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I I ia imrtruLXio.^: ^ S*\ S\ ^ m f H 9 ^fl9 ItSk"* ' V-.- jdl I ^B ^B^B ^B A B ^B^b I
I -l^Iij "'ik-mL^Jk *~V w a I B Bl V V By B B * B/ B B E B B B M B B B ? j J .M- . j Fair k?n?qM. [iimlMj pjjtf fros?~ J
pt. 1918.. ' I ^F"^L ?1 ,
MlglTOP^g?-W7rUlg^M.i.?h?nrr*irir>-<hr' ?*???- I . 30R >. - AF
1^.*?asaKaagi?^^wv, -^r^.- - 7 West Virginia7* pest iSe*vspaper r ? 1 -.' -:Y . *:.?3a
. g ^' . .... ^
l 1 ?|^n_. 1
Iie From Connellsvflle on'
Special Train of Three j
'cA i
: ? f ?
it From Here to Grafton
Iiio J&ast f rom
lore and Ohio railroad
1 in Fairmont on a speilght,
leaving again thi=
y before eleven o'clock
in inspection of the u>the
party there wcr?.
on. federal director; R.
E. E. Hamilton, asslstil
Director Thompson;
, Scot, general superin.
Baldwin, assistant to j
itor Markham; C. W. j
rintedent of the Mononir
last night the special j
nto Fairmont, coming
ellsville division of the
. Ohio railroad where '<
had been made. The
sd on the siding at the
rheer it remained nntil
:k this morning. From
went to Grafton. Aftliort
stop over there, it
I to the east and an inof
the eastern line,
train was made up of
teel. coaches with the
L States Railroad AdMinted
on each.
the party were very
the city, spending most
h an inspection of the j
3 Girls to !
j Stunt Night |
adies of the East side
II give a unique enterTuesday
evening, Sepevening
will be known
it" The Camp Fire
n charge of the enterBey
will be assisted by
and a number of small
jarticipate. An admisisd
ten cents will be
s entertainment
rkinbery, aged 20. a
employ of the Consoli- j
:omapny in its" Shaft |
onsly and perhaps fa- i
his morning when he
neath a fall of slate at
right t" " ;h was broken
ed severe lacerations i
arts of bis body. He j
jSK , WSS orougui. iu r <ui muut uuoytuu uxis ;
afternoon for treatment.
?%:' ' Consult the Union Dentists
- '
1. tor expert dental service*. Onr
. prices axe reasonable, C/fTices ov
liV;' ;-er McCrory 5 end 10c ^sicre. All
work guaranteed.
BeSSv? ||pV
" Pipefitters. Apply
Wbite Girls over 16 years of age i
V i for selecting bottles. Good wages, j
Ikwens Bottle Machine Co. j
By C. 6. Peacock and Company. !
K Fifth avenue. Is'ew York, show- >
IS the new and exclusive models
ir ian and winter, in satin, seise,
ool, jersey, georgette and combiCOon
dresses; Also a superb colctlon
of exclusive models in coats
ills and wraps. An event of nn- ;
mal Interest to the ladles of
Bjrmont and vicinity at The Paris
louse Stop. Monday and Tuesday.
I 1 September 23 and 24. Prices are
> moderate. Tour Inspection is inTiled.
A line of new fall millinery
| / ^iiao on ;
'. ** * ? -
The shaded portion represents ter-;
ritory already taken from the Germans.
Trin Tnmv tiiur '
I s
i Complete Tie Up for the
Mines on the MorganI
town and Kingwood.
j An order has been issued which !
makes it impossible for team track
loaders to get any cars at all for
loading coal. They are not even allowed
to load cars emptied on an
I agent siding. The order which went j
into effect Wednesday has completely j
paralyzed operations of team track
loaders in this section.
Specific instances have been re-1
ported where the cars have been tak- j
en from coal opeartors and sent to
plants for the loading of non-etxm- j
Team track loaders in the vicinity j
of Sbinnston held a meeting at taht
point laa<f night and drew up letters
| which wer sent to Fuel Administra- i
tor Garfield protesting against the j
I ruuu6*
j Xo Cars on M. & K.
There have no placements of cars
j on the M. & K. railroad for three j
I days, acording to news which reached
| this city today. Twenty-one coal
| mines and four coke ovens with a capacity
of 110 cars (sixty-five coal and
I thirty-five coke) are down because
I of the car shortage.
I The railroad is blocked np with
: loads at the M. & K. Junction, com- j
| pletely shuting off the car suppyl.
; Since Thursday ther have been bat
[ thirty-eight cars placed.
Coal Notes.
There are a total of 1,233 cars in
> the region today. Of this number
I there are 32 box cahs and 66 coke
cars. Placements were late again
i this morning, only 795 cars being
placed at 7 a. m. Mines along the
M. R.. Flemington district and Grafton-Belington
district were the principal
sufferers by the late placements.
C. F. Keeney. president, and Fred
Mooney. secretary of the Sixteenth
district United Mine Workers, returned
to Fairmont yesterday after spending
several days in Charleston.
William Fleming, of Pittsburgh,
was in Fairmont yesterday, attending
the bi-weekly meeting of the Fairmont
Coal Club.
Mrs. Zadoc Layman and daughter
Elln left last night for Camp Mills to
visit the former's ron. Lieutenant
Lloyd Layman.
Wanted?girls r.nd women 1
over 16 for selecters. Apply J
Monongah Glass Co. i
12th Street Plant, ask for Mr. J
- Rice. 9-ll-6t |
J Machine and shipping depart*
f ments Good -wages. Apply
Attack Began This Morning:
at Five O'clock on Three
Mile Front.
I British Take Line Straitening
Step on Flanders
(By Associated Press)
FRANCE. Sept. 21.?(By Associated
press.)?English trops attacked the
German line midday between Havrin-1
court wood and St. Qnentin at liall j
oast 5 o'clock this morning on a front ;
of from two and one half to three
; n iles. J
j Field Marshal Haig's thrust was;
j made toward the strip of high ground
! in front Of the Hindenhnr?r
j which cover the Scheldt canal.
FARIS. Sept. 21.?In their drive for
the oat/1 inking of St. Quentin on the!
south the French last night capture.!
the town of Betray and made progress
north of that place, says today's War j
office annonncement.
PARIS. Sept. 21.?The Germans appear
to be hastening the removal of:
the civil population of St. Quentin. '
r?nd fires have been observed in dif
; .ferent parts of the city says Marcel;
; Hrtin in the Echo de Paris. The Ger- j
! mans, he adds, are placing numerous i
I batteries jn. St. Quentin.
LONTXDN. Sept. 21.?Further steps !
forward have been taken by the Brit- j
i<=b on the Flanders front. Field Mar-1
shal Haig's statement today annonnc-,
es the improvement of the British positions
wrest of Messines to the south
of Ypres where a strong point was
Northwest of St. Quentin the British
continued their progress through
the main Hindenbnrg line advancing
their front northwest of Bellenglise.
North of Ganche wood, west of vnlers-Guislain.
the British have been
pressed back slightly.
The British atack against the Hindenbnrg
line northwest of St- Quentin
was resumed this morning east of
Ephy, says the official report from
Field Marshal Haig today.
mi _ T~w m _ 1_^
iney aave xami irxany
They Have Take Many
j Prisoners.
(By Associated Press)
LONDON. Sept. 2L?The Serbian
trcops east of Monastir have advanced
more than nine miles is one.day
and sow are less than eight'miles
from the main highway connecting
prilet with the Varder river.
A Serbian official statement receded
here says that a great number
of prisoners have been captured and
that the Allies have taken Godiyak
west of Cerna river and 15 miles
! sen theast of Prilet.
Judge Haymond in Circuit court
has handed down several orders. In
tb'e cause of M. E. Ashcraft. guardian.
etc.. vs. James J- Dnrrett. iiifant.
an order was made allowing additional
annuity for the purpose of
educating the lad. In a similar pro-,
needing with A. G. Martin.- guardian,
etc.. vs. Ethel Durrett, an additional
allowance of 5900 was asked for.
Mrs. Blanche Sheppsrd Bartlett,
Washington. D. C.. Red Cross eduactional
worker, will speak on Sunday
morning at the Central Christian
church. Sunday night Dr. Mitchell
win speak on the Eduaetion of Young
People or the Four-fold Agency?
Home. Church. School and-Press in
Educating Our Young People.
Experienced ctainmen for field
and mine work. Apply
Jamison Coal a Coke Co. ,
A Gl
Tie latest nqveltv discovered
post by the operator. The tank was
be seen experimttiMn- with it. tVhe i
an awkward position.
Mrs. Barlett Will Meet Interested
People at the
Fairmont Tomorrow.
WanoTio Qhonhard RarfletT. a
staff tepresentative of the Home Service
department of the National Red
Cross organization, who is spending
a several days in this city perfecting
the organization of a class in home
service work will conduct a meeting
n the parlor at the Fairmont hotel
tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 o'clock
and will be glad to meet all persons
interested. /
A special invitation is extended to!
school teachers of the city and sub-'
nrbs to" attend the meeting and also
to any one else interested.
Mrs. Barlett is a brilliant woman
and is thoroughly conservant with
the great work of the Home Service
department and she will give an
interesting talk tomorrow.
Arthur Carskaddon
is Summoned to Navyi
Arthur Carskaden, a well known local
young man who enlisted in the
naw before enlistments closed yesterday"
recived his call to active service.
He will report for duty at Norfolk.
Va, next Thursday, leaving this city
on Tuesday.
He wfli be assigned to a radio training
school, having enlisted as a landsman
electrician. Since the radio
classes started at the Y. M. P- A.
Carskaden has been taking prellmi
nary Instruction, whicn win w ui
great value 'to him at the Norfolk
Circuit court will open on Monday:
morning at 9 o'clock at which time
a number of felony cases will be tried ;
before Judge Haymond at the special
term. The first case to be tried will
be Clark Ott. charged with fatally
shooting his brother-inlaw. Earl Furbee.
Funeral services over the body of!
Mrs. Sarah J. Nuzum whose death |
ocured Thursday evening- at her;
home at Colfax were conducted this;
afternoon at two o'clock from .the:
Dunkard church near Colfax and interment
was made in the cemetry
Attorney E. R. Bell this atfernoon
offered a tract" of 58 38-100 acres of
land in Lincoln district, known as the
Lathes- J. Lowe farm. It was withdrawn
for lack of bidders. It will be
offffered again next'Saturday at 2
o'clock jrom ue unin nouw Msys.
This afternoon the appliaetion of
George E. Murphy, of Monongah. as
a notary public was presented to the
County court. Mr. Murphy Is' 44
years of age. .
Started More Work?Work -was
started yesterday afternoon by the
gas department of the - Monongahela
Valley Traction Company to lay a
line of gas pipe connecting up wells
from flat Run. beyond Mannington.
to Met* and to the head of Dent's run.
In its effort to get gss to meet local :
needs the M V.T. Company this year,
has laid approximately twenty-one :
nriles of pipe. i
in use by the Boche forces Is tills min
captured by the Canadians during ti
1 once behind it the operator acr. ?o
Bombardment ot
Metz Sent Thrill
Through Germany
I (By Associated Press)
GENEVA. Friday. ? "The bombardment
of Metz by heavy Amen
. -an artillery caused surprise but
ao panic." says the Metzer Zeitung.
"The enemy merely copying the
methods of the German bombardment
of Paris." The paper adds
that feur persons were killed and
the damage was insignificant.
It is learned from Basle, however.
that the American bombardment
of Metz caused an enormous
sensation in Germany. Many of
the Inhabitants have left Metz but
neutrals are probfting from departing.
It is the first time' since 1S70
that Metz has been under artillery
Ulfl- uI C Villi IV
It Will Be Put on the Job
Early Next
The 1911 pump at the city pomp station
which has not been in operation
for soma time doe to repairs, has
been thoroughly repaired and will be
ready for operation the early part oi
next week. The old pump is now believed
to be as god as new. Hie Epping
Carpenter pump which has been
supplying the city while repairs were
being made to the ether pump, while
net in bad condition, needs additional
repairs. These will be made just as
soon as the 1911 pump is started. "With
both of the city pumps again
in first class working condition, for
the first time in months, it seems certain
that the city's water needs will
be well taken care of until the proposed
new program for an efficient
water system is actually carried out
Mary Would Not
Need a Steel Hat
nAVoTTor- rolnred. of Hull
Alley, was shot in the head with a 32
caliber revolver about noon today by
Elizabeth Sanders, colored. The bullet
struck the Dehaver woman in the
bead and obnnced. off. entering the
wall. She was able to continue bei
work this afternoon, the bnltet having
no effect.
Policeman Ward went to Hull Alley
and arretsed the Sanders woman,
who was taken to the city pail and
later to the county jail.
Grant Goodwin is
V. P. of Carpenters
The special meeting of local No. 42$
Carpenters Union was held at the
Wilard Hall yesterday evening.
The meeting > was carried ont at
planned and CTrant Goodwin was chos
en -vice president and Albert Grove
was the selection for treasurer.
William Pell has the honor of. being
the first of. the 2,533 Fairomnt
regitsrants to return his question?
TJi? dnnrment was received
by the'local draft board yetserday. A
number of other qnestioimalres have
been received since then.
Zou Making Use of
iature one man t ante used as a sniping
e recent offensive and one of them can
forward or backward, but in rather
Copyright, Underwood & Xjnaerwoc-':.
ra 010 CLOTHES
Fairmont is Expected to
| Contribute 6,000 Pounds
I Next Week.
Fairmont Chapter has received it;
second call for clothing for the Bel
gian populace. The appeal is made
by the commission for Relief in Bel
gium. This commission is asking fo:
five thousand tons of second hant
! clothing of -which Fairmont cbaptei
j is expected to furnish at least si:
; thousand pounds between Septembe:
23 and September 30.
A place will be desinated in Mon
day's issue for clothing to be sent
Some one will be onhand at this place
to receive them, and while the chap
ter hopes that most of the donation:
will be delivered to that place by the
donors, the chapter will make collec
tkras if notified by telephone when i!
is otherwise impossible to secure
I Every kind of garment, for an age*
| and both sexes, is urgently needed
In addition, piece "'goWK-light. warn
canton flannel, and other kinds o:
cloth from which to make garment!
for new born babies, ticking, sheetioj
and blankets, woolen gods of an;
kind?and shoes of every size an
asked for .Scrap leather is needed
for repairing footwear.
Since the clothes will be subjected
to the hardest kind of wca: only gar
ments made of strong and curabh
materials should be seal. I: is useless
to offer to any afflicted p-i-nlatfen gar
1 ments of flimsy material or gaudy col
oring. Make the gifts practical.
Garments need not be In perfeel
' condition. A hundred thousand destl
tote women in the occupied regiom
' are eager to earn a small livelihood
! by repairing gift clothing and makinj
new garments adapted to needs witl
: which they are familiar.
These deeds have been recorded
today by A G Martin, county clerk;
Fred Patton to Irven M." Powell, lol
6. Eighth war. city. $1150: J. J. Heis
kell et ux.. ti Jacob Rogers, two
ninth interest in 76% acres of coai
along Long Run. this county. _$1^JW
IA. Johnstob et ox., to wwam ju. vvai
son. lots 3 and 4 and a portion of lol
5. Fairmont Development Company*!
i i addition, city, $10,000.
The body of the infant daughter o:
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Carpentei
whose death occurred on Thursday
: v.as interred yesterday at Cameron
! W. Ya.. where it was taken yesterda:
' afternoon following services at thi
residence conducted by the Rev. C. D
Mitchell, of the Central Christiai
Today Sarfina Fobiani. convicted o
having whiskey stored in bis home a
Monongah in violation of the Ate
law. appealed to the circuit coax
, from the verdict rendered in Jnstici
? Conaway's court He was sentence!
to serve.three months in Jail and fin
i! ed $200 by that magistrate.
i < Dr. C. D. Mitchell, pastor of tb<
.' Central Christian church, has receiv
, ed a splendid in vital ton from his tor
mer pastorate at t.ima. Ohio, to at
tend the home coming commendni
Sept. 22. The present pastor. Rev
Cecil Frankton. says: ."Since xk
- coming here I have fonnd severa
:; who' give yon the credit orr thei
- j Christian life. Ton surely did a spies
; l did work here." Dr. Mitchell bull
I a beautiful church there .while pas
r tor. About 400 new members wen
i received during , bis ministry.
| Are Willing to^Go^Along for I
> (By Associated' IYea?y
. - *-*' '
govcrnm Jit m tojaaq^iaBflSlB
a decisive stage; according to die I
zic Tagg Blatt, and ?:''p>timwwl
\ parties ax. firmly n iiTiuil Tri Tisii'i^SBj
! parliamentary government widi
r pursue a policy
seriousness of die hoar. ; ; ; ||
readiness to enter the ;vpir gunder
the following cnocfitr
; agraplx in rfv rmnlMi
Second. Tk
or three Social PcnMcaliSafe^MMi^M
> emment; and
Three. The occupatio:
I ant political posts, prestnnab'
| is try of the mil lin
TPx*.miarr*S^/t?d iwH
i w *i,,rrr,i 7' ri [fitrlirilB
Umj^g^L TJ C. - ~ j&jwM
1 - " "
An excellent meeting c
mont Coal cbib was^SS^fceRflHH
' try clnb yesterday
| time three decidedly. tntagertB
L j dresses were heartLy jSMHI
-! dinner Clarence^ttWBBMBM
i president, irbo tJ&m&Ht&SSu
> I Mrs. George DeBagaBnEMBMI
! traduced Mrs. BhoOTtajgiSflwH
! representative of the- "Hor
: department of the Pc
> of the Red" Croga--rX&ifenti
was Lieatenaii?s3g?M*q|
time in the Pa3rnK*6^S
t the a?pIc?e ot the TJ/Sg?jM|
r (ratios.
Mesdames DeBoitar.
. told of the
r vice department ot tbg^
> made as
i. assist in the
i Both were.
duction of '" toali^^SwSjSwW^^M
there must be.no
t a fine' description aTaf
t Royal British fflw
l longed while-' yJfHH
t Franee- - -v.- ^ ^,-y^jlESB
.1 For the purpcwai^c
? lists registrars will
j Tnesday^ jOctofcer. 2
e'the noon
. | and between
. i-es that resteOangHgHH
. i precincts. *
5 The registration booggBS
-" by OctoV*azm *GB
7 office and rtgrafiwregwaflMB
1 while h tte
r ' ' - -
t A
? on e.?. I

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