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f?r the H?mC' 1 West Virginia's Best Newspaper
. ?-??
bjucllzlier ',ogq unirfs associated 'press. fairmont, WEST VIRGINIA, TUESDAY .KVi^NING, OCTOBER S, 1918. todays trews today
rhese Will Take the Place of
I Personal house to house canvasses
and a feyr open air meetings will be
substituted .for patriotic rallies
..and meetings, which were to be held
B fa^ 'fbevcotmty' districts and communi
m il boost' to the fourth Liberty
| i oaarTwni issue. this change in plans |
ving-heen made necessary owing to !
fcpthe: ban placed upon all public gatb- ,
in the county by the health au??
County Chairmen Henry S. .Lively
: Mrs. , X A. Meredith yesterday
E?iMStt3Mtt>.fnDxn campaign headquarters
rcptar fetters' to each of the chairit
of;county districts and communi3
explaining to them the change in
? plan to? raising the county quota of
^ Bgrth Liberty loan and asking the
ting-over the loan as speedily "as posBfA'Thesejchairinen
and the members
tf tb^r3committees were asked in the
tb make a personal house to
Ktouso.canvass of the various cotnmun-1
ties and districts and to make a com" !
^ tlnte report of their efforts to cam- ;
edgn headquarters by Saturday eveu- j
pit' '-e&npajign headquarters today
tra. Meredith issued the following
^^kpeal~to<^he county workers in behalf
having bo&^tSlly arranged for
behave been called off and while we
very much regret it, there Is no
j^yeosott for the work of the fonrth
Liberty loan campaign to be
I checked in any way at all, because
? ?3?? ?1J ?> mon AP
|ji^gtBm. C) 9IZUU>U iM/b U? ? I
EV'womaii in Marion county- who
| does, inot fully understand Lib- I
Jbonds and from a selfish |
1 ^^rfbotnt what a gilt edged inKent
they are for any one
Has a few- dollars to put Into
H Also there should not be a
H Br woman in Marion county
Kflnany way in donbt as to
^Kte.or her dnty is in the mat
only our American boys but
H Brest Virginia boys accordH
the latest military advices
Hw on the battle front giving
H Hives for our freedom and
Hreni back to us asking to
H a few of our dollars in or
make the .sacrifice of their
Hrarih while. Surely no one
not only to lend a
Hntinued on page' eight.)
Iie and shipping departood
wages. Apply
"to run machines, j
Monongah Glass. j
Ask for Mr. Hawkins ; j
? .1
B Whom it Maty Con
Tou will take due not
the President of the 1
;**Dr. H. L. Criss, Cit
Close theatres,
?&urches, soft drini
vstop all public meet!
h m
[ Acting upon the abo1
such places as come wi
we to close their respec
k and all meetings of
&d off until further noti
y~r ^
Mass Meeting j
In Front of CJI.
at 5:15 Today
Lieut. Cabbenhead. or Canada,
will deliver an open air address
from the steps of the Marion county
court house this evening at 5:15
o'clock in the interest of the fourth f
Liberty loan.
Cabbenhead arrived here this aft- ;
ernoon and was scheduled to de- j
liver an address at the opera house .
tomorrow evening, but owing to
the action of the health authorities |
in placing a ban on indoor public i
gatherings the date was' cancelled. !
The committee was unable to get j
in touch with Lieut. Cabbenhead in
time to stop his visit to this city ;
and accordingly the meeting for j
this evening was arranged.
The committee desires tnat me i
people of the city turn out en T
masse to hear Lieut Cabbenhead
who is said to be a splendid speak- j
- !
?.??? . ????? t
? i
Ned Smith Running for
School Board in Place
of Pryor.
After making one change in the
Democratic ticket Attorneys Charles
Powell and Ernest R. Bell, ballot
commissioners today put their o. k.
to the copy for the official absent
voters' .ballot. The change In thq
ticket is United States Marshal C. E.
Smith in place of Frank B. Pryor as
a member of tbe school board for
Hairaon: independent school district
Mr. Smith is the present incumbent
but sought to be relieved and the
name of Mr. Pryor appeared on the
ballots at the time of the primary election.
The expected shakeup in the
Democratic house of delegate ticket
failed to materialize and all of the
three men originally named will be
the nominees of the party. They are:
Judson R. Miller, a deputy sheriff and |
former B. & O. employe; Attorney
Albert J. Kern, city attorney, and
Dr. M. F. Hamilton, now mayor of the
city of Mannington.
The ballot commissioners did not
withdraw the name of L. M. Davis,
of Fairmont, as a candidate on the
Republican ticket for clerk of the circuit
court on the grounds that they
had no oVicial notice of Mr. Davis"
withdraw/1. As Attorney Frank R.
Amos, chairman of the Republican executive
committee, has been in Baltimore
because of the critical illness of
a relative, which later resulted in
death, nothing was officially done in
the matter and no person was substituted
for Mr. Davis.
Clarence Currey. circuit clerk, sent
an order to Tbe Index Pringting Co.
city, to print 3,440 absent voters,
ballots which will be printed by the
close of the present week. These
will be forwarded in particular to the
soldier boys in the cantonments of
this county.
WASHINGTON*. Oct. S.?The overnight
increase in Liberty loan subscriptions
to the treasury todav was
SS2.334.050 raising total to SI .406.051.000.
at, W. Va., Oct 7, 1918
cern: : ;
ice of the following order J
State Health Council:
y Health Officer. j
', i .
pool rooms, schools, j
: places at once and j
ngs. j
7e order I hereby call upon '
ithin thp oneration of the i
:tive places of business at
a public nature must be
ice. j
ONY BOWEN, Mayor. j
^ ^ ^ |
(An Appeal ?j> the L
TWENTY thousand citizens
are willing to prove to did;
otism and loyalty are not merely
oratory and stirring songs; that d
and sense of duty to the men acr
make up as the blood coursing th
Twenty thousand men and
proudly upon die county record
die beat of drum, or an hnpassi
which their nation has asked of d
Should the Fourth Liberty
nation is being sacrificed to dye t
first time in four years the strai
militarism begin barely to relax, th
ican history has struck. In all h
aganda. Germany never put fort'
her request for an armistice rig]
Liberty Bonds. Germany know
to the nation's war program! G
of this country to use these funds
bles to encounter. Citizens of M
moment by a flag of truce under ^
to the teeth, watching with a th
guarded crevice in the armor of J
There will be no peace for i
unconditional surrender, and she
waging battle upon invaded territ
upon her own soil since the first f
It is unthinkable that the pe<
port of this Fourth Liberty loan k
would thus endeavor to blind th<
United States of the funds whicl
for which we begin to reach hop?
our grasp, and thousands of our
blood the price we would not pay
The circumstances which h;
munity patriotic meetings, may ]
county's pure gold in the way ol
country. Are there twenty thous
who will hold the line for the Foi
and faithfully buy every bond
prove in the silence and absence
sincerity of their love for; and f
of ours?
Army attacks are usually m;
impulse and inspiration is at lo
without a drumbeat or the onwi
silence with set teeth and deadly j
Marion County's Fourth Liberty
streaming banners, and rousing s<
customary, but surely there are i
who will put Marion county ovi
truer for loyalty and steadfastne
ears of our enemies.
Hold the line for the Foui
county! God forbid that die ci
nation and army in this grey da'
Eeal War Baby Born
TTfirfi Yfistfirda-i
A 'bright little baby girl was box
yesterday afternoon to Private an
Mrs. Lawrence Swisher at Fairmoi
State hospital. The baby's father
at the front in France and the bat
is the protege of the Home Servi<
department of the local Red Cros
and the mother has been axtd will t
looked after by this department. Tt
mother of the baby is 21 years of ag
and she and the infant are doin
nicely. Mrs. Swisher is a resident <
WASHINGTON*, Oct. 8.?Upon tl
government's motion the snpren
court today postponed xmtil ne:
term consideration of all governmei
anti-trust suits now pending with tt
exception of that of the United Stat*
Steel corporation, which it is nnde
stood probably will contest the mi
Men or boys over 16.
Monongah Glass.
! WL. C4- TT*..
; itn ou x,2u;bUJLjr?
? Girls and women for selectors
' ind wrappers. Good wages. Ap>
ply 12th St. plant. Ask for Mr
! Slice or Mr. Swisher.
Wantoil fnr
RivesviBe Power Plant.
- .r ~
jbcrtg Loan Organization.) \
; are wanted in Marion county who
r state and nation that personal patrisurface
emotions produced by moving
evotion to country, and love of liberty.
oss the sea are as much a part of their
rough their veins.
women who will write their names
Is as individuals who do not require
oned appeal, to lead them to do that
tem in all faith and confidence!
loan fail now. when the flower of our
he garment^of Victory; when for die
igling fingers of unspeakable German
ien the most shameful hour in all Amerer
treacherous, subtle destroying proph
a smoother, more clever, move than
fit in die midst of this campaign for
rs what this six billion dollars means
ermany is keenly aware of the purpose
in the prosecution of warfare she trem
arion county, do not be fooled for one
which lurks this miserable beast, armed
ousand spying eyes for one vital, unhe
United States.
any allied nation until Germany makes
is far from that yet. Her armies are
oiy. and a battle has yet to be fought
ew weeks of the struggle,
jple of the county will relax their suptecause
a nation without honor or truth
t eyes of the people; will deprive the
1 must be forthcoming lest the victory
:fully will be once njore removed from
fine, heroic boys will have to pay in
r in money.
ivc led to the abandonment of cornprove
after all to be the key to the
F individual sense of duty and love of
and men and women in Marion county '
trth Liberty loan? Who will actually
within their absolute means and- thus ^
of collective demonstration the intense'
aith in, this beautiful, blessed country
ide in the cold, grey dawn, when every
west dab?the boys go over the top
ard tug of a leading flag; go over in
purpose. This must be the parallel for
- Loan Campaign?we may not have
>ngs, the groups of urgent speakers, as
in this county twenty thousand citizens
:r the top amid silence that will ring
ss than the blast of a trumpet in the
th Liberty Loan, citizens of Marion
tizens of this county should fail their
wn of the greatest attack history ever
e Schools, Churches and AI
^ Other Public Places
? Shut Up. _ ?r
Schools at Monongah, Fairriew
Farmington, Mannington and pract
callj- all other towns in the count
13 have been discontinued because of th
outbreak of Spanish influenza. Th?
lt atres are all cosed as well as poc
ie rooms, soda fountains and churches,
ss The Hannington board of healf
r" met yesterday morning at 10 o'cloc
and passed a resolution closing al
public places . It is estimated tha
= there are approximately 125 cases o
"i {*ifinan?a in MflnnIrtcrtoTi and unbnrhf
A number of cases have been r<
ported at Monongah and yestcrda
afternoon all pnblic places at Monor
gab were closed. The schools c
Fannington and other pnblic place
were closed yesterday morning, thi
being abont the first place in th
county for the schools to close. A
_ Falrview there are a number of case
_ and the pnblic places there have bee
Every school In both Lincoln am
Grant districts have closed until afte
all danger has passed.
F. C. Doeschner, Pittsburgh's larj
est exclusive Furrier (Miss E- Mellli
- ger in charge), will display a complet
= and most attractive selection of the]
~ well known "Best Value Furs" at Th
Fairmont hotel, October 10th, 11th an
This exceptional showing of th
newest creations in For Coat!
; Coatees, Capes, Stolesj Sets, etc, son
; ly should merit the visits of all fm
: loving ladles of this town. SOss Me
i linger assures yon special atteuUui
" - ** "? - CtJ. "? _
City is Keaay ro siana a
Siege of the Spanish
N Flu.
But Authorities Are Determined
There Shall
Not Be.
! How You Feel
When Spanish
Flu Gets You
i If "flu" is sticking in you it is
j bound to come out, but do not let
If jwui imugjuuuvu iuu uwaj niiu
I you and convince you that you are
| a vicitm of the epidemic until after
j reading the symptoms appended:
! Dr. E. W. Howard gives the
| symptoms as follows:
Severe aches of the head or
. back,
j Chills.
High temperature.
Complete prostration.
Dr. Howard said it is the oldfashioned
grip, but added that this
; lb in the most malignant form he
ever saw. Twenty years ago Fairmont
.had an epidemic of grip and
several people died, but it does not_
- compare -with this epidemic for"
I !
There seems to be little change in
the Spanish Influenza situation in
Fairmont since yesterday when reports
indicating that there are not
more than 200 cases in the city and
while the malady is spreading it is not
j sprtMiumg wiui me rayiuiiy reporteu
in other cities of the east, and the
situation here i3 far from being alarming.
Dr. H. I>. Criss, city health
physician explained this morning that
a single case in Fairmont was sufficient
to make the situation, in a way
serious, and nstified stringent precautions
against farther spread. Many
other times there hare been as many
cases of inflnenaz in Fairmont. The
object in closing the theaters, pool
- rooms, schools, churches and other
public places as well as cancelling all
public meetings, is to protect the city
from an epidemic similar to the epidemics
in Boston, Washington and
J other cities.
Mayor Bowen reports that everywhere
in the city the drastic closing
put into effect yesterday was met with
the heartiest co-operation. Notices
of the action of the board of health
yesterday were carried to the managel
ment of the theaters, pool rooms, soda
fountains, and other public places by
the officers and before dark the closing
was in full effect in the city- Just
how long the closing will be in efect
is unnnown, dui it is certain uui uie
orders will not be lited until all dan'
ger of an epidemic here have passed.
[ Some are of the opinion that the
y malady will reach Fairmont later.
e Books written years ago show that influenza
always begins in the east and
*" travels westward. The first of the
il malady was reported In the United
' States in 1547 and this first case was
[j brought to this country from Valencia,
Spain. Since that time there have
k been nuemrous epidemics in the
I United States.
;t, ' 4-4
These Five Patients
I Do Not Have "Flu"
f *
?al a- v?
S ri?c uavc uccu auuintcu
g to Fairmont State hospital within the
e past 24 honrs supposed to be snffert
ins from Spanish influenza. The
s cases were put in the isolation ward
a and caretuly looked after, and today
officials at that institution state that
? the case are not influenza, bnt are severe
cases of bad colds and bronchitis
brought on, probably, by the
s~ld weather and the fact that heav=
rei clothing ha snot been put pn as
yet. The cases were all admlted from
? mining towns.
e The condition of Marion E- Nnzum
d who has been critically ill for several
ilirrw at his horns in Chicago street
e from influnza regains practically unit
changed today and practically so hope
s- for his recovery Is entertained. Last
- night an operation vrj performed to
I- relievo the clct on the brain which has
n caused paralysis hot It was not- saccesstnL
PonnrfnT That it. 4~!nntain<
a Flat Refusal.
(By Associated Press.)
WASH1XGTOX, Oct. 8.-r-Presides
Wilson's reply to the German am
J Austrian request for an armistice am
peace negotiations probably wtll b
dispatched before night, if it is no
already on the cables.
After being called into conference
by the President with Col. House an<
Secretary Lancing. Secretary Turn
ulty announced today that Mr- liana
ing would see the newspaper coi
respondents at 4 o'clock and "proh
ably wonld have something for them.'
The President had spent the entir<
morning in his study and was bellevec
to be patting in final shape a doco
ment upon which he worked nearly
all day yesterday.
None of those in the President*!
confidence wonld give an intimatloi
of his decision but when the confer
ence was over there was no change h
the confident belief throughout ol
flcial circles that an armistice woulc
w- /!? !- nkCnnofl and thA Central DOS
I/C IMkwjr ? ? ^ _
ers inform fl that unequivocal ac
ceptance of conditions laid down b;
the United Staets and the Allies mas
preceed any meeting of peace pleni
Minimum Sentences Impos
ed-?Court Monday Unles
"Flu" Interferes.
Use of alcohol was responsible foi
three crimes, to which the perpetra
J tors confessed today in Circuit court
! said Judge Haymond. In each in
i stance the accused had been drinking
> intoxicants with the result that the of
1 tenses followed.
Sarah Jones entered a -plea tc
, shooting Charles Bardell and was sen
tenced to serve one year In the peni
j tentiary?the minimum sentence. The
parties who are coioreu, uvcu ii/sctuci
on Hull alley, this city, and they had
a dispute over the possession of $200
said to have been made by selling
whiskey. Sarah is accused to have
" drawn a revolver and shot Bardell ii
the aw. They had been drinking: whis
key. it is alleged. Attorney L. C. Mus
grave represented Sarah Jones.
Jesse Jamison entered a plea ol
guilty to robbing the residence ol
Samuel H. Hale at Bell view of a
watch, revover and other goods. Jam
ison has already been in the Reforn
school and Judge Haymond has the
matter under advisement as to what
he should do In the case. Attorney
L. C. Musgrave represented Jamison
lit is said that Jamison and anothet
' boy who committed the robbery, hac
been drinking.
i J. F. Franklin, whose correct name
I is Ncely. and who hails from Pitts
burgh, confessed to robbing W. E
Carrico. manager of the Madison ho
tel. this city, of $S0 and two checks
Franklin, through his attorney. P. M
,Hoge. said he had been drinking. Th?
young man showed signs of crimina
intinct because after he pilfered th<
money from an envelope which h<
stole from a desk, he burned the en
l velope. Later he went to his rooxx
{for the night and secreted the monej
> under the carpet. A policeman pound
I ed on his door and awakened him. Mr
j Carrico later discovered the money
| hidden under the carpet in Franklin'i
| room. Because it was grand larceny
Judge Haymond was obliged to sen
tence Franklin to the state penitent!
ary at Moundsvflle for two years.
Jndge Haymond yesterday after
noon sentenced Kenney Stewart, i
Mannington negro, to two-years ant
I six months In the state penitentiary
at Moundsvflle- The jury found Stew
j art guilty of felonious shooting las
night after a brief trial. The allegec
shooting occurred at a place conduct
ed by Ida Gallihue in Mannington last
uly. George Gray, another negro, was
shot by Stewart and had his hip shat
All jurors were excused for tin
term. No jury trials will be taken uj
until next Monday morning whez
Marcene Davis, charged with fatally
shooting Doyle Everson. will be tried
Judge Haymond said today that this
trial would be held unless the Influ
enza epidemic would permit the gath
ering which might spread the disease
The Court, Judge Haymond. added
wants to obey the law also.
Luke C. Arnett left this morainj
for Norfolk, Va, called by the serious
illness of his son. Gilbert Arnett, wta
*-? 1 m ?? th? Vi
Ival hospital there from pneumctala
The message announcing his conditio*
had become serious -was received tWi
Ill ^^1
f v - XWj??
' British and Germans There
Wawo Talrmi Snmp Pns.
(By Associated Press) - x jj
? American troops attacked thts-.Tmc
, ins on the front between\St. C
' nonnced today. SattsfactoEyijirjuginBagi
. is be ins made the Fie; : Mar
Montbrehain and Beaurevoir on th
front yesterday more than.23fl^pnn^9
ers were taken by American a:
of Rheims' the" French confine;
. successful advance. The~War off:
announcement today says 'thafeBrer. c
troops have reached the oiilidftto
; the Sufppe and the Aisne nort: I
penetrated into ^Istes-SnrlSnlppe an :
' to the west have captaretFBazanconrt.
; tion by the Germans, of. JChe JbSjMmB
i coast resion is conttnnfns;-: -theftfrc
; reports the telephone lines b
; the frontier and the coast were^^dnS
'( taken down yesterday and toda?
li The stores of material- at. KapjaBai
' near the coast, five miles r-trc
the report states, and many-fa
[ have been Vndermlned in pre;
.t " , jr .r^^^SESt
degree murder for thadestXtof Fran
' Bnrkey. his bnsinesg 'partner?w
Vlcted to serve mot less than
' more than 20 years in the s
; penitentiary this morning T
[ j Q. Van Sweaiingen. Barker'wasrijWtmjaM
| i dead in an office, in the
i ""'"' 'V: *"
(By Associated Fre??>' j;
HAVRE. Oil r Till I Til iTiinMB^B
eminent has issued a stat
from the coast to -beyondjfiie
L hBrugges the male popblat:
the ages of 15 to 45 hate beetr-fcrtrtsdCS
: Iy torn from their homes an '-reed
to labor on German- mfltfary
Ma N ^
* -
Congressinan M. M. X
| terday afternoon ftor.-Wfc
I D_ C. From WasMngtdnjtekwSj^iifll
to ful'l 1' a number "of Lib'
| mass meetings awlcirtfelffl.1|MHB
. the national headquarters. .V-i
Among the engagementthis
'week Is one at Beth m. Pa.
where he-will address Th
' of steel workers ta tbe.<lw8g^^B
Steel Company plants.
t Today. In the ofgceyotjh^fjg
t tin. county clerk, an api?ariMU?U|
> was filed in. the estate of Samenl^kjfiB
- -H' '? ?? of this ennnt 11
. at 9&30&59 by tbe
i Jones, Kenrton Jonem and T gc
i .Approximately 53,000

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