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*xau^ ^i.'^ for the Hotoc. { 7 West Virginia's Best Ne<vspaper ."T 1
" . - ' ' .?. I
? "==? ll_ll__!l_ ' ' ' ** - . . " !'
... ^m
I led Out to Be a Sort of
ommunity Stock Tak___________
jfced Corn Kept Coming
j Long as There Were
I spite a continuous drizzling rain,
mwTt?i corn roast of the Fairmont
ness Men's Association at Loop
yesterday evening, proved to be
most delightful social gathering
airmont business men held in a
time. Cool weather and wet
ads made it necessary to have the
t in tlje air-Qome instead of in the
>t roasted corn, ham and cheese
wiches, tomatoes, olives, pickles
waterlemon, made up the menu,
ijptly at 6:30 p. m. the first tub
lasted corn was taken from the
are and distributed among the
Ciwho had taken precaution to be
ura^fioa-ted corn by the tub-full
brought to the air-dome by Harry
am son, the corn roaster, and his
tahts until finally at 8:00 p. m.
Bust man ran up the white flag.
Sowing the corn roast, M. B. Copresident
of the Fairmont BusiMen's
Association, took the chair,
rtarj. Trevey Nutter reported a
SSrship of 172 members, the largi
the history of the organization
i balance in the treasury with the
ent of all outstanding bills. As
. of the routine business was
X. Boss was called upon to dean-address
in behalf of the Busi-,
IMenrs Association. In a brier |
uteres ting manner -welcomed the
bfers of the Chamber of Coma
and the Rotary club who attendee
nnnnai com roast as guests of
^closely related organization, the
tess .Men's Association.
"S.'- Lively, president of the Roclnb,
in "a few remarks" explained
rotary movement and the func>f
the local Rotary club. He conchy
reading an extract fr>m tV.e
ary Digest entitled "Dedicate your
presenting the Chamber of Com-'
X M. Jacobs, president of that
ization, delivered an interesting
jsp- in which he explained the
-of the Chamber of Commerce of
nited States and the efforts which
m other organizations were tusks'
contralize their work for efrift,
For some time the .ocal
their of Commerce has just been
tiding time." as far as inviting
fncturers and industries is cond.'
The shortage of coal and elecpower
has made it -c.>p->ssible to
(Continued on page eight.)
Machine and shipping depart|M;jnents
Good wages. Apply
^BSjdtice to Wat
jjBp&'j For the reason that the water
l&py-general repairs still going on to <
BeSS tion. consumers will observe most
E|? S-until farther notice, for the use c
gO absolutely necessary, to scrub pore
MONDAYS for half hour only,
BB?&"?? TUESDAYS, for half hour onlj
| WEDNESDAYS for half hour <]
Bpfef'* -THURSDAYS for half hour on
FRIDAYS for half hour only, b
' ' SATURDAYS for half hour onl
BSgptj " It is understood that no pers
periods fixed, twice the same day.
BPp|fe-: Fennits must be had from eitt
H?E?iEo>: construction work, sprinkling 1
Hak, Those who are Interested In t)
j?s: requested to report to tho police or
Ejg of the above regulations. Violato
IK . promptly.
B| vIt is very urgent that all cox
Eg; V strfcfly the above requests in ordi
gi Inspect all plumbing for leaks; if
H| fixed at once.
Safe. . September 2.191S.
This gives.a vivid idea c
rontnrA^ hv f'rtA Rrftifih la.St Vfidk.
or two.
That the Word Production
Manager Fleming Got
at Washington.
There vrill be a meeting of the scale
committee of the United Mine Workers
and the coal operators of the SemUM..
v.ivi at thp Fairmnnt hotel at
ten o'clock Saturday morning which
will be in line with the-meeting held
at that place last week between toe
scale committee of the mine workers
and leading coal operators.
Lid is Again Down.
Brooks Fleming. Jr., production manager
of the Fuel administration for
northern West Virginia, does not hold
out much encouragement to coal operators
planning to open new mines. Mr.
Fleming appeared before the side track
committee of the Fuel administration
on his recent visit to Washington an.l
was given to understand that no petmissions
were to be granted for sidetracks
unless it was evident that such
a course would mean increased production
of coal and not at the expense
of other operations and not when , its
production would place an increased
burden on the railroads in the matter
of placing empties. As a result of the
conference Mr. Fleming firmly oelieves
that it is going to be very hard to get
side-track privileges. That depart
; Q26Ht OI tile r UCI auimnubiauwu wui.
recently got to its work and halt a dozen
Fairmont coal men were fortunate
enough to get in at the opportune moment
and prove conclusively tnat the
requirements of the Fuel administration
could be met. This action naturally
caused Mr. Fleming and J. Walter
Barnes and others connected with
j the Fuel administration to be deluged
| with inquiries. It is rather a difficult
! matter for a new mine to show that it
(Continued on page eight.)
er Consumers!
supply is still uncertain because of
?ur pumps and boilers at our stacarefully
the following regulations,
if hose employed only where it is
hes, sidewalks and washing autos:
between 7 and 8 o'clock A. M.
r? between 7 and 8 o'clock P. M.
inly, between 7 and 8 o'clock A. M
,ly. between 7 and 8 o'clock P. M.
etween 7 and 8 o'clock A. M.
y. between 7 and 8 o'clock P. M.
on shall nse the hose during the
ier of the undersigned to nse hose
Awns and gardens.
lie saving ot our water supply are
any city authorities any violations
rs* water snpply will be shut off
isomers will continue to observe
er to avoid another water famine,
you have any, please have same
SMITH. Water Commissioner.
s"T BO WEN. Mayor.
_ ?_
? what the Allied troops get when the;
taken before the present Allied oCci
I Will Attend Committee
Meeting in Parkesburg
Next Monday.
Chairman C. L. Shaver, of the Democratic
State Executive committee, today
denied the accuracy of the news
item sent out from Washington and
printed in the morning papers that
Colonel C. W. Watson is at sea en
route to France. Mr. Shaver has called
a meeting of his state committee for
Parkersburg next Monday, and author
ized the statement that Colonel Watson
will be present on that occasion.
Both the Prisoners are
Closely Connected With
(By Associated Press)
CHICAGO, Sept. 6.?In a statement
today Michael F. Sullivan, assistant
states attorney, declared that John W
Wilson, arrested last night had been
positively identified as having been
j implicated in planting the bomb in th<
Chicago Federal building. Explosion
of the bomb killed four persons anc
resulted in serious injury to a score o:
Wilson is a member of the L W. W
and is believed at one time to have
been private secretary to Wm. D. Hay
wood, general secretary-treasurer.
In his announcement Mr. Sullivar
said Wilson had been identified bj
i four persons as the man seen runnini
j a\ - - from the entrance to the Fed
eral building shortly before the bom!
. | exploded.
j j He was described as "tne men wttr
>; a black Fedora hat who ran from th?
! j building; leaped into a black automo
l-ibile aiyi was whirled away."
I He denied any connection with th?
| j explosion.
I! Mrs. Minnie Wymann. sister of Wfl
j j Ham D. Haywood, convicted secretary
| [ treasurer of the I. W. was also tak
j I en into custody early today in a raid
>: made on a west side house.
11 Charged With Speeding.
II L. E. Henderson will be before May
"or Bo wen at 4:30 P. M. this afternoon
11 charged with speeding. It is under
! j stood that he will plead not guilty.'
!1 1 ?
! - Consult
the Union Dentists
for expert dental service*. Our
prices are reasonable. Offices ovj
er McCrory 5 and 10c store. All
: work guaranteed.
I: _
I ?
! 23 colored girls and worn?:' over
! Id for factory wort. Good wages.
Apply Monongah Glass Co., 12th
j Street Plant.
u %
f capture a town on the old Somxne batt
isive began. Nothing remains of the tow
. They Will Be Put Into Cleri- j
cal and Administrative ]
'? " ??
Anqgher - contingent ef draftees entrain
at the local Baltimore & Ohio
; railway station this afternoon at 5:20
P. M. Their destination fcs Camp
Humphreys, Va.
The contingent will be made up of
eight limited eervice men who are in j
Class 1 but not qualified for general!
military service. The men are qualified
for clerical and administrative
work and will get into this line of
work upon their arrival at camp.
Three alternates have been called,
but it is not likely that more than one
of them will entrain. All of the men
called will report at the office of-the
local draft board this afternoon at 3
o'clock. The call includes:
Order No.
11?Frank Conley
114?John Ladru Stiffler
238?George Morton Freeman
361?ueorge p reu moivuu , ,
679?Earl Mapel 1
I 1604?Juinto Caprini
1000?James Edward Yates
* 1213?Jforris Emmet Sbowalter
1 Alternates.
5 1355?Maurice Stevens Kelley
1 1406?Charles Arnett Clayton
* 140S?Harvey Allen Reed
The train on which the 43 men entrained
yesterday afternoon, schedul;
ed to arrive at 1:30 P. M.. did not ar*
rive until 4:10 E M. A large crowd "
of friends was at the station to see
the men off.
- Sheriff's Dog Are
' on the Job Again j
_ I
Living np to their reputation. Sher
, iff Glover's bloodhounds ade good 1
again today when they were put on a |
. trail to apprehend two robbers at RIv
. erdale, Harrison county.
Last night a foreigner's house was
t robbed of $100 or more and today
word was sent here for the dogs. |
which were forwarded at once. The '
people in the house were positive that
I - ? -a Vrtrefflmer had robbed
? ? ucgiv auw ? .v.
i the place, and the dogs traced over
- three miles, to a shack where two men
were located who answered the de.
scription. . From lrwt reports the place J
I was surrounded by several deputies :
I while others sought warrants to ar- 1
! rest the men. 1
Dutch Beginning :
I to Be Spunky:
. 4
(By Associated Press)
THE HAGUE. Sept. 6?The Dutch
minister- at Berlin has been instruct??
erafnst the destruction f
by German submarines of vessels <
within what is designated as the barred
zone and against the sinking of '
seven Dutch fishing vessels on August :
jy * i irp
MMfC. M mT p? vi
-' -* *
( OF 1
lefields. This is a view of Morval.
n but charred tree-trunks and a hut
Annual Assessment Shows
About Same Figures as
in 1917.
Few changes have been made in the
recent assessment of real estate, according
to the books of James- W.
Davis, county assessor. Practically
ill of the downtown business property
was let go at the assessments of last
The board of -review and equalization
lowered the assessments on Main
street on the right hand side coming
iown. between the properties of Chas.
B. Highland and Crane's drug store,
rhe board appeared to think that the
lormer assessments were too high.
Property in the business district renains
about the same in valuation
with this exception. Siuce the anlual
assessment of 1917 a number ol
arge buildings have been erected, and
;l.ese added to tbe total assessment
.f the city.
The assessments of the principal
Iown town property is as follows: Watson
Building (Watson Company).
5230,000; Fairmont Hotel (Fairmont
EJotel Co:) $175,000; Professional
railding (Fairmont Building & In-Mtmont
C.nmnanvt S58.000: Watson
Hotel (Loch-Linn Construction Com>any).
$53,000; Manley Hotel (Shaw
Hotel Company). $31,000; Jacobs
>uilding. $53,500; Fleming building,
!6S,000; Peoples National Bank buildng.
$45,700; Fairmont Trust company
wilding. $71,000; Home Savings Bank
wilding. $55,000; Deveny building
[Devenv Building Company). $100.:00;
Hartley Store br.'.ding. $73,600;
Masoniv Temple. $17,000: Monongaiela
Bank. Bast Siae. $19,000; Skinner
Tavern. $86,000; Fairmont State
Bank. $40,000.
L. F. Drogoo to
Be Buried Sunda*
Funeral services over the body oi
L. F. Dragoo whose death occurred
yesterday at his home at Fairview. will
be held on Sunday morning at 11
s'clock from the Fairview M. E,
:horch with interment in the St
Johns cemetery by Undertaker R. C.
" <*r?e OVAfl Cfi VftflPt
IOD65. iXtl. n?M -latl
is survived by. several cbildren,
namely. Fre-1 Dragoo. of Texas; Ford
Dragoo. of Clendennin; Mrs. A. W.
Michael and C. O. A. Dragoo, of Fair
One Colored Draftee
^on't Co Tomorrow
Son Hamilton, one of the coloned
men who has been called to entrain
for Camp Custer. Rattle Creek. Mich,
[ morrow Is in the wnty jsiT os an
Important witness in a case and will
not get to entrain with the draft con
tingent tomorrow . His place will b?
Lakea by Nathaniel McDaniels
Joseph Washington, another colors
man vhc has been caliel f:>r tomor
row. is row in Pitts wrg'o and will n
train with a draft contingent-in thai
city tomorrow instead of coming tc
Fairmont for entrain men t.
'American oicamer ounN.
WASHINGTON'. Sept. x 6?The Navj
department was- informed today thai
the American steamer Lake Oweni
had been sunk by a submarine. Fiv<
members of the civilian crew are re
ported lost
ive Them a Trial A
frarunii nun vu
mmm aim iai
This Movement Expe
the Preure or the <
British Get
Yesterday, However They Took
Aisne Practically Withou
British Take Neu'
(By Associated Press)?Australic
Somme on a side front to the south i
British troops have captured
Mesnil, Doinzl and A thies and are a
trAnI fmm lh/?
/ lll/llg lliv / V... ??
Cambrai road the re of the enemy
that the Germans are making slr^nv
hind the Hmdenburg defenses.
The British have captured mo
In many places north of the Sensee
sands of gas sh?Us indiscriminately.
The Germans launched three
the Lys salient. Two were rcpulsct
I the north of the hill but for a moma
Further north the British hav* i
ridge northeast of Wulvcrghcn.
PARIS. 12:30 p. m.. Sept
mal(ing steady progress today in the
vices from the battle front say that i
taken by the French forces.
Thursday, September 5, 11 P. M
?Franco American troops reac
Aisne ?onight between Combe
front. American forces this aft
| of Dhuizel and Barbonal virtuj
* \rr>/v\r n i. i s* n
| liuin uuin. aepiemoer o.?j
! advance on a 50 mile front in t
j recovery of a great extent of t<
tant enemy positions was the n
j news up to this morning.
The expectation that the
would be able to enter on the 1
Germans when the necessary sla
ce took place has been amply fu
The severe character of the
ern end of the 150 mile line on v
treating hardly has been realize
arily overshadowed by the se:
The Americans on the heigl
er Aisne were reported on Thur
somewhat increased machine gi
| but they were able to push fori
. I an important degree to the days
There is now a confident
progress will be made and it
enemy will be compelled to retre
; in-des-dames.
The situation seems to be v
[ ther developments are awaited
:i ~
i vtL
(By Associated Press)
i LONDON, Sept. 6?British troops TU|
1 today captured Neuve Chapelle and
| Bussy. Field Marshal Haig's forces
crossed the Canal dn Nord on the
; whole front, except from Hevrincoart .
\ north to the Scarpe. Between the *
Somme and the Oise French troops r
' captured Plockhalais. known as the
' Outrecourt massif, which Is within
' three miles of Cbauny.
The French hare secured a good
hold on tho north bank of the Aillelte ***
and on the terrain between that river nSt
r, and the Oise. They are approaching, "e
t if they are not actually on, the Hin- Is
i denburg line at St. Gobian massif. ab
4-t? !.? t>> Rritinh be
5 I VU urc x* iwimv* o
-1 are established In portions of the old I wi
1 Chapelle. and In the old British line I srl
?"?~ ~ 7 ~~~ ?"
? ~ ? '~%' "atriBM
v.'-.-.' " ' I
m troops have crossedJmj&B
of Perorme.
the looms of%St. C/B*?sG??g5&H
dvancing to the *astdfj]:
southern extremity fcvlSeaBflBfffl
big guns is
atis efforts to' gef ^jSwiBH
- '*? <?? J 6 ' ' I
re posts around Hajajanq|H
river the Germans are ;
counter attacks-ajgamaffljB
J and onece the Priffab fcBSjifl&k
reachcd the crest ;gjfjyit^Mj
I' ' j
region of C uiscarI <o3^H|
he town of Ham feaarawBSji IB
' ' ' l3 ? " . ;
;ernoon occupie^^^^^^^B
he Aisne regiol^^S
jrritory as weff?aalm
lain feature olliirawl
work of drfvin^^^S
'-I?- - ?
ClScCll'llg UX.
/hicB^ie Gei^mj
:d here". It being
nsational 'ey?|||llEg
sdsty to be encoir.
111 a n^ar^*^ii?il
vard an<^fe>Jc
5 successespfcSlp
expectation i|^H
is belived
at even bevondi^^M
nfolding rap$^^M
with great M^aaVsH
the Fauquissart sej^^H
Tie British. alsdigMffi
thwest of Armentfissgg
onne. British" fn^Mj
a of the town of Knjnfi|g|
immediate vleCBtt^HMB
"ossc. Xarln and E
southeast of EeiuiMlBB
be reached Aphies
aussee They haSwaK
Age of DoiPgt. '~g^^|j|
Jrs. Peyton Te?e$?ngE
11 known resldent^jSj
*1 yesterday at bwcjfifewjH
1 > cars' illness T11 iijVjWEfll
s th mothr of Mrs
. formrly of tbfs^eftv
her survive. SeraiHl
gton is now at
sborg. Misg^ mill.' lilTrM
residing with herjtpsmwjl
sence. Mrs: TL tiSMS|
em in Belington
lirh wfit
r--^sa^WK -

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