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* ... riTTSBUEGH, 8ppL 18. ? On the I
BfiBHtaxsli Sock Exchange there was I
ocfa doing outside of tbe low- I
Ppj^W^B"'1 jfe shares and Liberty I
I loads. EleT?n shares Lone Star Gas I
? told mt 18, Oan adrance of $5 a share I
BBliiiBy8iBfiH{iiiMiMiMarrTr?f and th" B
Iota. There ires an unconport
on the exehsipge that
le a day. Oklahoma. |l
tber at 27%. anA Ohio Fuel
| Weetiu^Kuise Air^Brake
HjKg??jl^iiSxw ivu. WK> /? ?
29 West Airbrake. 93% 93
HE^KftXlbertT 3%s ... 99.96 99.84
^.1S0 So 1st 4s 96.44 9649 !
199 So 1st 4%s" 111 96.46 9646 |
K " . *59 Do 2d 4%s ... 95.73 95.68;
SaaSaoo s& 3d 4%s ... 95.74 95.68!
BlEggiWPgh Brew 6s... 53 63 |
Kk For the Poi
n $ information Which Will J
MStu: . Chickens for Pleasui
Youths Are Developing Into Poultry
ftcperts Under Guidance
of Specialists.
ri-jf'-"-Thcmm/ln of girls and boys of the
U'nlted States have enlisted with.
F Uncle Sam as poultry raisers. The
| bureau of animal industry; United
1- States department of 'agriculture, co^Miaitoi
-with many state agricultural
colleges to assist juvenile farmers In
f^poQltiy lxnsb&xMlxy.
I ~ The girls and boys -of today who,
I show an Interest in better ponltry husI
bandry by becoming successful memK
bers of the poultry clubs will be our!
I' breeders, fanciers and poultry pro-!
dacers of tomorrow. The splendid de-|
velopnient of ponltry clubs marks this!
line of wed: as one of the most JmI
portent in the ponltry office of the
bateau of animal industry. United)
states department of agriculture. I
Poultry club work was started In!
| Virginia in 1912 -with 11 dubs and 150j
| members. From this small beginning!
Ehns <tevclAPM M 1Hsrith
1,010 dobs In 300j
membership of about)
boys and girls. Snc-j
have encouraged still ]
ough the Smith-Lever;
t work of a similar Haiti
on with the bureau
try, but this club hls7
the states In which
01st assigned to each
is! on of the work, and!
ibject matter to carry
nlzed states are: Vlr oilna.
South Carolina,
see, Kentucky. Okla-i
Washington. Massachude
bland. Several!
w requested the as-'
edallst In their pout-;
for the coming year,
xial Features,
t are assisted la their
iool teachers; county'
I county home demon-;
of the members llvei
tnd help In the Intro-;
idard-bred stock, lmionstng
and feeding
oarketlng conditions.
who live la towns
ard. poultry plants.
slaHy In the producmve
their educational:
rarrled on so that the>
boys and ?Jrl* hnv? an ?...?
United States and Ck
:M tires. Every motorist k
1 these master tires and ge
I accessories, the best tires,
1 your tires at
Grain and Produce j
CHICAGO, Sept. 18.?As a remit o?
the general fcmhargD oa grain shipments
to western primal j centers, nneas
ttvif* room was amaeel for.
the corn market yesterday showed
weakness the greater part at the session.
FUees dosed nervous % to %
dawn. October fU*2 to 81-52%. and
November 11.48% to 81.48%. Oats, on
the contrary, gained %c to %c, a %c
net. and provlsiona advanced 5c to
Articles. Open. CloseCorn?
October 8L53 83-52% 1
November 1.49 1.48%
October .72% .73%
November .73% .73%
October 39.90
November 39.90
1 New York ~
NEW YORK, Sept. 18. ? Political
rumors restored yesterday's stock
market from a session of lethargic
character to one in which active buying
in the last hour carried the general
list of shares into the highest levels
of the day. While Wall street
conld obtain no confirmation of vagne
reports that the Eohenzollern dynasty
had abdicated or was soon to do
so. circulation of them on the financial
news tickets facilitated a recovery
of the earlier pressure which, concentrated
on speculative issues and
; United. States Steel, in many instances ;
I had carried prices down 1 to 5 points
below Monday's close. U. S. Stee'
more than made np its loss during thr
ffnal period of covering closing r
709%. or % of a point higher than t"
previous day's close.
Jtry Fancier ||!
4elp the Man Who Raises
e to Realize a Profit.
Y Poultry growing Is one of tie y
i nation's most important Indus- A
I tries. X;
T Poultry growing In connection Y :
y with general farming yields a ?
<z larger margin of profit than A!
X most other branches of agricnl- 1
J tore. T
y Poultry growing is certain to t
y become increasingly important a
X and is likely to become increas- X
I ingly profitable. j
T Poultry growing is not a cas- y
y nal matter In which one may be X
<r successful without study and T
X effort. Anything like a large 7
I measure of success in poultry y
Y growing requires expert know!- A
Y edge. X
X The United States department J
i of agriculture, through its boys* y
S and girls? poultry club work. Is A
X imparting to thousands of boys X
T and girls expert Information T
Y that win contribute largely to J J
Y their success In life. y
<t Encourage your hoy or girl to X
Join a poultry club?and encour- T j
I age your community. If It has T
Y not a club, to organize one. y
<c You win be contributing to A
X the success and prosperity both ?
I of your child and your neighbor- I
f hood. 7 I
j^i y?*7 y M ft JT i iij
learn simple business methods. Club
members study poultry bulletins furnished
by the state and government,
and subject matter prepared by -the '
mamhoM U'Htft
positions on poultry management as a;
part of their work. Each member
keeps a record, or business account,
showing accurate figures on expenditures,
receipts and profits, number of
eggs set, number of chickens raised,
Results Obtained.
During the year 193-7 these boy and
girl club members hatched 9&2T3
chicks, and raised 80.310 matured
fowls. Over S17.90&25 worth of poultry
and eggs for market and breeding
purposes were sold or- consumed at
home and the total value of their receipts,
stock on hand, and prizes won
amounted to $41.312.42. In addition to
the exhibits of fowls and eggs made
at county fairs and other poultry
POT Tnfowtg end OilWrwi
In Use For Over 30 Years
\ I
odyear Tires are the best
bows that- Call and see
t our prices. For qoality
service and tire miles, get
I - *
thag jndpo ?Mdto|
lng of incubator, preferring ?B>.
la; fowls tor market. There were 1M
oiWhtra held where 624 members exhibited
6280 birds and 829 dozens of
eggs. The total valne of special and
cash prizes swarded to the members
making these eyfrihtta fctnnwrrted hi
Features of Worfc.
Another feature of ponltrr rftd) work
bur bn? K?ot. ImmhwHII f? ftl?t **
holding short courses at various state
schools and colleges for the benefit of
poultry dob member* who hare made
a good showing In their work. On such
occasions members are sent to one of
the state schools with an tT1""
paid and there given a course of instrncdoa&tpoattry.
Soda courses not
only provide a valuable comae of instruction,
bat promote the -vazioaa
forms of amusement in a more favorable
attttade towards education and
what the social aide of form life can
be made to be. - Another feature that
Is being taken up Is poultry management
contests. These contests are conducted
by the poultry dub agents and1
seemingly are going to arouse much
enthusiasm among the dob member*
and wfll be the means of their obtafn-j
Ing a most practical coarse of lualiiKs
tlon and the proper methods of handling
and caring for poultry.
Girls" and boys" poaltry dabs are a
proven instrmfeat of vatae in die for-,
ward movement In nation-wide poultry
culture, not only on account of thai
tmt MtfRfuctoiT Hwriflnm ftnt but
mors especially in the manifest en*
thuciasm displayed by the boys sad
LONDON. Sept. 18.?Members of
i crew of the American steamship
->ra which aws torpedoed and sunk
spt- 4th, were landed at an Irish
port on Tuesday by an American
store ship.
James Thomas left today to resume
his studies at Flshburn' military
school. Waynesboro. Va. after spending
the summer vacation with his parents,
Dr. and Mrs. C. S. Thomas. LEGAL
Pursuant to a decree of the Circuit
Court of Harion County, West Virginia,
entered on July 25. 1918, in
the consolidated chancery causes of
Inez M. Amos vs. Earl G- Amos and
others, and Fairmont Jiachin;
ery Company vs. Earl G. Amos, the
undersigned special commissioner
will on the 28th day of September.
11918, commencing at ten o'clock a.
i m.. sell at public auction at the front
door of the Court House.-of said
| County to the highest and best bidder,
the following described real estate.
(1) That certain store room and
dwelling house located on Walnut
Avenue in the City of Fairmont, including
parts of lots No. 11 and 12
in Block o. 6 of the Fairmont Development
Company's Addition1 to said
: city, which was conveyed to the said
i Earl G. Amos by Webb Amos and
j wife by deed dated August 6, 1913,
and recorded in the Clerk's Office of
| the County Court of said County In
1- "Ifll ne?n 19Q
irecu ouua J- ^ j., ? ?(2)
Tne undivided half Interest
in lot No. 33 in Block No. 20 of the
East Park Addition to the said city,
conveyed to said Earl G. Amos by
deed dated April_3.1916. and recorded
in said Clerk's Office in Deed Book
207. page 300.
(3) The undivided half Interest
in lot No. 21 in Block No. 5 of the
J. Fay Watson Addition to the said
City of Fairmont located on "View
! Avenue, conveyed to the said Earl G.
Amos by George M. Alexander, special
commissioner, by deed dated
September 20. 1907, and recorded in
said Clerk's Office in Deed Book No.
151 at page 214.
(4) Dot No. 5 in the Clayton
Heights Addition to the City of Fairmont,
including the dwelling house
(5) Dots No. 15/16. 17 and 18
in the said Clayton Heights Addition
to said City of Fairmont, including
the three dwelling houses located
(6) Dot No. 22 in the said Clayton
Heights Addition to the said City
of Fairmont.
(7) Dot No. 3 in the Pike Street
Addition to the said City of Fairmont.
(8) Dots No. 75 and 76 in the
Arnett Addition to the said City of
(9) Dot No. 1 in the subdivision
of the Ogden-Amos property fronting
I 30 feet on Chicago Street and extending
back between parallel lines a
distance of SO feet.
(10) Dot No. 2 In the W. A
Dawler plan of lots situate on Monroe
Street in the said City of Fairmont,
including the dwelling house
Iftrafwl thoTAnn
For further description reference
is here made to the aforesaid" decree
and the papers filed in the aforesaid
causes consolidated.
Said sales will be made npon the
following terms: One-third of the
purchase money and as much more
thereof as the purchaser may elect to
pay cash In hand on date of sale, and
the residue of the purchase price to
be paid in two equal payments payable
respectively on or before one
and two years from date of sale, with
interest on the deferred payments
until paid, and for which the purchaser
will be required to execute in
favor of the undersigned special commissioner
his purchase money notes
with approved personal security, and
a vendor's Ben will be reserved npon
the face of the deeds hereafter to be
made for the property as a further
JAM?S .A. hi f I w K m jt' n.
Special Commissioner.
I, Clarence Currey. Cleric of the
Circuit Court of Marion County. West
Virginia, do certify that the above
named special commissioner has executed
bond before me in the penalty
of conditioned for the faithi%f
. W? nnifpr
deerw nd otherwise conditioned
'W band this 27th
Will Assist Lawyers in Making
Oat Registrant's
Members of the selective service
legal advisory board axe awaiting the
malting oat of the qaesttomiaireeJndge
William S. Haymond. chairman
of the board, received -word today
that 450 qoestfoaalres would be
mailed oat by the county board at
Mamilngton today. He was under the
Impression that the first contingent
i of lawyers would be sent to Mannlngton
porbably Friday of this week.
This, however was not fixed for a certainty.
Judge Haymond in -order to angj
m en t the legal advisory board's workers
drafted a. bevy of local bank
clerks Into the service. They will
work during the afternoon and night;
This will aid the lawyers greatly.
Form what Judge Haymond could
learn the city board will send oat Its
questionnaires In ten per cent allotments.
this applying to the young,
men between 19 and 21 and the men j
between 32 and 36.
Red Cross is in
Need of Helmets
The knitting department of the local
Bed Cross makes an argent re
?* -.rt?Aw lioHno' ?? flnfeh.
qotat uitti tuij j^viowu ui.- u.? ? .... ? ,
ed helmet in their possession -will
torn same into headquarters tomorrow,
as a request has come from National
headquarters for a shipment
of helmets immediately.
Those who have helmets which are
not finished at this time are requested
to finish them as quickly as possible,
as the National society asks that
the remainder of the local allotment'
be got into headquarters as quickly!
as possible.
' I
We have cc
the Goverim
to he satis
reasonable ]
keep- the q.
^?-* o g
The Same Pri(
Our increased
foresight in b
economy in max
yon to buy
As Ahna?s50
Good Sbix
Good foa
y%VoTS. at
P. Jt, at the east front door of the
court boose of ataxias county. West
Vbgtaia. sell "AD that certain parcel
of zeal estate situate is Fairmont. Ma"*
<- twt VT?O?W .
on the plat of the town of Palatine a*
Lot No. 145. being that part of said
lot ironing 50 feet on Adams street,
in said town, adjoining the property =
or tbe said town of Palatine (now a
portion of the city of Fairmont) known .
as tbe Mayor's office and Lockup for .
said town, and extending hack along
tbe Une o fsaid town property 60 feel to
the rear of said lot Not 145. tbe fall width
of sal dlot as It. now is. and
couveyed to Mary Kirnna Knight by
Josina D. Mnagrave by deed dated tbe 1
11th day of June. 1914. Seed Book '
No. 198, page 32."
Terms of Sale.
One third of tbe purchase price (or :
as much mb re as the pnrchaaer desires
to psy) cash In band an day of sale, i
end the balance thereof^ in two equal
payments on a credit of six and twelve
months from date of sale, the parcfaas- 1
er to execute bis two several pro mis- 1
sory notes therefor, with security to ;
be approved by the undersigned, and j
as further security a vendor's lien
will be retained In the doed for said
property- '
Authority Is given to sell said prop
erty at public or private sale, and '
bids will be reedtved therefor until
date of sale.
X*> V? r KUHOt A?u?bW* I
t ?""'"J:
When Does a Check Be- J
come a Lawful Receipt? ri| i
f ^ "8.
A check becomes & receipt t 3
that is tolly recognized by
law when the item tor which 3
it is paid oat is listed on the <
face ot the check. ,
In private transaction, and 3
where the party to whom the
check is paid is well known, '
it is obvious that tabulation _
may be ommitted on the ~ <
check, but placed on the :
*heck-book stub as usual. ,
The National IBank ot Fair- <
nont's check system is prov- t
ng Invaluable to a multitude ,
it Fairmont people. Why % j
wouldn't it prove valuable to 'Jfl
yon in your personal affairs? fit 1
West V*. .
implied with
tent's request
ified with a
profit and to
oality up to
Size Box
*?Ten Beats
volume of sales,
uying and rigid
mfacture, enable
lie Same Price
?Ten Gents
tes to the Box
r Leather
i wear longer
k better
^ I?Otl 2fOW&
to do general 'repair
Steady wort S-hcrar day- Apply at
Central Power Plant. HotcMnson. W.
? * ?
va. ? *1? " "
WANTED ? Lineman, ante* ajtegi
Class X and B. Men tor construction
work. "Wages 50c and 60c per hour
ind transportation. Eoog Jcb. Apply
Monongshcla Valley Traction Cov
Fairmont. W. Va. MMMM5
WANTED?Good reliable man or boy
for Ford delivery trade; good pay
and light work. Address Box 4441,
care West Virginian. 9-17-St-4441
WANTED?White and colohod boys,
16 to IS for factory work. Apply
Monongah Glass Co, Factory 12th St.
WANTED?Male stenographer by
large operating coal company. Good
opportunity for man of ability. State
sge. draft status and salary expected.
Address Box 4430, care West Virginian
office. 3-17-3t-4430.
WANTED?Linemen's helpers; wages
40c per hoar and transportattion. Apply
oF.A. Webster. Supt. Stock Boom.
1st St. Fairmont. W. Va. 9-18-4t-4444
WANTED?Night clerk, Kenyon HoteL
Good place for elderly man.
GOVERNMENT Civil Service Examinations:*
Fairmont in September.
Government. Clerk, Teacher. Inspectors.
Research Clerk, Typewriter. Salary
82,0000. Experience unnecessary.
Women desiring government positions
write fc free particulars to J C Leonard
(formerly Civil Service Examiner)
J06 Ken vis Bldg, Washington.
PERSONS wanting Normal student
roomers notify President Rosier,
Normal school, before September 6.
Only written applications wilt be considered.
Address Joseph Rosier,
Pres. State Normal, Fairmont, W. Va.
stocks on government contracts.
We are in the market for Black Walnut
logs for our Gun Stock Factory
which we are now building in Roan>ke,
Va. Our government is in urgent
neea of this supplies, and It will be
considered a patroitfc duty on your
part if yon will take this matter cp
with ns at cnce. If yon have any
Wafarat timber for sale, or any information
as to other parties who have
wainut umoer, wui m ayyrcvuitou.
Address Penrod Walnut dkVeneer
Co, Box 481, Roanoke Vs. Office
816 Jefferson St. 8-28-8St?tS S
WANTED?Board and rooms is ? relined
family by a lady for the month
of October, State terms. Address
Box 44, care West Virginian.
WANTED TO BUT?5 or 6 room
house, with modern conveniences.
South Side preferred. Call S. B. Elfins
at Fairmont Hotel- 9-16-3t-4423.
WE MANUFACTURE Apple barrels.
Lime and Floor barrels; barrel
stares, apple ladders, barrel lines. Let
is quote you prices. Virginia Coopirage
Co, Clorerdale. Va. S-2g-26t43S3
FOR SALE?Bulck Six Roadster, in
good condition. Cash p.-lcs $650.
Apply Fairmont Motor Car Co , 6th
rt. and Fairmont ave. 9-U-3t44M.
FOR SALE?Ten million feet Virgin
Pine Timber, for sale in East Texas,
?tn, on tract. Address P. O. Box 716.
Beaomont. Texas. >frl2t4380.
FOR SALE?Good dairy proposition
with farm for rent. Good terms for
reliable nerson. Apply Box 4438 West
Virginian office. 9-17-3t-M38
FOR SAL&?Six-room residence on
Field street See F. B. Dickerson.
>03 Locust avenge. 7-20-tt- ^155
FOR SALE?7-room modern frame
house on paved street In Eighth
ward. Possession about Sept. 1st.
Owner leaving city. Address Box
(256. West Virginian.
8-10-tt. 4256.
FOR SALE ? 5-room house at 619
Maryland Ave. Hot and cold -water.
Htted for coal or gas; slate root, posession
in thirty days.. Address J. D.
Riley; Ten Mfle. W. Va. 9-7-tf-4386
EOR^REXT^One^'rour^room house".
large lot. good cellar and hath, also
one 3-room house. Inquire 202 Dlamond
st. 9-17-3M437.
FOR RENT?Two room house Apply
M. H. Ktntald. i'hono 81W.
1 1
No Patience W
We don't care tow uracil not
spend more than necessary to get
Treasury McAdoo expressed our i
day In New York:
1 lone no patience with the i
nation is in need of every do
bancs on to bis dollar recai
may say. Is the man who is 1
nlnwwtf ? TWirii fOTMy
' Put as much money in this b
. rou wm be serving both your as
21 ?iinT B
wanted miti" 'iCSrftfBMBS^B
salary, room sad t^arA
O. Restaaranl Co. ;
clerks to bo
Salary SUOO. Expert
sary. Women MUc g
R. EL Teary. (fOnnear CJv
Examiner). SOS CofaaDMn
general hoosewoefc.' OoolinS|
the sight party. iildin?'T
105. --v:aa^rtp
WANTED?Kitchea- luipaMgUgwaJJ
WANTED?2 women lor lan:
en honrs* wnrk iLfiLa^jriSlB
lunch. Also 2 girl* for kit
dining room. $20 and $22 pr
Board, room and washliig
Hospital No. 3. fjBPjflj
rooms. . Apply 623 Wahnt
man only. 540 Plerpont .
FOR RENT?Furnished zooma^BBj^H
able location. Sooth Side
bed roam In prirxte Cam
preferred. Address
"West Virginian. | y' ;c^3i233BBMEM
FOR RENT?Light ; kon**fB0j$pM|
rooms: also one fnrhfrtert
room. 205 Norral s?
house, 7 rooms, good c*Q*xv^?9
barn with alio and straw ah
barn, other necessary t
Some timber and tSXl htAAHHl
pike this season. Six mtWHc
town of 25,000 popnlrflrynr. Tf
one-half cash, balance suuuiud'
mortgage. Price $5700. I hare t
bargains, write for Isxs* list. H.
Write tor free
& Ford, Lynchtrarsh. V?.^-^
room houses left oa Speed
line now m operation TnaMkg^BCH
Greater Fairmont Investr
Flrmont Hotel BkBx... '
WANTED?Agencies. $60 weekly and
aatomobOe fnrnfshed men emafl
where, placing samples; wdbtipfl
product with" lllU'uuillilMBWMlMi
worth equals gallona ot^sMOggflfiK
OP- ?1 ?nlill r
uaifcuvAiiuu macm
fitted. SiSSSO
HaU Block oik~ 3SS33|
Old Radiators Bought,
Practical Tinner and
Metal vyortor. 32MjatjiggggQ
| A J
Window Qlaas and I
Phone 477 -W?'r
.. ' . ' . ,^- :^gLseg
~ -.JhMiirlSMBl
M Hi lif ifi
: X-V*.?'.y ra.. C 3 AK-1tLi..riTir"

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