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Soldier Visits Aunt.
Be%^8en?mt J. W. Powell, of Fort Hancode.
N. 1, Is the guest of his auat.
3 Mrs. S. B. Robinson and family In
Market street. Clifford Powell, of
&Cp'Ba7?oad. Is also a visitor at the RobBCS^-'
Goest of Mrs. Crowt.
" Mrs. C- SC. Martin, of Ml Pleasant.
O. is a go est of Mr. and Mrs. J. B.
Crcrwl in Anbnm avenue.
Betsey Ross.
?/A.very pleasant meeting of the Betsey
Ross clnb was held last evening
at the home of Mrs. T. D. Harden in
Water street. The next meeting of
the drb vr-H be held October 17 at the
Istuac of Mrs. Lindsay Bonham in CenMrs.
S. B. Robinson, of Market
street.'spent several days at Hay*"
" ?*v ..y^nrrt.
f relatives, cue ...
ie by her niece, Miss Ethel
0 will bo her guest the re*
entertained Class.
B. Crowl entertained the
f the Good Cheer class of
d Street Sunday school last
her home at 501 Auburn
Ighteen members of the
present and a most enjoy5
was spent. Refreshments
1 by the hostess.
tirthday Dinner.
h F. Smith .of 205 Columentertained
a number of
at dinner last evening in
ler daughter. Miss Kathbday
anniversary. Roses
i the table and dining room
and a prettily appointed
er was served to the fol:
Misses Louise Showalid
Louise Johnson. ChrisMildred
Robinson, Beryl
ry Mason Helmick. Sara
Margaret and Katharine
:e very pretty birthday rewere
tendered Miss Kathyonng
tin. manager of the East
company mine at Norlding
a few days with his
ed Offner. of Tront street.
f fc.,; . - WHO IS a paiieai at L.UUK a uus^uui, *->
KK'-" recovering rapidly from her recent
BBS?!. -opgration-JKrs.
Elizabeth Wells, of Morganr-i'lueii.
is -visiting her niece. Mrs. W. H.
KjI&v. Goodnight and other relatives in the
-city-- -
?S v , "Mrs- Melville Merrifield is all at her
^home in Wilson street.
E :-r - Mr. and Mrs. Boy Cntlip have rented
apartments in Reeves avenue and
Ip*- wfll move there about October 1st.
New School Teacher.
'Miss Zella Poling, of Parsons. W.
- Vsl. has arrived in Monongah. Miss
. Poling will be a teacher in the ThoBg&jgijarn
schools this winter.
' Ibjor T. G. Price has returned
- from Mocgantown. where he attendK^Jgt-ed'n
lodge meeting.
Has Registered Now.
Reg Louis Balosheki. the Russian Pole
i>ofnrp Justice T. G. Price
lbr falling to register, has appeared
JjiiBitMarion county draft board
K No. 2 and properly registered, after
; "which he was released. At the time
K of registration he was very
S wmtam Martin. Hallie and Anna
BKgwrai iin motored to Monongah. where
they visited local friend.
Mrs. P. D. Barton and Mrs. Gaskins
were at Watson recent1* attending
''Miss Virginia Gaskill. Miss Rose
F ' -Gaskill and Mrs. Clyde Gaston, of
^k "fiefe-lt"for Corns
World Haa Hever Known Its Equal
^fWbst will get rid of my corn?"
HL . Tbo answer Has been made by mllK
" Jilons?there's only one corn-remover
that yon can bank on. that's abso.
v lately certain, that makes any corn
- ft
^^BnNi Is Eased?the Com b Doomed)
nniearthptel right off like a
"aBMn?end that's magic "Oets-It."
aacight shots and dancing even when
Hwb have .a corn need not distort*
Siyns If yon apply a few drops of
Wf^r **Gstn-Pr* on the corn or call OS.
UBeasaat a corn-peeler, not a comHHMk
-Ten don't have to fool with
aftUm ! jnii peel them right off with
mir Angara by using "Gets-It.HvullUig'
makes corns grow and
WMgn Why use irritating salves
Ksr>iBake * bundle of your toe with
I'g-i- ? handsges? Why putter and
HSfiblsm the corn? use "Gets-It"
fc|jBiarCWP-p?la is over, the corn
-IC* th* csannteed, mon?yon-rmoTer.
the only rare
titnteMUoturdros store.
X-Strrenco ScoTChlcaro. I1L
yete..w ...? and recommended
iviWb best corn remedy by
ehm A Co., Fairmont Phar;*H,
Xfea* Co.?Ady,
Fairmont, were in Monongah yesterday
naymouu O<u*AU ?? ? ?. W4 w.- ?
caller yesterday afternoon.
Miss Nora DonHn, of Fairmont, was
in Monongah yesterday evening calling
on local friends.
Mrs. Robert Sbnttlesworth was
among tbe out of town business callers
to Monongah yesterday.
Miss Gertrude Thrall and mother,
of Fairmont, were in town yesterday.
j Mrs. Lamar Satterfield was is Mo'
nongah yesterday visiting local j
j friends and relatives.
comics S
j Acording to the annual financialI
statement of tbe County court soon j
to be issued for publication, it cost
Sl~S.144.74 to conduct the affairs of
1 Marion county last year. One of the
i items which is being swelled gradualj
iy is the money allotted for mothers"
pensions. At the present time the
, county is paying out $525 a month for
j such purposes.
**" ? ?? j:*.,1 ro fol
! iae various eivcuu?u?w ?^ ? ?
lows: Poor fund. $14.S5?-S0; court
house expenses, $10,583.54; jail. $11.976.82;
bridge expenses. $37,290.57: i
officers' salaries. $41,303.15; commis-j
sioners of county court, $1,673; lunatics
and inquests. $1,170.45: witnesses
for misdemeanors, $10,409224; election
expenses. $87.75; stationery and printing.
$6,763.53; jury fees. $2S.186.60:
yearly school fund. $7,735.23; sheep
fund, $751.87: refund, $4.20; miscellaneous,
The report covers the period from!
June 30.1917. u pto June 30 this year.
The figures have been computed by
A. G. Martin, clerk, and Ed Phillips,
deputy clerk.
Hoult is determined to keep the
i heme fires burning. Although Hoult
j raised two and a half times her quota
of Red Cross funds and one and a j
j half times her quota on W. S. S.. she '
j is determined not to lag on matters |
! of home improvement. A box supper!
| and festival was held by the young j
people last Saturday night to raise i
money to buy paint for painting the J
church, at which abont $60 clear money
was realized.
Miss Ruth Harr has been 111 forj
the past week. It was feared that siifi^
had fever, but is better at this writ- i
ing. j
Miss Elva Fleming, whe has been :
visiting at the home of F. L- Barnes ]
the past month, returned to her home;
in Connellsville Wednesday. She was j
accompanied as far as Uniontown by ;
Mrs. Barnes.
Listen Burnworth and son. Omer, j
! were attending a gatnenng or ine
' Burnworth family at Ohio Pyle. Pa., j
i S.*--- I
' Mr. . -j: Mrs. Harry McEHresh arc-,
sta;.' a- tire home of Joe Radcliff.
rear B eclrwccd. where Mr. McElfresh
is working.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hall and daugh- j
, tor. Georgia, are spending a two weeks* j
' vacation visiting relatives in Monon-!
' galia county.
Mrs. John Byrly and son. Wayne.
: were visiting Mrs. Byrly's grandpa-:
; rents. Mr. and Mrs. .Tichnell, at Lit- j
; tie Falls, Sunday.
j Gordon Harrould and Jesse Bow.
man were visiting friends and relai
tives at Little Falls Sunday and Monj
= '
1 i
New Fall |
Price $3-00 to 56.50
- ?and?
New Fall
Readv to Pluck
We can furnish* you a
new Suit or Overcoat
from $16. to $50.
Buy early and get a
good selection.
Gents Furnishings f
* S18 Main St
"Kindly remember me to any of my
friends yon may see and tell them all
to arrange to come to France, If possible,
because the more Americans
there are in France the stronger oar
forces become and tbe sooner tne war
will end with a victory for the Allies."
writes Sergeant Major Frank C. Haymond
to U- H. Dun lap, of this city.
His letter in part follows: "1 am
sorry not to have been able to write
yon sooner as I had intended to do.
bnt in the A. E. F. one's time is not always
one's own and the opportunities
for writing letters are not the same as
those presented to people to Fairmont.
"I see occasionally, by some newspaper
clippings, that some Fairmontera
in France have been writing letters
containing a good bit of detailed
information about the war. This is all
right and perhaps permitted to persons
who are not actually in the army
but all sodiers in the American Expeditionary
Forces are prohibited from
writing any definite military information.
I would like very much to write
you a long letter and give you some
interesting facts but a soldier's first
and most important duty is obedience
to orders. Consequently, such news
as I possess will have to wait for another
and more favorable time and
"While I can not give you. as I have
said, any detailed or definite information.
I am permitted to write that I
have beo i for some time in the rone
of the advance. You. of course, know
of the recent splendid achievement 01
American arms in the Chateau-Thierry
region. The Kaiser and his Huns
richly deserve a long delayed thrashing
and before long, in my opinion,
they will receive their just dues.
"The section of the country in which
I am located now. in many respects, resembles
parts of West Virginia. The
climate here Is moderate and not subject
to sudden change. In the summer
months the temperature is not
nearly as warm as it is in Fairmont
during the same season. This section
is also interesting from an historical
point of view. There are ma replaces
near here whose history extends
back into the middle ages and
even to the days f the Romans. Then,
too. we must not forget that a greater
and grander history is daily being
made in the immediate vicinity.
"I like and am much impressed with
the French people with whom I have
come in contact. One can not but adBell-ans
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. Druggists
refund money if it fails. 25c
tThese fabrics are "dura
our high class tailorii
exceptionally well.
Be on the job early an<
?he United Wi
Main Street, Comer
(At the
: - -: - ^r- ' V ? -
! mire their courage, patience ana
dauntless spirit. All the -world knows
bow France has suffered, but no one
would learn of it from the French
themselves. Even during the days of
the early German offensives the
French never showed the least discouragement
or excitement, their attitude
at all times is that of confidence
and assurance. The American soldiers
are well liked by the French who
express admiration for the conduct of
our troops in battle.
"I will be glad to write you about
the Red Cross in another letter. At
the present time I have only a few
1 minutes ana ao not nave u*e ui
i the opportunity to give you anything
en the subject which might be of use.
"Let me hear from you when you
can send me any news that you think
would be of interest to me.
"With kind personal regards. I am,
"Ycur friend.
"P. S.?I am enclosing as a pocketpiece
a small French coin. "Cn petit
souvenir de France." It is called a 'dix
centimes* piece and is the equivalent
of a C. S two-cent piece.
"F. C. H."
The letter bore the date of August
il' '?
(Continued from page two.)
Nicholas Hermes. Wahpeton. N. D.
William H. Hock. Chicago, IlL
Louis Kaplan, New York, N. Y.
j Marino La Pietra. Aikensville. N. Y. j
I Lester Leitl. Sturgeon Bay, Wis.
j Peter Mandick, Pittsburgh, Pa.
' Allie Mulberry. Arlington, Ohio.
Lawrence J. O'Connor, Cniou City, 1
Ini j
Klvin L. Peterson. Olivia. Minn.
Constantine Pichezzi, Philadelphia, Pa. 1
Owen B. Quinn. Harrison. N. J.
i William O. Tolbert, Paducah. Ky.
j Fred Tripp. San Jacinto, Cal.
' Chester F. Trone. Mina, S. D.
| Jose O. Trujillo. Conjilon, X. M.
! Anton Wecker. Osmond. Neb.
j Walter W. Weiher. Cleveland, O.
Carl A. Wells. Smithdale. Miss.
Harry Westphal. Grand Island, Xeb.
Everett C. Wheeler. Riverside. Cal. j
No waste to
Instant i
Every spoonful a
delicious cupful
"" J
al Sole
Suitings i
Ve made an exceptional
urchase of these i
sautiful fabrics nearly
year ago and they have
ist come in.
hey were woven in one
f America's leading
lills and we guarantee
lem to be absolutely all
'ool and fast color. j
ou have a wide
Section as to pattern j
id color?browns and
rays are especially
ble, tailor well and with
ig retain their shape
J get your pick. ?
oolen Mills
> President
* l k
*> "* w ^ V
' Cleveland Avenue
Bridge,). ..
- ~ - . '
NG :-: O
Chriss S. F_ Willadsen, Marquette,
Claud Williams. Hemet. Cal.
Richard WUlonghby. Perrlngton. Mich.
Clarence Rhine hart. Jersey Shore. Pa.
Harry Schuck. East Orange. N. J.
Leo E. Scott. House. X. M.
Edward M. Sharp, Loup City. Neb.
Michael Joseph Sheehan. Taunton,
*? * cv:-r?? T v?v
^nnriea JI. ouiuc*. utKicuw,
Ben B. Simpson. Lafayette. Tenn.
William. A. Sneff. Philadelphia. Pa. j
William A. Snyder. Piedmont. Okla. ,
James A. Stanley. Hollidaysburg. Pa. ,
Edwato J. Sullivan. Andover. Mass.
George E. Tabor. Maniton. Col.
Elbert L. Thompkins. Rugby. Tenn.
Vito Valeche. Sargusa Lentini, Italy.
Charley Vetter, Nashua. Iowa.
James H. Young. Hamilton. Ala.
George L. ZZabolsky. Shamokin. Pa. ]
Summary of casualties to date?Officers.
deaths. 39; wounded. 64; missIng,
1. Enlisted men. deaths. 951;
wounded. 1,933: in hands of enemy.
11; missing. 153. Total. 3.151.
Killed Accidentally.
Sgt. James Mattson. Winthrp. Minn.
Died of Wounds Received in Action.
1st Lt. Donald Gordon. Paris.
Sgt. Lloyd Brosius. Carthage. Mo.
Missing in Action.
Xorman S. Lomas. Philadelphia. Pa. j
Malcolm E. Webster, Wallaston, Macs.
Wounded in Action (Severely).
Corp. Daniel T. McKenna, Roxbury,
Andrew L. S. Shepard. Elyria. O.
f '
I 0
Time to
. So:
Time to face things wii
Every man knows wha
giving him the proper conl
in style, in quality, in work
styles are personally select
New suits are with on
ing a great fancy towelt w
Herringbone, good da:
threads of bright color thr<
best of the season's materi
Jl XX A JLA ' V? ??f ? ? ? -? Shoes
for F
New styles and all of
styles?with features of
comfort so prominent that i
will be interested.
Be believe if half the r
town wore our shoes once
stop advertising in the nev
shoes would be advertising
We show styles and 1
suit every man?sizes to
Plenty of good work
$5.00 to $1:
TZm. A, ^
Royal H. C- Shepherd. Houston. Texas.
George X Snyder. Cleveland. O.
Lloyd E- Pike. Silver Springs. X. Y.
Clarence A. Shedden. Dundee, 11L
Killed in Action.
Id 1.1. J. W. Overton. Nashville. Tenn.
Edward Naden. Newark. N. J.
Edward H. Oelschlaeger. Hoboken,
N. Privates?
Alex. P. Cristoffersen, Pinneo. CoL
Floyd Edge. East Chattanooga. Tenn.
Charles McMenamy. Philadelphia. Pa.
jenjamin t-eeier. mgn ?noaas. ua.
Joseph L Rishel. Hutchinson. Kans.
The casualty list printed In the
norning newspapers of today showed:
Killed in action. 39; missing in action.
>1: wounded severely. S4: died of
rounds. 10; died from aeroplane acciTIB
United States and Go
tires. Every motorist ki
these master tires and gel
accessories, the best tires,
your tires at
Fairmont Vu!
Phone 430.
Step Oust ii
it Mr. Man
th head up and heart up.
t a new suit of unquestionab)
idence in himself. Hartley CI
manship. The materials ar
e, two or three buttons, and i
aist line and slanting: pocket
rk Oxford mixtures- Blue Sk
ough their dark brown, blue
JLAR SIES, $20.00 to $50-00
$en A Spii
the good OI
style and
every man
nen in this .
i we could
spapers? a
\ enough.
eathers to
fit every
: shoes in
2-00 m ^
Kat that yoi
now. Yonl
I Stetson's or
L*jL I hats. Con
I soft and sti
3 $3.5
B U B - 7*
dent. 1; wounded, degree eaSfibS
mined. 3: died of disease. 3; died ft ijpj
accident and other causes. &. ^aoEj
West Virginians mentioned inaS
morning list are:
Killed in action ? SergL Walir|
Mulford. Henderson.
Died from srotmds?Prt. SasmeUH
Collins. Cairo
Wounded severely?Mechanic **"i^ni
Saner. Sfonndsrille.
260 Cleveland Ave. J
AH iHwdft of an
ing done promptly and csraftzBy^S
Call Phone No. ??." ' f
I E S ]
odyear Tires are the best j
iows that- Call and see I
t our prices. For quafif&fj
service and tire miks,~g^.9
IcanizingCo. I
Fairmont, W. Va. I
m ' 1
ti a New J
m! 1
le quality will do to ward!
othes are unquestionable: f|
e thread pure wool, the I
he younger men are tak-; I
arges and Worsteds with . I
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ited Showing I
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hartley Men's Store vfl
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