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TABLlSilED 1868. member associated press. 7ATRMQNT. WEST VIRGINIA, MONDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 7,131& tooay^ trews today p3|
I nrrnriTi
Inace to Rheims
ompletelv Re
Rees Make Slight Adxt_j?
tnue uuuci jl
i<By Associated' Press)
lIS, Oct. 7.?Rheims has been
and. definitely cleared form the
e of German cannon. The Ger arein
retreat on the whole
homthe Solppe to the Arnes as
sin the region sooth of Camftie
firsVjarned sector the Allies
cached the Arnes .river, on |
^Bthe enemy hoped to make a.
Hterneeoad-xegion the British
H army has crashed counter at-J
the enemy delivered in.
^feohain and cover.their letreat
se~. two movements of retreat
^papart of a plan which was to
^Brought the German army to
Htes of resistance mttch nearer
Batier. It appears. But tfle con
pressure of Allied troops is
Kg the execution of the turn
^ Ufficult and hazardous.
HtIS, Oct. 7.?Laon, the strong o-wblch
the enemy has been
Kg as the keypoint of his line
He southwest, apparently has
Het afire by the Germans. The
res reported ablaze yesterday
chine and shipping dep&rtH
Good wages. Apply
WENS bottle
NTEDrCarpenters. | ;
Build frame houses at Rives- ?|1
I Good wages. Apply John ' j
l^mer & Bros. Lumber Co, at | j
Fourth Libert
We offer the popular <
I! $3,00 down, $1.00 a
H^$2.00 down, $2.00 a vj
? it makes it possible fo
Home to own a Fourth L
|pDie boys "over there"
fs supply the dollars.
pit is your patriotic du
Call on us for further
|l he Peoples I
Action Taken This Morning
is Purely Precautionary.
Mayor Bo-wen talked to State
Health Commissioner Jepson on
the telephone late today and Commissioner
Jepson ordered the closing
of the local schools with the
closing of other public places.
Aiming to prevent any serious epidemic
of Spanish influenza in the city
- - ?-? t
ox rairmuuL, txie i>uaiu ui licanu
this morning at 10 o'clock at the office
of the Board of Affairs and passed a
reslation closing theatres, pool rooms,
soda fountains and other places where
people congregate and abandoning all
public meetings until further notice.
It was emphasized at the meeting
this mcfning that the public should
not become alarmed, as the stringent
orders weer taken merely as a preventative
meat/ire, aiming to prevent the
very serious outbreak of the malady
which-is now prevalent in many of
the eastern cities. "An ounce of prevention
is worth a pound of cure" was
urged by many of the physicians in
discussing the local situation.
The meeting was opened with Mayon
Bowen presiding and the following attending:
Commissioners J. Walter
Barnes. A. L. Lehman. Ira L- Smith,
County Health Physician L. N. Yost,
city Health Physician H. L. Criss, Dr.
L. B. Boyers. Dr. C. W. Waddell. Dr.
C. L. Holland, "Dr. Trach. Dr. Jesse
Jamison, O. G. Wilson, super*-tenfent
of schools. H. S. Lively, chairman of
the Marion County Liberty Loan committee.
C. W. Evans, secretary of the
Chamber of Commerce.
Dr. L. N. Yost, county health physician,
was the first speaker and told of
the outbreak of the malady in Spain
where thirty per cent, of the people
were affected. The first case was
brought to New York city August 12.
It was the opinion of Dr. Yost that
"now Is the time to act" and that we
should "not wait until everyone is
sneezing and down sick." He expressed
himself as being in favor of closing
the theatres and other public places,
excepting the schools, and abandoning
public gatherings. It was his opinion
that the big meeting of miners
should not be held in this city Sun- |
day as it would likely spread the mal- j
ady, and thus cripple the production ;
of1 coal, which he believed was far j
wnrn imrwirtiint nt this tiniA than Ma- I
rion county patting: over her Liberty
loan quota.
Dr. H. L. Criss estimated that there
Wanted for
Rivesville Power Plant.
y Loan Club
sasy payment plan to buy
reek for 50 weeks buys a
eek for 50 weeks buys a
r any one with moderate i
iberty Bond.
' are fighting our battles. i
information. ;
National Bank
Buyi*? Liber*y
Somewhere near?in France; tr<
port service on their way to the tiring
Mass Meetings in City and !
County Have Been Called
Tbe Liberty Loan meeting scheduled
to be held at the Grand on Wednesday:
evening of this week to be addressed
by Lieutenant Cadderhead, of Canada,
has been called off by the Liberty
Loan coxnmitte owing to the fact that
all publi cmeeting., have been forbidden
by the city officials as a precaution
against the spread of tfce i-iflcenza.
It is altogether probable that
the big .sari le and celebrations scheduled
for Sunday afternoon will be
called off also as county officials deem
it unwise at this time to hold this celebration.
The meetings scheduled to be held
in communities throughout the county
for tonight and other nights during
the week have been called oft indefinitely
also. Other plans for the boosting
of the loan in city and county districts
will be devised and announced
later by the committees.
A big booster meeting was held at
the Baltimore and Ohio round shops
at noon when approximately 200 employes
of the B. and O. shops and
round house assembled to hear a four
minute talk on the Liberty loan issue.
County Chairman Henry S. Lively
onrft a tallr nnH T.tpntprnnt i
Carl Johnston, a 17. S. Marine, also
spoke at this meeting. The employes
ot the B. and O. have already raised
over $5,000 for the loan and promise
to do much better berore the time is
over. City Commissioner Ira L. Smith
also spoke at this meeting.
This evening a similar meeting will
be held at the Monongah felass works
at five o'clock and Chairman Lively
and Marine Johnston will also address
this meeting.
A splendid meeting was held at
Farmington Sunday afternoon when
Rev. Clarence D. Mitchell and Mrs.
Kemble "White addressed citizens of
that community in regard to the support
of the Liberty bond issue. The
meeting was held in the new school
auditorium and the auditorium was
packed to capacity. W. E. Maple,
chairman for Lincoln district, presid(Contlnued
on page four.)
Men and Women for Salvation
Army war yvork in France For
information apply to Captain John
O'Beirne, 350 Hamilton St.
Phone 933.
- [
I Girls and -women for selectors j
and wrappers. Apply: Monongah <
ind ask for Mr. .Rice or Mr. Swish- j
er. ]
_ ?i_r_i? .1?L -j _-j _r.~i.-_- <
If the party who took the single
barrel shotgun from my shop by 1
mistake on September 14th. will
i retuni a^uju uiioieaiaLeiy, jiuuuufi ,
j will be said, .otherwise he will be j
j vigorously prosecuted as he Is j
5 known
5 M. M. BEN SON. j
f 207 jQuiscy St
WW 1 ...wV < wrTO> ? a
sops of tho 7th Infantry are climbing a
line relieving those who have already
10 GET HO p
Important (^iiferexice ^jW *s
Be Held Her^^r- 1
row Afternoon." : h
. . *
. .A meeting which it is expected will
be of the utmost importance to the;
county effort to raise the county's
quota of the Liberty loan will be held
tomorrow afternoon at 4 o'clock at
the Chamber of Commerce rooms
when coal operators of the county
and representatives of the manufacturing
and business corporations will
meet with a committee of hankers and
discuss plans for financing the part
which these interests will take of the
irst announcement of this meeting
went out Saturday when Clarence D.
Robinson, chairman of the coal operators*
committee issued a call for a
meeting of the operators. Today the
following letter was mailed to all
others interested:
Gentlemen:?A meeting of the representatives
of all manufacturing and
business corporations with plants or
offices in Marion county will be held
at 4 o'clock p. m. Tuesday, October
8th, 1918 at the Chamber of Commerce
Rooms, Watson Building, Fairmont,
West Virginia, for the purpose
cf discussing plans for aiding' the
fourth Liberty loan. At this meeting
representatives of the various banks
will be present to explain a plan of
payment for fourth Liberty bonds that
.. in ho nf tptx ereat interest to all '
corporations. The chairman of the 1
coal operators committee has requested
the coal operators to be present
at the same meeting and it is hoped J
that a representative of every corporation
in Marlon county will be on
Yours for the success of the fourth
Liberty loan:
Fred Helmick, R- T. Cunningham,
Smith Hood, W. I>. Stockly, T. L
Brett, W. J. Wiegel, J. T. Braun.
Committee on corporations.
Son Born?A son was born on Sat- 1
crday to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lewellyan i
of Masontown, Pa., at the home of Mr. :
Lewellyan's uncle. Dr. EL W- Howard, 1
on Benonl avenue. Mr. Lewellyan Is J
here on a visit to his wife and son S
and Mrs. L. W. Lewellyan of Teren- s
turn. Pa., grandmother of the new ar- t
rival will arrive tonight. i
== i
s \ wAiwron f s
" * J 1
Men to run machines, .
Apply, Monongah Glass. ]
12th, St.
and Ask for Mr. Hawkins j
Consult the Union Dentists
for expert dental service*. Our
prices are reasonable. Offices over
McCrory 5 and 10c store. AH
work guaranteed.
: }
he U.S*A Buy Som
. V
board trucks of tbe Motor Transridden
part of the way.
iVill Come Up for Trial Next
Monday By Judge Haymond's
Appearing in Circuit -court personilly
this morning Congressman M. M.
Seely. ' counsel for Marcene Davis,
tsked Judge Haymond to postpone the
rrial of Davis because of a series of
Liberty bond mass meetings he was
scheduled to address over the country,
this week.
In view of the engagements in the
Interest of the bond issue Judge Hammond
accommodated Congressman
Neely and the case is scheduled to
come u for trial next Monday morning.
It was scheduled for today originally.
Davis is chargAl with having shot
mi Kiiiea i>o> le tverson in a potter t
game at Everson on September 4. The
controversy started over alleged
* With the Davis murder case positioned
today the case of the State v2.
Kinney Stewart, charged with having
relonionsly shot and assaulted George
3ray in Mannington in Jnly. W. R.
Haggerty, prosecuting attorney. Is representing
the state, and Attorney Will
[>. Morris, of Clarksburg, is' counsel
tor Stewart.
The following Jury was selected to
try the case: James H. Downs. Paw
Paw; D. H. Crtm, Mannington; Joshua
A. Parrish, Paw Paw; Claude C. Bill- ,
ingslea. Paw Paw; John R. Hawkins,
Paw Paw; David Michael. Paw Paw;
3. W. Satterfield, WinCeld; Harrison
Martin, Grant; Amos N. Neptune.
Mannington; James M. Neel, Win3eld;
Harry Kinney, Grant; B. J.
roothman, Fairmont.
Court recessed at 11 o'clock to meet
liis afternoon at 1:15 o'clock when
he Stewart case will be resumed.
Arithmetic proved to be the stumbing
block for seven of the thirteen
tpplicants for teachers certificates,
icording to the . report of W. E.
Michael, -county superintendent of
schools, received today from M. P.
Shawkey, state superintendent of .
schools. Whether the numeral thir;een
was a Jonah to the majority is
in open question, but the marks given
n arithmetic were unusually low?
Those who passed the examinations
incessfully and the certificates they
-eceived are as follows: First grade,
loe M Downs. Farmington; Bertha
men Yost, Mannington; second grade
Floyd Cole Linn. Fairmont; Mrs.
Mhrnie Metz. Mannington; Mrs,
Amanda Vincent, Hammond; third
grade,- Mintie Shaffer, Hammond.
Girls Wanted
Troy Lanndry Company.
nn rAinrnv tin
ntsui wi
Men in the Army
Workers are Nol
spense over Goi
TTp Snpnt tho Mnmin<r in TTi
Jem That Their Re
Note May Co
(By Assoc
Germany's latest peace proposals i
ington early today.
President Wilson cancelled J
remained secluded in his study at'
Prince Maximillian s note v
Swiss legation, where arrangemen
the State department for transmit
Quite irrespective of die nata
' that the German note called for. a
people might not be misled .into;
Liberty loan, so that the American
the position of their government, s
such diplomatic attention as it dese
Minister Ekengren of Swee
Durian. the Austro-Hungarian fc
at 10:50 o'clock. He was at die!
The Austrian communication
Germany and both asked Presides
and peace negotiations on ooinditioi
dent. It is said neither of die of
version published in press dispatch*
Official announcement of the
ment still were being withheld, bu
,i . :c e- l. ?
?-auuu uiai xi v^ciiatuiy dcau> ucg
fcrcnccs and diplomatic quibbling:
If she actually acepts withou
as repeatedly laid down by Presi
cobelligerants the way is open to r
man troops from invaded territory
Secretary I arising said there <
proposal until that of Germany h
Germany's peace note was detoday
by Frederick Oederlin, an
gave rise to suggestion that it cam<
Judge iVncent Says He Ex
pects to Have Jury
Trials This Term.
Becasse he was suffering with Spas
ish influenza Judge Vincent in Iz
termediate court on Saturday aft?
noon paroled Fred Beil and he wa
permitted to go to his home at Lil
The trip was made in a cab. Johi
Jobes was sent to the reformed school
The boys were arrested by Policemai
Holt for acting suspicions in the Juri
yard in the East Sid? Bell's fa the
pleaded for his son and Judge Vir
cent'decided to parole him, turn in
the lad over to his father.
In the divorce action of Mabel L3
ton vs. Frank R. Lyton the plaintii
was allowed $30 a month alimony to
herself and two children, $20 sol
money and $50 attorney's fee. Th
divorce was granted on the ground
of adultery.
Judge Vincent said today that he ej
pected that the jury would be call?
when his next term of court stars. Th
court session begins on October 1
and the my is called for October 21.
Tbooo morrinvp llronwni hflVP hriPl
issued by A. G. Martin, county clerk
Willie B. Bre-w-ton. 48, and LAai
Hacket. colored. 26. both of Bingi
mon; Abner Richmond, 3C. and Rosi
Hill, 35, colored, both of Fairmont.
Bought Properties?Webb Amo
has. purchased the string of proper
ties recently offered by Attorney Jaj
A.' Meredith, special commistdonei
for 54.060. The property consiste
of lots on Walnut avenue. East Pari
J. Fay Watsons' and other additions
I * p* Br I#
_ ___ _ ^
" ;;*?> >'.-*+?;?; #}:\i <*;'.$?.rJ^B^Smaam
^ |
?A prompt and decisive repfy to
s indicated by developments in-Wash
- ~. . '"'7?vv3H
\ . -r '
lis usual morning recreation boor and xe*_
'as received during tbe mgbtat'the i
I- ._ j-ia.^_ u .
id ?uc iu utiivu it at mhc w
ion to the President.
re of the reply, it seemed to he agreed
^prompt answer so tnatthe American
i troops inthe held may know at once
den presented the note
reign minister, to S
is substantially similar to 1 it from
as previously laid down by the P
ficial texts differ materially from
t there was no abatement of?dl<?ir
;otiation" leading to round table cont
qualification the principles of peace
dent Wilson and accqibd|g^dl
>eace with die withdrawal ofilltlew
as die first requirement
could be no comment on the Austrian
ad also been received. 1
lieverd to President W3son p?m^^^
attache of die Swiss'legation
: from Emperor William him;
- ' ?t .
. T t ?? jS ..
.r?. Window.
Garments for tie ch.
France and Belgium
s have bees made by Fa:
" win be placed on display
i -windows at hartleys stor
L ins where they can
n several days..
fe A number of &lrnKmtpec^y]UH^|
r become Interested inthfc
? is nnder the direoOor.
children in which wbrfc .
Fleming, foimeily ?? fh i
" active worker. The^itmer.
* *"? ' trZTgZ
0 assisted by a ntsnber
3 have also become 'inbBre
work. t l^lPi
^ Anyone interested wfewytlfifcjjSg^J
B wvycnuc wim >UI?.-VWMII I
5 tain farther infongstio: j?|
those who can Sot make -.fl
themselves coold cohtr. otfl
a wool of any color and pie u 3
. materials to mahathe a
q gnssed at a meeting of t
Ministerial association, he ~-B
tog relative to the chnr ylj
s campaign to be hel
ginning October 25 -at wy
^ be here to conduct ti aign.
; Summoned to -Car
i. response to a ,meaastgMBBMW
her na?mm<i,.wmn?,xaiu. WM
at the officers' train I'm schtBB
Camp Zachary Tayl d til
Spanish lnfinemur ~T)fT<^jnlgW^^B
nett left this mornins to so to his bcB
side. VB^M
. ' . ? ?fig

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