaaao Of^^B
great number of men that wooM ho 9j
? ? ,j
Passengers Ride
On the Work Train
Passengers on the MonottgahOlO nfl
; road yesterday morning had tha OO* I
j usual experience of being.ttkagA^^I B
the line as far as Morgantowi 00 tho I
(1 work train. aLte Thursday alfht m |
I engine Jumped the track and It
impossible ot have It placed keck pik'l
I the rails in time. Tho paaoeofara won I
' trsnfered around tho deraDod on fine. 9
| :
j Miss Grace Whyte, of Clarkahakr-9
I who was visiting her a?it,Wlfa.
H viand. will leturn Sunday h IB
home at Clarksburg.
Firemen and ice fillers j
! 5th St. and Vs. Arc.
f ......
wanted!! i
Boy 1* years or orar as ridftsS
ping clerk. Opportunity tmjS
learn bookbinding Uido. Ap-rm
ply to Mr. MUlor, filtMal I
Printing ft Publlshtng Co.. OOT B
ner Adams and Qalacy slaoata^M
Fairmont, W. Vo.
last payment of install- j
ids of the third issue ex- r
scribers to the loan who
last installments ars
? ^
Inns m 10!
Also Inspected the Filtration
System at the
Was Taken Over Works Ky
Commit : or Ira
Engineer George Fuller, water ->
lem expert Irani New Vork City, ar
rived lu Fairmont at nx o'tlui k tin
morning to make a thorough invest,
gallon of Fairmont'* water tttu. lie
will leave this afternoon at 4 o'cloi..
for I'lttsburgh.
Accompanied by t it) Kngincct s
IH. .Miller ami water i 1*111> ioiu t 11.1 <
L. Snath, Kngincer Fuller went to tie
local reservoir, ami later to !.?_ city 1
pumping station where a caieful ex
amlr.aliun ot the present van, s> 1
tem was made. At the city retort mi
present filtration system a.is curcitillv
examined. At the pump station tin
present machinery and tIk- genera,
operation of the plant underwent a
caretul examination
Tho trip to tho n rvoir and ii?.
pump station was I), gun aliout 1 .
o'clock, the party reiuriiiiiK
1:30 p. m. Tins afternoon Km;.in
Fuller is in constitution with the 1.1.
authorities gi thcrtng all possible di
on the local situation.
As yet be has made no statement
ns to wha; lie will recommend lo a,,
sure Fairmont ; n adequate water sap
ply for the future. For th? present
he will furnish the city villi no iuf r
nation, hut instead will expect tin
city to furnish him with the infornia
tion. Upon returning to New York
he will make a study af the local sit
uation, from data received today, and
will then submit to the ?lt> Hoard ot
Affairs his recommendations.
In an Interview at The Fairmont
I this afternoon with a representative oi
The West Virginian. following Ins trip j
to th> pump station ami reservoir, Kn i
glneer Fuller said: "1 do not care <<
make a statement at this time. I have '
visited the pump station and the reser I
voir and have made a careful exumina
tlon of Mr. Miller's surveys. For the
present the city is furnishing me with i
Information. 1 will make my reeoni !
mendatlons after I have returned to |
New York.
French Report Also Contains
Statement of Local
LONDON. Aug. 17.?In Pieardv BritA.
L A, i ....
un iroops navo maoe niurinnal pro
Cress says Field Marshal llalg in his
official statement today The British
lines have been pushed eastward north '
of the Amlens-itoye road and north ol
the Ancre.
LONDON*. Am. 17.?British troops:
have Rained further ground in the'
neighborhood of Vieux Ilerquin at the I
apex of the Lya salient. the of
clal statement from Field Marshal
Hale today.
PARIS. Aug 17.?In the region south
of oya, French troops have made fur
ther progress Ir. the I.oges wood and
hare reached the outskirts of the wood
on the east, aavs the official state
ment from the war office today.
There was heavy artillery fighting
west of Roye during the night.
Northwest of Uibecourt. the French 1
hve repulsed two att mg Genua attacks.
WHEELING, Aug. 17.?One sol-[
dier was killed and one badly hurl j
when an army truck went over a
abnk on the National road this morning
at Rlaine, Ohio, six miles west of 11
this rlt?. Guards were immediately
placed about the scene e' the aeeldeot
and the identity of the victims
haa not been dlacoised. 11
One Hundred and Eijjhty-fi\
stroved and Eighty
Down Out
LONDON, Auk. 1". ? Measured by.
the number ot mai hines eng.t-.d, the
intensity of the fighting and the mag
nitude of the losses inflicted on the
enemy the fighting in the air during
the pa.-t week was the most formidable
of the war.
Some of the most severe conflicts
occurred on August h in the sector
between Albert anil the Amiem-Koye
road where the German's air forces
were increa -1 considerably shortly
after the opening of the allied often
Th> air fighting resulted in the de
strui'ticn of 4*1 enemy machines while
17 others were dr;\en down out of,
Fourteen New Cases Were
Kcporlcd to Dr. Criss
This Week.
A t si just completed at the i hem
ical iaDorutory oi the Consolidation
< o, I company shows that the city
waier is u.isate The specimen of wa"r
i as taken from a local spigot
1 iiu ...day.
1 .... Health I'liyslclan Crisa is urg
,.il to boil their wat?-1- until tuc
M.ur is again mailt' Ha ft*. The
' condition o( tlie city water is,
i t i be due to Improper operation >
the chlorine plant.
A total of fourteen canes ot typhoid
.a>e been teported to City Health.
. u> -.rian t'ii?s this week, ten 01
w lieu are in tile llobinsoii street u
cinity, where three deaths have occurred
from typhoid this week.
Additional i a cs which hare just
b< .11 repute t are:
Jamos Helligult:, aged 7 years, 232,
Bennett street.
Nellie Uoiubanli, iged 9 j.ars, 404 I
K.iblnsou street.
Boss Itoga, aged 2 year 114 Bill ;
Ings! a street.
Lucy Ferfelio, aged 8 y ears, 209'
Kobiuson street.
Frank llaco, aged 4u years. 104 Rjbtnsiiir
Uenevleve (liova, three years, 403
Bi bin-am street.
Clara Seitiila, age ! :! years, 400 It >b-1
inson street.
.* ?a..linn I'ejinL- aooH 1 C V.huri J;">
iiiki i i' nn, uh' i * J
Madison street.
Kosallne MoMarc, aged 9 years, 432 ,
Madison street.
Lawrence Bowers, the former mine
worker at the Shalt mine who was
wounded a second time in action in
France seems to have been as fortu
nate the second time as he was the
first, for his father. O. H. P. Bowers,
of 15 Factory street, yesterday received
a card front him which reads
as follows:
Dear Father:?Will write >ou a
few lines to let >ou know that 1
have been wounded slightly again,
but ant getting along ail right.
The writing was done with a firm
hand but the rard does not'bear any,
indication of when it was written or
where the water was at the time bevend
the urual "somewhere In
B. & 0- Vftt.fira.ns Arfi
Picnicking Today
Veterans and employes, their families
and friends of the Baltimore and ,
Ohio Railroad Veterans' Association ,
of Fairmont and Grafton, are holding
basket picnic at the Grafton park today
and tomorrow. Music is being
furnished by the Grafton band and orclestra
and the Cumberland Glee
club. The following speakers are!
scheduled: George W. Sturmer. Bal-1
titnore; General Superintendent J. M.
Scott, of Wheeling; J. Talbert Keen-;
sn. of Andrews Methodist church.
Grafton, and Division Superintendent
H Wilson, of Grafton. Dancing, boating
and bathing will be a feature
Local people attending left thla
morning at 8:45 o'clock.
Vest Virginian is Fa
e Cerman Planes Were Dc-nine
Were Driven
of Control.
control. Fifty British barhines du
not return.
liuring tlie six succeeding days 181
enemy aeroplanes were destroyed am
89 driven down out of control, makim
a total of 3.19 German machines fo
the week compared to 123 British aero
planes missing
A notable feature of the aerial oper
at ion was the virautlly continuou:
night and day bombing of the enemy':
bridges over the Somme. This great
1? I.. J .1 ..I.
IV lia.Il|l('rril u:e sui'lliy aim iriu
fori omenta of German troops.
Tlio week's work also included i
number of destructive raids into Ger
. i\ Weeks' Campaign Will
He Begun in Fairmont
I'l-ginning Monday and conlinuinj
wtcai a i jiiipaign will be tar
ii? .I on by the Nursing Service torn
mil iff ot the Kairmont tliaptei ot tin
mil t russ to secure Fairmont s shan
ut tli lied ( loss nurses and studen
uuric. wlticb the government hai
called tor.
lied t russ nurses must be worne.
v.no bate bad iraiuiug and are pus
. i sued ot the educational quaHtita
i ions set by the lied Cross r host
who art wining will be sent rigbt Intt
tie rviteof the army, but tbusc win
an able to alvc out vlimited service
pan time work in llio local hospitals
in relieving other nurses or takin,
o?ei tile care of canes here at lioiut
will he accepted tor that. Sludem
nurses are young women witbou
training who are willing to entei
training schools ami prepare them
. elves tor service as ileil Cross nurses
Student nurses must have good heultl
and a high school education or it.eqquivaieiit.
Almost any mentallj
alert, self possessed girl can become
a student nurse.
Mrs. C. O Henry is the chairman o
the Nursing Service committee am
each afternoon nest week front 2 to i
o'clock cither she or Mrs. T. 1. Brcti
will b" at the rooms of the Fairmoni
cliapier of the Red Cross in the city
building to give information to au\
patriotically inclined nurses or yount
girls who want to look into this mat
The need for more nurses in th<
army is very great. Dr. Gorgas. thi
surgeon general, says that we raus
have 50.000 of them and that 5,000 o
then must be obtained at once if th<
boys who are fighting in France righ
, nw are to have the proper kind of as
sistance. Vest Virginia's quota o
the present effort to recruit nurse:
is 4II9.
Fairmont already has two nurses ii
France. Miss Sallie Patrick, a gradu
ate of the Cook hospital trainint
school, and Mrs Alice Ogden. Othcri
have already entered the service 01
enrolled, hese are Miss Bess Hennen
Miss Bess Charlotte Loch and Mis:
Ernia Brown.
One girl. Miss Kdna E. Wiltons, ha<
decide dto enter a trainint; school, am
it is the hope that many more glrh
will follow her example In Pittsburg!
where the effort to securo studeni
nurses has been going on for aomt
time as high as twenty a day hav<
been enrolled. Parkersbtir.T (his ntat<
has also made a splendid record Ir
this direction. Not much attention
has been giTen to the matter anion?
the young women of Fairmont and
Marion county but it ts felt that whet
they lesrn of the need for assistance
of this kind and realize how directly Ii
brings them Into contact with the mil
itary activities of tbo nation there will
be a gratifying response locally.
washiouiua. nag. it.?American
Consul General Pool# at >103fow wlic
recently burned bit coke books anil
tnrnr 1 the consulate ore- to the Swed
Isli consul, notified the Statne depart
ment In a eablegroin received Tuea
day that be inteadcd to remnin In
Moscow to assist the British and
French consular officers there who are
in gr?at personal danger.
Soon on Vacation Trip.
S. C. Kittle, connected with United
States Marshal Smith'* office, thli
city, will leave tonight on a ten days'
trip to his home In Wheeling end
points In Ohio.
irmont's Leading Ni
Jil 100110
START 1120
That Many Signified Inten)
tion in Advance of
r Enrollment.
i If Possible Instructions
Will Begin Monday
- j Evening.
Aiming to got in some preferred
branch of service and serve their cour
I try where they are badly needed, mane
| men between the ages of 18 and 45
" are expected to enroll in the automo
bile repairing end radio operating
Masses at the Y. M. I'. A this after
II neon and this evening. For the pur
pose of accommodating some who can
not enroll today, enrollments will be
extended until Monday. Some twenty
Ave men have already applied at the
Y M. C. A. and expressed their inten
tion of getting into the classes.
5; Lawrence Iirown. an expert meohan
| ic in the employ of the Standard G.t
i rage will instruct the class in automo
bile repairing The instructor for th<
, radio operating classes has not been
11 i hosen as yet. but is sure to be a man
i. well qualified.
The Federal Board of Vocational Ed
i, ucation, undo; the direction of which
. the army schools are being conducted
r has requested the various state dlroc
i tors to make it clear that the student
) entering one of the classes makes no
, obligation whatever and that after he
I has completed his course he cannot be
d afted without hb coaseut. The fol
. ' lowing Instructions are self explana]
I tory:
i "fore should be taken to point out
. 'lint there Is no intention to force men
t , iut othe service prior to the time they
>'.oti!d be called under the selective
il ro ft eonnil o t (/in TKIe mof hml neo
I <11 uii i vguiuiiuiin. i tiia iuciiiuu |rn>i
vulc.- an opportunity to enter upon a
', elective service If a man prefers to
|i auait his draft call, go to a canton
' mcnt, anil there be assigned through
'! the Personnel Officer, no pressure
I ?'..ould be exerted upon him to apply i
i 'or an Induction. Induction before call j
I offer* a chance for further instruction
I and increases the probability of promo-1
L tIon. Those who anticipate being'
I, drafted within any given thirty days
; and prefer Corps service to Infantry'
r service, will do well to offer them 1
. selves for Induction."
If at all possible the classes will be
-started Monday. The only delay. If
J any at all, will be in getting a radio
" - Instructor anil a room In which to hold
'-the automobile ropairng classes.
. FRANKLIN*. X. H? Aug. 17.?United
States Senator Jacob H. Gallinger of
, New Hampshire dided at a hospital
here early today When Senator GalI
linger returned from Washington to
his summer home at Salisbury Heights
II near here in July, he was in poor
health. A few days ago his condition
? became so much worse that upon ad'
vice of his physicians he was brought
r' to a hospital here. Death was attii
] buted to arterlo-selcrosis.
1 Mrs. J. T. Hyland. who has been sick
* at her home on Fairmont avenue, is
improving ana leaves ror ueer 1'trK,
: Md , for her health.
.g. ^
Send in That
| Design For
! A City Flag
' Som? time ago The West Vlrglutan
announced that it would give
a prlxe of (10 for tbe beat design
for a city flag for Fairmont, tbe
contest to close September 1. A
' number of designs have been submitted
but the contest Is still wide
1 open, and every one who has a design
in mind should send it in.
The idea is the big thing, and
wnen ine prize winning design is
' selected a rough sketch will have
Just ai good a chance as the most
' finished drawing. Qet busy right
away. Ten dollars will buy two
War Savings stamps and a couple
. of Thrift stamps, and all you have
to do to get It la a little clever
! thinking. Remember the contest
I ] closes September 1.
|l ??.'|
i wspaper, and Ads in
*' 1
^ IM*dalask\{
>*/vh' a
7^ MOSCOW j\
AUiTRIA^bv^ip^ ?
r* euoAPtsti \ \v f k
HUMOAftV I \k\L>^' .,
The Allies have driven the Bolsbe
way from Archangel to Pabereghsk
; Bay (2) to trv to cut off the fugitives
I by way of Persia, whpre, in co-operat
I posing the Turks. The shaded area (
, troops, while the Cossacks on the Pc
armed peasants are marching on the
Samuel Davis Was Recognized
As An Expert At
Building Stacks.
Stricken while engaged at stacking
hay on the farm of the Rev. Mr. Kink
at Davis Ilidge, near Karmingtou.
Friday evening, Samuel Davia, aged
73 years, expired within a few minutes.
1 Mr Davis, who was regarded as an
expert hay stacker, was often emi
ployed by his neighbors at this busl!
nos*. His death occurred' in the hayI
field before he could bo moved to the
| residence.
Mr. Davis is survived by several
children, his wife having died several
j years ago. The children are W. it.
I w* i_ *-? ry *v_ ..i ? /it i. rv -*- .1
Lfavis, V.. II. J'iAYlB, t I.IIK LJ3YIB tttlll
Mrs. Ira Tucker, of this city, and
Charles Davie. of Davis Ridge.
Funeral services sre announced to
bs heldon Sunday afternoon at 3
o'clock at the M. E. church at Davis
Ridge, and the body will be Interred
In the cemetery there.
At the office of the county clerk a
bill of appraisement has been filed in
the eitate of Joe Lessi. The estate
t is appraised at $734.(5. The amount
of $714 is invested in a local bank and
$20.(5 are Invested in war savings
stamps. The appraisers are R. R.
Hunsacker. and Samuel R. Hlte.
NEW T0RK. Aug. 17?The estate
of Gottfried Kruger. of Newark, valued
at several million dollars, was
| taken over today by the alien property
I custo< lan and an announcement at the
custodian's oftice here said that although
Mr. Krueger is an American
citizen be Is classed as an enemy be
cause of his residence in Germany.
Consult tho Union Oontlsts
tor oxport dental aorrlcos. Oar
prices are reasonable. Offices or
or MeCrory 6 and 10c s'ore All
work ruaranteed.
it Are Read by alt C
ms s i a*
"mt h
\f thh
? I . 1
I > V .
10 XOO 5O0 \ I
viki a hundred mile* down the rail
ia lit. and have also landed on Onega
. Ilritlsh troop:; have reached Baku (2)
inn with the Armenian*, they are op
4)1* dominated by the Czecho slovak
>n region (5) and Petrograd (7), and
latter place.
Soldiering is Not All
Hard Work and
Writing from Aix lex Bains, France,
Venton Riggs, sou of C. S. Riggs. o(
Fairmont avenue, who went to France
with the Fifteenth engineers, which
was originally the Fifth Reserve engi
neers. recruited at Plttaburgh by
[Colonel, now General Jadwin, tells
something of the life of a soldier or
the other side. His letter in as fol
Dear People at Home:?This baa
been a wonderful day. I went to
church this morning for the first time
tor several weeks. I was going to at
t:'iid communion this morning but
there was no reveille, so I did not get
up until ten o'clock.
Aix les Bains is one of the finest
summer resorts I have ever seen. R
is located in the Frcnrh Alps in the
S district. After spending a week
; here I do not know how 1 am going
> to live ramp life again. The U. 8 gov;
ernment has taken over most of this
I resort and It Is now a place for Ameri]
can soldiers on leave. There are hunI
Transfer and hauling done
promptly and carefully. Call phone
csu. t
Thomas Caruso
221 Meredith Street
(Rear of Court House)
The date for the
ments for Liberty Bon
pired August 15. Sub
have not paid their
urged to do so promp
Classes 0/ Faitmont I

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