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I* toT
- not
' I1 MI??taW? -J?M/ / w~? ? ??
m ^ I ajx"1 II ???,<Ej8?: thra* mwtln J1-5C: one month. 60c.
1 . ST CARRIER?(In Ftlnnont) One year, 17.00; atx
BmrnMl:. on* nonrh. 60c: one week. 16c. Per copv ]
Iff'f-ir* tprtv.u?*f*i*mtAT of TOrmont.) One month. 71c; J
Hfopg-Ws * , lie. By carrier Three Cento.
?:s8W' Attsubscriptions payable in advance .
aatrftw: for chance In address giro old as well as
/Entered at the Postofflce at Fairmont. West Virginia, as
I:" Subscribers on oar carrier routes falling to get The West
Virginian any evening should can "WESTERN' UNION."
Ifiatsfe the fact and give name and residence and a messenger
RMfldeByar a paper to your door at once. There Is no
-V',' L*
jjf- believe in the Untied Stales of America as a governy&irieut]-of
the people, by the people, for the people, whose
Bgglp Tpztl powers are derived from the consent of the governed;
'^S&Iemocracy in a republic, a sovereign Nation of many
sovereign States; a perfect Union. one and inseparable,
.established upon those principles of freedom, tquality. justSr&e.
and*humanity for which American patriots sacrificed
?S?e?r fives and fortunes. I therefore believe it is my duty ;
^^<toury country to love it; to support its Constitution; to obey '
f'i^j&.laws; to respect its flag; and to defend it against all ,
I HE great war has already claimed more than 40.000
5? American' soldiers as casualties. The list will con- ,
island has lost more than 900.000 troops in killed
ne- The German loss in killed has been more than
00,000. The French losses have been almost as great.
Statisticians who have made a study of v.-nr casualties
Jare that in killed alone the casualties of all nations,
ijafc.-Serbs.- Rumanians. Turks. Austrians. Bulgars
EjHSg3?fcsd those before mentioned, have been more than 10,000,I;
The majority of these men were young. They were the
icn who-would have tilled the fields, worked in the shops ;
sd jstijed the families of tomorrow.
They were the promise;, unfulfilled by the mad dream
Ten millions lives cut eff at the time when they were
yadesring into usefulness to civilization. Civilization is
syirfg die price and must continue to pay.
'But this orgy of bloodshed, cf murder ar.d rapine must
sver be repeated. It is you who must see that it is not
Buyliberty bonds. If you have bought, buy more. i
Y7 HAT our esteemed fellow West Virginian. Newton
'* Baker, in a careless moment said about the war
ing 3.500 miles away applies with equal force to the
?tical situation over there and what seems to us in the
dtFbld U. S. A.. to borrow a little of George Cohan's
* "- '1- - '' k.kl.. k?.
IlOly SUD1C Sliuauuu pivuawijr U?w *u* * *?
tn European journalists that a storm at
ailor from Iowa making his first cruise,
vby such tales as that from Stockholm
the kaiser had abdicated receives serious
tands of the representatives of the great
When the bottom is dropping out of
; well as figuratively, the gentlemen who
g die news of what is occurring in this
annot afford to run any risks. Almost
to happen at a time when the things that
ening are the very ones that six months
itdy impossible.
ockhohn they ought to know that there
thing in a report that said the German
Wilhelm may be dropped, but he never
that the Kaiser Is Now they say Lud<
tag must make the down- t m
Small difference t
a the devil hustle to His old war ma<
were relieved of the down all over,
a journeyman em
And even a super
put that Humpty
or this, war: again.
is only place where is, not unl
a Kiven in full was armistice.
^ entire new machine.
>'<-MiBW:<Bfwrjr time & buey private does
fe^^MSlM^tto^ewspapers print his cog- ^ they are not
1^. . Ap& some ot 'em are so long that jn the year 1917. t
^^_the committee looking after the con- statistics are avails
ggjration of white paper ought to give gave up their lives i
C^Bhe matter a flicker of attention. to win the war.
Thomas, of Colorado, a Hem- Mr. Errin Hlckse
isnie, wants to tax political contrihn- been connected wit
J ThatH cause consternation at the time for the last twc
jjSj! Watson hotel. is filling the same
aaybe not. Madison street, that
5 _;Tbat bnnch is not Interested in how Co. Mr. Hicksenba
gjlbaach it costs to nm a campaign. be one .of the best <
HS?iS&'.<. : ot the state -and he
|&gg^rcUflC care -is how to make it greet his-old friends
lySLwiil tiil ~y^^^9*fidftBU3%of&CDi toA T
alctfaril to mspife approval a the mind of a disinterested
ibserver is dieir sdcktcsthreness. Hie family has grown
Tom die station of >' frontier guard to imperial rank in
ineof the most powerful countries tone has produced with
vacbcaDy no other talent than a wonderful ability to hang
n untH the cows come borne. "Time and time again die
ibdity to do this has plucked success out of die jaws of
lefeat for die Hohenzollerns. The career of the great
Frederick was notably sprinkled with incidents of that
So. there is not much danger that William will abdiate.
The spirits of ancestors he admires so much will not
et him. But there is another and a more powerful reason.
f he abdicated now he would have to go out of die family
for a successor who would have die least chance of staying!
himself.' It was all very well for die emperor to plan to
pared out the world among his stalwart sons. He was
winning when he indulged himself in that particular dream.
But at a time like die present to attempt to hand over die
empire to the thoroughly discredited Crown Prince or any
one of die Crown Prince's all too well cared for brothers
would be merely to start something that on one but the
Almighty could stop.
NOTHING brings home more sharply the change in
the character of warfare in die past four years than
yesterday's report that 350 American airplanes took part
in one maneuver over the German lines. It is probable that
this is as many as all the airships in the great German military
establishment at the outbreak of the great war. We
know that it is seven times as many as the British had.
Bnt it is not in the mere increase in numbers that this great
air expedition stands out strongest. It is in the fact that
they are now using them in such great flocks, or fleets, or
whatever it is they call them when they are asembled together.
The term cavalry of the air is a reality at last, and in
a comparatively short time the air forces are going to make
die problems of the retreat specialists, already formidable
enough because of the unwieldy character of the socalled
mobile artillery, much greater. Airships by the hundred:
bombs by the ton; machine guns enough to supply a regiment
spitting from the air. That is what it means. To be i
chosen- for rear guard action in the German army next
summer will be tantamount to death detail. And we do
not believe the morale of the German -army, already sadly
shaken by the discovery that German strategy is not infallible,
will be able to stand up under it.
In a statement issued last night President Wilson
said that "recent events have- enhanced, not lessened .
the importance of this That is true. The tri
umphant oversubscription of this loan would have the j
same effect upon enemy morale back home in Germany
that Allied superiority in artillery and airships is having
on the German armies.
o ,
Reports of the sinking of the steamship Ticonderoga I
in which scores of American sailors and soldiers per- {
ishe<T agree that the U-boat shelled the stricken ship's.
life boats. No peace treaty which does not provide for 1
the trial and hanging of the commander of this sub-!
marine will have the approval of public opinion in this
country. A peace with punishment would put fear into
the hearts of the Germans for a century.
In a speoch made last night at the centennial of Au-!
burn Theological seminary Secretary Lansing stated the
principles that underlie the peace treaty to be stern;
justice tempered'with mercy, bat without forgetting the
frightful wrongs that have been committed against'
mankind. The fact that the American secretary of j
state frankly announces such views probably will cause ;
no end of uneasiness in German -naval and army circles ;
when they learn of it over there. The general who
ordered the destruction of Cambrai. for instance, is
quite likely to be set to wondering what will happen'
to him when the end comes.
o j
Capitol police are wiser than the ordinary author!-J
ties of the city of Washington, for instead of arresting
Woman's party members when they make demonstra- j
tlons in front of the Senate wing*of the big building!
they simply take the banners away. No martyrdom in
this. Indeed, judging by the newspaper accounts of
what has happened, about the only possible result of
such demonstrations when they are met in that way
is to make the women who indulge In them thoroughly
ridiculous. Screaming, fighting, kicking women are
not likely to inspire any one with respect for the capacity
of the sex for self government.
It Is said that Berlin statesmen told the Turks that
peace parties would spring up in all the Allied countries
upon the announcement of the Maximilian peace plan.
And what happened everywhere was a practically unan- !
imous demand ror a complete Jtnoca out. it wrmany ,
finds It hard to understand -what is the cause for this j
it'call find it in a study of the way the policy of fright- j
fulness reacted upon an astonished and horrified world. |
Even, sincere pacifists feel that there can be no peace
as long as Germany remains nncrushed.
is to put up the ??
!S, if the Thomjs
' :
indorfi has broken No Letters.
Norman Stoat, a well known young
* man from Monongah who is in France
hat would make, with a National army division tells I
* ' that he likes his work "but Is unable' to
:hine has broken get much mail.. He has been in France
almost a year and has-received only
a very few letters.
superman can not Dumpty
together . Bacfl From Funeral.
. Charles Leiving returned yesterday
from Lotart. W. "Va^ where he has
ess they get an ^ attending the funeral of his fath.
er, Henry Leiving.
?y would build an
No Meetings.
" ? . .v The local chapter of Red Cross has
going to get the postponed its regular meetings until
after the influenza quarantine is oft.
7 ' ~~~ , . Officers were supposed to have been
r,e . elected Wednesday evening but the
2.696 miners meeting was not held and no officers
while digging coal elected.
nbangh, who has Personals
th the Anderson Mrs- Earl Wise of Fairmont was in
Fairmont and Monongah yesterday. ?
.... . .1 Miss Ruth Kiem and Havinha Wat
^yearaand"today kins 'was In 'Fairmont yesterday evencapacity
as chef tngB
Restaurant. 223 Mrs. Bafhrldge of Fairmont was* In
: he >??? formerly Monongah yesterday,
rson Restaurant -Miss Hamilton, of Fairmont was
ugh Is known to among the out of town callers in Monehets
In part' ongrnh yesterday.
'gat'-- ' - i
CHARLESTON". Oct. 11.?Governor
ponrwell has issued the toiowing appeal
to the public:
October 12th. Liberty Day, has been
set apart as the suitable one tor the;
big: drive for bond subscriptions to the
rourtn uofcziy
parades were planned and meetings I
arranged. The plans are disarranged
by the epidemic of influenza sweeping
the country. It is unquestionably tree
that public interest has adapted somewhat
by peace talk, abated we fear,
in accordance with the pro-conceived
German plan, for Germany's sincerity
is yet to be proven.
If we stop fighting or working to
talk peace we. are lost. Our enemy is
unqeustionably staggering, bat the
knockout blew may be a considerable j
distance in the future. It never can :
be delivered if we take off oar fighting ;
gloves and begin a discussion of Ger-;
manyq's suggestion among ourselves. i
This bond campaign is the supreme |
test. Coming coincident with wide-i
spread illness and many deaths among 1
our soldiers in camps as well as among i
our people at home, the Morale of
the people will be put to the test. Our j
fidelity to the cause for which our j
men are fighting and our loyalty to
them, are on trial. j j
The Fourth Liberty Loan must be r. ;
succe33. Parades and meetings would
have helped on Liberty Day if every I
man and woman who intended to par- i
ticipate in those parades and meetings !
will constitute themselves as personal
solicitors and devote the same thus :
and energy to procuring subscriptions !
a3 they would have devoted to the j
work on Liberty Day. West Virginia's ,
quota will be raised.
' Remember! The fighting-'has not !
stopped. Remember! If we stop work-!
lug or fail to furnish the money it will ;
stop?stop by the inability of our men 1
to carry it on. lie must work and
continue to work for the Loan, r.o
matter what befalls us. or failure and
defeat will be our portion.
I Editoriol Comment
I on Current Subjects !
t >
From the Clarksburg Telegram.
A most reprehensible campaign
trick is being employed by Democratic
state headquarters at Fairmont
to drag the Grand Army of the
Republic into the miro of Democratic
politics and to use it to further the
persona; pr.litica! arnbiiiens of Clar-.
ence W Watson. A circular letter.
purporting to be signed l>y a former ! _
adjutant general of the West Vir- ginia
! trail a Army cf the Republic, a
is being sent b*-?adcast throagh the 1;
mails 10 members of the organiza- g
tion rkv ughout the state in which t
they ari urged to vote to- Watson on a
the groui d that during iho brief time ii
he warmed a sea io the Krucd States 1 v
Senate he treated "our comrades'* in | 1
pension ar.d other matters with an r
overwhelming generosity and r.olici- v
tude. which, fcy the way. is a joke of p
the first water. s
Nq doubt the aged member of i;
the organisation whose name is thus 0
beirt used to further the Watson ti
ambitions was nqt aware that it was '
to be used in the tricky and deceptive t
manner in which it is being used: t
and there is absolu'ely no doubt that t
the Grand Army of the Republic as c
an organization, local and stafe-wldi, I ii
will vigorously repudiate and con "Is
dnmn this effort to drag it into pri v
reputation for political advertizing
rate politics and use its name and I
purposes. The Grand Army of the t
Republic, as all know, is solely a pa- o
triotic organization and strictly njn- 1
The circular^ letter, while In real*
- * A M ~ t *11 T? /?? -j! trt T
ity sl letter lrum an **. *** .. w j >
i THAT ',5 A &R.V?HT GJuejJT
i 11* X. Kwew iwHeRO X. c?:
> X Suppose, x (wooer* c
j Hunting. eysftrtoHcgs
JUST TO KoaP jnr blooo
I gtR.cui/nriM<? "1 x
The Selectic
Apparel i]
The Earlier the Se
America's Answer
To The Hun?
? < A ? Z~.
i'fte Answer 01 America is>
It's Men?
The Answer of America is
It's Women?
If s Red Cross?
The Answer of America is
It's Industries?
The Answer of America is
It's Resources?
The Answer of America is
<. The Answer of America is
All men are created
. equal that they are endow?
ed by their Creator with
certain inalienable rights,
among which are life, liberty
and the pursut o 1
happiness." We shall carry
on until this eternal
Principle of justice and
right shall be established
throughout the world. We
have weighed the cost; we
are prepared for the sacrifice
; we have put our
hands to the plow!
We could not turn back
if we would and by the
Eternal God, we would not
if we could!
That Is America's Ans*
VV CI ? . .
Crush The Hun!
On to Berlin!
Over The Top?With
Fourth Liberty Loan!
True Values
Mother, has been worded so cleverv
by the campaign managers as to
;ire the inference that it is from
be Grand Army of the Republic as
n organization. Although the letter
i signed by the individual's name
.-ith careful regard to the fact that
le was a member of a certain cav.il7
regiment in the Civil War. it is
rritt'.-n throughout in the Grst person
ilural. "We take this means," It
tarts out, -i prying to you what is
a our hearts to aid the candidacy
t Colonel Clarence W. Watsoa." And
hrouscout the letter such phrases as
'we gratefully recall." "we know
hat." "by serving us," "so we appeal
o you." are used. The biggest joke or j
he whole letter, however, is that coneale
in a' brazen appeal "to join ]
a this non-political movement" to ;
end Watson to the Senate by "our"
otes and influence.
All posts of the Grand Army of the
tepublic throughout the state ought
o place the stamp of disapproval upn
this shameful abuse of Its good
Home Baked Pies and Pastrier
Jcyers Restaurant. Advt.
~ \ T><T> you '
Lo5 |
ion! \
lection, the Greater Y
Good News for Th
to Spc
^^?r" ^ ha
jf* , > * son on hj
f ^ low, and
* /*Vr broad er
V taste and
Goods, purchased when i
are arriving daily?and the
trimmed hats are shown. E
tern Hats has co-oDerated w
hat that is the Best Value to
Lovely F
SjJU You'll faU in
WjMl at first sight a:
] h IM ces make i'
Aijjffl one of them. 1
MfM llM cumstances is
jE||||JIia really unusual
vffisvJsEi early Winter d
j0/L This is Your
ly and becominj
\np expected to paj
And there is an artistic
that will surely win your admi
$7.25 to $48.50 Whatever
You an Excellent Value?as
"Keep th<
Fires Bu
It's on their lips as they are 1
But it's in their hearts thro
waiting and the weary days c
Make your subscription to tli
It will help show the boys tl
home fires burning, and bur
Our Popular Ins
$1.00 down, $1.00 a week
$2.00 down, $2.00 a week
We issue ajpass book ve3
ary pass book you use in yoi
contains a record of every
your bond. Very easy to un<
11 !
Fourth Liberty
We offer the popular ea
a Fourth Liberty Loan Bont
$1.00 down, $1.00 a weei
$50.00 bond.
$2.00 down, $2.00 a week f
$100.00 bond.
It makes it possible for
income to own a Fourth Lib
The boys "over there" ;
Let's supply the dollars.
It is your patriotic dut]
Call on us for further i
v C "C* *
A " ?* ?*'* . _ ^f-i-''JT*?:
our Satisfaction. M
nd $10 or Less I
many women fe^
ve specialized
tough to satisfy eycagjgfl
in the market last vce^|
newest feature in fm^|
very maker of ourPasIM
ith us in offering a
all Dresses
of Styles fbfc||jH
l love with these
ch^in of fortunate^"- IV
values in new Fall and
chance to secure a lw||S
g dress for less than yt^g
simplicity about them -j|H
Price Yon Fay Brings
Comparison will prove
irning" II
>f fighting "over there". H
te liberty Loan today. I
ning brightly for them.
u pifiiijj
lallment Plan II
: buys a $50-00 bond I
roKMATioNv glgS^H

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