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J"I"7F"7 H T5Wia?g
1 -i
It dnringT the past we?k
Mttb'Uberal short coyera
foundation which bad
jncau mumvu LU uis lumwuni
Isfdewith her sister .Mrs. Ambrose.
[Aferchant street. She Is & student
Hlffii East Side school. I
IjiEttsndHn. Charles Micheal. of
mt??kzk avenue, -will go to "Win- j
IjMw the latter part of the week to
ngf||fjaL Hfcheal's uncle. Charles
w-joncmcr asmo? ask ant mwgoot
[ Ah kinds of bauHnt sod deUrerf
?CaItPraone No. 940.
It of Mrs. Mary C. Jones.
?*>?< "? of Mrs. Mary C. Jones,
L at Weston on Tuesday, SepX
were brought to this city
t and taken to Mt. Nebo toInterment.
Funeral services
1 at the Mt. Nebo church by
D. Mtichell, of the Central
: church of this city. Mrs.
a the widow of Elias Jones,
eded her to the grave many
he is survived by one daugh.Anna
Jones, of Richmond,
a, Mrs. Clapper, of BlacksAnna
Rissler, of Iowa, also
Mrs. Jones was converted
bd and was a member of the
t church for a number of
Lfterwaxd she united with
tlan church and was a memhe
Mt. Nebo congregation. I
aged 72 years and was
i a loving mother and good
-In her home community,
er Jenkins bad charge of
ex Offitt, of Keyser, arrived
light and is the guest of her
l T. B- Henderson, in GufTy
ary FruimofState street. Is
i out again atfer undergoing
Ion for removal of tonsils at
md from Haywood
A. xiuiuci u?*>v
mjaved from Haywood to the Moats
In View street.
H|S Home from Vacation Trip.
I Marshall Prunty, of the Consolidation
Coal company engineering corps,
has returned form a vacation trip to
his home at Pnllman. He also visitBid
"relatives at Tulsa, Oklahoma, and
plectra, Texas, while on his vacation.
BSHft:' FNm Bridgeport.
It ^Kte Mary Morrison, of Bridgeport,
Hjdxvbas been the guest of Mrs. RusIjaR-Nlehols
at Colfax since Friday,
feme down today and win spend a
few days with Mr. and Mrs. S. L. JaHtetoGnSy
street. .Mrs. Nichols aoBgayaied
her here and spent the
At J. D. Summers*. .
Ijb. and Mrs. Sidney Jones, of RichHbod.
came down yesterday to attend
wj^Ameral of Mrs. Jones* mothr.
^bs..Mary C. Jones, and were guests
HTMr.'and Mrs. J. D. Summers while
^ R. A. Johnston, of Columbia street.
Hps "been quite ill the past few days.
HI Mrs. Straight, of Mannington. is
njttqpJin. Joseph S. Baker in Vernb.'W.
H. Randolph, of Vermont
Hmna is recovering from * few
BMHwh Gertrude Waters, of Market
Hteeet, Is visiting Mr. and Mrs.
paries Robinson at Winchester, Va.
jSBss: Irene Smith, who spent the
Kuttlbn period at her home In EI"
M ?? ? -* * ? ??iif will
Pittsburgh |
PITTSBURGH, Sept. IS.?The largest
price chaoses is the local stock
market were in the Brewing issues,
which were weak. Independent Brewing
preferred declined % to 5, a new
low price, and the bonds of the company
sold at 34%, a decline of 1%
from the last previous market. Pittsburgh
Brewing preferred sold unchanged
at 5, and a block of 328.000
of the 6 per cent, bonds sold at 63%,
and advance of % over the last previous
a,'~ TTtgl. Low.
50 AW 6 Mach... 64% 64%
60 Anaconda Cop.. 67% 67%
60 Fireproof ? 5 6
230 Ind Brewing .. 1% 1%
20 Do preferred.. 108% 108%
115 Done Star Gas.. 102 18 Qj
40 MfTs L> & H ... 47 47
632 Ohio F Supply. 41% 41%
10 Pgb Brew pfd.. 5 5
100 Pgb Coal 49% 49%
1,200 P-J Copper JO JO
10 Tens Co ..... 162 162
25 Un N G Corp... 135% 135
3 1,000 Ind Brew 6s... 34% 34%
250 Lib Loan 3%s 100.16 99.86
200 Do 1st 4s... 96.50 96.44
J,500 Do 2d 4s 85.72 9558
250 Do 2d 4%s .. 95.64 9558
3,000 Do 3d 4%s .. 95.94 95.68
28,000 Pgb Brew 6s.. 43% 53%
WAW Tnw pftcnrd.
Will Remote to Wyoming.
Albert Brooks, who has been employed
by the Consolidation Coal
Company at Hutchinson, for the past
several years, will remove to Lost
Spring; Wyoming; the last of the
week, where he will engage in farming.
Musical Entertainment.
Sirs. Josephine Haymond's music
pupils will give a musical entertainment
at the Christian church on Sunday
evening; September 22, consisting
of both vocal and instrumental music.
The proceeds will go to the Ladies*
Aid Society.
Painting Property.
Charles It Atha is having his property
treated to a new coat of paint. J.
C. Jacobs has the contract.
Finley Oakes is also repainting his
business building on Main street
John L. Brumage, of Monndsvllle.
was visiting bis parents here on Wednesday.
He went from here to Baltimore
on a business trip.
Jesse M. Wood was a visitor in
Fairmont on Wednesday.
Peter B. Basnett, of Tetrick Ridge,
was transacting business in town on
Miss Genevieve Parish was shopping
in Fairmont on Wednesday.
J. W. Wallbrown removed to the
property recently purchased on Water
street This week.
Isaac Mclntlre was a business visitor
in Fairmcnt on Tuesday.
Geo. L. Herndon to
Be Buried at Bomney
George Love Herndon, for several
years & resident of this city, died yesterday
at his home on Fairmont avenue.
after a few weeks' illness. Several
years ago Mr. Herndon was
stricken with paralysis, from the effects
of which he had never recovered.
He also suffered from Bright's disease
WHICH was primarily uic gauoc VI Uio
Herndon was born. In Faqnier
county, Virginia, in 1851. and later resided
at Luray. Va. His father -was
the first Baptist minister in that section
of Virginia. His mother -was
Elizabeth Jane Tyler, a daughter of
Judge William Monroe Tyler, of
Prince William county, Virginia.
Mr. Herndon Is survived by his wife,
who was before her marriage Miss
Mary Agnes Bonney, and four children,
R. B. Herndon. of Clarksburg;
R. M. Herndon, of Palmer. W. Va.;
Mrs. A. E. Anderson, of Denver, Col.,
and Miss Radel Herndon, of this city.
Funeral services were held this
morning at 10:30 o'clock at the residence.
conducted by the Rev H. G.
Stoetzer, of the First Presbyterian
church. The body was taken to Romney.
Hampshire county, on the 12:15
train, where Interment will be made.
Officers will be named at the meeting
of the Public Health Nursing Ser?I?
nt a meeting to be held
VIVO WM?o?? ?- ? ?
at the V. M- C. A. Reports of officers
for the year will also be given at
this meeting.
The National War Labor Board favors
the adoption of a dividing line
between the war industries in which
women should be employed and those
in which they should not.
United States and Go
tires. Every motorist is
these master tires and gei
accessories, the best tires,
your tires at
Bandies of About One Hun
Hrori F.gfh Arg "Reiner
Mailed Every Day.
The first questionnaires for the
new registrants were mailed oat by
the local draft board early yesterday
morning. The questionnaires at present
will go only to registrants between
the ages of 19 and 38 inclusive. Registrants
born before September 18 1881
and after September 12,1899 win not
receive their questionnaires until a
later date.
It is estimated by the local draft
board that there win be approximately
1.100 men in Fairmont between 19
and 38. Ten percent of the questionnaires
win be mailed each day until
an between these ages have received
them. Over, one hundred were mailed
out by the local draft board today.
Registrants are given seven days
in which to fin out and return their
questionnaires. If any registrant has
changed his address since registration
day he should inform the draft board
of the change Imedlately as the registrant
Is responsible.
The Legal Advisory Board wfll be
in session at the court huose each
day from 9 to 12 a. m. from 2 to 5 p.m.
until all the questionnaires are fined
out Registrants are rearrested to go
to the Legal Advisory Board for assistance.
even though they think they
.i? <wr <m out ionnaire them
can iiu vuv
With each questionnaire there Is a
supplement which was printed a^er
the questionnaires were printed. For
the convenience of the many registrants.
the local draft board is enclosing
with each ^estionnalrea
list of the lawyers who will be found
at the county court room at tne cour?
bouse to assist them in filling out
the document and a full explanation
of the work of the Advisory board.
The information is in the form of a
letter to the registrant from William
S. Haymond. chairman, and Scott C.
Lowe, secretary of the Legal Advisory
Fairview Man's
Car Stolen Here
Local officers are looking for a five
pasenger 1918 Ford, license nnmber
10.465 which was stolen from the corner
of Main and Monroe streets yesterday
evening. The car belongs to
"W. F. Hunter of Fairview.
Mr. Hunter came to Fairmont yesterday
evening and left his car in
front of the Deveny building on Monroe
street. Afer about two hours he
returned to find that his car had been
stolen. He immediately notified the
police who are doing everything in
their power to locate the car.
Investigations show that women operatives
on drill presses and milling
machines are from 25 to 50 per cent,
faster than men.
Alaska, W.Yjl, Man Expects
That Nerv-Worth Will
Overcome His LongStanding:
Here Is strong proof that nothipg
equals this best of family nerve tonics
for building up the health of ailing
.aged folks:
"I am 78 years old. I don't expect
any medicine to make this life of mine
over, because naturally the machinery
is wearing out. I have in my time
suffered with stomach tronble and gall
stones. Five or six hours' sleep was
the best I could do. I had sufficient
appetite to keep soul and body together.
but the loss of sleep and the
trouble I mentioned caused a weakened
condition. I have taken one bottle
of Nerv-Worth. Now I can say my
sleep is good. I GET ABOUT 8
HOURS* SLEEP. I'm more refreshed
in the morning when I get np. My
stomach tronble don't show much lm
provement, and in fact I didn't expect
A.A VaMIa *A UTAfV A?> nnra
vuc UVtUO LU UV tu V n Vi A VI v.u> V UiV,
as my ailments are of lots standing,
bnt I have' gained faith enough and
believe it will show me conclusively
that Nerv-Worth will finally reach my
case, and for that reason I am going
to "buy another bottle. _
"Alaska. W. Va.. Route 1, Box 40.**
Tour dollar back at Crane's Drag
Store. Fairmont, if Nerv-Wortb does
not benefit YOU- Neighboring agencies:
Johnson's Pharmacy, Shinnston;
Honaker Pharmacy and Windsor Drag
Co., Monongah: F. J. Yost, Fairview;
W. P. Moran, Farmington; He J. Matthews
& Co.. Mannington; Grant Graham,
Belington; W. O. Davis, Philippi.?Adv.
_ t
l E S
odyear Tires are the best
lows that* Call and see
t our prices. For qualityservice
and tire miles, get
Fairmont, W- Va*
Ilm Hf A I /
Case Wffl Come Up Again
Before Pnblic Service
With the next hearing on before
the Public Service commission at
Charleston, it is expected that the
local gas fight against the several big
transporting companies will be completed.
This hearing is set for September
26 and it is understood taht
the case -will be finished even if it
should take more the : a day.
The plaintiff will close its caseby
recalling Frank B. Pryor, manager of
the Gas department of The Honongahela
Valley Traction company, and
submitting statistics and records
which the company has filed with the
Board of Public Works.
Those who will attend the hearing
are: R. T. Cunningham. Attorney
James A. Meredith; Frank B. Pryor.
Attorney Charles Powell, Attorney
Kerrble White and Hon. E. M. ftovalter,
of Fairmont, and Former Governor
W. E. Glasscock and C. E.
Goodwin, of Morgatnown.
New Mining Town
Is Now Groing Up
Six of the twenty five houses to be
hunt at Rivesville by the Mononxa
hela Valley Traction Company have
been framed and foundations for
eight or nine more have been laid.
Lumber fo rmost of the new houses
is now on the ground. John M. Kisner
of tbi? city has the contract for erecting
the houses. Some twenty-five men
are now on the Job.
CijSiKiv-^ABRt Kit
Announcement has ben made of a
clerk-carrier examination to be held
at the Fairmont postoffice on October
12 at 9 a. m.
To Whom It May Concern.
All persons owing the estate of R.
Leigh Fleming, or having Claims
against said estate, are required to
file same with the undersigned.
9-19-26: 10-3-10.
"How Use Doth Breed I
a Habit in a Man" |a
In buying your Liberty fjj
Bond by our partial payment
plan, you have taken a step
forward which .may revolu- .
tionize your future life.
Those who are coming to
the National Bank of Fairmont
and making their payJij!
ments regularly are forming
liii a habit which, if continued. ij*
cannot but lead to financial |jj!_
?& independence.
jS - We believe that anyone
|* who Is patriotic enough tc L-.
l:;i buy a Liberty Bond and who | r?
'i: meets his payments regular- ii'i
ly, who feels the responsibil- jig
ity of his obligations, is wor- 5SS
% thy of every consideration Ml
^^this bank can show him. ^
NATIOli AL 9 pfff
West Va.^^
Wright's One
'One Pipe ]
i; ; n
|: ;
i >
< ft
< i
i ft
1 > SSSIHBMkf^?
' ft ^E&BBmSSBHzS&m
1 ft
< ft H^Hin9^
1 > flnSifl
i >
i >
1 >
i > '^B
i ?
| mean a cool cellar. You
; j without trouble?for the
j nace is filled with cold ai
I ; and the inner casing is in
: ; bestos packing.
. ^A.E. J J
state and former editor of The West
Virginian and of the Charleston Post,
has been appointed head of the division
of education of the State Food administration.
The appointment was
announced yesterday by State F? s
1 ? -r-. . 322 ?r
Administrator c?ar? ** -
WheeHng. Mr. Davis will bare bis
headQnarters in Whr'ftg, bat will
spend a past of the time In Washington.
Mr. Davis retained last evening
from Wheeling, where he 3 I bees in
conference with the State food department,
and will retnrn there and
assome bis duties on Monday next.
The Food admlnitsartlon occupies the
entire fifth floor of the First National
Bank bnildlng and employs a large
corps of assistants.
Taking a Hostage.
Did yon lend that forgetful friend
of oars the book he asked lor?
Yes? bat I took care to borrow his
umbrella the same day.?Boston Transcript
S Health w
y About k
N Gone [J
Many fliouMwls of K/
women Riiffrilng from ift
womanly lioiitifei have
been benefited by the use Bk
of Carded, the woman's I^B
fnrne^ fn hk.
we receive, samflar to this W
one from Mrs. Z. V. Spell, 11
of Haynf, N. C. "I could ^
not stand on my feet, and
a lust suffered terribly,"1
she says. "As my snffering
was so great, and F^|
he had tried other remedies,
Dr. had us m
get Card til. ? ? I began
improving, and it cored |fey
^H| me. I know, and my
doctor knows, what Car- ^
M did did for me, for my Hn
nerves,and health were
1^1 about gone," A,
* ' gxBI
** TAKE ^
The Woman's Tome
- >
* [ She writes fmtfiefs **1 IB
am in splendid health...
can do my work. I feel I
In Hryflt|ft!i txmStBoaJ9
If yon are nervous, rundown
and weak, or suffer
BBS frrwn liwitarlfe Kvlwf^
etc., every month, try
Cardni. Thousands of
.HB women praise this medih
?n? for fhe pood it 1??
W done them, and many
physkaanswbo bave Used ^
^|| Cardm successfully wife Nfe
JH feeir women patients, for
years, endorse this medl- Bk
B| fine Think what it means
to be in splendid health, flbi
B| like Mrs. SpdL Give IB
ll AD Druggists R
oooaooooooeoooauojiMOonnnr (
Pipe Furnace
Does It AH
AMeafingSystem i j
recommended by the !
manufacturers from the !
standpoint of Efficiency !
J.T?/k/\MAVMVT ,
<*1111 JLiCUHVUlJ
have but one pipe and !
one register, so desig- !
ned that it does the !
work of many.
are reasonable in price; !
bum hard coal, soft coal !
coke or wood, and Hie j
i cost of installation is !
much less than any oth- j
er style of heater.
can keep your vegetables 8
outer section of the fur- ?
ir and throws off no heat, <
sulated with air celled as- ;
handy men. to do general repair
wnrlf 1T??. Mf tfl t5e mr honr.
I Steady work. 8-hour day. Apply at
J Central Power Plant, Hutchinson, W.
Va. 4-144*4423
WANTED ? Linemen, nnlon shop.
Class A and B- Men tor construction
work. Wages 50c and 60c per boor
and transportation. Long jcb. Apply
Monongahela Valley Traction Co,
Fairmont. W. Va. MS4MW
WANTED?Good reliable man or boy
for Ford delivery track; good pay
and light work. Address Box 4441,
care West Virginian. 9-17-5t-4441
WANTED?White and colohod boyST
16 to IS for factory work. Apply
Monongah Glass Co, Factory 12th St.
WANTED?Male stenographer by
large operating coal company. Good
opportunity for man of ability. State
age. draft status and salary expected.
Address Box 4430. care West Virginian
office. 9-17-3t-4430.
"WANTED?Linemen's helpers; wages
40c per boor and transportation. Apply
oP.A. Webster, Supt. Stock Room,
1st St. Fairmont, W. Va. 9-lS-4t-4444
GOVERNMENT Civil Service Exam^
inations, Fairmont in September.
Government, Clerk, Teacher. Inspectors,
Research Clerk. Typewriter. Salary
$2.0000. Experience unnecessary.
Women desiring government positions
write fc free narticnlars to J C Leonard
(formerly Civil Service Examiner)
906 Ken vis Bldg^> Washington.
wanting Normal student
roomers notify President Rosier.
Normal school, before Septsmber 5.
Only written applications win be considered.
Address Joseph Rosier,
Pres. State Normal, Fairmont, W. Va.
stocks on government contracts.
We are in the market for Black Walnut
logs tor our Gun Stock Factory
which we are now building in Roanoke,
Va. Our government is in urgent
neen of this supplies, and it will be
considered a patroitic duty on your
part if you will take this matter up
with us at cnce If you have any
Walnut timber for sale, or any information
as to other parties who have
Walnut timber, will be appreciated.
Address Penrod Walnut & Veneer
Co., Box 481. Roanoke Va. Office
316 Jefferson St. 8-2S-26t?4343 j
Ctrn oo-ua
FOR SALE?Snick Six Roadster, to!
good condition. Cash p.-Ica $650.
Apply Fairmont Motor Car Co., 5th I
st. and Fairmont ave. 9-lt-3t-4434. j
FOR SALE ? 148-acre Monongalia
county farm. Good buildings, fruit,
timber and coal. Price $32 per acre.
Address 4448 West Virginian. <
FOR SALE?Overland roadster, 45.
H. power. $200. Inquire Mr. Phflipps.
Watson Hotel. 9-lS-2t-4446
FOR SALE?Fumed oak library table.!
Leaving town. Call 1106 Ridgely
Ave. 9-18-lt-4449
FRUIT CRATES?Bushel capacity, j
fold flat. Take up small sapce I
when not in use. Ideal-and economical
way of handling fruit and vegetables;
Price 30 cents each to bumdies
of 10, cash with roder. Money
back if not satisfied. Immediate delivery
while stock lasts. Order now.
Hodge & Oyster Co., Lumberport, WVa.
FOR SALE?Good dairy proposition
* with farm for rent. Good terms for
reliable person. Apply Box 4438 West
Virginian office. 9-17-3t-4438
Field street. See F. B. Dickerson.
503 Locust avenue. 7-20-tf-*155
FOR SALE?7-room modern frame
house on paved street in Eighth
ward. Possession about Sept. 1st.
Owner leaving city. Address Box
4256, West Virginian.
S-10-tf. 4256.
FOR SALE ? 5-room house at 619
Maryland Ave. Hot and cold water,
fitted for coal or gas; slate roof, posession
in thirty days. Address J. D.
Riley. Ten Mile. W. Va. 9-7-tf-4286 j
WANTED?Agencies, $60 weekly and j
automobile furnished men everywhere,
placing samples; wonderful
product with automobile owners. 3c
worth equals gallons of gasoline. Outfit
free. L. Ballwey, Station F, Louisville,
Ky. 8-9-181-4250
nv aucuw n
We don't care how much mo
spend more than necessary to go
Treasury McAdoo expressed our
day In New York:
hare no patience with the
nation Is In need ot jevery dc
Ttatipg on to Ms iV>nflT regsu
may say, is the man who is ]
doing almost as rnncb tor his
Put as much money In this !
rou wm he serrtng both your co
iiivit. SERVICE BX I
clerks to be sqppola I oJ -jji 'WEjBBlBjjiBMl
Salary *1.200. Experience
iffl. Women det^lrr
positions write for fcesfi^ar
R. EL Tour, (fonneer.CM
Examiner). 306 ColillillilswggjjWlgMj
kitchen work. Also ftartsBBwi
for rent. Apply South gadygjajaBg^
wanted?At once, 3 waftee?OtflM
night cook. Good waxes. -Appfctaurant,
B. A O. shop& BswmBS
wanted?Competent wnaaao-gflnHj
general housework. Coo^wngBp^H
the right party. Address
dining room, $20 and $22 par jn
Board, room and waaht^^JCtjljjgH
roont and Crossroads on Ora
and hunting Liccnss of JUbtft
dergrift. Finder
good condition. W. Va. ??cevigrj|
. . - . .. , :
preferred. Address Box
Nam with frtia and" atra
barn, other necessary
Some timber and tffl land. ftglstffcrgB
pike this season. Six mOea" te- a
town of 25.000 population? ?>3Pe:
one-half cash, balance Mcsni by
mortgage. Price 55700. X tMhaaBHS
bargains, write for large list. I
Webber, Atwater. Ohio.
Write for free catalog^?. 'Vmtmmfm
A Ford. Lynchburgb, V
a1. ? ... -% >
room houses - left on. Speedway,
line now in operation ram :
Greater Fairmont ^lk??ata^dB{|0^H
Flzmont Hotel Bldg. **??|?S
large lot. good cellar^ aaSijSSSgj
one 3-roam house. Inquire? 3M%8PMfl
mond st. 9-2ZSHMS
_ _ 1 _ ~ - ' ?-r
^ i ? - a
. nrrwn fmnma?M. i?^
Hall Block cnrMRHIMI
Repairing and rebuilding antomobfla
radiators a specialty.
Old Radiators Booflht, Rat
"and ?oSfc|k3g|
Practical TbMr|B^M|
Metal Worker. ? Maoreat.
Window Glaaa and WlatUMaS
Phono 477 W. KKOu
i'?f/i '^i?f pf yf y< ycytWwiwfW
'j ' '- .-i ' '" ;
aty you're got 70CXs2??9?K^^^|
t -what you nagg. tTin i iflli Jgfi?
sentiments 'when he sale
Par it cam gst!^nKiSi^fl

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