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WW Be Turned
Ottjnst Like
inn lim tim
I They Will Burn Oil and
Can Steam Across
fN. I. A. SUA Correspondent.)
(Passed by U. 8. Censor )
UKTROIT, Mich., Apg. 17.?Turning
oat warships M it they were flivvers
to ? ncctti.
Honry Ford told Secretary of tho
Nary Daniels he would do it, when
he nndertook the contrart tor the first
, I* Eagle boats?the new submarine
ahaaen designed by the Navy departOMRt
That was last January. In a
few days, fce plant which was deslKhad,
hellt and put into operation in less 1
' thaa six mohths, hopes to be dropping |
.**trgits'* into the water at the rate of
Kfltoe Vday. "Dropping" is the correct
they are not launched.
The River Houge plant of the Ford I
M Motor company, where 1 spent the day 1
Vtoepeetlng the production of the new
ttty hosts, is called a shipyard. It
looks Uka a vast factory; ami it 1* in 1
far; a steel fabricating, assembly, and
agnqlpment plant.
Thaa# boat* are built on moving
platforms, conveyed on wheels; they
an made of steel parts fabricated in
eadltts quantity and put together with
rivets; they are wheeled out to the
water's sdge, placed on a platform
operated by hydraulic jacks, and pint
form sad all ia let down Into the wa.
- tor sad the ship floated away, it is
the theory of "flivver" production ap
piled to ships.
eerstary Daniels called Henry Ford
la Washington last January in Hat
1Mb If hi would undertake th.? job or
WlfhU th? new "KagltM" Kurd ??
no ruaaon why ships could not be
built lu Quantity like automobiles. So
the contract wet signed January
Want Built In Three Weeks.
Within 14 hours plans were being
4AWU. and details of the buildings
worked out. The site on which the
grant plant stands wan partly under 1
water, it was filled; the river ?ns
drudged, a canal was cut to the Uc|
tory doors, and work begun on the
The fabrication shop was built in
thru# waakl. Long before the l.'OoflOOt
assembling buildings waa finished
,tho fabrication shop was produc- I
lug plates, angles, channels, etc.. ho j
that the first ship could be begun t?g
MM M the assembling plant *??
The first complete "Battle" went into |
the water Jnly IS. Blghteen ships j
| . are inaer way now. la a 'ew day* ,
tkaro will b? 21 on tha shlpways?the
' capacity of tha plant. Before ions a ,
afctp a day win go Into the water.
These boats ahould not be con. I
fasad with the 110-footers?the orlK. I
lnal submarine chaser*. These are far !
larger and mora powerful veM'1*.
. They are, In tact, halfway between
the "chaser" and the "destroyer" type.
* two hundred feet long and of 600 t?hs
The plant Is laid out systematical,
ly, so that the steel I* fed Into nne ana
H Hit at the other completed boats,
with naval crews, guns, stores ana
| supplies thoerd, sail away to the At]
Untie. Acroas from It Is the N?vy
jmtartment's eentonment, where 'he
navel crews to men the ships are being
Tha boats are made out of sheet
HlNl Stampings, pressed from sheet
metal. U the fabrication shop the?e
piataa?heat, floors, beams, angles,
l-fmmeu?ere shaped, and then r<in
i' through great punching machines that
cat oat deaens of rivet holes at a time,
larvlca ^ilways run from tin* shop
to tha aasembllng plant, which cover*
It acrua of floor space. The keels are
I hid and the complete hulls built on
' 12*11 timber mounted on 12 standard
EHSldal car tracks, oneratlnr nn or<ti.
-Bgry rail*. Th*re ii room for ?e*en
of thaaa track* in each ahlpway. and
that* ara three ahtpway*. To the kcP|
ftiwaa ara added, then the hulkIlUa
Plate*, the decking, and at Oic
meraatk operation the hull t* con,.
pSet* and the boat ready for launch^Hew
Peat* Ara Launched.
At the lower end of the aaaemhllng
Matt, a great tranafer table operates.
MO this the car truck* carrying the
Mplala had ara ran, and tht.? tabie
eoaaoeta with the launching bridge.
Kb? beat aad It* carriage arc run om0
tba bridg# aad by m*an* of Urge hy.
nMe Jack*, the whole i* lowered
MP tha watar. The carriage with
B tfweka la lowered away from the
Hat thaa allowing it to float fny.
fejbOr laaachlag the hull la floated
Mm to tha outfitting ahop, where
Hp baOar, aagine* and other aoutp.
Si Is added.
Mora than 1,000 men are at *?rk
The vlata of ahlps on the pUt
MM, with the three nenrly complet
Mb are far away at the W>wer
mm. aad the three line* tapering
M PR til at the npper end of the
Hp ?Uy the keel and akeleton rib*
Mtot the ahlpe, eonver* 3 elegy
ppt tba plaa of the whole thUg.
to rag aetaalty * * the*. bo*t8
MMdg forward day hy dav i? the<r
Ki ll tba fleet that ;.a hunting the
^Hp^itoplaa" will be aent *he At^Mo
tbroagh th* N*w York Sro;
mm ?at The fuel w oit. Ar,d th.
Hfikp radhia to auftlclenf to '.ah#
tog aeroca the Atlantic, ro-d W
MMtad th* eagtiie* In a big atdlUog
H Worthington |
Tax Levy.
Tha town council at a apeclal meetIn*
hel<l on Tuesday evening prepare*!
the eitimatee for the coming year.
The levy will be 35 centa on each one
hundred dollars valuation. It was I
hoped the council would be able to
reduce the levy but owing to former
council* fallirg to arrange for a t>lnkln*
fund to meet the bond* coming
due four year* hence the present council
ha* had to keep the levy at the
?' ? - ' ***** " f' ?an* n
U'tUdDlUIU IiPsUTV. I lie cvuu
cil ha* set aside $<00 per year for th-s
finking fund and will be In good tVP?
to meet the bend* when they feature.
Comrr,unity Day.
The Hiristlan rhurrh will observe
next Rundsv as "community day" and
a full attendance of all the membership
|* deigred. Ilible school and the
morning serinon will be In the church
after which the people will Journey to
Paradise Park on the Snterurban line
where dinner will be eaten and the
afternoon spent in a pleasant manner.
There will also be preaching In the
church In the evening by the pastor,
Rev. B- E. Hants.
Streets Need Cleaning.
Rome portion of Water street sre
almost blocked by old wagons and
other debris and there has been considerable
complaint recently about this
Typhoid Fever in Town.
At present there is on" case of typhoid
fevt r In town, Arlie I. l'arrisn
being the victim. The attending pity- ,
sician reports it to he a mild case.
Beautifying the Churches.
The church people of Worthmgton
believe in having their houses of worship
to appear as beautiful as Is pos- !
slble to make them The t'hristian
church was recently repainted and on
Friday new and beautiful paper was
hung on the walls. The Methodist
Protestant chureh has just been treated
to a fresh coat of p;upt John
Jacobs hail the contract for the work
on both buildings.
Gardens Damaged.
The war garden of Joseph Wall- '
brown was damaged by cows on
Thursday night. A cow belonging to
W. jr. Itasnett was locked up on Friday
Tho?- Hawker, a prominent business
man of Shinnston. was in town on
Thursday afternoon.
Mrs Chanle Hall, of Kverson. was
shopping in town on Thursday.
Prod A. Kunz. of Bethlehem, Pa.,
arrived here on Friday for a visit with
friends. He formerly resided here.
S. K. Iitirnett, of Farmincton, was
a business roller here on Thursday.
A. F. Parrish, of near Downs, was a
business visitor here on Thursday.
Thus. T. Hay, of Annnbrlle, motor
ed to town Thursday evening.
Walter Mitchell, of Mo ran n town,
was a recent visitor in Worthinyton.
A. F. Harris was a visitor In Clarks
burn on Friday.
Mr. ami Mrs. U. 0. Stutler returned
on Wednesday from a visit with
friends in Calhoun and Itoane roun
F. B. Piyott. of Brirroe, was a business
caller here on Thursday.
8. I. Hess, of Uingumnn. was an ,
out of town business visitor here on
Cecil V. Caldwell, of Fairmont, came t
up on Tuesday evenlny to attend lodye
and visit friends.
Hon. Jesse F. Sturm, of Sturms'
Mills was a visitor in Worth In y ton on
Tuesday. Ills visits are not very frequent
since he retired trom politics.
W. S. Davis, of upper everbsuyh,
was transarttlny business here on Wednesday.
Claude C. Tetrlck left for Camp I
Meade. Admiral. Maryland, on Wednes- '
day for a visit with the Worthinftton
boy* who are located at that cantonment.
Edward n. Dougal and Theodore
Tuerffs left for Morgantown on Thursday
to take a special course In train- j
lng fitting them for special military
A. J- McPanle! was a business visitor
in Monongah on Tuesday evening.
Q. II. Martin and Elisha Brumage
were visitors in Enterprise on Tuesdayafternoon.
Mrs. C. C. Tetrlck was visiting relatives
on Hatter Hill on Wednesday j
and Thursday.
J. Leonard Sharp of Blngamon was
transacting business here on Tues-1
E. M. Snider of near Idaniav was a
business raller here on Thursday.
Howard Koon. of Monongab. was a
social caller here on Wednesday ever
? >. -
New Residence
Joseph L. Phillips, of Dent's Run,
is erecting a fine new frame residence
In Walnut avenue, Grandvlew,
the new Mannlngton suburb.
Qualifies on Range.
Jimmle" Johnson, a Mannlngton
boy who lately enlisted In the Marines.
has qualified on the rifle range,
with ^9 out of a possible SO, and Is
nr\m, In TT# !/ ??* V V ?-?
? n ... vmp. ^. i.i innitiK ?|irimi i
Steal Provision*.
Thieve* broke Into the cellar of
Mr*. Kmma Spencer at Rymer the
first of the week, carrying away one
ham, aeven Jar* of home canned
(cult, four roll* of butter and aevcral 1
loave* of bread. In the spring of
thla year a coupon Liberty bond for '
$100 disappeared from the home,
while a little later *ome one carried
off f3& In money from the house while 1
the family was on the front lawn. .
The Spencer* have no clue to the
Utility Parties, but It la believed the
provision* were taken away by automobile.
Buy* Market.
WllH?m J. Samllton ha* purchased
the meat market and grocery store
from <1 L. Richardson la Market
treet. aid ha* taken possession of
the place.
Great Game.
Manager Rothllsherger. of the lo- j
cai baseball team. Is, very huay sign-1
tug n4W player*. HM teum la In line ;
'or the cotmrv chp.mplonaltlp, and It j
' Caatrad to win Sunday'* gam* from I
.lit* MlUi tUkOUiU't??. ?
K ' ' I ^j
T. Atbim, 55 B. C.J
Caesar, writing to hi* foil
hxpressod hi* peevishness?
Because th?'?f damphnol Br
A* ea*y money don't know t
You said It. Jul?! and atill
T. Adkln*, Ilrlton, hasn't lei
Ho hold* hi* Flander* line a
Week In, week out. he'* at 1
He hammer* at hi* foe with
And make* no boast. Just *
Which sum* It all?"Killed,
He growl* a bit as he loses,
Out of the torpid sands he
Or up at Kern and Kola spei
The Arctic circle is his heln
And earth's eriuator make*
Shake hands, you good, old '
You're pal* of Sammy, our <
(Copyright, IS
Baxter. He ha* handled many fast
team*, and Is a manager who Is capable
of bringing out a winning club.
Lemley and Jones constitute the battery
fur the Baxter game, and Manager
Kofhlisberger assures the patrons
of high-class ball and expels
a large turnout.
Father III.
Mr*. George Fletcher left last
evening for Moorefleld. Hardy county.
having l>een summoned by the
serious illness of her father
Hetel Arrival!.
Bartlett?O. W. Ford, Graffoti; W,
F. Myler, White Sulphur Springs; R.
R M'Clure. Rellefontalne, Ohio; Alfred
Howell. J R. Welrman. J. Seder.
Joe IL. Gordon. Pittsburgh: Geo.
A. Shaner. Rutler. Pa : Oeorre C.
Graie. Endieott, N. Y.: Noble r. Stiver.
Louisville. Ky.; H L. Rendershot.
rarker?burg; Lon Sehrader,
Wheeling; J K. Rhrnienherg. Rollalre,
Ohio; Sol Green, Chleago; II. Shemwell.
Rlehmond. Va.
Wells R. W. Ihinnlneton. Little,
ton: E G Smi'h. Smlthfleld; R L.
Smith and wife. Klttannlng. I'a ; Geo.
Moore, Burton.
Frank Ward, formerly of Mannington.
and who has for several months
been a e|erk at rloM Fairmont in
Fairmont, has a^epted t dtiidtr position
at Hotel Henry In Pittsburgh,
Mrs. Opal Stalling*, of Hundred,
la the giiosi of Mrs. Ambrose Hayhtir?f
and other friends at Rvmer.
Mrs. Stnllitigs has reeently returned
front Panama Canal Zone, where her
husband Is in the l'nit-?d States gov
Mr. an<1 Mr* Charles W. Furboe
and children. of Clarksburg. are
guests of rrlatlves here for a week
Frank K. Fur be 5 'oit tVodnes'lav
evening for a business s-l<sit n New
York <ity.
Mrs. Allswortb. of Padon City, Is
here, the guest of her daughter. Mrs.
James Riley, In Baltimore street.
Miss Virginia N'cy. of Wheeling,
who has spent the past week with
relatives here, has gone to Cameron
for a short visit with friends. Her
sister. Miss Martha Nev, will remain
for a few days before returning
Miss Linda Smith, or Millvllle. N.
J., has arrived for a visit wfth ber
brother, J. It. Smith, and family, in
Jefferson street.
Mr. and Mrs. John Pew. of Canonsburx.
Pa. are guests at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Furbee in Locust
Mrs. Ira W. Davis Is the guest of
her brother, Utchard S. Staruman,
in Shinnston. j
Mrs. Charles Helllwell. of Rural
Valley, Pa., la spending a visit with
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Marr in C'arksburg
Mrs William Phillips Wis a visitor
In Fairmont ves'erday.
J. It. Timms and son. R iwlar.d,
motored to Pittsburgh, I'a, jester loss
mi kitcittnaa
un ? uu uuvinvov
Mrs. J. F. Adamson, of Marlon,
lint, in here visiting her husband,
J. F. Adamson.
Miss Matilda Lowe, of Jacksonburg,
spent the past few days with
her aunt, Mrs. J. C. McClellno, in
Clarksburg street.
All teamsters and truck drivers
coming under the Jurisdiction of the
Butte (Mont.I Teamsters' Union were .
granted eight hours, double time for
overtime and 10 per cent, increase in
wages > |
Suffering Described As Torture
?.i:?J i? ui_ -L n ii
ncucTcii uy Di?i-vriu|in.
Rossville, Ga.?Mrs. Kate Lee Able, el
Bits place, writes: "My husband is an
engineer, and once while lilting, he inlured
himself with a piece of heavy machinery,
across the abdomen. He wu
so sore he could not bear to press on
himself at all, on chest or abdomen. He
weighed 165 lbs., and fell off until he
weighed 110 lbs., in two weeks.
He became constipated and it looked
like he would die. We had three different
doctors, yet with all their medicine, hit
bowels failed to act. He would turn up
a ten-cent bottle of castor oil, and drink
it two or three days in succession. .Ha
did this yet without result. We became
desperate, he suffered so. He was swollen
terribly. He told me his suffering
could only be described at toiture.
I sent and bought Thedford's BlackDraught.
I made him take a big dose,
and when it began to act he fainted, ha
was if! such misery, but he got relief and
began to mend at once. He got wed,
and we both feel he owes his life to
Thedford's Black-Draught."
Thedford's Black-Draught will help you
lo keep IK, ready for the day's work.
Try U! <C-UI
taalin V ' | M * Ml
* - + mi'" ' - - mm !???*
3EM :
-1918 A. D., el t<iy. I
ks III Rome,
"I can't com* home.
Hons whom I've picked
when they're licked."
it'a one beat t."t
irned It yet. '
nd plugs away;
t maht and day;
either tint
ends his weekly list,
wounded, missing!"
when he wins, grins.
grubs the Turk.
?! hi* work,
let * rim
a belt for him!
Tommy! aren't we c!
mn Yankee lad!
>18, N. E. A.)
c\o This
Is Miss Jane Starr, of i/os
\nglcs. Calif.' hanging the war garden
rvlce flag itlfM her by the
National War Garden commission for
lior war g.mlflr.irg effort. Mis* Stair|
wan the first Osilfomian to win the;
servico flag priie front the rommls Ion.
Mis* Starr now flies several flags
as proof positive of her patriotism. !
There's the stars and stripes; her*
, brother's In the army and a star is in '
the star service flag; Miss Starr is a
r.tar Hed Cror.i, Liberty Ixian and i
Thrift Stamp worker and has servic '
signs of earn in her wlnilow.s. The
garden flag is the latest addition.
' j
Of the 37,139,15s acres In Kaplan
and Wales, 27,114.404 were retnrno' ,
as under crops and grass In Jur.c ;
1914. This was 15.37R acres less tha
in 1913, and the smallest area sine.
!877. Wheatocrapied 1.S07.49R acres
or (1.2 per cent., compared with 7 pt {
cent, nhove the average of the prev, j
oua 10 years. *
Children Cry
//liN I tAlfd! Alk yo - Uru||lit (of A
VM !*- /Kr?n</A
ln -? .fuuAV,
x ?ofcjl mM with Bti* Ribboa. V/
i "N Wl TfcU tin ?(W. I'.it tf ;?ir ^
L (a AikFtriii ru^.Ttl '
Jf UUlVoMI IIUA.Mf ril.IAfrr W
V" Jf k?o-.fft m Ceit, Alwtyi Relit'
X (jJ tiinjjM
Most Motorist
While we do not deli
have motor troubles wit
DO delight in being affoi
smoothing them out wh<
Motor Troubles
I Always at your Berries tor ?X|
dependable accessories gasoline
I Storage at rea
122 Meredi
' ???< WM. ?) .VM
H. B. M^tcott, Evangelist.
The subject at the Gospel Tent, cotter
of Jefferson and Jackson streets
or Sunday ft p. m. Is "The Triumph of
The servicer will continue all next
week. The subjects for week are of
iperial Interest to all
Market and Diamond Streets.
J. Elbert Will*. Patter.
Sunday school at 9:30.
Tuhic worship and preaching hr the
lev. W. D. Reed at 10:4'.. No evening
The latch string of this church if
jut to everybody.
Baird Mitchell.
10:45 a m. a short service with
brief address
W. J. Eddy. Pastor.
All the usual services of the day
will be carri'd out but the evening
9:30?Sunday school. Why don't:
rou come? Don't you believe In the j
itudy of tli" Bible?
Any church member who remains I
iway without reason Is voting against i
.he cause
10 4.'. Morning service. Junior sermon,
"Something Everybody Mu-t
Reports front the Int -rnatlonHl B
IT. P. 17. and the Summer Assembly.
2:00?Sunday school. Virginia ave. 1
7:00?Senior end Intermediate B. V.
f. r. I
Appropriate music for all the servires.
C. C. Lawton. Pastor.
Sunday school 9:30 a. m., J A. Swlrer
superintendent. Tnere will be no
preaching service Sunday morning as
lie pastor will be out of town.
Evening services:
Christian Endeavor at 7:00. Sermon
theme. "The Force of Confidence." A
larae attendance is desired at this special
"orner Jack.ton and Jefferson Streets.
Rev. H. G. Stoetrer. D. I>. Minister.
You are cordially invited to worship
with us In the following services:
The Sabbath school will meet al
9:30 a. at. superintendent. J. Walter
Barnes. We-exprct to have an unusually
interesting session as a former
pastor who has not been with us for
many years will bo visitor. Rev. J. P.
Road. This is a chance for many to
meet and see Rev Ree 1 again.
As. Dr. II. G. Stocticr is away on
Pis vat Jt ion Rev J. B. Reed of I'niontown.
Pa., will preach. I.et everybody
To the thousands who use Olala we
ire pieasea to announce the new Olaia
rai>?- prepared from the same choice
oots, herbs and barks it possesses the
ame marvelous powers to heip vour
ired /tier, kidney*, ituinach ana bowels
Our Poait've Guarantee
a plainly printed on every package of
Jl&la Tableta-they must give you tier'ect
satisfaction or your money will be
iromptly returned to you.
When you are ail run down and your
ippetite is poor, when you are reatlesa,
rritable; fee.ing blue, a very few Olala
rabieta wtli make you <,md. to be alio*.
Those who are using them for Chronic
Constipation, Biliousness, Jaundice,
Sick or Nervous Headache say they are
the best remedy they have ever taken.
They purify the blood and strengthen
the nerves; Jrire out Catarrh, Ma aria.
Rheumatism. Lumbago and Neura.gia.
No Calomel, no Mercury, no strong
drugs-young and old may take Hum.
60 tablets 25 cents
M anv HpftUrit bpII th*?m- f couri Ho#f
not, write to us for free tr.af package.
Chief Medicine Co. Marietta, 0.
s Have Motor
ight in seeing motorists
h their motor cars, we
rded the opportunity of
>n they occur.
Our Specialty! |
>ert repairing, reliable euppllei,
, oil*, batteries?
Konable rau-7*
e Company
th Street.
I com* and bear a message of unuaual i
Interest and helpfulness.
The usual Rood music under the |
leadership of Mrs. 0. W. Waddell will J
' be furnished.
There will be no evening service
The usual midweek prayer meeting j
service will be held Wednesday even- i
| Ing at S:00 p. m. We shall be glad to
i welcome you to all these services.
I 9 10 a m, Sunday school. Mike
Oii\"ini?, pupi IUirOU> ni
7 p m . C. E society.
8pm, Bible Study, Mr Strcupr.
Every one are welcome
j Clarence I) Mttcholl. p. p, M.nlstor.
Sunday school at 10 o'clock The
| school will have the opportunity of
seeing the photograph* of some of the .
i noted persona who will sriwtt us during
the State Convention. Sept .1 to 5
Morning worship and sermon following
the Sunday school period. The I
Christian Endeavor society will have
! charge of the evening o'clock service.
The pa?tor will lead the meeting Special
music at both morning and evening
services The public will rerelve
a most cordial welcome "to ail the
B. E. Hnnes, Pastor.
"Community Day" will be observed.
People are expected to drive in for
many miles, to bring their dinner, at
tend Bible school at In and preaching !
at 11 o'clock In the church, then eat
lunch and spend the afternoon In
Paradise park, remaining for the evening
service at 8 o'clock. Everybody
1 invited. We will have a great day
1 together. Come anil bring your
C. F. Eddy, Acting Pastor,
Sunday school at 9:30 a. in., with
classes for all agrs Morning wor
ship at 10:45. The Baptist Young
People will meet at the home of Miss
Adams, State street, at 6:30 p m
Evening servlre at 8 o'clock. Ooen
J l ^TOfff ft)
' 1 1 J ^ ^*"j?
) Getting:
[:] Transaction
L Black Af
II The memory li seldo
or receipt book. Caution
demand a record of ever
II demand It also In a most
Iff I The National Bank o
tern elevates a transactio
mi dence wirn grace ana an?
'*1' to demand a receipt.
/IK In making a ipeclalt
[Ml counts, aa well a* those o
not Interest yon in this (
mil meet yonr needs so com
j j)
|j jairmosf7^?glj
air meeting on the eherch Iowa,
weather permitting. Echoes tram lk?
Assembly at 1'hlllppl will bo hoar*
at this meeting. All our young people
are urged to be present The general
public la cordially welcome to all SOTMANNINGTON?FIRST
. E. Hanet, Paster.
Bible school at 10 a. m. CommatlM
and aortal service at 10 o'clock. Cbl1a>
tlan Ki.'.eavor at o m. Preachlne m
the second and fourth Sunday la each
month Next Sunday. August ISth. we
observe as Community day. We iavtte
folks from the country roundabout
to drive In by auto or wagea.
A warm welcome awaits yon. For
-ake of the bov* over there and H
those going, Keep Hems Fires Ban*
. Go to church. H
Rev. J. C. Broomfisld. Pastor.
I>r J. C. Hroemfleld will retura today
from a visit on Cheat and w|U be
in his pulpit at the usual hours on 8uaday.
Put Full Address I
On Mail For Army I
Bach day the local pogtofflts Is Tn H
receipt of much mall which has been
returned frota aoase camp beceuse of H
insufficient address Especially has
this been true recently.
Cnless the mail is addressed to
company and regiment or other distinctive
organlaztlon. delays In delivery
or failure to deliver may result.
these In charge are urging pa- H
nuns upon the necessity of putting
i rrect and complete address as
as return on all classes of mall adparticularly
at thlg
time when many new men ere being
Inducted into the service and the old
men are being transferred to other
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Ih she a member of the divorce eolony?
Yes; undergraduate ? St. Until
R THE Pfopi^ I
tyCoRNB K " V#
For the Fall Season.
We are ready to aerre yoa
with the latest. Preparations .fl
we are making In the Ladles'
Suit Department are hints and
suggostlons of types most conrplcuous
among the best dressed
people of the coming season.
You'll enjoy looking over this
first collection.
warn you that price* are aot
the lowest ever, but tfeejr art
the lowest possible for gradea
being shown here We are aura
the present stocks will preserve
our good reputation and gtre
the greatest possible satisfaction
Prices range from
$19.50 to 1
$45.00 f
s Money y I
ic flAuin in (Ml
id White X I
m a dependable cashhook I I
i and good business ethics \ f H
y transaction, but they .
genteel way. . .
( Fairmont's check sysn
to one of mutual confl> I Jt H
nlty. It Is not necessary L 11
A fl
y of Personal checking ac- r Jl
f corporations, may wa IHI H
res service, which will IIII .A
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