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"' t?\ tt\ fjj Lm. *-1
bJ'Mts.- W. s. Linn entertained ]
Mi *iMiii? iiiinlii i of friend* at a corn
??? ^ h?me at i
IUCBnk.- Sain interfered with
ens tar the event which were
irrled to a successful finish by
rty and was served on the veranx?X
sixty guests-were entertaintading
a party of about thirty
nn is also employed, who art
tor -fall event were made yea
"tr tbe_\. :men's Legion society
'Wrst Presbyterian church ax
rnlar meetin-. the plans includi
annnal dinner on December 5
held on the 5th and 6th. The
of the church, it was also anJ,
vrHl meet on Thursday. Sepat
the church parorh for
> *0 DC. m*r? ICU WIHV"^W?
j ^ - Amoraccment lias been made in
t'yEjBnMjv- Col-, of the engagement and
I) - .approaching marriage of Miss Vinna
|! B&tharyn Boydston. daughter of Mr.
jgggjiS Mrs. Theodore W. Boydston, forI
Ba^sSfe^.-Mary Murphy, of Farmington.
J" has" returned from a few week;' visit
ES with -relatives in Pittsburgh and
HS?il$BfciM!jting- .Miss Grace McDonnell
accompanied her there will return
from Pittsburgh tomorrow,
i i"-^Miss .Clara Murphy has returned
from'a brief visit in Pittsburgh; Wheei j
j tag and Cameron. Her sisters, the
js-'- Misses Elizabeth and Anna Murphy.
i'_ ' who have been in Pittsburgh for a
| 5 w<eek, are now the guests of relatives
' fc* -Cameron en route home.
Hp \Bom on Thursday to Mr. and Mrs.
Hrjy M. A. Boord. of 325 Chicago street.
vMr. and Mrs. Wm. Bussey and famMr?
Oy who hare, resided in the west foi
I.' several years are the guests of Mrs.
BjL" Basse's sister, Mrs. W. C. Ridgely. at
1 Bell Run. They will take up their res1.'
'JSence on the C. J. Toothxnan farm
}v-r^?ear Rymer Mr. Tooth man and fam
fly having moved to this city and are
I - residing on Benoni avenue. jl
"Wr* Tiir>ln?"Galnor. who has been 1
I -Kith, her husband at Haftiesbnrg,
IL .. Miss-is en route home. Mr. Gainji
na been detailed for over seas serKiEMr*.
E. C. Frame and son. James.
H - .. Bare retnred from Mt. Lake Park. Md..
R - ''where they had spent the last several
: weeks. James will leave the latter
J';'. -- Tffrt of the. month for .Chester. Pa- to
Rs^V eoter the'Pennsylvania Military AcadIk
^zpy. , Mrsfl Frame and son witnessed
W- the homing of . the Loch Lynn hotel
EgJ". sit the parh yesterday morning.
w;V Mrs. Lorain Gainer and daughter.
Miss Martha, have returned from HatV"/
- tfesburg. Miss., where they had been
H visiting Mr. Gainer who is stationed
Rt. . -tit-Camp Shelby. Sergeant Gainer exI
pectsto see over seas duty soon. Mrs.
Gainer and daughter were met In CinK
ctaartrby the former's sister. Mrs. J.
F-- "Wright and daughter, who accotu
I "
W $ob>S ftertflB PlBttte Hair Drewlnr. (3
W v -s -J which 1r dotlgtTtrnlly perfumed and really M
!- tb? bat preparation sir (to for prodndr? E
li ./.* bmtfd. Kit. affiry, etrslsbt. Scar lhxSy K
^Bl " talN-tot tbt kind you must. HeroUa B
B. ' ftodo the scalp and mates JJniy. nappy. B
BlSir find tabliora hair no sort. lone sod 2uj- M
J H trocs that seoa caa eatfr handle St sad B
J in amy style. It Is yottr natural K
II: - ifrhtto fc**o Hue. tardy hair, sod Heroda fij
f- you s chance. Tal? it?hot doat
- '-^B ** ftohihjoa^c anything ^a^than
H.r - | Itmataa short tair grow long and beautl- fl
H ocaly^iUDd^landmar.
^ 1 .* I A?CI|TC Bo your own man or woman. I
[gSr 2 v!? ?** Wo mate you 0 liberal offer?
^KtS^c'JrM"* snog how to mabc money fast, g
K II Officers
are M
tt Hie first qualification of tl
U H fin natr pyhptispj? rvf v
thir training at college.
. and this need is to suppl
I -ft" allege men of the country
I If Show You
I H ft By enrolling in college at <
I* ft school training now have
WMt tinue their education whil<
H ft The Government pays all t
I | W. Va. Wesli
I ft Young men wth less than
i' 'ft^ments, woh' desire to ente
K fj "division of the Student An
K : ft apply by mail, as this sect
K ft capacty. A limited numb*
K U qualify for college, can b<
K If pear in person soon. 3^il
ft tober 1, Full particulars <
|| by addressing
?'?ft ""* WAT l Arr R l?I .Pl
Stets-u. of Xew*Jersey. which event
will ' s solemnized on Wednesday.
September 25. is Chicago. Miss Boydston
and her sister. Miss ?Iara ^Boydston.
will leave Denver tomorrow for
/*Wt? ~K?" S?"*?n "will meet
them and the marriage will toe aolea-j
sized. The latter la engaged in government
worts In New Jerrey and Is
onai-*2 to obtain but a few days* leave
of ab c-ace. The announcement of the
iching event will be learned wit!
Inter--t ly their friends here. Miss
F ydston having been a resident of
thi* dty until recently when her parents
moved to Denver. She is a graduate
of the High school and also attended
the West Virginia University
and the University of California, and
has tanght successfully in <be local
schools as well as in the Denver public
schools. She Is a yonng woman of
much personal charm and was very
oopnlar in local social circles. Mr.
Stetson, who Is a native of Maine, was
located here a number of years ago as
mining engineer for the Jamison Coal
company. He is a graduate of Lehigh
University and during his residence
hetc won the estem of his associates.
He wilt bring his bride east to ieslde.
handicap Tournament Tomorrow.
* ladies" handicap golf tournament
will be held at the Fatrmmt Country
clnb tomorrow starting at 3 o'clock.
AH women members of the club are invited
to r-rticipate In the event the
o-oceeds from which will be "given to
the Red Cross.
Burr Fletcher, Glenn Travis and
Harrison Gaiiger. of Morgan town, were
at Lather Fletcher's here the first of
this week squirrel banting.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Garlow and
Lloyd Garlow, of Fairmont were visiting
their parents here Saturday and
Miss Ruth Banner has been visiting
her aunt at Grafton for the past week.
Mrs. Rebecca Robe is the guest of
Mrs. Frances Smyth here at present
Mrs. Lee Barnhouse and children
were visiting her son, Lloyd Shuman,
last Sunday.
Lester Fletcher was calling on
Wayne Moran on Banner's Ridge Sunday
Misses Nettie and Bessie Haun were
visiting Miss Ruth Fletcher one day
last week.
Mr. and Mrs. George Stevens and
Mrs. Troy Stevens were visiting their
irrnir itAvtmn
viJll nUFtfUL
Alaska, W-Va? Man Expects
That Nerv-Worth Wffl
Overcome His Longstanding
Here Is strong proof that nothing
equals this best of family nerve tonics
for building op the health of ailing
aged folks:
"I am 78 years old. I don't expect
any medicine to make this life of mine
over, because naturally the machinery
is wearing out. I have in my time
suffered with stomach trouble and gall
stones. Five or six hours' sleep was
the best I could do. I had sufficient
appetite to keep soul and body together.
but the loss of sleep and the
trouble I- mentioned caused a weakened
condition. I have taken one bottle
of Nerv-Worth. Now I can say my
sleep is good. I GET ABOUT 8.
HOURS* SLEEP. I'm more refreshed
in the morning when I get up. My
stomach trouble don't show much im
provement. and in fact I didn't expect
one bottle to do the work or care me.
as my ailments are of long standing,
but I have gained faith enough and
believe it will show me conclusively
that Nerv-Worth will finally reach my
case, and for that reason I am going
to buy another bottle.
"Alaska. W. Va- Route 1. Box 40."
Your dollar back at Crane's Drug
Store. Fairmont, if Nerv-Worth does
not benefit YOU. Neighboring agencies:
Johnson's Pharmacy. Shinnston;
Honaker Pharmacy and Windsor Drug
Co.. Monongab: F. J. Yost, Fairview;
W- P. Moran, Farmington; H. J. Matthews
& Co.. Mannington; Grant Grakern
c^1tn<rtnn W H TYavis Philln
?| f ? ? . W- ?
en of Decision
tie army officer is the abilhe
government now offers
oung college men during
The Army needs officers,
ied largely by the young
r Initiative
Mice. Young men of high
s the opportunity ,to coni
taking military training,
he bills at
eyan couege
college entrance require;r
the vocational training
ny Training Corps, should
ion is temporarily filled to
>r of young men. who can
i accomodated if they apitary
training begins Oc>f
tie plan can be secured
MING. D. D., PH. D;
Kobe was at FWrmont one
day feat week- _f
VirgJ Kobe was at Luther Fletchers
ore evening last week.
Maud Smyth, of Fairmont, is still
visiting friends here.
Selve Bonner was at Fairmont one
day last week.
Several of the young people from
here attended the birthday party at
Mr.'Calvin Moran's one night last
Very few people have their corn and :
; buckwheat cut yet around here.
Mrs. L. P. Haun was calling on MaI
hala Stevens one. day recently. |
Miss Ethel Keener who has had the
fever for some time is able to be out.
Larney Gaxiow and Bill Keener
i ivvava {ftw T nctor P1ot/?hpr ffllA. nlfht
| last week.
i ^ + - A
"Have you any geniuses in this
"I don't recall but one Just now."
"Poet, painter or musician?"
"No. He's a chap who contrives to
stay fflminated week in and week out
despite the fact that thia town is dry."
?Birmingham Age-Herald.
WHEN you buy coffee,
be sure you get all
coffee?not part coffee and
part premium. A premium
can never make up for coffee
that is muddy, bitter and
lacking in strength. Furthermore,
Uncle Sam frowns on
the use of premiums. They
me unnecessary to the sale
of good coffee.
Trade with Crsema tmpufitMc
Aenc-fcn jrocavt
Fairmont Merchants I 1
j C. L. Able & Co.
| ?
| Binns Bros.
The Brennen Co.
The Cash Grocery Co.
Conner Bros.
Chicago Dairy
M. B. Cobun
H. L. Donham
J. H. Eckels
Fairmont Tea Co.
Glarence Fisher
J. L. Gettings
Hall's Cash Grocery
A. Hood & Son
L. D. Hoult
Horner & Tetrick
j Hall & Garrison
j L. H. Keener
Kerns & Harris
J. G. Lloyd
T.S. Manley & Son
Morris & Martin
Jas. R. Morris
Martin Bros.
H. L. Moran & Bro.
C. E. Meredith
H. L. Morgan r
Morgan & Gross
L. H. Orr
Jas. Pacifico
J. O. Prickett & Son
n. VY. JT iXl
W. L. Satterfield
J. R. Smouse
H. W. Smouse
J. H. Snider Co.
C. G. Wrick
Walter & Hyland
I * ?
Stocks so compete it will be an easy .mat- I
I ter for some member of the family to do all |
I the shopping.
i ~~??? * 1 SI n
* '
IHf iffvW^rnli
MQflt P
Modish Separate S
Fashioned From S:
A separate skirt will help you in j
vative idea- for a skirt will add anotl
to your wardrobe- One of these deli;
skirts with a sweater coat will go a j
helping conserve on new ^7 Efb
dresses 0 oOw
Exclusive Fall Milli
Shown in all
f ' . New SI
rtgfl ?Including
WMJ| French origin,
Napoleonic b:
up in front ai
original hats
narrow, irreg
: brims and
crowns also n
the sailor s
I ^^^^^^^B?olor Effects,
Hats at $5.
. |Kj Oar specializing'
>^fe 1o $10 makes It pa
1 I r- ^Si? I- * good hat in this
' t vr j?&&\ i spite the great adv
/ / (c> . of all materials. I
V. C?i' ing Hats for Cbiljl
Auto Robes a Little Warmer
for the Changing: Season.
Bat yon mast know where to look for A
them?you mast know about blankets.
i We know where to look and how to
boy. and we get the best. That is why
yon can always find better blankets- at . I
Hartley's than you can jgpt elsewhere- for J
the money.
These robes are most practical? < 1
made and bound?of good quality?sc
plain on one side, others in beautii-1
plaid patterns, $&50 to $20.00. 3rd Floor
I A; v.
I :.^^' A fl%V nl\ flbk
I Ja
' "' . " \ ' /;
V? P
ons Unsu
j and V
There is just one word t
Autumn Apparel?"Woman]
caught the spirit of the wea
Clothes are smart, elega
ing.as the new season itself, ]
materials and workmanship
cern clothes.
Styles are charming th:
lovely colorings. The majori
oo fA Knn olfllAllflrll
Oil aiglli* CUJ IV XAXAVty
with novelty collar, cuffs am
Velours, Serges- Oxfc
Navy, Black, Taupe, Plui
The Coats Th
^ Decided!
Our designers are vieinf
j ing smart, graceful styles ti
to show you; some plain tai
mings, huge collars- cuffs, ax
will appeal to admirers of la
- colors are in evidence?taup
Reindeer. The prices range f:
Delightful NeWool
Jersey, f
Navy blue or black Serf
skirts, sash belts, edged witl
white or fancy, collars and c
Rare.combinations of gr
pricings mark our new seaso
which will delight the woma
ble dress for immediate use
Wonderful creations in
tions?for afternoon, street
fashioned from Satin, Gear:
kirts Snapp]
mart T
our conser- Women who
ter garment particular about
ghtful plaid preciate the'litb
long way in th
to $20
The lines are
nery dignified, rich
-f . and refined,
the Poular ^
. the character
of the shoe,
which have .. .
rims turned makmg which
id decidedly has made such
Trri+-v? wfiiop stvle Dossible. ~
ular shaped And they fit
soft high faultlessly,
ew versions
ihape. New
new Trim- .
Shown in al
00 to $10- thervtops, buttor
on bats at $3.00 - .
ssfbie to stfn get rum, sensible on<
price range de- WalkinfiT
ance In the cost s
Sreremely Fetch- The Best I
^ A Navy Blue .Serge Dr<
Indeed the Thing.
for every little woman need
dress along: these hies for sc
wear during the fall and wi
months. These ire particnl
r fetching frocks,' embroidered in
trasting shades sad finished
silk collars and dainty bnttoi
MS : jTy-v
.. /> ~ -- -- ?
to the many demands mads by varied r
fashions for Fall and Winter.
: y:r vr
hat adequately describes the Be
ly." Every garment seems to ha
rer before she had a chance to
int, different in every line, reffesii~|!
but with all the value right intheT*
. There are few frivolities as/^eqjpjp
is Fall with slender silhuetfce :
ty are plain tailored and some
are fancy stitched and braidfeitij^
d pockets.
irds, Silvertones, Gabardines
n, Brown; etc- Price range ;
22.50 to $75.00
is Season Show Ife
[y New Note
r with our French cousins m
lis season. Many, many new mocies||
lored; others with rich fur trifn^'3
id bands, and fancy silk lining^ip|||^^^H
test style fashions, in aH sizesLTlie^ea
e- Burgundy, Brown, Hay, Bison and I
I! I
w Dresses?Sergej^^H
$e dresses show accordion
i fri nge and ^ j-g ^ ^25
"V' i' I
ace, style distinction and atta^acti' I
n's showing of Wool Jersey Dress
n who desires the practical seasonaWo
men's Dress in artistic
and evening costumes?aH ei||||^S
gette, etc. :
are discriminating who
their looks?who admire
; nicities of fashion?will appKroi
4 \
_ |1 " . .-N?<(ur2SH
S ~2r 31B alaM
Kjji i??j - -o, | ip5>y^ <s?ySH
the new Fall colors?cloth
t or lace, high- dressy heels or
lace to Bay Childrafs^WM
ss is
ii _ i)j
tool IF^sr Sditun
Daintr hud^inBMBB
nter 2-Handle NappfesE^?^
strly 1-Handle Nappies:
Handle Pickle Dtri**^SB
con" 4 1-2 1ncb Sowte~.'"
T 23c each, 2 for 4No
phone order

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