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H i n jk /vno
Li /i i --.
~8y'''-fcjL m b v^w
fc '
{Gepmfg^l92& by the McClure
^biBE laying eye of youth Is ever
H| eager lor adventure. Romance
tarjm-luat around the next cor er
sna the man or gbi of dreams is
Hrer a potential possibility, for in the j
^Hres of yopth. no dream, no matter hour I
Espossihle; : "You never can tell" Isi
Hie sloganofyouth?"you never can j
*"You never can teO." thought SumHter
Lane as she trfpped lightly along
^Hv*rd.h?&job at the library. "SomeHipg
might happen today?you never
^ki:U&Ur-. And she hummed a snatch
song as she started on her regular
Kuthta. But her hmch hour came and
Hothing had happened. At 5 o'clock
^Hh? started home and nothing had hapHened.
JShe entered her little apartHtent
and found Alice Martin, a pretty
^School teacher with whom she lived,
^khaady- th^re?and still nothing had
HrfppenedLi and then the telephone
^Emg and indifferently Summer leaned
Hevraxd 'fc:t{om where she sat on the
"Is this Miss Lane, Miss Summer |
Huoe?1 ashed a man's strange but
K;~ "Yes," said Summer, "this Is Sum^mner
Lsuc" And her eyes opened very
i wl am Lawrence Gaidner, from Chl-'
Hcago, m old friend of Elsie Turner's |
^Hbfco was a school Mend of yours, I be- j
Hleve. She told me to be sure to look |
Hrou up 'whSe I was in town and so I
B^samer swallowed three distinct
Hour very rapid separate times before
Hdhc could reply. "And now that you've,
H^phoned?are you coming up to see
she invited.
H:. >rd love to.' he said genially, "but
what about the theatre or somewhere
Ktonightf Is there an yparticular show
yon'd i]ke to see? There're all new to
Bate, yon know."
"rve been wanting to go to "The
Byes ot Yhuth*." said Summer breath
44 *^ric Exes of Youth*-it is then," he
H&ingbed, "and if I call about 7:30 win
that be ?U right?"
Mfv"Sp!endid?had HI be ready."" sang
Mftiiomer joyously, "and I'm just so
glad you called. Mr. Gardner, you don't
fcotv how glad. It was terribly nice
K'Elcic to send you."
Sit j\?ppeoed to be Alice's nice for dothe^ishes,
and When she came into
fcir'bedroom after her task was done
gnnataax. Summer! You're all
nn inr? a. horse. I never saw
Bcti ;Jook so ravitiiinur and?so?so
[Sw'fljB'i?*. yoa brigM?eyed~ tftirrg! Who
U&5this Gardner person, anyway?**
But Summer only laughed gayly and
tjwCriod about on her toes. Just then
tfe* bc'i rung and she danced toward
Hit' oneiric button to let the ringer
E-yd then skilled to the door to adB?Jt
Lawrence Gardner.
^KrFcr a loss moment Adventure claspBed'
the hand of Romance, and each
Btenhcd deep Into the eyes of the other.
Bstcmance so shyly eager and radiant^Bf;1oveiy>?and
Adventure so well
Bgrocrr.ed and' stalwart, with smiling.
ijsKrxical eyes and genial, friendly
H'And^ few moments liter they deHceaded
- the stairs and were whirled
Bap&^r in a taxi, and when they had re
turned -after the show he left her at
thedoor regretfully.
: **Ithasbc3n a perfectly wonderful!
evening," said Summer. *'and it was
yu?>*. dear of Elsie to tell yon about
rshajl I see yon again tomorrow?"
he attod: eagerly.
T^u?Jou never can tell," she anH
swsrrd demurely and vanished withA-short
time later she related .to
dllce the events of the evening. "And
Hkali so attentive and thoughtful and
joHy ln a quiet sort of way! I Just
Bhad > beautiful time," she chattered.
iltm nt no in-her bed and eyed
KStnomer suspiciously. "Summer Latae.
Hm ycu (pins to tall in love with that
tGalndner person?" she demanded stern
With brilliant eyes aad flushing
cheeks Summer reached up to turn
f o?tt the light. then turned and groped
to Trerbed. and as she pulled the cov Tjee'Cup
to her chin she chuckled a litI
tie in the darkness there. "Ton nevI
er cmjWl, Alice, old dear?yon never
I A' week passed?two weeka?end
each day Lawrence Gardner either
Remade it a point to see Sunnner Lane or
Eta 'telephone her?usually he saw her.
t^Three weeks passed?and a month?
I and stfll be lingered In New York!
I Until one-morning at his hotel he reI'
n -nirht, letter from lather
I that made him gin Just a bit. hut as
I nanal that afternoon he "happened' to
I meet summer at the library and stroll"Xet"*hare
a nice little home party
I mer. Apdao the ydid. He helped set .
I the table and ran out to the last minI
nte to-met Sea cream for the dessert.
I And after the dishes ^were done^he
r aad SastBer sat side by-side on the
L eoech while Gardner smoked his pipe
^ ^oaaBir" be said, after a long InBMl
Hl, "i ie cot a confession to make."
Mfh. reached- over and drew the tele[
phone book toward him. opening it at
the "Tan?* She sat on one foot and
K leanedfltoee to him watching carious
f IT mm hi* Oarer sua flown tne column
share5 theirs ^s"?-and he
ao, "that'same o fyours interested me
r ?
A Signal From Shore and t Kno
The men -who were replacing the
broken lerel gauge finally announced
their success to Bremer, and soon alter
the motors stopped buzzing. Evidently
the XJ-boat bad found a safe
hole where It would lurk all day like
some wild beast which stalks its prey
only at dawn and dusk.
Doubtless fishing fleets would tack
I above onr heads, and coal barges
I would sail over us, and. nervous coast-1
wise schooners would pass and never I
! notice us at all, and the small fry of j
the sea would scoot around us aim-,
less and unsuspicious.
"It is unthinkable," I said to my- j
self, "that I should chance to be walled ;
i away from liberty by a few feet of j
i blue water. But so is the wpr un
thinkable. My finite mind cannot I
grasp it," went on myself to myself, i
"but I can grasp the steps by which ;
the war will be won?
"The individual acrifices of unimportant
people just like me will win
I remembered the transport 1 had
aved. "Greater love bath no man ;
1 -* ? ~ Ufa. !
I LIlcLU U2Mf luai a uiau laj uwnu u?o I
for his friends." And after that 11
quietly waited for the end. -? j
| Bremer remained in command most |
| of the day overseeing minor repairs, j
I The captain appeared at intervals, j
! very wretched, and very ugly to deal j
with. He had lost an interest in every I
I Joy of life?and I was truly grateful. [
and making it uncomfortable for me.
, I just?didn't want to go on any longer
under false colors, so to speak, so
II had to tell you."
Summer pulled the telephone book
ont of his hand and hugged it up to
her breast, at the same time rolling
him an accusing look out of the corner
of her dancing eye. Then she
hunched np her shoulders and laughed
"Silly," she giggled. "Don't you suppose
I kne ywou didn't know me from
Adam, nor any Elsie Turner person,
either? Why, I never even heard of
her myself!"
"What?" Lawrence Gardner's pipe
fell out of his mouth and he sat up
eagerly. "Ton were pretending, too?"
But Summer would not look at him
and only nodded with downcast eyes.
So Gardner drew from his pocket the
telegram he had received from his
father that morning and she read it
with flushing cheeks.
"What in Sam Hill's keeping yon so ;'
Ions In Jfew York- Yoa ought to have '
finished there ten days ago. I'm bur- j
led to my-eyes In work here, so tor ]
heaven's sake marry the"* girl?and J
come home.
"Yours. DAD." !1
The telegram fluttered to the floor (
and Summer started to rise, but Gard- j
ner reached up and dragged her down j
beside him.
"Dad's a wise old bov," he said, with '
his cheek against hers; "will you mar-:
ry me. Summer?"
And Summer snuggled a bit, as she
murmured. "You never can tell. Larry,
dear. Something like that's liable to
happen most any day, now." ? J
J. ' l|
Evening Chat ji
Two girls in the city were invited j:
to the Fairmont Hotel last night for j;
dinner oy two very nice young men? ,
or they -were very nice until the last
minute. Did you ever watch a girl
get ready for a dinner, a dance or a ,
party. She will go to her room about .
six-thirty, and there begins an elab- .
orate program. First comes the lay
ing out of the best clothes. Then .
comes the bath, the hair dressing, the
face attention, consisting of a regular massage
and a good powdering; and ,
Jast but not least, comes the donning ,
of those garments which my lady .
considers fit to adorn her dainty self.
This process of dressing for an even- ,
lag's entertainment; and let me say. ,
there is usually someone of the mas- ]
culine sex to be on hand to appreciate ,
these self attentions, is a process requiring
much consideration and ,
thought; but a process which well ,
repays the maid of particular dainti- ness.
Last evening two of onr city girls 1
planned Joyously for the gay dinner
at the hotel, but Just as they waited 1
for their escorts to call for them, ac- <
companied by their chaperon, a. very ]
charming young matron?Just the 1
kind young people like to have along;
a telephone message was received i
which postponed the dinner indefinite- i
ly- Have you ever gone through a 1
a at ii?i tf\\
>1 / ' a
m / JIM
> * ... ': \ -'. . ' '
1*3 Or4???J 1
nJBa by ill? Newspaper^
Enterprise ftifi*?? (
w We're Near the Mansion House. J'
Hours passed before the purr of the i j
motors brought me out of a maze of j <
futile meditation. Probably the sum {
was going down. Since the last sun-1j
set when I had whirled gayly down ] i
the causeway in a wild barefoot dance. I?
I had lived as long as all the other!
years or my life together. 1
o+ *Vin narienAna avroq I t
OlCUlVif Ul> MV |/V? ikfW|TV| j
glimpse of the upper world. As sooa t
as be bad surveyed the horizon, be i
sent for the captain.? ? <
"A flight of small kites, sir," be ex- <
plained. "And I think a power boat, j
also." / 1
"A signal?'immediate communica- i
tion imperative,'" interpreted the com- <
mander at the periscope's eye-piece. <
"Keep the periscope raised. Nothing
but two fishermen around and they
arc scurrying for supper. Get into ?
the range where the telescope in the i
cupola can pick us up!" j
The man roust be speaking of the i
cupola on the "Mansion." Why, I c
thought the big lens up there belonged i
to a searchlight which had been pnt j
out of use by government" order! ]
What a tale I would have for Tony! (
A spy concealed on his premises!
"Yes"?I stopped to take my bear- i
ings on my life-and-death course?
"Tes, but Tony Certeis will have to t
die in order to hear my story. When i
he and I meet again, it will be in a c
world where human love and hate and j
folly have lost their meaning!" t
like experience? Then you'll under- ,
stand. Whether old or young, you can ~
go back to a similiar experience and
know Just how these girls felt. J
? a
Speaking of furnitnre. ar.d I know ?
quite an interesting furniture story ]
about a bride who was most anxious {
to select her own; but who found in- i
stead, a whole house full thrust upon s
her by a loving, unsuspecting young t
hU3band. who thought only to surprise ?
and please her,?how olten do we real-: _
ly mean it when we say: "Ch. I wish j I
could get arid of all I have and I
start over again?I used to like it but I
I have changed in tastes!" I know
of no more keenly discussed household
question than that of the proper
furniture to bay. I think sureiy furniture
dealers could tell some thor- j
oughly amusing stories on this sub- F
Ject; "for brides and grooms as a rule j
buy much that docs not harmonize in
i C
The Troubles Women Have; t
' i \
By L. MAC LEAN. M. D. 3
Probably no man in America was , n
ever better qualified to successfully j 3
treat the diseases peculiar to women ; c
than Dr. Pierce, of Buffalo. N. Y. The J *
cases that come to him run into many |
thousands, giving hiia^an experience ; 1
that rarely comes to 2ny one man. Dr. ;
Pierce found that in nearly every case | J
there were certain vegetable growths . h
which rarely failed to give prompt re- j ?
iicf In those feminine disorders from j *
which so many women suffer. He . c
combined these roots and herbs into !
a temperance medicine that he called J
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription, for 1
that is precisely what it was. This f
medicine is sold in both liquid and ?
tablet form by druggists everywhere. 9
Favorite Prescription is a distinct rem- s
edy for women and acts directly upon e
the organs that characterize the sex. ?
it is not necessary to take a long d
course of treatment with this stand- d
ard medicine. A weakly, sickly, back- Q
ichy. headachy, nervous, despondent s
woman, with regular or irregular pains P
?with feminine disorders that come
in youth or middle age?is pretty sure 11
to find in Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre- e
scription the exact remedy that her
condition calls for, and to find it after '
a very few doses are taken. Why
women should allow themselves to J
stay sick when a very little money u
spent for this remedy will probably
-o ol-o t>w?m troll is cnmpthinr r?n nnp d
;an explain. r
All women who suffer from feminine ! r,
disorders are invited to write the Fac-1 ?
?Ity of the Invalids' Hotel. Buffalo. N. *
If., for free confidential consultation ^
md advice, no charge being made for Lhis
high professional service. This _
will enable every woman to benefit
ly the advice of the distinguished
:orps of physicians which Dr. Pierce
lias gathered about him in his celebrated
Buffalo institution.
When constipation is present with ,
feminine disorders. Dr. Pierce's Pleas- j
int Pellets should be taken along with j
favorite Prescription. Try them now! j
ii * irT~n^!
rs op em up I r; A ?//,
we OP THESE 11 \=LL "CA
LirrxE Aia M * V\
us house-I li4A
KE rRESH Alpy l|^\A
?' p"
VV I ) nrl ftll
ater years, and just because of pleasmt
memories, they cling to this odd.
sometimes unique furniture forever.
I heard an older woman say recenty:
"I know I don't have pretty furniture,
but we bought it when we
were young ("We" meaning herself
ind husband, long dead) and I could
iot part with it now!'' How true it
it is that furniture, like everything
rise which becomes valuable through
Amnror wMl WMT
jecause of lives which have been livid,
whether joyously or sadly, around
t. The chair which grandfather used,
?n never grow unlovely. The table.
however battered and brown, can
jever grow ugly because everyone of
Lhe children, now grown and gone,
at around it time without number!
And so it is with every piece of:
"urniture we buy. When it first comes
nto the house, we feel great admiraion
for it; but never again in the fobowing
years do we have the same
jpinion regarding it. However out>f
style or worn.-ft becomes at last
i worthy possession, and all that we
lave to do in order to bring back a
tost of memories is to sit with closed
yes nearby, and the years live themslves
over again before us.
"Mother." said a small girl today
'I ust ache all over and my bead
mrts and I believe I'm-goin" to have
l cold!" This was what the hard,
infeehng mother replied: "Too bad,
!aughter?I had planned on your gong
on one of those out-of-door fire
jlcnics tomorrow!" The small girt
ooked disappointed and soon bright;ned
np?"Maybe I won't get the cold
?I 'spect my head will be all right
n the morning." she said jauntily.
"Now, whatever made you sp?ak
hat way about it." said a neighbor
rho was spending the evening?"the
:hild might very easily be sick?with
ill this influenza about?she might be |
aking it!"
"Perhaps?but I always take a long
:hance wnen my smau aa.ugui.er nu
ymptoms; since she was five she dere
lops them quite regularly. I used to
>ut her to bed and worry a great
leal. Often I called the doctor. Many
i time I have really thought
ihe was ill; hut in the years since
have learned that my manner of
lealing with her possible symptoms is
>est. She has a very lively imaglnition
and you may think it very odd.!
>ut she is a cild that one dares not;
ympathasize with when she becomes J
lun Down and Lungs Hurt?Stayed
Home and Gained 22 Pounds.
"In Novenlber, 1911. I had a severe !
old and la grippe.'whlch left me with j
. bad cough. My lungs and shoulder I
?lades hurt so I couldn't sleep and I j
laaliy had to give up my job as street j
ar motorman. My physician told me >
o change climate. In April. 1912. I j
icgan taking Milks Emulsion. On j
he seccnd bottle 1 could see a change,
ly appetite was better and I com- j
r.enced to gain strength and weight.'
low (August 23.1912; I have used 23 !
ottles. have increased 22 pounds in i
reight. and believe I am permanent- j
s- cured."?W. F. Bourland. Route 5. J
Volf City, Texas.
Mr. Bourland was fortunate In com- j
aencing to use Milks Emulsion while j
lis case was in an incipient form, i
Iren in many advanced cases. Milks !
Imulsion has wrought wonders. It!
osts nothing to try?it is guaranteed.'
Milks Emulsion is a pleasant, nutri- i
ive food and a corrective medicine, j
t restores healthy, natural bowel ac- j
Ion, doing away with all need of pills I
nd physics. It promotes appetite and
uickly puts the digestive organs in |
hape to assimilate food. As a buildr
of flesh and strength. Milks Emulion
is strongly recommended to runown,
nervous people, and" it has prouced
amazing results in many cases
f tuberculosis of the lungs. Chronic
tomach trouble* and constipation are
romptly relieved?usually in one day. I
This is the only solid emulsion
lade. and so palatable that it is eatn
with a spoon like ice cream. A truf
wonderful medicine for weak, sickr
No matter how severe your case, j
ou are urged to try Milks Emulsion !
nder this guarantee?Take six bot- j
les home with you, use it according to !
irections and if not satisfied with the i
esults. your money will be promptly
efunded. Price 60c and $1.20 per botia
Thn Mllira Mmnlsion Co.. Tcrre
faute. Ind.' Sold and guaranteed by i
V. R. Crane Drug Co. - i
Sweet Milk and Cream- j
ery Butter
For Sale, Wholesale and Retail.
Imperial Ice Cream Co.
OH BCH3! MORE.4ffi
jHjj/l MOST OF OS Lp
2ff|< To UKft To ce tkxuhi m
varro wiiwe *** A [_
possessed with ailments. J rememh
her father had to learn this by a
teal experience. He laagbs aboot
yet. One day she come home fro
school very bine and dovnhearti
and' soon she was lying on the cow
seemingly overcome with a seve
illness of some sort- I put her
bed?talked to her' mnch as I halust
talked to her?and went aha
zay work. When her father can
home he went np to see her and can
down mnch upset. "She's pretty sic
he said?*Tm going to send for tl
The doctor came?left medicin
hat seemed unable to say what wi
wrong. To make a long story shot
she lay in bed all the next day. an
the more worried her father bec&m
the sicker seemed my young daughte
After he had gone to work that da;
I went into the room and sat dow
on the bed beside my child. I tol
her a number of pleasant, happy sto
les and finally asked her how sh
would like to dress and go into th
city with me to see a children's pla
i which was being staged there. Bt
face grew happy with sonny smile
1 and it was not more than an hoar b<
fore she sang Joyously about be
dressing. v
k "Strange child." you remsrk?~n<
at all! Just one of many Mfk ne:
toss organisms. Children of th:
stamp need special care in the mm
ner of dealing with them. Very ofte
something goes wrong at school as
they come home upset. Soon at
manner of symptoms seem prevalen
TVm*t take them seriously?or yo
[ may Really have a sick child; bt
instead, chase the seeming shade*
I away with smiles and skeptics
Home Baked Pies and Pastrle:
Boyers Restaurant. Adr
^ Sick Jg
; Women s
Cardui, the woman's H
j tonic, helped Mrs- Wil- |E
4 Cam Eversole, of Hazel V
t * Patch, Ky. Read what
*1 i she writes:- "I fasd a I
jjjf flS general breaking-down Ij
of my health. 1 was in
Sg^a bed for weeks, unable to jSe
r?9 get op. I had such 8 |
Sa weakness and rii77tne*s, Pfl
|WM ... and the pains were mj?
fcfi very severe. A friend JR2
9% told me I had tried every(bJH
Bring else, why not 5/1
.^>3 Cardni?... I did, and I
soon saw it was helpirig Sm
K jk me... After 12 bottles, M3
-y a I am strong and wefl. mM
^ TAKE ?
m m nmu
The Woman's Teak
jam Do you fed weak, n
#H zy, worn-out? Is yonr jn\?
K hctof^oodhcilftcsiMd
plaints so common to gyp
|J|f8 women? Tbeawfayaot
gjjli give Casdai a trial? It Hag
should surely do for you 4rjj|
*?-11 what it has dane for so By
many thousands of other *1SJ$
^ women wbostiBered?it Hj|
N - should help yo? back to fer*
Ask some lady friend
who has taken CardnL |??|
She win tell yon bow it Kg||
helped bee. TryCardni.
y AM Draggnb ffi
v H^W<J
I: New
i jus
I Beau
I j from
" uuy oag
j Liberty Wal
\ Loan Kt .
? . , Not j
a Bonds Kous?
ens, c
- The ]
I Gage
| Sailoi
j Have you
I ? v
j'j Far Burning Eczema
Greasy salves sod ointments should not
be applied if good clear skin is wanted
[From any druggist for 35c, or $UX> roa
extra large size, get a bottle of zemo
When applied as directed it effective!;
removes eczema, qmcklyatqps itching; aw
heals skin troubles, also sores, bums
i womiisapQcnanfln.n.v.. ? ? ,
I and soothes. Zexno Is a dean, dependabL
5 and inexpensive; penetrating; antisqrti
3 liquid. Try it; as we beUeve-nothing yoi
5 have ever used is as effective and satisfying
rj% The E. W.Rose Co* Cleveland* Q?
i =
1 pATARRH g*
II For bead or throat j??f/
Catarrh try the IgBk
vapor treatment?
i fesl
I HEW PRICES?30c 60e> $1.2Q
J not
II Visitors are not desi
No. 3 and excepting in ti
tives will not be admitted
Seasonable exception
I in the case of friends of
I jured.
I ,
I j Nearest relatives wil
j hours of two and four ir
I J -J.T
'ill otiier time.
i ;
X This action is taken
' fcerest of the patients dur
epidemic illness.
jt dkT :3pJ| |Sj
1 "My wife had what the dosfcusjcall ?
g catarrh of the stomach fnT'lMwjBBgW
s Had to diet carefully and suffered
I much. She has now taken one bottI*3|
I of Adler-i-ka and feels perfec Llj liijlltjl
r (Signed) B .F. Parker. Brock; Texas.
Adler-i-ka expels ALT, gas and sonr^ v
ness. stopping stomacn <usbh> """SOB
and lower bowel, flashing
: alimentary canal. Removes ALL foplm
matter which poisons-system. Often
CURES constipation. Frer?atac0njgj^^H^H
pendicitis. We have sold AdlerTfca
many years . It is a mixture of tac'.:thorn.
cascara, glycerine and nine oth?8SBg^^B
er simple drags. Martin's drug stor*?8j
te case of th^ nearest IjjsEH
is to tms rule win oe maae m
the very serious ill- or iitf/j
1 be admitted between the I
l the afternoon, and at no j
* - to
safe-guard the best ray
ing this period of unusuaT;;28|^^H
t 'v*
>1IV1A, OpElJ t>p M
?owe woee OF \MM ~ ~ %
ffiSB HWDOHS- y.Tffi- M
IhsKEEDS MOM 1 - J^llS
I. , ab! " I, .J^sg
W I ___ I - ??-VS2
J ->
I1*- > v
I 'tt ^."J
17%-" /| ?
l/jft m U-f B. tPSBB
* R?! ^'V3KB
'Y ">>ggTO
^ TT^TT ii, hipiQ-'-- :H
mp HKsrS ^
K^fl B^I
jr I

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