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WBaBe^imumta-r- '
Wjfe JtOnrrw ?nr* Quincy Sts.
' I 9 1
MjPjgfc-r Aarattto^ Manager: __
jB^^Bwhu'B^y nitHti to tb> ism tor
HSniin itmmi hiis credited to St or not
Kitf lit this newspaper iiio XocaJ
RTbfBtfiL ah ?q{ of
UM. 211. All department* reached
SMjiittiiiitJigcMtutstiwt eobeht a WABD.
MplJI I setoia. New Tork;5 8- Wabash Ave.. Chicago.
M3SbB<-<Psjs1Si to adtamjc only.) On* year *5.00;
Kffihltodtlfellim innnthc. X1.SC: one month. 60c.
'fCnrjflMIIIH ffn Fairmont.) One year. *7.00; art
rMnainw nil" iaia Ill toa earn wtdc. 15c. Per cop*
PWWW'MHHIIH fOsilalila of Wnsont) One month. 75c;
acne pa..tS By oezrter Three Cent*.
feyswwBftacrfi1**'1* ** ;f^TfIn advsaco .
gTOwftiifc&gftrcninn in address sfre old as well **
I' ' f?1HTnr to net The West
BOT orulne should can "WESTERN UNION."
Ot man glera mn? end residence end ? messenger
* paper to your door st once. There Is so
- V * I ur'^S^SS'Ci
BH8r^?* "i VL
t believe in the United Stales' of America as a governJltesd
of the people, bp the people, for the people, tvhose
fast powers are derived from the consent of the governed;
^r'^democracp in a republic, a sovereign Nation of many
jsovereign States; a perfect Union, one and inseparable,
*&stabiGshed upon those principles of freedom, equalitp, jusp
fee. and hamamtp for Tvluck American patriots sacrificed
* their Eves and fortunes. I therefore believe it is mp dutp
' ^tarrtp coantrp to love it; to support its Constitution; to obep
j vst* Urns; to respect its flag; and to defend it against all
Bt/ ES l'ERDAY when the news of it spread around the
EES ban against public meetings in the county may have
1| seemed to some people to be a heavy blow to the campaign
E&C*he Liberty loan, but as a matter'of fact it need have
no serious effect if all will. but go to work a little more
BfSmi >ly and keep at it a little longer each day.
St T-j r - . . ...
.H?a aMMttum Amnmhflm rMrninc mfo PV^rV romCT 1
Ety ? i i o ??j
tact and die necessity for selling the
n time is as strong as ever. The only
sened is "a visitation of providence."
: language they would have employed
on county was being settled, which will
I of plans.
e die aim of the whole organization
and community workers to prove that
soldiers that they can adapt themselves
without loss of efficiency, and get their
as if nothing at all had happened,
a it will be well to remember that all
responsibility for the success of the loan
i individual. Mrs. Meredith and Mrs.
rely and Prichard and their aids were
; campaign started and in planning to
ied to the furthermost corners of the
s meetings and in other ways, but they
le a success of the effort if the public
s not to want to buy the bonds. Now
bringing die need of the government to
m of every one, have for the moment
t is incumbent npon the really patriotic
ite bonds if need benot
promote the sale of even Liberty j
people who do not buy, but there is ]
fact that die government needs this six
in order to keep an effective army in
man. women and child who is willing
ed States and enjoy the results of the
At army is giving ought to be willing
II share of patting up die money that
H the gang would no
Si retreat t* the only 1
the west front has
1 Wonder if the closing notice was He thinks he co
g- eei'liiii on the eight or more wide open tory forever.
??gamhHng joints? *
fiflSb.V But the Kaiser a
p St honest men have to close np gang tajow more al
those bocks should too. on at home.
g&XfcNt there is +*? industry on the And they maT ^
? second, floor of the Watson hoteL would be good poll
F ? ? ? over into Poland.
^^ And ??t wortd 1
there aD,the tune. M attempt were :
J If the "flu"* germ was out this morn- ^'?r,^rom wlnnIn
tog he mast hare felt discouraged. ^
SS Moose Deed
| llh ss tfil carried on by old Foch
Bgjajjftsathree ringed circus. Among the deed
at the office of the
Toe mach going on at one time for those incident to tl
g^ttm eweage guy to see It an. of property made b
* No. 9, Loyal Order
E&SBet tf that ia the way It strikes us. The deed is from
| what do yon imagine the Tents think ux. to the Board c
' ~~A m - i? ? a oi
yt W?W W Ol
successor to Bin ]
t fkal bond yet? Shaw and George 1
jffiff erty Is located on
"t"* ^,w** wants the daylight above Jackson, an<
g:(dM? con tinned an winter. 12. It has a fronts
s Jefferson street an
Mca jwcanse It saved coal last width to a depth <
ler It is one of those good things consideration is 1
ought to be kept up. 26.500 is paid in re
:?r.- - A second deed 1
a cinch that It Is. a long time of the lodge to M.
Bon-GaJder saw the aim rise. conveys Moose h
(&<" - street, beyond Jack
pe Hht the Son rumors have 26.500.
id again, -w > <
Unlike the Tresh
U thorn he Is said to have resign- fondness for golf. <
outdoor sport.
~f~'" '_ ?K"; ? . -* *lT*-<* - f j t - t.
rj^fry. ?' yf, . ttM? |C^ ^yiwjwiwtf ?J fh? j^f^jp|^r- ff J5
to bear * fh8 and equal Aaie ia Aebordan aad iarrificr?
as well as to enjoy the benefits.
So. torn out; folio, and see to it that yoa buy your share
of drisjonrth issue of die Liberty bands. ?a Marion
coonty it means an average of one fifty dollar bend for
every sod in die coaatj.
DURING die Kfetiine of ie men nlo at present control
affairs of state and hminr n there has not been
any real drmand for self government in Germany, and it
may be doubted that die German people actually are any
better prepared for such responsibilities than were the Russians.
Yet it is almost certain that self government will be
thrust upon them. It wiQ come at a time too when die
commercial arrangements which have existed for centimes
will be in almost hopeless confusion through die breaking
of the political and economic ties which have bound die
^people of Central Europe together. For a tune the
principle of self government is going to have a hard time
" ? - - - e * _ _1_
of it and there will be mach waggmg or neaas wnai icacr
get together and perhaps some grave doubts
open die part -of those who are sincere believers in
the uplifting force of genuinely liberal government.
But no one really peed to despair even if things do go
very badly after the Reichstag essays die role of a parliament
after all these^ years of bong merely a rubber
stamp. Back in die days of '48 there-was a real liberal
movement in Germany and die country then had men who
would have been equal to die task of supplying a government
as good as any Europe bad at the time. Some of
1 these men after the failure of their movement came to the
United States and played great parts in our Civil war and
during the starring days that followed it.
There must be some of this strain of high spirited and
forward looking men in Germany even today, and if there
are they ought to come forward and do what they can to
start die Germany with die basic alteration of its political
leadership of which die new chancellor talks on die right
road in the right fashion. To attempt parliamentary government
with Prussianized statesmen such as have been
managing public affairs in die empire will be nothing less
than laying die foundations for a new disaster five or. ten
years hence' just when die people of die country are beginning
to recover from die worst effects of die war.
Marshal Foch and the armies in France are not wasting
any time patching the progress of the German peace
move and American citizens cannot afford to be less
alive to the duty of the honr. On with the loan drive!
^ Every one knows what the American reply to the
firman note is going to be, but because he is dealing
with a government which has never hesitated to stoop
to deception and downright lying,/President Wilson is
compelled to go through certain fixed foVms in order
that what he says may not be nsed to play the game
of the Prussians in Germany. In the mean time the
people of this country must be patient and confident
tbat the right thing is going to be done.
o |
Sir Eric Geddes. first lord of the British navy, who Is
now in this country, gave out a statement at Washing-!
ton yesterday m wmcn ne expressed warm aammuDu
for the work of the American navy. Inasmuch as the
head of the British naval establishment spent a number
of "years is this country when he was a youth and
therefore understands and admires the United States,
what he said yesterday carries more weight than a conventional
statement by an official visitor, but even without
that factor Sir Eric's remarks would have attracted
more than the usual amount of attention because of his
warm praise for the success of our effort to create a
large body Of trained seamen out of landsmen. "Had
it not been effectively done," he declared, "one would
have thought it impossible." Right there lies one of
the big lessons of this great war. The German military
experts knew it could not be done. They had proved
it in many ways perfectly satisfactory to their Prussianized
minds. And then it was done without the
slightest effort. The obyious lesson is that this great
republic ?s above the logic of the war colleges. It can j
do anything it wants to do and with a speed that Europe |
cannot understand.
Keep your eye on that army which yesterday took
Berry-au-Bac. It is getting into a position which will
compel the Germans either to fight a decisive battle
or Indulge in a mighty foot race.
Bulgaria to get out of the war was compelled to demobilize
her army and turn over all its arms, munitions
and war materials to the Entente Allies. That will!
h* fftr nMrp wWfh will even
tually be Imposed upon Germany. A Germany without
either an army or the equipment for one conld he depended
upon to be good for a -while.
t. ,m Strand Barb and wife and Victor
Mm Barb and wife of Morgantown were
, calling on their mother, Mrs. Nancy
.'h Barb the 6th.
retreat to Tic- Mra^ Fannie Berry of Wyatt Is
. > here for a visit with her danshter,
nd the rest of the Ltafl* Henry and eon. Carol
?** ww twi v* w*^ Berry an a other relatives,
jout what is going Mary Stevens and Glenna Perkins
9 of Westover spent the week-end with
Glee's is confined to her
cy to move Berlin bM ^
m Mrs. Virginia flenry has returned
. home after a three weeks visit with
lave to be done if re]at}Te8 at Morgantown.
^ . .C Jas- Smallwood and wife of Opeg
tne war b. re- ^;S]ca were here a few days last week
visiting Mrs. Smallwood's sisters. Mrs.
S. J. Stevens and Mr. J. C. Safer.
CJl-< /\ ill w and other relatives.
wllU W JLL John T/rngh and wife were Sons
Recorded Thome.
There will be a one day Farmers Inla
Wiinfat tMi.. stitnte held at Sngar Grove Oct. 10th.
- , T Interesting and experienced instrnc ?"
? > JMen. Mrt
i M. C. Clayton et to discuss their problem* . i
if Trustees Of the JOBnson wngnc ana amuy ?y?a?.
*nleiy E. Boyers, Sunday -Kith Goo. W. Sidwell.
j. Morris, Charles Arthur Selby sad Glen Henry are
LHard. The prop- hauling logs or timber for Mr. Brady.
i Jefferson street
I is known as lot Just Right
ge of 39 % feet on ather?You're late again, Sylvia
d en tends at that This wont do, yon know. Ton must
it 12S feet. The tell that young man of yours that late
118,00, of which hours are bad for one!
al estate. 8ylvia?All right dad! But they are
rom the Trustees splendid for two?Sasseil's Saturday
C. Clayton et ux. Journal.
all on Jefferson ' * ?
son. at the sum of Keeping In-Practise.
"Why the noise?
? The barber Is shaving himself,
lent, Davis has no Bat why the'argument?
>r. Indeed, fop any He is hying to persuade himself to
J a shsrapoo?Pearsons.
Hf & . ||fl
| hmger." "Why Iron bother
with her." might hare come to my Ilpa
but it did not. Cor I knew wen that
this acquaintance of mine bothered,
more with her servants * ? ?? she did
with her I once* talked to her
.on the subject and this is what she
"People who do honse^odt should
hare special thought and care; tor
this occupation is the least understood
of any work in the world. Most people
feel that their servants are beneath
notice, and that anything at all
la good enough tor them. The beet
food Is placed on the table, the bad
ends reserved tor the magi. Often
nothing remains after a meal but
scraps, and unappetizing ones at that.
I know many people who refuse any
sort of a room where a maid may
have company. When my meals are
prepared nicely I always see that the
best of everything Is set aside hot for
the girl, for she has given that meal
the attention which made it especially
"I plan good times tor my servants
and In only one way do I place them
on a status different from mine?I do
not Invite them to eat or visit with
me. This would bring neither pleasure
or happiness to either of us.
Other than that. I plan for them, chat
with them, prepare dainties and carpy i
them myself when they are ill in bed.
offer them sympathy ana comion. m
times of trouble or heartache; and in
every way possib1? attempt to show
them that I do not feel superior in any
way. For why should I? Our tastes
may be different, oar roads may lead
in opposite directions, hut we are both
human and both living toward a same
end. I have yet to find the girl or
woman desiring to do housework as a
profession, who if she was honest and
painstaking about her work, did not
deserve all the courtesy and consideration
that it was possible to give her
for so doing."
Why do we love dogs? Who does?
Do you? I do?and I will tell you
why. In the first place a dog haw absolutely
no conceit and I dislike conceited
beings. And how a dog. can
love you! No human on earth can
equal it. Don't be horrified at such
a thought, for when you stop to- think
about it. you will agree. A dog will
follow you to the ends' of the earth
and no matter what yon do. how many
the hardships or what manner of living
Is yonrs; a dog will remain satisfied
and content. Is there not-many a
dissatisfied husband, wife or child!
Does not human love depend a great
deal on circumstances or condition?
Isn't married love a matter of give
j and take? Isn't all loving in fact, a
i matter of putting so much in and getting
just that much out? How long
i does a man remain in love with a
| woman who despises him? Will a
woman dins forever to an unremitted
j love? Well, a dog will! Once keep
| a dog in your house for a week or two
?perhaps ont of mere humanity for
that which has been forsaken?and
never again will yon lose that dog,
unless .through accident or theft.
Ton haven't forgotten the dog who
grieved himself to death over his master's
death. Nor the dog who followed
his master out into no-man's land,
under shot and shell, never fearing,
only happy when dose at night near
his beloved's body. One night his
master lay wounded in a shell hole
and this small dog lay close beside
him, now and then wagging his short
tail, but not stirring?only licking his
master's face which was very cold.
Soon a German search party earner ont
and jnst about the time it came within
sight of the shell hole, the wounded
master came to consciousness.
Only just in time; for the small dog
felt his small heart begin to burst
with joy at his master's faint pat on
the top of his head and about his silky
ears . And without realizing at all
^fnfnv?liA stftrtftd to bark
just as loudly as possible, being the
only way he had of expressing his intense
fellngs. To stop that tell-tale
bark; for the wounded man saw the
German scouting party coming by the
(BY C<
Ofy, X?v? Be?N Mise
roRetsrooN C *N?jR*?uer>
You U/ANT IT saac
Making Bri:
Brighten tip!
This is no time for us
to be anything bat bright
and cheery-looking! Here
you wOl see the <
Newest of New Coats.
The possession of a coat
such as this showing comprises
wifl be sure to lend
immeasurably to the
wearer's cheerfulness.
These recent arrivals
display numerous unique
style ideas not seen in the
coits which we have heretofore
They are in Kerseys,
ww - * rtn i *5 tv
veiours, siiverx-ones, uuv
tone, plush, etc., and women
who love coats will find
i many here that will pre!
cisely fulfill their\ exact
requirements for" just
these days and the winter
These Prices
in each instance
gift. makes them SplenJM
did values.
jR?. $18.50
]9| $67.50
Of Special
If yon want a for
coat, ret feel that
yon cannot afford
fcvlV l\ one come in and let
as show yon our
Imitation Nutria Coat
wonderfully lined with flowered
silk. The richest, most attractive
coat imaginable.
Especially Priced at $100.
True Values
faint light of the moon. he graspea me j
dog by the throat and held tightly. ,
When he let go. hi* dog-comrade was ,
dead. I can well beliexe in the sobs ,
which resulted. On the battlefield and ;
in the trenches, many a dog has found ;
a great lore but no greater love did i
any dog have than did this small lov- 1
able dog of the shell hole in the heart
of no-man's land.
My dog has a slender pointed nose
which spreads itself ont luxuriously
on the soft corner of a sofa-cushion.
Her brown eyes open and close very
tranquilly, very slowly, as though she
were saying: 'I could not possibly be
happier?my, but I found a good
Tnef nnw fthe hag turned
over, rolling, feet-up-straight in the
air. slowly until she faces in the opposite
direction. It Is as though she
said: "Anything at all I do is perfectly
all right. No doubt they will
laugh at this and be highly amused!"
Her small white body is growing very
fat . Her tail, so very much like a
fine white plume, waves back and
forth in the air mast of the time. I
dearly love a dog's tail and find nothing
in life half so contagiously amusing.
It wags and wags and wags?
> TRue, I'M COINS To
I Yov. fg= -*
X CAU<^T Kj3;
gh^Cheerful Co
Start the Day by I
Many New Fine Jaj
Elaborately embroidered and embi
are dainty models that yon will be pro
to price them moderately, too.
$4.00, $4.75
Then there are the dainty Cotton'
woman has a real need?they are in
and plain models?
Only $2.751
Japanese I
that were selected for thefr daintiness
/6e sure to want a pair to match your
them. Tito prices will attract you?
Neckwear?A Big
And all newly arrived within
the last few days. / Scores of styles
and designs, the daintiest you
ever saw and at Prices Ton Will
Be Glad to Pay!
now slow, now fast, now furiously; and
sne may tell exactly all that one wants I
to know by the manner of the was!
ast now I said to my dog: "Yon 1
beauty, come over and sit beside me."
My dog languidly opened her eyes and
beat the flour three or four times with
ber plumed tail. Nothing else?just
that! Did you catch jrhat she said?
It was: "Don't bother me?I'm tired:"
When my dog wants 'to attract at- -i
tention. she rolls over on the floor in;1
a number of amusing attitudes and
emits slow, short barks much like:
"Look, look, look!" When I say.
"Well, 1 see?but I don't think very
much of it," she getsv up and comes
over to me. She puts her two front
feet up on my knee and^says: Tm
tired of sleeping, what shall I do?" j
I say: "Oh, go out doors and play
awhile, but don't tear down the street ^
and bark in that awful mfenner, for j
there isn't a ddg in this block who Is a
bit afraid of you!" My dog pushes
me several times, but when she finds 1
1 am too busy to play, she runs out .
of doors, barking at the top of her
voice in the very manner which I for- '
bade her doing?which after all is 1
much as all children do! Do I love my ;
dog? 1 should say I did.
Merely a Hint. ]
Her new hat becomes her. 1
Why, it's a perfect fright! I
You heard what I said:?Answers. ,
Goldbricked in England. 1
What an interesting man your grandfather
must have been! And did he i
attain a green old age? I
Well. I should say he did! He was 1
swindled four times after he was sev- 1
enty! ?Tit-Bits.. v 1
An Irish receiver from the center of <
which nscs & voec lu uutu uunws, uw> I been
Invented. j1
Fourth Libert
We offer the popular e
a'Fourth Liberty Loan Bo:
$1.00 down, $1.00 a we
$50.00 bond.
$2.00 down, $2.00 a w<
$100.00 bond.
It makes it possible fo
income to own a Fourth Li
The boys "over there"
Let's supply the dollars.
-V -V
It is your patriotic du
? Anf X
Z' '
Call on us for further
1 he Peoples; -
help a long "way* and agwM jbct
Tenieace aad comfort aa.aWl,
re have marked them at affordable^
$10.50 to $12?0
Beautiful Jap S3k |
yiffniw^ ,^J3
idsoteely hand embroiderer. 1^3
trine of such_"dainty Kimono? caa-M
help bat lead cbeerfnlnesa i? tkej[
:es them most attxactlre win.
~- ??&' 'asjBj
er styles in SQk Kimonoe 1mmW|
n and figured are shown ? In
At $5.00 to $950
I r
j Crepe Kimonos J
acing practically all colors. ThajKlj
nd to own. We have been carefO^S
and $5.50 .
Crepe KKimonos* for -which
wide assortments in both lUui'Sdai
?ere here in plenty and yen wfllja
new kimono, the moment yon see-i*
' - '.V
Optimism Wont Win, the Ws^j
Our Terms must be Accepted I I
Not Gcman "Terms! >,.$9
Buy liberty Bonds
Boy HQ it Hurts
" 1
108-110 Main St
? r . . . ,
tfentions^ ^ ^
ATHENS, Oct. 8. ? Greek!
jlayed no mean part la the ca
which ptn Bulgaria oat of the 9
icknowledgement or this 1
handlet d* Esperey. %'rnmj
it the allied forces In the MacM
jampalgn, has sent tte'MuM
tram to the Greek guiuuiiiijWJ
"At the moment, of ?he>OH9
he offensive operabonsj^BB
Inn Ian front 1 wish to eumfl
ay entire satisfaction
iant conduct which has sn
5 reek participation in the hafl
"I wish, particnlaxl yto mefl
llvision which attached west H
Jolran over ground tha was 'M
Icnlt. It covered itself vfl
dory and carried- poaitiozaB
rere extremely fonnldable-aajH
y defended, capturing' a. JanjH
>er of prisoners.
"Certain of the Greek unifl
tdded materially to the ihs*n*
he vicflory. One of these. theH
y arrived Thirty-fifth i i'n Mm iM
an try. united with the French?
uring the imji nitnnf Hisiwlfniif?
ind the village of Zbors&fe5|ijjH
3reek troops engaged her
jndnran.ee and spirit snd.'ra|?
von new lanrels.'. ' " "-"sswH
for 50
'*? ' ' ^^SftSHRSB
r . ...,-;:^^H
row - ??

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