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tt H|0 an^KOcored.
9 1
torn part o fthe cart was stained a
cherry color and inside sat very lapge
Vie small pony, made such a Tery imfortant
lopnnkm both on the Tanfffhat
It wearsome tfins before Colics
I tboot it*
A -world of about
rery for.caring. A dear
small. worlds, in ourselves and most
jpfie of charltable*~deeds, contributed
^now very little we know about the hit
man heart. So many of us work with
p.gs, sometimes for the power and
praise of others,?often it Is for somese.
Many "people do not undern
be expected to understand,-othngjf3ofcig
ago and throi^h- very
^ <n nVws^iinirriM'l" . perhaps diftice.
kep therseifr very much In the
stood breeding and intelligence, she
khow.Just one ..especially gifted
mmn in. the city?a. woman very
*ce^< the one she saw constantground
would not move an inch near-1
er her fikdt content to admire from I
er in-wait for the moment of I
s a SxtSeA desire for my ac-1
^I^BSj^wriylTvg/story?for I believe M
writing Itseix tnrougn
Hi years and stfll the
M remains unconscious
wr. I have heard it
Hfendship cofbes to ns
Hce in this world and
Hided as carefully as
Hone-sided friendship?
Hbloom mast now he
Hahce beyond telling.
Higements have been
Hveiling of four monnHOak
Camp. 20, WoodHd,
next Sunday afterHs
hare been extendStonewail
Camp, 100, and
berg Camp. 9. both of ClarksHa.and
Grafton Camp, 4. of Grafton,
IMtgnd the xmvelling exercises,
ffwoodtashef the "World will meet at
the Fleming building at
ockan&headed by a drum corps
ptawn -cemetery^" where a monument
will be unveiled- at tap grave of John
ere the cohmm win move to
Grave cemetery, where menunts
v?S be unveiled at the graves
I. T. Hawkins, Charles I*. Wflfohg
orgs Xi. Bowman. An address
of fle 1L E. church, south. A
teggtette win sing. The services at
Grave cemetery win com
wm >w? a Sander school r^'lv
HHwdsley Chapel Sasday. Octo>~ ?.
^ at ItSO p. m- A veIwEwig
is o-mected. Some of
ad d'-*-kst officers will
m'lwrr^i 3* a number of
a&mmtSl woAera of the.
S8L : abb to aire good
sng the line of Sunday
'j Im^iiii ijsl rifl are cordial
seat in four barrels. As everyone
knows these stones are to be seed in
^making an exceptionally good quality
of carbon, mixed with other chemicals.
.The carbon, is to he placed in
a small receptacle on the outside of
gas masks and the poisoned gas sent
from .the enemy is absorbed and made
harmless thereby. Not only in Fairmont
but'an over the country people
are saving peach stones for this pmv
Wonderful Response to Belgian Ap
Three hundred brand new overcoats
have been contributed by-mercharfts
in Fairmont and Worthlngton for the
Belgians. Is not this a wonderfnl
contribution? Bed Cross workers,
chapter officers and in fact everybody
in Fairmont and "Worthington Should
be proud and^ appreciative of the spirit
manifested by these merchants.
Hurry Call for Seventy-five Sweaters.
Word has been received of the need- %,
for seventy-five sweaters by the tenth
of the month. ~ It is urgently desired
that good knitters come forward and
take sweaters tcrcomplete by that
time. As only a week remains in which
to make these sweaters, this calls for
special patriotism and love. Nearly
halt the amount desired have been
taken out, so don't let anyone get
ahead of yon in getting the other half
If anyone has grey sweaters which
have not been turned in, these can be
used to fill this allotment. *
Interesting Barrackvllle Report
Miss Wflla Straight has supervised
the making of one thousand/seven
hundred and seventy-five gauze spong- j
es. This is an exceptionally good record.
Mrs. Chas. Cramer has supervised
the knitting of five grey sweaters
which have been turned in to headquarters,
also eight pair of socks.
Twelve hanks of sock yarn and thirtytwo
hanks of sweater yarn have been
given out There is no report from .
the workroom because there has been
no allotment j
Special Praise for Red Cross Auxil- !
iaries. ,
. These auxiliaries deserve much ,
praise for their telling interest in the '
parade. All of them were represent- ;
ed and a fine showing was made. '
Chapter officers especially desire to
thank and express their appreciation
'for all that they did. }
Report of Knitting Department '
Nineteen sweaters have been turned
In, sixty-fonr pairs of socks,' and sixty !
helmets/ Four hundred and twentyfive
hanks of yarn was given out for
sweaters and seventy-six hanks tor
Home Service work.
Animmense amount of fine Home
Service work is being.done in the city. 4
Women are patriotically giving time 4
and heart to the work and in no city 1
is the work being conducted with more '
tact and intelligence than in Fairmont. ,
Thursday afternoon and evening the '
first of a series of lectures was given ''
by Dr. t> M. Bristol on subjects of
great Importance to home service !
workers. The lectures are embodied 4
in what is called a course of Home J
Service Information and about seven- 4
ty-ifve ladies enrolled. Nearly one 1
hundred ladles were present at both *
lectures. Dr. Bristol talked regarding
all phases of home service work, including
the manner of instructing soldiers'
relatives in regard to their al- ,
lotments and compensations where '
they needed such Information, help to 1
be given in domestic matters, help in 4
sickness and in want and various oth- J
er kinds of help which home service J
workers could give. j
Dr. "Bristol will give two more lec- '
tures'bn Thursday of next week in-the '
Deveny tuilding In Elks' hall and the^
folowing week Mrs. Blanche Bartlett
will lecture, ending the course. A
large attendance should he present at
an of the lectures for they are Invaluable
help. j
East Side Central Auxiliary'Report. '
Miss Anna B. Swisher, secretary, re- 4
ports 'the following work turned In: |
! Twenty-seven sweaters, 20 pairs socks, [
8 pajama suits and 135 comfort kits. 4
f ..- ...? ,?? . : 11 r> ^ ]
iyi laaicton, vv. V?u* i"VUAIu?uj * t
Mrs. J. W. Stutler, chairman, reports
the following work turned in
dcrirfg August: Fifteen pajama suits,
75 comfort kits, two pairs of socks.
One. new member has joined, Mrs.
Post. Work is progressing nicely in
this auxiliary.
Hammond Report.
Miss Verna Sines, secretary, reports 1
the following work turned in: Six <
bed-ehirts, 25 comfort kits, one pair
of socks. P. D. Shaffer, treasurer,
sends money for the following new
members: Mrs. John Ross, Miss Minta
Shaffer, Miss Alice Vincent, Miss 1
Hazel Vincent.
? ]
Fairvlew Auxiliary Report. 1
Mrs. J. B. Machesney, secretary, <
sent in the following report: Oar- i
merits completed: One hundred com- 1
fort kits, nine sweaters, eight pair 1
socks, 100 gun wipes, one bed-shirt, .
six pajama suits. Fifteen sweaters "
were completed and turned in during I
July and August, exclusive of nine I
turned into the' chapter. Fairvlew has I
one new member, Mrs. Joe Bough.
! Seven crafort kits have been supplied
soldiers who were going a war, -rae
Bed Cross desires to thank Mrs. Marian
Bowman for the sewing machine
donated to the Fairriew auxiliary by
her. -a
' (
There were 11.601 more persona s
employed in the principal factories of <
' the Netherlands on May 1.1917. than
cm May 1,1914. For every 100 work- i
[era~in. 1914 there were 20 female t
workers, and in 1917, 23. " ]
j Irishmen who go to Kngland to work j
! wm now be liable to he taken tor mill- i
-J1- ?jj^^^g-j-^'
The schools of all the Churches
have planned a rally to run tor some
time. Sixty per cent of the church
membership, will be the goal for attendance.
If the goal is reached a '
higher percentage will be adopted,
rhis should give a stimulus to all
Sunday schools and the result will be
most beneficial to the attendance at
ill churches.
The Ministerial association will
meet Monday moroinglat 10:30. Every
minister is urged to be present. Matters
of importance are to be considered.
The meeting will be held at the
r. M. C- A.
Dr. Clarence D. .Mitchell, Minister.
Sunday school at 10 a. m. At 10:15
special music will be furnished by the
Moran sisters. The plan of the Sunlay
school union, is to make each Sunlay
in October a rally day. Morning
worship ana preaching following the "
school period. Sermon theme, "The
Man who Forgot" Special music. At
"^L5 the Christian Endeavor will give
a special program. Mrs.'. E. C.
Etowand will sing. The Liberty loan
sentiment will be emphasized in'the
svening at S o'clock. The Liberty
Lean committee will provide two spe:ial
speakings. Special music." The
mblic will receive a most cordial wel
Third St. and Gaston Ave.
Sunday school, 9:30 a. m., W. F.
Shafferman, superintendent. Full attendance
and promptness is still in
srder. Morning service, 10:45. Rev.
Robinson has returned from conference
and will preach for us. No eventog
service. . Christian Endeavor meettogs
will be resumed October 13.
Everybody welcome to all services.
Diamond and Market Sts.
. J. Elbert Wells, Pastor.
Liberty Sunday is to be observed.
S-t 10:45 there will be patriotic"music
and the pastor will speak upon the
jlace of the church in the present
srisls. It is suggested that all the people
bring flags. Sunday school at
1:80. Let us have a banner attendtnce.
Ep worth League devotional
neeting at 6:30. "Our Heritage from
Early Methodist Home Missions." Isa.
15. Miss Lillian Holland, leader. Paxiotic
and worship service at-7:30
ind the pastor will preach upon "The
Spiritual Challenge of the War." Let
:here be scores of flags at this service.
Let us show to the world around
is that we are loyal to "Uncle Sam"
by bringing to the church the flag of
jur country. Any flag large or small
will do. A cordial invitation to all
bur services is extended to alL
Dr. J. C. Broomfleld, Pastor."
9:30, Sunday school, W. W. Cona
iray, supenntenaent. iu;?, mucuiug
service; special music by the choir,
[n the place of the sermon a congregational
meeting will be held presided
aver by E. C. Frame. This is not a
meeting to raise money. Every memMr
is urged to be present. 6:30. Chrisdan
Endeavor, leader, Walter H. FinUSE
Don't wait for the drink habit to set
no strong a hold upon yottr husband,
son, or father, for It can.be broken up
luickly if Orrtne la given him.
Ton have nothing to risk and every,
hlns to gain, as Ofgne Is sold.under
t guarantee- to refund the purchase
pice if yon get no benefit.
Orrtne Do. 1, secret treatment; Or-'
ine No. 2, toe voluntary. Costs oto!
J1.25 a box. Ask us for a booklet
RJS ? St NCC I 8?
S IN THe i_??-=e
ley. 7:30. evening service. Address
on Liberty Loan by Carl Johnston, a
Marine, just back from the front. Mr.
Johnston was severely wounded In
France and is still on crutches. He
will have a message worth hearing.
The public is invited to these services.
Next Wednesday evening Dr. Charles
Bishop will have charge of the prayer
Fairmont Ave. and Fourth St.
Claude E. Goodwin, Pastor.
Sunday school at 9:30. The rally
<n tha Snndav school work is on in
earnest. Tomorrow will be recognized
In al the Sunday schools of Fairmont
as Rally day for adult Bible classes.
All the adnlt classes of the school will
keep this In mind. ~ Come on time.
Good singing. Splendid orchestra.
Public worship and sermon at 10:45;
subject of sermon, "Vine, Branches
and Fruit" This is a good theme for
the beginning of the new conference
y^ar. Epworth League devotional
meeting at 6:30; topic, "Our Heritage
from Early Methodist Home Missions;"
leader, Norman Cunningham.
Public worship and sermon at 7:30;
subject of sermon, "The Pure in
Heart" Visitors and strangers will
find a hearty welcome . Buy a bond
and help end the war in the Interest of
freedom. Mr. Barrington, our choir
director, will sing patriotic numbers at
all the -services for the next four
weeks. Among the numbers he will
sing are "The Americans Gome," "God
Bring Tou Safely to Our Arms Again."
"A Mother's Prayer," "Pershing's
Men." "The Vow," "God Be With Our
Boys Tonight" "Somewhere In
France." "When the Boys Come
Robt J. Yoak, Pastor.
9:30 a. m., Sunday school. We are
expecting a great rally in. the adult department
of our Sunday school Sunday.
Let each member come and
bring a new member. 10:46 a. m,
public worship. The subject of the
sermon will be "Our Lord's Commission
to St Peter." 7j.hl, Epworth
League. 8 p. m., public worship and
preaching: We Invite you to come and
worship with as. J?
214 Jackson St. V
Capt. and Mrs. John O'Belrns in Command;
Lieut. J as. Fornof, Asst.
Jail meeting, 10:80 a. m.; company
Tkt TetriMe Pais m Back mi
Sides. Cuds Gave Relief.
Marlcsvfile, La.?Mrs. Afice Johnson,
of fills place, writes: Tor one year 1
goffered with an awfo! misery in my bach
and sides. My leftside was hurting ma
all the time. Thcmhoy was something
? - W_ m
Willi. I
cocld not do anything, not even steep
at night. It kept me awake most of the
night... I took different iwsrticfnes, bet
nothing did me any good or relieved ma
nntil I took Cardui *
I was not able to do any of my work
lor oneyear and I got wotrtsiB the finite
was confined to my bed off and on. idet
bo oaa wuzx my osck uiat wnen isioopca
down.I was not able to itiitftw J*P
again...!decided 1 woflld try Cmxhd
x . By time I badSOSnfim entire botfle
I was leafing pretty good and coold
til gone.
IshaBalways praise Cardat. 1 tea
wdK Bym ?uBeihuupriM-doe fa.
female compUinta, CariM nay^ be fort
Standard win be bssed gpoo ? gonL
Mi soil MB be an affwnBamie eqnai
to atxty per cent, of the church mem-.
riff ^ ftp SI good
start tor this coal tomorrow at 9:30.
10:30. Anfor sermon. "The Boy "Who
Ban Away." 10:50. momfng service,
subject. -An Earthly Bather and His
Children- and -An Heavenly Father.
' and His Children.- 9:30. Sunday
j school Virginia avenue. 2:00, Junior
B. T. P. 17, Dana Bartlett, leader.
7i00. intermediate and Senior B. Y;
P. Ha with Grace Randolph and Mrs.'
O. B. Maddovas leaders. 8:00, evening
service,-iubject. "The Fine Art ot
Getting On." Good music will be provided
lor all the services which win
be nnder the direction ot the new
.choir director.
Mitchell, Pastor. '
7:30 A m. Holy Communion; 9130, j
church school; 10:45 a m, Holy Communion
an dsenfion. The Bread of
life.- Welcome. " |
C. C. Lawaon, Pastor.
- Sunday school. 9:30 a m, J. A. Swiger.
superintendent. See that your
children .come to Sabbath school.
Gome and bring them. Sermon 10:45
a m, subject, -He Was the Bog He
Thought He Was Not.- Evening services:
Endeavor, 6:30. Let the parents
see that an children attend this
service. Sermon. 7:30. theme, "Liberty
Loan and the War." The pastor
hopes to see all the members out to
the services. Ton will find a welcome
here. Solicitors for the ever; mem-'
* ?? m wmMtiri to be ores-!
WOi ?MW ,
ent at Sunday morning service.
Cor. Jackson and Jefferson Sts. I
H. G. Stoetzer, O. D., Minister.
Ton are moat cordially Invited to the
rally day services tomorrow In all" the
departments of the Sunday school and
the church. Bible school 9:30. Classes
tor all ages. J. Walter Barnes, super- j
"intendent. , Teachers. \ officers and
scholars are all urged to make a spe-'
cia effort to be present. Morning service
-0:45. Reception of members.
Communion service and sermon by the
pastor"of the chnrch on "The Power
and Influence of Testimony." The
Junior Christian Endeavor society will
meet at 2:30. The Senior Christian
Endeavor society will meet at 7 p. nL.
leader. Miss Anna Bing. Consecra-N
tlon meeting. 8 o'clock, when the pastor
of the church will preach on "The
World's Greatest and Most Appropri-'
ate Prayer." The semi-annual congregational
meeting will be hed Wednesday
7:30. There win he special music
at both services tomorrow. Come and
do your part toward making Rally Bay
a success.
s .
Otherwise Part'of France
Where Odell is Looks
.Like West Va.
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Odell. of Worthington
Route 1, have received the following
letter from their son, Blaln,
who is- serving "somewhere in i
France," probably not very far from
the scene of the famous St. Mihiel
fight, edging by the description he
gives of the country:
Dear Mother and Father:?Will try
and write a few lines to yon to let yon
know $ am well and in good health.
France is some place. I like it betiter
here than I did in camp in the
states.- It is not near as hot as It was
in the camp I came from over there.
The country Is almost like it is around
home except the fences. I haven't
seen ja farm fenced in with rails yet.
They build a dirt wall and have only
seen one house built of lumber. They
are all built of stone or concrete.
We had a pretty nice trip across
A' Single Remedy Often Cures Many
Ta ?C wlmnef (imutedMo fft irfrft a list
AO "I MIWH? MUjrvVtoaww - ? ?
of the endless diseases that follow lndl
gestlon. Perhaps a whole' column
hi this newspaper would be required
to print them all. Tou eat to keep
alive?to supply blood and flesh and
bone and muscle and brain. It Is easy
to see that if your food Is not digester
and'taken up by the delicate organs
and distributed where it is needed, a
disease of some sort Is sure to come.
Dyspepsia Is a common symptom, and
so are liver complaint lose of flesh,
nervosness, bad memory, dizziness,
sleeplessness,' no appetite. Many
results In cought^ throat diseases,
catarrh, bronchitis and even more
dangerous things. And all these disorders
arise because the food Is not
properly digested In the stomach. It
Is plain even to a child that relief and
cure are to be bad only by setting up
a healthy condition in the stomach.
Dr_ Pierce, of Buffalo,. N. Y-, many
years ago combined a number of vegetable
growths Into a temperance remedy
for Indigestion, and called It Golden
Medical Discovery. It Is probably
the mostr efficacious discovery ever
made In .medicine, tor the list of people
all over the world who have had
their countless alls overcome by Dr.
Plarce'a Golden Medical Discovery
makes an ants sing total of thousands.
I know of no advice better than this:
Begin a Some treatment today with
'fids good vegetable medicine. It vWH
show you better than I can teel you
what It win do. 'When taking Golden
Medical Discovery, you can rest asjteri
of one very.Important:thing?It
Lniflrnd licxte cui>lTt6
*r*. J?L^3M5f7-pp,.j^ppv ' rf/JL '".
X pants
Up te
One 1<
s cassif
^ go al
There are any number of styles o
hats at $3.00. They are in shape*
men or for older men, all the se
and newest shapes in brown and
other shades that men want. Othe
? ^*52: $1.001<
Men's caps from
Boys Caps and Hats AP.
from ...,C9w |(
S? *T:*:to..c*":?'$1.00 ti
"Boy it f |V ?fE
, , - * Ott scotro*
the -water. Did not have any trouble
or see any submarines.
I suppose yon will think it is a long
time before yon get my mail bat yon
know it has a long way to go.
Well, mother, don't worry about me.
I am gettitng all righ and if the war
keeps oar way like it has been for a
while 1 think the most of us will be
back by spring.
I am a military policeman now so
when yon answer my letter don't send
it by my first address I gave yon a
while back and be sure and write it
plain. Well this is all now. With
love, from your soni BLAIN.
This is my address:
Pvt. Wm. Blain Odell, Co. B, 308th
Military Police, A. P. O.?762, American
E. F., France.
* ;
Mrs. John White, of this city, has
been ofQciaiy notified of the safe arrival
overseas of her son, Delbert Merriman.
Artificial l?gs and arms were In use
in Egypt as early as 700 B. C. They
were made by the priests, who were
the physicians of that early time.
K driakrlr
M ill oSlreatfbod I
B ij j| vaftue.anil B
absolute *
f" Chocolate aBd COCOa-nAdd S
flavor. ahd energy giving H
Tp.r^ri.1 m m diet and their N
use win help in many ways Vjj
in the preparation of palat- H
able, nonriafaing dishes from HI
those foods of which there s ^ _
Ian abandonee-"
aoafctet o/^c^fo. p*? n
i W. VA. P(
4 *
i Will have one carloa
: Potatoes first of the week,
ii (pall GASH G
I 10th St.
ra that it is wholly soWcelv tba*
hi m liiiVii i i'lfii "wdnlnBI^B
beery cotton striped worsted wori^H
******************** *.
i for yoang ^S
green and M
r Mft tatt
pen Lunxij uu juuiifc- ujuu wiw um
to get in some beneficial branch ofl
cient toTS .tor twSfje.Mrs.
commenced taMnclatuJca
or it since. ^^Thte ^rOap
fast. 1 also gin J^b
the children for croup, with
ZllTHbonsanda of people ^h? IJ
^Mflks EnmlsSon. J* a p
Is strongly recomeded to
nervous people, and It has pro?
amaalng results In many cases o?
?railo^otth?jhXLgn. Chronic
promptly TtBsww. umillly In OfflH
and so pslataMe-tl
a spoon llkp Ice cream. A truly?
yon are ursedtoitry Milks :
under this
to dlrect&mat-an&Jf not satisfied?
the results, your money will he I
per hottle- - i.n? Milks EmalsioS
Janw^&nte. IgC Sold and^ S?
mt_m mmm i ? fl

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