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action The Lone Traii I
?rthceis Serial Quitkiand'. '
Mxle .. A Little Siiter o? Everybody
of the moat notable produr
\J tlone of the year in the movie
world it the elxbt reel produetlor
'Perching'* Cmaadera" to be seen a.'
the Dixie the ftrat three da} a of ner |
? --u. A? SU. ... .. IL. ?1 1
wwk. \ji course in*? war n *? ? j
absorbing topic, and the Pershing picture
it a big feature because thr bit
?lt mrn in tht war ftom the Called
States is "Black Jack" Pershing. Theie
picture* are official in their character.
laving been taken undLr the direction
of Georc* Creel, notable as head of
thu department of pubicity. and the
centra* were In cuarge or the gov-1
ernraent's official photographers The
Idea throughout has been to show net
B 10 much of the terrible side of war,
but to bring mor- of the actual lite
of tb* aoMier l.ome to us. The scope
?f the picture is broader than the title
ndicate*. as It comprehends much of
'ha preparation that is being made at
some in the way of training at the can
tonments. and the building of shipr.
the manufacturing of war appliance^
stc. In this respect it has more of no
(ducattonal value than most of the hig
war pictures the war has inspired. In
many cities the- price of tdmisalon I;
suing boosted on account of the high
?c*t of the production. 50 cents being
the usual figure, and packed houre
how after ?h( r. hav* been the rul'
?ven at the figures. We imagine |,ms
will have recotti hrea'.iing crowds th
krst three day* of next week
? ?
California Star at Dixie
The career of Bessie hove whp i
the star In the story. "A tattle SUtn
of Kverybody" at the Dixie today is t
wonderful example of how common ur.
known folks jump into national frnv
almost over night ss a result of s'ul
deniy developed abilty to act before
the camera She is a native of California.
and being thrown close to picture
making centers, naturally wished
lb* might h? a star, hut she had no
real ambitions nntll she got a part in
a production in the Fine Arts studio
at Hollywood. It was only a small
part. but. mindful of the old adu^e that
h* who would do Lig things must do
the small things well, site put her lie-t
into her work. The impression she
made upon the director by her earnest
ness and adapubiltr re iltcd in lie
being placed upon the list of perm.'
n?nt and preferred extras. Direelo
lack 0'Bri"n happened to ho look lay
'or a good type to play a Swedish set
cant girl who figured in an Importun
part in a play in ss hi- :: Jt tin Emet
was to be the star, lie saw Miss I.ovi
ilaying an extru part i t a picture b
ing done by another iltrectoi and dt
c.ided that she was the typ* he
v ed. The picture. "The Flying Totp
H do." was the Baking of Mi?- Lo
From then on sh* was a factor to I
jj considered ft was her work in t'
picture that resu'ted in her he ng g
n a part opposite William S. Han
'The Arian" Site scored aatt.
VIhen Doug's* 1'aitbanks cr.me to l.i
Angeles h* de e milled that Mitt l.ov
be his leading women In conrcquen
he has had star parts in big prodtt
'ions ever since
? ?
B Nelson His Big Western Star
.Popular yestcru star. Williaut S
Hart in "The l.one Trail" Is cuni|
it the Nelson this afternoon and
B *I*K. and friend* of Hatt and the n,
of picture he h most nt home in v.ii
have a treat, as this story i? one <j.
the best he hat- appeared in
No Chang* at Pr.nces*
fl The Princess is repenting the b.ll
yesterday In which Francis X liu
H man and Beverly Bane, th* later if
e co-star, and recently a co-respondent.
The settings are good, and tilths
picture up to the usual standard o.
r'u*hmai and Page attractions.
k \ -ClOBE UPS" |
-William S. Hart know* and under unds
Indians as well as he does hi*
B "wn BCf. He was brought up among
the Indians wi.en he wes a buy. taught
H. by them, lived with them and learnt
to know snd love them.
IHe was born In Newburgh, N. Y.. of
English parer's. but shortly after his
birth the family moved to North Dakota,
and fror. the time he,was old
enough to wjlk until he was seventeen
he practically lived with the Indians,
learning evervlhing there was to know
about them all.
fr *
?The P li. Stephens Amusement
Rntcrprlue*. ,\V\ H. Graces, manager,
have taken over the Wadsworth Theatre
at Camp T.'cdsworih, Spartanburg,
S. C.. and will rail tahtold attractions,
opaaing Aug. dth. K. Gracey will
manage the titert-e lor the p.-e-.ent.
Giaccy was here Ini; wlntei with ant.
of aa good ttbiel-1 companies an played
the Mlpn daring the acaaon.
?The Opera Hoese at Clarksburg
will open the coming season August US
with Richard Carle in "Furs ant!
Frflta." "Out There" la boor.ed there
for ar. early Sep-ember ahowing
? >?
Ruth Lauise fldd, aged cne rear
ltd oce month, daeghtei of .lasUce ot
the Peace It. !?. Xldd. of Clarksburg,
died last evening at tba home o' .sari
grandparents. Mr. and Vr: V. F.
t'rleketl, at Rivesville, (ftcr a three
weeks' Itinera of echtis. The < ?t d's
mather who was tormrrly Mia* hdlth
Prickctt. of ".flveavllle, diel last /?b
ruary tm nonjr wa< iik?u n i.io.M |
hjrg fbl? aftort-'on i.| 3 o'a'oclt wii
'unaial ncrvirfs will ; rrbr>'-;' b* held I
tomorrow. I
til Jack i
Cactam and Mr*. Jjhn O J;i'M !n
Comm.-.nd! Litut. ~v- Pe*-y. AmI. 1
."ill j-Kcting. 10::.) s. ...mpaey
rv.trMsf! f:S9 p. m.; r,.c : rlr :a?atin*.
T:J> p. x.: SalTotlca Spin,
b" pVri'.s !i cordially Ir.rited to ? (
r.i I r.ll of nbov# mcc^tua eiparlally
tboao who do ret attard aay
Mlie. :el glou3 hou.t it wonb'p.
? a a
Kxaamatton of tntbwo-.hy -aorta
ha? ecarmcad ri.?nU?r? tb?t tbara
baa ba*,t an fj?p.-eaial? 'aam' In !'<
of Nor.harn Kuro;? in J.flM
- 1
Kill WW
Was Wounded Fourteen ,
Times By German
Machine Guns.
Covered iwtii fourteen machine gun
wound*. Bert Humphreys, former unstable
of I'aw Paw district, living at
Grant Town, has fallen a hero *or his
country on a battlefield ".somewhere"
in France, according to a letter re-!
ceived front a Fairmont boy at the
frcnt It required fourteen wound* to
aiup wir luunesH < uuiniiu ?u? e>
rlgKt after the German* In an engagement
rcvcral v.ceks vgo
When Humphreys left Fairmont he
said that lie t anted to fight for h.t
country and prove to the eomniuniy
t'.of he could ruake Rood on the battie
field. In this he has demonstrated his !
worth. Several weeks spo Humphrev's
name rppea'ed on th>' eriousi
Ijr wounded list with his home addre s ,
Bluclifiii. W. \?, front which place
he ramr to Marion < annty. T lis |<
Is the first Intimation that the woundhave
proved fatal. He was the first
of his regiment composed of loral boy.,
; to fall.
Humphreys war a mine officer a:
Grant Town a;.t! was of fine pliydti
and physical build He *r an atli
lete of note ami w as ? pc> .alls clever
at vaulting. He was v rp'endid 'h it
w.th the rifle and revolver ir.ee eti
t.ving the service. Humphreys 1.4
buried in France.
a >
Community Service
At Worthinaton
\ Community Dav srvic will he ob
served at the Christian church at
Worthlngton. to whirh the public is
cordially invited A special service
will he held at 11 o'clock, following
which a picnic dinner will he served
In Paradise Park, near the church
The fumiies attending arc asked to
bring picnic baskets and are urged
10 spend the entire day. A Sabbath
chool session will be conducted at
lft o'clock, and an evening service
will also he held at 8 o'clock.
Ray Smith, son of J. M. Smith, haanded
safely otcr in France act >rd
ins to a message reelsed by Ills
(harles Shore, a i >n of Mr and
SIrt tl.tfrv sltim-i fit thin c.tv. iiJ -
uleo made n safe crossing Hr spon'
?everal weeks in thr mPclianic.il train
vc school at Richmond prior to "ail
I- P.lipgins ;i con tractive citic'
|> might lie called one \ If" < '
' complaints he mal e up a. lie go
'nnt;.?Washington Star
Pianos arc not "artIc'es of dnttj tt'
;sltv" and co" c '">ntl> nobody <
e punished for "profiteering" i
' cm aecordiug to a decision nf t' essor's
court of the central Berl
Secretary of Labor Wilson has a
nounced the establishment of a wot
n's division in the Department of I.
' or as a recognition of the great i
r irtance of the work of women in
'nstry and the necessity for a n
t tonal pollrv In determining the >
dltions of their employment.
Bolsheviki have confiscated rhiiri
Property to the extent of billions <
hies. One Bible token from a Mo
iwr church was studded with di
mends and was worth 51,000.000.
Th-re la mor? ettatr.i la this lection of
eountrr tban aU other dl?aer? put t.gether. a...
nntl* the laat few yeara wis ktippoeed t<> t.
tuneable, lor a greet nary year* duet i.
|.tuU' anted 1; a l^al tieeaie ..s4 prrarrlWd toe a
teo.ei.iti, rod ty cooataotly fa.liHg t . mre Mil
1 at treatment, gruu.un. ed it Inrttrahl". aeletui
..at p.iieo Catarrh In lie i r nnl.ntloaal dle.a.e,
r..ii therefore rrpi:r,i eoiallttittonal treatment
IXiU a Catarrh ("ore, tmnuf-irtured by t J.
l h * r.ey a Co. Tiledi. Ohln. I* tlie onle Conati'
at I mra ao tli? market. I: l? taken Internal
do?ea from 10 dry* , t j?A.?,uful It a.
Itg on the bleoil iAt i,..;e aa inrflrei r,
ifiem Thee off-e one hi'tulerd doiiara t
rare If falta to nire. Send f r rlrrulara ir,
A'l.treaa F ,T CBEMT A CO.. Trtada. Ohio
j *<vi n* i'rofjr?t*. 7.V.
| T?k? U*U's Family nils fcr coastlpi'toa.
1 West Virginia
State Fair and
Byljy^Kfc i
Sept 2-3-4-5-6, 1918.
2 very Display auu Amusement
Attraction; Conservation
Exhibits; Honor Gallerv
War and Patriotic Features.
Enterta'ned for Cuests.
A party of Fairmont young girls
composed of the Mlstes Marie Frum.1
tiiadya Bennett, l.ucile Haher, Msrgaret
Barr am) ICatharyu IUggerty.!
tee la'ter of Ka.mington, who hav<
been Tor a west: g :es>ts at a home
pany in Nouiuf.sviile at which the.
Misses Ada a'vl Helen lijgci* art
hostesses, have been enterta.r.ed a; a
Witt of delightful events Uurin;'
their vis.' ihere which included a
patty at the home of Mica Je-nnetTe ;
Booher <>n W.<inc?Uay, a icvcral days
visit at the Mojudsvllle camp meet- i
itiK ground i and a c.ucken and v.aftle
supper on Thursday at the Hotel Ott
i he Misses Iti.gcr were students at
l.? , L. ,.1 I ~-a J
I I'- l.?Sl >' I.
119 1
H upp-Mcnear.
Kdwtn Karl Hupp. formerly of Parker:
burg. n .w of llio ,tatc of Montana,
and Mi:-a Gladys Lui.-lla M. near. t>i
Klngwood, a graduate of tho Normal
school here hi the < la-, s of 'IT. were
united In marriage on August 7 at
Des Moines. Iow a, at 'he homo of Cap!
and Mrs. (.'. J. Kalkenthal. Mr. and
Mrs. l'upp will reside at Bozeman.
.Montana. Mr Hupp is In the service
of the government. In the Department
ot Agriculture. Hp is a son ot th?>
laD 1'. S. Marshal K 1) Hupp, oi
Reunion Sunday.
Th" annual reunion of the Tetrick
ta:uil> of Marion and Harrison < nin
tics will he held tomorrow at tie
Vliopa school house. A largi attendance
of member* is anticipated
Sh ittlerwcrth Family Reunion.
The annual reunion of the Shuttlesworth
.aniily will he held on Septemher
1 ai the old Shuttlesworth hone
- .id at Li' 1-- Kalis. Monongalia
coui.iy. Me in be i- of tlic faintly an
their friends ar-' expected to attem
.he rvent.
Arrived in Fairmont.
Mr. and Mrs Haul Hamilton an
daughter, Mis* Margaret Linn Hani
ilton. who have resided in tliarl-ia
lor the lait six months, have
ived hen to again take up their t
lenci Mr Hamilton will be onipi
I'd with the Antler Coal mm pat
IT.,,. ..ill ...I. In Ifi.U tliAAt
i II?-? ? III i' >iUv 111 I i II o"i *
Carr.ping Near Euekhannon.
A p.trly of boys composed of Jul:
Cook. Hugh and I'aiil Jones, Km
neth IMerpont. the latter of Harri
vtlle. Robert Watson, Jamison Mcr
dith. Harri an Conaway ami Geor
Mayers, left today for Hall, m
Kurkhannon where they will ramp I
a period of two weeks. They are fi
quipped t > rougfc it anil anticipated
corking time in the open.
1 11A.M. to 11 P.M. | J
'pecial Saturday Shov
Afternoon?5e and 10c.
Everting?10c and 15c.
(War Tax Additional)
Oixle Orchestra Tonight
Best Music in Town
aawwspi a All.
StSSlf LUlt
j OeligW l!y Charm'
Comedy Dr.ima
. Little Sist(
of Everybod
?Also Today?
The Final Episode of Vilaj
graph's Melodramatic Serial
Pershing's Crusaders
j Official U. S. War Pictures
ncMAPDiinv i
Illustrated Bible Lecture
August 18,8p.m. !
H.B.Wescott j
At the
Lecture Tent
Corner Jefferson and
All A I !l-J
mi Mrs invneu i
Surprise Party.
Bailey Xuzum. who with his family:
s spending a few weeks at Tli* Log
or. the Valley riser, was tb" It '"..or i
cucrt last eventnr at a turprUa birthday
party which event wa? arranged 1
b> Lietil-ets of hi* famd> and triends.,
The party went to The Leg in autom>;
biles and spent a delightful evening
Picnickers at Log.
Members of the Sunday school of
the Pint Prc3yblerian eh urea enjoyed !
their annual outing at The Log on the 1
Valley river yesterday afternoon going
to the Log cn the noon train and returning
at eight. The party kvaa composed
mostly of children and young
people with a prinkllng of grownups
to (haprionc the young people as they
frolicked in the river during the aft
. moon hours. Boating and bathing
ere the diver ions of the afternoon
which was followed by a picnic sup
At Reun.cn.
Mr and Mrs. J. M Jarobs and daugbtcrs,
the Mis/eg Edna and .lessit?
and son Melville, motored to M; I'i
gall this morning leaving shortly h
,ore 11 o'clock to attend the McPr
Stifle family reunion In session the
today Mr. Jucohs is soheduled for <*
Idie- on the program to be rend' n
this afternoon rnd Miss E.lna will
Miss May Hawkins has returned
from Buckhannon where she had been
.or a we k attending the Epworth
! igue convention
Miss liael Had ix will go to her home
Grafton this evening to spend the
1; end.
Mrs. Clarence Statler leaves tonight
r Grafton to spend two weeks with
v...rh her mother, Mrs. Mary Plana
Miss I.aura Hobinson leaves romnr
iw for Atlantic City where she will
>end the next two weeks
Mrs. Ellen Straight, of Chicago
ieet. has returned from a visit with
'atives at Hoodsville.
The Greaaeless, "Feel It Heal"
Skin Cream.
"arries Convincing Proof With It.
"v. Dr. KaiilconT, 1S2I St. Paul
et, Baltimore. Md.. saya:
N'oxzenta surpasses anything I
e ever used for burns and any lrition
of the firsh " Try Koxzema
lay and you will appreciate why so
'any people are so loud in its praise
leal your sore, intlamed skin with
.is non-greasy, non-soiling antiseptic
It taaes tit" flrey pain from
ite irritated skin almost instantly,
-id leaves it cool and balmy.
N'oxzema Is on sale at Crane's Drug
-e and the H. H. Drug Co. in 25
id 50e Jars. Nuxzema Chem. Co.,
17 Charles St.. Baltimore, Md. i
! The
1 Organized In Feb:
I 1318. as a Division ot the
Kmployniont Service. D
ment of Labor. to worl
problems of mobilization
iistribntion of farm labo
2. Works through mad
hi each state of the IT. S
ployment Service. I". S. I
Reserve ar.J U. S. Boys' t
Ins Reserve. Vias senio
.imint-r in each state
State Director of the U. S.
lie Ssrvier Reserve tlet
entire tin.* to farm labor
3. Cooperates with
Agricultural Agencies. F
Class Postmasters. State <
ciia of National Defense
many uaoificlal organiu
for relieving farm 'abor i
4. Has demonstrated
practical efficiency rbls a
Uy making the harvest o
second tartest wheat crop
pmducad In tills country
for Democracy"'
? - _
Mtaa Virginia Fitter. Mlw Eva
Brand. Mrs. Carter Fleming, little
Miss Khzabeth Fisher and Chas. If>
Cray. Jr . are expacted home Mondav
from a tuotorinz trip to Atlantic City.'
Xr? Yr>r* and Baltimore.
Miss Blanche Price will return to-'
nicut from Webster Spring* where
she had aprnt the last week
Mrs. \V A Smail and sons. Men
Jitli and Comer, left yesterday for
Jc.-nnette, Pa. to visit relatives tor
aerrral *eek*
Miss Ella B%nn ha* returned from
an extended visit 10 New York. I-an
caster. Cleveland and Columbus. O. '
Latest Victor Records
(Fourth Floor)
zn\uijg; uidiL
Come Home make
You know the merits <
?uy, yet by comparison of
very modest.
Practically cverythinj
I'er Cent?a few pieces as
.M. A 1
3-Piece A
Consisting of one l'/rflt.
Sauce Pan and one 3-qt.
(iood quality Alumin
lower. It's an Extra Sp
charged at this price.
1 1 11
* the shell-s
German sol<
the new ei
dread. Dee
form in his i
America's r
Hi. in a steady <
more ships 1
ITS more food tl
u. s
E The Hun can
r bigger army th
A* *H l? A?tl?
. Eraivork
It takes 6 to 8 i
It is the Unseei
*"> sistless fighting
this, m<
SUI: in this great agi
p. * t
it lens rind your plac<
teering with th?
U. S. Dept. of Lj
Mrs. 0. M. Allandar tea isttiMS 1
from CtoM Roads. Monongalia county. T\
where the bad bacn tba guest or Miss m
Edna Corrothers. tr
Mrs. Rebekah Prlckett. of Detroit
Mich . I* liera on a tinit to liar daugh- t0
tar. Mrs Guy Cochran and o?her rels- ;.
?ves. :
Liant. L. 0. Dam. mho had been tha n?
Kue*t ot his sUtar, Mr*, n. C. Kcl'.y
on Ridrley arar.uc. left la*t night tot
New York ea roa'? to France Befoi.- J
enlisting Lieut Drat t.s* chief wire
la?? ta'agraph operator on the Grast
Like* with headquarter* at t'h cac > h?
M.\ and Mrs t ha?. Cochran an.! j W
M: and Mr* TV. M Keener and litt!? ' c:
Sale of Fy
rs and housekeepers o
J let us reason togethe
Now, more than ever,
the backbone of the nation.
Burning:" has become the
i First of all, get it out of yoi
k war conditions you cannol
1 sound and durable furnitui
you can't afford to do othe
I furniture is real economy.
True, furniture has ad
is still advancing, and it is
to wait until prices are hig
scarcity of good furniture.
of Hartley furniture?it is the
quality and individuality you
? is reduced in Price?some 1
much as 30, 40 and even 50 Pei
t Special For Si
luminum Sauce
Sauce Pan. one 2-qt. k
Sauce Pan "
urn ware purchased months ag
ecial and there will be none so
?en Ai
W mm mam mm mm?mm
through his trench pei
carred waste of No Ma
Jier catches an occasioi
lemy that he has aire;
p forebodings of evil
nillions of boys in Khc
stream to the fields of F
will be carrying more
hat they will need t? '
see this army. But he fea
at is making possible the pr<
the trenches.
men to back up one soldier
1 Army that will make possi
r . _:ii 11 i i. J
rorce mat win ion uuln mc
??! These men rely on YC
ricultural army.
Join your Field Regimen
ibor W. B. Wilson, Cec y
inch tor. Lad*. leat* IQJWI? |W
'irt cour/.y to visit ikw (raMMl
C. 1> Drat Thar will maMMH^H
ip to Mr. Keeper's car.
The Misses Rt beer sand Manda lt> 1
n. of Raroney. ?bo ate the gaaMaOl
tends at Manninfton spent jeetnrda) j
te the meats of Mis* Naomi B?1
". .. Re:>1 Morgan left yesterday Mr fl
I rt nravery, O.. to visit her IwtMr. 1
r Credv Moryan and family.
V.v P R Wyckoff. of Orafton, M
e on a visit to her son. Harry Q. ]
nrkoff. and family on Walnut at- 1
New Fall Footwear l:fl
rniture 11
it marion county 11
the American home is
. "keep the Home Fires |
battle-cry of America,
ur mind that because of
t afford to buy good,
re. YOU CAN. Iidecd,
nvise, for only in nj
vanccd in price. Bnt it. I
better to buy now than
[her and there is a real 1-1
best that money can
will find our prices
1 * 9
0 Per Cent.?tome 20
r Cent.
iturday I
Pan Set I
ill For $1.65 I
o when prices wen
Id by phone and :unm
iscope, across
in's Land, the
nal glimpse of I
ady learned to
begin to take i
iki are flowing
rrance" Soon
: fighters and 1
"carry on" to
rs even more the I
ssence of millions
on the firins line* I
ble the steady, reHan
?U to fill the gaps '
t today by volun'
Washington, D. C J
ITY^ 11

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