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~~ '"^w
! Musical Comedy.
^^^C^rome........ Orth & Coleman
^JMppru.. Headin' South
k gracwa 1 A Man's Mail
RKreSBIgf* Vengeance
H psng wise 10 you.
I^v r?Mack Whetzel. who was called to
HHwBtaantoa. Vs.. on account of the serio*?
Illness of his father, is In town
short hnsiness visit, and will re !??:'
tern to the farm, where he is doing
more than a man's share in helping
I whip.the Kaiser. Mack's long suite is
-Jgnrishirig a part of the grub.
t '
' - *
lBgjS?g.r> -
Fred Black, superintendent of the
drilling department of the South Penn
Ig^Onr'Co, with headquarters in MannlDgton,
who has been here for the
Bffigj&aiast.'. week looking after the compony's
work in this section, has left!
Gj^-jfiw'bome.?Charleston Gazette.
&i&y-^Miss Ivette Merrifield has returned
' from. Qarksburg and Jane Lew,
ggjrmere she had/been the guest of rela:
Miss Hazel McKinney has returned
TwHfanfttv>Hc Tnrf trh?r? cho hafl
'(pent a week with friends.
-Harry Pratt and daughter.
gjgBairgthv Evelyn, of Wheeling, are
guests at the home of the former's
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Vanata.
Charles McCoy, who had been the
Egjufgjfliest'ot his annt. Mrs. J. H. Vanata.
Sgh^firetnrned to his home in Morganand
Mrs. Floyd Hawkins and
^fei.^Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Hawkins and
HKgciC.Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hawkins and
gSdhHdren. have returned from Hopewhere
they had spent several
| days at the summer home of the Mes.
?rs. .Hawkins' parents. Mr. and Mrs.
Hawkins, of this city
S%3)t.yD. B. Pnrinton. of Morgantown,
S former president of the W. V. U., has
Kwceurtly undergone an operation at
West Perm Hospital, in PittsgFfligXgb,
and is said to be recovering
R aatis&ctorily. Dr. Purinton nnder(felWIUlt
"an operation in May at Atlantic '
^Qty, having been taken ill while there
ggMBdyfaad never been fully restored to '
SSfra. tester Snow, of Tuscaloosa.
'Ala.; who is spending the summer
SKa^jp^with-her annt, Mrs. H. F. Smith.
Rwww. tonight for Boston, where she
^wffl spend several weeks with Mr.
g^Snow, in training there in the United
PK-- tntes aviation corps. She will also
Kjjgfviattfriends in New York. Her little
?? 90. McLester Snow, will remain here
HEghvith her. annt. Mrs. Smith.
jg> Both this morning to Captain and
BeMtb. Clarence Bannert. at the home
|gpt' the latter's mother. Mrs. Morgan
Rcwnsselll. on First street, a nine pound
gjgjjaaghter. Mrs. Bannert was formerE95r:
Miss Mary Alice Russell, of this j
sujr, ua v^spiaui uanneri is located
Camp Shelby. Hattiesburg. Miss.
g^iWIss Virginia Gaskill has returned
Children Cry
C A S T O R I A i
'.'JEW ORTH. head of the mnslcal
comedy at the Hipp this week, is
; %-* ao second rater when it comes
to. getting up a production. All of the
.presented by his company this
are his own bills, music as welt
r^ts Unes. It may be remembered that
^.V^ey wi! here last year in the Tip Top
gT^Cexxyxnakers, and that his song.
./"SDbp't orget the Red Cross." was a
' ' timely success. This season he wrote
S&l^.tjl^aong for the Parkersburg folks, en^g'itOed
T Was Born in Parkersburg,
^;f?6<KKigest Little City in the World."
and the Chamber of Commerce there
jijphed ft so well it is to become the ofOouglas
Fairbanks Featured.
Kg- ? _,From- the sun beaten desert of Arii_r
j ?bha to the snow-tipped mountains at
BffiK^TIJrnckae, Cal.. is the contrast in the
scenery offered by Douglas Fairbanks
A.r^n^his new Artcraft picture. "Headin'
r- .Heuth," a rip-roaring tale of Mexican
g^Eatters, which will be the attraction
g. ait the Nelson theatre today. The
y^&^ihibw scenes are particularly effec
tive after the audience is shown a
I- > ^fcrohd sweep of the Mexican border.
fl?ff?;jthe desert lands of our country.
pyrSThose who believe in "seeing Amer'
lea first" will be more than satisfied
?Srtth"-the scenery that makes "HeadWHb.'.'
South" the most distinctive film
pbnf' the season. Considerable expense
3j?.was; attached to transporting" over j
p.- hundred cowboys and Mexicans
ib the various locations, but the re
a tults attained more than justified the
' With Fairbanks in his story of two i
fi borders. Mexican and Canadian, ap
. pear prominently Catherine McDon-|
uy. eljl;. a recent discovery in films, and
p'-l, 'Frank Campeau. As the mysterious!
y-'r^'frrlr'n =*i-? Jni.m.1 -rr"- r-i v? I
'.M i, naer vi uic ucsci i, r an uouas yci-1
B sonifies thrilHng romance, and rescues
I the girl In an unusual, acrobatic manlft|
Princess Film Full of Thrills.
'I- * A strong dramatic story with more
BEr. ? tlian' the usual run of thrills through
Bp seen at the Princess todavy
when J. Warren Kerrigan Is starred
SdSfe **A Man's Man." It Is the star's
gs>". first appearance under Paralta direc\
tlon. Denver, New Orleans and
Bsgj^ South America all are figured in the
Bgg^jeettlngs, which afford a wide variety
^M&^wxEd pleasing scenery.
KtOrientai Story at Dixie.
Egfe. ""Vengeauce" is the title of the
B story at the Dixie today, a story of
fc|xh?rit with surroundings that appeal,
three reel "The Snow Cure." is also
Scheduled for showing there today.
j?Justus though one language were
~$aqt enough in which to express her
B 'feelings. "Vivian Peterson at the Hipp
K>--Vthls week learned to speak French.
J itaWan, Yiddish and German, although
BStl^eher hias not spoken the latter lately.
B S&'don't think you can talk about her
fn some strange lingo, without bcr
B ; .' BB 1WH Iffl"
CSpecl*! Information Service, Tjalted
Not a Particularly Exciting Picture bi
Saved in Water Glass foi
Bed Cross Dance.
A number of young ladies, members
oi the younger society set. will
give a dance at the Country club tonight.
the proceeds of which will be
given to the local Red Cross.
Morgan Family Reunion.
Members of the Morgan family and
a number of their friends -went 10 i
Clarksburg this morning where the
eleventh annual reunion of the family
is being held at Norwood Park. A
program of music, readings and addresses
was scheduled for the day. to
begin at 9 o'clock and adjourn at
12:30 for lunch, in accordance with
the patriotic demands of the times, it
was announced some time ago that
the noonday repast is to be a lunch
of sandwiches, pie and coffee, instead
of the usual bountiful feast for which
the day was noted. A service flag for
each of the "Morgan boys'' now in
service is to be presented, and addi
esses will be made by Mayor J. K.
Cruddock. of Clarksburg; Hon. J. V.
Blair, of West Union; Hon. Virgil
Highland, of Clarksburg, while G. H.
Snider of Grafton led the opening
devotional services. Mrs. George Kingey
and Miss Kathryn Coogle. of this
city, will render musical numbers, as
will also the Morgan male quartette.
? ?
Home from CampMr.
and Mrs. Richard Shurtlelf and
family, who had spent the last several
weeks at Minnehaha camp on the Valley
river, hava returned to their home.
Home from Mountains.
Judge and Mrs. W. S. Haymond and
daughters, the Misses Mildred. Martha
and Frances, and granddaughter.
Miss Agnes Holbert. motored hQrue
yesterday from Inch Lynn Heights.
Md., where they had spent several
* * *
Attended Dance.
A dance at the Masonic Assembly
hall was an event which was arranged
man o? A
Dy a comuiiiLcc ui ?v?ub ???
farewell to a number who leave today
in the draft. A splendid program of
dance music was rendered by Skinner's
orchestra and a large number of
young people participated in the dancing.
The committee in charge was
home from Athens. W. Va.. where she
had taught in the Athens Normal summer
Mrs. J. C. Schnapp. of Annabelle.
was in the cit ytoday for several
hours. Her sister. Miss Margaret
Knight, of this city, who is recovering
from an attack of typhoid fever, i
is spending several weeks in Annabelle
with Mrs. Schnapp.
Mrs. Rebecca Janes has returned
from Mt. Lake Park where she had
spent the svftnmer.
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Jackson and
son, James Oliver, have returned from
a several days' visit in Wheeling.
James Galliher and brother. William
Galliher. of this city, have returned
afte ra visit to Wheeling.
rMs. Fannie Jackson and son. Kenneth.
are home from Wheeling after
spending several days there.
United States is said to produce over
one-third of the meat consumed in the
civilized world, exclusive of China.
Although it looks like any other shoe
one invented in England has a separate
compartment for the big toe.
Douglas I
a rousing good story witli
banks' good humor,, dare
action. Also a good news
teresting topics.
11^ eSeelee Bl
"r - 1
States Department of Atrlcultare.)
irt it Means About Sixty Dozen EOS* !
- the Season of Scarcity.
- - J{;
composed of Bernard GInkle and Louis |
Ross, the former leaving today iji the
draft . It was the-fifth dance in a ser-1
ies of dances which has been success- i
fully carried out in the last several
? ? ? ?
Left for Maine Camp.
Mrs. James O. Watson has gone to
Lake Belfast. Maine, where her daugh-;
ters, the Misses Eleanor and Mary j
Watson, have been members of a girls*
camp since early in July. The Misses
Watson will accompany their mother
* m * ,
For Guests.
In honor of their honse guests. Miss
Gladys Richardson and Herbert Richardson.
of Flint, Mich., Mr. and Mrs.
James T. Eastman entertained a nuui
ber of young peopie last .? -.
their home. A delightful evening was
spent by the guests and refreshments
were served.
Home from East.
The Rev. and Mrs. Chas. Baird |
Mitchell, who had spent some time in
Baltimore and other eastern points,
have returned to their home.
* *
Indefinitely Postponed.
The meeting of the McFarland chapter
of the "Westminster Guild of the'
First Presbyterian church announced '
to be held tonight at the church parlors
has been indefinitely postponed.
? *
Attended Dance.
Miss "Louise Rogers planned the
dance given at the Delta Tau Delta j
house Tuesday evening, which proved j
such a delightful success. The young i
ladies gave silver donations and the
proceeds were given to the D. A. R- j
to help buy comfort kits for the Monongalia
boys leaving for camp.
Fousse's orchestra furnished the mu- j
sic. and dancing continued until midnight.
Among those present were Mrs.
Geo. Rogers, Mrs. Ed. W. McNeill. Mrs.
Bradford Daidley. Mrs. Harold Hodges.
Mrs. Roswell Reid. Out of town gnests
included the Misses Blanche "Wolfe, of
Keyser; Ethel Heintzelman. of Fairmont.
and Lieut. John Stoetzer. of
Fairmont.?Morgantown New Dominion.
Street Cars Collide.
A rear end collision of two city
street cars occurred at the sharp curve
on Locust avenue just beyond the i
American Laundry, shortly before 2
o'clock this afternoon. No one was
injured, and the damage was slight.
The collision occurred by the motorman
on the rear car letting his car
get too near the car in front.
Begin Treatment NOW
^ AH Druggist* Guaraacos JCfJSBi
nuiraceTCD c on i e !
uiaiuiikMi LII o ibt,g
/CSwS A^t J(?>r DmcrUi tor A
' "I" in M and Bald ?ullic\v/
"ba -^^3 ??*?, tested with Bluo Ribbon. W
I ~ JP "IaSoXP gRAMla fOUl. fe, g
JS yean kaown aa Best. Sttext. Always Hcl labia
^ ?
SON Today
i plenty of Douglas FairJ
? - a- a _AI_i _n_r.
aevii naing ana auueut
story with some very in- I
"*m . .. " * ?? % 4 4>. IM
[ meet the king as fie enterea upon uie
possession of Xaboth's vineyard- He
went to take possession but could not.
God always finds a man to bring to tbe
sinner tbe fruit of bis wrongdoing,
j (2) What it was (w. 19-28*. (a) A
shameful death (v. 19). Tbe dogs
were to lick bis blood in the place
f where they licked the blood of Naboth.
There Is a rctri^r.i-t-. U-<rtice in
H For |
| Weak |
| Women X\
1 I/a
la useforover40yearsl k/j|
/ Thousands of voluntary E/j
letters from women, tell- WyM
/I ing of the good Cardui K4
/I has done them. This is 1/1
/I the best proof of the value
cf Cardui. It proves that K^l
/J Cardui is a good medicine l/jj
/J for women.
... nr. AP
VyB 1 uu w <uv MV ututtMHi v? mar y?
myM habit-forming drugs in Vy4
Kj rardni. it is composed 1/1
E/9 only of mild, medicinal K^l
1^1 ingredients, with no bad lyl
after-effects. I/I
The Woman's Tonic
. You can rely on Cardul.
Surely it will do for yon l/l
what it has done for so f/l
many thousands of other'
women! It should help. F/j J
"I was taken sick, L/l
seemed to be . - .L^l
I writesMrs. Alary E.V este, E/l
of Madison Heights, Va.
"I got down so weak, E>^X
could hardly walk . . . 1^1
just staggered around. wym
... I read of Cardni, KJ
and after taking one bot- Kl
He, or before taking quite Kl
all, I felt much better. I Kl
took 3 or 4 bottles at
that time, and was able to l/l
do my work. I take it in |/l
the spring when runV
dnca. I had no annHiV >1 |
and 1 coOTmcwTrt eatingl
L/^j It is tbe best tonic I ever K^J
L^l saw." Tiy CarduL E/l
M AD Druggists Ej
LT., ' V>.. i '--V /?; Jiff '^-^1
(By Rev. pT"b. F1TZ WATER. D. D.. i
Teacher of English Bible la the Moody J
Bade Institute of Chicago,)
(Copyiisfcfc. 1P1S. by Waba Newspaper CilaJ
' (May be used with temperance application.)
LESSON* TEXTS?I Kings aU-3; Epheaiaos
GOLDEN" TEXT?Have no fellowship
with the unfruitful works of darkness,
but rather reprove them.?Ephesians 5:11.
21 to 13:10.
additional material for
i teachers?Deuteronomy 9:15; -Psalms
?ia?; Luke 4:1-13: 15:41-48: Romans 7:14: 8:
114: ii Timothy 4?
. The robbery and murder of Naboth
Is one of the darkest of hnman deeds.
Failure to recognize the righteousness
of Xaboth's position, and to master his
own personal selfish desires, resulted
in this dark deed.
I. A Notable Example of the Triumph
of Evil (I Kings 21:1-29).
3L Ahnb's covctousness (w. 1-6).
Kear the king's palace lay a plot of
ground belonging to a simple farmer
which Ahab selfishly longer for. Na1
*A 4-View lnw Af orrf OTPr
| Ul'lU, 1U^?U IV U*%- M4IT VI. VW u*v. ?
I cising his personal rights, refused to
| part with it, though the ting offered
i him what It was worth, or even a bet|
ter one In exchange. With Kaboth it
1 was not a matter of money value, but
[ of loyalty to God and his fathers. It
i doubtless would have been gain to him
I to have complied with Ahab's desire,
J for he offered its worth In money, or a
I better one In exchange. Kaboth put
I principle before worldly gain, or even
a reputation with the king. Ahab Instead
of conquering his selfishness
sulkily refused to eat.
~ Jezebel's wicked plot (w. 5-16.)
When she found Ahab pouting she
took matters into her own hands. (1)
She taunted Ahab (v. 7). A weak man
cannot stand to be taunted, especially
by a woman. (2) A mock trial-given
(w. S-13). The charge made against
Kaboth was false. They played the
hypocrite. His death was secured under
the pretense of justice. Jezebel
desired Kaboth out of the way, so she
secured false witnesses against him.
(3) He was stoned to death (v. 13).
(4) Jezebel informs Ahab of Kaboth's
death, and instructs him to take possession
of the vineyard (w. 14-16).
Z, The doom announced (w. 17-26).
(1) By whom?Elijah (w. 17. IS),
i At the command of the Lord, Elijah,
who had fled from Jezebel, goes to
t/* should be assured that bis sin
*1B find him <at <b) Obliteration of
posterity (*v. 21. 22). It .tras best
that the children of such a man should
be cut off so that there might be an
end to snch a releted dynasty. It
would seem tWt the worNJ nas now
come to such ? state as tw?- The dynasty
which is responsible for die
blood and sorrow of the world at this
time would better end . and Us posterity
be obliterated from the earth.
4. Ahab's repentance (w. 27-29).
Through bis bnialliatlon he sained
a respite from judgment. God allowed
him to go for awhile before be permit- j
ted the judgment to fall upon him. A
few years later be was slain in the
battle of Bamoth-Gilead (chapter j
II. Hew to Overcome Evil (Epb-!
11:18). I
1. By separation from it (v. 11). The |
only way to overcome evil Is to refuse 1
fellowship with It, to withdraw from j
It. Lot. who bad entered into fellowship
withthe Sodomites, was overtaken
with disaster; but Abraham, who was
separated from it; was able to deliver
him. '
2. By reproof 'v. 11). It Is not
enough to merely refrain from practicing
evil. No neutral position is poscihi?
There mast he victory over it;
it must be defeated. Antagonism of
the evil is necessary.
3. By watchfulness (v. 14).
Living in the light of Christ Is neces^pry
in order to overcome eviL De- j
ceptlon is on every band.
4. By a circumspect walk <vr. 15. i
16). I
Pitfalls are all abont ns. To walk I
without looking aboot ns is most fool- J
ish, because the evil one is oir the
alert, doing his best to cause ns to j
5. By a sober life (v. 18).
6. By being filled with the -Holy j
Spirit (r. IS).
Those who would overcome evil j
must abstain from intoxicating liquors j
and all the influences of the world >
which unduly esdte. j
The Spirit-filled believer has the wis- j
dom and power to overcome.
: |
A noteworthy number is a
superb "Barber of Seville*'
aria, sung by Galli-Curci.
Fall Frc
y *
~-s;' An annual event prec
need for the school yearStyles.
New Juvenile M
School and Dress Ha
Girls of all ag<
Individual tailored and
ery, fashioned of superi
velvet, plush and velour
becomingly trimmed \
bits of hand embroidery
Moderately priced at $1
Correct New
New Swagger Shoes?
Smartest novelties of
the seasonNew
Collars and Collar
and Cuff Sets
(Favored by Fashion)
Hand Bags, combining
beauty convenience and
lasting qualities.
3ilk Hosiery, in fashionable
Autumn shades.
II Monday^ September 16.
- -
AMSTERDAM. Sept. 5. ? Emperor ]
WflHam h*s telegraphed the muaicl-j
^?* * ? I
pillly OX ABOicu ? a** "tuv~ he
alludes to the fighting now In pros- (
ress as the "present decisive battles'* j
and declares the German people will
unitedly stand with all their strength
in defense of the fatherland. The Emperor's
message reads:
"The German people understand the
difficulty of the present decisive battles
against an enemy Oiled with hatred.
jealousy and the will to destruction.
bat has unanimously decided to
devote all its strength to defense
against its enemy's assaults, its sacred
soil and its culture which it had iron
in peaceful works."
A curio dealer at Steubenvilie. O-.
has a coat covered with 3.300 elk teeth
which he values at 310.000.
One Cadillac (Mich.) restaurant'
solved the meatless day edict by serrI
ing beat meat to its patrons.
-? -si
All This Week |j
Musical !
' - I
Three Shows Daily
3>cks of Oil
that reveal the ti
Fashions, which a
plicity and refined
Materials are Wo
W -Georgette and cor
ML . New straight line
panels, .sash belts
uU scores of stunning
height of favor,
wear introduce m;
collars, sleeves an<
I Serge Frocks ..
Wool Jersey Fr<
Georgette and Sat
eded by months of preparation
Buying now means first cl
[illinery Jack Taj
its for all Middy Blous<
ss- Skirts
dress tttillin- Jack Tar Wa{
rs^Ll GWhamDre
nth ribbon, Girls Dress s
, chenile and Sweaters .
Girls' School
50 to $8.00 Coats
Boys' Clothes
That Look and
Wear Best
One infallible way to
exercise real Thrift this
season is to buy clothes
of "Sampeck" quality.
You lend real, practical
aupport to tha government
conservation plan
by cladding yon** boy i;s
service-giving Sampeck
clothes. i.^.r^jaLa
Fall Displays are Ready
'for Your Inspection.
Boy's Suits, $8.50 to $18
Separate Trousers, $1.
to $3.00. iiinanim mi
The motor >dl*f<eed by the
crashed through the'SrOc
followed . was : as cc;
seriously InjuredState
of New YorkhassHjOtS^^^I
vehicles. They pay-W'Ung^fl^^H
more than $2.215t000.-<;?j?gffi
I Afternoon?5c aridlOc.1
Evening?10c and 15c.'
War Tax Addittoinc^
Montague Love and.1
I Barbara Castleton
I drama of the Or:
II A Smashing: Three-Re
Will convulse
Ambassador Gerard's I
... ...
New Cretonnes Snr||
ply Interior DecojggB
tion ideas.
end. o? Fall and Winter
re d^gafehej^S^SH
elesrance. .. ^
~~ ol,
Jersey, Serge, Satinlg
abinations of Se^^ -an&l
and tunic effects; looijlS
and fringe trimming?
brand new models in the j
Frocks for semj~foi3g?|B
my clever innovato|^^H
I trimmings.
>cks ?22^0 Upward
in Dresses, I...
;:5$ggm as,
to meet everyapgafa^
loice of New AutujwM
* *
( /??^f-xPisB
/ J\ 1111 if '
igttnl' ?r%Mal

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