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SoT/yn e * I PIliC i
WpSB^&f ?? :.jfc^^Z& |
jRSjB?W?tolie.?lcnir? on ail four sin
i^Hiea^eiNEaBy fold dotted line 1 ;U
tlz? length- Then dotted line 2 and
on. Fold each section underneath ;
1glMm'.w<mnle?w< tnm nvoi- I
Ib"H find a surprising result. I
West Virginia? j
Partly cloudy tolight;
Bg|P|fc|S local Readings.
\ JlV Temperature at
LJ 3 a. m. today 56.
Weather yester- I
2~k^\ iaj" cloudy; tem!?"
LV ?e nature maximum
: ?2; minimum 55;
precipitation none, ll
146, feet, rising.
Bows' Ball?Palatine Lodge,
Building?Golden Links.
Hall?Marion Review, Wo;
Benefit Asociation, Macca
f Licenses ? These county
licenses have been issued by
Eartln, county clerk: W. A.
igh, Hannington; Joseph
?*?y* * y?" ??
|; i)? A. Rymer. Mannington;
.. Wells, Farmington; J. A.
Farmington; W. B. Cooper. |
atka, city; M. Crim, ManningMainiliigton;
Frnesi Charlton,
nisely, Mannington; E. H.
17% Kingmont; James \V. Keni-?rence
K?*tt. Farmington Manning..::.
C. A. Corisington;
Kas-^et; 1 lilt, city;
Uh. Man nil , n: L. Bulamer,
nard Fetty. Mannington R. D.
Hays. Mannington; Leonard
Charles Anderson. Broom
IV Fannington; John P.
on; Wilson Osborne,
>, Watson.
Sfost. county health offi?rs
old, secured a coun-1
n county . In con versa-1
says "he rarely misses i
a open Monday comes
any grey squirrels about
he season extends untn
and red sauirrel. but few!
I sue about these parts. The
t an tor fox also.
vfM-.jrAssault?Dominic Coval
d 510 yesterday afternoon by
llnsgrove on a charge of as"Kittle
"WW* fined $5 and costs for
tils'-wife by Justice Mus grove
T afternoon.
>f the East side, this morning
'the- little official card an:
that his brother. H. H. Mor>.
entered the service from
booty as an automobile mood
arrived safely overseas.
Kias?Overland roadster. 45
uer. 5200. Inquire Mr. PhDD?At
once. 2 waitresses and
soof? Good wages. Apply resit
& O. shops.- Phone 4S.
BVlllll ~T*TTflTl ?Bushel capacity,
SgfcoUcflat. Take ap small sapc?
a not innse. Ideal 'and econom^HEnn^^nadliBi;
trait and vetsPrice
30 cents each In bnnof
10, cash with roder. Money
if not satisfied. Immediate deite*
stock' lasts. Order now.
fftfiyVi iTTTlif' I Co.', Lamberport. W.
fgjj*. mj ~ r .X* .
deiic: Frank Gregory, city; D. R
Koxlay. city; F. B. Latrier. city; Jaa.
O. Wats<?. city; Albert T. Watson,
Goes to Rochester?Today F. P.
Kelley, who has bees In -bad health
for some time, left for Rochester,
MIttji.. where he will become a patient
in the Mayo^Bro tiers' hospital.
Session Will Meet?The session of
the First Presbyterian church will
meet tonight immediately after the
mid-week prayer meeting. A large attendance
is desired at the meeting
this evening.
To St. Ediths?Miss Miriam Rock
and little brother, John H. Rock. Ill,
have gone to Bristow, Va_. where
they have re-entered St. Editha's
school for,the year.
Off to School?Grant Preston has
;one to Charlottsville. Va.. where he
las entered the University of Virginia.
Robert Topping has' gone to
Auburn. N. Y? wher he will take a
tehological course at the Auburn
Theological seminary.
Was Fined Five?A man who gave
his name as. Mr. Gjersten was arrest
ed late yesterday aiternoon ay v_m=. i
Harr. charged with being drunk. He J
came before Mayor Bowen this morning
and was fined $5.
W. C. T. U. Will Sew?Ladies of
the W. C. T. U. will spend the day
sewing at the First Baptist church
from 10 A. M. until 5 P. M. Thursday.
Twenty-four hospital shirts are to be
made, and all members are urged to
be present.'
Son Overseas?Mr. and Mrs. Atha
VanGilder have receiced word from
their son. Joseph VanGilder. that he
has arrived safely overseas.
Kew Letter Carriers?Cle Powell
and Monroe McVicker have accepted
positions at the postoffice as city carriers.
The former will take care of
the city Route 1 and the latter will
work on city Route 6.
P. O. Clerks to Meet?Tomorrow
evening at 8 o'clock there will be a
meeting of the clerks of the Fair-1
mont postoffice at the postoffice. The |
meeting has been called by Frank Du- I
vail, president. The purpose of the
meeting is to discuss their work, aiming
at efficidency.
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of talent hitherto not known to the
church. These things would necessarily
result from the close contact
which would develop from the house
to house convass.
T. "W. Hennen. the church treasurer, i
made a brief address in which be oat-1
lined the nged of the 23 per cent, increase
in the budget it the church is J
to be maintained according to its pres-1
ent standard.
The church is planning many for-!
ward steps for the year of 191S-19 inj
addition to maintaining the many de- j
partments already organized.
One forward step is the securing of:
a missionary worker whose efforts:
will be largely among the foreigners in J
this r action. In co-operation with the
Diamond street M. E. church the services
of Miss Ethel Vanek, a graduate
of the McCrum Training school of
Cniontown. Pa, have been secured.
Miss Vanek has already arrived here <
and has begun her work of organization.
A meeting was held on Monday
w' on the Home Missionary societies
discussed plans with Miss Vanek
relative to her work here. Miss Vanek
spoke briefly at the morning service
of the First M. E. church on Sunday ;
regarding her plans.
Hie meeting last night was an en- j
thusiastic one from start to finish. The j,
dinner was served under the direction i
of the King's Daughters of the church.
MINER!! nun IS
(Continued from Page One.)
today, including 35 box cars_and "
coke cars, but at 6 o'clock this morning
but 760 of these cars had been ;
R. W. Crawford, representing the:
Valley Camp Coal Company of Cleve- j
land O. has returned to Fairmont af- j
ter a business trip to Cleveland.
Charles E. Sappington and G. W. j
Swain representing the Baltimore {
Copper. Smelting and Rolling Com- j
pany of Baltimore, Md. who are located
in this city looking after the coal
interests of their, company have re-!
turned after spending several days at
Elkins and other points on the Coal
and Cok railroad.
Mrs. Carolia Showalter has accep-'
ted a position as stenographer at the
office of the United States Fuel Administration
in the Jaeoas building.
Mrs. Showalter succeeds Miss Elsie
Trd who resigned" to accept work at |
Morgantown. Mrs. Showalter began i
her new work this morning. j
James Holden who has been employ/t*6RE-COMES
I \p rtPrfe -tj>
v. s-roffeRiMo
jOto SPtf *v
I _ I
I ? ~j~
Here are Generalissimo Foc'a
meeting, perhaps, in which the pia:
This attack was under the personal
his supreme commander. Foch.
ed in the office ot the United States
Fuel Administration has resigned to
enter high school. George N'ajr of this
city will take his place.
D. R- Lawson. district representative
of the United States Fuel Administration
is in Pittsburgh in conference
with the eastern car pooling
U. B. Williams, representative o'
the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad company.
of the United States Railway
Administration is now located at his
new office roms. number 509 and 510
in the Professional building.
Announcement has been made of
the postponement of the bi-weekly
meeting ot the Fairmont Coal Club
until Frtdav. September 20. Tire
meeting will be held at the Fairmont
Country Club beginning at 6:30 p. m.
In the coures of his remarks before
the directors of the Fairmont Chamber
or Commerce late yesterday afternoon
J. O. Watson, president of
The Monongahela Valley Traction
company, estimated the natural gas
users of Fairmont as numbering
6,000. In his remarks he referred to
the development in the Logansport
The proposed raises in rates trill
be effective October 1. One of the
points the speaker ma e was the fact
that the 31. V. T. company 'last year
produced more natural gas than it
did the year before. The amount of
gas that is consumed in the city is far
greatr than ever, and that used in by
gone years was in .small quantities
compared to the consumption today.
The electric power needs of the community
have been solved. 3Ir. Watson
said, and effort is being made to secure
an adequate gas supply.
The gas in the field costs thirteen
cents and then tl . company has the
expense of transporting it to the city.
The former gas rates were such that
the company was losing money in its
new fields.
A corps of translators and Inter-,
preters in fifteen different languages,
are employed by the War Work Coun-,
cil of the T. W. C. A. They Instruct:
foreign-born women whose husbands
have been called into the service in,
such intimate questions as the laws'
relating to rentals and labor. In the;
care of children and In how to useAmerican
foods In dishes-adapted toj
foreign tastes and present high prices.,
This last work is done in co-operation
with the Government Food Conserve-:
tion Commission and the Home Dem-t
onstration Work of the U. S. Agrlcul-i
rural Department. .
\ ...
. otie \
iUBcrfS?J /**
$ A \
snacrs >/ "v
ir il^iJ^r^ff ;
v I .- ^ I-;'fl^^B)B^ si
%^'V jH^K^^HBl^K^I
1' ':'^E
and General Pershing, snapped in the!
as were laid for the great Yanko-Frei
supervision of Pershing, who acted wit
! co. ?Tn
! Second Installment of
Names in Possession of
Mannington Board.
j Eelow is the second installment of
names of registrants in the district of
Draft Board Xo. 2. located at ilannington,
and tneir seriol numbers. To-1
morrow more names of county regis-1
j trants will be published. Interested J
people will do well to preserve these:
778 Herbert Gren Smith. Rivesville
779 Frank Stoller. Rivesville
750 Steve Sevess. Rivesville i
751 Anthony Stanko. Rivesville
752 Pete Sorack. Rivesville
! 7S3 John Swalick. Fairmont
: 7S4 Lasquale Spadafore. Rivesville
! 7S5 Erano Siefano. Rivesville
I 786 Henry Custer. Rivesville
j 7S7 E. W- Satterfield, Rivesville
! 7SSR- E. Straight. Rt. 2. Rives rillc
789 Joseph Spatafos. Rivesville
I 790 Jim Suto. Bx. 192, Rivesville
| 791 Steree Semanoveech, Rivesville.
i 792 Win. Xcrris Stewart. Rivesville
! 793 John Suta, Box 104. Rivesville
! 794 Mike Soar, Box 464. Rivesville
: 795 Stoney Swoft. Rivesville
796 Harold M. Smith, Rivesville
797 Ellick Libbage. Bx 464. Fairmont
; 79S Jesse F. Stewart. Rivesville
) 799 TYm. Carl Shelton. Rivesville
' S00 Hood Straight, Rivesville
j 801 Michael Setuinyko. Rivesville
; 802 Salvatore Spadafore. Rivesville
' SOS Richard C. Smith. Rivesville
1 804 Alek Szabo. 123. Rivesville
' 805 Clifftin Smith. Rivesville
806 Arnol Smith. "Rivesville
307 Chas. Wm. Shoemaker, Rivesville
' SOS C. P. Smith. Rt. 3. Rivesville.
309 Henich Shafcr. Rivesville
: S10 Chas. E. Musgrave. Rivesville
oii n MeTavish. Rivesville
512 John W. Morgan. Rivesville
513 Joseph McCaffery. Fairmont
j S14 Tom Mnlnage. Bx. 464. Fairmont
I S15 Coral B. Martin. Rivesville
j 816 John Molton, Rivesville
817 Jos Marrone. Rivesville
81S O. J. Matheny, Bx 524. Rivesville
819 Joseph Misko. Rivesville
820 Briggs Moore, Rivesville
821 Peter Mattes. Rivesville
822 J. H. Michael. Rt. 3. Rivesville
S23 J. L. Moore. Rt. 2. Rivesville
824 George Miller. Rivesville
825 Thos. R. Martin. Rivesville
826 Thomas McDonell, Rivesville
827 C. D. Martin, Rivesville.
828 Ellas C. Merrifleld. Fairmont
t S29 Thos. W. McElfresh. Hoult
S30 Willie C. McElroy. Rivesville
$31 James HcMaan. Rivesville
832 Jacob Mazur. Rivesville
833 Chas. R. Mnsgrave. Rivesville
"S34 Fred GarSeld Mason. Rivesville
835 J. H. Hawkins. Bx. 515, Rivesville
S36 M. H. R. Hinkle, Jefferson, Pa
/iice-oAV: 1
:SS8R!J ^ j??'
-JC' _
r conference room?after the very
ich attack on the St. Mihicl sector,
he the foil knowledge and consent of
837 Geo. B. Hawrfck. Rivesville
538 Mike Hirigan. Rivesville
539 Charles Hnonker, Rivesville
540 Wm. C. Harris. Rt. 3. Rivesville
| 841 John R. Hawkins. Rivesville
! S42 Daniel Hanght. Fairmont
| 843 N. Hawkinberry, Bx. 30. Fairmont
! 844 C. S. Hawkins. Rivesville
I S45 Thos. O. Harding. Haledon. N T
J 846 W. E. Hicks. Henderson. N. C.
i 847 Lee Lem Hase, Rivesville
S4S Tony Honopole. Bx 463 Fairmont
549 Charles Hayhurst. Rivesville
550 Geo. McC. Harford, Rivesville
851 John Howvalt, Rivesville
S52 Wm- Gray. Rt. 2. Fairmont
S33 Bennie Hays, Rivesville
j 834 John Helenlns, Rivesville
I 855 David F. Grice. Rivesville
i 856 Robert Gladstone. Rivesville
j 857 Sam Gohn, Rivesville
i 858 E. G. L. Goff. Rivesville
I 859 Forest E Goff. Rivesville
860 Jchn S. Green. Rivesville
861 Alfred J. Giles, Rivesville
862 Lnigi Grassino. Bx 62. Rivesville
S6S D. Gororda. Bx. 511. Rivesville
864 Mike Gndines. Rivesville
865 Wm. C- Grandstaff, Fairmont
866 H. A. Floyd. 591. Rivesville
867 Thos. L- Fenton, Rt- 2, Fairmont
SC8 Peter Ferrette, Rivesville
S69 John W. Frederick. Catawba
870 Joe Forrest. Bx- 511. Rivesville
8f?? rua^&w, xu?w*4uv,
I 872 Steve Foldi. Rivesville
I 873 Dom. Forrest, Ex. 511. Rivesville
574 Frank Ferko, Rivesville
I S75 Lake Earl Fisher. Rivesville
S76 Will Alvj Fetty. Fairmont
877 Sisto Fiasco. Rivesville
575 W. H. Fleming, Rt. 2. Rivesville
879 Willie W. Fleming. Rivesville
880 Charley- E. Fetty. Rivesville
551 Heinrich Feldmann, Rivesville
552 James. B. Freeman, Rivesville
553 Willie C. Ellison. Fairmont
554 Eiisha Willis Eminger. Rivesville
885 William Eaglen. Rivesville
SSC Dominick Dclarico. Rivesville
; 887 Mike Dudash. Rivesville
J SSS David L. Dean, Rivesville
i SSS G. Dionetrio, B jc6, Catawba
! S90 Noah D- Dnlin, Rivesville
I S91 Adam Budiak, Rivesville
892 L R. Dayton, Bx. 505, Rivesville
893 Earl Arthur Doll. Rivesville
S94 Patrick J. Dailey, Rivesville
895 Ray Wash. Duvall, Rivesville
S96 Firman Robins. Cox, Rivesville
897 Hood Clayton. Rivesville
898 Fort Clara, Bx. 561. Rivesville
899 H. Calvasina. Bx. 526 Rivesville
900 Wm. Lee Coogle. Rivesville
SOI Joseph Ceslar, Rivesville
902 John Christy. Rivesville
903 Fred B Coogle, Rivesville
904" Pietro Rrescenzi. Rivesville
905 Fred Cusano. Rivesville
906 Henry E. Contlee, Rivesville
907 Wiley F. N. Coburn, Rivesville
908 Lloyd M. Clark, Rivesville
909 Charlie Colosino, Rivesville
910 Joe Cavallaro. Rivesville
911 Israel Campfield, Rivesville
912 Otis R. Coogle, Rt. 2. Rivesville
913 Harbe L. Clark. Rivesville
914 Sam Calvaslno. RivesVRle
915 Feliciano Caforo. Rivesville
916 Tony Cindrick, Fairmont
917 Tom Bosslck, Fairmont
191S Joe Barker, RivesTlIle
919 Mike Banae. Rtresvflle
920 Wo. J. Berdine. Rt. 3, RlvesvUIe
(HMM? 5AUHts)
^ a ^
jwmWMWNIwmnm_r_\ ip i ??^i i tm wawnn? mr+m
1^1 Bi -. *"
I For Men, Wome
hirst With I
1 a aMnrm
| Originators and Leaders of
921 Frank M. Bailer. Rivesville I
922 Chas. G. Bradshaw. Rives ville I
923 Ross S. Berry. Rt. 3. Rlvesville I
924 Lawrence Baker. Rt. 2. Rivesville
925 James Bean. Rt. 2. RlvesvOle
926 Frank Wm. Byrne. Rivesville
927 Suigi Barrelli. Rivesville
92$ Panl Bossick. Fairmont
929 George Bard. Rivesville
930 Frank Brassosky. Rivesville
931 Joe Burkowick, Rt. 2. Fairmont
932 Andy Boatik. Rivesville j
933 Martin Bartik, Rivesville
934 Martin Bragg. Rt. 2, Fairmont
935 Joseph Aaron Barry. Fairmont
936 John Bossi, Rivesville
937 H. R. Arnett. Rt 3. Rivesrille.
.. 93S Joe Auvay. Rivesville
939 Clarence M. Arnett. Rivesville
940 Frank Albina, Rivesville
941 Joseph Abarusky, Rivesville
942 William P. Huffman. Rivesville
943 Joseph E. Clayton. Rivesville
944 Andy Emmel. Rivesville
945 Joseph Ray Fisher. Murray
946 Bent West. Knob Hill. Fairmont
947 Jesse Arlington Bowman. Honlt
948 Andrew Kobeck. Montana Mines
S49 Charles E. Cox. Catawba Mines
930 W. S. Wilson. Rt. 3. Fairmont
951 C. L. Freeman. Rt. 3. Fairmont
952 Jasper N. Wolfe. Catawba Mines
953 Thos. T. Wright. Montana Mines
954 John Ks Clelland. Catawba Mines
955 Andy Ball. Montana Mines
956 Fred A. Frye, Catawba Mines
957 Otis Evert Murphy, Scottdale
958 L. W. Banner, Hoult
959 Charles Ross Hoult, Hoult
960 W. G. Summers. Montana Mines
961 E. V. Heiskill. Montana Mines 962
Joseph B. Brown. Montana Mines
963 Jas. S. Anderson, Rt. 3, Fairmont
964 F. L. Baugherty. Montana Mines
965 Jas. E. Barnes. Montana Mines
966 Floyd Hill. Rt. 3. Fairmont
967 John J. Norman. Montana Mines
968 John H. Porter. Catawba
969 Tony Mitchell, Honlt
970 A. B. McBaniel. Rt 3. Fairmont
971 Joseph Cooly, Scottdale
972 Faban Gragory. Montana Mines
973 Wm. C. Bawson. Montana Mine*;
974 John W. McBade, Montana Mines
975 Wm. G. Anderson, Rt 3, Fairmont
I 376 Joseph Belinac, Montana Mines
1977 Caleb Larken Rowand. Murray
978 Williaip Garner. Montana Mines
979 Charles Manno, Hoult t -
I 9S0 <Jlyae jnaneny, ?.?_
9S1 William F. Hoult, Hoult
982 Chas. E. Swisher. Murray
983 Staaislaw Poolosky. Murray
984 Alva Harris. Murray
955 Harry R. Rager. Montana Miner;
956 Arthur Smith. Fairmont
987 L. S. Prickett. Montana Mines
988 Mike Miljanic. Rt. 3. Fairmont
S89 Wm. A. Jones, Rt. 3. Fairmont
990 Guy Starn. Catawba
991 Harry L. McElfreih. Hoult
SS2 Richard M- Malone, Catawba
993 Herbert R. Bowman. Hoult
994 1. H. McDonald, Montana Mines j
995 Howard R. Vincent. Montana '
i: Atl
Corner Jefferson aw
< j The stoves keep it warm and pl?
?. Big Tent. .
j Christian T
Is the Use of Naz
- /wwbe vte TboK
C-m' 'c'ort my
' if l V M ' jDw
^ Pficcs in
. .' \ rT^St^wS
Annual Election Was \3e31
Mrs. Engle.
Officers- -were elected ye?terii?ritf^a
moon at the annual meeting of the' /
Vomen's Christian Temperance UnJdtt Jj
eld at the home of Mrs. Jennie E:
n Walnut avenue. The officers wtio ,
rill serve the union during the cornPresidents?First
M. E. church. Mrs.
tichard Hall; M. P. Temple. Mri..
Mtzer; M. E.' church, south. Mrs. MaQtjgj
lennen; First Baptist. Mrs. X S. Le- 1
asters; Christian.'Mrs. Mary Smith. 4
Superintendents of Department
Evangelistic. Mrs. Jennie Engle; -Asistant
Evangelistic. Mrs. J- S. flnMp|
lower Mission. Mrs. John Oi ,Yost7 ';'i
Ls&istant, Mrs. J. W. Loury; Sunday J
chool work. Mrs. E. S. Amos; Ut/u%- 3j
ore. Mrs. J. B. Altznan; Pariiainsn- jl
ary Usage. Mrs J. W. Barnes; ScSeniflc
Temperance Instract3db;Tjta?j&&
). Henry; Railroad work. Mrs. Min- ;
>ie Batcher; Instrncior. Mrs. Je
riiller; Social and red letter , da
Irs. Frank Kelley; ForeignspeaJBmoB
eople. Mrs. George Clark;. FairiysM^S
pen air meetings. Mrs. P. B. Swea*K^?
ten; Co-operation with mission so-,
ieties. Mrs. Fanny Amos; Mothers". A
llnb. Mrs. J. Walter Barnes; Suffrage, ' i
"? p e : ' I
UIO. X*. AW V. < ? ?v ?-? ?
The delegates to the state conyen- I
ion -vrill be named at a latet* date.... '.Vy
________________ 1
HMB| .
I Jackson Streets. ::
tli 1 enio0
I " -*1" I
1 r ? - "
i>0|7V f f SUE + T vXmjh
... ? vmu Y \ I -J ,r."M
n 11^ :f i

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