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HM /1 I -.-"
EB5feifcjfc??'-Jf- '.M--': qj&>?W '
department of the Universal Chopping
BowIGginpany to tie poet of head of
' that-^ety>rl inwnt vraa not because of
ology of people who wanted to buy
chopping bowls wbolsale or becaase
Bof any;; personal magnetism, but beBcauae^ds_tongue
wagged Hke a vonBan^^Tom^Brattle
bad the knaclc of
In ajBiiiagyjthat translated of some five
er sjSI apjeat-ermt and?well. Tom had
XeaxheCtliiaMf he wanted to make him
self heard to the end the only thing
was to talk fast and leave no% chinks
did some one else would get a wedge
- in. And Tom had also noticed in
c.tthdsedays when he filled the ink well
and bought sandwiches from the delewere
.those who kept^the
RconcerztXeit ttwTeffect of the increased
^/demand for women to take the place of
- s&ainettto be,- when matte were of
K> their worst. to enlist recruits from the
mher of wives and sisters and relal
Hons of the well-to-do members of the
B_'-- concern who would not normally be
B?'' gain folly employed. Tom's sistera^were
Ky: employed and so were his aunts, but
C when;he wanted to get a new girl for
Ip the switchboard In the sales department
he made his wants known to the
K beads cf the concern,'and the very rcB
cently acquired wife of one of the sons
of the -president of the concern sngB
gested as a candidate. She bad caught
the fever'of general nssfnlness, and
having no business asset but a pleasBjjjng
voice, had been promised the first
Brcancy as telephone operator?which
Hippened to be in Tom's department.
B And this salted Tom immensely. Be
Hasse -Tcst had a theory that a teleBhose
operator was one of the most
Bn^Staat'-perscaallties about the ofKug,
in' Tom's estimation, was an imtportant.
thing. And the girls in his
Boffice had rather looked down upon
jSie post of telephone operating
Bffhen the-regular girl for that job was
pit vacations or ofT at lunch they handBed
the wires condescentiy. To them
Kttfwas a matter of minor consequence.
when the daughter-in-law of the
Kpresident of the concern was coming
Ppo 'manage the switchboard Tom. felt
^m' that this, would pnt a new light on the
'Job of switchboard operating. It would
B lend it tone and' show the girls just
Them the morning that the young Mrs
B vBawson j"was coming Mr. Dawson
' 'phoned Jin to say that' Mrs. Dowson
" had; backed out. She had found that
it would interfere with her 'at homes.*
I that she would
isly. even though
i son of the presig
up the receiver
r a telephone op e.
He offered to
sven he felt telee
worth, because
ring assured the
he other girls in
portant a personn
was going to
id not retreat so
ml run of a half'or
the work,
itenanced decept
was necessary,
lice-looking wompparel
waiting to
affice and she bohe
believed they
operator. Ton*
V but told her on
ertone, that-she
uld do. but that
luff it out as the
lent and conduct
was possible for
hter of the presibowl
an the applicant,
jht" Tom rattled
gent young wonige.
and none of
fthing about the
So it is settled,
ake off your hat
have your name
stand this board
show you." Tom
that they don't
ained. "it's that
rth while. That's
0 think that we
ions on the job.
J that Mrs. Dawme,
but that yon
om hurried back
alking a flowing
chopping bowls
(To stenoghapher
Tom was not a
1 acauired habit
K of a happy home to so
rklng hoars was a home
I were not five sisters and
ings, and where one could
y or as little as one chose.
Hse he had so often thought
nl such a home would be
Hen to thinlc about jsatri
with matrimony on his
^thoroughly delightful a
Ht tfl tie now telephone opHie>
office, no one with
esce for round blue eyes
B^tauau hair ^ . a gentle,
i'-l' ^1
4k dk?, W :44mm>NAVY'S
x n
-?*y. oar aPHur ^MtELr
Motberliness marks the appearane*
of Mrs. Joscphus Daniels, wife of the
secretary of the navy. Actively interested
in the war work of the !f. W.
? -?- ? *-?
C. A., Mrs. uameis wears uzo d*uv
uniform and black trlcone hat of the
Y. W. C. A. war work council In her
frequent visits to hostess houses in
camps and naval stations.
conld talk chopping bowls and other
business matters fluently enough,
when it came to telling this tyouag
lady of his state of mind and heart
his lingual talents forsook him. But
he went on dreaming and even priced
honsehold furniture and consulted a
real estate agent or so regarding small
Sometimes he got some small consolation
in telling other people what a
wonderful telephone operator he had,
and expounding his theory that it
paid to have a really first class girl on
that eztd of the work. He even told
tho president's son. Mr. Dawson, ot
this theory that it paid to have a really,
first-class girl on that end of the
work. He even told the president's
son. Mr. Dawson of this theory.
"But you know,'' began Mr. Dawson,
that young woman didn't come from
the agency, "you see "
"She didnt come from the agency?*
"No," said Dawson, "you didn't give
me a chance to explain, and you didn't
give her a chance either. Yon see,
Mrs. Dawson '*
Tom swallowed hard, and It seemed
as if the sun went into a temporary
eclipse. "I congratulate you on a rare
treasure," he gulped. "She la wonderguL"
"She has a high opinion of you. too,"
said Mr." Dawson, and somehow Tom
thought this was an especially inappropriate
remark. He didn't want to bo
thought well of by the woman he had
oved in vain. He woud rather have
her detest him now that he knew she
was married
"We'd like'ho have you come to dinner
some time?make up a little family
party." said young Dawson, and
somehow the conversation closed here,
and Tom went back to his office to
talk chopping bowls to his dictaphone,
bnt the words wonld not come. In
fact for days and even weeks Tom
lost his power of gab and sales went
down and bnslness began to slump. He
W3s working his ingenuity overtime
trying to think of a way to get the
charming Mrs. Dawson out of his office.
Instead of seeming like a nice,
straightforward, round, blue-eyed girl
as she had seemed, she was a vampire
in disguise to him n?w, and every
time she beemed on him as he came
and went he imagined cruel thoughts
lurking beneath the sweet charm of
the smile.
"Billy wants me to get you to come
Dome lor utnuer suwc umo ?* *
she said to him one day. "You have
been so cross lately I wouldn't ask
you. Only we were such good friends
to begin with before you knew I was
a Dawson, and I don't approve of letting
misunderstandings creep up between
friends In that way."
And poor Billy accepted for dinner
that very night and the blue-eyed
young woman telephoned home to
some one named Nora?the cook, of
course?that she would brjng him
home for dinner and please to have
mushrooms and beefsteak, for she had
heard him say once he liked them.
When 5:30 came and it was time to
go Tom waited for young Bill Dawson.
"Won't your husband call for us
here?" he said, and then as the blue
eyes drew in a pucker of questioning
?"Yes, Mr. Bill Dawson, your husband."
"Whyr* Bill's my brother." said the
girl, and though it was late on a dull
afternoon the snn came out of a cloud
A3 loMG AS I CAK'r
/M Aitiuw curnma'
iltoivwr fo 7W
3? VBSSS OF *H Mdl
OU.W H4 IT W ^
MjHf fjfpjfjigf in
J I B^b B-^i fl B?a
I I JiJ I \ # I
1 ' ~
W? Ar? Shaken by a Depth B
One* act 1b. that morning, Death
snatched at me?and missed. The destroyer
had picked t? the aeeat like
a thoroughbred, I Judged, tor Bremer's
anxiety tncreased\ whenever he ventarad
to throat op the,periscope. Finally
he ceased to Use it-and from
that fact I reasoned that although the
morales was gray aad the atlat urns
dinging to the water, the pursuer was
drawing dgagereoaly sear.
The U-boat's ears?its listening apparatus?brought
Bremer the same Information.
But be couldn't seek a
safer berth at a lower depth with a
wracked level gauge.
How the destroyer finally pounced
upon my undersea prison and shook
it as a cat shakes a mouse, the annals
of the U. S. navy will never show.
While her motors were going st topspeed.
the submarine staggered and
then careened like a barrel rolling on
its side. I was tossed from my shelf
to the floor.
The best stopped shaking long before
the men did. Fear which seemed
always to dominate the minds of the
crew was for the moment uncon
Bremer celled down hi* engine tube
end appeared satisfied with the answer
be received. The helmsmen announced
that bis hydroplanes were O.
and the whole world was suffused with
happiness for Tom
"Ton see, you didn't give n? a
chance to explain. Nora. Bill's wife,
backed out. but I took the job instead.
I came that day to ask if I'd do. but
you didn't give me a chance to say a
word." She looked at him frankly
out of those round eyes. "Tom. you've
been so blue and miserable lately,"
and she actually toek his hand in h?-r
two and he had to hold on to the desk
with the other to keep from floating
into the seventh heaven. "Tom. bas
i it been because you thought I was
married?has it been because vo.x cared?"
And Tom. the man with the tongue
that was hung in the middle, couldn't
do more than gasp a meager "yes."
11 '?
Dies in Camp Sherman.
Clem H. Jones, sop of John S.
Jones, of Dent's Run, died at Camp
Sherman. Ohio, Saturday, October 5.
The remains have been brought here
for burial. The young man jwas
twenty-one years of age and a member
of the National army in training.
Small Fire.
The newly Installed electric lire
alarm sounded for the first time at 5
o'clock last evening, when a small
blase was discovered at a house In
Brookside. The fire was extinguished
with slight damage.
To North Carolina.
Bert Shock has returned to his
home in HendersonviUe, N. C.. after
a visit with his brother, Norval C.
Shock. In this city. The latter accompanied
him to North Carolina for
a visit.
More to City.
Mr. and Mrs-XtVllliam C. Rcnsbaw,
| of Salt Lick, are moving into town.
They wil loccupy the A. C. Atfca cotj
tage in Clarksburg street.
The Misses Jeannette Morgan. Virginia
Shaw and .Clara Drake and
Messrs. Dale Turner, Carlin Hall.
Dallas Hamilton and Paul Pri * Tiave
returned from W. V. U; at' Morgantown
on account of the Quarantine
Has Pneumonia.
Donald Coster is seriously ill of
pneumonia at the home of his parents.
Mr. and Mrs. "W. W. Cnster, of
Third street.
"Kin" Victims.
Among the newest cases of influenza
here are R. F. Alder. J. P. Beatty.
P. H. Pitzer, F. E. Furbee. Paul
Hammel. Dr. R- M. Hite, Marshall
Matthews. Mrs. John Moore, Miss
Poling. Miss Helen Redmon, Miss
Lois Coffman, Miss Mabel Calvert.
Miss Mary Moore and Miss Josephine
tow stolen.
On last Saturday morning John Z,.
Hayes, of Center street, discovered
that a very valuable cow had strayed
or bad been stolen from his barn. So
on /A
a I IT FTri MX , //W
r 1 RKJKlr, XXMYtT? '//0/
K -?pyrtB?. wt.
B8UI Enterprise Ait's,
omfa and ?upplt?a Are-Low.
K. Only unimportant repairs, lights
Here and therp^were required. There
was no leakage.
Whatever its sins, the sub was
spsred its reckoning tl>t day. The
event proved that the destroyer, having
dropped one beonb "Just for luck,"
perhaps?was obliged to return to her
Job of escorting the transport.
sailor picked me up from the floor
and placed me out of the way. on the
bunk Just as the commander appeared.
his head bound up in cotton and
surgeon's tape.
Ho held a long conversation with
Bremer. By piecing together fragments
et it I was convinced of what
I had only surmised yesterday; oil
waa low. provisions wars short; they
most harry to their base and take on
supplies; and now repairs must be
made; a new level gauge must be installed
immediately or they would
soon rest, all of them, in Davy Jones'
locker fbrevermore. ,
For myself I could plan a pleasanter
future than being entombed eternally
with a U-boat crew.
But, not being dead yet, I was Interested
in finding . out something
about their mother ship.
"If their base Is not jl ship," I reflected,
"the Information will be even
| mora valuable." Then I was obliged
to add, "if I live."
far be has been unable to locate the
One Third Sold.
Subscriptions to the Fourth Liberty
loan, up to and including last
Saturday, total $122,750.00. which
is about one-third of the local quota.
The Woman's committee is again doing
splendid work for the loan.
Called Off.
The meeting of the Woman's Club
which was scheduled for this afternoon
at the M. E. church, was called
off on account of the influenza epidemic
by order of the presidents Mrs.
Li. H. Boor.
Reception Cancelled.
On account of the prevailing epidemic
of -influenza, it was deemed
best to cancel the reception which
was to have been given by the M. E.
church congregation for Dr. and Mrs.
H. D. Clark. ^
Good Gas WeU.
The Blackshere Oil company drilled
in a two million foot gas well on
the Gibson lot in the Curtisvllle field
yesterday morning. The gas wis
found in the Gordon sand and will
be turned into the Fairomnt company's
Operation in Fairmont.
Mrs. Alonzo Price, of' Mannington,
, is very ill in Cook hospital in Fair!
moat, where an operation for appendicitis
was performed last Saturday.
Letter from France.
Charles F. Peard, local naval recruiting
agent, has received the fol-T
lowine letter form "Clem" Starkey,!
a popular Mannington boy, sow is I
Somewhere In France, Sept. 3. ,
My debt Friend Charles:?I decided
to drop you a few lines which you
may have published in The WesJ Virginian
if you think it will skip the
editor's waste basket. I am feeling
[ fine and getting along good. I never
I had better health than I have had
! during my summer in France. I hope,
you and your family are enjoying
good health and good business. Well.
Charles. I had one trip up to the
trenches, staying four days and live
nights. I had things rather lively up
there, especially at night. - We had
one gas attack, and were compelled
to wear our gas masks for a short
time, but for the one attack Jerry
gave us we gave him six in return. As
near as I can describe the battle it is
! a continual roaring of guns and acnnons
and bursting of shells. I have
sat on the parapet and listened to the
shells going over my head, and when
I would hear one coming near me .
would drop down into the trench. One
can tell Quite easily when a shell is
coming; also if it is one of Jerry's or
oen of our own shells. Living in the '
ternches as near as I can tell you, is 1
just like living as a groundhog does
(in the ground). Our company has i
Bomstsad'sWonn Syrop j
To ddUna aa ami mTCT." Wbn
jyssvss sss 1
irornu. Stood t?e t?? toraxxrr toot*, mm ,
erarmbcra or trr mall. We ? battle. 1
Z*. C. A. ToariMCT. 3C.P.. FMImdalpfrta- ]
< tturr rem1md& mb opa |p>
i mvorite cr&w dorr of
^ mine l wore at couesei
awed ThAT&XT because ?|
rr vmd made of soon ? l?f
9 S
* *-" """ - 'J
>?* aiail lnirt n I> ?> *ttm? I
UttU (WU MMk. ov ?
have. been is the trenches and cone
ares, wounded yet. J hope our good
lock continue*. One night wWlo X
was is the trenches one of Jerry's
pines came ore rus and dropped a
trig light (I forget the same of it),
which lit up the whole country tor
alias around. On* certainly does see
some wonderful sights op there, especially
is the linn of fireworks. Coming
oat and going in the trenches Is
as dangerous as staying in them, as
one is exposed to the enemy's shell
lire with no protection at all. hot I
got in sod out without any abrm dons
me. still the shells were flying rather
thick. Since coming out of the
trenches about three weeks ago we
hare been traveling almost all the
time. X think we have been almost
over France. During that time we
have hiked about one hundred miles
and made part of the trip by train.
I never thought I could stand all
these hardships which are connected
with marching, but X am doing fine.
Quite a few of the boys in our company
have sore feet, but so far only
one man has fallen ont of ranks during
the one hundred mile march, so
you see we must be a pretty strong
company physically. I feel very fortunate,
because my feet are la fine
shape. Some of the hardships I have
undergone In marching are carrying
a heavy pack on my back, sleeping on
me grouau. uiurcuius m uic t?4M ******
mad; losing sleep and eating small
amounts. eW marched all day on a
piece of bacon, a piece of bread and
a cn pof coffee fro braekfast, and for
dinner ire had less, but for sapper we
had plenty. As a role a man can
hike bettee^he la doesn't eat a foil
meal. It was pretty tough to rate at
first to eat only about one-third of
what my appetite required, bat now I
can go xery well all day on one meal.
So I guess that is the reason oar officers
dont* give us more to eat when
we are marching. I have been In
most of the largest cities In i "ranee.
Most of our traveling by train here is
done by "side door Pall mans." Z
was in Paris for a short time; it certainly
is a beautiful city. The people
in and around Paris certainly do
like to see the Sammies. They come
out and wave at us whiel we are passing,
some run oat with their a cms
clasped around the Stars and Stripes,
others waving the flag. Quite a few
of the girls throw kisses at as. Oh,
My! So all o fthis certainly does
put the "pep" in a Sammie. I think
we will be able to pnt old Jerry oat
of business soon, then we can come
home to our own native land. I am
not homesick, tired, or worried with
military life, still I would rather be
back with my people in civil life, but
we must first have a world wide
peace. Gen. Pershing told his men
the other day it was either Hell,
Heaven or Hoboken by Christmas
time, so from this statement I don't
think we will spend the winter in
France unless Jerry has our number
o none of bis shells, and if he has I
suppose we will become owner of a
small portion of land Somewhere in
France. The French seem to be a
very industrious people. All_^ the
work is done by women, children"and
old men. The younger men are all
in the army. Practically every French
man abel to bear arms is in the army.
The business people all have their
stores open on Sundays Just as during
the week. In the largest cities one
can see the very finest of stores.
Well. Charles. I must close. Would
be glad to hear from you any time.
Co. A, 315th M. G. Bn., A. E. F.,
France, via N. Y., A. P. O. No. 756.
Dr. and Mrs. M. F. Hamilton have
returned fronr a few weeks visit in
Berkeley Springs.
Walter Price- has returned from
Fairmont, where he had spent several
days with his mother at Cook
Mrs. C. L. Straight and children
have returned from a visit with relatives
in Grafton.
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Thomas, of
Fairmont, spent Sue day with the letter's
sister. Mrs. F. W. Bartlett.
James J. Allen has returned from
a short visit in Wheeling.
Sirs. A. K.Modi has returned from
Spent Money Foolishly
"I have been a great sufferer from
stomach trouble and gall stones. Xo
one knows the pains I have suffered.
Since taking the first dose of Mayr's
Wonderful Remedy am feeling fine,
can work all 'day and eat anything I
want. Have no more distress or palpitation
of the heart from gas on my
stomach. 1 have spent a great deal
of money on doctors and medicine but
got nothing to help me." It Is a simple,
harmless preparation that removes
the catarrhal mucus rfrom the
Intestinal tract and allays the inflammation
which causes practically all
stomach, liver and intestinal ailments.
Including appendicitis. One dose will
tonvlnce or money refunded.
Crane's drug store, H. & H. Drug
Co., Prescription Pharmacy at Manaington
and druggists everywhere.
J Molrt BAOS^oU! BAtlsl RAW, RAH, I
] "WAT CA8ZM&2 PAtt.RAR,
T^yo^o^aE Tbme AfiE
FOR. tin must
9*^^M^mM Vj9
Msfai^P. KA (Q
t ---4BjSi2[_:-*??f - __ 2__- ^^3
_r-i 1-u?,1? ? ? ? ** ^
*H Mil
New i
r? .*
? from t
Buy Gage
Liberty Walc
Loan . M .
_ Not ju
Bonds house
ens, at
' II .
The r
Have you s
a month's visit In Philadelphia, where
she received treatment for an illness.
Mrs. John Bremer, of Wheeling, is
the guest of Miss Emma Bartlett.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Turner Goto have
returned from a two weeks* visit in
Washington, D. C., and other eastern
Pallas Hamilton has gone to
Berkele Springs to ra visit.
Ik J. McMillan left last evening for
a business trip to Pittsburgh, Pa.
Mrs. Homer C. Tootbman. of Fairmont
.spent Sunday "with friends in
the city.
r>REMIUMS have never
1 been given with this
economical coffee. Its
delightful flavor has always
been worth what it
cost: the addition of a
premium would have reduced
the quality.
Golden Sun is sold only by
home tpwn grocers who doeorvo
ttaiit net rntieita fsr the
BV* ? V JVU* J?"? """p" *V? ? lm *
simple reason that they tfrve
full value and contribute to
the upbuilding of your town.
Not mqld by syndicate storm*
Tolado Ohio iad-/ADT>
II ) Tom, T>? VOI> MOW
VtteTlHBS \US5E dditeS Cf
an-Sn^ UviBAR TW
sj^cu-cptwai 1
1-* ^i\iSN2w
ft. J
. jPfmngnsgi
*-?.; i'*&':y&.^:
s, '.
W0 f:v" -:Sl
&?eHB - - '-Sr
^ ^ji^|
1M ^
Mr. Helnricki Was Read? t*|5|v?*
Up, Then HeFoond How to
Regain J-ieaith.
months .was onihe second-nigh: after
? began using MHkx KmnRrtop. I
bad a bad esse of stomach trouble and
constipation for years and was ready
bo give op I was troubled with, gas,!
dlzlness. bloat after eatings gnawing!
sensation and cramps in the s
wnir, Rmniiiiiin was a.God*send to me,
and T want averron# t" IniffT^MBHW
medicine that will cure cases
mine."?C. E. Helnrlcks^702 S. AJa-H
sama St^tadlanapolls, Id? "
Mr. Hen ricks and thousands of
sr former sufferers from cataqjfgg
the stomach, indigestion and bowel
roubles, have found that Milks E
don gives prompt relief and :
ng benefit.
Milks Emulsion Is a pleasar.. nu
ire food and a coriecllre me
restores healthy, natural bow
jhysics. It promotes app<
tuickly puts the digestive or
ih&pe to assimllat* tooa^if
flesh and strenigth^Mil
a strongly "recommended tc
lervous people.' and it&as produced
missing results in manyrcaaes of tajfll
lercnlosis of the lungs. -Chrpr
icb" trouble and conatlpetteiBS***
iromptly relieved?nsnally jpcued?y.a
This is the ony aoUd emulsion ir
ind so palatable that ltis.widbsa^iplnH
poon like ice cream. A. truly wonderul
medicine for weak, sickly children*
No matter- how severe yc
vo are urged to try 3d:
inder this guazantee-r-Tr
les home with yon, use"-.it^a
o directions and If not satfsf
he results, your mone^; ->vnBMM3
iromptly refunded. Price-;_gflc^HmH
HJSO per bottle.:. The Milks ffcgflgjl
ion Co.. Terre Haute. Ind." Sold and
paranteed by W. R. Crane Drug On.
1 '
rr wootp
^SpS**!' JjA
a# r
JV2g?A ^^^9
Jv |5B|BS&:-"->M
11^ nC/vl fr^T* I
L jE^Ea

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