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m-T -' C )\A/ II
* 4k ^ 4? * JL X w w
iajjMteMMJSS^ . - ,.-,., -- . wm^<
Musical Comedy.
^HSfl9w2aL * ' .?''_
HSD^^-^>- " iiuiopiiys.
^Dtrle,.."'. .Mr Four Tears in Germany
Less Than Kin
most, fitting one, and one for
W vMch: .-extraordinary preparations
have seen the film will
tlMrjGerfoan Emperor gets his answer
h?? nnt nnpn the United
"The Americans
rod then comes '
owing American
filmed at Camp
with the permis-'
t. Battle scenes
i the boys went
w and duplicatifront
scenes in
re shown going
srica's answer to
er the personal
Sigh and in the
ation of the otament
and the
ch scenes would
em. could never
reality, the tre
Mfe?: .mentions enthusiasm, the reausm in ;
the scenes that will stir even the most
SErjV iMitse' audience to a frenzy, tt comes I
Ky' as-* fitting finale to a picture that is i
I SSL only timely but of vital interest
importance to every American
Bap^; ~ :Moefe Interest in Old Drama.
,'^3Che-risvfval of the old time favorite
Kpjtr*-" *Tjncle Tom's Cabin" at the Grand to|.
night promises a better production
Kj& .vSthan Is. usnally seen. The company
1 this year is bigger, better and bright
er than ever and numbers over fifty
B?- people., among which are twenty neW-~
-groes from the sonny South, who have
K||r ' he?n especially engaged to fill ont the
wr' many pretty pictures of the play and
I?*;': present their famous songs, dances;
Hffi' "! jj?nd":plantation "shines."
It Present events are so stirring that
W mst of us have been too busy to recall j
rjaK Vthe^times- that are depicted in the i
m&ki ? grand old - story, and for that reason I
It lias a value to old and young alike.
,".'"the;??M haven't seen it for so long!
"they will enjoy seeing it again, while [
^hp^yourtger folks have never seen it!
Thfenrtt is-tmly a picture in their :
New Bill For Hipp Show.
K:.."- . 'An entirely new bill tonight at the
| Hipp ought to stimulate lovers of mu|
sical comedy to come in strong numHEs
t- hers. A classy little show of the Zarrow
style, beautiful costumes, elaborew
rate.scenery for tabloid organizations.
Barfc - clever comedians, good singing and i
. dancing specialties and the Accor- j
aKSwjbMa-ntivinr of TCddie Loon are fur- I
niahing a satisfactory entertainment.' j
At- least the ticket seller's report is j
favorable, and that, together with the I
B'"_ ..amoun* of applause that follows some |
of the nnmbers is a pretty good indi- j
Bf ri Princess Has Wholesome StoryK
Too mnch cannot be said of "The
BS^'-^JCai nice Star," at the Princess. Of ex-;
I treme timeliness, the theme of the
H' drama is one which touches every
-Ipousehold in America today. In spite
its 'title, it is not a war play, bnt
" gather a drama of the national draft.
B V : .:Madgc Kennedy's role is that of
^^^MarQyn March, a girl of plain appearB<
v anqe and homdrnm life whose .wealthy
- relatives keep her in the background.
Thrilled by the war, the girl envies
. , - the women doing war work, each with
k|; ? sweetheart or a husband at the
ft,"' front.' And when she announces that
she is a war bride, as other fictional j
; heroL.es have done, she is regarded;
By- ' almost as. a celebrity. In the result
ISgy ofrher deception, however, audiences
B?? find their greatest surprise. MarBB|&
Jlyn is sought out by the mother of
Ht' -the man whose wife she pretends to be
Hf||?:iuia instead of qustioning Marilyn's
BBzp.istory sh takes the girl to her heart
and into her home. Against her will
l^dre self-styled young wido> is forced;
to play her part to the bitter end. I
B ' Finally she makes a startling discov- j
Bftr. -ery and learns the true significance of i
the single service star which hangs t
Blip In a Cash Marilyn sees the truth of
the mother's willingness to accept her
K^jjand to make the most of the lie she
Bs?? knows the girl is living. This knowiedge'
impels the girl to make public
BS-V -her deception and to bare the greater
H< fault of Hie elder woman, a fault which
HnffiiKiaiiiiriilKie 1am than a crime aeainst
'the government. From then on "The
Hv 'Service Star" abounds in tense action
and powerful moments.
I v "t
-Central American Story.
The romance and fun of the average
'Central American revolution are adJ?
mtrably-brought out in "Less Than
Kin." starring Wallace Reid and feaIp^ajBg
dainty Ann Litttle, at the Jfel;fii"
this excellent picture Mr. Reid
H\ plays two roles?that of a ne'cr-do
\ -well, vrho Is disowned by his family.
j , and the other thaf of a man who has
H accidentally killed a man in defense
a woman, and who escapes uoui l]
| ; ' ^a and finds refuge in Central >? ?? !
?> lea. where he drills a motley army 01
revolntionists. 'i'hr
H tweeh these two men is so startling
that on the deaui o. cue no o. ..
the regugee decides to assume nisj
I wflmo and station and retnrns to New I
York, where bis fcapostore brings,
H about many highly diverting siina-1
tions. In the end. however, he is par- I
H dosed and finds happiness and love in {
- a charming girl.
The photography in this photoplay I
is of excetiopnal merit and lends much
to the attractiveness or .the snbiect. J]
K ^Tbe .^tory was written by Alice Duerl
^ ^
?There is a report that Beverly
Eavne and Francis Bushman will
l^pve Metro when the picture the;
are now working on Is completed.
When the subject was broached they
evaded answer, bat did not deny that
h"* "" ">"ST?rt arltti Mgfm and
could leave at any time they so desired.
?Vendetta's Daughter, a Bluebird
nroduction .featuring Fritz! Brunette,
is scheduled tor release September 23.
The young star portrays the role of an
Italian peasant girl brought up amid
the atmosphere of vengeful secret so-i
1 cieties. j
POP. :
Commisioners Sworn in Con;
demnations Proceedings
Brought by M.V.T. Co.
Commissioners were sworn in circuit
court yesterday afternoon to assess
damages incident to the rights
of way which the Monongahela Val
?/ ? ukuob uiiu|Rui7 is seeKing ior 1
its transmission lines. The eondem-'
nation proceedings have been brought
by the traction company against
Frank L. Barnes, et al., and John X.
. Rittenhouse, et al.
The company wants to procure
rights of way for a transmission line
to carry current from the new Rivesville
power plant to two sub stations
to be located at Thirteenth street and
Virginia avenue. Fairmont, and at
Norwood. There are to be probably
as many as 13 poles carrying elec
tricity. and the poles are to be 125
feet apart with steel towers every 30C
The commissioners are M. L. Meredith.
T. J. Clelland. Neeson Musgrave.
Thomas Hughes and R. <J. Musgrove.
They will view the premises on September
23 and hear testimony as to
the value of the property and later'
arrive at a verdict.
Mrs. L. H. Boor, of Mannington. was !
in the city yesterday having come here
to attend the Edison tone concert at
the Grand last evening. She was the
guest of the Misses Jeannette and Caroline
Bright while in the city.
I ?
Here on Visit.
Miss Rath Heintzeiman who has.
been a student at the Vassar college |
training school for nurses for the last
several months, has arrived home to
spend a two weeks* vacation. She has
been assigned to the Children's, hos-!
pital in Boston to complete her train-;
ins. She was accompanied here by .
Miss Carol Powell, who was a member 1
of the Vassar Women's Land army I
daring the summer. Miss Powell has ;
resumed her work as musical director j
of the Miller school.
' * * "
Meets at Church.
The Stoetzer Circle of the West- j
minster Gnild will meet Friday after
noon at the First Presbyterian chnrch !
at 3:30 o'cock with the Misses Kath- J
erine Smith and Ruth Johnston as :
hostesses. Mrs. H. G. Stoetzer. who j
attended the Bible conferences at MtJ
Lake Park the past summer, will address
the organization concerning the
* ? *
Dance Tonight.
A dance in which many of the
younger set will participate will be
held at the Fairmont' Country club,
music for which will be rendered by
Barrett's orchestra. Dancing will begin
at 9:30 o'clock.
Entertained Friends. _
Miss Mary Riggs was hostess last
evening at her home in Fairmont ave
All This Week
Musical Comedies
I Soprano.
I a- place of refinement where I
I- every member ot the family I
I may spend a pleasant hoar.
Kr. T&rcc ohows Daily
) THt sis-cte/fwno
I /"/?? *- COOB6CT
' Bear
Notables to Attend Convention
of District 2 All
Day Tomorrow.
Elaborate plans are being made for
the convention of the second district.
Pythian Sisters, which will be held in
the church at Watson on Thursday.
An all day session will be in force and
the morning session will be called at
10:30 o'clock; the afternoon session
at 2 o'clock and the evening session at
7:30 o'clock.
In the evening the Watson class will
initiate a class of candidates. The
Clarksburg staff will put on the ladies'
work and the Mountain City staff, of
Fairmont, will exemplify the knight's i
work. It is expected that fully 200 peo- j
pie will be in attendance. T he con-j
ventions held by district 2 are re- ]
garded as being the best district conventions
held by the Pythian Sisters
in the slate."
Among those who will be in attendance
are: Mrs. Alice R. Miller, of
Fairmont, grand chief: Mrs. Ida Riddle.
of Clarksburg, grand senior:
Daisy Reeves, of Morgantown. grand
mistress of records and correspond-,
nue to a number of. her friends, the i
gue&u> uiuuumg me oiisscs ucriroae j
Thralls. Pauline Fortney. Madge Holt. I
Katherine RIggleman. Vera Francis, j
Messrs. John Fleming. David Ham- j
mond. Jay Toothman. Howard Long.!
Kenneth Hess and B. Robey.
\ Returned From Country.
Mr. and Mrs. Jess LeMasters and
daughters, the Misses Mildred and
Marjorie. have returned from their
country home in Monongalia county,
where they had spent the summer.
The Most
Diefiiva Firm*
1 X UViUl W> JL* T V
Shown in
the City
Exposed in
Their Most
SEE this picture
and realize
Is in the War.
Approved by U.
promised to attend the; convention,
- ; |
- t!
it. . - - <
Mrs. Elizabeth Butcher, of Hut?
tonsville and Beverly, .is spending
several weeks' with her ; son, B.' t?:
'Butcher, on Gaston avenue.'
I Miss Florehce Dowden . left - last
! night for Sweet Briar." Va., to resume
her studies at Sweet. Briar -Cdllege. '
Mrs. J. U. Wise has. been ill .for the
past week at her home'on PJerpont
avenue. She is improving.' however.'
i Miss Edna Miller, teacher'of domestic
science in the High school-, has re
turnedhere.from Charleston where she
??in artanoiAn maa.'lf dnrint
was tUfeiigvu <u -W>.. -?er
the Summer.
Ask British Labor to
/ Tae Wilson Terms
(By Associated Press)
LONDON. Sept. 18.?The American
delegates to the inter-allied labor
i and socialist conference presented
.proposals that-the conference endorse!
the 14 points laid down by President'
Wilson as the conditoin on which
peace may be established and main- j
Andrew Rapoich and Wassel Vel-!
to. of Farmington. were to have been j
heard today by Justice Musgrove on |
a charge of bringing in whiskey, but1
the trial has been postponed indett-j
nitely. I
A marriage license has been issued
by Deputy County Clerk Phillips to
Walter Gray. 33. and -Emma Jane.
Phillips. 22. both of Mannlngton.
Hospital Patient?Thomas Burglass.
the four year old son of Mr.
and Mrs. William Burglass. of Farmington.
underwent an operation for
hernia this morning at Cook hospital.
? NIGHT, 8:30
*rice<-25c, 35c, 50c I
[ tomorrow I
* 6 Shows
J Each Day
-A. :
s. Government
11 A. M? 1:05, 3:10, 5rl5,
7:20 and 9.25 P. M.
[email protected]*6SroSwi^gare5l I
j| VivJuijll ll
- WASHINGTON', a ci, Sept- IS.?
| The remains Of Mrs. Annie EL Kraft.
| a' former resident of Parkersbnrg,
I and who died' snddnely at her -apartments
in this city, were taken to
Wheeling, accompanied' by her sob.
Chester It. Kraft, her daughter,. Miss
tpn. who has taken a positon at the]
government printing plant: Misses L
.Virginia, and Harriett Barrett, of Par- t
! kersburg. who have taken .positions
! in one or the government depart-;
j mentfe, and C. J. Good enough, of-Fair
monL - j
__ i
Late arrivals in the. Capital from
West Virginia are 'Allan McNeil, ofj
-Wheeling: John A. Crislip and son.
Tayolr A. Crislip. of Clarksburg, who .
have been at Camp Lee to visit Paul:
i Crislip: Mrs. J. C. Key. of Charles-:
[ Annie Krarr. and her niece. Miss Hel- j
l ea Tavener. Other children snrviv-;
! ing her are William.: who is at Hong 1
\ Kong. China, at the head - of the.
: Standard Oil company's interests in ;
| that part of the world: Mrs. Lewis N. j
I Tavener. of Parkersbnrg; Mrs. Daniel
; R. Weller, of Baton Bouge. La., and.
I Howard Kraft, of Oblong. I1L J. H. j
| McDonald and C. C. Robinson, of
| Wheeling, are cousins. Funeral ser-!
| vices were held here, and at Wheel- [
! ing on Tuesday. Interment was in ;
i Greenwood cemetery in" that city, j
! Mrs. Kraft's maiden name was Annie
EL Moore, and she was born in Wheel!
ins- Her husband, who died six years
i ago, was Capt. William Kraft, who
was a pioneer oil operator and machine
shop proprietor. Mrs. Kraft
was a lady of charm and culture and
possessed those qualities of refined
womanhood which endeared her to
her many friends:
A marriage license was issued' In
this city Monday to Carl H. Crawford i
Dressing Table
Perfumes. Toilet Waters,
Pace Powders, other things.
Four Pop
. Tailor
Distinctive Styles,
of pure wool fabric
way maintain the
} Hartley Garments
| satisfaction.
Serges, Burellas, Silve
dines. Taupe, Navy, Br<
Black, Fancy Brown, Blu
Of course we have fii
Smaller Prices, but for the
j confine her expenditure \
you will find nothing to
few to equal these Suits.
* at $29.50, $35.00,
Receiving and
Serges, Broa
! Fran
New pure wool fabr
round utility such as few
i Serges in Navy, Tar
pen, 42 indies wide, ydl $1
Broadcloths in Cope
57 inches wide, yd $4.00.
Frames, in Navy, C
Tan and Black, 44 inches
? ati ihaai ru?ri:.
l^CW All UWU1 V/liaUK
! of pretty, neat, new pat
?1.00 yd.
We Aihr
: If
2nd Itask?7 R- Williams, both of!
Charleston; V. VaCommlssions
a? .postmaster have |
issued to Calvin 11..Morrison at Slate,
and Thomas J. Osborne at Blakeley.
W. Va.
Congressman and Mrs. Harry C.
Woodyard.have.gone to Parkersburs.
and ' after several days spent thereI
will go to their home at Spencer. Mr. i
Woodyard. will visit Huntington and :
other towns in tb^ district that be j
represnts in the lower house of Con-1
Kress before be returns to Washington.
Mrs. j. H. Lough, of Mannington. isj
the guest of Mrs. C. S. Thomas at ber j
home in this city. j
Changing your own rather psri
seem all right at first blush, but '
out even more annoying than your
happens in "Less Than Kin".
Fatty Arfouckle in
T? II X?
JTauillic l'lcuuivn
nular Prices
ed Suits fo
, carefully tailored
.s, which in every
; reputation of
for -quality and
irtones, Velours Gabar>wn,
Pekin, Burgundy,
e and Green Mixtures.
ler Suits?and Suits at
i woman who desires to
vithin this price range
surpass and Extremely
$39-50, $45-00
I Selling New
dcloths and
aes At*
ics that offer all-year- Oi
others weaves can.
ipe. Grey, Brown, Co- Be
J-25,$2.50, 2.75. real
_ not
in,. Taupe, Brown etc. -cue
ter i
!open,. Wisteria Green <
wide, yd: $2-50 whd
is in a splendid variety
terns, 28 inches wide, '><?
ise Early B
jg|^- R
. l) \ made ma]
the contii
^??r ??ve
I nrtf trot fn
K-j HUU J I.U 1-lJ
A room i
in sbabb? sb<
Corniahlnsa o
always look:
tffy your boa
this year may
registered before.Aasat list
until Septeudbet SHrHBIH
..., - 1,1 ..a ?V WBfMBtlB
list up to and Inclndi:
Ions past tor anoth?
when the other mail's -pa.own,
then you are"lik a It
- " in
full assortments pre
. - -***
weights, proper stylesc^^
\ SMuai
i ^
/ \^ * 'JS^HB2HNHH|
x , r .. ...v
1 v^^r^SsRj
M. ^p ..' '^-r -IfeSaB
, j . j
cause tbe boy S^^^nKH
hard..?errice? moth
make the- oMd^MpmH
ap~ and Inferior <
only half the flzn
> .^inST'''
t li ii ii i In ii ii.jitgKW
er tlnes' tn
' Da4 fi iVn it
teat. Sol?8for
raously lis
- , i HT1
owned atmflggWBM
" j
filh a ahabby'i^^SES8SB^^^B ?S
?s?no matter 1
r tin odia3dallnngHNl|
i<ML. NOwCfa
w wlth-uuir'ijU? *&j

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