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I Sept. 1918.. * ;"' ~ -fl A & M, A & m> aS,V'' ."' ''^ - '' } "nd F I
Ij j A Quality Newspaper for the ome. j V '""" ">v~ . . - _ m I * '
- -. West Virginia 3 Best fcetvspttper
J - * " '' t .
ESTABLISHED 1868. member associated press. FAIRMONT, WEST VIRGINIA, THURSDAY EVENING, SEPTEMBER 5,1918. todavs news today PRICE THREE
^ I JBMi
: Murders and Feli
Assaults Invites
mely Action.
wyers Because of J
Ppf:. Filling Up QuestionnairW&\Because
of the wave of crime that
^'-haa' struck Marion county Judge Wil- j
Ham S. Haymond today called a spe- i
H : cial term 3f the Circuit court for Sat p-^.
j urday morning at 10 o'clock at which
~ time an order will be entered authorizing
the empanneling of a special
Rgfv grand Jury. The grand jury will cou:'r;;
vene on Monday morning at 9 o'clock
m&ji>_lnthe Circuit court room.
. The special session of the conrt has
^pfcbeencalled also for the purpose of tryMg
a number of cases, the principals
which are confined to the county
tail and in some instances they have
been* there for some time. Otherwise
?[ihese people would be obliged to re
main in jail until the regular term,
v7; *hich does not fall due until Novemfipffe'-'A
third reason for calling the spcfr
- Bial session is the matter of the at- i
fi: v/fiorneys being busy filling up ques-1
aonnadres for registrants' during the [
~3l .oegular term. The probabilities are (
jj? they will be busy from about SepEC^tember
12 clear into the time of the
-November term of court.
JuagO Haymnnn oas Keeniy ien urn |
need of a grand jury because of the j
startling increase of crime in Marion |
fc^v-cqanty - Within the past few months ;
HK. several murders have occurred and in j
H - addition a series of shooting affrays |
: aye taken place in Fairmont and vari-1
pus parts of the county. Ed Whitecharged
with fatally shooting
tij^SjBylves?er Neely at Rivesville on June
evaded arrest. Joe Russeo, an al|
leged gambler, was murdered at Grant
jSggg^Stown on August 9. T. D. Dickerson
has been arrested in connection with
gpOfie'.murder, of William Turner, colored.
.'.The Otts have been held for the
b murder of Earl Furbee and a series of
p^mhrderous assaults have occurred on
the East side during the past few days.
^.Q^.VT&je'last -case is the shooting scrape
of last night at Everson in which Mar-'
3k?: cellus Davis shot Doyle Everson. The
Fig... petit Jury will be called later to try
: a number of these cases.
This morning A. G. Martin, county
E?&-l:oclerk, qualified before Judge Haymoud
Igr" as acting clerk of the Circuit court
jgtei daring the absence of Clarence Cur^SA:--?ey,
the regular clerk, who is ill.
CHICASHA, Okia.. Sept. 5. ? Two
fe awo were killed and 45 reported inK't/;
Jored when three coaches of southi
bound Rock Island train No. IX left
S^":' the .rails and went into a ifiteh tnflav
E Duncan and Comanche. Okla..
Jotice to Wat
For the reason that the water
ral repairs' still going on to <
. consumers will observe most
I further notice, for the use c
ilutely necessary, to scrub pore
MONDAYS for half hour only,
TUESDAYS, for half hour onlj
WEDNESDAYS for half hour o
THURSDAYS for half hour on
FRIDAYS for half hour only, b
SATURDAYS for half hour onl
It is understood that no pers
ods fixed, twice the same day.
Permits must be had from eith
construction work, sprinkling 1
Those who are interested in ti
ested to report to the police or
he above regulations. Violato:
Kjjt''' ' It is very argent that all con
strictly the above requests in ord<
E.' . Inspect all plumbing for leaks; if
jSR | fixed at once.
~ iL'- i . f
Hrffy - ' i.,v?v *-c
Marcellus Davis Charged
With Wounding Doyle
accused wjmim
Pours Four Bullets Into His
I riend, Who is In Serious
Claiming that some cheating was
tiiino' rfone in a came of paker. Mar
cellus Davis, of Everson, whipped out
a revolver from his pocket late yesterday
afernoon and shot Doyle Everson
four times in the body at Everson, this
.Davis, who is better known as Erother
Davis, and Everson are life long
residents of that section of the- county
and apparently bad been friends since
Evers >n's condition is serious. He
is at Cook hospital. One bullet struck
tho left shoulder, another struck the
left arm, a third entered the body near
the heart and another lodged in the
body. The revolver which Davis used
was of 3S calibre.
The matter was never reported to
Sheriff Glover or Prosecuting Attorney
Haggerty. Dr. Alkire, of Everson. attended
the injured man. but he failed
to make a report whatsoever to the
authorities here.
The way the news filtered out was
very unusual. Prosecuting Attorney
Haggerty was diking to his home last
evening when' a small girl told him
that a man had been shot. Thinking
perhaps the child made the statement
withont any foundation he did not in- ]
vestigate at the time, but later he !
heard several women in the neighborhood
refer to the shooting and he at
once started for Cook hospital, where
he ascertained the facts. This was 7
o'clock last evening although the
shooting had occurred hours before
Prosecuting Attorney Haggerty
learned from Everson that four men
were in a card game in an old mill.
Everson said "The damn fool (Davis)
thought he knew it all. He thought
some one was cheating." Prosecuting
Attorpey Haggerty learned that the
men had not been drinking.
After the shooting Davis got into
his ante and started away and it was
feared for a time that he was making
an effort to escape. Later his brother
notified Sheriff Glover that he would
1tr\ cnrrpnHpr him
CU1UC lUkU 4 ?*14 uiVMw -V -? ? - x??
This morning at 11 o'clock Davis
came to the city and gave himself up.
It -was learned that he spent last night
at Monongah. Davis does not deny
having fired the shots, but offers no
explanation and has no comment to
make upon it.
Prosecuting Attorney Haggerty
learned today that Fay Wilson and C.
W. Patton were the other two men
who held hands in the poker game.
Arthur Garlow was in the mill also,
(Continued on page eight.)
er Consumers!
supply is still uncertain because of
>ur-pumps and boilers at our stacarefully
the following regulations. f
f hose employed only where It is
hes, sidewalks and washing autos: 1
between 7 and 8 o'clock A. M. '
, between 7 and 8 o'clock P. M. j
nly. between 7 and 8 o'clock A. M.
ly. between 7 and 8 o'clock P. M.
etween 7 and 8 o'clock A. M.
y. between 7 and 8 o'clock P. M.
on shall use the hose during the
:er of the undersigned to use hose
awns and gardens. .
le saving of our water supply are i
any city authorities any violations |
rs* water supply will be shut off |
isumers will continue to observe
!r to avoid another'water famine,
yon have any, please have same
SMITH. Water Commissioner.
;Y BO WEN, Mayor.
| _Ji
^Study the Clgssifiet
)f cour:
itisr cc
men get.
! AMIENS -V~~>b?,ir^ \
\^s~' o Vj?|^
{x ^
General Foch Is executing a grea
the Hindenburg line from Vpres to it
of the war. Biting in south of Ypre
off the La Bassee salient, while son
French and Americans to roll up the
from the south. The map shows th
of these two movements, really sec
Teams Will Stay in That Cil
Have Been Plaj
What H
CHICAGO, Sept. 5. ? There xvas
every indication this morning that the
first world series game would be played
Confusionhas seemed to exist in the
minds of some baseball enthusiasts as
Jo the rules governing the series. The
first three games are to be played
here. In case, of rain or a tie game
the competing team will remain here
until three games have been decided.
Rain yesterday means that tickets for
the first game will be good today, or
whenever the first game could be played.
and this would apply for the second
game . Tickets are not good for any
specific date, but for a specified game.
The umpires announced for the opening
contest are Hildebrand. Owens,
O'Day and Klem, and the probable
County Contingent
Numbers 133 Men
A contingent of one hundred and
thirty-three men will entrain at Mannington
this afternoon for Camp Lee,
Va. All of the men are of the June,
*1918, registration and are practically
all twenty-one years of age.
The men assembled at the office of
the draft board In Mannington at 9
o'clock this morning and there received
their preliminary instructions.
Hundreds of friends and relatives
from all parts of the county went to
Mannington today to see the contingent
Machine and_ Shipping |
: departments. Good wag- j
es. Apply at j
r calle
ting tj.
- -^
) "^X^w-^J Qli^^P
Sc??e o* Miles
4t 5 *0 20 J?
r~ l?ww ^
t double turning movement against
beims?the greatest flanking strategy
s and opposite Arras he is pinching
th of La Fere he is throwing In tho
major portibh of the Hindenbnrg line
e Hindenbnrg line and the direction
tiens of one great strategic plan.
wen today
;y Until First Three Games
red, No Matter
line-up was given as follows:
Cubs ? Flack, rf; Hollocher. ss:
Mann. If; Paskert, cf; Merkle, lb;
Pick, 2b; Deal, 3b; Killefer, c; Tyler
or Vaughn, P.
Red Sox?Hooper, rl; Shean, 2b;
Strunk,'cl; Rutb. If: Mclnnis. lb;
Scott, ss; Coffey, 3b; Schang, c; Mays
or Bush, p.'
In giving out the lineup on mention
was made of Fred Thomas, third baseman.
who was given a furlough from
the Great Lakes Naval Training station
yesterdcy in order to play, and
who is among the cligibles on the Boston
Prices of admission, including war
tax. were as follows: Bleachers, 55
cents; pavilion. $1.10; grandstand reserved
seats, $1.65; box seats, $3.30.
L. F. Dragoo, of Fairview. died this
morning at his home there after an
illness from dropsy. No arrangements
for funeral services have been made
at this time . Funeral Director R. C.
Jones was called to Fairview today to
take charge of the arrangements.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 5.?American
consuls, members of allied missions
and civilian refugees who recently left
Russia on a special train have crossed
safely into Finland and should have
arrived yesterday at Haparanda. This
word came today from Consul Haynes
at Helsinfors under date of September
Twelve thousand square miles?7.
680.000 acres?constitute the rice land
of Japan.
It takes one-twentieth of a' second
for a wireless signal to pass from
Washington to San Francisco.
Laborers from Puerto Rico are being
imported for work on government
{ 25 colored rirls and women over
16 for factory work. Good wages.
Apply Moaongah Glass Co., 12th
Street Plant.
To TyUing How Sma
70 AD]
mvlLIHUiilW iMib
mug no the!
hie engagement
They Are Helping to Push
Germans Across the
Group of Pursuit Planes j
Have Fight With
s t
8?1 Yankee
Have Reached
Aism River '
(By Associated Press? ,
PARIS, Sept. 5.?Franco-Americans
pursuing tbe Germans north j
of the Vesle. have reached tbe line i
of the Aisne. according to advices '
from the front this morning.
(By Associated Press)
THE VESLE. Sept. 5. ? Americans
with the French, moving with them on
their left, have advanced from the
Vesle to the edg of the plateau along
a line from Breneile, Blanzy and Baslieux.
The Germans neares.t this line along
which they might make a rear guard '
defense of any consequence are oppo- j
site the edge of the plateau paralleling i
the Aisne over which it is obvious
they have removed their stores and
heavy artillery.
After a month on tbe Vesle during
which they had been subjected to a j
gentle .pressure night and day, by the
tightly drawn line from Soissons to
Rheims the Germans appear to be
heading straight for the Aisne and possibly
for their old position on the
Chemin des Dames.
While the pressure from the south
was insistent if not vigorous the onward
drive north from Soissons onto,
the western end of the plateau made'
their position between the two rivers
practically untenable.
FRANCE. Sept. 5. ? (By Associated
Press.1?Ten German aeroplanes attached
a group of American pursuit
planes this morning and after a brief
fight one Kokker was brought down,
by Lieut. Stroso. j
An American machine went down be-.
hind the German lines apparently un- i
der control.
American airmen shot down an ob-'
serration balloon in the Woevre this;
morning. Another was forced down
yesterday afternoon.
LORRAINE. Sept. 5.?(By Associated
Press.)?Orders captured by American
troops in the Toul sector and signed
by the commander of a German division
offer a record of 400 marks to the j
German soldier bringing in the first
American prisoner.
The German commander is apparently
unusually anxious for in another order
be threatens to send an entire regiment
out on patrol if it continues to I
fail to produce any American prisoners.
(noon) (By Associated Press)?Violent
explosions were heard along the
Hr??? this morning. Observers report
ed that they believed the Germans
were destroying their ammunition
diftnps. An aviator reported a terrific
explosion at 9 A. M. at Villers-enPrayeres,
on the sonth bank of the
Aisne, directly north of Fismes. Other
explosions took place in the same region
during the morning.
Bazoches and Fismette were occupied
by the Americans daring the
night. These towns had been aban-'
doned by the Germans, only two or
three wounded men who had been
abandoned being found.
In Intermediate court today the divorce
action of Jonothan J. West vs.
Bertha West was before Judge Vincent.
It was continued until the next
term of court. Both parties filed affidavits
and asked attorneys' fee and
suit money. Attorney h. C. Musgrave
represented the plaintiff
U ]die Pgpet s Will be
But French Have the Important
Town of Ham
The British after their victorious
drive through < the Hindenburg defenses
are knocking at the gates of
Cambrai. but apparently are momentarily
pausing before attempting to
force an entrance. Prisoners to the
number of more than 16.000 aod guns >
exceeding 100 in number have been ,
taken by them in this advance.
Meanwhile the center of greatest ac- j
tivity has been shifted to the FrancoAmerican
front where the Germans
arc in full retreat on a wide front
north of the Vesle with the French i
and Americans in pursuit and reported
as having reached the Aisne in
their chase.
The French pressure in the region
north and east of Noyon has forced
a German retirement on a wide front
in this sector and advances of five to
seven miles have been scored by the.'
French forces within the past 4S hours.;
The town of Guiscart has been cap-1
tured and the French have pressed bevond
until they are now but little more j
than two miles from the important
road center of Ham. They are approaching
Ham on both sides of the
Somme and its speedy fall seems probable.
The Germans here are apparently
heading back fir the St! Quentin
LaFere line.
The Franco-American operation on
the Vesle front has been extended further
eastward towards Rheims and
new crossings have been effected on'
the two and one-half mile front between
Ventraux and Jonchery. seven
mile west of Rheims. The Germans
made an effort to dislodge Field Marshal
Haig's forces from their position
along the canal east of Cambrai attacking
at Incby-en-Artois. They were rerinsed
however as they arso were further
south in an attack east of Manancourt.
J. F.? Stanhagen Was Appointed
Leader By
Draft Board. j.
Forty-three more youug Falrmonters
today responded to their country's,
call for soldiers, and will entrain at
the local Baltimore & Ohio railroad
this afternoon for Camp Lee, Va., fill-!
ing Fairmont's quota in the first bigj
ContomKoi. Hraf* The train was!
scheduled to arrive at 1:30 P. M.. but
is several hours late, and will not arrive
before 3:30, P. M. at the very
The contingent met at the office of
the draft board on the fourth floor
of the Watson building this morning
at 10 o'clock and there received their
preliminary instructions. J. F. (Fatty)
Stanhagen was appointed leader
of the contingent, and made a short
talk to nis men following bis ap
pointment. Herbert Hutson was made
first assistant leader; Panl Vand-.-rvort
Fleming second assistant leader:
Bernard Gitrkcl. third assistant leader;
George Irvin. fourth assistant
leader; Alexander Joseph Tchinski.
fifth assistant ieader. The leader and
his five assistants will have direct
charge of the contingent until their
arrival at Camp Lee
Mrs. Jos-'.ph osier made an iaior-j
csting and instructive address to lbe|
fyonng men, informing them of the
willingness of the home service department
of the Fairmont chapter of
Red Cross to assist them at any time
in matters :tt home.
Simon D. Goodman instructed the
yonng men as to the government insurance.
which they conld take ont at
very reasonable rates, and answered
questions asked along this line.
Representing the draft board. J. M.
Jacobs said a few words, urging obedience
at all times and respect for
their supeiiors. He referred to the
great success of the first American
soldiers appearing on the firing line.
as a wothy inspiration tor tneir wai.
The contingent leaving today was
unlike all other contingents leaving
in the past, in that practically all of
the men were of the same age. With
few exceptions all of the men were
21 years of age. the youngest set of
Continued on page eight
Before the War is (
. ^
Also Have
Prisoners in. ^H
?~:-: sSt^^M
All Along Front A11I& Ar?
Keeping in Touch
FRANCE, Wednesday, Septl-id^SM!
Associated Press.) ?Gnl*ram?sB3Bl
of No yon. was captured by^i?|S9|^B
this afternoon followinga generaitHH
vance of from four to sevcnnBMll
from Mont St. Simeon to tbe^SM^H
du Nord.
PARIS. Sept. 5. ? The German refl
treat before the French ;;nbi|B3j^^^H
Noyon continued during'1Jm. night,
day's war office annooncea: en t sbo
The French troops kepbin^tcSlSHj^^^H
the enemy rear guard
er the retreating foe eastdftbiSfSHM
du Nord.
Advancing north of
French and Americas trobps'jcfi^S9^|
the crest of the ridge dbmlnictfinn||^H
river Aisne.
In the Nesle region' o'n :
front the French crossed-jlb*4HS^^H
canal near VofC!Dttldril|l OCtcM^H
to the south, they haiff'iSBaiMB
gion beyond
lan and Flavy-LedKalMi&M
Between the
the towns of Clamecy^',^?S|H9||^^H
Missy-Sur-Aisne have beemM^^^9
The cjuration on the VesleytSBlB^M
extended to the east.affld^aaqS^H
has been effected
and Jonchery. a two add oae-ha&Spl
LONDON. Sept. 5.?Martaedjrt^^S
was made by the BritiahgjtSMMHB
along the Flanders ffOO&fa^nM^H
today's War office repoil?^ffljM
village has been capttujed||i!cHHH
63. southwest of Messln<9B2?3j
On the Lys front the fBzraalpp
the general line of Voorn>ei^SfiB|
verghen. Ploegsteert. Hepp^EMg^l
and Givenchy.
From Nneve Chaoelle- .eowW
Bivenchv the British . hsvgjSKHi^^l
the line they held up to the Gern^^B
attack on April 9 last.
war dof Givenchy sections ofth^^H
German positions have liem'triJ&iKfl
On the battle line In JCraik3g|B|
brai an improvement In thetBritMHH
sitions south of,MoeuviesjlijfiaB^^^B
The positions to the Jeasj&HflH
mies near the Canal di?3SBm3BB|
the south also has
Still further south the "Br
captured the village nf TTimrinrtflitM
jouval. east of the Canaldirf3fegB|
More than 16,000 prisuiMgjjSMW^^^B
than 100 guns have been takM^nH
British in the last fonr^jaera^j
Sheer good luck has att<xafc|&jfg^^H
of the shooting affraavl^O^Hfl^H
in this section. otherwgM&BlS^^^^H
be more murders. I
Prosecuting Attorn
day stated that he felfrMMflB^^^I
Brown received his injtUgjfSIS^^H
Hickman striking hhxr mSQSK^^^t
rather than the assalljUB&vBB^^H
les on him. BrnwnliaffilSplH^^B
Fairmont hospital., aalitfjgjgHB
are not as serious as
? - _'---J - *-- ' '*
cu.icui.iifu iu ucLucile
Keyser, the nesroM^^H
shot by Ethel Lew&^wflHHfl^H
today at Cook hospftatCgSBB^^^B
reports. It Is expecte d
LONDON. Sept. Ii < I?Tl llM^M
loff, formerly Ros:
chief, has been kffie
change Telegraph
penhagen. quoting
The death, of CgnarWBB^M
been reported-Jo;
cverthro-v of :the KexerfH|^H
input. L&st ffiiy I
JjeJadbeen WDed in ibMUfl
1 the Soviet troopa^j

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