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^B^^HMK^bpiditlOQtxjr Foro6s?
TT' fa acpMtid
fn Action.
BBBsSSS^Qpii^'^^FOOP'borp Ky'
TTll till lift. Grodno, Russia.
Bfl'wHrCTf-f KUTlrTin. Cslmsct, m<*>i
^?dou, "La kpo
from Wounds.
Died from AcUent and Other Causes j
P^teter S^Bsaer. BsDy. Berks Pa.
I Loo S. Koaalr. Milwaukee, Wis. '
ilph W. Robart, Arlington, Mass.I
Igt. MaJ. Theodore Bennet Mc-;
as. J. Cavanaugh, Pittsburgh. Pa. 1
ruf lkV- * I
Fltrcharles, Phoenixville,
as G- Gaudy, Philadelphia. Pa.'
iry H. McKeown, Suterville, Pa. |
l J. Repozo, Middletown. Conn.
3 Dawo . TVpm TXrarc \flcli
Tg y*lt^arber, Knoxville. Tton.
ETi *ganrmrmt. JLyncon, m. SSiaij
Sooth Wear?. N. H.
PSgawi Bogara. Pens barton, N. J
Washington Park, HL
All Xiada at hanTtng and dallrar- h
t dona promptly asd^earafoQy. pi
' - " - tc
mPS.T"' - *
Harry Hi schmnaker, Gatesville, Wis.
Joaepb Sobers*. Chicago. HL
Edwird Vavra. Chicago, HL
Thoxn** R Via, Ola. Ark.
Curtis Wood. Joneaboro, Ark.
Clifford Toons. Miles City, Most.
the morning list.
The casualty list printed is the
newspapers of this morals* showed:
Killed in actios. 23; missing la action.
SI; -wounded In severely, 49; died of
wound*. 3; died of dltease. 5; wounded
slightly, i. Total. 135.
West Virginians mentioned is the
storms* cnssaltv list are:
Killed in action?Pvt. Charles L.
Ayers, Parfcergburg.
Totsl number of casualties to date,
including those in above total:
Kilted action (Including at
sea) 8,038
Died of wounds 1?66
Died of wounds 1,780
Died of accident and other
causes 853
Wounded in action 17,458
mlsainC fa actfan (faclndlng
prisoners) 4,482
Total 32.471
Sunday School !
::: Lesson :::
(Br fic*- FT?- fitzwateb. d. d? i
Teacher of Jtagllsh Bible in the Moody
Bible Institute of Chicago.)
<e?wn?b*. isisl by Wg?t?ra Xcwemr union.) j
LESSON TEXTS?Matthew 25:1440; 5:1- i
GOLDEN xJSXT? All things ar? yours; j
... sjkJ ye are Christ's; ud Christ la
God's,?I Corinthians 3:21-22.
additional MATERIAL FOR
TEACIfERS?psalms 17:15: Isaiah 61:11; .
Acta ie-JS: Romans 2:10; 5:1-2.
1. The Parable of the Talent*.
This Parable, like that of the Ten
Virgins, is associated with the second
coming of Christ. In both Instances
there is evident an tmpreparedness on
the part of the people. In the first ;
case there is failure of the inward life; I
in the second, there is failure to nse I
the gifts which have been entrusted to j
them. The first was failure to watch; j
the second was failure to work. By j
talents Is meant, the gifts which God j
has entrusted to his servants. It may !
be natural endowments, special enduein
en ts of the Spirit, or it may be the
gospel of Jestis Christ. With reference
to these talents note: i
>. Their distribution (tv. 14, 35). j
(1) A sovereign one. The servants
belong to the Lord as well as the |
money. (2) An intelligent one. The :
distribution was made on the bads of !
the ability of e=ch servant. The reason
one man received one talent was
because the lord know-that he would
be Incapable of using two or five. (S)
A purposeful one. The talents were
given to be traded with. They were
not given for the servant's own use. j
but stock-in-trade for the enrichment!
of the master- i
2. Employment of the talents (w.
In this employment all the servants
recognized that the talents did not be- '
long to theou The two-talented man ;
and the five-talented man put their
talents to Use. which resulted is a .
large Increase. It la always true that j
the right use of talents increases them.
Ihe one-talented man bid his In the
earth. The unmistakable sign of the
one-talented man is that he is hiding
Ms talent- The two-talented and fivetalented
men are always busy.
8. The accounting for the talents
cw. la-sO).
(1) Its certainty. There is a day
Mining when the lord's servants shall
give an account to him for the use they
lave made of their talents. (2) The
time of. This Is at the coming of the
Lord. Those who are using their taints
will rejoice when the Lord comes
list they may present unto him their
:alents with increase. But the onetalented
man will have fear and dread
igainst that day- (8) The Judgments
umounced. to the faithful there was
reward. This reward consisted of
jislse: "Wdone;"promotion: "ruler
>vcr many things" and entrance "upon
he joy of the Lord." For the faithless
me there ^as awful punishment which
ionslsted of reproach?"slothful;" beng
stripped and cast into outer dark*
II. Cfi*raetsrlatica of the 8ubjeeta
if the Kingdom (Matt. 5:1-12).
These beatitudes are connected with
ach other with the strictest order of
oglcal sequence. They set forth the
haracterlstlcs at those who are subects
of the kingdom. They fan into
bree groups; tour in the first, three in
he second, and two in the third.
3. Poverty of spirit (v. 3). To be
oor in spirit does not mean to be
rttbout money, but to come to the
nd of self, to he in a state of ebeo
it* spirits beggary, awing no paw
r to alter Us condition or make himelf
2. A profound grief became of tide
pirltnai bankruptcy ( - 4). Tbe
morning be** la not becanae of ex?^aa^? ??em?
mergcncv examination for
An Emergency Examination' wQi be
aid on S*tnrd?y, September 28th, at
ie office of County superintendent of
cboois. This examination will be beid
ir the benefit of all persons desiring
> teach, bnt not holding a valid corticate.
AH applicants should know
hat school they ars Sting to teach
store costing to examination^ Aplicaata
litis* in other cotmtlea win
>t be admitted nnlees they ana to
ach la M?r?on county. Honrs 9:00
m- to *:<*) p. m. Fee $1A0. r^-Adr.
v - ,*
"TM niiin
~<|^f? pgg5aB5PSy^a^i3g^^r3^^'J5
ltnal Inwhacy.
4. An Intense longing to conform to
tbe ten of the ^ ? >][* ? (r. 6}. Having
received the rlghteonsness of
Christ as a free gift; every desire of
his scml Is to be filled with rfgbteons5.
Mercifnl (v. 7). At this stage the
subjects of the kingdom take on the
character of the King. Christ was
mercifnl; Us followers will be Ekewlse.
6. Pnrlty at heart (v. 8). This heart
parity begins by having oar hearts
sprinkled from an evil conscience with
the blood of Christ. and la maintained
by living In fellowship with him. Those i
who have pore hearts can aee God everywhere.
7. Peacemakers (v. 9). Those who
have been reconciled to God by Christ
not only Eve In peace, but diffuse peace.
&. Suffering for Christ's sake (v. 10).
The world hated Christ and crucified
him. Those who live for him shall
suffer persecution (H Timothy 8:12).
9. Suffer reproach (v. 11). It means
suffering under lj|R charges. In anch
case we shell gifey In It because it
brings great reward in heaven.
Entered High School.
James B. McDaniel, 'Frank Bil- ]
Ha galea and Misses Hattie Bradley'
and Mary Billlngslca enrolled as pn- i
pils of the Fairmont High school this !
Tonsils Removed.
Marcos Bar be, the yonng son of!
Mr. and* Mrs. Arlie Barbe. of this
place, underwent an operation for the
removal pf tonsils pn Thursday at
Cook hospital. The operation was
performed by Drs. Keister and Morris
and was successful. !
Vis!tin fr in Virginia.
Mr. and Mrs. David Shifflet are vis- !
iting relatives and friends in Virginia :
at present. While absent Mr. Shifflet'
will visit his brothr at Camp Lee. .
Arlie Wood has removed his family Trom
Fairmont to apartments in the
new Davis building. He is employed ;
at the Central power plant at Hutch- '
inson. }
Earl McDougal has removed here
from Farmington. occupying rooms
in the Davis building.
Mrs. Clyde H- Hay returned this
week from an extended visit with relatives
In Preston county. Her husband
is a member of the 155th F. A. j
Brigade and is located somewhere in !
Mrs. Less Boggess, of Bethlehem,
.-.-as shopping In town on Thursday.
W. C. Grabe. of Fairmont, was a
-aller here on. Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. James ?. Morgan, o:
Fairmont. Rt. 1, were out of twos
shoppers here on Thursday.
Harley Smith and daughter Gwendolin
and son Guy wer visiting with
relatives in Clarksburg on Thursday
Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Morgan, of i
Everson. wer calling on friends here I
August is, 191s, the p<
order to all telephone compani
betterments to imperative an
war requirements and the vi
All COMPANIES were d
each rules and regulations as
to accomplish this result becai
to war conditions of securing
In compliance with ti
undertake to provide service a
permit for essential war week
\Vhere it is not oi
service fall within these class
that the service requested is oi
duction work or is of such via
warrant service being establia
P OSSESSION of goveracnet
privileges or a letter or other i
of a government department c
xam ofwuvomtni <x service, w
N o applications for
under the order of the Fostmaa
In view op conditio*
It is particularly desirable tin
served in every possible way lb
essential war industries sad a
your cooperation will
this company in coxpz.
I 'Liberty B<md*?Jswranct P6k
?Thb Chesapi
T bleph<
C. W. Lawson, pastor.
Sunday School 9:30 ub. J. JL Swiger.
Sapt. Oar rally day will- soon ba
bare, so let each teacher and pupil ba
in their place on Snaday Morn tap.
Sermon. 11.43 a m Theme. "Kissing.
-What Does It Mean"? Keening 8er
PSw<o?Trrr 0:30
prompt. Sermon. 8:00. After this our
evening services vrfll begin at 7:30 p.
mil Instead of 8:00. We desire a full
attendance at both the moraine and
evening services, as we desire. UT conjunction
with our quarterly Conference
which win convene on Monday
evening at S o'clock, to have the membership
present to discuss plans for
the year. Fail not to come.
Balrd Mitchell, rector.
7:30 am. Holy Communion.
9:30 ul Church School. 1
10:45 am. Morning Prayer and sermon.
Welcome. "Serves For God and
. W. J. Eddy, pastor,
Sunday is the great day for all perl
sons concerned about this church?It1
I is to be called "Toung People Day",
i All the evening services is to be given j
! over to a special program.
[ In adition to that we are to have
Mrs. Blanche 'H. Bartlett who has
traveled extensively in this country
and Canada, woh will speak for fifteen
minutes on "Home Service"
z9:30 Sunday School?A arge attendance
is anticipated^
10:30 Junior Sermon?"Acorns?
Boys and Grls."
10:50 Morning Serves.?subject:
"Factors of Conquest Revealed in the
2:00 Snnday School. Virginia Ave.
2:00 Junior B.Y.P.TT.. Margaret Leh-??n.
7:00 Combined sermon for all the
BY.P.TT. societies?An excellent pro~ram
has been worked oat on "Young
Peoples Day**.
S:00 This Is Young Peoples Service
made of Music, addresses, plans and
so on?The pastor will speak on "The
Bant 1st Spirit."
Will not old. young and all come ;
ont and participate?
Claude E. Goodwin, pastor.
Services tomorrow as follows:?
Snnday School at nine-thirty. The ]
attendance went over the fonr-hun- [
dred mark last Sunday, the first time
in several weeks. Keep up the good.
work. Be present tomorrow morning. >
rt is the last before conference. Help
to make It one of helpfulness. Come .
in time for the opening service. The '
music by the orchestra Is most Inspir-;
ing. Good singing.
Public Worship and sermon at ten;
forty-five. The subject of sermon?;
"The Way. the Truth, and the Life."
This Is the fifth In a series of sermons
on the seven great statements of Jesis
concerning himself..
Epwortl^ League devotional meeting
-t- seven o'clock. Topic?"Listening
o God's Word." Leader. Bliss Margaret
Public Worship and sermon at eight |
o'clock. Subject of sermon?"Merciful
Shall Obtain Mercy." These are
the last services of the conference
year. May all the services be well attended.
conservation of
"e Service
asfmasfrr Genera] issued an
ies "to confine extensions and
d unavoidable work to meet
tal commercial needs of the
irectcd to "adopt and enforce
may be necessary and proper
ise of the. difficulties incident
adequate supplies, labor and
d? order, tins company will
a promptly as conditions will
and vital commercial needs.
1VIOUS tint applicants for
>? auMawra anil Va nsmwiwyl
f such importance in war proil
commercial necessity as to .
it contracts,priority shipping
form of advice from the chief
ertifying to the necessity for
01 be accepted as evidence.
ervice except those permitted
iter General win be accepted.
IS brought about by the war,
it telephone service be ooor
use by the government and
icus on Victory?Buy Them |
sake and Potomac
>ne Company
- J
{ Captain and titrs. John CBelrne
In Command,
j Lieutenant Jamas F. Fornof, assistant
Jafl Meeting 10:80 sjb.
J Company Meeting (Sunday School)
j 2:38 pjb.
Opan Air Masting 7:30 pjb.
Evangelistic Meeting 8 p. m.
The public is cordially invited to ati
tend all of the above services especially
those who do not attend any otbj
er boose of worship.
H. Q. Stoetzer, O. D. Minister.
There wfll be several Interesting
features la connection with the services
tomoirow both at the morning
and the evening services.
At the morning services 10:45. Mrs.
Blanche Bartlett of Cincinnati O. win
give a brief bat Inspiring message <A
the Importance at the "Home Service"
and the pastor of the church win
(peak on this suggestive and helpful
text: "Then Shalt Both Bo Great
Things and Shalt Also Succeed."
The pastor of the church delivers
I an annual address to the Teachers I
and Students of the City. He. will be i
pleased to have all come tomorrow
evening-at 8:00 o'clock, when he win
speak on this subject: "Preparation Is
Power, end Opposition Is Opportunity"
The other services of the day are
as follows:
| Bible Schools 9:30 am. Oases for
laH ages. J
Mr. J. Walter Barnes. Superintendent.
The Business Men's Bible Class
meets at the same hour in the Social
I VP. * AV.
Ubom VI Uio VUU1CM*
The Chretien Endeavor Socletr -will
meet at 7 p. m~ leader. Miss Monta
Faust. Topic: *Help From Heroes'*
Heb. 11:32-40.
Mid-week service Wednesday 7:30
p. m.
The Choir Is preparing special music
for both services.
There win be cordial welcome for
all. Come and bring a friend.
R. J. YSSfc, pastor.
9:30 a. m. Sunday School.
10.45 am. Preaching and Public
The subject of the sermon win be.
"Personal Satisfaction.'*
7. p.m. Epworth League, by H.T.
8. pun. Public Worship
Clarence D. Mitchell. O. O. Minister.
Sunday School at IOasu Seymour
Mclntire, Supt Come next Sunday
and hear about next year's graded attendance.
Morning Worship and
preaching following the Schoo: period.
Mrs. Blanche S. Bui ter of Washington. [
D. C. win take part In the Morning
Service. Mrs. Butler Is connected
with the Bed Cross Educational Bur-1
earn Christian Endeavor will meet at
7:15 pjn. A good programe has been I
?r mrnnv TkOAnlp ATA I
yimmcu W ?H? JW.B..Q |
< I
< ?
< I
Here is a Kst of pr!
are using in large
! Note the increases
i i
! ;' ' Material
( >
(1-inch Pipe
2-inch Pipe
4-inch Pipe
6-inch Pipe
1-inch Unions
i?-mch Ells
* 1-inch Ells
2-inch tais
*4-inch Tees
2-inch Tees
1-inch Flanges
2-inch Flanges
The mills and h
equipment and su]
to take care of the
This condition I
paying a good stifl
The resultant as
Itaining, equipping
Oar Ret
}| TT A_ J
Vf DclityQ
;8 People are coining in fro
j| to see the new goods at
authoritative Note of Fa:
I es new Shoes, new Hats* i
8 kets, new comforts and
needed for the fall and wi
If you will have anythin
jg Winter season, but it nov
I "Buy It at
?you will never regret it
" on m?Conoi
" " ?
Invited. Evening preaching at S p. m.!
Sermon Theme: "The Four-Fold Cooperation
of Home. Church School
and Press in our School Day Needs'*.!
Teachers, parents and Scholars of ]
our Schols Most Cordially Invited. |
Special music at these services.
Dr. J. C. Broomfteld, pastor.
9:30 Sunday School, W.W. Conaway
10:45 Morning Service. Sermon by j
Dr. A. G. Dixon. Baltimore, Md. j
7:15 Christian Endeavor. Dr. Dixon j
win he at this service, let all the En-:
deavorers be present
8:00 Evening Service. Sermon by J
Dr. Dixon.
3rd St. and Gaston Ave.
Sunday School 9:30 atn. W. F. Shafferman
Supt. Teachers and scholars
are urged to he on time.
Morning services at 10:45. All
members friends should avail themselves
of this opportunity to attend
this service.
No evening service.
The week end services at the Seventh
Day Advertlst Gospel Tent are:
Sabbath School (Saturday) 10:00 a-m.
Preaching (Saturday) 11:00 atn.
Preahlng Sunday 8:00 ptn. Subject:
"If the Opostile Peter Were to Come
to Fairmont. Which Church Would
He JolnT*
Don't fall to hear this subject
;h pric
cts us
ices paid by us for m?
: quantities in our {
;?they speak for them
Previous Cost
Cost Now
\$ 3-74 $ 8.70
8.14 18.70
25.30 55.00
4234 95.37
7S2 1639
L42 4.09
2?35 7.98
6.59 18.70
2.47 5.99
9-63 30.80
12.65 42.90
26.06 82.50
ictories from which w
pplies are now workii
Government s needs,
las controntea us witr
P price for everything
jgregate increase in I
and operating our sysl
juest for an In
st and Reason
ela Valley Tr
im f a?* o/s n r*/\v*
g to buy for the.FaS^a^^
"" - ' . ^ _~r^
Next week will be the
at the tent, all are invited -:t6J cofcne !*sj|
and enjoy the blessings of thla??im(g|S
?l^" I
Social Service at 11 o'clockBible
School^^0 a.^gu^ ^- ^ '
Fires Burning. Go to Cbnrcb.
Preaching 1st. 3rd and 5th Sundays j
in each month. Yon are welcomed. ' 1
B. E. H a net, pastor. ' I
"Religion by. Proxy" Sunday nlBht.
"A House Party" a sermon to
dren Sunday morning- J
Preaching and Communion at 11:00.
Christian Endeavor at 7 pm.
Evening Preaching Service at Eight.. -MJ
This church will always welcome ^
Basalt is being used in
the raw material for "mineral wool," . :
which is required as a heat insulating' ,-S|
packing for machinery and refrigerators
and as a substitute for asbesfos3j9g|l
XjLSC* |
9 I

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