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' twgt Hirtttnmn I ~^4'|
Teal Virginia'? Sett AWspaper ", I? |
-g- - ... ?. ? ?? . ?
, established 1868. **m??ii a??ociat?o pmk. FAIRMONT, WEST VIRGINIA. WEDNESDAY EVENING. AUGUST 28,191S. todav? n*w? today price three cewy j
rut roil BETTER I
Dp. Robertson Believes
There is Too Much
Laxness There.
ill Ml WUIINfi
I Also Some Pertinent Re|
marks About Teaching
Attendant-* at the annual teachers'
Institute at the Miller school this
morning reached the 229 mark for
women and tbtrtjr-three mark for men
Kven some of this small Mm tor rf
men will probably disappear (rum the
ranks soon, was said today; many of
them coming within draft age Still
more stories of glorious work on the
part of many teachers to Keep up
homes on teachers' salaries were heard
this morning. Two sisters said they
had bought property as the years went
by and were taking care of It ver\
nicely. "No other profession to brings
out the veman teachers lore for home
aa the teacher's profession," raid several
this morlng. When asked whv
tbis war and why so many owned
I homes bought with carefully saved Mitt
artee. the reply came: "I think it is
B because we in a manner Use- bouse
at achool with a large family of ch;lV
drea?going home at night to one s
W vary own borne comes almost as a
I matter of course. I know many teachare
who bare paid for them?with perfetal
parents or brothers to help a
> little."
I 3. C. Hupp was on hand this morn
I I I* a full assembly of adurgI
lor tuacher*. Sh. Hupp
# Mtm. j >.. v u r i ft Smart
f- _ I ** V? ??? wvywt*
M m *era taxfoaa than e<tr this
. Mr tor all teachers, especially no*
Ma, to have these book*. Most of
8 than con* la magazine form and aro
r very attractive. Mr. Hupp has just
cone from Grafton. A number of
t^ili magasines are edited by Waitaula
Barbe. State Superintendent
Shavkry and Armstrong head of th*
English department at Morg^ntonn.
Mr. Hupp also says that anyone deairing
to get Into touch with the sol
Atars at the University may write or
ee him and he will gladly give any
information they might like to have.
About 340 men are there at present including
alx commissioned officers
~ ' ?I- ?al?Aem at
I Boon 1|40V men win uc iu uhuuiui
tbo University, cadets, soldiers and
hone guards.
Singing this morning was a usual
matter ot much comment. Prof. Taylor
directed "The Old Gray Marc
Ain't What She Used to Be." to an
immense amount of almost shouting
Prof. Taylor: "Barbe has prepared a
parody on this. What is it Barbe?"
Prom the back of the room came in
quick reply "I don't know!"
Just the same the parody began:
"The dear old flag is just what it used
la be?many long years ago!" first
rather gently and to Prof. Taylor's
*When the boys are going to give
everything they hare In this world is
that the way to sing it?all stand!"
ther earose such a depth and world of
ftwerful singing that as one of the
teachers expressed it: "The like of it
has never been heard here before!*
"That's elegant," complimented Prof
The program began this mornin;
with a continued talk by Dr. Robertson
? ?ns?awi?v aft*rnnnn
m Hl? 1U9JCVI. Ul ? ?
?standards and measurements. He
HM |t was Impossible for any ot us
to tell bow we reached our present
Standards ot development or education.
Just as It was almost impossible
to know whether we were prelireeelof
or not.
Speeding over this to the subject ot
(Continued on page eight.)
SI. colored glrla.and women over
II for factory work. Good wages.
Apply Monongah Glass Co, ISth
Street Plant
r ,
I Knights of Malta,
Malta Hall, Cunningham
Building, Thursday
evening, August 29th. Important
?, Recorder.
i iM
This photograph. Jutt roteivec
of the great German super gun whic
salient. Th* treat gun ha^. rttarfl
! wai a great rotary gun carriage mov
J an Inch and a half thick. The Or n
1 ?
Three Americans Were
Killed and Twenty-eight
i By Associated P.-*- e i
NOGALES. Amona. All. -s
( Ad agreement by which further trouble
would be avoided was expected to
result today from conferences between
American and Mexiein officials
who were summoned here following '
ghtin^ at the international line lat'
I yesterday between American soldiers
and Mexicans, in which three Anieri- j
j cans wer killed and IS wounded.
Tha Mexican casualties in the flghtj
Ing are rariously estimated at form j
j 150 to 200.
1,00 Pins
Also Thirteen Hundred Cannon
Since the First
of July
<By Associated Press)
number of prisoners taken by the
Allies since July 1 has passed the
100.000 mark. General March said totty.
in lue eim" urn* ins Allies nam i
taken from the Germans 1300 cannon
of the field kud calibre.
The French advance noted In thin
morning'* official statement from
Fart*, the chief of staff pointed out.
mark* the creation of another big
salient in the enemy's lines, which
Is now being put forth between the
The French have reached N'esle.
and are wiijitn two miles of the
Somme at this point.
Since last Saturday the British as
a result of their advance have overrun
the Hlndenburg line for a dls- .
tance of one mile on a front of three
TatMt Hianu^kaa ?Wa <> ? ??
1 ?? *??? ??? HID m I'd I I ment.
General March Raid, do sat inI
dieate any cessation in the Allied
pressure The British apparently are 1
continuing their progress on the
Flanders front.
Ceneult the Union Dentists
for expert dental services. Onr
prices are reasonable. Offices over
McCrory I and 10c store All
work guaranteed.
r - * I?
Are You R
i i Ti ill
I L *#t i ? ? \ ?l ^
A MT^iyllU i jaJk yJ uJB
\y% * H
Ly^*' a|U^^^Pltw!k " ,T
l^rt- .. a 4 | fev-.
[' rrMi * f i Mil^^^UubflM
Mfc j, >aK?y SI:
I from H. E Beehtol, corresp indent
h bombarded Paris. It was dUiov <iK
the biggest dreadnaught gun turr
d by massive marhlnery on ball be a
tans had removed the gun barrel Tli
UVtli InldoAU bAMt
Rotary Club and Coal Club
Are Keeping Batting
Order Secret.
The battery order of the tea.i. .ho
will oppose one another on tin. Country
club diamond tomorrow evening
when the picked teams from the Fait mont
Rotary club and the Fairmont
Coal club will clash, is being kept a
strict secret and all efforts to secure
even a list of the players. It has leaked
out. however, that Bill Bailey will |
he the crack first baseman for th"
Coal club an<^ this Information has 1
pat the Rotary club on its "dander" to,
find a first baseman of equal genius'
to occupy the first rack for that or
The ball name will be. pulled off
promptly at five o'clock. Automobile: i
will be in place In front of the Manon I
county seat of justice at 4:3n sham1
to convey the members of the two or i
sanitations to the club.
Following the luncheon which wi'l.
I.La nlnao a. ?h? kali I
gamp six new member* will be intro
ihirpfl to the club and a "big gnn'j
from the wtr department* at Wash .
ington will talk to the members. I
rells Straightforward Story
at U. S. Marshal's
Claiming that he is the victim of
spite work Fred Walter, alies Fred
Maynard, of Austin. Preston county,
told a straight forward story to the
attaches of United States Marshal
Smith's office In the court bouse today
and If the facta are borne out he
will no doubt b? liberated. The accused
was arrested at Austin, near
King wood, on Monday by United
States Deputy John D. Moore, on a
charge of being a dangerous alien enemy.
he having had 27 sticks cf dyns 1
mite in his possession.
Walter is a German and says that
sat times bis mental faculties are affected
because of injuries he received
In a mine accident that occurred at
Connellsville. Pa., when he bad seventeen
bones broken and presumably a
metallic plate Inserted In his head.
The officers are Inclined to believe
Walter, but will have bis story invMtigated
by agents of the Department
justice before releasing him.
t >
tjm JgijBk <
mfy* t JV*1 ^'^HQH^lliil^B
tm&Mm ?j , Pw
6* ;??l
K|> ' ^BBb^Sbj
in London. is the first to arrive in i
red by American troops in the ChaMet 1
Ct, eon?lH ed of n steel cylinder i!l fe ft l
rings ten inches in diameter The dr
e photograph thowa the massive sirj 01
snip B
i n: uliiiuuuli ill
; - - 1
News to That Effect Comes
Out by Way of Amsterdam.
' By Associated Tress I
i LONDON, Aiip. sv The Oerman
empress, who has been iT. fur several
1 days, ha* taken a turn for the worse.
according to a message received tn
Amsterdam from Dtisseldorf and forwarded
te the Kxrhanee T leernph
1 Mill MINES
Production Manager Fleming
Has Aicnounced
Some Selections
The "production committees" for
some of the mines in the Fairmont
district, wntrn includes tr.elve-anda-hfat
counties of West Virginia,
have been named by the coal operators
and v.ero announced late Tues-,
day evening by Brooks Fleming, Jr., i
aningear of production lor the Fuel j
Administratoin. The eoal operators
arc suggesting to Mr. Fleming the , i
personnel! of the represetnatives of
both employer and empolyed and in
instructions sent to coal operators by ,
Mr. Fleming It was urged to make
these selections in "the best Judgment
of the operators."
The circular letter addressed to'
operators and calling for action in co-,
operation with the production com-:
mittee aska for the names, occupa-'
tion and natotnallty of employes
Within the ages of IS and 45 and'
whether married or single, asks that
coal operators discourage picnics,
county faira and "other means of entertainment"
that will "take the men
fr/?m Kali' I? ??* 1
WM4 IMVI1 "VI n, ytUIUIBC? posiers I
with tho President's Proclamation I
relative to coal miners and the draft, I
and emphasises that coal mines I
shoul work on Labor Day to fullest
Mr. Fleing rules thamt where two
mines are close together it ie alright
for one production coramitttee to act
for both mines.
The arrangements of tho Produc-1
tion department of the Fuel Administration
give Mr. Fleming the deciding
vote In tha event that there
should be a tie vote on any questions, j
which is pointed out as unlikely. j
The following production commit-,
tees have been appointed at the mines ,
Bethlehem Coal Co. Mine No. 1?
John M. McDonnell. Riley Collins and
John Tanero (to represent company)
Pete Zip. Steve Toth and Frank
Mile (to represent employes).
Bethlehem Coal Co. Mine No. I?
(Continued on page eight.) i
>tons of a War Btic
I * 1
ew. paper Bnterprlse Association
America allowing the emplacement
mood, near Brecy, In the old Mflroe
scrota and 20 fen high, atop which
uni was made of armor plate atari
f the completed machinery.
ill OfI?K ilOU
Hoi m cis
Petitions Will Be Presented
to County Court at
Later Date.
Petitions aie h?ing circulated in
Faii-omnl and Marion county asking
the Count)* couit to provide a detention
home in this county for Juveniles,
esysdall) for girls. Within the
past two weeks ve girls haie been]
font to the Industrial home at Salem.
Just yesterday Probation Officer Robert
Q. Musgro\e took two girls to
that Institution.
Twenty-Oners Have
Kick on Some Lawyers
Some of the twenty-oners who were |
registered last Saturday complain that |
they have been received rather inhos 1
pitably by a number of memuers of j
the Marion county bar when they appear
before them to have their que?- ;
tionnaires filled out. According to
some of the young men they call at'
the attorney's offices during the da> '
and are told to return out of office ;
house. At night some of them have
been unable to secure professional legal
service although thev sa> some :
of the lawyers are standing outside
the court house whiting their time,
The draftees feel that they are not 1
treated exactly right in the matter be-1
cause when they lose a day as they i
lid last Saturday to register that it Is '
equivalent to from $10 to $15 a day
and they should not be expected to
lose several days but that they should
be accommodated at night time.
Some lawyers are courteous, however.
and last night one attorney took
care of two draftees while other lawyers
stood aside offering no assist-:
Whiskey Cases Were
m T>-r T i. -
inea ueiore justice
Charles Grav was heard by Justice j
Conaway yesterday afternoon on :
charges of bringing whiskey into the
state and selling whiskey. He was
found guilty on both charges. A third
rharge of carrying steel knuckles
against Gray will be tried today at
which time he will be sentenced. United
States Commissioner Klrhy held
Gray for the action of the next fede-nl
gra?d Jury, which will be held at
States Deputy
Mnrebtl UcKlnney served the war
Illegal selling charges against Addle
Wade we-e dismissed aod Ed
Crowe and Nat McDaniela gave bood
for trial on September 1. Tbe trial of
James Chilaton who conducts tbe Rap
Id Taxi company, was continued until
September 12. Prosecuting Attorney
Haggerty represented the state and Attorneys
Prank R. Amoa and L. C. Mua
grave the defendants. The men are
implicated in the bringing in and
storage of ISO pints of whisker.
ie ? They gre. Very.
LAlijErAi . -ta \
x.:.v J
r / ouux
! V/
ARRA^a y\
: YMAttWN!
/ cw^u\ i
1 ?ne51ohAM
S , ?J?>?
t | OU
i ii? Drciliuu lilt* huu. o uie u<ii.
driven tne Germans back across tne
them In the Solssons Rbelms salient
moua Hlndenburg line from which th
west front offensive which began Mar
where the British penetrated the Hind
just to the right of the broken line it
floye. which was taken by the French
taken this morning. This great saliei
one which extended down to Chauie
before the Germans will be back in tl <
tary question of the hour therefore la.
~ ~ I
Important Roads Come Into :
Their Hands East
of Arras.
(By Associated Press)
LONDON. Aug. 28.?British forces i
fighting east of Arras hare reached
the outskirts of Paucourt. R?*tny and
Boirv Notre Dame, north of the ArrasCambrat
road, according to the official
statement issued by the War office today.
LONDON. Aug 28 ?The British lln?
in the Fiaaders area has been advanced
on a front of tour miles astride the
Neus Berquin-Estalres road.
South of the Somme, the British
bare taken Foucaueourt while north
of the Somme they have attacked and
taken the greater part of Tronee wood.
PARIS, f4:40 P. M.) Aug. 28-Oen
eral Mangln's troops began crossing
the Aiiette river today. It was en
nounced here this afternoon.
French troops haTe reoccupldd
Mont enaud. two tpiles southwest of
Noyon. according to the Temp;, which
says that the French are approaching
Noyon. which probably is in their
Will Hold Social.
Ladies of Dent Hive. 7SS. Macca
bee*, will bold a aoclal at tba realdenca
of Mr*. Virginia Pbllilp*. at
Jayanna, on Thuradaly evening at t
o'clock. Tba member* are eipactad
_ a a ??.
10 DOtra inm a o CIQCM viarRiDuri
trolley out of Falrmoat.
V *fj- h
Latest Reports Sty i
Their Retirement, 1
Is Becoming I
Hurried ,;|B
Chaulnes, Roye and Thift? j
Villages Have Bean . 1
Taken. .
J . #!
PARIS (1:30 P.M.) Alf 1
'>?'The German
> S^rnm" battlefield Hat?
RCOlNG r,.... , mair,n U\
fc*" '1
.rQu^NTiN |
5laA? ?
^ n ju- i Miiti Ltidifci
Marne and *u beginning to pgtfrll j
Tbc solid black Ilia (bowa tka Cm*.
? Ormans atartod thalr wonderMjS
ch 21. Just east at Arm la tba point J
enburg line deafoaaa yesterday aadgits
point of depest pad att niton awMg
last night, and Chaulnaa arbleb *mH
fit is being flattened oat Jfut aa tkffl
'''h errV was. and It will Mt
s Hindeoburg defansea. TtebMH
* ol Koch let them stop tbaopT !
become precipitate, tMH
French first and thinl arnif |
IPC 91*0 at nn neint leattMt I
VW W* V uv 11V p/lUV
contact with the enemy. ;
The French are inflicting I
heavy losses on the jratreiptpl
^ * '
the official staten^eiiijjjjj^^^
today by the
Prntrrps* fnward tha
was continued thisinSH^I
by the French, the ;?|H
ment says.
The French pushed op tee!
day and reached the ei^^H
Chaulnes, ?fter \\i
Chaulnes wood , by
day, Aug? 27 (evenmift
Associated Pre*) _A<f*B
itv behind the GenM^^H
on the Aisne and the AxM
front has jncreseed
since the FVench,
around Koye and on ui^^H
teau north of 8otoau^^|
the region east of Rori^^B
Germans seam to bnj^^H
ing for an evented rfl^H
ment J

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