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mJLJ" "j? ^
ZU West '^^B^BgflAjTAdMM^mTOj^'Qtttncy sta.
;T Wtot- I AdvcrUsloc Mtnifsr.
CHARLES V. JCEDIC, QrcuIsrioD lluuur.
HWjqHi'Bitif a. ri? te awniofvtfy entitled to tbo dm tor
?WRRcntteporoU nown dtopetcbfte credited to U or not
Estlon ofspectei
tments reached
tea year |U0.
oonth. 60c.
ear. 67.00: alx
15c. Per cop
ne month. 7lc
old as wen ar
st Virginia, w
> get The West
nd s messenger
There Is no
10. 1918.
B B^^-y"- .- ^ J
^RsiSra^^' '
T believe it the United States of America as a govern|
Vtenl of the people, bp the people, for the people, whose
just powers pre derived from the consent of the governed;
I a democracy^in a republic, a sovereign Nation of many
sovereign States: a perfect Union, one and inseparable,
Wupita&Eshed upon those principles of freedom, equality, jusI
tice, and humanity for which American patriots sacrificed
their lives and fortunes. I therefore believe it is my duty
to my country to love it; to stipport its Constitution; to obey
its laws; to respect its flag; and to defend it against all
JnfAHEN a man is called to the army it is not a ques69^:
tion of whether he is "able" to go. but of bow he
Blcaa best arrange his affairs so that his going will entail die
"* * "? ^t_I_ L._JAr^ **?? /->* ? f nn/in (ttm
MYlf tJfT |^ "-** iioiuauip UJA/U UWJV UW^VUUMik Uj/w??
k Whan an order is given for a command to go over the
Estop no one. stops to inquire whether or not it is "able" to
Ac order. It is assumed that it is. and that is the end
IPwElrbeVaamc logic applies to the matter of financial supBfepQrt
of the government. What people think they are !
S"aUe" to do in the matter of subscribing for bonds will
flEnjflffj' u TlTi the: circumstances and the intelligence of the j
llmdividual, barm Ae final analysis every man and woman |
who has a regular income from wages or investments who
|||3aea ;BOt subscribe is a slacker as contemptible in every
|irwmy ** die fellow who atcmpts to evade military duty
r^Trr-mrr be does not drink he would like army life.
government has made it easy for every one to buy
! bonds, but it is up to each individual to arrange hi* or her
.affairs so diat advantage may be taken of the liberal
.terms. And do not forget, the individual who clocs not
rammer' the strength of character and the patriotic dctcrmin"
provided for Idie application of the income tax to
Spfc'isalaiies of state officials, and to the interest on state
fef amnhnwrnictpal bonds that may be issued after the approval
Grave differences of opinion exist among lawyers
as to whether die Congress has a constitutional right
j to impose faxes on states and their instrumentalities. In
!*? anticipation of the debate on the revenue bill when it is
to (be Senate. Hon. Philander C. Knox of Penn|
SyhnSua made an exhaustive study of the question and
PffiffrrfoTT his views to his fellow Senators in order that
may be given thorough consideration before die
? "Rie conclusion that Senator Knox reached it that, in
I of war Congress can levy taxes .on state securities and
sinks of state officials. His argument, in brief, is
ftrfrr the Constitution Congress has die exclusive right
dare war; die states are denied every means to precanry
on. or terminate war; they can not even defend
selves, except in case of sudden invasion; it is the duty
t Federal Government to protect the states and rnaina
republican form of government in them, and it is
to impose such obligations upon the National Goveraand
then deny it the right to subject its wealth to an*
I share of the burdens of the common defense.
ie importance of this matter is shown by the fact drat
are at present outstanding about $5,000,000,000
nds of the different states and their subdivisions, and
t 1.000,000 persons holding office under state gov*
_ Teut roost within
Ruff stuff nm ^
Saw Turkish vizier baa pro-ally And In the en<2
athles"?Headline. have to undertake
of Germany for a
I JSurope wQl be pro Ally before *
?TTIT To demonstrate
Ity of a new type
Is vronld be a good time when 95? of then? was *
thing Is closed up tight, to write ParIs carrying a. fi
tar to one of the boys in France.
to tar bonds on the Installment plan TT.?
" 'thatgnght to be good enongh for the Have^onbongh
The evening call to prayer rings
galoot even if the mid-week meetings
I tad 'the other ehttrch activities do Kemple located to
| hgve to stop.
Kl||o-,ea prwTf~ victor? ?* ? St. Peteis
Hnn dtvisioas engaged in ae- bnrg
Artificial legs sn
B^^dgnt there are more trustworthy in- in Egypt, as eariy
the finish of the Tents were^made^hy the
Senator Kncrx holds that die nBgmriw of the present
situation aresoch that'Congress should impose a tax as
aD smmcspe] bonds if k can ooatkttfioaaHy do so. Mr.
Knox states that he known of persons who own sevcia
minions of dollars worthof'state secnritesvand do not
pay one penny of income tav; neither do they hoy many
Liberty hoods. "There is a rugged equity." says"~th?
"C?*-hmmml^L. Aa WwL
Jcnaiorf u ujru% 10 nnnw 1 wmvm .. ,
boos of state securites are confined." He wonld have Congress
enact a law to tax state bonds precisely as other bands
are assessed. The man who objects to socb a tax on the
ground of imconstitaticnality can have recourse to die
courts. But who wiU institute the first suit? It is probable
that die law would never be contested.
LET the facts be submitted to a candid world. The
Him crack troops are cracking. Instead of cracking
like a whip lash that would sting the allies to retreat, they're
cracking like an egg shell from which defeat has sucked
die -meat!"
Brave blusterers, arrogant snobs, die kaiser's shock
? - - ? ? - it
troops are getting the "shock" of their military we.
The Hindcaburg line is so busy it will soon be ont oi
order. It's a toll line and the Teuton toll it is taking is
heavy. O doable o oh oh is die contsant caLL That's foi
Old Man Malice at Potsdam Palace.
Every time Wnhelm lifts the receiver he expects to appoint
a receiver for Germany on die strength?or weakness
?of the news. His connection is never clear for th?
mumbling and rumbling of the German people vibrates the
wire and makes die imperial voice shaky.
His conversation with Lady, Hindy and The Bunch u
always about one_ thing?reserves?with a few blahishmeats
of "Gott strafe" and "Schwemhund" on both end:
of the. line.
After each talk, die Ky busies the Bureau of Lies ir
passing die populace a few "specially prepared" victorie
while he hunts the hospitals for reserves.
\ But the Annanias dope is getting too diluted and thi
convalescents rush the allies so kameradishly William':
piece of mind enjoys no peace of mind.
He tried painting the Vulture of Kultur white, but il
didn't camouflage like a dove a-tall well.
William would like to pull some grandstand coup tc
shove the show-down some more months away, but Got!
refuses to perform miracles for his Potsdam Pet
So. 'dooks as if the Honhenzollern family could improve
the precious passing moments by studying time tabid
to parts distant and remote, and investigating the art ol
disguise to be employed in travel for die Hohenzollern
- V
health, which will be in precarious state when ti^ey do start!
IN an address in the House while die bill making appropriations
for the Department of Agriculture was unde>
consideration Representative Sidney Anderson, of Minnesota,
submitted comparative statistics showing that if the
price of cotton were fixed 2d a point comparable with the
fixed price of wheat during die four years preceding the
war, die price of cotton today could not exceed 25 cents
a pound to the fanner. We shall see what the administration
that denounces sectionalism will do for cotton.
In 'Washington they expect an early reply to President
Wilson's note of inquiry to the German chancellor regarding
his peace overture. And a glance through the
1 war news this morning more than supports this belief.
If Germany has any hope whatever of saving the sitnation
through diplomacy she will have to hurry.
It la not only here that the loan subscriptions are
coming in slowly. .Statements made at the Treasury
department last night indicate that the same condition
-ertains all over the country except, of course, in those
.ountlcs and big cities which had the foresight to erect
War Wort organizations which keep constantly at work.
These organizations "went over" the very first week and
they are already busy with the combined drive for funds
' which will come immediately after election. As the
j community work will by no means stop with the end
i of the war there will have to be more of these War
Wort organizations before we are back to normal conditions.
I It 1b mentioned as a possibility that before the end
j comes Germany will be left alone to fight the armies
! under Marshal Foch. It seems too much to hope for,
I but It cannot be denied that this would be an example
j of retributive justice which would Stand long to warn
i future generations against the dangers of the superman
nonsense. _
London newspapers and French statesmen are denouncing
the continuance of the German policy of destroying
towns and ravaging territory their armies are
forced to leave, but it is scarcely possible that these
outrages are as great now as they were in the sprfnj
of 1917 during the Hindenburg retreat. And the hardei
they are pushed the less time they will have to devote
to the work of destruction.
\ o
By the way, what has become of that movement
started by the Board of Affairs to arrange for cooper
atlon with the county authorities in the erection of i
suitable memorial to the Marion county lads who ar?
killed in action?
- o
Judging by descriptions that have been cabled ovei
the Hindenburg line was the last word in military engineering.
But it could not stop an army composed o:
free men inspired with what the Germans would call
a will to victory.
^ew1^0* Hughes Mine's Good
>n for America to War Work Record
* wI probably will *** HasIles mine of SId'
e the provisioning trtiUty company, located in Winfieh
time. district, has made a fine record fo:
* * war work. Besides^ getting out torn
the carrying capao- of ooal each day the employes of tha
of bombing plane, mine have subscribed a total of )17,
snt from London to 640 to the cause of liberty and democ
ill size piano. racy, hi each of the four Liberty Loai
* * campaigns, the Red Cross campaign
s ought to prove the ar Savings Stamp campaign am
var with W<#t Vlr- all other the employes o
i- the Morgan mine have responded lit
* * erally. At one time has there beei
t that bond yet? more ttuw fifty workmen at that mine
? mmnhir that each emnloTe has invest
ipltt formerly Miss ed over $350 for Uncle Sam.
as gone to Camp The record of the Morgan mine li
. Texas to visit Mr. dne large to the patriotic efforts o
the camp there. lyde Martin, the superintendent of th<
? - mine. _
Eg&n assistant rec- 1
Catholic church la Basing their calculations upon radlc
hospital in Clarks active phenomena, tiro British sdez
tlsts have advanced the theory tha
the .world is at least 11,000.000 yea*
d asms were in nse oldas
700 B. c. They * *
^priest*^ who were ^ Hmne^ and Pastriaa
Chateau Thierry Veterans
Add to Their Laurels
'" rhamiwirwo
s IN FRANCE, Oct. 9.?(12:30 p. m.)?
: It is now permissible to state that it
was the Second American division
which bore the brant of the recent
hard fighting in the Champagne. This j
, division took St. Etienne and the po-j
' sition leading to that town and thus
1 created the slight salient now pro-!
: jecting into the German line.
I The Second American division con- j
slsts of the Fifth and Sixth regiments j
of WajriAt, the Ninth *Tid Twenty-,
third infantry and the Fifteenth. Slx.
teenth and Nineteenth regiments of
\ The Second division was In the
. thick of the fighting at Chateau
Thierry in Angnst and at one point
in the advance northward against
' tremendon3 resistance captured 10
! complete batteries. For its great
. fighting the division was officially
[ commended by the French govern'
i. . =!ri
; NEWS i
: I* ?*1 :
1 Gone to Preston Comity.
. Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Woody and son '
t eGorge and Mr. and Mrs. Henry F- !
Woody motored to Preston county
i today to visit relatives.
t Win Visit Sister.
Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Davi3 and chil- |
,! dren. of East Ferry street, left the
city Wednesday morning for St. Paul. I
Minnesota, to visitf the former's sis- .
ter. |
From Washington.
W. W. Scott, of Washington, D. C..1
arrived in the city yesterday and is
spending a short interval here -with I
; realtives.
Attending Funeral.
Mrs. Buelah Belle Haggerty, of
Guffy street, atended the funercl of
her cousin, Mrs. Robinson, at Ballah .
j Chapel Tuesday.
Moved Wednesday.
.! Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Roland and
family have moved from Pleasant
Valley to the residence in State street
recently purchased of Mr. a%d rs. :
Joseph R. Cade.
Visiting Relatives Here.
H. V. Rich, of Washington. D. C.. |
is the guest of his nephews -and nicccs <
in the city, namely, James Morris and |
sisters, in Morgantown avenue. Harry
Morris, on Hickman, Run, and Mrs.
John I. Frum, in State street.
srapingl YooRsex.r \r*L. ,
t'jf* ' '
m Sll^ill l n
| Denzil Hayhurst, of Guffy street,
is very ill.of pneumonia fever.
Mrs. Charles Jones, of State street,
is ill. Her grandson. Master James
White, of Morgantown, is also ill at
the Jones home of influenza.
Miss Delia SatterfleM. who has
been ill of pleurisy, is much better.
Miss Caroline Cumpston. of Mt.
i Vernon avenue. Is home form a few
days' stay at Pittsburgh.
Charles Saterfield is ill at the home
of . his mother, Mrs. Andrew Satterfieid.
in Lincoln street.
I Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Kuzum and
l children have returned to their horn t
i here after spending a week with Mrs. '
Nuzum's brother at Buckhannon and
Lorentz, W. Va.
Home Baked Pies and Pastries.
Boyers Restaurant. ' Aavt.
' i (BY CC
'| j
i/UHcre; e<
OP TH? n
r <jett?=r.s * and throw /
, BORMet> our OK2AR. STUM
BCFORC A '^AfKl 111 ^ f
?r f ?t iF I
^ pi jV
Apparel ir
The Earlier the Sel
America's Answer
To The Hon?
Hie Answer of America is
Ifs Men?
A MOwrnw AmawM 1C
It's Women?
It's Red Cross?
The Answer of America is
It's Industries?
The Answer of America is
It's Resources?
The Answer of America is
The Answer of America is
All men are created
equal that they are endowed
by their Creator with
certain inalienable rights,
among which are life, liberty
and the pursut of
happiness." We shall carry
on until this eternal
Principle of justice and
right shall be established
throughout the world. We
have weighed the cost; we
are prepared for the sacrifice
; we have put our
hands to the plow!
W 1 1 J. X ?.1
We COUia noi, turn uacb
if we would and by the
Eternal God, we would not
if we could*"
That Is America's Answer?
Crush The Hun!
On to Berlin!
Over The Top?With
Fourth Liberty Loan!
True Values
J. B. Swisher of Kansas City Mo.
who had been visiting relatives In
this section for several weeks was
the-^onor guest Sunday at a farewell
party at the home of Mrs. J. X. Swisher
at Catawba, the guests included
relatives and intimate friends. Mr.
Swisher has four sons in the U. S.
service, two with the Navy, ane in
France and one in acontonement. A
chicken dinner was served during the
day to the following guests: Mrs.
Ada Powell and son Willie of Hopewell
; Frenc'j Swisher of Ballah ChapGuy
Swisher, wife and two children
of Fairont; Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Radcliff
and two children of Fairmont:
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Barker. Paul Barker,
and Nile Clark of Shinnston;
Hyson Swisher and wife.
Mr. and Mrs. H. . Smith arrived
home today fro Tuscaloosa, Alabama
where they attended the funeral of j
McLester Snow whose death occured
in Boston from influenza. En route j
home they spent a day in Louisville!
Kv. with the latter's brother John j
Gould and family.
LACK 9* <?o? ||
cvetv VoteK. j
^ * I CM To YOUR?
>THy WUt.
ection, the Greater Your Satisfaction!
Good News for Those Who
to Spend $10 or LessflH
^gEBm For a Hat I
A^great many women feel that!
a, yP\ $10 ought to buy a very good hat 1
p<ZcLZ' And K Does?At This Store*!
^ We have specialized tbia sea-1
jf -? son on hats at this price andbe|l
r O" low, and the display of them is |
{ ^ broad enough to satisfy every^
taste and requirement.
Goods, purchased when in the market last week f
are arriving daily?and the newest feature in ftu^|?
trimmed hats are shown. Every maker of oar Patr l
tern Hats has co-operated with us in offering a $10. J
hat that is the Best Value to be found anywhere! f|
Lovely Fall Dresses and Wm
Plenty of Styles for
MA You'll fall in love with these dresses 1
at first sight and Their Attractive
n cesVill make it easy for you to acquire^!
0|jw one of them. A chain of fortunate cxprSg
cumstances is responsible for tfceee||
4HII1I9 realIy unusual values in new Fall and^i
JJir This is Your chance to secure a love^||
ly and becoming dress for less thanTyottv^^^
' - - - . - . a.' A ,
And there is an artistic simplicity aoout mem .jasMu
that will surely win your admiration.? y^ialH
$7.25 to $48.50 Whatever Price Ton. Pay Brings J
You an Excellent Value?as Comparison wiB prove
Courtneys' ios-uo M?in st. | ^
make a shoe purchase, these days.
We've the Business Man's Conservative Shoes, j
and we've shoes for the Young Man wanting a very 1
Smart Swagger Model. Black or the new Fall cot Bg I
oring in Tan leathers.
Priced from $3.00 to $9.00
Boys' and Girls' School Shoes, $L50 to $440 M
I" 1
Fourth Liberty Loan Club /jljH
We offer the popular easy payment plan to bdy>^^B
a Fourth Liberty Loan Bond. ||^HH
$LOQ down, $jlw a weex xor w w??o vujo
$2.00 down, $2.00 a week for"50 weeks buys a gj
It makes it possible for any one with moderate
income to own a'Fourth Liberty Bond. : ||?9
The boys "over there" are fighting our battfaall
Let's supply the dollars.
It is your patriotic duty.
Call on us for further information. 1 sB|
The Peoples National Bank I
jgr.;W| Vmf. lfTgj?3?y :-> ^'ffSiS
rXg' BONPgysytT

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