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IN THE ||[
Musical Comedy.
Hipp. -..Bakera Musical Comedy C .
Kelson Her Pri< e
Princess Runaway Romany
Dixie Baree, Son of Kazan
ESSANAY ha* made tn f iod con
servation picture* /or the United
States government and !? releasing
lent free In conjunction with It- I
Broncho Billy pictures The pictures
were directed by Miss Kleanor Lee
Wright, a noted rapert in domestic
science, and show tb< making of Tart
our food* lor the table. The necessary
ingredients to be lined are given
In the subtitles no that everyone nee
ing the picture* can make the table
dainties. The pictures are issued :o
educate the public In the making of
tasteful dishes in an c< inomical man
ner, so as to save the material which
the government especially wi'heH con
served. The first release war given
out last week.
? ?
Virginia Praecon, Nelson Star.
The Nelson attra< tion today la
five-reel subject. featuring Virginia
Pearson in the role of Marcia Calhoun.
tl i* a story of woman a ambition,
her weakness In the hour of temptation.
and her subsequent l> Uerm->s
over her own course, Pillowed by hat
red anfi a desire lor reverie i mi
happiness comes to her a? In-* is per
haps not exactly her due. but (he aver
age observer will he glad to ?er h' r
let it because she In after ali a worn
? an. Then, also the < lone brings out
? the picture of a real man who trie-, to '
f right a wrong committed by hin owu
In the opening scene Mania is seep
in New York, where she came from tne
South to earn a living: with her voice, i
She Is a delicately reared girl and
practically without funds. Her voice
it ao promising that a manager onerhe
r a contract if she nil procure a
year's training in Italy. At her wits
end for money to go there, and burn ,
lag th the ambition to become a !
I great linger. she yields to the advances
of Philip Bradley. The lattei
takes her to Italy, and after three
months there casts her off. Marcla
struggles on and wins succers. In
Paris Robert Carroll falls in love wltn
her. but on learning her story leaves >
her. 8ne sets ou to gel revenge upon I
Bradlo.-. but on returning to America 1
learns that he ts dead. In her anger
the brings about the financial ruin of
hit brother. John Bradley The latter
la aplteof what she h?s done, says he
will devote his life to making her hapHippodrome
Attraction Has Arrived.
Early this morning the Baker Musical
Cotnedy company in charge of Mr.
Charles Baker himself arrived at th"
Hippodrome, and began getting shaped up
for the matinee this afternoon. TIk
hill for the first two days of the wec'c
la entitled "The Ulatnl ol Jang, a
tory (he chief mission of which is to
bring Into action two funny comedians.
Charles Baker and George Lrs-1
file. In character delineations, Miss1
Irene Langford. (or two seasons with
the Oborn Opera company, will be
heard in vocal selections, both popular
and classic. Connie Maker, a (lain-:
ty soubrctte. has some songs 'hat she
renders in a charming manner. The |
most popular of the songs used the
first two days are "How Would You j
Like to Have a Baby Like Me?" and j
"Give Mo All of You." Mr. Ilenricl,
has secured the services of C. J, Pre? |
cott, of Mnrgantown. as pianist. Mr.
Prescott who hns had considerable experience,
being more recently connected
with the Pixie in the down river
town, airived yesterday, and Is ready
for the rehearsal before matinee. See
you at the show this evening.
Hoadliner in Many Successes.
Richard Carle, star in "Furs and!
Frills" at the Grand Opera House i
Wednesday night, is not a new-comer
by any mauuer ot means. It takes bu*
a moment's study to remember that;
Carle was connected with 'The Isle
ot Champagne," ' The Mayor of Toklo"
and "The Cohan Revue." The
present production is as strong a musical
comedy as either ot the others
named, and is fully eligible to be listed
in his successes . Silvio Heln and
Claude E. Mac-Arthur are responsible
to rthe books, lyrics and music scores,
and they have done their work well,
tot the book is notable for its spon-1
taneous laugh Interest, the lyrics are 1
well turned and the music is tuneful !
and unforgetable. The east Is thor- {
ought) representative, and affords ex-1
cedent support. Of course, no must- j
cat comedy is complete without a
beauty chorus, and the Carle chorus j
contains only those < harming In face '
and form. Extragsut costumes and
scenic effects are fully provided for j
that the eye may be pleased as well
as the ear.
i? ?
Charlie Chaplin at the Dixie.
What more need we say? Charlie
saver appealed to us, but he has probably
made more people laugh than any
other screen comedian on the reel today,
and that is sufficient. The tworeel
feature he is seen in tonight is entitled
"The Tramp" and we guess
from the title there will he plenty to
laugh at. The Vitagraph feature is
Just as good foi the more sober inindedb
It Is "Baree. Son of Karan," a
thrillire drama ol the northwest Keli
Shlpnnn is the lieadliner.
" 9 ?
Princess Has Pretty Romance.
hh .*iaritn uavmi * inr r?n:ni rjsr
acter in the story "llunawav Komany." ;
The pphotographv anri tfe nrtinp of
Miss D.ivics arc the otitnandi it features
of the film
?Luke the inimitable hut; :err at
comic o fthe screen and 'tose second |
to Fatty Arbuckle la the iace for pop-'
uiari'y, has signed up with Paramount
to rfifty "bones" per week. Not tbei
usual ktnd. but the iocs that beer!
Uncle Sam's O. if. He 1? the high !
est paid dog in .he screen business.
Richard Carle and rhorua In ft
Grand Opera House.
"local soc
Program for Reunion.
The following program v. ill 1 given
a: t ic reunion of the Jacobs !!eim> i
Williams families at the v ,ve near
the Ilethel Baptist church, Mononga
lia comity, next Sunday. September 1
Opening song. Devotional exercise
conduc ed by Rev. L. L. I.iglitner, of
Newcomersville, O . welcome- addre liy
Lindsay Jacobs, report of -cro
tary and reading of Honor Roll bt'lvde
K. Jacobs. Morca.itowu. in
sentatiun of service flae by to pi> .
dent. J. M Jacob*-, of Fairmont; -eng.
"Keep the Home Fires Burning. ' b\
rlass of girls; Jacobs history by 'ohti
K. Jacobs, Morgantown; address by
E. McRea, Halleck; song; liis'nry
of Williams family by Mrs. Harvey
Williams. Morgantown; hist iry of
liennet*. family, by Georgo I bum it t, of
Mntgantown; adjournment ior dinner.
Two o'clock?Opening ong an 1 a I
dre.-s rn (Hp pioneer Jacobs famii; v
James Farrell. Fairchan.-y l .<: business
session; the song service for the
dav will be conducted by Mist Edna
Jai.ibs Fairmont.
M s. Albert J. T'Kern and children
are in Morgantown on a visit.
Mrs. John M. Trail1 and children
have returned from an extended trip
to Monroe county and .'.ancestor county.
Pa. While in Lancaster city she
visited hor brother. Kev. If. A. Kun\e:
who was formerly pre-tor < ( Grace
English Lutheran church, Fairmont.
The many friends of S J. Ill oh? t
will be oleased to learn that he i.,
about again otter having been ill for
several weeks. Yesterday he resumed
Ills work as oiganlst at (Irr.ie English
Lutheran chutch. Mr Brobst has been
very faithful for many years in the
discharge of I hose duties.
At Wlldwoml.
Dr. and Mrs. E. W. Howard, who
are spending several weeks at Wildwood
on the Valley river, hail as
their r, tests for Sunday the former's
father, J. M. Howard, of Ma?ontown,
anil the latter's son. Paul Howard,
Mrs Howard and three children, also
of Masontown. Mr. and Mts, James
Welton and daughter, Mary Louise.
Mr. and Mrs. If. J. Boss and children.
Joe'and Elizabeth, and Mis.; Martha
Rebecca Howard wer* also Sunday
A 11 " 2 I .1 t
?UesI Bill I 111 W 11(111.
To Entertain Societies.
Mir. Alex. Rlheldaffor, v.tio with
hpr family is spending several weeks
at a camp at Colfax on the Valley
rlvpr. will be hostess on Tuesday to
the Homo and I' leign Mi.'sicnary
societies of the First M. E. churrli.
The party will leave at 11 o'rlock for
Colfax and will return nt oleic. Those
who will attend should notify .Mrs. A.
C. Ross or Mrs. Richard Hall, the former
represntinc the Home society
and the latter the foreign.
Left for Home.
Mrs. I.ee Hutchinson and children.
Helen and J.ce, Jr., who had speni
the la<t several months at Sonnencroft,
the guests of Mr. Hutchinson's
J * i /1 ls t i ..i_ : _
I parenrs. Mr. anu mn. v.. re. nuuuiii11
A. M. to 11 P. M.
Afternoon?5c end 10e.
Evening?10c end 15e.
(W?r Tex Additional)
Dixie Orchestra
"Barcc, Son of Kazan"
From the story by the same
name by
James Oliver Curwood
Nell Shipman and
Alfred Whitman.
?Also Today?
Charlie Chaplin
?1*1 ?
Priscilla Dean
The Two-Soul Woman'
Atkut WtiM VliuuilAit,
. mmKm *
IP mush aI remedy ."Furs a : 1 Fril!?," t
son, left today (or thr.r home In ('in<
;nnati. En route they will .pond a
1 f.-v days in Clarksburg with the forit.
r's grandmother. Mrs Attain Stuart
! Mr- Frank Hutchinson and little
tin. Crank. Jr.. who have also be?ti
cut t; at Sonnt nrroft (or several
weeks, will leave the hitter port of the
week it t their home in Logan county
IV V ,
To Motor llui'ii^li \nll.j.
Mr. ari'i Mrs. Smith lioo.i .ml the
latter', sister. Mi Herbert I' iiilng.
ami Mr. Pieming. <>f Cassvllle. I ;t today
on a nmtorlng trip through the
Valley o; Virginia.
Powell Richards
The marri.ire of Mies Mabel 1.11IU t
Richards, daughter of Mr.. John III 'i
aids and the Kev. Iceland Ji rotne I* >*
oil furmertv of Craftnn \V. Va. was
. w. .........
solemnized on Saturday evening at
nine o'clock at.th" home of the bride
on llaymond .treet K st si
The Rev. Hold. 11 of Elkin* an i::t
nn.te friend of the groom p rfonnci
' the marriage ceremony in the pre ;
enee of relative and intimate friend
and Mi - Margaret Richards a slatei
; of the hrtde played the wedding n;usd.
The bride was attired in a (town of
White crepe meteor and georgette
j crepe and she carried n shower baquet
of liride roses and sw' t pea
i Following the marriage ervne an
informal reception was helil and con
eratulation and l -t wi: lies were
extended to both
The interior ot lite Richards home
wat arllstica'ly decorated in paliu.'.
ferns and earden llower;. a coclor
scheme in green and white being cii
ri< d out in li.e living room win i? the
ceremony was performed, while y ilovv
and white predominated in the dcr.i
rations in the dining loom where refreshments
were served.
The Rev. and Mrs. Powell remained
here for the week end and wid go h i
to tlrafton today where the former
ha- recently closed a several yearpastorale
to go to Richmond Vu
where he lias accepted a t nil to the
Pine meet liabtlst clntreli.
The engagement of Mi? Richard
and Hie Rev. Powell was annoiiiic l
several weeks ago and stnee that time
the former has been the honor guest
at a numb r of social events. She is
a gradual* of the High an l Normal
schools and of West Virginia Fnlverally
and for the past few years lias
t.nisht school here and at Grafton
She i. a member of a prominent Mast
side family. The Rev. Mr. Powell who
had been pastor oi th? First Habtist
church at Grafton lor several years is
a graduate of Rake Forest college and
A girl tells her lite for a na
His Wi
Opening of the Season. Co
National Theatre, Washi
Theatre, Pittsburgh.
World's Greatest '
In the N. Y. Casino Theal
edy Scnsati
Carle's Famous Beai
I PRICES:?First Floor .1
$1.50, $1.00, 75c. Gallery i
at Martins Book Store
Worthin?ton after the sli
he first show of the season at the
of the Southern Bai.tist Theologk al:
Seminary of l.ouisville, Ky
Mrs Richard. mother of the bride
has Issued cards announcing the mar-,
ri.ige and also fating that the Rev .
mil Mi Powell will be at home attr:
Septetnb-r 1 "th in Richmond Va
For Br.de Elect.
Mi-> lalna M. Jacobs, .1 liriilc elect,
i" the honor gur t this afternoon at a^
liiiilgi par at which Mrs. Ernest
H?ll and Miss Kva Conawuv are
hostses, at the home of the former
iti ruin freer. i nf guests include
iniim.i'e friends of the honor guest. j
On I'uet duy Mrs Merle Amos and
her sis'ers. the Misses faille and I la
t>\ Frey will entertain at bridge for!
Mi- = Jacobs at the home of the for !
mer in Henoni avenue and on Wedn^s I
dav Miss Irene Hutchinson will be'
ho 'ess at a linen shower at the Faiti
mont Country club in her honor.
? ?
Arnett Family Reunion.
The Arnett family reunion which1
wa- it Id v.sterday at the I. K. Arnett
grove i.ear Georgetown, was attended
by at h a t k'.oOi) people which liumh"r,
included members of the family and a
iaige number of friends.
in honor of the members of the fam-'
ily no ar in the I*. S. service a band-j
some < rv ice flag witli 39 stars war.pro
ciiicd to the family. The flag coni
taint I one gold star in honor of Private
Toothman. who was killed in a-tion
and a white star did honor to
Itu- ell Arnett, who tiled at Camp
; Sherman, (Jhio.
rite speakers of the day included
the Kev. C. K. Goodwill, of the Find
V I' ? Iniri li: ihe It- \ v .1 It Yoak. of
the First V. E. church, south, and Ira
I. Smith, of this city, and former Governor
of West Virginia \V. E. Glas 1
rock, of Morgantown. Community!
singing was directed by Walter Harrington.
of litis city, and Miss Helen
Gilbert, of Morgantown. sang the
French national anthem in both
French anil English.
I The officers for the ensuing year
were re-elected as follows: C. C. Acnett,
president. Rivesvlile: It. E. Atne't.
t eeretary. Rtvesville, R. P.; James
II. Arnett, committeeman, Rtvesville.
It f!; Svlvcter Arnett. committee
man. River.vllle, 11 3; I). D Arnett.
committeeman. Rivesville. R. 3; L. I)
i Arnett. committeeman. Morgantown;
W. K. Arnett. committeeman. Fair
I rnont.
The place and time for holding the'
reunion next year was left to the decision
of tlie officers and committeemen.
LSON Today
me in the social world. Alio
Id Night
? ?
mpany En Route
ngton, to Nixon
Comedian >r|k
tre Musical Cornon
Lity Brigade
aa ? 04 r?n n_i _
K.uu ana ju-du. . naicony i
>0c Seats Monday, 9 A. M. I
. Cars to Fairview and I
iow. I
' " \ 1,1 ,IBI,llM
AtuUOi ~0, lbitf
C1 1 - _ "I I a
Mlu Beatrice Amos, stenographer kof
the sheriff'r office, is on two j,
weeks* trip to Aurora. Preston county, s
Ross Musgrave, of the sheriff's ol- a
f.ce, is home from a two weeks' trip t
to Webster Springs
R. O. Nuum. a former Kainton'r- s
was here for several flays luring the ,
latter part of last week He ! wl: the >
stenographic report of t'o- gas fi/ht'h
;it the publlr service commission hear
ing. e
l.rslic. Martin little daochter of.'
Mr. anil Mi* B 1. Martin, of Vi?w ii
Ave., iit spending the week w.th her.
crandwothcr, Mr*. Margaret Storm, i
near Falrview. a
Misses Matilda and Myrtle McKIn
ney have returned from Weston, >
where they had spent several days >
with friends.
Mi. and Mr* John Martin and <
laughter. Miss Marjorie. return?d the
last of the week trom Asheville, N. . j|
(' . where Mrs. Martin and Mies Marjorie
had *p?nt the past several^
months. Mr Martin went to Ashe-,?
villo several weeka ago and accompanied
them home.
Mrs. T. T. Hoult. of the East *nd.\
sepnt th week end in Barracltville the
guest of Mrs. Charles Cramer. i
The Missea Blanche and lrma Henry
have returned from a motoring'
trip through Pennsylvania and Mary- land.
They accompanied Dr. and
air*. sv . J. noyasion, 01 mil ruj,
are now at a summer resort In I'reston
Mrs. Louise Fox and Mi - Kva
Brand spent the w< < k end at Idl ?ild
the guest ol Mr T> I. L. Yost, who
is spending severa weeks there. Mrs.
Vost has recently returned from a
motoring trip through the Volley of
Virginia with a party of s trom
Clarkst urg.
Born on Saturday to Mr. and Mrs.
F. A. Lloyd, of this city, at -h > ho^. .',
of the Inters' mother in Klkins. a son.
Miss Inez Jacobs has re rned from
Triune. Monongahlia county, where
she had spent two weeks with relatives.
Mrs. Palton Simon has goa > to Mt.
Lake aPrk. Md.. w here she is the |
u est of Miss Mary Deveny at the lat-,
tor's summer home.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Williamson
ha\returned from a two woks' nto-!
torinp trip through tho Valcy of VirKinia
and other eastern points
Mrs. Frank Morris and little son
James, of Mt. Morris, I'a., are spend
inc a few weks here with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Miller, of,
Cleveland. Ohio, are the (tuests of the
former'* mother. Mrs. J. f. Snyder,
on Fairmont Hvenite.
Miss Blanche Tehinski left today
for Pittsburch, where she will visit
rleatives several clays.
Mrs. J. C. Atlia and daughter, Miss
Kthel. have returned front a visit
with relatives at Catnbridtje, L'ollaire, !
Ohio, and Whclinc. W. Yl Min At ha |
Cash's Names and 4
Initials for Marking
Soldiers' Clothing.
(Notion Counter)
A Gatherii
The Advance
In Every
Stunning new black ai
ian fringes.
(ieorgctte crepes in
headed and embroidered,
fects, Mandari nstyles.
High Class W(
The newest and most
new low waistlines, plcatet
less neck and button trimiv
Charming New
/vk s,y
^lv- s ?
hi' wo
' \ I sty
v i she
" Th
I |:'A ca.
Silks for Light
Silks are the most sta
are as fashionable one se
practical and desirable?v
than ever before. The silk
silks for every purpose, ke<
sible for mutual advantag
what they want, keeping: s
ample for satisfactory cho<
Uo spent s f*w days ?t Buckeye
*ke, Ohio.
Miss Velrs M. Ferrell, formerly of |
his eltr. now In the employ of the
overnment at a Wellington. i* suffer- 1
ng from a severe attack of totitllltis. <
:he recently underwent a minor oper- ^
tion on her throat at Gareld hospial.
Mi*. Jerry F-bert. woh hss l?en for '
e\ ral w eeks the guest ol iier broth- '?
r, Morgan Chalibers. end Mrs !,
'hambers. leaves tomorrow ufr hei |
lome In Baltimore. . ,
Miss Margaret llebout .in I broth- 1
r George, of Grafton, are guests of
heir garndmother. Mrs. Hello Paiout.
on Rbeu Terrace. i
.miss l.nranrin iitigni. 01 hfj.-i'i,
i the nueet of her uncle. Sim 1?riKht.
n't family at Hell Run.
Horn to Mi ami Mi? drove r
brother. at their home in !'. l.nntun.
dauKhti i Mis Strother was forlerly
Miss Mamie Hilllngslej. of this
Mis? Doris Jenkins. who is spendnc
th? summer with her p.n nt- Mr.
nd .Mr?. 11. Jenkins, at ih'ir suniner
home near Kldora. spent the
.ek end here with Misr Helen Robb.
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. Druggists
refund money if it fails. 25c
MATINEE at 2:30. Anywhere in tli
Evening performance 7:45 and 9:1
Baker's Musi
Charles Baker an
Those Two I
Miss Irene
Prima Donna in Popular
?Added At
A Ham and Bud Comedy Reel
nig of Smart
i Dresses
Styles, Correc
id colored satins, with Hawa
navy and colors, exquisitel
Plaited skirts, tunics, panel el
)ol Jersey Dresses
desirable fashions, featurin
1 skirts and tunics; also collai
Autumn Suits
Reflecting the important
inges that make the Fall
les so attractive.
?aris still retains her su macy
in the designing of
mens' apparel. The word
her great modists is au>ritative
The new Fall
les which we present
>w the Parisian influence,
e ideas for these suits
iip f rnm Paris: the execu
n of these ideas has been
[>erbly carried out by
nerican artists.
t Comfortable
pie of piece goods. They
ason as another?always
rorn more now, perhaps,
section offers exceptional
ping prices as low as pos~i..:
;c? giving uui iuoiviiivi0
itocks clean and varieties
Announce Marring*
Mr. and Mr*. George U. Hew ef ;
?ierpont arena* ha>* announced Iff ] I
narriage of their dau?iter. I ennn. M . I
crporat Ceorite A. Mackajr ot Deln*?f m
nna N J which event wa* mliinilgH \ I
eoentty in New York city prior to tlw ' j
atter'a calling for France. Mr. Hne< 1
i an rlectrical engineer and wen ' I
mployed on the ronstruetioa of (fee
Fairmont hotel. Mr*. Mackay Will
'io "i.i i?i |><? nun umiu? mw% l
in?bandt absence.
?? J
Cheap Grocehesjl
o* ire fact that I have
lost my non- manager tod an
unable to secure sufficient help. II 1
1 am closing out my grocer?
store on Viratnia avenue and
Twelfth Street, all staple food*. 1
ami the best the market affords
at reduced prices that will
make you forget the high coat
of Using Come early. This
stock ?iii not last long at the
prices 1 am going to offer.
CooperaHveStme I
J. H. SNIDER. Prop.
ie houte to* n
5. First floor 30c; Balcony 20o I
il Comedy Co. 11
id George Leslie H I
:unny Boys
Langford I
and Semi-Clawic Song*
i? |
that hat Plenty of Action.
I |
' I
t H
Drying Fruit^fl
& Vegetables || I
for Winter is
one of the vital national .-,BH
needs at the present
The National WaIN
Garden Commission declares
"it is a patriotic
duty which should be I
done in every family" ,
Here arc needfuls to
assist the housewife
with canning? fi
Mason's Fruit Jars
75c, 85c, $1-00
Jar Caps, doz ?0exj
Jar Rings 3 doz. for^H I
Canning Racks 50c, 75c4|
Jelly Strainers
Fruit Jar Hoidera .13 I
10c, 1 I
W ood Fiber Jelly
;4L ?:_Li ?^
"TTTI ail UgHl VUVClBy m
doz 38m
Cooking Utensils of|
every desired sire(Basement)

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