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If ^IjirOy^aotlct on account
I m~~+
36153 Sdasoop SFSS hostess
IAlMiWMuTfc?piMidegt. Mrs- Harry
W. "Wlnebeer; Secretary, Mr*- Jesse
Wfcon; Treasurer, Kiss Jessie Ice.
Mr. asd Mrs. B. L. Butcher and
their soeets, *** ?- Elizabeth Butcher,
mother of Mr. Botcher, sad his sister,
MzaC^Cart - Wamstey of Beverly left
jg^terday for Beverly is an sntomo^
_ : _ . _tJ _ j
H. Lather Donham a prominent and
li". well known resident of the East Side J
passed away Monday evening at the i
j John Hopkins hospital at Baltimore.!
I where he bad been a patient for sev .
?ral days. Mr. Pcmham had been in
faffing health tor several months and
V was. taken by Mrs. Donham and his
0 sonhrfaw, Frank R- Amos to the BalI
timore instftntion. hoping that someKy\
thing'might be done to better bis con??
ditlon. A wave of sadness passed
over the community last evening
F when a telegram was received . aa EG,notmcing
his demise. is survived
Kgc by- his~~wife who was Miss Ella Hari'-to.daaghter
of Mr. and Mrs. T. D. |
'Harden of Water street and two
I daughters. Mrs. Frank R- Amos and
Miss-Anna at home. He waa. a memM
ber of the Diamond Street Methodist
I Episcopal chnrch and was a most
falthfnl attendant at all of its services.
In his death this church loses
one of its strongest pillars of support.
-Wee* fino nf. mnr.t hfehlv !
^pespected citizens and tie home, a
^Kclnd "father and loving husband Xo
^ fcner&l -arrangements will be made
BtnrtJl. the arrival of tie remains wh:eh
sriirprcbably be Wednesday momlnsofti3
T. M. W. club |
T jriich.. pas to'have hcen held st tie
SbineiotJErit. J. Gny Hawkins in- Field
K^t on .Wednesday afternoon, is ;
kuj until a later date cn anthe
death of Mrs. Hawkins";
Ka-law. H- L. Ifcrnbain.
petarrcd From Visit,
btl Mrs. Charles Cot'.ello of
Hf"j?treet have returned from a
Kjjgit with relatives near CinI
New Son.
^fc-wss horn Monday, Oct. " "-O
CfMrs. Sydny Malone at their
^fc^Marylaiid avenue.
' - Personal,
id Mrs. C. F. Pride and Mrs.
Mii.r,<ra/tpr- of Pleasant Valley
Western Sunday.
Bl Sharps is very 111 at his
Hp Market street of Influenza.
Ktfaer and -sister. Jin. peed
Kobeen in.
IkI Mrs. Enoch kick <b! MM?
me have returned from *
days stay at Nfe* Britian.
harles Mtaesr and daughter.
Is axe both SI at their home
Hold en of. Council Place ree^y
III of influenza- Mrs,
s also m. It Is thought with
Ciller is very 01 at his homo
ntown aevnne of rheumatism.
id _ ^ ^ I^IOO
I services over the body of
itsr J. Ben whose death ocr
Everson on Sunday, were
; afternoon from her late resEv
arson conducted by the
X Mitchell, of the Central
"church. v The body was in
I be mallin ceAeter?- MOT
t occurred on Son day after
from paralysis. She -was
its and Is survived by ber
d by one son, George, aged
brother, Festus Anderson,
iters, Mrs, Anna Knhn sod
Rutherford, also survive.
t- '
ode of healing done I
and carefully. House- I
ley specialty, Also long I
fill bane one carload
? ftrsfe/ rtemnlf, I
A Uttte Daughter.
A daagbter-was bom yesterdey to
Mr. sad Mrs. Thomas BosseD Gather
st Winchester, Vs. Mrs. Cather eras
before her a*scria*ew JCss Etta* MeSM
t*** rfwM Ss S gfn^on|1yfDy
of Mr. sad Mrs. W. T. Mendsr of this
city- jsr. < arnnr ta it yirinonr. u us
[ofBcera* training camp in Virginia.
Mrs. Harry WtiUamson, sister of Mrs.
Cither left today for Winchester to
' spend several weeks.
| Mission Circle Met.
\ The Toons Ladles* Aid society of
I the Central Christian church met last
[ night at the church with the'Misses
Minnie Belle Poling and Pearl Monroe
as hostesses. A social hour followed
the study hour and refreshments
were served.
Meeting Called. Off.
The meeting of the Robert E. Lee
Chapter of the LT. D. C- announced for
tonight at the home of Mrs. A. F. Peddicord,
had been called off on account
of the Influenza situation.
? m m m
No Meeting This Week.
The women of the First Presbyterian
church will not meet to sew this
week as customary on account of the
, infuenza situation.
Mrs. .Thomas Manley and daughter,
Mrs. Inez Amos and son, Roy Manley
are at Glades yiHe. Monongalia,
county today attending the funeral of
the former's nephew, Howard Miller, i
who died several days ago of in-1
flnenza at tamp Lee. Virginia. Mrs.!
Mauley has been at the Miller home
for several days and the other went
\ down today for the services which wer
1 held today.
Miss Jane Montgomery has returned
from a weeks trip to New York.
George A. Hough who has been ill
of Spanish influenza at the Navy hospital
in Philadelphia is better accord-1
ing to a message received here yesterday
evening by his parents. Mr. an!
| Mrs. John H. Hough. Hough is a first
class yeoman in service at Cramp
shipyard and because no news had
been obtainable of his illness other
than one announcing it. considerable
alarm was occasioned among relatives
and friends.
Miss Dorothy McKay of Watson
avenue is recovering from an illness
from grip.
Mrs. Walter W. Wrick is recovering
] torn a week's illness at her home at'
Mrs. Jesse Colebank and daughters
! have been the guests for a .week of
relatives in Mcr.eantowr,.
Mrs. Sam Butcher and son of Bev!
erlv are spending a week i nthe city.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. SIcBee of Fairview
have returned from Wellsburg
v. j; to ti:ay had been the guests of
tbe'r son. Lewis McBce. and family.
Mary Boms has gone to Char'esisn
where she is instructor in do|
meat'e ccitv.ce in the East Bank
' school there.
| Mrs. George W. leming who had
! baen here on a vi-.:t to Hon. and Mrs.
; a. B. Fleming left last night for her
hero in New York City.
Clifton Hall, son of Mrs. Hal Hall
| is ill f influenza at the home of his
j .tro-clparcnts at Pt. Marion. Pa. Mrs.
' v?-"' ? ?-1 want To Crt U'ftoV fnr I
| ? i ; j:ja aun i>vub u*wi\. *? ?<. ?? - '
s weolSead and the latter -was taken
| Mrs. Jane Haymond, well known In
this city, had the misfortcwe to fall
I while walking on the board walk at
! ML Lake Park. Md.. a few days ago
breaking her arm in the fall. Mrs. T.
Wilbur Hennen was called to Mt. Lake
yesterday by the accident. Miss Effie
Waters is nursing Mrs. Haymond.
Ralph Day is recovering from a severe
siege of grip and was able to
resume his duties today, at the Monongabpla
Valley power plant.
Transfer and hanling done promptly
and carefully. Call phone
Thomas Caruso.
221 Meredith Street.
(Rear of Court House)
_ lfjf + \|| U
* 'w
BT**a* "?*" gtoma> Heto Ujltnf_ J
wfaSeb U Allshunny imfumal ?nd rmOr M
S&'wm-??&si^ I
feeda the snip snS zaakes Wnlty. MPW. I
ibort. tnNiora hairtoar ax?te
troa* tust yoa c? .bendto tt sod
arjysssu's^^SFgs I
?Btiwih? bete ?row lent ??? ?*- B
rul. euee Jtrtdi* ab awl deaamtt.
AGENTS ^ gSe jb? ?mwSlW<jc^j- I
I W. Va. Number 1 Irish i
How many win yon need? \ \
PHONE 83-J. ::
kmctov r-n I
Til fllliQll'/Q Untfuil
of at. C. Berry. of - Bethesda. O.
and a sister of Miaa Laura. Berrr. of
city, died yesterday at
Meade. Md, from Spanish inflnmta.
He was fummdy-ajmjlujad with the
Owens Bottle itniipany. and left hare
???f~1 ? nm m
?UB a lisi n?i ? ? ..j ? , __
July 22. Tbs young man is united
by Ids father and the toUowtn* sisters
sod brothers, Mrs. Oareace
Drake, of Charleston; Mrs. L. A.
Prickett, of BazrackvUle; Lacy, of
Manrrtngton; Margaret, of Bethesda.
Ohio; Laura Berry, of Fairmont; William
and Frank Berry, of Monon. W.
Vs.; John Plirmmer Berry, another
brother, is deceased.
Mrs. Michael Powell, of this city, is
an asnt of the deceased, his sister.
MIas Lanra Berry, residing at the
Powell home. The body will be
brought here for interment bat the
boar of Its arrival has not been ascertained.
Of the men now sitting the United
States Senate. 26 have served as Governors
of their respective States.
By N. B. COOK, M. V.
winds taken into the stomach go
through various chemical changes, and
some of these changes are poisons
that must be sifted out and disposed
of. It is the duty of the kidneys to do
this. When the kidneys do not fully
perform their vital work, death may
be only a few hours away. Happily,
Nature has provided warning alarms
telling peope when their kidneys are
not well These warnings come in the
form of dragging pains in the small of
the back, weak stomach, low spirits,
chills, nausea, headache, scanty urine
and frequent desire to' pass it, short
breath, numbness, cramps, coated
tongue, bad breath, puffs under the
eye3. thin, blood, dry skin, ringing in
the ears, spots before the eyes and
many other symptoms. All come from
the one cause of kidneys that are hot
filtering the poisons out of the system.
To overcome these troubles. Dr.
Pierce, of Buffalo, X. Y? compounded
what he calls Anuric Tablets. No other
kidney medicine is its equal in giving
relief and reestablishing healthful
work in the kidneys. The treatment
is very simple, as you need nothing
except water when taking Nnuric Tablets?a
glass of water with each tablet.
This washes and flushes the kidneys
while the medicine itself is dissolving
the uric acid poisons and driving
them out. Anuric Tablets are
made double strength, so that they
dissolve uric acid the same as hot water
dissolves salt or sugar. Most people
need Anuric Tablets because most
people have uric acid . Better get that
poison out of your body for safety's
sake and better begin today.
To gently and agreeably coax the
bowcs ns-ck into normal activity, take
Dr. Piece's Pleasant Pellets. They
? onof ivronoqc
,?u>l ao &V/WU ?v* WWV??
Ar.nrio Tablets are good for kidney
disorders, and that is saying a great
: - IHfen
I Crisp, *
-fch scb i
wrfch 4?l
I Visitors are not desii
No. 3 and excepting in th<
tives will not be admitted.
Seasonable exception
in the case of friends of
Nearest relatives will
hours of two and four in
other time. *#_%>
This action is taken i
Eerest of the patients duri
epidemic illness.
TT> rTnfl Tfe' TT 1 I'IJII'II itVT
awsr Frank A_ Lloyd yesterday dedded
that Jfcs. Nora Bell, wife of M. J.
Ben, of Kooa'i Ban. died of the effete*
of apoplexy. She was fifty years
old, and on Sunday eight at 10:30
was beard to beratbe heavily by her
lrasbaad. Upon Investigation later j
he lonnd her dead in bed beside titrnM
Robert Keener Dies.
Robert. a*ed one sad s halt years
little son of Mr. sad Mrs. Win Keener,
died early this morning at the
home of his parents on Hajmond
street after e i?wy illness. Aw older
sister sut ricesQUICKLY
Builds Up the System and Guards
Young and Old From
Winter Colds.
"Anybody who needs a good body
builder and remedy for a chronic
cough should take Hypo-Cod," declares
Mrs. C. E. Clegg. Moundsvflie,
t W. Va., and in this she Is backed up
by the testimony , of thousands who
endorse this wonderful combination of ;
hypophosphites. malt, extract, iron,
wild cherry bark and cod liver extractives.
"I bad a chronic cough that wouldn't!
yield to any treatment. I was all run- I
down too and in miserably poor health.!
for about six months before I fortunately
heard about Hypo-Cod and
started taking this wonderful medicine.
I could not sleep nights and I
doctored those whole six months without
getting any results until I started i
on Hypo-Cod. This wonderful medl-1
cine put me hack on my feet and drove '
away that cough. It made me feel J
better and stronger too and I wake up
I fresh and dandy for the days wore."
continued )Irs- Clegs.
Thousands Praise It.
Hjpo-Cod is a fine tonic. It makes
you feel so good. It tastes so "goodygoody"
children say. It will never
upset the weakest stomach. It helps
digestion and appetite and brings back
the rich red blooded bloom, to your
cheeks and the healthy sparkle to your
ieyes. Gives added weight to weak,
thin pallid people, too. Your doctor
will recommend it if you will show
him the formula printed on the carton.
Get a bottle tonight.
n jri its f
form tj
: i
" Tiqjs.es w
satisfy I
heir de- I
^flavor. | =
ICE!! |i
red at Fairmont Hospital
e case of the nearest rela3
to this rule "will be made I '
the yery serious ill or in- I
! be admitted between the |
the afternoon, and at no Hj j
to safe-guard the best in- i 1
ing this period of unusual I \
I j
9ttn I I
r jyf /y | ^/y?Mm* fii ? HI I
f ? m?mmmmmm.^?mm*
Back Up Onr Force? MAMVI
Bay liberty Bonds! kKMu\
Assortments Now Are intheHeic
of Readiness. Prices Range
$22.50 to $125.00
Every model of style importance?every fal
of any fashion consequence?every color of;
prominence, finds representation in ou rvast
sortments. Special models for very slender
well as for the extra stout. Certainly choos
can be done more easily, more satisfactorily:
Bear Brand W
In especially desirable colors for sweaters.
Look as far into the future as we may there
ply of yarns. Everybody who reads the nev
the cause of the scarcity and higher prices,
yarn to supply the trade. Buy your yarn w
Bear Brand Yarns is made from the best qi
wooL They are lofty, smooth and elastic wi
ity known from experience to be unsurpasset
We have the yarns in mouse, navy, tan, Belg
brown, French green, light blue, plum red, g
?1 ?? ~ri/? atvaati Viloolr or?/l mTlifp Pt*W?#
IZULdLlj UUi lly ilUC h/AUVU ?***%* tT AMVV. ?
ent conditions. 65c balL
|pv <^UAK
After the trenches home i
heaven, is yours worthy to r
Our store has but two thoughts this week?o
Bonds for the defense of the home, the oti
will help make your home more worthy of i
Therefore we have ready for your inspectio
tions but particularly in window decorations
| decorations gives the biggest returns in tn<
room, and moreover because windows are ti
joyed by the family who live in it, the friends
strangers who pass it from day to day. Her
your inspection.
-SectipnaF Quaker l
Craft Lace ^
Made for your windows?the exact
width. Hangs straight from the top %
with a handsome lower border and a
dainty tracery of birds and flowers or T
vines spreading on the curtain, grow- v
ing lighter toward the top and finally q
lost in the delicate filet mesh. e
Made up in 9-inch panels. You tell us y
the width of your window and we cut .
off as many sections as you want.
The pattern, repeated in each panel, is tJ
never spoiled by cutting, 50c to $2.50 a
a panel. ' p
I :
PIATARKR j' The Best Cough
L A Catarrh Try^tha MjL ? U Home-tlU
vapor treatment? pK^ g
r vSfriiTr Hru1etinow43^sBliB 3 Herfi an aw en ?a> >
ft nsny9fnRK|!TIIK0^K 2 ret bare tbe beet eoosl
M|fl|>M"llal)Nip^&Mj g 700 erer tried.
HEW PRICES?3Qo.60c, ?i.2Q i coK8Kssa?aa8a?Kcaas
' You've probably beard
?~ - known plan of making co
lA&TfNr PfltPfTHi borne. But have you ever n
ifimliriua riulvinb you do, you wUl understa
^ sands oi families, th? *wo
mmr piik
uUAllv 1 XUilU j way it takes hold of a coug
*,m. 1 earn it a permanent place ;
Into a pint bottle, pour
Fines; then add plair
Give way before the pene- sugar syrup to au up the
r,i_. rr . . - CT/m,?. ' desired, jose clarified mol
liattng effects Of Sloan 8 or corn syrup, instead of
ariBfjf liniment Either way. . it tastes
^'? y. rcadv-maaefor three time
So do those rhnumlic f uiges and It "is really wonderful hoi
he loia-aches of lumbago, tbe nerve- home-made remedy eonque
iiflffinipfifirwi fn?wrytwV XX8Q1II7 221 24 bOHTS OT leSS
4a^ jrmrrf wnrK. Jmrr^ryt wproZr*- DCnctrat? thTOUfh eVCiy
JiUsflfa j- and crives almost immediate
Tbe me rf applying, the ci 11 hum did for throat tickle,, bote
drfttthci^j^tl-; tag^c^Jggg.
?d fass beat nei far m
tcrocLt ftsd- rh^- nm*ntg.
iiirtwficfto cr aooM y Bt-iMTj
Til1** f '??5jr?5rt
'* - *'" -ilM
is no indication of any farther sup- *spapers
knows the yarn situation?*
The manufacturers have no more
lality specially selected high-grade^
th a richness of color?and durabilian
blue,' old rose, pinky maroon,
rey, pea green, golf grey, delft blue, II
?d very reasonable considering pres^ J|
ne is to push the sale of Liberty II
w Because a dollars^t in window jj
ie only decorations ^of the home CTk
e are some of the items that
Lmerica has awakened to the beaues
of window lace and the possibilij
of American production.
he designs are woven into these
ponderous fabrics and are most e:
rent They are in nowise' copies of I
ae old, well worn laces of Europe.
n unusual variety,$2.50 to $18-00 a
- O'^eSSHB
mjAnd I I CardaHadjeBer WelL
. it?c4j ? xezas City, Tex.?la an Infcresflh^j^^H
gl' statement, Mrs. G.H.Sch81, of thistown,^^
ggeSMgCgaS says: "Feu-three years I sufised"aHfcid^
of^this well- agony with my head. I was unaL
rid oto, feel out was the only ease I cc
fv&gaLi^ fast from fiie awful suffering with my
l granulated I was so nervocs flat the IriHl noise
pint. Or, if wooa make me jump oat of my be;
asses, honey, lu __ , , - ??
sugar lyrop. ^,l
fjnd'pint of doaOmrboa^SddtaB^^
roa could buy . J 'JggjS
i it* cost. I was not able to 1T11 mijnmn. ?IEm
w quickly this took CarfuL I took three bottles toil
air ptMtea headaches. That has bees fiuee y
tiste crash, gten sad I know toe cure is n?n?j
XttUCX.fcjyMJUP . , .
wnfM, croup,- taldqgCantaL - . ^v*3sSSl
^SSid cam- NomugreDCTedneiain I tookCcpine
extract, MSdwoodesfaroBiSTM
matinm foe "Try f?** Jor yoor AbNM^^H

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