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f _ WU* Welrment Printing and PuMI*
Til wit Vtrgulan Buildloc, Adams
W. J. WIEGEL. Q?r?ral Kl
E miam c. hbbbertT i a. hat >
Editor. | AIv
w v. BKOIC. Circulate
TIM Associated Pr?? I* axclualralf ?<
rssliMNstliin of all row* dl?r?' ? ?
MMndN cradlte'l in thla newtpaper
MaM published herein. All rlaht* of rep'
MpOMOaa her?l;i ar* also resets ad. I
TSLEfiionvh?ms. um, no;, ah d<
B l Broach private esctiat>ic<r. I
I .JiSflr Advertiser K
gx MAIL? (Payable In ad\arre - nly
M Booth*. U 00; three mnntbi. ll.iC. <>:
^ VCaKiuER?(In Fairmont.I Ur>
O N; en* month. Ml; on* wr
X&CARRIES?rOutaM* of FairmontI
M week. lie. By carrier Three Cent*.
AM MhMrtptloM payshie li
When taking for change In aldreea I
>SleiOil at the roito#lce at hairier.t.
jeowlig^ j
Mubaerlbera on our carrier route* ratlin
TValala* any evening rhould rail "WI
Mat* the fact and give name *r. I reeldeni
WW 4*Hr*r a paper to your door at n
n? - ? a? aw. _..w_?ik__
Bf muting ?e stand, ty dfa'tdh
Then join in hanas, brave Am
o ?
THIS week Fairmont will be host to
of th? county who will come I
Wliiil intitule, and make the usual pre
iag die achool year. The West Virgir
Witoi will have a pleasant and prole
vint in the city.
Ahvaya one of the most important fa
icea scheme of life, the ichool teacher th
at greater solicitude upon the part of thi
Ke which hat children in the schools
COM within the memory of the present
winter k was only with great difficulty t
! keep the schools all open and this w
be even more difficult. It is not too rr
will he impossible ess a convincing j
die patriotism and the professional pride
aaikaa Laua Ivoon o/Jii/>atocl (nr ta^/ l.uw
MS ivnv lMf? I^VII tuuvaivu IUI Iiavuui)
Teaching is never one of the well pi
it provides ny men and women with
il most congenial and which enables th
real value in the world and to have a h
of tht course which the generations whii
fellow. In short, it is a soul satisfying
does not provide much purple, fine hn
Ant people who have more money than
At e time like the present the teaching
begin to compete with business in the i
Business for the time being can pay bettc
and it will offer certain other attractions
Mt offer, but the young man and young
has the educator mind will do well to h
before forsaking the school room for t
god business generally. We are of the
of those who resigned teaching posiuoni
larger salaries in business have regretted
timet and the same thing will be true of
to yield to the temptation to go after t
a a . o
Held out by business.
Mofover business has its up* and dm
salaries will not last forever. If it take;
pendulum to swing back after the war
men and men now at their intellects
the down tarckk. They will be all rigi
income and positions and able to give I
Kif they remain in their profession. I
no further use for them. Busii
Mend, and while it may not always be s
Mt the old employe it cuts their pay.
ONCE upon time a successful I
keeper informed her marriageable
: way to a man's heart is through his ston
And er since that day eligible you:
f blied with fudge, invited to dinners "I <
Mil," treated lome made pies and c;
attacked in .the seat of digestion?confot
> with the teat of affection!
Therefore, when all the eligible yo
away to be soldiers they were pursued
by the feminine obcession that the only
i Ruff Stuff]
Teat prisoners say the allies mutt
la kept oat of Germany.
Aad If tie armies tannot do it there
Met la immediate peace.
OOoh. bow funny looking a Super
00 fa wken his yellow streak ahowa
va tH outside.
o e o
OUy pallee department turned a wife
K l?(M .aaae la the city over to tho
E mutf Saaday without making an ef
I tort to MPke an arrett. It waan't In
K&* um ot duty.
And the only way the etate highI
way department can get the tutomobW
lawe eaforeed In this burg Is to
K eeal a man here from Charleston,
I! Beldently the only thing that really
i eerene under the Jurisdiction of the
I local cOpa la drawing their pjv.
I Um wonld be a whole lot lent
f haetlag In thle town If that nest of
tiMMerfalt tails at the Watson hotel
I geneer waa claanetj out.
Boat on Americans say they won*
I play If the proposed echedu'e for the ,
ilftl >*n devotion wii to * i
Llfllttft- buU with choc
1 To i
OMB." " '
??, cigarets, guarantee
TTJfWr 0f the hi rdonorl
innir. theory of count le*
iapeu il? loir. They r?
rtiiln* iun*c?r. helpless teara. 1
" httle red triangle I
0 press. teriahsm. Food '
rn^to th? ?M for tioni! The girli b
ullitd to lt*or not
an) alto tha lo-al fudge you tent W,
loilcatlon of special tookiei fine bu,_
?: , have plenty here, I
eraitmcr.ta reached . . ?A ;i
v mail it? Any gil
77f 1 be most humbly ai
OliKIlT li W AUD. , , , \ .
th Ave. < hioa? but firstly, snd n
There! We k
f On. y#ar IVOO; , ?>ok book! The
i? month stomach?it is thi
jrir. |T #0; at* ___
lit lie. rer cop
Ora month. 75c:
Tonight .
Memorial \
1 Ml e
avenue WW lor i
Weat Virginia, as Fairmont to at le<
0f t),e American a
per call serving the nation
c in e?t Th? w??t at the same hour
Stern T'NION." W1ii _
re sn<1 h n??>?ni'r mons will ring OUl
nee. There U no , 1 here will be n
rr.unity like this.
the army or navy,
"* 1 '' * of a triumphant M
*hall disappear, ai
instincts will find
petition for Ameri
^ the sacrifices this
making and will i
But there will I
that throughout G
and to the same C
^p| character of the p
f^Q their enemies stral
of government g.s
this country we pri
? not for the inflictii
ig ?e /-> jor jUCCei? o!
tricans ail. greatest possible f
dependence within
.rrcc ,0 PrfP4re 'he w<
NE^- world,
the school teachers Ijncoln dispose
lere to attend the sides invoking Go
parations for open- j that in the case c
nan hopes that the both could not be
ssionally beneficial answered fully, b<
poses. It will he
ctors in the Amer- in the proper spirit
!_ _L " a 1
is year is an oujcci : their prayers will I
it part of the pub- ; poses of the Almip
than has been the j ask Him to loose I
generation. Last reactionary powers
hat it was possible ! 0f how these enen
inter it is going to ' proach dangerous!
mch to ?ay that it Pray for the sa
appeal is made to fectly proper. Bi
of the young peo- umph of right.
J; . [
ud professions, but | Dispatches fror
a life wo'k which recently admit th
em to be of some are of the oplnloi
and in the shaping enter Germany,
ch come after will says that Gernia
calling, even if it knows better than
cn and the things there nes-er was
good sense I uy. throw* herself up
[ profession cannot necesary to crush
ace for emnloves. < ?nri h
r?much better? j the Fatherland w
that teaching does
woman who really Accidents such
estate a long lime j and caused n tare
he counting room 1 on the Short line
opinion that many but they are by n
i last year to take commentary upon
the change many ne?* that one sho
tho<e who are yet
he larger rewards German newsp
, that the situation
vns, I he present ra| From Madrt
i ten yeais for the i jt jg cven worse t
ends mod of the i commercial loan
al best ss ill he on about to be coi
it. assured of their "fV|,n(f the r.er
ull value for their w,? hp the Xurk
^ut business would ( the Germar
ness wants young
o brutal as to kick Although the
i Bapaume the ind
is being carried
4RT. point about It, h
but cynical house- umphantljr pluns
daughters?"The months ago are
,ach." 'or constant comi
ng men have been
rooked all by my- ln British navi
ike, and generally l?n? the German
jnded py tradition ?f the situation,
naval affairs of t
ung men marched ducted according
to camp and ship navy doc* come <
true expre-^ion of protected flank ol
world'* aeries la not changed.
Well, let's just call it off.
No one but the guy* who pet the
coin and the gamblers cares a boot
whether there is a series this year or
Oaptnrtd Teuts told Yankee troops
yesterday that thera is no mora enthusiasm
In Germany tor the war.
Of course not; they now know that
there is to be no wholesale loot,
The way tn which they are behaving
now that the game is sliding
against them Is proof positive that tho
whole Teut tribe ts equally guilty of
Ketnwinw nn -??
i/i iuqiud "ii iua nai.
No nation will ever be truly great
until the men who compose It are tm
bued with the Instinct of true sports
They must take their successes
without getting puffed up and their
lickings with dignity.
And tii? T#ut? of tbt present genera
t!f>n do not qua'lty in partlcu'ir
feed the brule" end were Rfilitijf bote*
olates, cookie*, cikc, nd culinary blanhe
food ?u added votm olfaiasgs of
sd to inspire gratitude ead moke dream
teful creatures rose up and exploded the
i ages I They drove the recipe back to
iduced the most accomplished cooks to
hey did all this by writing under the
the refutation of the charge of utter matvas
not the mam object of their affecack
home were coldly informed: "The
as delicious, but?" and "I liked those
and "Don't bother to send cats, wr
but?" The burthen of that red triangle
Fts in the way of candy and cigarets will
t * e ti 1 I
id thankfully received, you may De ?ure,
>remostly?write to me!"
;new it! 7lie pen is mightier than the
way to a man's heart is not through the
ough the postoffice!
it 7 o'clock the hell of the Williami
I. E. church. South, on Fairmont
he second time summon the people of
ist one minute of prayer for the success
rmies and the safety of the men who are
in its hour of peril. And each evening
until the end of the war the same sumo
lack of response in a Cod fearing cornMothers
and wives with loved ones in
. men who feel strongly about the need
sue of the war to the end that militarism
id even the boys and girls with patriotic
at least one minute to offer up a silent
can success, and for a world purified by
great peace loving republic has beer
:ontinue to make.
>e those who are troubled by the thought
ermanv al<n tbev jtrr nravmo for <urr*t<
:,od. But what of the difference in the
rayers? In Germany they pray to hav?
fed and the brutalizing Prussian system
ren dominion over the whole earth. Ir
ay not for the subjugation of any people,
>n of divine wrath upon any nation, but
' the political theories which insure the
reedem of conscience and individual inthe
state and for the reign of that peace
>rld for which Christ was sent into the
d of this question of doubt about both
d's aid against the other when he said
if the North and South the prayers of
answered: the prayers of neither were
ecause the Almighty had His own purthe
same in this war. Hiose who nrav
and for proper ends may feel sure that
have an influence upon shaping the pur[hty.
7 hose who stand before God and
His mighty powers to further *e'fi.?h and
i and to punish their enemies regardless
lies may stand in the eyes of God apy
close to blasphemy,
ifetv of your loved cnes. That is peril
when you go further pray for the tri
n the front say that prisoners taken
at Germany cannot win the war, but
i that the Allies will never b.; able to
General Pershing on the other hand
n.v can be beaten, and he probably
i the people of Germany. At all events
a better time for Germany to simply
on the merry of the Allies. If It Is
fhe German empire to put erutrition
nto the hearts of the German people,
ill have to pay the bill.
as the on? which wiped out eix lives
e amount of property damage at Dola
road Saturday night are not common,
0 means unknown, and it is a striking
1 the American propensity to carelesstild
occur In an old oil and gan state.
apers arriving in Denmark Indicate
between Spain and Germany Is critid
comes a report which indicates that
han they think In Berlin, for a great
front the United States to Spain is
nsummated. Tretty soon ihe only
man government will have on earth
And It is notorious that the Turk
t with a good round hate.
British have entered the outskirts of
llcatlons are that the German retreat
out with considerable skill. The big
owever. is that the Teutons who tried
westward over this territory Ave
??%? * Kwolr t ss olr in f* * * ? V* a asanl fsaa
o ?
il circles thty are betting that before
fleet will come out. That la the logic
but it must be remembered that the
he German empire are not being conto
the accepted rules. If the German
>ut the result will be to make an un!
the North aea coast.
What People Say
and Some Side Remarks
Ir '*
J. M Orr. presided at the banquet
(riven the executive committee of the
Northern West Virginia Coal Operatore'
Association at Clarksburg recently
and called on ''Uncle Dan" Howard.
Lloyd Bailey and other* for after dinner
speeches. After the affair was
over Orr was anxious to know ' o*
the gang looked upon his maiden effort
as a toast-master. He asked
Lloyd Bailey it be had made any
"bulls." Lloyd replied:
"Yon made the biggest bull possible
when you called on me for
a speech."
Revv. Merton 8. Rice, of Detroit,
speaking at tbe Winona Bib* conference.
"A lot of men would like to take
the C out of Y. M. C. A., but it la
sL? kuslwaaa a# ska ckiisekas A
Ilia uiiiiuon wi ?.***? vuuivwv* ?"
keep the C In It."
Rev. Hire Is opposed to denominational
rellgloue work In the army and
"I believe alt Proteitant work
In the rantenmenta oign: to be
roiuniltted entirely to th-t Y. M
A. and all Reman Catholic
work to the Kniglitf o' Colnmbtm
. | Tkt T. M. C. A. to Mt eaapetltor
bwt the right ora of tho
Rot. Rico alao touched on tho proi
poul of Oormoa to replenish her population
bjr polygamy:
, "The proposal of Germany to r-:
jl plenish her population by polyg
amy Mowing the war la a part of
' the materialism which haa det
atroyed her. It It the buatneas of
the allies to refuse to violate the
,1 laws we have always held at sacred
and to bring back to the
world faith in God."
The minister did not evade the bor
tng question either, saying:
"Soldiering la not a tea party.
| and the soldiers do not knit, aod
so 1 am not opposed to boxing in
I inp army, out 1 am opposed ;o me
prize fight."
:i =~^~
! Save Water and Help Win the War
Fairmont Aur 24?[Editor T'nc
rj Weat Virginian]?If 1> cities of New j
' York State would out down their cor!
'uniption to an average of 100 gallon*
1 per capita per 24 hour* day (which Is i
j more than Is necessary) the reeul'|
i would be a ; aving of 75,000 tons o'
|1 coal a vea- Almost anyone who lived
through last winter In the nortnern
' part of th country would have wo!;!
corned a minute fraction of one per
k ? in ? ! un? a..r un: iAST feoruary, ana
' mny again next winter.
1 It t*. however, no longer the mere
avian in dollars, although this alone
I would be well worth while 475.000 ton <
t| represents interest at 5 per cen. ?:t
i'about $1,100,000), but It may mem. I
. that much coal released (or u.*<* in
tminition I'actorles, ships or other far
' tors In the prosecution of the war.
1 A Committee on Water Supply of
i. the New York Conference of the May
,! ors of all the largest cities of our '
, country, which conference was held a
[ few weeks aro. has ?ent to the water
' work1", officials of many of our clues
jt'trestlons for bulletins to bo printed
n the lo'al daily papers, the suggest
, Ions running as follows:
1 Have all lenkv pipes nnd fixture-,
repaired Immediately, and keep thorn
1 in good order, as always should h?
I dene.
2 When closing your house for anv
period of time, see that the water i.
turned off to Insure against a lean
occurring during your LbsLOcc. If you
have no turn off on your service,
on your premises, get one placed a'
3. Do not neglect leaking toilets and
faucets, Large amounts of water ar
wasted throurht small laaks. wh'c"
vnu mev think too insignificant t
warrant intention, no not be deceivt
by UiSl! leaks unless you want I
v.. .. your money or. bit water bill
A leak 1-32 of an Inch in diamete
w S gallons an hour at a present
TO pounds, or ovsr 5,00 gallon* a
! ' 't
.. K core Is egerclsed. when Install
piping, to keep the hot and cold
>!i >, at least, s foot apart. It will be
i : acsssary to "let the faucet run to ,
t a cold drink." Don't let water,
t to ret cold. Use Ice. or draw some
0 7 into a receptable and put In a cool i
6 Don't allow roof tanks to ?\erflow.
K'imins'e this waste b> provldire
tanks with ball cocks.
7. Don't leave faucets open on eold
'..ts this winter to prevent freezing
|o wcter plpe?. Start now to have
!y or o pe properly protected against
Croat tha coming winter.
8. A : tresm 1-4 of an Inch In dimeter '
1 will waste 514 gallons an hour at a!
nri ssnre of 70 to 75 pounds, or over
gauous a monin.
S To determine the pressure of hiddon
leaks, rorsumers whose services
are metered should occasionally close
all outlets and observe the meter to
see if it registers or not. If the meter i
registers, with everything closed, it Is
a t.rfo bet there Is n leak on the plumh|
ine in your home. No meter bills will
bills will be ad|u?ted because of waste.
10. Don't keep the faucet open while
you are washing or bathinc. Draw off
s much as you need and then turn off
the faucet. Instruct your house help
firmly In this regard, and von will!
save money on water bills and we will ;
save coal and man power which our
country need.'; so badly now.
11. It costs Just as much for coal,
; oil andjequlpment to pump water that
Is wasted as It does to furnish water
for useful purposes.
12. A gillon of water saved Just'
now will help I'ncle Sam to win the
whether 4ayulnsec?d-?t
, 13. But saving in water eonsumpt-;
Ion may prove not only In coal, but in
Iron and steel and other metals also
For several cities now are up against
the alternative of reducing per capita
consumption or increasing the supply;
and the latter nlmoat certainly aKana
laying more pipe, and adding more
pumping and boiler units if the supply
must be pumped. Where the dtlrens
are resting water, they have no right
to ask the Government to release steel,
bronse etc.. and wiechanlcs to fabricate
them, from arms and ship works,
in order that they may continue unhindered
theii watteful practices.
14. Coal, steel and labor will be
sated for war needs if unnecessary
water waste is eliminated. Will our
cltliena co-operate In saving every
drop of water for the sake alone of
helping to win the war?
jr> mn new selective draft lew,
which becomes effective this fall, will
take nearly every man we have now
at the city pump station and In the
water syttepi repair department.
What we will do to keep things going
efficiently and keep our consumers
happy from now on till the war ends,
without the hearty and unselfish support
and co-operation of onr consumers
only God knows, but he Is not particularly
engaged In the water busltins
only to those who cwrefuily
husband supplies necessary on which
to live during times of great stress.
It. It Is taking an averag of 20 tons
of coal at our numn station everv 24
hours at a coat of $3 for ton dellrered
or |60 per day for coal aloof Wo ar?
endeavoring to cat down tho water
watte In our city so that wa mar be
abla to average 1: tons of coal every
t4 hours, and thus save I ton* per
day or 240 tons par month, la money,
save about fT20 per month, on coal
alotit. to th* city plus the earing of
fityiren's wages of nearly 1150 per
month besides, the Important duty
KG, AUGUffl m8
[ August 26,1918. | Q
You Can Ecomon
Urged By
Ready For the Net
The fall and winter ac
tivities of this store ar
now in full swing. It
stocks are new, fresh an<
bright?of a volume fa
greater than ever offeree
before?reflecting a pre
paredness that is typica
of careful, alert and pro
giessne siurtKeeping.
And besides being full1
prepared for any demand:
made upon it in scope o
merchandise it is ready t<
meet the crvine need o
the day, ECONOMY, fo
it is a safe, economica
store in which to shop, a:
well as an ideally com
fortable store. Without
fuss we f re v 1** to serv<
the public as effectively a
any live institution can.
rri _ J i
i nere arc anvaniagei
in purchasing Furs dur
ing this August showing
Prices during this Aug
ust showing cannot be du
fU-ited later on.
Furs purchased nov
will he stored free unti
December 1st.
Styles are absolute!^
correct for the seasor
? A
You also have on XVednenda;
and Thursday the added opr>or
lunity of makine selection* direr
from this noted manufacturer'!
complete line at Our Low Rangt
of Pnee*!
Any Pnee You Want to Pay?
I But by compariton you will find
if such econo;nie* In both coal and
man power as a saving to the city, th"
greatest thine to he considered la that
the coal saved can go to our Government,
which It needs now. to help win
ihe war. Will our citizens save water,
coat and labor to help up do our part
toward* winning the war] It's up to
Our pumps at the station, with the
hardest work possible, cannot be plae
"d in good operating condition, especially
wrh"n It Is required that they
must be operated .10 per cent of the
time In order to have a rea-onable
luoply of water at all, for sometime
to come. Vnder these adverse conditions.
permanent repairs to the
pumps and hollers are going on by the
best skilled mechanics obtainable, until
such repairs arc completed.
We would appreciate greatly that
the press of this cltv do what It Is ahle
to do to bring to every consumer his
patriotic duty to save water to the
Inst dron: It Is iniDcratlve This nress
work along this Una is no*- busy In
the cities of tnanv States. Let u.
make it a campaign here now.
Respectfully submitted,
Ira L. Smith, commisioner ol
water ;Mid Sewer--. AegWt 24, litis
Advice to your readers:?Clip and
post this In your house for the com
ing days of scarcity.
! Editorial Comment
on Current Subjects
From the Baltimore Sun (Dent.)
That there are some Congressmen
who still fall te realize the magnitude
and character of the great struggle in
which we are engage 1 is shown bv the
action of the Home Committee or
Military Affilrs with reg.ird to the
new draft bill. By a vote of 9 to 1
It reported the bill to ihe House w i'i
an amendment placing registrants 01
IS and 11 year* in a special cla??. not
to be called Into the Military service
until tho last. Those who favored thlj
amendment In committee were Chair
man Dent, whose reputation for wai
wisdom and energy in unfortunately
not of the highest, and who has a way
of pulling back mulishly at the very
time he ought to go ahead, and sli
other Democrats who ought to know
better. Only three Democratic mem
bera of the committee opposed lie
amendment, and only three Democrat
ic members of the committe j| po?? -1
the amer.ument and only Republican*
supported it, wtl'c f ur voted
against it.
This amendment la objectionable be
cause it is an assumption on the pan
of Mr. Dent and hit committee colle
gues that Congress, rather than ?ht
War Department, should determine
liability to service, and because It It
u ?iirui|ii iu lui'oruiuaic juug
ment to the mere auperflclal oplulon
of untrained and third-rate pollMcani
lti practical effect would be to hold
up war. co far ac this country l? con
cernned. claee the bulk of the tu*
army will be drawn from the PMkgW
men of the country. In a word, what
Mr. Dent and hla fellowobsirucil-jn
lata would arcomallfth by their amend'
mailt would he to cause unneiea?an
dalav in our preparatljn end to eutai
extra work on our military authorities
This would necessarily give mora) aid
end reffort to Germany and to ai1
nize Sensibly As Oui
' Fist Complete
because of an inexplicable tu
. convinced that it is because
!. the models the designers ha\
f cause, the fact remains that i
veloped to a nicety never hel
f Our Display This Week is
r choicest fashions brought c
j Won't you accept our invita
and save.
Of Mo
7 Sniffen
1 * We H<
; Here you will see large
! Capes, Short Coats and Ve
? Sets in a variety of pelts lari
. Fox. Wolf and Hudson Seal
some unusually rich effects
which have the advantages c
The first pick of the n
course, be duplicated in the f
pro-German propagandist* hero. be-,1
cause it woulJ he interpreted as a sign ' <
of weakness and half-heartedncas.
This would he a sufficient Mason j f
I If there were ro other, for repudlatin, t
this amendment. We cannot afford U f
! let ourselves lie put in the position ot t
1 belug unwilling to inage any and everj c
sacrifice of heing still half awake or a
' half determined. The new draft bill; a
; gives notice tr? Pnissl.inlam lhat we i I
, are thoroughly aroused and that we f
are going to proceed in lei?urely fash s
ion to finish up this work, but we d
', arc going to whip Germany and t
,her quickly. To allow Mr. Den* Mill
other prociustInators and holdbackr. to
Interfere with the plans of flic War
Denartment would be equivalent r> *'
; nolifyln^ Germany that v.e an not '
so terribly In earnest as we affect
i to be.
I .. . .. . r,
i nere is hnsniuieiy no aount as to
! the military qualification* anil eff il- F
i en<-y of youngster* of 18. 1ft sud 20. c
11 After proper training they can bold ?
i; their own any*here and with anybody. *
I This has been proved too often to be b
I open to question. Frauee. England r
1 and Germany are calling them to the 6
! front. Hundreds of thousands of them p
; I have already rendered notable service .
: on both sides. And the point is tliut jour
boys are needed, if the war la not
to drag on indcflnately. There are few !
of these boys who will make any ob
Jertlon. Most of them are longiug for '
the chance, and they will be among the |
first to condemn the Congressmen who j
seek to depilve them of this glorious
opportunity, and who undertake to i
stigmatize them as unfit for such '
We congratulate Representative
Pnftrlv' An Vi?c frnttlr n .tH natrint io t * i
i wvnwj vji u>r ? i m. i\ biiu ai?< |
i! tude on the question. and regret thai
i Representative Price and Zthtraan
.; should nce.l time to make up their
i J minds. The question for them to de-'
> ride Is whether they should embamssi
' the country at a time like thin by
apposition to a war policy of vital |
f importance. They certainly cannot
lmagihe they knew as much about the;
i subject as those who havr stuU;^| It
i thoroughly, and as those who are at
r?... . -?1
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5 are the result of email savings en
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II Trance.
The A.ner.crn peopl# ire In no mood
or fooli?hne*s. in no mood to tol#r?t#
he political objector who It lookiug
ir votes. or who Is still unaware of
lie real size end the pressing demands
f thin ear The men we have sent
ihroad and those we are sanding
broad under the first draft need backnit
up and do friend of theirs, no
rtend of their friends, will lend hha
If to anything which will delay the 1
ispatch to France of reinforeemeati ^
bat will make victory sure and quick.
When i,ord French visited the Uttle w
onnty town of Oldham to Inspect the
tutland volunteers, he found time to
rave a horseshoe on the castle walla.
'com time Immemorial tha lord of the
aanor haa demanded a horaeshoe from
very peer of the realm on his trat
ruing foot within the 'lordship." The
ustpm is carefully kept up. and the
ver-lncreaslng collection of horsehoes
which hang on the walla of the
isll of the cestle numbers some Md,
angtng In site from that of the orlinary
racar to the Probdlngnaciaa
iropotrlona of a shoe seven feet long.
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apartment ia the pUca to bagla.
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ational Bank | I
gi -?V| ,

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