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Hrate casuaUie* are re-?
^^ jgjaj^commwidlne general
^MKmSb e^pe4Ul?iiarsr forces:
^^ MRhd^Ktloc, 45; missing in acMMMHwuirt
?frV.\v. 73; died
^K8Mgt>Jd?yil and oth-'.- causes, C;
Hmflt disease, 4; wounded, (degree
12; died from wonnds^
B^KHted In Action.
Bptf Ames T. GomlUioo.
ttggpmal Michael J. O'Connell, JaGatfney,
S. C.
UmL. Hawkins, South Kaukauna.
Kiljijij j?jE? Loeman. Arcadia, Ihd.
Qsear&jCerle Patterson, Mt. PleasHgp,;irniTt.
ml F. Rasmnssen, Hutchinson.
|BpE74* VW, Scarlett, Centerville. la.
HiSiita; Washington.
pohn Clack. Depew, jf. Y.
Qp?,anUe, Osawatomie, Kan.
I-Carlo LntfoTlcf, Rome, Italy.
Otto C. Mtiant, Wansau. Wis.
I John C. Miller, Los Angeles. CaL
BMW -Monro, Cambridge. Wis.
^ gnfijiBzrila, Gardner, Mass.
MgSeg.'afeank Smith. SpringCeld,
BjBfete ifc^Snyd er. Irwin, Pa.
IJBrosnears, aooccv;,.?. ma.
W. Davis, Laramie. Wyo.
Davis, Slatlngton, Pa.
? XMz. Cazenovla, Wis.
,Dnwe,"81nrgeon Bay, Wis.
afcftHW, Lowell, Mass.
Dl McFarland, Paw Paw,
.' K
W. Mcintosh, Needham,
. IX Maloney, Wakefield,
. ICason, Arlington, S. C.
W. Manson, Spokane, Wash.
i V- Netrel, Crfvltx, Whs.
J. Tralnor, Bayville, N. y.
eber, Bambridg, Ross coun~
!. Williams, Billings, Mont.
.Adams, Gibson. La.
1- Anderson, Lexington. Ky.
.Bldwell, Bridgeport, Mich.
B. Brown, Sykessflle, Md.
r. Callahan. Brooklyn, N. T.
Quiluo, Chicago, 111.
Ha, Orange. N. j.
W. Fletcher, -Minneapolis,
HmnHaii Cowereek, Ky.
gePBenrnmrit. Ion!*, Mich.
iMai.Isrral. Washington. p*.
BMW Xopp, Brooklyn, N. Y.
nw Oaborne, Newport N?w?,
Kbacfc ni.
^^BnMQ|?ep; ^D*tiolt. Minn.
MBiSHH P?nl. Fairfield. HL
Sett*, Wj Va,
? ? y* r - - > -: - ?' > 'W'
.vt 1 "
If,,v?. m?iauuu. j.ixuu, iia?
Bull, Mass.
fcjMorris, Brldgewater, Mass.
Una Peterson. St. Paul, Minn.
I Pomarnky, Midland. Mich,
t Reynolds, Chicago. Ill
SStiUmy. Solney, N. T.
E. Shelton, Wood row, Fla.
E. 8iefert, Warren. Pa.
tjfrancls Smith, Lagrange,
L. Soars. Luray. Pa.
raahon. Box Elder. S. D.
Thackston. Harrisburg, III.
lek Von Behren, Brewster,
1 G. Wagner. La Crosse, Ind.
P. Walker. Ladonla, Texas.
W. Wallock, Milwaukee,
' I-'.,
Zachowski, Milwaukee.
U E. Zierke. South Elgin. 111.
T. Andratfe, Santa Clara,
i. Berry, Daly City, Cal.
Bureau. Melrose Park, 111.
L Golden, Chicago. 111lerdon.
Philadelphia. Pa.
yeands Received In Action,
snt Harold Clinton Wasgatt,
I Guldo D'Agostino, New
L. Hoomes, Chapman, Ala.
C. Oglo, Spokane. Wash,
p. Smith, Seymour, Mo.
Died of Disease.
Denneh. Warwick, Ga.
\ Echardt, Lafayette, N. Y.
J. Nan they, Sheboygan,
? A. Wair, Little Rock,
iwMer.t and Other Causes.
Barton, Oberlin, Ohio.
E- Eevang, KVnbalton. Ia.
Sohocki, Perry, N. T.
mdergrift, Philadelphia, Pa.
B. Stitch. New York. N. Y.
Welgel, Jefferson City. Mo.
ITennded Severely.
James Van Dyke Nel3on,
. Lieutenants.
ISon. Albany, Mo.
Day, Ashland. Wis.
? - - ' * ' ?"
IS. eonuitworm. rainaoat,
KHoUl Spanlding, Boston,
WHley, Woodburn. Ia.
H- Long. Carrollton, Ga.
?? .'.
am * Tlgerton, Wis.
; P. Shepherd, Pincy Flats,
" *
>heko, Roundup, Mont.
Bacak. Berwyn, 111.
5. Britton, Traverso City,
P. Oran, Havana, Cuba,
jfc- Harp, Bakerstown, Aid.
. Landry, Webster, Mass.
IdHmrn Nichols, Coldwater.
; M- Finley, Fort Gaines, Ga.
Guay. Kalispell, Mont.
:'Mahaaey, Chicago, ni.
Maaguem, Pittsburgh. Pa.
td X Scheetz, St. Joseph, Mo.
X. Srhmmlgman. Defiance,
L Sidel, Dudley, Mo.
: Tipps, Campbell. Texas,
truer, El leader, Iowa.
L Wesolowsld, Monnt Car.
( Woods, Export, Pa.
cIb Lennie A. Mattingiy.
l Blank, Portage, Wis.
( Boy giddle. Petroleum. W. Ya.
Jerry J- Riendeau, New Bedford,
A1rfr>f Dl.
Paul Kowlt^er, New York. N- Y.
Forrest Dewey Samson. Kalamazoo,
V. Scholz, Window, Ariz.
Frank Andrew Trepczynskl, Detroit,
Stanley M. Watson. Chicago. 111.
Clyde Walter Wertz, Grand Rapids,
William Whinnie. Linton, lad.
Eddie L. Wynigear, Sulphur Springs
WflHarn WmTngiTrian Manliu
tee. Mich.
Wounded (Degree Undetermined).
Lieutenant John Atkinson, Carlisle,
Sergeant Antonio Louis, Blue Island,
Joseph M Cowen, Brooklyn, N. T.
Reinhart A. Dahms, Morgan. Minn.
Walter B. Gunning, Ticonderoga, N.
Herman Kerber, Rice Lake, Wis.
Philip Mollicone, Isola. Italy.
John Novokuskl, Michawaka, Ind.
Carter Andrew Roberts, Creedmoor,
N. C.
Atelio J. Ccolattl, Iron Mountain,
Aex Tafure, Casorta Teano Por
Fontmalle, Italy.
Peet Wvieder, Philadelphia, Pa.
Misalngtin Action.
Frederick G. Knatz, New York, X.
Elmer J. McCune, Cripple Creek,
Clarence C. Day, Weleitka, Okla.
James D. Enright. Manchester, England.
Joseph Fisher, Winfield, N. Y.
Glen H. Fritz, William/port. Mo.
Onley Howard Jerome, Wayland,
Rodney R. Johnson, Golconda. 111.
Leonard Laisy. Kalamazoo, Mich. ,
Mechanic John Johnson, Akron, O- 1
John E. Bailey, Keokee, Va.
George Baranack, Ramey. Pa.
Bernard L. Booth, Emmetsburg, La.
Victor A. Cerabone, New York, N.
Eugene F. Clark, Colorado Springs,
Frank A. Coelbo. San Jose. Cal.
Joseph F. Coley, Glenalice. Tena.
William M. Conners, Scran ton. Pa.
John A. Crowiord, Montrose, N. Y.
Joseph Duncikas, Harrison, N. J.
Clifford F. Eastman, Bonzinca,
Frank H. Ellis. Elgin. Tenn.
Joseph G- Dunice. Waycross, Ga.
Claud P. Graves, Thornham, N. M.
John J. Gilliland, Webber Falls.
Fred S. Jainett, Philadelphia. Pa.
Joseph Lopomo, S. Protasio, Palasso.
St. Gervaseo, Italy.
Hobert L. McAllister, Sumerico, W.
Bernard W. McDonald. Indianapolis.
Edwarl N. McDonald, Bayport,
Clifford A. Mereness, Kaukauna,
Clarence. Lee Newlfc% Qrawfortsville.
Marc In Ostazow, Ottio, Galacia, Anstria.
Joseph D. Rankin. Detroit. Mich.
James A. Rutan. Rochester, N. Y.
Summary of casualties to date?
Officers: Deaths, 37; wounded, 60;
missing, X; total, 98; enlisted men:
Deaths, 877; wounded, 1,897; In hands
of enemy, 10; missing, 119; total,
2,903; total officers and men, 3,001.
Killed In Action.
Private Leland M. Reynolds. St.
Louis, Mo.
Died of Wounds Received In Action.
Private Clinton E. Denlinger, Pierson,
Wounded In Action (Severely).
Private Jack M. Deckard. Cleveland.
Ohio. ,
?' I 1- A.?I? /Ollnhtlt/V
ffOUHUvW IM nvhiwn /Previously
reported killed in action:
Sergeant Wilie R- Jeffries,
Kaufman, Texas.
Killed In Action.
Previously reported missing In action
:Private James T. Cotter, Chi-;
cago. 111. j
Previously Reported Killed in Action, |
Now Reported Returned to Duty, i
Sebren L. Arnold, Charleston, W.
Wenefred S. Simmons. Akron, Ohio.
Benjamin J. Spang. Philadelphia,
The casualty list printed in the
morning papers showed:
Killed in action. 46; missing in ]
action, 33; wounded severely, 75; died |
from accident and other causes, 7; i
died of wounds, 6; wounded, degree!
undetermined, 20; prisoner, 1; died'
from airplane accident, 3; total. 191.
West Virginians mentioned in the
morning list are:
Wounded Severely.
Sergeant Chester Combs, Huntington;
Private Edgar H. Lloyd. Ronceverte.
Wounded (Degree Undetermined).
Private Lewis Barker, Waldeck.
Missing In Action.
Edward B. Smallridge. JUchwood.
( ?
-> : V ..fc : -&8& 'i v ^
Wavc^X 1
^JOW ntSisrtMy
l. . =i
Evening Chat
? *
There Is a window in the city full of
many beautiful things. Next time yon
go through town, look in Communtzls
uoniecuonery ana see ix you uu uui
agree with me. These things may not
be particularly fancy?just plain, ordinary
soldier comforts, but they will
Oil your heart with pride and you will
be convinced that Fairmont has at
least done her share and perhaps a little
more . Varied personalities will
look at these articles with varied
thoughts. Those who have had a
share in the making of them will be
glad of that and those who have done
nothing at all in regard to them will
be sorry indeed. These is nothing in
these war times which gives one more
personal pride and satisfaction than
the knowing of a war duty well and
lovingly done. ^
I know a number of people who have
been unable tp ?o much toward the
aiding of oar country. Some of these
people have tasks piled np high continually
which can net be set aside.
Often we hear people saying, "Well,
we must do what our country needs
regardless of anything else." Our
country needs various tasks accomplished
and how to determine just
which tasks come nearest the perma-j
nent good, remains a questionTo
keep one's family well fed and
well housed is just as patriotic as aov
other job. To keep onstant watch
'over the !?*U. ones placed in our care;
the baby sons and baby daughters,
Just now useless as far as any work
from them is concerned, but nevertheless
destined to g?aw np str'- i-r and
capably efficient for country needs,
remains another great patriotic service.
To keep ourselves in fit condition
so that we may answer our country's
call in good condition, remains
To tftftr from
one job to another from morning til I
night?doing physically ten times j
more than any one mortal can do. is
the opposite of patriotism. Neglecting
every home duty and spending all moV'
Cereal Food 1
Contained 1
is utterly unlike any
Take a handful of its
and hold it in a strong
tie shining particles c
, suit of the Grape-Nu
which turns the stare
into actual sugar.
The sweet, nutty fla\
i -i . j
quires no aaaea sugar
or cream is not obtains
orated milk fits in fine
No sugar is needed, i
milk, and this makes
sirable cereal these sa|
'There's i
\ ^ * ^-2
A) /out, MS*EU-\ ?
/[lTWftKE fS I ^
\ I vlWlME UKE ^0^
5/ V uwe -tv
- 'V & :
-- - - . * '-** .^.r'
very most accessary thing is the *
world?good h?i?* They were eet- I
ins food hastily picked np at the last J
moment, merely heated or improper- .
ly cooked. They weer coins to work 1
each day feeling: very tar from satis- L
tied?and they were trying nobly to J j
pot it all down to the finest word in j j
the English language?patriotism. Ijj
heard a man say not long ago?"I ji
and when they??
J get boles?I throw them away aadfget j
more. I bate boles!" So does any f
man with nice feelings. A bole in the E
beginning is a small affair?one eas- r
fly remedied by a moment's time on j
the partof a housekeeper?let it run ti
and it becomes an incurable thing. t
Socks'sell now for from forty to sev- j
enty-five cents for merely cotton, j
Throwing them away wholesale might
do much damage patriotically speak* ing.
Money thus wasted will go a long _
way toward buying bonds.
So it becomes a matter of common* I
sense after all and a clear understand- I
ing of the word patriotism. These are I
not only personal sentiments but the I
sentiments of a number of our think- I
ing men and women. >
A funny thing happened in one of
the picture bouses last evening- A
man was shown on the screen going
through the process of sneezing. I
believe he had a little snuff to aid in
the undertaking. He did it so well?
so true to life?that every time he
Being Done Daily By Nerv- I
Worth and Nerv-Worth I
Laxative Tablets.
These two pull together with happy I
results for those whose nervous ills 11
are mixed up with constipation and j I
liver troubles. Nerv-Worth the liquid 11
generally- masters derangements off I
the liver and bowels, but in some11
cases these are too deep-rooted to]I
surrender and then the Tablets, taken j I
in conjunction with the liquid, do wox>- I
derful work- They are especially val- I
uable in cleansing the bowels ' for I
those whose habits of constipation I
do not readily yield to the laxative I
properties of Nerv-Worth the liquid. I
A bottle of Nerv-Worth and a 25c box I
of the Tablets form a combination I
! without equal in overcoming ills of I
the nerves, stomach, bowels and liver. I
Tour dollar back St Crane's Drug I
Store, Fairmont, if Nerv-Worth doet I
not help you. I
Neighboring agents: H. J. Math- I
ews & Co.. Mannlngton; W. P. Mo- I
ran,* Faxmington; F. J. Tost, Fair- I
i view; Windsor Drug Co. and the Hon|
aker Pharmacy, Monongah; John-,
I son's Pharmacy, Shinnston; Grant
: Graham. Bclington; W. O. Davis, Philippl.?-Adv.
[ts Own Sugar j
other prepared cereal,
golden-brown granules
light. You will see lit?n
each granule?a re- I
ts process of cookery,
h of wheat and barley
' or of Grape-Nuts re- i
and where fresli milk
ible condensed or evap'ly
md but little cream or
Grape-Nuts a very dering
i Reason"
uvr- J -A }. )
^ ' r.y ^
ranrn -& tgc ygMPcs tflip uMy ok
mt of the gentleman an thd screen
>ne woman fax particular who sat di
sctiy behind, nry nearly fell out ol
ler seat erery time the sneeze was re
mated and it happened altogether
host seres times. Talk about your
Bind Influence; it reminds me of th?
ran who Tcxy nearly died because,
oat as as Initiation Joke, he was blindolded
and-'told be waa going to be
led to death- Same one stack a pin
i his arm and another fellow turned
n some water which dripped slowly
or a Ions time. Tbe frightened yoong
nan coTM-^d entirely and Ms comades
were quite some time bringing
Jm to. There are many stories of
Us nature?but none quite so tunny as
be man who sneezed?and didn't even
mow be was sneezing when be dldnt
ave to, just because be saw another
Notice Please ??mc
Shop Toi
On amnnf nf nnr store bei
tomorrow. We are offer!
to do your shopping today
cent Thrift Stamp with e>
every $10.00 purchase anc
''fit*' gsjl
The School Bells }
and Girls P
We are exclusive agents in Fain
quality suits, every garment is m
up-to-date tailoring lines, of thj
Sizes 8 to 18. Specially
featured today and tomorow ...
^ $4.9S
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75c, $1, $1.50 of
Girls' School Coats of fancy mixtures,
velvets, velours Kerseys,
$3.98 to $18.50
35.00 una 5.* 00 Unt<i:mn.ed velvet
Shanes; tcday and to lWcw
$5.00 and $6.00 Plaid Gingham
Dresses, with pique collar and
cuffs; patent leather and self-material
belts; sizes 16 to 44^0 |j
a small wetrd colored youngster with
no slightest sense at humor, said bo
could not see tbe performers &s welt
aay other way. It took some persuaslon
to remove him forcibly from too
near tbe scene's activities. The troable
was that in order to keep this
fringe of colored legs permanently removed
from his location- some one
most stay right on hand, and it was
cheaper to tear down the decorations.
A long line of them?about as far out
. fif ?Hah HP oTImwr eftna ptewwe. fwtw
window to window, was finally hauled
tn?much to the amusement of proper
folks down "below. Was there a grownup
present who didn't wish ho were a
Ud and able to crawl out along the
top Tall of that box?high up above
the organ pipes. There's a little more
to this story also?but the rest of It
didn't happen last night. A few nights
Store will be closed next Satu:
(bservance of Hebrew New Y
day and T<
ng closed next Saturday, do ;
ag wonderful values. As a sp<
and tomorrow we will give j
rery $5.00 purchase; two 25l
so on?excepting sugar.
Soon be Ringing
repared With the Ri|
ry Special at At Savis
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i fmm m* es. of Hue gin
i |a| ft riety of mode.
I M mmM\W choose; self
trimmed colla
rful values?cassl- po-Vts; 6 to
and cheviots. In Wcpderfu* vnl
grey and blue mix- at
nd brown and drab
?ys. to sizes S to <3.50 values. Gi
?; full lined knick- Crepe Dresses,
rich'means double years; extra vs
-* ?- - **- kt. ....
lac suit.
nont for these high to 24 years; <1
ade along the most In sizes 6 to 1
a best material.
$12.75 GntLS
IOD SUITS, $5, $5.4
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blue all-wool serge; belted; button
trimmed; sizes 16 to
It $19.50
Women's New Silk Taffeta or
, Satin Dresses, with white satin
I round collar in navy, brown, black
and taupe; sizes 16 to Q "7C
44; special at .$1 Hi a w
$4.00 vjrepe de Chine and Striped
Tub SUk Waists; (O AC
I sizes to 44
iMyCdflNB R-' %gr
4\fV /jites
.... /?
n'pv " % Q
? - -?? i *<c- *
In Any* Event. 'TVsS
Two soldiers were i on in i
asked the other what made MttjaMB
Why. I had so wife and children?'W
no one but myself to think oragjgW
besides. I like war. Bnt ho* ? **
yon to join the army?
Well, yon see. I had & wife, and. ifl
joined the army 'cause X XOtieajgMSlBaM
Matt Crosby, of Ocate. N. JtVhwB
the distinction of beinr the aUwtM
! cowboy in active service in the Hnttijd?
States. He recently ceMbxateASSSnfl
SI st birthday by breaking a - iMaH
young: horse just off the tugi^gM
the same day he roped and .ftSraiM
three'year old steer In a IRQenidgiMB
than four minutes.
I bB
omorrow! I
IW -'_
_ Inio l)^jBlBBjwfa|Uj' ^|- - b - I
Er/3i I - I
w^TJA|R w . / I I
I j
gs of 25 to 50 per cent J|
-Is' School Dressgi-iais.
in a va?
ir>m which to ^^_T\ >4 l>?
and contrasting ?/_ II
rs. with large Ul" Iff
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1 navy: si**-s 19 - jy ? 1^
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50, $6 and $7.501H
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Kimonos; collars and enffs ttbnsdl
bed to match; sizes aMwa
36 to 44; at .f|a3V
50c White Turkish Towels, wl?ji$a
either self-color or bl-ia |
borders; each ?Www ]
Boy's Light Percale or Pane5|
Gingham Blouses;' In Kftfllra
sizes 6 V) 14 --.aHHjjSI
Men's Athletic Checked Xstgij
sook Union Suits;
in sizes 34 to 46 . ..WBWB
Women's 15-inch boot, silk;..fibaKW^^^H
Hose, in white, black and
colors; choice, pair ... ? .V?p J
Women's f>ne Gauze bUb lwta
in black, vh-tc and colors; spi?g9
ial M* I
Gills* and Boys gooa m?v? a
school Hose, at 20c to 40c |
S* Z^km W
LLk'???ufc. ssa
^ rTS?-?^' I ^v T^g^q^^Wa?<

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